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freshman. The group also plans to host the Academic Honorary reception, where they will coordinate a meeting for the presidents and representatives of the other academic honoraries on campus to meet in the house at the beginning of the fall semester and consider collaboration for the year. In October they will promote breast cancer awareness by providing information about the cancer to the college community in addition to selling awareness t-shirts as a fundraiser with ALD. On Halloween, they worked with the local fire station as they checked the candy of children that passed through from the community. They also volunteered to assist with the children’s activities at the fire station when it hosted its annual open house for children. The group hosted a “pot luck/movie night” at the Alpha Lambda Delta house that worked in conjunction with the first year seminar programs, in which they invited first year seminar classes to the house to watch a movie relating to their course topic and had dinner. In December, they honored AIDS awareness month by designing bulletin boards on campus to spread awareness about HIV/AIDS. They also brought a guest speaker to campus to talk about HIV/ AIDS. They will also celebrate Compliment Day on the January 24th by encouraging everyone on campus to be generally friendly and cheerful and compliment others!

Each member of the house has volunteered to coordinate one or two of these activities so as to be sure they all get organized and put into action. All of the girls in the house are very excited for next year and look forward to living with like-minded peers in this awesome space! They have already begun to prepare for the year by taking a trip together to buy industrial-strength and “restaurant” quality appliances, dishware, and gadgets for the kitchen (which is what they are all admittedly most excited about in the house). The 20132014 academic year is going to be full for Cazenovia College’s Alpha Lambda Delta, but it’s also going to be very rewarding to all of those that take part in the activities!

Clemson University Clemson, South Carolina ALD at Clemson University is not only an academic club filled with excelling members who are in the top tier in their class, but also a club filled with countless opportunities directed towards personal growth, campus involvement, and community outreach. We, as ALD, have

tried to cater to the individuals in our group and provide various opportunities to become involved and to make each person’s membership in ALD one that will always be remembered. Bimonthly, we have general meetings aimed towards providing a welcoming atmosphere for discussing possible ways to become involved and stay connected at the university and in the community. Socially, we have tried to stay connected in all manners by not only making our own website, http://clemsonal7.wix. com/alphalambdadelta, but also a Facebook page and a Twitter page as well; with these media outlets, we try to stay up to date and keep our members connected on what’s happening in the world and on campus. Thus, through networking, ALD’s presence on Clemson campus has become more recognized. ALD is more than a freshman club of scholarly excellence; at Clemson University, we have strived to make the chapter more involved in the community. We have countless opportunities to give back to the community through trips like Our Daily Rest Homeless shelter in Seneca, SC; this shelter positively im-

The Fall Festival at Clemson Elementary School was an opportunity for the Clemson University ALD Chapter to help out with a safe and fun day of activities for local kids.

Also in the spring semester, they plan to host a “Cocoa and Cram” session on campus to help students study for finals or midterms. Once the weather starts to get nicer in April, they will organize walks to promote a healthy way to relieve stress as the semester gets busy as it nears the end of the year. There is an animal hospital in town that they will organize walks to and will volunteer to help in any way possible, which will benefit the hospital as well as the students (as the students can relieve stress while working with the animals).

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