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90 Years of Success: ALD’s 90th Anniversary 2015


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Volume 52 - 2014




A Publication of National Alpha Lambda Delta

The Flame Volume 52 - 2014

Inside this issue: A Note From the Executive Director. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Fun in the Sun: the 2014 Nat’l Leadership Workshop . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 The Order of the Torch. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Chapter Reports. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 90 Years of Success: ALD’s 90th Anniversary. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 ALD Awards: Fellowship Winners . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 ALD Awards: Trow Scholarship Winners . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 ALD Awards: Stemler Scholarship Winners . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 ALD Awards: Outstanding Advisor of the Year . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 ALD Awards: ED’s Outstanding Advisors. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 New Chapter Installations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50 National Council Update. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 54 The Flame is a publication of National Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society for First Year College Students.

Mission Statement: To communicate the activities, ideals and accomplishments of Alpha Lambda Delta with the vision to create and project a positive image of the Society as a progressive and relevant collegiate organization with a committment towards excellence.

Editorial Policy: Alpha Lambda Delta reserves the right to exercise editorial decisions over written materials and/ or articles submitted for publication. Content, design, and layout will be the decision of the editorial staff.

Celebrating 90 Years! Executive Director Glenda Earwood looks back at our Society’s past - and wants help building a better future 90 years old wow! In 2014, Alpha Lambda Delta will celebrate her 90th anniversary. Remaining an active, vibrant, well run honor society for 90 years is a major accomplishment. If you are reading this Flame magazine, you can be proud to be affiliated with an honor society whose mission has survived a depression, several recessions, two world wars, numerous changes in higher education, attacks of 9/11, etc. Alpha Lambda Delta has changed with the times, adopted technology, continued to recognize academic excellence, and grown to over 270 active chapters inducting over 30,000 members each year. This spring, Alpha Lambda Delta will induct its 1,000,000th member. Ninety years – one million members. What a tribute to founder Maria Leonard, Dean of Women at the University of Illinois! One million members pledging to promote high scholarship, “...and to use that education for my community, my nation, and the world in which we live.” As we prepare to celebrate the 90 anniversary of Alpha Lambda Delta, we have reached out to fellowship and scholarship winners, former National Council members, advisors and officers, and friends. Here are a few examples of what we have heard: th

“I have been working at Spine and Rehab Specialists in El Paso, Texas since I graduated with my physical therapy degree (10 years in January). I really am fortunate that I was a part of ALD. It opened up several doors for me and experiences

The Flame

that I could not have been a part of. Thank you.” Claudia Garduno - University of Texas – San Antonio (2000) “I started my professional life as a speech pathologist in the Denver Public Schools. However, an ALD national fellowship in 1958 helped me to study Audiology in graduate school at Northwestern University. My subsequent 37-year career in Audiology included working as an audiologist, practicum supervisor and coordinator, and clinical lecturer. I have always been grateful to Alpha Lambda Delta for the academic recognition this membership gave me and for the financial support they provided for my graduate studies. Thank you!” Carolyn Musket - University of Denver (1957) “I just want to thank everyone from ALD. Because of ALD, I became a leader. Being a chapter president and national student-member-at-large taught me so much about getting large groups of people to work together which is what I do on a daily basis as a high school teacher.” Dan Burk – University of South Carolina (2008) “ALD made it possible for me to go to graduate school. The Ph.D. degree that I obtained opened many doors for me. I became a nationally recognized Hispanic marketing communications expert.” Aida Levitan – University of Miami (1969) Since Alpha Lambda Delta offered its first fellowship in 1940, over 1350 students have received over $2.75 million dollars from ALD. Every year ALD awards nearly $200,000 in financial assistance to more than 75 outstanding undergrad and graduate students to further their collegiate careers. These scholarships and fellowships are only 3

possible because of the contributions from people who truly believe in the value of education. To honor our Society’s past, and to help build our Society’s future, Amber Gombash and Kaitlyn Daley issued a chapter challenge to the 270 chapters that make up our ALD family – help us expand our offerings of scholarships and fellowships with a donation to the ALD Perpetual Fellowship Fund so ALD can help more members! The investments from this fund are what allows Alpha Lambda Delta to support the graduate fellowships, Trow undergraduate scholarships and Stemler Study Abroad Scholarships. Join the 90th anniversary celebration and encourage your chapter to make a donation to the Perpetual Fellowship Fund! I have been very fortunate to be only the third Executive Director in the 90 year history of Alpha Lambda Delta. My plans are to retire on June 30, 2015 and to pass the Torch on to another person to lead the Society for the next decade. The National Council is advertising the Executive Director position (www. and will begin reviewing applications after March 1, 2014. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working with these bright Alpha Lambda Delta student members, the voluntary chapter advisors who have given of their time, and the dedicated members of the National Council. Looking back is a good way to see where we’ve come from, but we must always be focused on the future. Building on the past, celebrating the academic success of today’s college students, Alpha Lambda Delta looks forward to the next 90 years!

Volume 52 - 2014

Fun in the Sun! Almost 200 Alpha Lambda Deltans enjoy a fun and informative weekend in San Diego, California Almost 200 students, advisers and National Council members from throughout the United States traveled San Diego, California for the 2013 Annual Alpha Lambda Delta Leadership Workshop. Some 60 ALD Chapters were represented at the 3 day event held on October 18 to 21 at Sheraton Hotel and Marina In spite of some air flight delays, participants were eager for the opportunity to meet new friends, learn new leadership skills, have fun, and explore the beautiful San Diego area. After welcoming everyone to opening evening session, Executive Director Dr. Glenda Earwood introduced our keynote speaker, David Eng, a mater instructor for True Colors, Incorporated. Following Mr. Eng’s presentation, we turned our attention to the 2013 National Service Project: Since its founding in 1970 as a nonprofit charitable organization, San Diego Youth Services (SDYS)

The Sheraton hotel and Marina (above) hosted the 2014 Workshop. Attendees began arriving on Friday evening (left).

has helped stabilize the lives of over 500,000 homeless, runaway, abused, and at-risk youth in the San Diego area. SDYS now provides intensive services to more than 12,000 children and their families each year, offering emergency services, safe places in live and long term solutions for children and youth Special guests for Friday night’s session included keynote speaker David Eng (below), and representatives from San Diego Youth Services, who collected the donations from ALD chapters around the country (left).

on their own by providing shelters, group homes, foster homes, community centers and transitional housing. Help is provided at 14 major locations in San Diego County. SDYS’s mission is “…to help at risk youth and their families become self-sufficient and reach their highest potential.” After a moving presentation, ALD members brought forward their gifts to continue the work of this extraordinary organization. To conclude a very busy evening, students Caitlin Daley, Amber Gonbash, and Justin Mashburn organized get-acquainted mixers sand the annual water bottle exchange. ALD Advisors held a get-together with President Susan Huffman. At an early breakfast (7:30!), there were presentations about The Flame, the official magazine of ALD, as well as information on the services offered by the National Headquarters in Macon, Georgia. Following breakfast, participants could chose from a wide array of workshop sessions devoted to strengthening their leadership skills and making their chapter more active. Among the topics were:

Alpha Lambda Delta

4 The Flame

Making new friends on Friday (above), and learning about social media on Saturday (right)

• • • • • • • • • •

My Honor Society for Chapter Advisors Recruiting New Members Social Networking Career Development Social Programming for Chapters Officers and Advisors: BFF’s Advisors Only! Winning the Order of the Torch Winning ALD Scholarships and Fellowships Service to Others: Share Your Ideas

After lunch, participants were given some free time and bus rides to explore San Diego including Balboa Park, the

San Diego Zoo, Ocean Beach, and Old Town San Diego. Participants gathered later that evening for the formal National Awards Banquet at which the winners of the Trow Scholarships, Chapter Membership awards, and Order of the Torch and Maintaining the Flame were recognized. Ms. Lisa Ruch, faculty adviser for the IUPUI Chapter and this year’s Outstanding Advisor of the Year, was the featured speaker for evening. With lots of humor and insight, she spoke on the qualities of leadership and the importance of becoming a mentor.

A dance and karaoke night followed late into the night, and it was clear that ALD members are also talented singers and dancers. After a Sunday morning continental breakfast and evaluations of the Workshop, ALD members and their advisers said their goodbyes, exchanges addresses and promised to stay in touch with new friends before dashing to make airplane flights or start long car trips, leaving with new ideas and insights to make their chapters even stronger and more vital.

On Saturday afternoon, attendees enjoyed some San Diego sun (left). Saturday evening brought the awards ceremony (above) and a dance party (right). The Flame


Volume 52 - 2014

2013 Workshop Scrapbook

Dr. Mike Nichols, National Editor, captured these outstanding images during the 2013 Leadership Workshop. To see more photos from our fun-filled San Diego weekend, scan this or visit:

The Order of the Torch Alpha Lambda Delta’s most prestigious chapter award presented to six top-performing chapters in 2013

Alpha Lambda Delta

8 The Flame

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Oshkosh, Wisconsin September 19, 2013 Presented by Caitlin Daley Caitlin Daley, Student Member-at-Large, presented the Order of the Torch Award to the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh at their Order of the Torch ceremony on Thursday, September 19, 2013 at 5:30pm. The ceremony took place in the Reeve Union Ballroom on the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh campus.

4 years earlier to win this award was truly something to be proud of. She then explained that the ALD chapter at UW-Oshkosh participates in a plethora of events. Just to name a few, Hands on Oshkosh, Day by Day morning shelter, Parents Night Out, where parents can drop off their children at a local church while they do their holiday shopping or have a date night, ringing bells for the Salvation Army, the Shamrock Shuffle, New Pawsabilities and marking cards and tie blankets for the residents at Mercy Medical in Oshkosh.

The ceremony’s guests were seated in the ballroom with snacks and cake on the side of the room. The Order of the Torch ceremony started with a warm welcome and introduction from Michelle Gross, Chapter Advisor and Professional Member-at-Large. Gross explained the history of the Alpha Lambda Delta chapter at UW-Oshkosh, which was installed in 1966 and deactivated in 1987; Gross then re-activated the chapter just 4 years ago and was so excited that their young and vivacious chapter had won an Order of the Torch Award. She then introduced Troy Seehafer, Junior Advisor and Past President, who expressed his gratitude to his Executive Team and his excitement to have achieved the Order of the Torch award. He talked about the values of Alpha Lambda Delta and how they played a key role in their accomplishment of winning order of the torch.

Students then enjoyed more snacks, cake and refreshments and took many photographs to capture and commemorate the ceremony and their exceptional achievements.

Seehafer then introduced Tom Fojtik, the Director of Residence Life at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh and an Honorary Member of Alpha Lambda Delta. Fojtik discussed the importance of excellence and how the Alpha Lambda Delta members at UW-Oshkosh have shown this through their academic excellence, leaderhip and service activities. Gross thanked Fojtik and then introduced Student Member-at-Large, Caitlin Daley. Daley explained the history of the Order of the Torch award, congratulated the ALD chapter on their accomplishments and noted the how proud she was of a fellow University of Wisconsin university and an Alpha Lambda Delta chapter that had only be reinstalled just

The MSU chapter president, Michaela Nelson, began the ceremony by welcoming the guests and speakers for the event. Special guests included former MSU advisor, Mary Noll, who was the ALD Advisor of the Year in 2005, and 2013 MSU Trow Scholarship winners, Ryan Hamilton and Leanna Hansen. The chapter’s new advisor, Steve Swinford, was also in attendance.

The Flame

Montana State University Bozeman, Montana September 20, 2013 Presented by Lisa Ruch Vice President for Chapter Relations and Expansion, Lisa Ruch, traveled to beautiful Bozeman, Montana, to present the 2013 Order of the Torch Award to the Montana State University chapter on September 20. The ceremony was held in the Strand Union Building at 7:00 pm. Earlier in the day, Ms. Ruch met the officer team for a delicious and enjoyable lunch at Mackenzie River Pizza in downtown Bozeman.

Michaela introduced Ms. Ruch for the presentation of the Order of the Torch. Ms. Ruch congratulated the chapter on their success and noted that it was the third win for the MSU chapter; they had previously earned the award in 1997 and 2005. The 2005 Order of the 9

Torch banner was on display as well as a tri-fold presentation of the chapter’s accomplishments. Ms. Ruch noted that the MSU scrapbook showed that their chapter excelled in all four areas considered for the Torch Award: programming, chapter visibility, outreach, and general chapter activity. She encouraged the members to thank their scrapbookers for all of the time, hard work, and creativity they put into photographing and documenting all of their many activities. She noted that they installed 216 new members in 2013, resulting in a Delta Award for increasing membership by at least 10% from the previous year. Ms. Ruch also congratulated the chapter for their excellence in community service, citing their Can the Griz Food Drive competition with the University of Montana as a great way to contribute to the community, connect with another school, and have fun at the same time. The MSU chapter also made gifts for those who were hospitalized during the holidays, visited the residents of the Spring Meadows Senior Living Center, and helped out with Habitat for Humanity and the Gallatin Valley Earth Day Cleanup. They also had a “Super Hero” team in Relay for Life and raised over $350 to help fight cancer. Ms. Ruch also encouraged the chapter to continue to engage in social activities and other fun events such as tie-dying t-shirts with new members, participating in the MSU Latex and Lace Condom Fashion Show, holding an end-of-year BBQ, and working the concession stand during football games to raise money for their sophomore scholarships. Ms. Ruch noted that, in addition to the chapter’s accomplishments, MSU has had many individual achievements among their members. In addition to the two 2013 Trow winners, MSU has had 10 past graduate fellowship winners as well as six previous Trow recipients. They have had at least one scholarship winner every year since 2004. Finally, Ms. Ruch encouraged the members to appreciate their previous adviVolume 52 - 2014

portfolio. Other officers during 1213 were Vice President Katie Rusnak, Secretary Emily Fineberg, and Treasurer Christina Errico. Renata introduced Dorothy M. Anderson, Past National President (91-97), who made the formal presentation of the Order of the Torch.

Lisa Ruch (far right) presented the Order of the Torch to Montana State University - Bozeman on September 20.

sor, Erika Swanson, for all of her hard work and dedication and asked them to join her in thanking Steve Swinford for stepping up to be their new advisor. She then encouraged members to strive for the Maintaining the Flame Award in 2014 and presented the Order of the Torch banner to the chapter. Following the presentation, Mandy St. Aubyn, Program Manager for the MSU Office of Activities and Engagement, addressed the members and guests and praised the MSU ALD chapter for setting an example for other organizations on campus and for their dedication to serving others. The group then took some photos and enjoyed refreshments at the end of the celebration.

Dickinson College Carlisle, Pennsylvania October 2, 2013 Presented by Dorothy Anderson The presentation of the Order of the Torch to Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, occurred on October 2, 2013 at the Chapter’s Fall Initiation. As guests entered the Great Room of Stern Hall, a power point of the award

Alpha Lambda Delta

This was the third time Dean Anderson has represented ALD at Dickinson. She served as installing officer on April 9, 1989, when former ALD Council member Dr. Carmen Neuberger was Dean of Educational Services and developed the Chapter. She presented the Chapter’s first Order of the Torch in 2000 when Dr. Joyce Bylander was the Chapter advisor. Dr. Bylander is now the Vice President for Student Development and was present for this ceremony. The Chapter received the Order of the Torch again in 2003.

St. Vincent College

winning portfolio was being played. The D-Tones, an a cappella group performed to start the evening, with current chapter President Madison Alley presiding and introducing the other officers and faculty advisor Dr. Christopher Francese. Current Historian Catherine Broady took many pictures throughout the evening. Twenty members of the Class of 2016 were initiated. Professor Francese spoke about and introduced the Chapter’s two Trow Award recipients, Laura Hart received a $1000 and Caryn Sennet received $6000.

Latrobe, Pennsylvania November 1, 2013 Presented by Karen Amrhein

Dr. Shalom D. Staub, Associate Provost and Freshmen Year Dean and advisor to the Chapter, was introduced and spoke about his belief in the value of an active Alpha Lambda Delta Chapter for both the college and the individual member. It is clear that the college is extremely supportive and proud of the Chapter and its accomplishments. Dean Staub introduced Renata Leo, the 2012-13 President who led the Chapter as it increased its activities and won the Order of the Torch. Renata credits the work of her fellow officers, most especially the webmaster, Matt Brown, and historian Chieuanh Thi Nguyen, in developing the

Prior to the ceremony, ALD officers collected stuffed animals from family members. The stuffed animals were going to be donated to a local foster care organization. The ceremony began with a procession of nearly 45 seniors. Fr. Rene M. Kollar, Dean of the School of Humanities and Fine Arts and Honorary ALD member, opened the ceremony with an invocation and words of encouragement for academic excellence and commitment to service.

Dr. Karen Amrhein, National Council Member-at-Large, presented the Order of the Torch Award to St. Vincent College on Friday, November 1, 2013 at 4:00 p.m. in the Fred Rogers Center, located on the campus. Nearly 160 individuals were in attendance including family members, graduating seniors, ALD officers, ALD Advisors, and dignitaries from St. Vincent College.

Ms. Sarah Ank, 2013-2014 ALD President welcomed the students and guests and introduced Dr. Amrhein. Dr. Amrhein gave her remarks about the

10 The Flame

St. Vincent chapter and presented the Order of the Torch. In her remarks, Dr. Amrhein highlighted the chapter’s accomplishments: “Members of St. Vincent ALD Chapter are not only focused on academic excellence, but also as stated in your program, your ALD members have contributed their time and talent to help others in need. Whether through participating in a prom for nursing home residents or collecting school supplies for children, your students are doing what they can to make a difference.” This award is a culmination and celebration of these efforts and achievements. The students who contribute to the success of this chapter truly understand the purpose of Alpha Lambda Delta and are well-deserved recipients of this national recognition.” Ms. Rebecca McGrail, ALD Senior Advisor, initiated Ms. Kelly King, Director of Service Learning and Campus Outreach as an honorary member. Ms. King served as the keynote speaker and highlighted the service initiatives of St. Vincent’s ALD chapter. She commended the members for their commitment to

academics and stated, “Academic excellence leads to excellence in life.” Ms. King shared her personal journey as a middle school teacher in Los Angeles and her current position at St. Vincent. Following Ms. King’s presentation, Ms. Amanda Slowery, 2012-2013 ALD President, shared the highlights of the chapter during the 2012-2013 and their selection as an Order of the Torch winner. Ms. Slowery presented Dr. Amrhein with a gift from the ALD chapter. The gift included fresh coffee from the gristmill located on campus. Additionally, two coffee mugs and St. Vincent coasters were in the gift bag. Advisors Ms. Alice Kaylor and Dr. John Smetanka presented the seniors with their senior certificates and graduation cords. Each senior was individually highlighted and came to the front of the room to receive their certificates and cords. In closing, Br. Norman Hipps, President of St. Vincent, provided supportive remarks for the ALD members and delivered the benediction. Following the ceremony, refreshments were provided for ALD members and

The chapter at Saint Vincent College in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, hosted Council Member-at-Large Karen Amrhein (far right) for their Torch presentation.

family members next to the Fred Rogers’ museum. The four ALD Order of the Torch banners were displayed along the windows of the center. Many family members took photos of their students with the 2012-2013 Order of the Torch banner. After the members and family members left, a dinner was provided to the ALD Officers, Advisors, Ms. King, and Dr. and Mr. Amrhein. Upon completion of dinner, Dr. Smetanka provided Dr. Amrhein and her husband a detailed tour of the beautiful St. Vincent campus.

Other winners Two other chapters won the Order of the Torch this year, but their award ceremonies took place after this year’s print deadline. Look for these two presentation reports online at, and in the 2015 edition of the Flame:

Bowling Green State University Bowling Green, Ohio

University of the Sciences Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Additionally, thirteen chapters brought home “Maintaining the Flame” awards, presented to chapters that are recent Torch winners and, as such, are currently ineligible to compete: • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The Flame


California University of Pennsylvania Georgia State University IUPUI Liberty University University of Maryland Morningside College Otterbein University Purdue University University of Texas - Austin University of Connecticut UCLA University of Oklahoma Western Michigan University

Volume 52 - 2014

Chapter Reports Alpha Lambda Delta chapters are some of the most engaged groups on any college campus. These reports showcase the generosity, involvement, and innovation of our chapters and their members University of Alabama Tuscaloosa, Alabama Submitted by Anna Fikes The Alpha Lambda Delta chapter at the University of Alabama started the 2013-2014 school year strongly under co-advisors Rick Funk and Nichole Evans along with our new officers. The new officer council is a well-rounded group of students. Colin Kruger, a sophomore majoring in Biology, was chosen as our new president. This year we are trying to be more involved on campus. One new activity we are participating in is with UA for St. Jude. To help UA for St. Jude raise money, we are participating in their letter writing event. We will send letters to our family and friends telling them about St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and how to donate money if they are interested. Fundraising for St. Jude is important because they operate day to day on only donations. Another community service event we are participating in is Beat Auburn Beat Hunger. Beat Auburn Beat Hunger is the annual food drive competition between Alabama and Auburn.

Officers at the University of Alabama (above) write letters soliciting donations for St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Members at the University of Arkansas - Ft. Smith - joined the campus’ Move-in Crew (below).

University of Arkansas at Fort Smith Fort Smith, Arkansas Aside from our involvement on campus, we are proud to have initiated 90 new members on November 10th. At this initiation ceremony, we awarded 4 scholarships totaling $800. We are excited to have these new members, and we anticipate a great spring semester. Facing page: The chapter at Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin took on the task of cleaning up the shore of Lake Michigan. For more news from the Carthage chapter, check out page XPG.

The Flame


Volume 52 - 2014

Chapter Reports - continued...

The ALD chapter at the University of Arkansas at Fort Smith was revived during the academic year 2012-2013. In April we inducted 48 new members into the society. Our first service project was locally oriented. Seventeen of us joined the Chancellor’s MoveIn Crew and helped Freshmen move into the Residence Halls the Saturday before classes started for the fall 2013 semester. Although we had to wear the official Move-In Crew T-shirts, we all proudly wore our ALD red buttons and promoted the organization to freshmen and their parents as we helped them move items from their cars into bins and little red wagons and up into their dorm rooms. We also had a little bit of time for fun and to get to know each other as seen in the photos. The officers have been busy promoting the chapter by participating in a face-painting event at a tailgate party for our female volleyball team, in a fair, promoting campus and community organizations, and in the Christmas tree decorating competition for university sponsored student organizations.  To help the chapter become more vibrant, the UAFS chapter advisor Dr. Linda S. Fair, and the chapter president Memoona Bibi traveled to the annual leadership workshop in San Diego. Both came back to Fort Smith energized and ready to work. We are looking forward to inducting new members in the spring and growing our chapter!

Baylor University Waco, Texas As new officers for the 2013-2014 school year gathered around the meeting table, we began discussing changes that should be made to improve Baylor Alpha Lamda Delta. The improvements we discussed were mainly the activities that should be added and removed to our honor society. We decided that this year would be a year of transition. Transition is a step Alpha Lambda Delta

Baylor ALD member Kara Blomquist participated in the Steppin’ Out Spring 2013 with Baylor Alpha Lamda Delta. She helped in cleaning the backyard and front-yard of a local house.

by step process, and we are starting by adding more activities that focus on improving our surroundings by becoming more involved in the Waco community. As part of our transition, we decided to redesign our chapter t-shirts to create a new perspective on Alpha Lamda Delta. We believe that we are here to help our members have positive outlooks on working hard and helping our community in need. Our officers are trying our best to improve the quality of our chapter. This year, more than 500 freshmen were inducted. They were excited to contribute to our organization. Meetings are held, and many students come as part of the requirement of our chapter. Each semester, students are required to collect ten points to remain an active member of Alpha Lamda Delta. These points can be collected through various activities that are held throughout the semester. This semester, we participated in various events that were being held by Baylor University, including Steppin’ Out. Steppin’ Out is an event which focuses on providing service to the greater Waco community by allowing organizations to help meet the needs of the community through volunteer work. Alpha Lamda Delta had the opportunity to help paint a citizen’s house. Approximately, fifteen members participated in this event.

It was an amazing experience, and we were able to paint the whole front of the house. In addition, our chapter also participated in Fall Premiere, an event that introduces prospective students to our university, and spoke about Alpha Lamda Delta. We also participated in and donated to Relay for Life, an overnight fundraising walk that was held by the American Cancer Society. This semester’s Relay for Life ended halfway due to rain. Nevertheless, our members still had fun walking around the Baylor Track and Field stadium and spending time with each other. Besides volunteering in these events, Alpha Lamda Delta also collected Pop Tabs to help Ronald McDonald House Charities to recycle and to raise funds to help children and their families. Members are also encouraged to donate shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child. It is organized by the Samaritan’s Purse to deliver Christmas gifts to children in developing countries. We also started what is called the Turkey Palooza to donate food to help those in need. We were overwhelmed to see the response from our members regarding the donations that were given. We hope that by the end of next semester, we make our chapter a more engaging and focused on more than just academia. We believe that this transition will be beneficial to both the chapter and its members. In addition, we hope that our members will continue to excel in their studies and be more aware of their surroundings. We are proud to represent National Alpha Lamda Delta in the Baylor community.

Bowling Green State University Bowling Green, Ohio In time for Veterans’ Day, Bowling Green State University Alpha Lambda Delta members wrote letters of thanks to service women and men. Nearly thirty-five members wrote their sentiments—

14 The Flame

teaching kids about the importance of education but they also teach them important life lessons through challenging activities and team work. Many of the children come from difficult home lives, but the friendly employees at the center are excellent mentors to all the children and act as needed role models in their lives.

Bowling Green State University’s ALD chapter wrote letters of thanks and crafted handmade cards to send to American troops serving overseas for a Veteran’s Day service project.

and got very creative in the process. Equipped with scrapbook paper, construction paper, notebook paper, colored pencils, markers, stickers, and glue, members were left to their own devices. From pop-up cards to paper cranes, our cards will surely put a smile on our veterans’ faces. Seventy one-of-a-kind cards will reach our troops overseas. The simple act of expressing gratitude on paper meant a lot to members who appreciate the people who keep us safe and want them to know it.

teenagers. There is also a bus at the children’s school that takes them straight to the center after school so they are not left home alone if their guardians are still at work. The center’s fun, energetic, and playful environment keeps kids safe and off the streets while promoting healthy eating habits and academic success. This center not only focuses on

Alpha Lambda Delta members volunteered on a Friday afternoon to help conduct a lesson for a kindergarten class which involved a group activity and craft making. Each of our members worked with a group of 5 kids to help them work as a team to accomplish their project. Our members were very surprised at how quickly all the children fell in love with us; within minutes we were all laughing and enjoying our time together. We helped teach the kids about sharing, working together, and giving back by creating a giving tree out of craft supplies and tree branches. All of our members really enjoyed being with all the children and had so much fun getting to know each and every one of them. Because we had such a pleasurable experience, it was very difficult to say goodbye to the children we bonded with

Hoping to provide a positive educational experience to Indianapolis-area children, the chapter at Butler University donated their time and talents to Auntie Mame’s Childhood Development Center.

Thanks again, Veterans!

Butler University Indianapolis, Indiana The Butler University 2013-2014 chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta wanted this year’s volunteer project to focus on helping children perform better in school and understand the importance of achieving a higher education. We began to volunteer at Auntie Mame’s Childhood Development Center, and we loved every minute of it! This not-for-profit center exposes children of low income Indianapolis families to a variety of positive learning experiences, which promotes the development of the child as a whole. They take care of children from infant age to13 year old The Flame


Volume 52 - 2014

Chapter Reports - continued...

so quickly, so we decided to continue to volunteer every other Friday at this center. It is always delightful to go back and visit all of our adorable little friends again. We have really grown to love all of them, and we look forward to continuing to volunteer with them throughout the following semester. It is such a rewarding experience knowing that we are coming together as an honor society to aid underprivileged Indianapolis children. ALD members are helping these children become better students and better individuals for the future through Auntie Mame’s Childhood Development Center. We feel very privileged to have found an organization we support so strongly and truly enjoy volunteering with. ALD members look forward to creating more memories at this center by helping more children learn about dedication, hard work, and the gift of an education. It has been a fantastic year so far volunteering, mentoring, and forming strong relationships with exceptional Indianapolis children while growing closer as an ALD family.

University of California at Los Angeles Los Angeles, California At UCLA Honor Society’s first General Member Meeting of the school year, the Officers introduced themselves to the new Members, and we reviewed the details of the upcoming community service events. Ordinarily, the General Member Meeting would conclude after that, but this year we decided to put a fun new twist on these meetings: we combined them with social events. During this first General Member Meeting, we hosted a Game Night so that the new members could get to know each other and have a fun time. At Game Night, there were smiles and laughter all around. We played a large group game called “Celebrity Head,” where each person has a piece of paper taped to their forehead with the name of a celebrity on it, and everyone asks each other “yes” or “no” Alpha Lambda Delta

Not too far from Hollywood, the chapter at UCLA added a game of “Celebrity Head” to their first General Meeting for the year.

questions in order to guess which celebrity they have. The game worked perfectly to let the new members warm up to each other, and everyone had a great time. After the following General Member Meeting, we hosted a movie night. We sent out a poll beforehand for the members to pick which movie that they wanted to watch- and 500 Days of Summer was the poll winner! All in all, combining the General Member Meetings with social events has been a success. We are noticing increased member turn-out for these combined events, and it has definitively improved the quality and enjoyment of these meetings. In order to incentivize member participation, another new idea that we have implemented is an End-of-the-Quarter Raffle. The number of events that each member attends during the quarter determines the number of times their name will appear in the raffle pool, and at the end of this quarter we will be raffling off a variety of prizes to these Honor Society members. It is a perfect way to reward the members who continually attend events and play an active part in the club.

All in all, we have already started to see the positive results of these two new changes that we implemented, and we plan to continue to use these ideas for the upcoming quarters.

California University of Pennsylvania California, Pennsylvania California University of Pennsylvania’s (Cal U) chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta began the 2013 fall semester with a new online system implemented across the entire campus. OrgSync is a web-based platform that helps students and organizations connect more easily through online communication, information sharing, collaborations and reporting with an online tool that students find easy to use (from With the growth of social media, our chapter wants to provide information to our members in the best means possible. The OrgSync website is also used by our members to find service opportunities through the page maintained by the university’s Center for Civic Engagement office. Our chapter has been utilizing the OrgSync platform to keep our members up-to-date on various things such

16 The Flame

as meeting times, posting the meeting minutes, reminders on service projects, and logging in service hours. This new system has allowed our chapter to incorporate more members in activities and also keep members informed of topics that are discussed at the chapter’s officer meetings. Cal U’s chapter continues to see community service as one of our priorities. By mid-semester, our members had already completed 37 community service projects including helping students move in, volunteering at local food banks and health fairs, organizing blood drives, volunteering and participating in a suicide prevention walk, and volunteering at after-school programs at local elementary and middle schools. In November, Cal U’s chapter arranged an ice cream social/service event for its members. At the social/service event, members prepared fleece blankets for patients at the Ronald McDonald Charities House and created multiple decorative Christmas cards for the patients and their families. Members in attendance at the event were asked to bring non-perishable food items for a regional food bank. Our chapter collected over 85 non-perishable food items at this event. Along with community service, our members have continued to benefit from

our campus’ Career Advantage Program organized by our Career Services department. This program prepares students for their professional futures through resume-building, career fairs, mock interviews, internships, and informal seminars. A Career Advantage Program activity is incorporated into each member meeting, which allows students to become more involved in the program and be prepared for life after college. The members of California University of Pennsylvania’s chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta have been very active on campus and in their local communities and will continue to do so throughout the spring semester.

Carthage College Kenosha, Wisconsin It has already been an exciting and eventful year for the Carthage College chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta. We started the year with a beach cleanup on the shore of Lake Michigan. With our campus right on the lake, we came up with the idea of a beach cleanup to help out the community as well as to brighten up our beautiful campus! We also held a campus wide food drive for cans and other non-perishables to donate to Feeding America during the national

The California University of Pennsylvania chapter of ALD created handmade fleece blankets for patients at the local Ronald McDonald Charities House.

Alpha Lambda Delta philanthropy week. We collected bags full of cans and raised over one hundred dollars in donations. Thanks to our public relations, the Carthage College chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta has included the entire campus in our efforts to raise money for Feeding America. Our ALD members prepared and delivered “Mid-term Munchies” to students on campus during the week of mid-terms. Also, to get into spirit for the holidays, ALD members created “Turkey Grams” that students could purchase and send to a friend along with a treat and a note. Our ALD members made the decision to donate our funds to the Feeding America located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, since Feeding America is a great organization that provides meals for hungry people on a daily basis. Carthage College has interacted with Feeding America on many occasions, and students can donate being confident that their contribution will make a difference.

Cazenovia College Cazenovia, New York The Cazenovia College chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta has been lucky enough to have its very own ALD house on campus for this past academic year, and now again for the 2013-2014 year! The house is home to up to twelve female students who are members of Alpha Lambda Delta, however this year and next it will also house “friends” of ALD members in order to fill all the spaces. This does not mean the group is any less hardworking or driven though! One of the stipulations of having the campus house as an ALD house is that the girls plan and facilitate six different programs or activities throughout the school year for the entire college or simply for Alpha Lambda Delta members. They are very excited for this upcoming school year because the group has 10 events planned! One of the plans for this year is to show the movie Playing for Change on campus, which directly correlates with this year’s summer reading for incoming

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Volume 52 - 2014

Chapter Reports - continued...

freshman. The group also plans to host the Academic Honorary reception, where they will coordinate a meeting for the presidents and representatives of the other academic honoraries on campus to meet in the house at the beginning of the fall semester and consider collaboration for the year. In October they will promote breast cancer awareness by providing information about the cancer to the college community in addition to selling awareness t-shirts as a fundraiser with ALD. On Halloween, they worked with the local fire station as they checked the candy of children that passed through from the community. They also volunteered to assist with the children’s activities at the fire station when it hosted its annual open house for children. The group hosted a “pot luck/movie night” at the Alpha Lambda Delta house that worked in conjunction with the first year seminar programs, in which they invited first year seminar classes to the house to watch a movie relating to their course topic and had dinner. In December, they honored AIDS awareness month by designing bulletin boards on campus to spread awareness about HIV/AIDS. They also brought a guest speaker to campus to talk about HIV/ AIDS. They will also celebrate Compliment Day on the January 24th by encouraging everyone on campus to be generally friendly and cheerful and compliment others!

Each member of the house has volunteered to coordinate one or two of these activities so as to be sure they all get organized and put into action. All of the girls in the house are very excited for next year and look forward to living with like-minded peers in this awesome space! They have already begun to prepare for the year by taking a trip together to buy industrial-strength and “restaurant” quality appliances, dishware, and gadgets for the kitchen (which is what they are all admittedly most excited about in the house). The 20132014 academic year is going to be full for Cazenovia College’s Alpha Lambda Delta, but it’s also going to be very rewarding to all of those that take part in the activities!

Clemson University Clemson, South Carolina ALD at Clemson University is not only an academic club filled with excelling members who are in the top tier in their class, but also a club filled with countless opportunities directed towards personal growth, campus involvement, and community outreach. We, as ALD, have

tried to cater to the individuals in our group and provide various opportunities to become involved and to make each person’s membership in ALD one that will always be remembered. Bimonthly, we have general meetings aimed towards providing a welcoming atmosphere for discussing possible ways to become involved and stay connected at the university and in the community. Socially, we have tried to stay connected in all manners by not only making our own website, http://clemsonal7.wix. com/alphalambdadelta, but also a Facebook page and a Twitter page as well; with these media outlets, we try to stay up to date and keep our members connected on what’s happening in the world and on campus. Thus, through networking, ALD’s presence on Clemson campus has become more recognized. ALD is more than a freshman club of scholarly excellence; at Clemson University, we have strived to make the chapter more involved in the community. We have countless opportunities to give back to the community through trips like Our Daily Rest Homeless shelter in Seneca, SC; this shelter positively im-

The Fall Festival at Clemson Elementary School was an opportunity for the Clemson University ALD Chapter to help out with a safe and fun day of activities for local kids.

Also in the spring semester, they plan to host a “Cocoa and Cram” session on campus to help students study for finals or midterms. Once the weather starts to get nicer in April, they will organize walks to promote a healthy way to relieve stress as the semester gets busy as it nears the end of the year. There is an animal hospital in town that they will organize walks to and will volunteer to help in any way possible, which will benefit the hospital as well as the students (as the students can relieve stress while working with the animals).

Alpha Lambda Delta

18 The Flame

pacts individuals and empowers them on the road to independency. During trips to the shelter, ALD has helped prepare and serve food with loving smiles and open arms. We have also made trips to Helping Hands where we can spend some quality time with children and influence their lives in an encouraging manner. As is said, kids are our future! Another opportunity, the Fall Festival at Clemson Elementary, was made available to positively impact the lives of our young society; this event was a huge success this year! Through the festival, we were able to help the school in hosting a fun and warm atmosphere for children to play on a bouncy house, participate in games like ring toss, bowling, and pin-the-skeleton, and eat scrumptious fall snacks like cotton candy, popcorn, and hot dogs. In addition to these community events, we have also organized a Relay for Life team and helped set up a booth for the pre-Tigerama festivities in which a ring toss game and a cookie decorating table was made available. Scholarly events have also been on ALD’s agenda. With academic success talks, students can pick various topics they are interested in hearing about and a professor will be chosen to speak on the topic. In the process, we are also working on coordinating academic success seminars so that students can get the help they need to be successful. Our chapter hopes to make members more aware about additional educational research opportunities through Creative Inquiry (CI); these programs not only offer scholarly credit and provide a great first-hand experience, but also help in establishing a positive network with other students and professors. They allow students to broaden their horizon, intellectual capabilities, and creativity with projects that are hands-on and directed toward real-world issues. In addition, to help encourage our members and our school, ALD organized a series of candy distribution days during exam week to hand out candy bars to students in the library; through this initiative, we strive to spread happiness and reassurance, one candy bar and one smile at a time.

The Flame

The Pumpkin Fest from the University of Connecticut ALD chapter is a perennial favorite on the campus.

Overall, our ALD chapter at Clemson University strives to make a positive impact on our community not only in a scholarly manner but also in a social manner. We endeavor to emphasize not only academia but community service, striving to shape our members to not only love knowledge and personal growth but to also love giving back in priceless and memorable manners.

University of Connecticut Storrs, Connecticut Each fall semester our University of Connecticut chapter of ALD holds a large event a week prior to Halloween called Pumpkin Fest. This event is held in the center of our University’s campus, Fairfield Way, and all those on campus are invited to partake. We sell an array of pumpkins that are available for painting and carving, delicious fall favorites such as hot apple cider and pumpkin pie whoopee pies, and treat bags filled with assorted candies and accompanying Halloween party favors. All the proceeds we earn during this event are donated to a charity or organization of our choice.


Our members are involved in all facets of the planning process for Pumpkin Fest. They help prepare the goodie bags for sale, assist in the set-up and clean-up of the event, market our events on various social media platforms, and work the event itself by selling the baked goods, pumpkins, and treat bags. Additionally, as with most of our fundraisers, we call upon our members for suggestions of where they would like to see the funds donated. We feel that in gathering their suggestions, especially if they have a specific cause they are particularly tied to, our members will then be more invested in Pumpkin Fest and all that leads up to this major event of ours. This year we chose to donate our proceeds to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society for the second year. Each year, prior to our annual Pumpkin Fest event, we also take part in the annual “Light the Night” Walk sponsored by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, a walk held off campus that raises awareness and money to support blood cancer research. UConn ALD registers a team comprised of roughly 15 members and provides them with transportation to and from the event. We’ve had a considerable number of members participate Volume 52 - 2014

Chapter Reports - continued...

in this walk over the past few years and therefore many members are both familiar with and actively support this cause. We also open up a t-shirt design contest to all those in our chapter, asking members to create and submit designs they would like to see as that year’s Pumpkin Fest volunteer t-shirt to be worn the day of the event. This year the design that was chosen was created by one of our executive board members and was so popular, we are considering having it as a contender for next year’s t-shirt design contest as well. Pumpkin Fest is not only a great fundraising effort that our members truly enjoy and look forward to, but also acts as a way to promote ALD’s presence on campus and encourage both prospective and current member involvement. Hosting Pumpkin Fest in a location that is so central on campus and most frequented by our student population has had an incredible impact on this event’s success. Each year we have a great turn out and are increasingly impressed by our members’ involvement and dedication throughout the entirety of Pumpkin Fest. The work and dedication of our major event coordinators coupled with the support of our members have ensured the success of Pumpkin Fest over the years and we hope to see this event continue to grow even more successful in future years.

University of Georgia Athens, Georgia Submitted by Jason Moraczewski The Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society at the University of Georgia is thriving and prospering. The November chapter meeting was full of fun times and laughter to celebrate the last gathering of the semester. To begin the meeting, the members had to unscramble four words that pertained to values embodied by the Honor Society. After spending a few minutes to complete the task, one of the members arose victorious. She was rewarded for her efforts with a $10 gift card to Wal-Mart. She was overjoyed Alpha Lambda Delta

ALD members at the University of Georgia didn’t just fall off the turnip truck - but they did spend some time picking turnips in the garden of the Athens, Georgia Food Bank.

as she went to claim her prize. President Racquelle James then made a few announcements to the members. She sincerely thanked everyone for volunteering throughout the semester. She was impressed by their hard work and grateful for their devotion to the organization. Next, President James discussed the service events for the upcoming spring semester. The events included volunteering at the Athens Area Homeless Shelter, the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia, and the Athens Clarke County Animal Shelter. All of these organizations strive to make a difference in an impoverished community and have allowed ALD members to assist in feeding the hungry and giving to the poor. President James then addressed an upcoming social event at Pints and Paints. This is an event that allows the members of ALD to have fun painting while meeting new faces and strengthening friendships. As the meeting came to a close, Zaxby’s chicken fingers, fries, and wings were catered to the meeting to feed the hungry members. The members left the meeting with smiles and satisfaction. As mentioned above, the University of Georgia’s chapter of the Alpha Lambda

Delta Honor Society offers many philanthropy opportunities to its members and strives to give back to the Athens community. This semester our service project was at the Food Bank in Athens. The Food Bank is a food distribution center which ships about 10.3 million pounds of food to over 215 partner organizations each year. In fact, each year about 8.3 million meals are provided to people in need by the Food Bank. At the Food Bank in Athens, Alpha Lambda Delta volunteers worked in the garden to pick the remainder of the turnips before the brutal winter ahead. Next, they prepared them for shipment by cutting off the roots and moving them into the warehouse. ALD volunteers and Food Bank employees were ecstatic to hear that they had picked over 54 lbs. of turnips! These turnips would soon be shipped to many different organizations, which will distribute the food to people in need. It warmed our hearts to know that our service made a difference people’s lives and we look forward to returning to the Food Bank next semester!

Georgia State University Atlanta, Georgia

20 The Flame

Georgia State University is located in the heart of downtown Atlanta. In Atlanta, the homeless population is ever present. As students on an urban campus, we witness this social problem every day. Therefore, this past spring we decided to do something for those who are less fortunate in our area. We hosted Syrup and Smiles. This was a pancake brunch held for area homeless men in our neighborhood. On a sleepy Sunday morning, our members gathered at SafeHouse Outreach and fired up their griddles. We cooked over 100 pancakes for those that strolled in for a little coffee and breakfast. “I love making pancakes so I was like: Sign me up! But the best part about this service project was talking to the people that came in. Many of the men I talked to had families and weren’t even from Atlanta. I met many people with so many stories. I think it hit me hard that everyone has a story and sometimes those go unheard. I really appreciate this community service and learned so much about not only them but myself,” said member Michael McGadney. This community service event is one of many we do to assist the homeless population in our area. We have held

toiletry and first-aid drives bi-annually. Last spring we made 10 tie blankets to donate to a shelter that were later distributed to those in need. Collaborating with another honor society on campus, we made 200 PB&J sandwiches that were taken to a church outreach program right down the street from campus. “Sometimes it’s doing the small but significant things that help someone out. I also give a friendly smile, donate where I can, and really try to listen. I think we forget that those who are homeless are people too. So many just want to be accepted and told hello. I am proud to be in an organization that addresses some of the problems we see right here in Atlanta,” said member Katie Bauser. Twenty pounds of flour and ten pots of coffee later, we washed our whisks and looked back on what a big smile, a little syrup can bring to the life of someone in need of good company. We are going to be sure to make Syrup and Smiles, a pancake brunch for the homeless, an annual chapter service project! Deck the park with bundles of lights! Fa-la-la-ALD-la! On October 2th and November 5th, 2013 members of Georgia State University’s Alpha Lambda Delta ventured to Atlanta’s famous Centen-

A pancake bruch - Syrup and Smiles - was the Georgia State University chapter’s gift to the Atlanta, Georgia Safe House Outreach.

nial Olympic Park to assist with transforming the park into a Christmas light spectacular for their annual Holiday in Lights. GSU’s ALD along with other volunteers divided themselves into teams to cover designated areas throughout the park making the winter wonderland a reality. Knowing the potential that ALD members have when it comes to teamwork, they created a team of efficient Christmas light “engineers”. After going through a basic tutorial on how the lights should be installed, including proper electrical safety protocol to prevent electrical hazards, the park staff assigned the ALD team their location and a stack of boxes to begin their task. They made quick work of this sparkling display and moved on to complete a number more. “I felt like I contributed to something special for the community while participating in a volunteer experience that really brought our group closer,” said social chair Sierra Rackley. As the bright, twinkling lights reveal smiling faces, ALD is proud to be a part of Atlanta’s 21-acre glittering Christmas tradition. “This was my favorite community project this year! How many students in any ALD across the nation can say they helped to decorate Atlanta’s Centennial Olympic Park for Christmas. As I walked among the lights after with my family, I was able to say ‘look I strung those lights’ or ‘look I decorated that!’ I was truly proud of my work. Knowing that people could enjoy what I helped create really allowed me to realize the meaning of service around the holidays,” said member Annie Khowaja. In addition to this opportunity in the Atlanta community, our chapter looks forward to ringing in the season with a trip to the Atlanta Botanical Garden’s Holiday Garden of Lights. This spectacular light show is going to be the site of our year-end social. “We are fortunate to have such a special venue right next to campus. We are glad to treat our members to something

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Volume 52 - 2014

Chapter Reports - continued...

special right before finals,” said chapter president Marlena Collins. Being in the heart of the city, our chapter is enjoying a Christmas in the city. We have also held a drive during November for items to donate to Stand Up for Kids, a volunteer nonprofit organization committed to the rescue of homeless and street kids. “As a member of ALD, I am thankful that our chapter is enjoying the festivities surrounding the holidays but also truly embracing the meaning of Christmas through charity,” said member Michael Samuel. This charitable spirit continued throughout the year as we completed 120 hours of volunteer work with everything from the Walk to End Alzheimer’s to our pancake brunch, Syrup and Smiles, for the homeless. From our chapter to yours we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis Indianapolis, IN The IUPUI chapter’s first event of the year was the annual Officers’ Retreat at the Eagle’s Hideaway out in the woods near Eagle Creek Park on August 25. We started the day with a huge lunch buffet, worked in groups to make plans for the year, held committee meetings, engaged in some outdoor activities to get to know each other, and took all of our officer headshots as well as many other photos that we’ll use for our recruitment Powerpoint and our scrapbook.

bers to connect with incoming freshmen and let them know about Alpha Lambda Delta. During the IUPUI Weeks of Welcome JagFest, we set up a table in Taylor Courtyard to pass out flyers and give new students a chance to win prizes by playing “Minute to Win It.” We also set up a booth at the Student Involvement Expo to make IUPUI students aware of our activities as well as the benefits of joining Alpha Lambda Delta. That same week we set up a booth at the Honors College welcome since many of our current and potential members are IUPUI Honors College students. It was a busy first week for our chapter! We continued to stay very busy during fall semester with numerous service projects, meetings, and events. On September 21, we had four Alpha Lambda Delta teams in the annual IUPUI Regatta, an all-day canoe race on the downtown canal that includes over one hundred teams consisting of faculty, staff, and students from IUPUI. Although we didn’t come in first, our teams did very well and had a great time. We also shared a booth with the IUPUI Honors College along the canal and served up

free snow cones to participants and visitors. Over fifty of our members participated in the IUPUI Day of Caring in September by joining Global Peace Initiatives at the Marion County Fairgrounds cattle barn and engaging in various activities. These included worm casting (sifting mulch down to worm waste to use as fertilizer in the soil), sorting and moving lumber for a future project, and moving ducks and chickens outside to be fed. The ducks and chickens had to be physically carried outside, so that task proved to be a most interesting one for some of our members! In October, we helped out Indy Parks for the sixth year in a row with their annual Hauntless Halloween; members worked with young children during this threenight event and served as trail guides, refreshment vendors, crafts assistants, pumpkin carvers, and campfire leaders. We are also working with our new Paws Pantry, a food pantry that just opened on the IUPUI campus, to volunteer there and also help collect donations. The food pantry is run by students for students and was created to ensure an adequate food supply for our students

Stick ‘em up! Chapter officers from the IUPUI chapter strike an intimidating pose during their annual Officers’ Retreat at Eagle’s Hideeaway.

Prior to the start of classes, over sixty of our members joined the Move Crew to assist with Campus Housing Movein Day by helping students and parents unload and carry everything from cookie sheets to giant flat-screen televisions up the stairs of the Campus Apartments on the Riverwalk as well as up the elevators at other locations, including our new freshman residence hall, The Tower. This was a great opportunity for our memAlpha Lambda Delta

22 The Flame

to live a healthy life while attending college. Our chapter will be holding a food drive to collect supplies for the pantry. During National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness week in November, we’ll volunteer at a local homeless shelter, the Wheeler Mission, as we do every year. We also have two ALD teams, The Brain Storm and The Whizzards, competing in the IUPUI Academic Bowl in November. Our final November activity will be an afternoon of fun at Sky Zone, an indoor trampoline park in Indy. December will bring our annual holiday project when we adopt local families through Community Centers of Indianapolis, obtain their wish lists, and spend a Saturday shopping for them, having lunch, and wrapping their gifts so they’ll have a happy holiday. We also have a shopping team for Indianapolis Animal Care and Control as well as a donation drive to collect supplies for their animal shelter. Members will also attend an Indiana Pacers basketball game and hold an Ugly Sweater Christmas Party in December. Our spring semester will include participating in events such as the annual IUPUI Martin Luther King, Jr., Day of Service in January, volunteering at Indianapolis Animal Care and Control, working with Habitat for Humanity, planning our March 30 initiation of new members, organizing our end-of-year BBQ for all members, and holding our second SamStrong dance. The inaugural SamStrong dance last February was created and planned by our former service chair and current student advisor, Sarah Fortney, in memory of IUPUI student, Sam Featherstone, who passed away in January 2013 after a courageous 3-year battle with brain cancer. Over a hundred students came in gowns and tuxedos and danced the night away to the tunes of a great DJ while also enjoying snacks and a photo booth and buying raffle tickets for donated prizes. Sam’s parents came and spoke to the group about Sam’s incredible struggle and his legacy. Money raised from the dance goes to a scholarship fund established in his memory at Sam’s high school. The event was a huge

The Flame

success and a lot of fun for everyone, so we decided to do it again this year. We’d also like to mention that we had FIVE National Alpha Lambda Delta scholarship winners this year. We had three graduate fellowship recipients: former ALD president, Eric Keller, received a $6000 award to assist him with his first year of medical school at Northwestern University; former ALD president, student advisor, and ALD National Council member, Dillon Etter, received a $5000 award to use toward the pursuit of a Master’s Degree at IUPUI, and Heather Kent was awarded a $3000 graduate fellowship which came in quite handy as she began her first year at the Indiana University School of Dentistry this fall. Last year’s vice president, Amy Cramer, was awarded a $2000 Trow Scholarship; and John Fierst, last year’s president and current student advisor, received a $1000 Trow. Our chapter also received the Maintaining the Flame Award for 2013. In addition to these achievements, chapter president, Tom Beard, and vice president, Morgan Moran, attended the ALD National Leadership Workshop in San Diego in October. We look forward to another successful year!

Iowa State University Ames, Iowa The Iowa State University chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta has had an exciting year! Last spring we initiated over two-hundred members. This fall, we had a Karaoke Night with root beer floats called “Floats ‘N’ Notes.” During October, we had our “Trick or Canning” event and collected over twenty bags of food from our local community during Halloween weekend. We were able to give our bags to a local church and we were able to see how we could directly help out our community first hand. We also sent two representatives to the Alpha Lambda Delta Leadership Conference in San Diego this year. Matt and Jacob came back with new ideas on how to improve our local chapter.


In November, we collected small toys for our local “Toys for Tots”, and had a cookie decorating contest at our general meeting. Designs ranged from patriotic to Christmas themed. Next, we are planning on giving out candy and pencils to students studying at Iowa State’s Parks Library to promote Alpha Lambda Delta and good study habits during final week. Finally, next semester we have several more philanthropies planned such as our “Charity Skate” can drive. People will donate canned goods so they can skate for free at the local ice arena. This will be our largest event of the year and we are hoping to set new records for the amount of cans collected. It’s been a fun year so far and we’re looking forward to more in 2014!

University of Maryland College Park, Maryland Sometimes, throughout college, you stumble upon an organization that gives you the best of both worlds - a sense of community as well as honor. At the University of Maryland, College Park, with a student body of over 35,000 students, feeling like you’re just a number can get easy. But through organizations like Primannum Honor Society, opportunities to access a strong network of honor students and professors abound. Each week, Primannum hosts events that emphasize community service, academic enrichment, as well as social networking to provide an environment for honors students to promote a high standard of learning and collaboration. With approximately 7,000 students in Primannum Honor Society and plenty of events going on each week, we’ve maintained a massive network of students and alumni while also providing members with the ability to participate in different events with small groups. Something that sets Primannum Honor Society apart from other chapters of Alpha Lambda Delta are our commitment to providing social and academic opportunities for members as well as our close proximity to the nation’s capital. With Volume 52 - 2014

90 Years of Success

2014 marks ALD’s 90th Anniversary - since 1924, Alpha Lambda Delta has bee year collegians. On these pages, you’ll find a little of our storied history, as w your chapter! 1940 - First Fellowship One of ALD’s most popular programs - the Graduate Fellowships - has its beginnings in 1940. Louise Houssierre was presented with the first ALD Fellowship to pursue her graduate degree at MIT.

1924 - A New Beginning Alpha Lambda Delta’s roots are found at the University of Illinois, with an extraordinary woman. Maria Leonard, Dean of Women, founded Alpha Lambda Delta as an honor society recognizing the successes of U of I’s first-year women.

Since 1940, ALD has presented over $2,750,000 in scholarships and fellowships to its members.

Today, ALD still uses the words written by Leonard as part of our initiation ritual: Allelois Lampadia Deodousosin - “Let us pass our torches on, one to another.”



1926 - Expansion Within a couple of years, it was evident that ALD was a wonderful addition to the U of I campus. In 1926, the second chapter of ALD was founded at Purdue University, and the third chapter followed suit in 1927 at DePauw University.








1930 - Let’s Get Together

1976 - Howdy, Fellows

The first National Convention was held in 1930. Conventions were suspended during the Great Depression, but resumed thereafter. In 1978, the National Convention morphed into today’s Leadership Workshop.

In response to federal Title IX legislation, requiring equal opportunity for male and female students on college campuses, Alpha Lambda Delta first welcomed men into our rolls in 1976. The first co-ed chapter was established at Radford University in New Jersey.

With 90 years of tradition, ALD is one of the oldest honor societies in the US!

For more about ALD’s amazing history and the fascinating women and men who have helped ALD become the thriving group it is today, please download and read the exceptional “75 Years of ALD,” written by Editor Mike Nichols in 1999 for the Society’s 75th Anniversary. It and more info about ALD’s 90th are available on the 90th Anniversary website:



Celebrating ALD’s 90th with your chapter ALD’s 90th Anniversary is an event worthy of celebration. Here are a few ideas for celebrating ALD’s 90th on your campus: Plan your spring initiation and invite a member of the ALD National Council or a former fellowship winner to attend and be the guest speaker. Put an article in the campus newspaper about the 90th anniversary of Alpha Lambda Delta and include information about the history of your local chapter. Give a “gift” (a tree, a plaque, library books, scholarship donations, etc) to the campus in honor of the 90th anniversary. Host a 90th anniversary reception and invite campus administrators and others who would be supportive. Serve refreshments or host a study break for first year students and use the opportunity to share with them a little about ALD and your chapter.






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2014- 1,000,000 and beyond ALD’s one millionth member will be inducted in 2014 - will it be one of your chapter’s new members?







James G. Stemler of the University of Portland was elected to be the Society’s first male president in 2002. Scholarship, was offered in 1980. A proponent of study abroad, Dr. Stemler lends his name to the ALD Study Abroad Scholarships.

ALD’s first award for undergraduate members, the Jo Anne J. Trow Scholarship, was offered in 1980. Since then, the program has expanded to 35 annual awards, worth over $XX,000!




2003 - Mr. President

1988 - A New Award



en celebrating the success of America’s top firstwell as some ideas for celebrating ALD’s 90th with





90th Anniversary Chapter Challenge Issued by Bowling Green State University and the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire To honor our Society’s past, and to help build our Society’s future, we’re taking this opportunity to extend a challenge to the 270 chapters that make up our ALD family: help us expand our offerings of scholarships and fellowships with a donation to the ALD Perpetual Fellowship Fund. Alpha Lambda Delta helps our members meet rising costs with our scholarship and fellowship programs, funded by the Society’s Perpetual Fellowship Fund. Since ALD offered its first Graduate Fellowship in 1940, over 1,350

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2014 Alpha Lambda Delta Awards

Each year, ALD is privileged to present over $200,000 in scholarships and fellowships to our outstanding members. Meet our winners on the following pages! Graduate Fellowships range in value from $3,000 to $7,500, and are presented to Alpha Lambda Delta members who are pursuing graduate or professional study. Since the program began in 1940, XXX exceptional members have received these prestigious awards. Since 19XX, Alpha Lambda Delta has presented Jo Anne J. Trow Undergraduate Scholarships to deserving sophomore members of ALD. In 20XX, the values of the Trow Scholarships were increased; the 35 awards now range in value from $1,000 to $6,000. ALD’s newest award program, the James G. Stemler Study Abroad Scholarships are $1,000 scholarships presented to ALD members who are pursuing study abroad in the coming year. In 2014, the number of annual awards will increase from 15 to 20.

Graduate Fellows

23 exceptional Alpha Lambda Deltans who exemplify ALD’s mission of celebrating success! Kathleen Adams

Cyrus Aghamolla

Gladys Pennington Houser Fellowship

Adele Stamp Fellowship

William Jewel College

University of Maryland

Mikhail Alexeev

Alex Cheser

Ethan Hossein Maria Leonard Fellowship

University of Alabama Birmingham

Adam Cinderich

Helen Clarke Fellowship

California Univ. of Pennsylvania Alpha Lambda Delta

Maude Etheredge Fellowship

Miriam Shelden Fellowship


Transylvania University

Bradley Crofford

Brittany Dray

Alpha Lambda Delta Fellowship

Harry Hale Fellowship

Southern Nazarene Univ.

University of Oklahoma

26 The Flame

Matthew DuWaldt

Dillon Etter

Amber Herman

May Brunson Fellowship

Dorothy Anderson Fellowship

Margaret Cunningim Fellowship

Kalamazoo College


Iowa State University

Eric Keller

Heather Kent

Nicohlas Levis

Mary Jane Stevenson Fellowship

Alice Crocker Lloyd Fellowship

Betty Jo Hudson Fellowship



Miami University

Bruce McHam

Caitlin Nelms

Jennifer Newman

Alpha Lambda Delta Fellowship

Miriam Shelden Fellowship

Katherine Cater Fellowship

Texas Tech University

Austin Peay State University

University of South Carolina

Jonathan Pfluger

Lauren Rigg

Christine Ryan

Margie Wade Fellowship

Christine Conaway Fellowship

Barbara Quilling Fellowship

Purdue University

Purdue University


Kayla Stretcher

Jacquelyn Suarez

Raam Venkatesh

Margaret Berry Fellowship

Gladys Bell Fellowship

Warner O. Moore Fellowship

Univ. of Colorado - Colorado Springs

American University

Univ. of Alabama - Birmingham

The Flame


Volume 52 - 2014

2014 Alpha Lambda Delta Awards

Jo Anne J. Trow Scholars This year’s 35 Trow Scholars demonstrate unparallelled success in studies and exceptional involvement with their ALD chapters around the nation.

Tatiana Aguilar

Megan Barnes

Jessie Byrnes

Marlena Collins

Amy Cramer

University of Portland

University of Illinois

Morningside College

Georgia State University


Emily Dattore

Donna Elazar

Katherine Fiedler

John Fierst

Lucille Gauthier

University of Oklahoma

Ramapo College

University of Nebraska Lincoln


University of Oklahoma

Lauren Gavinski

Erin Giles

Adelyn Gillon

Amber Gombash

Ryan Hamilton

Susquehanna University

McDaniel College

University of Montevallo

Bowling Green State University

Montana State University - Bozeman

For more about the Trow Scholarship Program, see page XPG Alpha Lambda Delta

28 The Flame

Leanna Hansen

Laura Hart

Rachel Hempel

Mariah Hennen

Lauren Horning

Montana State University - Bozeman

Dickinson College

Transylvania University

Kalamazoo College

Washington and Jefferson College

Melissa Kindelspire

Krista Klocke

Marci Lessman

Allison Mueller

Evan Ochiltree

Valley City State University

Iowa State University

Minnesota State University - Mankato

University of Montana

University of South Carolina

Ashlynn Rickord

Allison Schauer

Caryn Sennett

Shejuti Paul

Rebecca Siar

Carthage College

University of Connecticut

Dickinson College

University of Alabama Birmingham

Roanoke College

Matt Walters

Jeffrey Warner

Courtney Weaver

Andrew Weisberg

Rachel Zacharias

Elizabethtown College

University of Pittsburgh Bradford

West Virginia Wesleyan College

George Mason University

Baldwin Wallace University

The Flame


Volume 52 - 2014

2014 Alpha Lambda Delta Awards

James G. Stemler Scholars These world-travelers are not just exceptional students, they’re Alpha Lambda Delta’s Ambassadors to the other nations of the world!

Jordann Allan

Stacy Baker

Sarah Boege

Carson-Newman University

Purdue University

Arizona State University

Christopher Clements

Kerry Darragh

Anna Fontaine

Lucille Gauthier

Jessica Laurenzano

Arthur Munoz

Linh Nguyen

Georgia College and State University

University of Oklahoma

University of Maryland

Texas Lutheran University

University of Oklahoma

Amelia Osiecki

Noelle Smits

Veronica Son

Sarah Sorenson

Alexandria Webb

Ohio Univerrsity

Oral Roberts University

Universtiy of Maryland

Morningside College

Georgia State University

University of Maryland

Saint Vincent College

For more about the James G. Stemler Study Abroad Scholarships, see page XPG. Alpha Lambda Delta

30 The Flame

2013 Outstanding Advisor of the Year

Lisa Ruch IUPUI’s Lisa Ruch is “more than just an advisor” The 2013 Alpha Lambda Delta outstanding advisor of the year is Lisa Ruch, from Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis (IUPUI)! Ruch has served as the chapter’s advisor since 1995, and has served in various capacities on the ALD National Council for almost ten years. Ruch is an outstanding chapter advisor who has encouraged both the chapter and individuals to continue to achieve and serve others. During her tenure as advisor, several IUPUI students have received Alpha Lambda Delta Trow and Stemler Scholarships and Graduate Fellowships, monetary awards given to the most outstanding students in the Society. The chapter has also taken the prestigious Order of the Torch Award, presented to the most exceptional chapters in the nation, three times under Ruch’s advisement. In the past years, the chapter at IUPUI has become a major contributor to the campus community and in the India-

napolis community at large. The chapter’s service efforts have been notable – assisting new students on Move-in Day; volunteering during the campus’ Day of Caring; and assisting at local food banks, homeless shelters, and with the community’s “Hauntless Halloween” event for local children. In her letter supporting Ruch’s nomination, IUPUI Senior Advisor Heather Kent writes, “Lisa is more than just an advisor

“Lisa is more than just an advisor to ALD, but she is a great friend to all the members…. The contributions Lisa has made to the IUPUI ALD chapter are endless.” Heather Kent IUPUI Chapter Senior Advisor

to ALD, but she is a great friend to all the members…. The contributions Lisa has made to the IUPUI ALD chapter are endless.” Ruch was surprised with the award at IUPUI’s spring initiation ceremony on April 7th. Ruch also spoke at the 2013 National Leadership Workshop in San Diego, CA (see page 4). In her remarks, Ruch encouraged ALD members to be aware of Left: Ruch was surprised by her student members at the chapter’s April 7 initiation ceremoopportunities, ny. Below: Ruch takes a moment to pose with to appreciate the attendees at the 2013 Leadership Workhsop. mentors in their lives, and to take time to be mentors themselves. Alpha Lambda Delta takes pride in recognizing Lisa Ruch as the Outstanding Advisor of the Year!

The Flame


Volume 52 - 2014

2013 Advisor Awards

Executive Director’s Advisors of the Year Four exceptional advisors from around the country, specially recognized by Executive Director Glenda earwood Dr. Glenda Earwood announced four winners of the Executive Director Advisor Awards for 2012-2013. This year’s winners were: • • • •

Matthew Chetnik (Salem State University) Marcella Gemelli (Arizona State University) Kevin Dougherty (UCLA) Susan Huffman (Purdue University)

With the numerous outstanding Alpha Lambda Delta advisors across the United States that give their time every year to serve the members and their chapters with enthusiasm, choosing just a few to award the Executive Advisor Award is always a difficult task. This year’s winners chosen to receive the ED Advisor Award went above and beyond to make their chapters truly exceptional. The Alpha Lambda Delta chapter at Salem State University had been inactive for several years until Mathew Chetnik came along. With no one from the ALD National Council able to attend, Mathew held the first induction ceremony for 366 students on November 27, 2012. As a first generation college student, Matthew recognized the need for early recognition for academic success and how that recognition could contribute to retention. In addition to holding fall and spring initiation ceremonies, the chapter sponsored a First Year Advocate Award and read to an elementary school reading group. With Matthew’s enthu-

Alpha Lambda Delta

siasm and guidance, the ALD chapter at Salem State will continue to grow and serve others. After years of inactivity, Marcella Gemelli single handedly reactivated the chapter at Arizona State! has served as the primary chapter advisor for the Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society at Arizona State University since 2011. In her time as an advisor, she has worked hard to work alongside her students to make Arizona State’s ALD chapter the best it can be. This year, she attended our San Antonio workshop where she had opportunities to learn new and better ways to serve her students. She also helped one of her students, Sarah Boege, apply for the James T. Stemler Study Abroad scholarship. Sarah was one of only 15 students to win a Stemler scholarship. Sarah went to Chile where she had the opportunity to practice her Spanish major among the native speakers. The Arizona ALD members are becoming more visible with their participation and involvement on the Arizona State campus. They have hosted a variety of events to serve the university as well as the local community. They served at the freshman “Passport” open house and held a scavenger hunt for students on campus to promote unity and student involvement. On a more global scale, they wrote letters to the troops and participated in the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. The students also held a fundraiser at a local yogurt shop. Marcella’s efforts to work alongside her

students in planning and making these events happen was a blessing for her students and in turn the chapter contributed to the surrounding students and community. Kevin Dougherty has served as the primary chapter advisor for the Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society at UCLA since 2010. Since that time, Kevin has supported the chapter in applying for the Order of the Torch Award, placing the chapter among the top Alpha Lambda Delta chapters in the United States. UCLA was also awarded the Maintaining the Flame Award in 2012. Kevin guided his students by providing leadership and assistance in carrying out and planning service events on and off campus. Among these, they have been involved and led university events such as Caught Studying, On Campus Day, dinners for 4.0 students, and more. They have also contributed time to off campus events such as Heal the Bay, Meals on Wheels, blood drives, study organizations, and reading with local children. In conjunction with their presence in both the university and local communities, they also promoted community amongst themselves through chapter meetings and social events for the students involved such as a hiking trip. Dr. Susan Huffman has served as the primary chapter advisor for the Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society at Purdue University since 1984—almost 30 years! Since that time, Susan has stood by her

32 The Flame

Chapter Reports - continued...

Being in Washington, D.C. didn’t just provide a diverse experience, but allowed members to participate in an event outside of their lecture halls. “I had never been to [Madame Tussauds] before, so going with other members and earning points was an excellent idea,” says Bowen Chen, class of 2016. “The most interesting part of the trip was definitely getting to know all of the new members.” Outside of participating in events, Primannum offers students the ability to gain leadership experience – to get a chance to manage and plan activities for one of the largest organizations on campus. Primannum’s Executive Board, which consists of two presidents and seven vice presidents, manages almost every aspect of Primannum, with committees managing programs for things like academic enrichment, service, communications, membership, and scholarship. From service events to evening socials and D.C. trips to study breaks, Primannum has had a long-standing goal of ensuring our members feel like our society is a comfortable place to build their network, get career and academic advice, and improve their character.

Morningside College Sioux City, Iowa Submitted by Mikala Cooper

Washington, D.C. at our doorstep, Primannum has established a reputation for giving members the chance to interact and participate in major events in the D.C. area.

Members of Morningside’s chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta have been working hard to make a difference in their community, increase campus awareness to recruit new members in the spring, and sponsor a variety of events--and have fun doing it all. Shortly after initiation in the spring, ALD members

For instance, this semester, we’ve stuffed 100 goody bags and donated them to the local National Children’s Medical Center, as well as volunteered at the National Zoo, registering visitors and passing out candy at their annual Halloween event, Boo at the Zoo. In October, we ventured to Chinatown to take a visit to Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, providing an entertaining outlet for students to explore wax figures of their favorite celebrities and historical characters.“I really liked this event because I got to see more of D.C. than I have before…what I found really interesting was learning how long the process was of making a wax model, and how many sittings it takes to get all the measurements right” says Primannum member Jacklyn McGrath. It might not be the real Betty White, but it’s the next best thing - members of the Primannum chapter at the University of Maryland spent some time at Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum (top). Members of the Morningside College chapter had a blast at their September water balloon fight (right). The Flame


Volume 52 - 2014

Chapter Reports - continued...

volunteered at the Book Lover’s Book Sale. All proceeds went to the Sioux City Public Library system, and ALD members had a terrific inaugural experience with our organization. To start the fall semester on a great note, ALD and Phi Eta Sigma (PES) organized a water balloon fight and grillout on September 13th. This was a fun way to begin the weekend, and helped students to kick back and let off some steam. This fall ALD also participated in Omicron Delta Kappa’s annual service day, Into the Streets. Many on-campus groups such as athletic teams, clubs, classes, residence halls, and other student organizations went “into the streets” to volunteer on the morning of October 2nd. This year, ALD members went to S.T.A.R.S. Inc. (Special Troopers Adaptive Riding School), an organization that gives people with disabilities an opportunity to engage in animal assisted therapy. This can include working with dogs and learning how to ride horses. We helped out by cleaning up the S.T.A.R.S. building for STARSfest, an upcoming fundraiser. ALD members were among the approximately 800 Morningside students (two-thirds of the full-time students) who participated in Into the Streets. After Into the Streets, ALD held a fundraiser at Buffalo Wild Wings to raise money for the Alpha Lambda Delta national service project. Three different days, customers at Buffalo Wild Wings could mention Morningside ALD, and the restaurant would donate a portion of their profits to our cause. We raised $100 this year for San Diego Youth Services.

the importance of goals, planning, and motivation” said Hongsermeier. Later in October, the ladies of ALD organized our annual Smart Cookies event, which is one of the main ways that ALD and PES have promoted our organizations and recruited new members in recent years. An ALD member and a PES member go to first-year seminars and talk about their respective honor societies: the eligibility requirements, the benefits, what members do, and any other questions the students may have. Then, all of the freshmen get cookies because they are “smart cookies”. This year, ALD members made and frosted 380 cookies for the freshmen here at Morningside. To close out the month, ALD hosted a Halloween movie night on October 30th. Participants watched Casper the Friendly Ghost and just hung out and relaxed. On November 25th, ALD organized a Letters to You event. We provided paper, markers, and other materials so that students could stop by over lunchtime and create a unique thank-you card for anybody on campus. ALD then delivered these cards to the recipients. About 65 cards were made during this event. Upcoming events include bracelet making with freshmen girls in December and

a Valentine’s Day project involving campus gift-giving to residents of Opportunities Unlimited.

University of New Haven West Haven, Connecticut Submitted by Shannon Livewell The University of New Haven’s Alpha Lambda Delta chapter has been extremely active this year, taking part in community events and making an impactful difference. So far this year our chapter has collected and donated items to the local Ronald McDonald House, participated in a Midnight Run for New Haven, and taken part in Light the Night walk; a walk aimed at helping out The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS), where our organization helped with set up as well as cheering on the walkers during the event itself. In addition to these events our chapter has been working on planning a Valentine’s Day Party for the kids at the New Haven Home Recovery where our ALD chapter will be providing food, drinks, decorations, and activities. On top of these wonderful events that our chapter has organized and implemented our most recent was visiting the Veteran’s Connecticut Healthcare System, part of the West Haven Medical Center. With Veterans Day approaching

ALD members got to provide some community service and hear some wonderful stories as they distributed cards at the Veteran’s Connecticut Healthcare System.

Our chapter president Natasha Hongsermeier, vice president Krissy Neumann, and advisor Marty Knepper attended the 2013 National Leadership Workshop in San Diego this October. They were able to attend a variety of workshops and interact with ALD members from across the country. They also had the opportunity to listen to “an intriguing keynote speaker who impressed upon us Alpha Lambda Delta

34 The Flame

our chapter decided to take the time to show our country’s Veterans just how much they are appreciated and how thankful we are for their service. This was by the far most rewarding experience as it was evident how elated the Veterans were that local college students cared enough to not only make them “Thank You” cards but to also spend the day listening to the Veterans’ stories and getting to know them. Our chapter spent hours talking to the Veterans about their experiences in war and life in general and we felt that every member who attended left with a new perspective on the life they live verses the life people our age lived years ago. The University of New Haven’s chapter is all about selflessness and giving back to the community in which we live. Most of the students in our chapter are not from Connecticut as we have a diverse student body from all over the world however, we strive to create and hold a sense of community with the area around us and get involved in any way possible. For the upcoming semester we are already planning events in the greater West Haven area, one of which will hopefully be with the Veterans of the West Haven Medical Center. The center always holds luncheons for the Veterans and University of New Haven’s ALD would be able to mingle with the patients and really get to know them. There is a generational divide that is so loosely approached by today’s generation but our chapter is striving to fight that and become more in touch with the generations before us that fought to keep our country free and provided the safe place we live today. Our chapter is greatly looking forward to the spring semester and the events that we will be organizing and participating in. As an organization that strives to showcase talent and scholastic aptitude, the University of New Haven’s ALD chapter feels that they must always represent what Alpha Lambda Delta stands for. With an enthusiastic group of young individuals, a supportive university, and a community that is always giving back, our chapter is always aiming to reach The Flame

North Carolina A&T State University’s Mr. ALD Darius Holmes and Secretary Tayler Coltrane at the Crop Hunger Walk.

new heights as far as giving back. We are very optimistic for the future of our chapter and will continue to represent Alpha Lambda Delta in the best way possible.

North Carolina A&T State University Greensboro, North Carolina This semester the North Carolina A&T chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta (ALD) has held amazing programs and successful community service activities. At the beginning of the semester we held a program titled “How To Get a 4.0: Freshman Ice Cream Social.” Although this program was aimed toward freshman all classmen were welcome to come. During this program our president and vice president spoke to our peers about keeping their grades up, how to study and how to relieve stress. Ben and Jerry’s provided the ice cream for the event. Our first community service activity was a Crop Hunger Walk that was held in downtown Greensboro. The walk was held to help stop hunger in the United States and around the world. Although we did not sponsor the walk, we had great attendance from our members. After the walk Miss ALD was contacted about hosting our own walk. Hopefully in the spring we will be able to have the


walk on our campus so more of our students can be involved. This semester we were fortunate to have both our president and vice president attend the leadership conference in San Diego. Our president came back with a great idea to start a scholarship just for ALD members and funded by our ALD chapter. In October our second event was held, it was titled Text-In-The Community. Every year our university handpicks a book for the incoming freshman to read over the summer. Upon completion of the book they are supposed to write a one-page analysis on the book. When they come to A&T, there are many programs on the book held throughout the semester. Fortunately, ALD was able to have a program. For our Text-In-The Community program we invited a panel of teachers and students, who read the book, to answer questions that pertained to the book. Our vice president ran the program and asked the questions to the panel. The fall induction was the third event to occur this semester. There were 15-17 inductees for the fall semester. Although not a big group, we held a nice ceremony for them and their family members. Our vice president ran this event as well. The whole E-board welcomed the new members with open arms. Our last community service activi-

Volume 52 - 2014

Chapter Reports - continued...

ty for this semester was a street cleanup. Our chapter adopted a street close to the school, to help keep the community of Greensboro clean. Another community service activity that we held during the semester was Black Child Development. Black Child Development is a corporation where students and adults can help tutor underprivileged children. Although, this was an optional community service activity for the chapter, the majority of our members were involved. As the fall semester comes to a close, we want to return in the spring with more events and community service activities for our chapter. We also hope that in the spring induction of the class of 2017 will have a great amount of students to join ALD, so we can keep the membership growing at North Carolina A&T State University.

University of North Carolina at Greensboro Greensboro, North Carolina At our first E-Board meeting this year we established that one of our goals in our chapter was to give out a $1,000 scholarship open to only new inductees. In order to do so we had to come up with ways to raise money. Carowinds is an amuse-

ment park in Charlotte, NC, not too far from Greensboro. They allow non-profit groups to volunteer and they’ll write a check to your organization for the work done. On Saturday, October 12th six of our UNCG Chapter members drove to Charlotte, NC to work a SCarowinds shift. We worked in the Food & Beverage department from 5pm to park close at 1am. We did a variety of things from working the register to making popcorn and serving people in the restaurants. It was a long night, but fun because we had each other there and we were doing it for a good cause. We left Charlotte at around 1:30am and took turns driving because we were beyond tired after standing for almost eight hours. We got back to campus around 3:30am, and we felt like zombies. It was such a great experience and one that six of us will never forget. To make it all better, two weeks after we volunteered we received the check from Carowinds in the amount of $350. That was a start to our $1,000 goal and we’re planning on taking another Carowinds trip sometime in the Spring, this time with more members.

Oakland University Rochester, Michigan Submitted by Taylor Born Alpha Lambda Delta participated in a variety of events over the 2012-2013 school year, most events being linked to philanthropic causes. Each month, a meeting was held for all current members of ALD, where students could come and learn about different academic opportunities on campus, and help prepare for upcoming Alpha Lambda Delta events. Key speak-

A pair of ALD members from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro didn’t let the Grim Reaper faze them in the least as they volunteered their time at Carowinds amusement park (left). The Baldwin Center in Pontiac, MI, got some assistance with sorting canned goods from the Oakland University chapter (above).

Alpha Lambda Delta

36 The Flame

ers from Oakland University were invited to speak at each monthly member meeting, and their lectures varied from learning how to study abroad to learning about Medical School Admissions. At meetings, members also helped to prepare for the upcoming events. At the November meeting, members helped to make and decorate Christmas cards to give to Sunrise Senior Living Center in Rochester, MI. On a Friday afternoon, members went to Sunrise Senior Living Center and delivered the Christmas Cards. While there, members also helped make Gingerbread houses with the residents. At the February monthly meeting, members also made Valentine’s Day cards for the residents of Sunrise Senior Living Center. ALD members also volunteered at The Baldwin Center in Pontiac, MI and were able to help out local needy families for the holidays. This center is devoted to helping the underprivileged people living in and near Pontiac. Members went to this center on a Saturday morning and helped sort canned goods and make boxes. These boxes filled with food were given to 300 disadvantaged families in the area for Thanksgiving. Some members also helped move donated items to new locations. The 2012-2013 school year for Alpha Lambda Delta at Oakland University was

filled with academic opportunities for members in addition to these volunteer activities. It was these opportunities that allowed students to learn about and prepare for their academic futures, as well as give back to the community. With all the successes of the year, Oakland University’s ALD chapter is proud to announce that its membership has increased by 100%. With the excitement of the increased membership, 2013-2014 board members are motivated more than ever to continue and expand on the successes and growth of previous years.

Otterbein University Westerville, Ohio The members of the Otterbein University Alpha Lambda Delta/Phi Eta Sigma (ALD/PES) chapter collaborated with Mortar Board to collect food to donate to the Westerville Area Resource Ministries (WARM) for their Thanksgiving “Hand-Up” Project. This project assists low income families in our community to have the food they need to have a very special Thanksgiving. To coordinate the collection of food, the shopping list was divided equally by last name, so that each member only needed to buy a portion of the items. The food donated included such things as sugar, flour, oil, noodles, corn, gravy, mashed potatoes, stuffing, brownie mix, and

The Otterbein University chapter donated over $1,200 worth of groceries to the Westerville Area Resource Ministry’s Thanksgiving “Hand Up” project.

muffin mix. Due to the generosity of our members, we were able to collect enough items to make 34 grocery bags of food for deserving families. In addition, we had approximately 25 pounds of food that could not be organized into the grocery bags. Since each bag was worth approximately $35.00, our members donated at least $1,200 in food to this worthwhile project. Working together, we made a difference in our community and helped to provide a Thanksgiving meal to families in need.

Pace University New York, New York If there are five words to describe Pace University’s Alpha Lambda Delta chapter, those five words are: diverse, supportive, welcoming, dynamic, and compassionate. Though only in our second year, we have maintained our commitment to service, leadership, and excellence in academics. We initiated 101 members on the February 14, 2012. The fact that our initiation ceremony took place on Valentine’s Day is symbolic of the passion we had in our hearts to join Alpha Lambda Delta. Guided by our faculty advisor, Mr. Verdino, and led by four Executive Board members, Alpha Lambda Delta began and finished the year with a strong list of activities that emphasized service. Our first meeting consisted of a pizza party, “Getting to Know You” bingo, and a brainstorm session to plan activities we wanted for the year. It was a great opportunity for us to bond and collectively develop goals. Additionally, we created our own local scholarships to recognize members who have showed their dedication through active involvement in Alpha Lambda Delta – from attending meeting and events, and getting everyone motivated to come together. Service wise, we completed service activities for various local organizations. Our first activity of the 2012-2013 school year was an origami making session. We challenged our members to make as many pieces as they can to give to a

The Flame


Volume 52 - 2014

Chapter Reports - continued...

local nursing home. Music played and food was eaten while we folded paper into flowers, animals, and stars. This was almost everyone’s first time making origami pieces, and many people felt accomplished in completing several pieces. We were folding our hearts into the edges and folds of each origami piece we made, and we couldn’t wait to brighten someone’s room with our decorations! Our next service activity of the 20122013 school year was a finals goody bag workshop session. We wanted our last ALD meeting of the 2012-2013 school year to be light and enjoyable, so we brought some food and exam studying goodies from each school department. Some of the goodies were destress balls, pens, binder clips, pencils, magnets, and final paper writing tips. We made sure to include chocolate, an essential part of everyone’s food diet during exams. To kick off the start of the 2013-2014 school year, we hosted our welcome back service activity on Halloween, to support UNICEF. We ordered several “Trick or Treat” UNICEF boxes, and went around the school cafeteria and school buildings asking students and professors to donate whatever spare change they had. People responded enthusiastically and donated money generously; and in the end, we collected a total close to $100! It was more than what we anticipated, and we were excited to donate that money to UNICEF. Our final service activity of the 20132014 year was writing Christmas cards to our troops overseas. We brought Christmas cards, colorful pens, and our hands to the table to get together and form a card writing session to thank the men and women who have dedicated their lives to protecting their country. President Leopoldo Orozco believes that the greatest benefit of being in Alpha Lambda Delta come from our chapter: “Meeting other hard-working individuals helps build a support system, and it promotes collaboration amongst students both inside and outside the classroom. Alpha Lambda Delta

Even if we meet to raise money for UNICEF, in doing so, we are strengthening the bonds of relations that will help us in the years to come.” The Pace University (New York City) chapter has had a rewarding year. We look forward to seeing our chapter grow and what our members will accomplish in the years to come. We are confident that they will continue to “pass their torch” to other individuals, just as we have sparked several flames in them.

Philadelphia University Philadelphia, Pennsylvania On October 29th, the Philadelphia University chapter of the Alpha Lambda Delta Honors Society held its fourth annual induction ceremony. Presided over by Tim Butler, Philadelphia University’s Associate Dean of Students and Director of Student Activities, and Marcella McCoy Deh, the chapter’s faculty advisor and Philadelphia University’s director of the University Honors Program, the ceremony saw the admonition of fifty of the university’s finest students. Along with those inducted, the chapter also welcomed its new officers. The officers include Taylor Larson as chapter President, as the chapter’s Vice president, Jenna Gault as Vice President of Transfers, Sundra Sisalli as Secretary, Lauren Duncan as Historian, and Jeanlouise Hornberger as Editor. This special opportunity was taken to recognize three faculty members as Honorary Inductees. These professors were nominated by the incoming members for their outstanding support and encouragement of students, as well as for their teaching abilities. The honorary inductees included Magnolia Belle Reed-Brooke, Professor of Survey of Textiles. She was nominated by ALD member Marissa Newhouse for the care that she showed students. The second honorary inductee was Accounting Professor Ray Poteau. Nominated by Kayleen Kane, Poteau was chosen for his incredible support and understanding both in and out of the classroom. Lastly, Elaine Mitchell

nominated Writing professor David Rogers. Rogers routinely challenged his students and helped apply the study topics to the real world. Additional thanks would like to be extended to Mark Govoni, Philadelphia University’s Dean of Students, for his beautiful welcoming speech at the ceremony, as well as to Kathleen Gasper for helping make the ceremony such a success. Stacey Wong, the chapter’s Junior Advisor, was crucial in the success of the ceremony as well, so the chapter would like to thank her as well. Overall, the ceremony marked an excellent start for the Philadelphia University chapter of the Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society. To build off the success seen at the ceremony, the chapter will be participating in the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree Program. This program aims to supply gifts for less fortunate families during the holiday season. ALD members have chosen tags containing the names, age, gender, and toy preference of local children. Members will then purchase gifts and give them to the local Salvation Army. The non-profit organization will gift wrap the presents and donate them to the designated families. Through Philadelphia University Chapter Secretary, Sundra Sisalli (left), with Taylor Larson, the chapter’s President

38 The Flame

this program, the chapter intends to build a better relationship with the local community, as well as give less fortunate children a holiday to remember. Not only does the Angel Tree Program benefit local families, it also serves as a reminder to participating members of the true values of the holiday season. The chapter has participated in this program in the past, and hopes to continue the program in the future. Following the semester break, the chapter plans on furthering its beneficial impact in the community. There has been discussion of having members get involved with Relay for Life, Habitat for Humanity, and other similar organizations. There are surely great things ahead for this chapter of the Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society.

Purdue University

Members of the Purdue University chapter show off their ALD T-shirts.

West Lafayette, Indiana

the parade theme of “the ‘90s” and to promote academic excellence. The officers dressed like school-age children and walked through the streets of West Lafayette handing out candy with our very own hand-crafted magic school bus. During the month of October, our members participated in Boo at the Zoo, an event that takes place at the Columbian Park Zoo in Lafayette, IN. This was a fun Halloween event for children. Some of our members even dressed up as characters from Alice in Wonderland and acted in a skit for children participating in the event.

The Purdue University chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Eta Sigma has been very active in community and and academic involvement over the past several months. Last spring we initiated 560 new members to the chapter. Of these 560 students, twenty new officers were selected for the 2013-2014 school year. Also in the spring, we had an officer transition event, which helped our current officers move into their new positions and help create bonds among them to work towards achieving the goals of the Purdue Chapter. This fall, the chapter has had many great experiences that have only brought our chapter closer together. Our chapter participated in the Boiler Gold Rush information Fair that was geared toward incoming freshman. This Fair provided information about Alpha Lambda Delta to increase our membership to many prospective students. Our members and officers also participated in homecoming activities such as the food drive, in which we collected canned goods for the local food pantry. Our officers also represented Alpha Lambda Delta in the homecoming parade. Our theme was “The Magic School Bus”, to fit within The Flame

In November, our chapter held a fall initiation and dessert reception for new initiates that met the requirements during the spring 2013 semester. Also this fall, our chapter has conducted two all-member meetings showing great member participation. One meeting involved a study abroad speaker that offered great insight into the study abroad opportunities that Purdue University offers. At the most recent all-member meeting, our members made fleece blankets that were donated to Riley Hospital for Children. The blankets will hopefully provide some measure of comfort to sick children over the holidays. Our mem39

bers also made Thanksgiving and Happy Holiday cards for a local nursing home. This meeting was a lot of fun and got all of our members into the holiday spirit. It was a simple way to give back to the community. Over the next few weeks our Alpha Lambda Delta chapter will be collecting money through the traditional holiday bell ringing with the Salvation Army. We are really excited we have accomplished so much this fall semester and we are eager to see what is in store for next semester. We will continue to strive to live up to the goals of academic excellence while giving back to our local community.

Roanoke College Salem, Virginia Roanoke College’s chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta has been hard to work this past year. Our newly inducted class was one of the largest we’ve ever seen! With this new group came lots of inspiration and energy. This past semester’s ideas, from t-shirt sales to ‘arrest-yourfriends’, have bounced all over campus and we have our members to thank. Our chapter is made up of a truly diverse set of students. We represent nearly Volume 52 - 2014

Chapter Reports - continued...

every major on campus, and when we come together, we have the ability to easily reach out in all directions. We are proud to continue a tradition of academic excellence, and our members are stepping up across the campus. Along with being very active, our members are constantly working to contribute their part to the community. Many of our members have been actively participating in our local ‘Got Consent’ campaign aimed at creating safe communities and promoting respectful relationships. The most recent of these events called “Take back the night” could only be topped by its predecessor “Walk a mile in her shoes.” In the latter, participants both female and male wore high heels and walked a mile around our back quad! After witnessing our growth over the past semester, our chapter has debated the possibility of establishing an advisory council of previous executive members. This chapter would serve the purpose of guiding our newly inducted class through the steps that are required to succeed. With this, we will undoubtedly continue to improve our presence on campus. Our goals for the coming semester are to operate another charity event on campus, and to sponsor an event that can raise some funds in preparation for our Spring induction ceremonies. In the process we’ll be spreading the word about ALD and the amazing things that our members have been a part of.

Sam Houston State University Huntsville, Texas Here at Sam Houston State University, we strive for success both in the classroom and in the community. Our ALD chapter has taken the idea of community service to a whole new level. This fall semester alone, we have organized and successfully completed three service projects created by our officers.

Alpha Lambda Delta

Members of the Sam Houston State University chapter work with officers to collect care packages for wounded soldiers.

Our first service project in September was designed by two of our officers, Courtney Rogers and Brooke Nell, to support our troops in collecting items for care packages to be sent to wounded soldiers. With the help of the generous students and staff at SHSU we were able to pack four boxes full of snacks, games, water, and patriotic decorations. Our largest and most important donation was the box of hundreds of letters written by students thanking the men and women for their service protecting our country. Upon receiving a thank you letter from the hospital, we were touched to know that the letters and the rest of the items were able to make the wounded soldiers smile. Our second service project was created by officers Brooke Nell and Forrest Self to promote health on our college campus. As most people know, staying healthy in college is not an easy task, so we decided to help the students learn more about healthy living. Many of our members volunteered to pass out healthy snacks and health facts on campus in October. We were able to celebrate healthy living by giving out ideas for ten minute exercises and tips for a healthy diet. We hope to have made a positive healthy impact on the students at SHSU.

Our third service project took place in November and was organized by officer Luis Morales and student advisor Manuel Hinojo. This project, called “Thanksgiving-to-Go”, was a food drive to collect canned goods and other Thanksgiving foods to give to families who could not afford a Thanksgiving meal. Once again, our student body helped us fill a huge box with canned foods of all sorts. The Monday before Thanksgiving break, we took the box of food to a local church that passed it out to the needy families of Huntsville. Thanks to our members and the students of SHSU, all of our major service projects were extremely successful. Along with service projects, our members have been participating in multiple service opportunities in our community. One of our most recent opportunities was working with the Boys and Girls Club carnival. We had several of our members pass out candy and play games at the children at the carnival. Officer Amanda Click said that “it was a very fulfilling experience to see the children’s faces light up with a simple piece of candy. I could do this every day.” It was a fun and rewarding experience for everyone involved. We also had the opportunity to send three of our officers, Guadalupe Cuellar,

40 The Flame

Brooke Nell, and Amanda Click, to the National Alpha Lambda Delta Conference in San Diego in October. During the convention, the three girls were able to meet and talk with many influential people in the ALD community, as well as learn valuable information to aid future service and social events. Their trip helped our chapter gain a new perspective on what it means to be a part of Alpha Lambda Delta. We were all able to benefit from their experiences. Overall, this year has been a major success in our community and in our nation. From service projects to conferences to leadership workshops, we have done our best to shed a positive light on the lives of everyone around us. We are so proud to be a part of such an amazing organization and to be able to influence the students on our campus as well as the children and families in our community.

Simpson College Indianola, Iowa Submitted by Marissa Belau A little more than six months ago, the name “Alpha Lambda Delta” meant close to nothing to students at Simpson College in Indianola, Iowa. Aside from those who had been previously inducted into the Simpson chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta, the campus was fairly unaware of the academic honor society’s existence on campus. Even when you asked an Alpha Lambda Delta member directly, they could rarely elaborate as to the club’s purpose or explain the benefits of being a member. When the 2013-2014 officers were elected and assumed their positions in April of this year however, they were determined to change the level of Alpha Lambda Delta’s presence on campus as well as make the name “Alpha Lambda Delta” more well-known. Since the beginning of September, President Marissa Belau, Vice-President McKenzie Bills, and Secretary Brooke Thompson have been planning a strategy to accomplish these goals. Their plan of action: plan, organize, and carry out at least one event per month. The purpose The Flame

of these monthly events was to raise awareness of Alpha Lambda Delta and to encourage academic success for all students on campus.

with different campus and community organizations. The first week of the month found Simpson’s Alpha Lambda Delta chapter partnering with the City of Indianola to clean up the grounds of the Indianola Public Library, though this event was, unfortunately, rained out. During the second week of November, Simpson Alpha Lambda Delta members gathered bright and early to give a little TLC to the study tables in the campus library and to place table tents with study tips on them around the library facilities. The last week of National Alpha Lambda Delta Service Month brought Simpson chapter members once again to the Indianola Public Library to help with

For the month of September, Alpha Lambda Delta members spent a day placing informational door hangers on the doors of rooms in the Freshmen residence halls on campus and talking to students about the benefits of striving for academic success. These door hangers contained a few study tips for students and a list of the benefits of becoming an Alpha Lambda Delta member. Also in September, the Simpson Alpha Lambda Delta chapter added the officer position of Media Manager, taken over by Maureen Snook, to develSmiling faces and a happy pooch at Simpson College’s “Doggies at op and maintain an organization Facebook Dunn” project. During the event, a local dog-training center brings dogs and puppies to campus for students to enjoy - and to help page, Twitter account, reduce student stress during finals! and handle event advertisements. October brought about Midterm Exams at Simpson and Candygrams sold by Alpha Lambda Delta. Students had the option to purchase snacksized bags of candy to either enjoy themselves or send to a friend during the week of Midterms. Alpha Lambda Delta also co-sponsored “Doggies at Dunn” – a program that allows a local dog training center to bring in dogs and puppies for students to play with as another stress reducing activity. In November, Alpha Lambda Delta members at Simpson participated in National Alpha Lambda Delta Service Month. A different service event was planned each week of the month 41

Volume 52 - 2014

Chapter Reports - continued...

an hour’s worth of shelf reading and reorganizing of book shelves after a youth reading event, as well as to help the City of Indianola construct and decorate their float for the local Holiday Extravaganza Parade. For their December event, the Simpson chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta is planning on hosting a Coloring Party, complete with coloring contest, hot chocolate, and candy canes as a fun and relaxing activity the day before Final Exams begin. Though the Alpha Lambda Delta officers at Simpson have not finalized the Spring Semester events as of yet, they are hoping to continue hosting one event each month to spread the name of Alpha Lambda Delta across campus. They are hoping that as the name “Alpha Lambda Delta” continues to spread across campus, students will be encouraged to further pursue academic excellence.

University of Southern California Los Angeles, California Submitted by Samantha Jandl This past semester has been an exciting one for the University of Southern California’s Alpha Lambda Delta Chapter. We have gained 622 new members since recruitment last year and are constantly showcasing the accomplishments of our individuals.  Each member brings a unique set of skills and experiences that make ALD so special to be a part of.  Our members are constantly learning from each other and helping one another.   Being a part of this group of scholars allows members to meet others who share their passion and desire for academic success.  When asked about their experience in ALD, many of the members highlighted how much they loved realizing that individuals who they had classes with shared their hopes to be successful both in and out of the classroom.

Alpha Lambda Delta

ALD members at the University of Southern California meet and catch up at the chapter’s Ice Cream Social.

Ben Shiroma, an engineering student aspiring to pursue patent law, commented, “Being an interdisciplinary student, I thought I would never find someone with the same academic and career plans as I do. However, through ALD, I discovered that there was actually a classmate of mine who shares my passion for both the sciences and law. I would normally have never talked to her, but ever since we met at an ALD barbecue, we’ve become close friends!” ALD members come from all different fields of study. When they come together in this organization they are able to blend their fields, sharing and learning new things.   Alison Greer, a neuroscience major, met her current roommate at an ALD function in the spring celebrating the new members’ induction, but may not have met her otherwise because of their largely different fields of study. “Even though I am a neuroscience major and my roommate is studying Economics,” Alison told us, “ALD allowed us an opportunity to cross paths and realize that while our majors are completely different, we are both very interested in the research and data aspects of our individual areas of

study. Finding this commonality immediately gave us something to talk about at the reception, and we became so close that we decided to live together this year!” Our members love coming together to spend time with their friends who are also in ALD, as well as to meet other members that they may not cross paths with otherwise. Some of the best ways to do so are through the events that our chapter has planned over the course of this semester. We kicked off the school year with a great turnout at the USC Student Involvement Fair, where many students were able to learn more about what ALD does, who the members are, and the goals they are encouraged to strive for in order to become a members themselves. We also celebrated our new members’ induction into ALD with an Ice Cream Social a few weeks into the semester. Members loved meeting and socializing with each other, all while enjoying some delicious treats! Our chapter also hosted an ALD Member BBQ this year, offering members another opportunity to mingle and see each other outside of the classroom. Again,

42 The Flame

this event was a great way for members to learn more about the wide range of students who make up our USC ALD chapter and the opportunities available to them through their involvement in the chapter. The BBQ had such a large turnout that we ran out of food! As the fall semester comes to an end, we are busy preparing more exciting events for the spring! Our chapter plans to host a Professor Appreciation Luncheon, in which ALD members can invite a professor who has made an impact on their academic career in order to show them how much the students of USC appreciate what they do and to make them more aware of ALD’s presence on campus. We look forward to making this connection with the faculty on campus, all while hosting a fun event for both students and teachers! Meanwhile, as we plan and host these events, the USC ALD chapter is constantly promoting its involvement on campus and working to recruit our school’s top performing freshmen and recognize them for their academic success. We are looking forward to inducting an amazing new class of ALD members in the spring, and continuing to encourage members to take advantage of the incredible opportunities available to them through their ALD membership.

University of Texas at Austin Austin, Texas This year, the University of Texas at Austin chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta is excited to continue its goals of promoting academic excellence, leadership, and service in a friendly community. We won the Order of the Torch award for the 2011-2012 academic year and were honored to receive the Maintaining the Flame award for the 2012-2013 school year. This year, we hope to continue this tradition by maintaining high standards in an active and welcoming environment through social, service, and academic events. Our chapter meets twice a month to update members on our upcoming

The Flame

Promoting exercise and healthy eating is the focus of Marathon Kids, a service project at the University of Texas at Austin.

events and meet interesting speakers from around campus. This semester, we welcomed a speaker from Texas 4000, a group that rides bicycles from Texas to Alaska to raise money for cancer research, to explain what she does and how we can help her reach her goals. Another speaker came to promote Austin Pets Alive, a local animal shelter with a no-kill policy. After this meeting, we started an ongoing volunteer program to help out at this shelter. We send out a weekly newsletter listing all the events as well as using social media such as Facebook and Twitter to reach out to members in the most convenient way for them. This year, we sent out a survey to determine what types of events our chapter is most interested in doing so that we could appeal to everyone’s interests. Throughout this semester, we have had a multitude a socials events ranging from coffee socials to meet our Social Coordinators to laser tag in a three-story arena. Highlights so far include our intramural volleyball team, tailgates before our exciting Longhorn football games, and pumpkin carving to celebrate the fall. Next semester, our Social Coordinators are planning fun socials such as paddle boarding, intramural soccer, and more! 43

Along with our exciting social events, our chapter highly values service throughout our campus and community here in Austin. We have a semester-long service project with Nourish International, an organization that raises money to lift international communities out of poverty. This semester, we have also started a new tradition of continuous volunteering with Austin Pets Alive. One of our favorite events each year is Marathon Kids, an event that promotes healthy eating and exercise among children. Each child runs or walks the length of a marathon over several weeks, and we volunteer at the final event to celebrate their success. Recently we also helped out at Halloween Hoot and Longhorn Halloween, two events that provide a safe environment for children to dress up, play games, and get sweet treats. Our Service Coordinators are looking forward to planning more events to improve the Austin community as well as those beyond our city. Another main pillar of our ALD chapter is scholarship. We promote academics through study hours, career-building workshops, and merit-based scholarships. Some workshops we have already held include Resume and Cover Letter Writing and Public Speaking. In addition Volume 52 - 2014

Chapter Reports - continued...

to the ALD scholarship opportunities, we offer local scholarships such as the Study Abroad Scholarship, the Most Outstanding Member Award, and the Most Humanitarian Award. We are excited to give out these scholarships during our Winter Banquet, where we celebrate all the accomplishments and involvement of our members throughout the semester. In the upcoming semester, we are looking forward to more great events, induction of new members, continued emphasis of academic success through all disciplines, and community and chapter involvement. The ALD chapter at UT Austin is most excited for all the opportunities to continue to improve as a chapter and serve our members.

University of Texas - Pan American Edinburg, Texas Alpha Lambda Delta is alive in Bronc Country! All across campus the active nature of our members and officers have been outstandingly beneficial in promoting our organization. From our outreach events, which we use to advertise our club and gain new members, to our fundraising events like HESTEC, where the club members volunteered their time to paint super creative pieces of art for the kids, the members of ALD at The University of Texas-Pan American have great pride in their membership with this Honor Society. There is no doubt that ALD at UTPA takes an active role in promoting service to the UTPA community by participating in community events that help to increase awareness about our club, while giving back to the community. In addition, the officer team has invested great amounts of passion and time in this club to ensure that the members truly receive the collegiate experience derived from being a part of an honor society. From the numerous socials hosted by the club throughout the year, to the bimonthly meetings hosted to inform the members of their Alpha Lambda Delta

“Go Broncs!” - the chapter at the University of Texas - Pan American is a vibrant part of the campus community (above). Members from Transylvania University pose in the San Diego sun during the 2013 Leadership Workshop (below).

club’s plans, ALD has attempted to engage its members as much as possible. The members of ALD at UTPA are Broncs who take pride in their accomplishments and welcome the opportunity to share their experiences with the rest of their community, while proudly chanting, “Go Broncs!”

Transylvania University Lexington, Kentucky As a newly formed chapter, only five years old, the Alpha Lambda Delta Chapter at Transylvania University is growing and doing well. We were honored to win both the Delta Award and the Gold Award for our sizeable amount of new members, as well as the large number of invitees who accepted their invitation to join Alpha Lambda Delta. Under the leadership of Dr. Nichols, the 2012 Advisor of the Year, the chapter at Transylvania is only getting better and better. During the 2013-2014 school year, Alpha Lambda Delta has had quite a presence at Transylvania University. ALD had a booth at the university’s block party to inform students about the organization and answer questions

that incoming first-year students might have. Officers enjoyed promoting the organization and are looking forward to inducting new members in February. Alpha Lambda Delta had an award presentation in the fall, to recognize

44 The Flame

both national and university awards. Rachel Hempel was recognized for being awarded a Trow Scholarship to use for undergraduate studies. In the 20122013 school year, Transy’s ALD chapter created a new $500 scholarship to be used for summer work/research by an ALD member. At the awards ceremony, it was released that this scholarship would be named the Kathleen Snell Jagger Award, to recognize Kathleen Jagger of Transylvania University. Nash Langani (SPELL) was awarded this scholarship this past summer. In October, ALD’s President, Annie Edkins, and Vice President, Shelby Auxier, attended the National Leadership Convention in San Diego, California. They loved learning more about the organization and how to improve its presence and recruitment process at Transylvania University. Edkins and Auxier also enjoyed meeting other ALD officers from around the U.S., and they found the opportunity exciting and highly beneficial. Later in October, Alpha Lambda Delta had a booth at Transylvania’s event Pumpkinmania. Officers and members passed out candy to young children, and played tic-tac-to with them. ALD enjoyed interacting with the kids trick or treating and enjoyed giving back to the community. In November, ALD had a First-Year Reception for first-year students interesting in learning more about the organization. Presentations were given by Langani, Hempel and another upperclassman about summer research, ALD scholarships, and having an officer position. Edkins and Auxier presented about the National Leadership Conference and emphasized the fact that ALD offers sophomores valuable leadership experience. The ALD chapter at Transylvania University is looking forward to a great recruitment and initiation process, as well as its involvement in other campus events.

Valley City State University Valley City, North Dakota The Alpha Lambda Delta chapter at Valley City State University has been

The Flame

Sheyenne Valley Friends brought some stress-relieving four-legged friends to Valley City State University during finals week.

busy building their member base and planning many activities this year. They inducted 33 new members, which is one of the largest classes in their history! The annual “Smarties Party” was held in mid-February to welcome the newest members. Games were played and treats were eaten. A good time was had by all that attended! The new officers hit the ground running planning a stress relief event for finals week. They teamed up with the local animal shelter, Sheyenne Valley Friends of Animals, to bring dogs onto campus for students to play with. The campus has a no animal policy, so the officers had to write an event proposal to submit to the president. With a little extra care, they were given permission to go ahead with the event. On May 6, 8 dogs were brought onto campus and over 150 students got to relieve some stress by petting and playing catch with them. The officers also planned a volunteer event for their members. The members worked together and spent a few hours on a Sunday afternoon cleaning up a historic building on campus. The President’s House has been on VCSU’s campus since 1901, and has become a 45

staple on campus. The Alpha Lambda Delta members helped with spring cleaning and housework that the volunteers that run the house are unable to do by themselves. They also got to learn about each of the rooms in the house and the history behind each one.

Washington & Jefferson College Washington, Pennsylvania Submitted by Olivia Leventry Our ALD chapter is becoming a very well known and active group on Washington and Jefferson College’s campus, a small liberal arts college in Western Pennsylvania. So far this year we have accomplished two great feats. The first was our third-annual ALD Majors Day. Majors Day represents at least one representative from each of the 30+ majors and programs offered by W&J. This past November 7th, all representatives were situated in an organized set-up of tables where undeclared Freshmen and Sophomores were able to make they way around the loop of tables to browse the many majors and find out more information from knowledgeable upperclassmen

Volume 52 - 2014

Chapter Reports - continued...

about the ones they were most interestdemic potential through gaining insight where members were able to help with ed in. There was a great turnout for this about our campus’s programs, scholara casino night event for the elderly off ship and internship opportunities, and event, and it provided great insight to Heartland care facility. This included a way to meet others with similar career the opportunity for members to deal confused underclassmen of which route goals, as well as helping the community the cards for fun versions of black jack, to take for their future classes, internship opportunities, and their future. and making a good name for ourselves manage the dice for craps and help out The second exciting thing our chapter here. The spirit of ALD and all that we with Bingo call. When the members left, has undertaken this year was starting as a chapter have accomplished in the the people at heartland felt younger the ALD Mentor Program. This program first few months of this academic year go being taken back 40 years to a much ultimately pairs up interested underunnoticed by very few, and all look at us simpler time. ALD helped with Oakwood classmen with the knowledgeable and associations annual Halloween party as a great organization on campus that trustworthy upperclassmen academic really humbly benefits others. that was for kids to have a fun time all-stars that we have in our chapter. Our making crafts and enjoying Halloween intentions are that each matched up pair Western Michigan University treats; kids dressed up in their costumes. will communicate regularly and discuss Then for another event an army of ALD Kalamazoo, Michigan their academic achievements, quesvolunteers marched off to the Oakwood tions, and seek advice from the Juniors association to help clean up Kalamazoo Western Michigan University’s Alpha and Seniors who have all been in their home owner’s lawns so that residents Lambda Delta chapter prides itself on mentee’s place a few short years ago. We finding all the ways that we can best in need would not be fined. Ald memhave thus far achieved our initial goal help the community. The chapter started bers helped rake mounds of leaves and of interacting with the new freshmen, other yard work tasks that home owners off with the annual Bronco bash that and making them aware and an active needed done. To start of the holiday the university holds as an event to get part of what ALD is all about. We pride spirit volunteers helped line up the over organization names out there. Study ourselves here in reaching out to all door knockers were handed out to every- 50 organizations that marched in the students on campus to help them better one so that the whole university would Kalamazoo holiday parade. We look their academic future. Our chapter’s recognize ALD on the campus. Volunteer forward to our volunteer events to come members have taken great leadership including a candy cane hunt set up and work started with an unfamiliar event over the chapter and have given many A few leaves are no challenge for the chapter at Western Michigan University, as their members opportunities for the members to get help local residents in need tidy up their lawns. involved and keep them knowledgeable of all that ALD has to offer. In the upcoming months, we have some other great opportunities planned out. We are collecting student meal swipes, which otherwise could be used on an on-campus meal, to be donated to the local Washington Mission to provide the needy families in the area with food over the holidays. Also around the holidays, we will be hosting a toy donation on campus that will benefit the Johnstown, PA based charity Cuddles for Kids. All toys will be delivered to Western PA hospitals, shelters, and other organizations benefitting sick or needy children, who otherwise may not get a true Christmas present or be able to be visited by friends or family during the holidays. All of our chapter’s ALD service opportunities are geared towards helping both the students on campus in reaching their highest acaAlpha Lambda Delta

46 The Flame

↑ University of Maine at Farmington Farmington, Maine

Our chapter’s relay team raised over $1300 for the American Cancer Society through both fundraising activities as a group, and collecting donations from our family and friends.

← Piedmont College Demorest, Georgia

Board members of Piedmont College’s chapter of Alpha Lamba Delta are planning a visit to a nursing home in our area. Pictured from Left to Right: Keirra Swallows (Student President), Mitchell Auger (Secretary), Emily DeLorenzo (Vice President), and Michelle Thompson (Treasurer).

The Flame


Volume 52 - 2014

Chapter Reports - continued...

Xavier chapter, along with Caribbean Student Association and Omicron Lambda Omega chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated organized a donation drive to collect toiletries, clothes, and household items for the women of Eden House. The Eden House “is a two-year residential program for women who have been commercially and sexually exploited” and “provides six to eight women a safe and supportive home for two years, free of cost.” We were able to collect entire bags of items for the women residing at the Eden House.

ALD teamed with the Caribbean Student Association and Omicron Lambda Omega chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc at the campus’ supply drive for Eden House.

the annual Oakwood Christmas party, and to come in the fall with fall into the streets cleaning up lawns again. This year WMU’s chapter is looking forward to putting on a condom fashion show to raise money for HIV awareness. Western Michigan’s chapter has received “Best Chapter T-Shirt” and the honorable award of maintaining the flame for the 2nd time in a row after winning the Order of the Torch in 2011.

Xavier University of Louisiana New Orleans, Louisiana Submitted by Simone Graham ALD is starting the year bigger and better than ever! To kick off the 2012-2013 school year, ALD inducted over 100 new members and won the 2013 Alpha Silver Award for inducting 82% of those invited to join our chapter. Our new members are active and excited to expand ALD’s presence on campus. While adhering to Xavier’s motto of “promoting a more just and humane society” our chapter decided to educate the campus about health and safety that would be crucial for college life in New Orleans. Alpha Lambda Delta

The highlights of this year included hosting an event focusing on Human Trafficking and a Town Hall Meeting with former U.S. Surgeon General Regina Benjamin, MD, MBA to promote a tobacco free campus. On Wednesday, September 18, 2013, Xavier’s ALD community, in conjunction with the Caribbean Student Association, hosted an event about human trafficking. The meeting began with a Prezi by guest speaker Dr. Laura Murphy from Loyola University of New Orleans. Sex trafficking is a very real danger for those living in New Orleans. Dr. Murphy referred to an article written as recently as August 2, 2013 from the Times Picayune, New Orleans’s local newspaper for evidence. It stated that 18 arrests had been made in New Orleans relating to sex trafficking. Our speaker made a very profound statement about victims that resonated with the audience: “They don’t quit their jobs; they have to escape from them.” After the presentation, Xavier’s campus police gave safety tips for students going out and about on and off campus. On September 29, 2013, to follow up on the Human Trafficking event, ALD’s

At our second major event, held on Monday, October 21, 2013, ALD had the honor of cosponsoring a town hall event featuring Dr. Regina Benjamin speaking to students about public health and finding one’s own “healthy joy.” Xavier’s chapter of ALD, along with the Public Health Students, helped the Town Hall Meeting with Regina Benjamin run smoothly. To students who want to make a healthy change in their own lives, Dr. Benjamin suggested, “You can’t underestimate the power of joy. Find your pathway to healthy joy.” Dr. Regina Benjamin also touched on other topics like obesity, smoking, minorities and public health, and diabetes. She ended the open discussion by saying, “Take time for yourself; take care of yourself first.” As history is important, we hosted an ALD mixer to encourage older members of ALD to interact with the inductees and share their personal stories. After this great start, our chapter intends to keep up the good work! We want the student body to not only be informed about health and safety on and off campus, but we aim to take a more holistic approach by bolstering students’ confidence in their academic prowess. ALD will be partnering with the academic resource centers on campus, offering help in Biology, Chemistry, English and Math classes. In the end, our ultimate goal is to make a difference on campus and in our community.

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90th Anniversary Chapter Challenge (cont. from pg. 25) students have received over $2.75 million. In honor of the 90th Anniversary of National Alpha Lambda Delta and to support the continued growth of our national scholarships and fellowships, the Bowling Green State University chapter and the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire chapter will each make a donation to the Perpetual Fellowship Fund. We’d like to challenge all 270 chapters around the nation to follow our lead and help us raise $90,000 for the 90th Anniversary. Giving to the national scholarship fund of Alpha Lambda Delta actually pays for itself. Your fundraising efforts

on campus will increase your chapter’s visibility and increase the number of new students who want to join your ALD chapter. Additionally, your donations will help us increase the number and variety of scholarships and fellowships that our Society offers – we’re not just raising money, we’re spending it on improving the lives of our members!

Please accept our challenge of contributing to National Alpha Lambda Delta’s Perpetual Fellowship Fund on our Society’s 90th anniversary. Your chapter’s financial gift - whether your chapter donates 90 cents per new member, hosts a special fundraiser, or makes a donation from your chapter’s funds - will help build the future of our Society.

Since the last Chapter Challenge was issued in 2008 for the 85th anniversary, Alpha Lambda Delta has initiated the Stemler Study Abroad Scholarships – twenty awards of $1,000 each, presented annually to exceptional members who are pursuing studies abroad.

We want to raise $90,000 for the 90th Anniversary and with each chapter doing their part, we will reach this goal and be able to increase the number and value of scholarship awards offered to Alpha Lambda Delta members.

ED’s Advisors of the Year (cont. from pg. 32) students to assist in furthering their chapter as a whole as well as providing students with more and more opportunities in their college careers. Since Dr. Huffman began advising the ALD chapter at Purdue, over 10,300 students have been inducted. Purdue members have won 17 ALD fellowships, and 17 Trow scholarships. The Purdue University ALD chapter has won the Order of the Torch award in 2000, 2004, 2008, and most recently 2012. Last year, the chapter was awarded the Order of the Torch, making the Purdue chapter one of the most successful chapters in our honor society. The Purdue ALD members contribute significantly to both their university as well as their community. Some of the numerous activities they have either participated in or led on campus include having informational booths at multiple campus fairs, providing a pizza dinner as well as an officer’s retreat for planning The Flame

and setting goals for the coming years, participating in homecoming events, and providing regular informative sessions and meetings for the current members. In the community, they participated in the Boo at the Zoo community event, rang bells for the Salvation Army, made cards for the local nursing home, worked with the Color Run to raise money for the Make a Wish Foundation, and made blankets for the local children’s hospital. This glimpse into their activities shows how the Purdue ALD chapter has contributed to both Purdue and West Lafayette’s community. The chapter proves to be very active, participating in many service projects. These projects include facilitating a toy drive, making blankets for the local children’s hospital, and volunteering for Salvation Army. When she isn’t busy working towards the betterment of her own chapter and students, Susan serves Alpha Lambda Delta as a whole as National President, 49

working towards making ALD something that will provide opportunities for students for years to come. Dr. Huffman is the Assistant Director of On-Campus Housing at Purdue. The role of the chapter advisor is absolutely critical to the success of the chapter and the national organization,” said Lisa Ruch, Vice President for Chapter Relations and Expansion. In this serious economic decline where staff and faculty members are asked and expected to do more than ever before, it is important that chapter advisors are recognized and appreciated for their service and commitment to students and to Alpha Lambda Delta. These advisors have done exceptional jobs and deserve the recognition of this award. “Alpha Lambda Delta would not have survived for 90 years without the outstanding voluntary service provided by chapter advisors”, said Dr. Glenda Earwood, Executive Director. Volume 52 - 2014

Alpha Lambda Delta

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ALD’s Newest Chapters In 2013, Alpha Lambda Delta installed four new chapters. Our installing officers submitted these reports to share our newest chapters’ celebrations with the ALD family. Indiana University Purdue University Columbus Columbus, Indiana April 20, 2013 Installed by Lisa Ruch The IUPUC chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta was installed by Lisa Ruch, Vice President of Chapter Relations and Expansion, at 1:00 pm on Saturday, April 20, 2013. The ceremony took place in the Columbus Learning Center Auditorium on the campus in Columbus, Indiana. Many initiates, faculty and staff members, and family members and friends were in attendance. The ceremony began with a processional of the initiates into the auditorium, dressed in business attire, and the university administration and honorary members, all in academic regalia. Vice President Ruch led the members in reciting the pledge and then called each one to sign the chapter roll. The IUPUC chapter advisors, Vickie Welsh-Huston, Director of the IUPUC General Studies Program and the IUPUC Honors Program, and Dr. Anna Carmon, IUPUC Assistant Professor of Communication Studies, presided over the ceremony along with Ms. Ruch. They also presented the students with their pins and certificates. Twenty-eight charter members were honored, including thirteen who were previously initiated as members of the IUPUI chapter prior to the estabFacing page: Signing the chapter roll is an important and memorable part of being a chapter’s charter member. The roll at Southwestern University, located in Georgetown, Texas, features the names of some of ALD’s newest members.

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A happy group of new initiates poses for a quick photo with their installing officers at IUPUC in Columbus, Indiana.

lishment of the IUPUC chapter. Five honorary members were also recognized and initiated as honorary members of the IUPUC chapter, including Ms. Welsh-Huston and Dr. Carmon. Vickie worked long and hard to bring an Alpha Lambda Delta chapter to IUPUC and considers the installation of the chapter one of her greatest career achievements.

Trevor Whipker, President; Cassandra Pendleton, Vice President; Kendra Wagner, Secretary; and Courtney Linville, Treasurer. Ms. Ruch then installed the chapter and presented their charter to President Whipker.

Other honorary initiates were Dr. Gary Felsten, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs; Dr. Sandra Miles, Director of Student Affairs; and Dr. Marwan Wafa, Vice Chancellor and Dean. Vickie read a citation for each honorary member, and they all signed the chapter roll and received their certificates and pins.

Following the initiation of the new and honorary members and the installation of the officers, Dr. Carmon addressed the group and shared her own experiences and adventures as a college freshman. Ms. Welsh-Huston then thanked Vice President Ruch for coming to Columbus to install the chapter and presented her with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. The group took several photographs to commemorate the occasion.

The new officers were then recognized and installed by Vice President Ruch, Ms. Welsh-Huston, and Dr. Carmon:

A celebratory reception followed the ceremony in the Student Commons area of the Learning Center.


Volume 52 - 2014

The new chapter at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee joined the ALD family on October 12, 2013.

University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Milwaukee, Wisconsin October 12, 2013 Installed by Michelle Gross It was a chilly, rainy, Saturday afternoon in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on October 12, 2013. The gloomy weather did not take away from the excitement and pride that was definitely present in the Fireside Lounge of the University Union on the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) campus. This weekend also happened to be the annual Parent’s Weekend celebration at UWM, making it an ideal time to have an installation ceremony. Numerous family members and guests of the students watched as Michelle Gross, Professional MemberAt-Large, installed a chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta at the second largest institution in the state of Wisconsin. Fifty-seven students were initiated along Alpha Lambda Delta

with six honorary members at this, the fifth chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta in Wisconsin. Before the ceremony, Michelle met with the Chapter advisor, Colin Daly, along with chapter officers Evan Braun, President, Kate Young, Vice President, Scarlett Young, Secretary, Kelley Moran, Treasurer, and Danielle Stobb, Editor. Colin serves as the Assistant Director of First Year Student Success at UWM. Samantha Glazer, Graduate Assistant of First Year Student Success, was also assisting in the set-up of the ceremony. The Fireside Lounge was a very cozy location to have the ceremony, featuring couches and stuffed chairs as the seats of choice for the student initiates. After the new initiates were given their insignia pins and certificates, they signed the chapter roll. Next, Ms. Gross installed the honorary members. Bronce Adam, Amanda Brittain, and Ciera

Lewis are all peer mentors who received an honorary membership. Samantha Glazer and Colin Daly were also initiated as honorary members. Finally, Dr. Tim Gordon, the Dean of Students at UWM, having just started his position on July 1, 2013, received his honorary certificate. The new officers of the UWM chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta took their oath of office, and the President, Evan Braun, provided a very motivating speech to provide their chapter with a strong start to their membership in Alpha Lambda Delta. Dr. Tim Gordon shared some inspirational and motivational words before the ceremony came to an end. Michelle Gross thanked everyone for coming to the event and shared her pride in another Wisconsin chapter joining Alpha Lambda Delta. The new members of Alpha Lambda Delta took a group picture in the main stairwell of the UWM University Union to commemorate the event.

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Southwestern University Georgetown, Texas These photos from one of ALD’s newest chapters show the modest but exciting ceremony held for the installation of the chapters at Southwestern University. The chapter installation report wasn’t available before our deadline this year, but will appear on the National ALD website, and will be featured in next year’s edition of the Flame.

University of Washington, Tacoma Tacoma, Washington UW-Tacoma’s installation ceremony was held just after this year’s print deadline - look for the report from former President James Stemler online and in next year’s Flame!


After all, you earned it.

2013 National Council Meeting Report 90th Anniversary plans, financial future of ALD are major topics for this year’s National Council The 2013 meeting of the National Council of Alpha Lambda Delta convened in San Francisco in June this year to discuss the future of the Society, establish policy, review finances, and discuss new ways to help each ALD Chapter thrive. The first order of business was to install four new Council members: • • • •

Karen Amrhein, California University of Pennsylvania Michele Gross, University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh Catlin Daley, University of Wisconsin Eau Claire Amber Gombash, Bowling Green State University

Each member of the Council presented a short annual report, followed by a report from Dr. Earwood, ALD’s Executive Director. Among the highlights were: •

There has been an increase to 75% of all Chapters using My Honor Society.

Since 1999, ALD has installed 78 new chapters.

Plans for the 2013 National Leadership Workshop in San Diego were discussed.

Plans for a fundraiser for the 90th anniversary as well as the anniversary celebration in Chicago were explained. The purpose of the fundraising campaign is to increase the number and value of ALD scholarships and fellowships.

The value of the Perpetual Fund is nearing $4 million.

Plans for Dr. Earwood’s retirement and the hiring of a new executive director were outlined.

ALD will initiate its millionth member sometime in the spring.

Marcella Gemeli, Arizona State University; Kevin Dougherty, UCLA; Susan Huffman, Purdue University, and Matthew Chetnik, Salem State University were names as 2013 Executive Director’s Advisors of the Year.

In subsequent discussions, the Council voted to provide financial aid for newly chartered or newly reactivated chapters to attend the National Leadership Workshop in their first year. The Council also voted to increase the number of Stemler Study Aboard Scholarships from 15 to 20. It was noted that in the fiscal Year of 2013, ALD installed new Chapters at Lyon

College in Arkansas and at IUPUC in Indiana. Chapters were re-installed at Salem State University, the University of New Orleans, and Northern Arizona University. Lisa Ruch, Indiana University/Purdue University of Indianapolis, was re-elected to serve at the Vice President for Chapter Relationships and Expansion.

Above right: The 2013 Alpha Lambda Delta National Council. Above: New Council members (l-r) Karen Amrhein, Michelle Gross, Caitlin Daley, and Amber Gombash are sworn into office.

Alpha Lambda Delta

The annual meeting concluded with a banquet and the readings of resolutions honoring departing Council members Sue Oole, Dillon Etter, and Kelci Teut. Among the guests attending were former ALD President Dr. James Stemler and former member-at-large Brittany Sheppe-Wells.

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Every year, our Workshop attendees make new friends, get new ideas, and gain a new appreciation for Alpha Lambda Delta. Getting to travel to an exciting new location... just the cherry on top. 201 4 Nati on a l Leadership Worksh op

Minneapolis, Minnesota O ctob e r 17-19, 2014












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