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The Flame Volume 51 - 2013

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A Publication of National Alpha Lambda Delta


Inside this issue... A Note From the Executive Director. . . . . . . . 3 2012 Nat’l Leadership Workshop . . . . . . . . . . 4 The Order of the Torch. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 What’s Up: Reports from the Chapters. . . . . 14 2012 Advisor of the Year. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Executive Director’s Advisors of the Year . . 25 2013 Graduate Fellows . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 2013 Trow Scholars . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 2013 Stemler Scholars . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 Welcome to New Chapters. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42 2012 National Council Meeting. . . . . . . . . . . 48

The Flame is a publication of National Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society for First Year College Students. The Flame PO Box 4403 Macon, GA 31208-4403 1-800-9-ALPHA-1 Mission Statement: To communicate the activities, ideals and accomplishments of Alpha Lambda Delta with the vision to create and project a positive image of the Society as a progressive and relevant collegiate organization with a commitment towards excellence. Editorial Policy: Alpha Lambda Delta reserves the right to exercise editorial decisions over written materials and/or articles submitted for publication. Content, design, and layout will be the decision of the editorial staff.

National Director of Communication Lee Greenway (left) and National Editor Dr. Mike Nichols (right)



This has been an incredible year of change and opportunity. This year, many of you were eligible for the first time to vote in a Presidential election. The votes are counted and results confirmed, and once again the citizens of the United States have exercised their right to choose. I hope you did, as well. No matter how many votes are cast, the difference can come down to one – and you can make a difference! Another news item this year has been Hurricane Sandy, the largest and most destructive storm in our nation’s history. This catastrophic event provides an opportunity to help - and that’s something Alpha Lambda Delta members do very well! This magazine is full of stories about chapter members who have provided service to others: from fund raisers to first-hand involvement; from writing Thanksgiving cards to soldiers a long way from home to raking leaves for senior citizens; from tutoring and playing with kids from inner city schools to providing support for the homeless. The generosity that I have observed from ALD members with their time and financial resources touches my heart and leads me to believe that the future will be in good hands. You have made and can make a difference! As we near the upcoming 90th anniversary of Alpha Lambda Delta in 2014, Alpha Lambda Delta’s Perpetual Fellowship Fund is nearing $4 million in value - this fund has enabled the Society to help hundreds of Alpha Lambda Delta members pursue their goals of continuing higher education. The investments from this fund are what allow Alpha Lambda Delta to support the Graduate Fellowships, Trow Scholarships and Stemler Study Abroad Scholarships. I Volume 51 - 2013



want to encourage each of you to consider applying. And I encourage each chapter to consider making a donation to the Perpetual Fellowship Fund. You can make a difference! The Stemler Study Abroad Scholarships are the newest financial assistance offered by Alpha Lambda Delta. To celebrate his ten years of service to National Alpha Lambda Delta, the National Council recognized the work of Dr. James G. Stemler by naming fifteen $1,000 study abroad scholarships in his honor. How exciting it is to read the reports from these students who have received these scholarships and been able to study abroad! We are truly living in a global economy and a world which is much more interdependent. Through study abroad, you can become a different, more globally-aware citizen and make a difference. While making a difference, whether by casting a ballot or making new friends abroad, you should always remember those who have made a difference for you. A simple “thanks” means so much, and is so often overlooked. In the midst of budget cuts where staff is asked to do more with less, I appreciate that all of our volunteer advisors give so freely of themselves to fulfill the mission of the Society: to promote intelligent living and a continued high standard of learning and to assist women and men in recognizing and developing meaningful goals for their roles in society. The new online registration system, My Honor Society, has been highly successful. It enables eligible students to join ALD on their time table - maybe 2:00 in the morning - by using their credit or debit card! Thank you to


those chapters and especially to those advisors who were willing to learn and try something new. Alpha Lambda Delta has been richly blessed to have long serving volunteers - loyal advisors and National Council members - willing to give of their most precious resource, time, to further the purposes of members early in their college careers. For almost 90 years, Alpha Lambda Delta has been recognizing and rewarding academic excellence among first year students. The National Council members are good stewards of the resources of the national organization and of the student members of the Society. Looking back is a good way to see from where we’ve come, but we must always be focused on the future. Building on the past, celebrating the academic success of today’s college students, Alpha Lambda Delta looks forward to the next 90 years! My wish for you in the coming year is a part of the admonition of the Alpha Lambda Delta Initiation Ritual: May each of you find in the years ahead the rewards of the educated person – imagination, adventure, humor, compassion, and understanding. May you have tolerance in your dealings with all persons, generosity in giving to those in need, and insight into the feelings of others. In relating your education to the world in which you live, you can make a meaningful contribution to society. Each of you can make a difference. Glenda Earwood Executive Director


Almost 200 students, advisors and National Council members from throughout the United States traveled to San Antonio, Texas for the 2012 Annual Alpha Lambda Delta Leadership Workshop. Some 78 ALD Chapters were represented at the three-day event held on October 18 to 21 at the historic St. Anthony Hotel, located one block from San Antonio’s famous “Riverwalk.” In spite of some air flight delays, participants were eager for the opportunity to meet new friends, learn new leadership skills, and have fun. After Dr. Glenda Earwood welcomed everyone to the opening evening session, National Council member Chris Julius introduced our keynote speaker, Dr. Gage Paine, the Vice President for Student Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin. Dr. Paine received her Ph.D. from UT at Austin and a law degree from Texas Tech University. Dr. Paine has received numerous awards 4

vices. Their mission is “To Transform and Save Lives.” The largest, most comprehensive homeless transformation campus in the United States, the Haven for Hope campus is made up of 15 buildings on 37 acres, and on any given night, some 1,600 individuals are residing in these facilities. After a very moving presentation, ALD members brought forward their gifts to help continue the work of this extraordinary organization.

for her work in higher education, including the Caswell Distinguished Service Award for Excellence in Leadership by the Texas Association of College and University Student Personnel Administrators. After a few words of instruction, Dr. Paine asked the group to move their chairs in a big circle for dance lessons! Using dance as a metaphor for leadership, creativity, taking risks, and trying out new ideas, she had 200 students and their advisors line dancing and learning at the same time. She received a standing ovation for her exceptional presentation.

To conclude a very busy evening, there were get acquainted mixers and the annual water bottle exchange for ALD members and an informal get-together for advisors. At an early breakfast, there were presentations about The Flame, the official magazine of ALD, as well as information on the services offered by the National Headquarters in Macon, Georgia. Following breakfast, participants could chose from a wide array of workshop sessions devoted to strengthening their leadership skills and making their chapters more active.

Following Dr. Paine’s presentation, we turned our attention to the 2012 National Service Project. San Antonio’s Haven for Hope is a nonprofit agency dedicated to transforming the lives of homeless men, women, and children by addressing the root causes of homelessness through education, job training, and behavioral health ser-

After lunch, participants were given some free time to explore San Antonio which included the Riverwalk (which was just outside the Hotel’s front door), The Flame

Volume 51 - 2013

the Alamo, the San Antonio Museum of Art, River Center Mall, and Historic Market Square - and many students took a boat tour of the Riverwalk! Participants gathered later that evening for the formal National Awards Banquet at which the winners of the Trow Scholarships, Chapter Membership awards, and Order of the Torch and Maintaining the Flame were recognized. Dr. Mike Nichols, faculty advisor for the Transylvania Chapter and this year’s Outstanding Advisor of the Year, spoke on two special qualities of leadership: learning it’s OK to lean on others and it’s OK to laugh—particularly at yourself! A dance and karaoke night followed late into the night, and it was clear that ALD members are also talented singers and performers. After a Sunday morning continental breakfast and evaluations of the Workshop, ALD members and their advisors said their goodbyes, exchanged addresses, and promised to stay in touch with new friends before dashing to make airplane flights or start long car trips, leaving with new ideas and insights to make their chapters even stronger and more vital.

Opposite top: The delegates to the 2012 National Leadership Workshop say “Howdy!” Opposite bottom: ALD members and advisors get a little rhythm during Dr. Gage Paine’s presentation. Top left: The National Workshop is always an occasion to smile. Top to bottom: Dr. Gage Paine; Saturday ngiht’s dance; ALD members came from across the nation to be in San Antonio! 5


The Flame

Volume 51 - 2013


Georgia State University October 26, 2012

Presented by Dr. Glenda Earwood

The Order of the Torch j


Dr. Glenda Earwood, Executive Director, presented the Order of the Torch Award to the Georgia State University chapter in the Sinclair Suite of the GSU Student Center on Thursday, October 26, 2012, at 7:00 p.m. The room was packed to capacity with ALD members dressed in business attire and looking great! Members were entertained by a looped power point presentation of the digital scrapbook which displayed their numerous chapter activities for 2011-2012. The presentation was prepared by Alex Webb, a marketing major, who used Microsoft Publisher to produce the scrapbook. The final outcome was well designed; Dr. Earwood was very surprised to discover that this was Alex’s first attempt at using Publisher. Alpha Lambda Delta emphasizes that educated people have a responsibility to: • have tolerance in dealings with all persons • generosity in giving to those in need • and insight into the feelings of others.

Alpha Lambda Delta honors its top chapters with the Order of the Torch. On this page, samples from the six Torchwinning chapters’ application scrapbooks (clockwise from top-left): The University of Maryland, Purdue University, The University of Texas at El Paso, Georgia State University, Liberty University, and The University of Texas at Austin.

The Flame

Members are challenged to make meaningful contributions to society and, through their chapters, engage in community service and campus service projects. The Georgia State University chapter is achieving the society’s purposes in an exemplary manner. Dr. Earwood said, “ I am honored to recognize your Alpha Lambda Delta chapter as one of the most outstanding chapters in the nation for the 2011-2012 school year.” The Order of the Torch Award was established by the National Council in 1989 to recognize and encourage excellence among outstanding chapters. Winners are selected on the basis of outstanding chapter work in programming, internal communication, campus visibility, and overall presentation. In 2011-12, the chapter had a strong set of student officers led by President Katrina Collins, who had a strong supporting cast of officers, and the officers Volume 51 - 2013

Georgia State University learned to delegate and involve the membership. The chapter used several forms of social media to remind members and promote chapter activities. The visibility that the ALD chapter developed on the Georgia State campus is outstanding! The chapter started the year with a Welcome Week Luau during the annual Panthers Welcome. The chapter organized the first Honors Fair at Georgia State, collaborating with other honor societies to introduce students to honor society opportunities across campus. That visibility helped to increase the number of new members by over 37% to a wonderful spring induction of 274 new members. The GSU chapter certainly fulfilled the mission of Alpha Lambda Delta to “have tolerance in your dealings with all persons, generosity in giving to those in need, and insight into the feelings of others.” The Georgia State ALD members did numerous service projects last year including the National Alliance on Mental Illness Walk, the AIDS Walk Atlanta, Relay for Life, and drives for donations to SafeHouse Outreach and the Atlanta Women’s Shelter. The chapter leaders encouraged participation with a point system and celebrated that involvement with the first end of the year Awards Ceremony. The officers also set the example by holding office hours in the ALD office which is located in the Office of New

Student Orientation and Parent Relations. In addition to monthly general membership meetings, the chapter had several social activities including having pizza at the popular restaurant SLICE. Chapter members never took themselves too seriously as evidenced by a picture taken at the first Awards Ceremony and by the smiles on faces in the pictures throughout the GSU Torch scrapbook. All of the chapter’s activities, communication, and service were documented in a beautiful 28 page scrapbook with help from lots of ALD members. The chapter president Katrina Collins represented the GSU Torch Award winning chapter on a panel of Torch winners at the National Leadership Workshop in San Antonio. No chapter can accomplish this much without the help of wonderful advisors. The Georgia State chapter is fortunate to have Melissa Ohlfest, Program Specialist-Parent Relations as chapter advisor! Since 2010, Melissa has put her energy, imagination, and commitment into this Alpha Lambda Delta chapter! In fact, she won one of the ALD Executive Director Advisor of the Year Awards for her work with the GSU chapter in 2011-12. Dr. Earwood told the GSU ALD members, “Your leaders set goals for the chapter so they knew where they were going. The goals were both measurable 9

Purdue University

and obtainable - a valuable lesson for life. Chapter members learned how to work together; how to delegate and how to give of themselves. In a nutshell, you learned a lot of valuable lessons while you worked at winning this Award - lessons that you will utilize long after you leave the gates of this Atlanta campus and make your way along life’s journey.” Dr. Earwood challenged the chapter to strive for continued success and earn the Maintaining the Flame commendation. Torch Award winners are not eligible to win the award again for four years. Marlena Collins, Ikeria Hicks, Joe Mejica, Kareem Alexis, and Alexis Okeke have a tough act to follow, but a tangible goal to reach. The chapter members began work towards their next goal by writing letters to U. S. soldiers who would be away from home for Thanksgiving. Several officers made announcements about upcoming service and social events for the chapter. The meeting concluded with good food and developing friendships among the GSU Alpha Lambda Delta members who are really making a difference on the GSU campus and in the Atlanta area.

Liberty University October 26, 2012

Presented by Sandrea Williamson Mrs. Sandrea Williamson, a member of the National Council, presented the Order of the Torch Award to the Liberty University (Lynchburg, VA) chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta on October 26, 2012. On a wonderfully clear Friday evening, family members and friends joined ALD members and advisors in the DeMoss Hall Grand Lobby for the meaningful ceremony which began at 6:00 p.m. The chapter’s 2012 Administrative President, Aric French, set the tone for the event with dignity as he welcomed the assembled group with warm words and a heart-felt prayer. Surrounded by the stately grace of the historic hall, beautifully decorated with flowers and ALD artifacts, Dr. Marilyn Gadomski, Chapter Faculty Advisor, shared brief remarks and provided an introduction of the speaker. Mrs. Williamson is the 10

November 4, 2012

Presented by Lisa Ruch Lisa Ruch, Vice President for Chapter Relations and Expansion, presented the Order of the Torch Award to the Purdue University chapter following their 1:00 p.m. fall initiation ceremony on Sunday, November 4, 2012. The event took place in the East Faculty Lounge of the Purdue Memorial Union. Guests were seated at round tables with a wonderful dessert buffet at the back of the room. Liberty University longtime advisor to the ALD chapter at North Carolina A&T State University in Greensboro, NC. She began her talk by explaining the significance of the Order of the Torch and describing the stiff competition for this year’s recognition. She commended the 2011-2012 members for their outstanding work in compiling a winning application in the form of a dynamic scrapbook. Mrs. Williamson spoke of ALD’s tradition of rewarding academic excellence and service, making special note of Liberty’s evidence of upholding that tradition. During 2011-2012, the members participated in and organized many events throughout the year such as the fall campus-wide block party with the Student Government Association, a fundraiser for the Somalia Horn of Africa Campaign, and a project called Hope for the Homestead. She applauded the chapter’s outreach for providing meals for 15 families as part of their Thanksgiving Service. The chapter kept up the good work in February at their Jubilee Center Valentine activity with the children at the Jubilee Family Development Center. On campus, ALD held an open meeting emphasizing study abroad opportunities. They rounded out their year with the Senior Awards Banquet and an annual ALD Sponsored Campus-Wide Teddy Bear Drive. The city and children of Lynchburg were truly blessed through the activities of the Alpha Lambda Delta chapter at Liberty. Mrs. Williamson challenged current and future members to continue holding themselves

to high standards in all facets of their lives. Following her remarks, Mrs. Williamson presented the Order of the Torch Banner to 2011 chapter president Brian Mauldin, Dr. Gadomski, and other members of the chapter who were most responsible for crafting the scrapbook. After a few pictures were taken to record the moment, Mrs. Williamson returned to the podium to present a Jo Anne Trow Award for 2012 to Brian Mauldin. Brian was one of 35 students nationally to receive this prestigious award for his outstanding achievements and service to ALD and to the Liberty University campus. The award came with a beautiful certificate and a $1,000 scholarship from Alpha Lambda Delta. The ceremony concluded with a closing prayer by Christian Pasto, the chapter’s 2012 President for Internal Communications. (Liberty has three chapter presidents since all three were qualified and eager to serve. Each president has specifically defined duties.) Afterwards, those in attendance were treated to a lovely reception consisting of heavy hors d’oeuvres and wonderful assorted desserts. The reception and the gorgeous decorations were coordinated by Mrs. Bessie Grayson, the chapter’s Administrative Advisor. The students and guests gave both Mrs. Grayson and Dr. Gadomski sincere kudos for all the effort they had put into the chapter’s success and into the success of the evening’s activities. The Flame

The event began with the Purdue advisor, Dr. Susan Huffman, explaining the initiation ceremony. The students proceeded through the ritual, and then each initiate’s name was read as he or she came forward to receive membership certificates and pins. After completing the initiation of new members, Dr. Huffman introduced Ms. Ruch for the Torch presentation. Ms. Ruch talked about the history and meaning of the Order of the Torch Award and named the six recipients of 2012. She noted that the Purdue chapter has won the award in 2000, 2004, 2008, and now 2012 – four times in a

row! She encouraged the chapter to strive for the Maintaining the Flame Award in 2013. Ms. Ruch noted that the Purdue scrapbook showed that their chapter excelled in all four areas considered for the Torch Award: programming, chapter visibility, outreach, and general chapter activity. She cited their recruitment efforts that resulted in the initiation of 543 new members in the past year. She also noted that they’ve had fun events such as dinner at a local restaurant as well as informational programs such as a speaker from the study abroad office, the career center, and the scholarship office at some of their meetings. The Purdue chapter also engaged in numerous service activities, including Martin Luther King Day, Boo at the Zoo, Hunger Walk, Salvation Army bell ringing, a toy drive for the Lafayette Urban Ministry, volunteering at Food Finders food bank, and making fleece blankets for Riley Children’s Hospital. Ms. Ruch also noted that, in addition to the chapter’s accomplishments, Purdue has had many individual achievements among their members. They have had at least one national scholarship win-

ner every year except 2010 since the Trow Undergraduate Scholarships have been awarded, including two in the past year, Kristen Zabrecky and Ryan Cross. The Purdue chapter has also been represented by at least two students at the National Alpha Lambda Delta Leadership Workshop for many, many years. In addition, three of their officers were recognized in the past year by the Dean of Students Office as Emerging Leader Award recipients for their leadership in Alpha Lambda Delta. Finally, Ms. Ruch described the contributions of Dr. Huffman and commended the Purdue historian for dedicating a page of their scrapbook to her showing all of her favorite things, including Purdue, Jimmy Buffett, her beloved St. Louis Cardinals, the Drew Brees Saints, and her Yorkie dog-child, Pippen. She made everyone aware that Dr. Huffman became the ALD National President a few years ago after many years of service to the organization. Ms. Ruch also noted that a chapter is usually only as good as its advisor, and the Purdue chapter is lucky to have such a dedicated and hard-working advisor as Dr. Huffman. Ms. Ruch then presented the Order of the Torch Award to Dr. Huffman and the chapter officers, and Dr. Huffman presented Ms. Ruch with a Purdue necklace as a souvenir of her visit. The event concluded with guests enjoying a delicious dessert buffet.

University of Maryland November 11, 2012

Presented by Dr. Susan Melson Huffman Dr. Susan Melson Huffman, National President, presented the Order of the Torch Award to the University of Maryland chapter at 3:00 p.m. on Sunday, November 11, 2012. The ceremony was part of the chapter’s fall initiation ceremony and was held in the beautiful Memorial Chapel on the Maryland campus in College Park, Maryland.

Purdue University Volume 51 - 2013

Attendees included many of the current officers and several of last year’s officers who had carried out the activities and were responsible for putting together a very attractive and informa11

tive scrapbook of the past year’s activities. Chapter Advisors, Dr. Kathy Beardsley, Dr. Terri Wright, and Dr. Katherine Russell, and Co-Presidents, Cory Herdegen and Ryan Heisinger planned and organized the event. Dr. Huffman’s husband, Dave, also attended and assisted with photographs after the presentation. President Huffman spoke to the group about the history of the Order of the Torch Award and the strong competition in this year’s selection. Not only has Maryland won this award twice before, but she informed attendees that Maryland also has competed well in the Alpha Lambda Delta National Scholarship and Fellowship competitions and named several members of the chapter who have won scholarship or fellowships in recent years. She added that Advisor Kathy Beardsley previously served the Alpha Lambda Delta Na-

tional Council as a professional member- at- large and also is a past recipient of the Outstanding Advisor of the Year Award.

crafting Valentine cards for children at St. Jude’s Hospital, and helping cook and serve a meal to cancer patients at Hope Lodge.

The chapter also did a great job of getting their name publicized on campus through a number of activities, including participation in the First Look Fair at the beginning of the school year. The members also implemented a new tutoring program in which members of the chapter helped tutor other members.

The chapter activities provided a good balance of service, social, academic enrichment, and publicity/campus outreach. These events facilitated more interactions between members and provided many member services. The chapter also gave out several new member scholarships.

Dr. Huffman told how she was very impressed at the large number of campus and community service projects undertaken by the chapter, including a school supplies drive, making blankets for Project Linus, a non-profit organization that provides blankets to seriously ill children, helping package over 2,000 meals for Stop Hunger Now, creating Thanksgiving cards for NIH children,

President Huffman presented the Torch banner to officers from last year and congratulated the chapter on its very strong history and for winning the Torch award for the third time! She encouraged the current officers to continue the chapter’s excellence by striving for the Maintaining the Flame Award. The presentation was followed by many photographs and a fundraiser held at Ledo’s Pizza. Dr. Huffman and her husband joined the chapter advisors and the officers for this new member event.

Coming in the 2014 edition...

University of Texas at Austin and

University of Texas at El Paso Both of these chapters were awarded The Order of the Torch by the National Council in 2012, but as of press time had not yet held their award presentations. Look for reports from UT and UTEP in the 2014 edition of the Flame!

The University of Maryland - College Park

Maintaining the Flame A chapter winning an Order of the Torch award is ineligible to compete for the award for the next four years. Instead, Torch-winning chapters are encouraged to apply for the Maintaining the Flame award, honoring chapters that have continued to excel during their ineligibility period. In 2012, Maintaining the Flame was awarded to: • • • •


California University of Penn. IUPUI Morningside College North Carolina A&T State University

• • • •

Ohio University Otterbein University UCLA University of Connecticut

• University of Oklahoma • University of Texas - Pan American • Western Michigan University

The Flame

Order of the Torch 2011: University of Connecticut

Last year’s Order of the Torch presentation to the University of Connecticut didn’t happen in time for the report to appear in the 2012 edition of the Flame. Here’s the report from last year’s presentation at UConn! February 23, 2012 scrapbooking committee for including emails that explained their activities Lisa Ruch, Vice President for Chapter and the fun pages that they created to Relations and Expansion, presented introduce their officers. She also notthe Order of the Torch Award to the ed that they’ve had fun events, such University of Connecticut chapter as shopping at the mall and catching during their induction ceremony on a movie, tie-dying ALD t-shirts, and Thursday, February 23, 2012, at 4:30 holding a photo contest for best ALD p.m. The event took place in the Rome garb, as well as academic and educaBallroom on the University of Connecttional programs and events such as icut campus. choosing an instructor of the year, Guests were seated in the ballroom sponsoring lectures by professors, with a fruit and dessert buffet at the holding a study break for finals, and back of the room. The event began conducting a scholarship workshop. with a welcome from David Ouimette, The UConn chapter also engaged in a Advisor and Director of First Year Pro- wide variety of community service acgrams and Learning Communities, tivities, including their annual Pumpfollowed by opening remarks from kinfest to support cancer research, a Elizabeth (Beth) Gingrave, Chapter Spring Smile Carnival to raise money President. President Gingrave then for the Smile Train Foundation, and a introduced the speaker, University of March of Dimes Walk team. Connecticut Vice Provost for Academic Ms. Ruch then presented the Order of Affairs, Dr. Sally Reis. Dr. Reis gave the Torch Award to advisors David a very inspiring speech encouraging Ouimette and Katie Michel and the students to be proud of their academic chapter officers. accomplishments and not succumb to the anti-intellectualism that is rampant in our society. Following her speech, Dr. Reis and Dr. Peter Nicholls, University of Connecticut’s Provost, were presented with honorary memberships into Alpha Lambda Delta.

Next, incoming chapter president, Almariet Palm, recognized the outgoing officers, President Elizabeth Gingrave, Vice President Izabela Jaskiewicz, and Executive Assistant, Tara Cordner, for their exceptional contributions to Alpha Lambda Delta. This was followed by the induction ceremony led by Mr. Ouimette, Beth Gingrave, and Izabela Jaskiewicz. Following the recitation of the ALD pledge, Beth introduced Christine Wilson, UConn Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs and Director of Student Activities - and president of her own ALD chapter while a student in Indiana - who recognized each initiate individually by calling his/her name as each came forward to receive the ALD membership certificate and pin and sign the chapter roll. Mr. Ouimette and Izabela congratulated the new initiates. Following the ceremony, students and guests enjoyed more refreshments and took lots of photographs to commemorate the recognition of their outstanding achievements.

Advisor Ouimette then introduced Lisa Ruch, National Alpha Lambda Delta Vice President for Chapter Relations and Expansion, for the presentation of the Order of the Torch Award. Ms. Ruch explained the history and meaning of the Order of the Torch Award and named the seven recipients of 2011. She noted that presenting the award to UConn was particularly exciting because it was their first win, and she assured them that winning was the start of something very positive for their chapter. She encouraged them to strive for the Maintaining the Flame Award in 2012. Ms. Ruch noted that the UConn scrapbook showed that their chapter excelled in all four areas considered for the Torch Award: programming, chapter visibility, outreach, and general chapter activity. She commended the Volume 51 - 2013

The University of Connecticut


University of Alabama On this page: California University of Pennsylvania chapter member Morgan Motlz volunteers at a Kickball for Kids Tournament. For more from the California University of Pennsylvania chapter, see the next page!

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

This spring, the University of Alabama chapter was proud to initiate 850 new members. We were able to present 20 scholarships to new members. Our chapter has also been involved in numerous philanthropic events throughout the year. Our chapter participated in Beat Auburn Beat Hunger, an annual competition between the University of Alabama and Auburn University to see which school can collect the most nonperishable food items to be donated to the needy. This year Alabama won the friendly competition, raising 237,079 pounds of food. 371,181 pounds were collected all together. Tuscaloosa is still recovering from the tornado that devastated our town on April 27, 2011, and ALD members are still helping out the recovery effort. Members of our chapter worked with TVARC, a tornado relief volunteer center, to help the continuing recovery effort. Members are also involved in the community through Roots, a volunteering program at nursing homes.

What’s Up? Superior service, creative communication, practical programs, and more - these reports from our Alpha Lambda Delta chapters show just how active our members are!

The Alabama chapter is excited to see what our members will be able to accomplish in the coming year, and we look forward to seeing our chapter continue to grow.

Arizona State University Tuscon, Arizona

At Arizona State University, we may not yet have a member base of a few hundred to a thousand students, meetings that fill large conference rooms, or annual activities that are looked forward to by our community, but we do have a strong, spirited team and an infinite amount of potential. Our chapter hasn’t been active at Arizona State University since 2008 and starting this year, we have made it our mission to reach out to our fellow students and local community alike! As a newly-reinstated chapter, our officers and wonderful advisor Marcella Gemelli have hit the ground running, getting together once or twice every month to come up with social and charity events in Volume 51 - 2013

which our 80 registered members have an opportunity to get involved. So far, we have recruited freshmen at ASU’s “club rush” event, Passport to ASU, held a scavenger hunt for members and friends for prizes and free food, and joined another honor society (National Society of Collegiate Scholars) in writing holiday letters to the troops. In October of this year, our chapter representatives attended the National Alpha Lambda Delta Leadership Workshop in San Antonio, Texas! Advisor Marcella Gemelli, President Tessa Tardiff, and Vice President Sarah Boege were all very grateful to have the opportunity to attend this Worskhop where we learned tons about the society and how to help our members and our surrounding community! With our newly acquired advice from successful Alpha Lambda Delta chapters, we plan to have many more recruiting and charity events for our members, including a visit to the Boys and Girls Club in Tempe, AZ, a pre-finals gettogether with pizza, cookies, and hot chocolate, and a percentage night at a local restaurant to help raise funds for our Spring semester events! All of us are so excited to finish the Fall semester strong and bring in the Spring semester expanding our society and using our new freshman members to do great things in our community and of course, make new friends. When asked to comment about our Alpha Lambda Delta chapter at ASU, Vice President Sarah Boege said, “I know we are just getting started, but I am so excited about the incredible potential we have to do some really awesome things. We have a great team of officers and a stellar advisor to help guide us and learn with us. Next semester, here we come.” Stacey Eskinazi, chapter Treasurer, is also very excited about being a part of ALD at ASU and is “most looking forward to getting involved in the charity events and socials where [she] can connect with and help others.” She, just like all of our other officers, plans on giving Alpha Lambda Delta as much as she possibly can and is eager to continue to shape our organization and obtain as many members as possible.

We have come very far as a group this semester and look forward to achieving our goals of growing as a chapter and as individuals, making many new friends, and helping our community! The Alpha Lambda Delta Chapter at Arizona State University is honored to be a part of such a prestigious organization and will put forth all of our efforts to make you proud!

California University of Pennsylvania California, Pennsylvania

The California University of Pennsylvania (Cal U) chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta has had an exciting year. We are pleased that our chapter has received a number of recognitions. First, we have received the Maintaining the Flame Award for our work during the 20112012 school year. Our current student advisor, Christina King received the Stemler Study Abroad Scholarship and used her award to travel to London during the summer of 2012. Our advisor, Karen Amrhein, was selected as one of the Executive Director’s Advisors of the Year and also presented at the San Antonio Leadership workshop along with current student chapter president, Megan Walker and student chapter advisor, Christina King. Finally, our co-advisors Mike and Karen Amrhein have donated $1,000 to grant two $500 scholarships to our members. In addition to these recognitions, our chapter continues to collaborate with various offices on campus to serve our community and enhance our career skills. Our members have been working closely with our Center for Civic Engagement on campus to volunteer with multiple community programs such as the local food bank and The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption Kick for Kids kickball tournament, as well as local assisted living homes and residents within the community. Our chapter has also volunteered to raise money for various causes including The National Heart Association and Breast Cancer Awareness. Our members have also been actively involved in career development activities. Through our Career Services Office our members participate in various career development opportunities 15

for the Career Advantage Program. At each of our chapter meetings, a Career Services representative presents to our members on various topics, such as learning how to network, preparing for an interview, and building strong resumes.

of America. After contributing a great deal of time planning, organizing, and fundraising, the chapter collectively accumulated $500 in donations. This was a great success for the chapter with a strong turnout.

Through service to our community and career development activities for our members, the Cal U chapter of ALD provides opportunities for our membership to continue to contribute to our community and prepare for life after college.

University of Connecticut Storrs, Connecticut

The University of Connecticut is home to a very active chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta. The members have shown immense dedication to community service and have just completed their annual PumpkinFest, a charitable extravaganza of all things pumpkin! On the afternoon of October 26, 2012, ALD volunteers gathered outside the Student Union to offer homemade treats and candy to passersby. The event also featured pumpkin painting and the sale of hand-decorated Halloween bags that were overflowing with festive goodies. Select treats included fallinspired whoopie pies and apple cider. In total, $400 was raised through sales from PumpkinFest. Additionally, over $600 was raised by ALD’s participation in the Light the Night Walk, another charitable event that raises money for cancer research and support. In total, the UConn chapter of ALD donated $1,000 to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, a large nonprofit health organization with the mission to cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease, and myeloma, and improve the quality of life of patients and their families.

The University of Connecticut chapter’s PumpkinFest has become an autumn tradition in Storrs, CT.

Members of Alpha Lambda Delta also give back by volunteering with the Dominican Sisters. The Dominican Sisters are a great attribute to the campus community and have helped the College evolve into what it is today. Members of ALD volunteered at the infirmary in the convent, hosting an ice cream social and spending some time hearing stories from the sisters. The Dominican Sisters also host an annual Fall Festival on campus. Alpha Lambda Delta members volunteered their time catering to the children on September 29, 2012. Members of Alpha Lambda Delta displayed their artistic talents painting children’s faces and receiving great big smiles in return. Aside from painting faces, members became some of the most popular people at the festival dressing up in costumes. Pooh Bear, Tigger, and Mickey Mouse all made appearances taking pictures and giving hugs. It was a fun day for everyone involved!

Alpha Lambda Delta has had great successes in 2012. The chapter was honored for our increase in members with Alpha Lambda Delta’s Silver Award. We are very proud of our accomplishments and only expect progress in the future.

Georgia State University Atlanta, Georgia

In April, the Georgia State University Chapter inducted over 200 new members. The Ballroom, where the event took place, was packed with excited students and their guests. This induction—our largest one to date—foretold what the new school year would bring. While the first term is not complete, the chapter is busier than previous years with numerous community service and social events. Our chapter works to benefit not only Georgia State University but to impact the surrounding Atlanta community. The chapter began the 2012 -2013 school year with the Welcome Week Luau. With decorative tables of tasty treats and sweet drinks, the event was ready to begin. Current members stopped by, as well as incoming freshman in-

terested in Alpha Lambda Delta. We are confident that we made a positive impression on potential new members, because many stayed to chat with current members and the executive board. Possibly the most eventful portion of the evening was the limbo contest! Awarded to the winners of the contest were Alpha Lambda Delta drawstring backpacks, bookstore gift cards, and bragging rights at next year’s luau. The year’s first philanthropy event was the Walk to End Alzheimer’s in September. Over thirty of our members participated in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s held at Atlantic Station. The walk raised $479,665.34 to help find a cure for a disease that is the sixth-leading cause of death in the United States, and the only cause of death among the top 10 diseases that is unpreventable. For members whose loved ones are victim to this disease, this day was especially close to their hearts. In the Georgia State University chapter, we wear purple in support of the fight against Alzheimer’s. Along with participating in national charity events, the Georgia State Chapter dedicates itself by staying true to

Above: Members of the Dominican College of Blauvelt chapter volunteered with the Dominican Sisters on campus. Below: Dominican students also volunteered to paint faces, and otherwise bringing smiles to kids’ faces at the campus’ Fall Festival.

Dominican College of Blauvelt Blauvelt, New York

Giving back to the College and the community has always been essential to the Alpha Lambda Delta members at Dominican College. In 2012, with a new focus, the chapter took off running…or walking. On April 27, 2012, the chapter hosted ALD for AFA. This was a charity walk around campus with all proceeds benefiting the Alzheimer’s Foundation 16

The Georgia State University chapter shows support by raising commemorative flowers which represent their promise to honor, care, and fight for those living with Alzheimer’s disease. The Flame

Volume 51 - 2013


the Atlanta community. The Chapter has partnered with the AG Rhodes Health and Rehab Center. On a weekly basis, members carpool to the nursing home to spend time with patients and brighten their day through activities. One of our most successful events was Bingo day. We arrived that morning to help residents make autumn-themed adornments to decorate their rooms. Afterward, the games began! Students paired up with patients to play Bingo, but did more than build their game strategies. Patients shared stories of their past and present. Students gained a different viewpoint on growing older. It was a wonderful learning experience for our members! Our Chapter also provides service to our community parks. Members joined together to garden and restore the grounds of Historic Oakland Cemetery, located in the heart of Downtown Atlanta. Have no fear; students accepted the challenge of beautifying this historic landmark! They tackled massive, messy bushes and won the war against the weeds as they helped preserve one of the largest green spaces in downtown. As we replanted pots and raked cemetery plots, we learned so much about the history of this cemetery. Oakland Cemetery may have been founded in 1850, but our members were making history working to improve this historic lot!

We have maintained a very busy schedule this semester and aim to continue this level of involvement next semester. It is not about the number of activities or projects that we complete, but the impact that it has on our community and how many lives we can touch through our service. Our chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta not only strives for excellence in academics but also we work to maintain a positive bond between members while creating a better environment for not only ourselves but future generations. As Margaret Mead once said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” ALD at GSU are strong believers in our ability to bring about change one small but significant step at a time.

University of Georgia Athens, Georgia

The Alpha Lambda Delta chapter at the University of Georgia continues to inspire others to work with the Athens community to make it a better place. The University of Georgia chapter has recently worked with AthFest and the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia, and loved every minute.

The Food Bank of Northeast Georgia is an organization that attempts to alleviate poverty facing not only the Athens community but also all of northeast Georgia by feeding the sick, needy, children and senior citizens. The food bank at first can seem overwhelming—there were boxes of food everywhere, but, with the guidance of the director the Alpha Lambda Delta volunteers made themselves at home. After receiving instructions, the Alpha Lambda Delta members got to work, sorting food by expiration date, perishable items, breakfast foods, snacks, and other categories. Sorting, I promise, was more exciting than it sounds. The volunteers had a great time finding unusual items and searching for the “oldest item ever.” The food bank receives thousands of pounds of food to distribute to the people of northeast Georgia, and, without volunteers like the Alpha Lambda Delta members, they would not be able to accomplish all that they do. Many people know Athens as home of music groups such as R.E.M. and the B-52’s; Athens is also the home of the Georgia Museum of Art, and the State Botanical Garden of Georgia. Many people do not know that Athens is

The University of Georgia Alpha Lambda Delta chapter prides itself on its ability to bring people together to make a lasting impact on the Athens community. Whether it’s sorting canned goods and cereal at a food bank or waking up early to volunteer with and organization like AthFest, students in the Alpha Lambda Delta National Honor Society strive to make an impression on each community.

Hood College

Fredrick, Maryland

Our other service project centered on preparing the community for the holidays. We ventured to Atlanta’s famous Centennial Olympic Park to volunteer. Members helped transform the park into a holiday light spectacular for their annual Holiday in Lights. The chapter, along with other volunteers, divided into teams to cover designated areas throughout the park and create a winter wonderland spectacular. Taking into consideration the amazing potential that our members hold when it comes to teamwork, we were not surprised when they quickly renovated the park into a sparkling display and moved on to complete the remaining areas. As the bright, twinkling lights revealed smiling faces, we were proud to be a part of Atlanta’s 21-acre glittering holiday tradition.

The Hood College Chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta has seen a significant increase in its number of inductees and member participation in events over the past year. Last year the chapter was

awarded the Delta Bronze Award from the National Office. The biggest event so far this year has been the Walk to Fight Lou Gehrig’s Disease sponsored by the ALS Foundation at the local park. The twelve member walking team set their fundraising goal for the event at $500. The group was able to far exceed that number and raised a total of $2,129 to help in the fight against this disease. The members of Alpha Lambda Delta were recognized by the ALS Foundation for being the eighth team with the highest donation amount (out of 35 total teams) for the Western Maryland Walk. The group also partnered with Church World Service along with two other on-campus organizations for a Sandy Relief Supplies Drive. They were able to collect many items and cash donations to give to those in need after Hurricane Sandy. The group is looking forward to working with our local state park agency to participate in hiking trail clean ups in the spring. The Hood College Chapter is also gearing up to prepare for our biggest event in the spring semester with the “Don’t Throw it Away” campaign that takes place during finals week. Those that are moving out of the residence halls have the opportunity to donate unopened food, clothing, furniture and many other items that they no longer need or want to donate to local area agencies that will distribute to those in need in the local county.

Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis Indianapolis, Indiana

IUPUI’s chapter started off the year with our annual officers’ retreat at Eagle Creek Park the Sunday after classes began. We brainstormed about plans for the year, held committee meetings, engaged in some outdoor activities to get to know each other, took lots of pictures, and ate way too much food.

Members of the Univ. of Georgia chapter helped with AthFest, a non-profit organization committed to promoting music and art education in the community. 18

home to AthFest, a non-profit organization committed to promoting music and art education in the community. The AthHalf 2012 was the 3rd annual half marathon fundraiser for the nonprofit organization. The University of Georgia Alpha Lambda Delta chapter has continued to volunteer with this event since its establishment. The chapter’s volunteer efforts helped the marathon to run smoothly and efficiently. But anyone who has ever volunteered for a fundraiser run knows that the real work comes at the end. The Alpha Lambda Delta volunteers stayed hours after the race was complete, moving surprisingly heavy barricades, picking up food wrappers and water bottles, loading tables and chairs into catering vehicles and much more. At the end of the day the volunteers walked away with blistered hands and sore feet but also a feeling of accomplishment.

The Flame

At Hood College in Frederick, Maryland, members took part in the Walk to Fight ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). Volume 51 - 2013

Prior to the start of classes, about fifty of our members helped with Campus Housing Move-in Day by helping students and parents unload and carry everything from pillows to big screen TV’s up the stairs of Campus Apartments. During Weeks of Welcome, we

set up a booth at the Student Involvement Expo to make IUPUI students aware of our activities as well as the benefits of joining Alpha Lambda Delta. We also set up a booth at the Honors College welcome since many of our current and potential members are IUPUI Honors College students. In September we had three ALD teams in the annual IUPUI Regatta on the downtown canal in Indianapolis, and we shared a booth with the IUPUI Honors College and handed out snow cones to participants and spectators. By November, we decided we were long overdue for some fun and a break from all that studying, so a large group of members carpooled to the Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park on the north side of Indianapolis to bounce off the walls -- literally. The IUPUI Academic Bowl was also held that same weekend in November, and seven of the twenty-two participating teams were ALD teams. We stayed very busy during the entire fall semester with numerous service projects. We participated in the IUPUI Day of Caring in September and worked at Gleaners Food Bank to prepare boxes of food for donation to local families. In October, we helped out Indy Parks with their annual Hauntless Halloween; members worked with young children and served as trail guides, refreshment vendors, crafts assistants, pumpkin carvers, and campfire leaders. We also participated in the annual Indianapolis Coats for Kids Drive and collected quite a few coats for distribution to children in need of a warm winter coat. During National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness week, we volunteered at a local homeless shelter, the Wheeler Mission. This was followed by our annual holiday project; we adopted several local families and spent a Saturday shopping for them, having lunch, and wrapping their gifts so they’d have a happy holiday. In addition to our service projects and other endeavors, we held monthly meetings and featured guest speakers from campus areas such as the Bepko Resource Center and the Office of Student Involvement. As always, we had free pizza at every meeting! We also had members and officers attend a series of SOLD (Student Organization 19

present the Order of the Torch Award to last year’s officers and chapter. The 2011-2012 officers didn’t simply focus on winning the Order of the Torch Award. The chapter sold signature Liberty University bracelets and lanyards as a fundraiser for the Somalia well digging effort through World Help. By purchasing the fundraising items with the Liberty chapter membership funds, all proceeds of $500 were given to World Help for the well-digging project.

Leadership Development) workshops offered through the Office of Student Involvement both semesters so that we could maintain our status as a topranking organization on campus. Three of our members and our advisor attended the national leadership workshop in San Antonio in October. We had a fantastic time meeting other students, attending workshops, learning more about Alpha Lambda Delta, and touring beautiful San Antonio. Our advisor, Lisa Ruch, was a co-presenter for the Service to Others workshop, and our former ALD president and ALD National Council member, Dillon Etter, co-presented the Social Media workshop. Our chapter won the Maintaining the Flame award in 2012, and we plan to win again in 2013. We look forward to continued success!

Liberty University

On February 10, 2012, Liberty University’s ALD chapter arrived at the Jubilee Family Development Center once again, but this time to host a Valentine’s Day Party. Members hid colored hearts around the gym, each containing part of the verses from the 1 Corinthians 13 passage on love. The Jubilee students were challenged to define and better understand love from God’s perspective. The kids enjoyed snacks and crafts while John 3:16 messages were presented. As members enjoyed spending time with the kids at the Jubilee Center, the love of Christ was shared and embraced.

Liberty University’s ALD Chapter is proud to announce its most outstanding accomplishment in 2011, receiving the National Order of the Torch Award. The officers of 2011-2012 worked extremely hard to put together a scrapbook and make sure our chapter upheld all requirements for the award. Their hard work paid off when Mrs. Sandrea Williamson came to Liberty University on October 26th, 2012, to

Liberty’s ALD chapter also believes in the enrichment of their members. Dr. Bruce Bell, Academic Associate Dean of the College of General Studies gave a presentation to many of the members about the various opportunities available to travel abroad. He described his previous adventures to France, Italy, and London. Bryan Mauldin (2011-12 Chapter President) encouraged the interested guests to join the ALD, while Dr. Marilyn Gadomski (Faculty Advi-

Lynchburg, Virginia

Being a student leader is serious work... Chapter officers from the IUPUI chapter take a moment from their annual officers’ retreat for a little levity in front of the camera (top) and work together to make a map of the United States out of rope - while blindfolded (above). 20

In November of 2011 all of the Liberty University ALD members were invited to donate food for local families in need. The goal was to provide canned veggies, pie ingredients, and gift cards (for fresh turkeys) for fifteen families in Lynchburg through the Jubilee Family Development Center. Working together in an assembly-line fashion, members sorted all the food to make sure each plastic tote received all the components of a Thanksgiving dinner. Sterling Wilder, director of the Jubilee Family Development Center in Lynchburg exclaimed, “This will really make a difference in the lives of some of our families.”

The Flame

Volume 51 - 2013

sor) and Mrs. Bessie Grayson (Administrative Advisor) then explained specific information about the Society and how to join. On March 31, 2012, the award winning Liberty University ALD chapter said farewell to 122 graduating seniors by hosting a banquet in their honor. The sadness was soon overcome by excitement as 345 new members were then inducted on April 13, 2012. Each year, the Liberty University Chapter of the Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society holds a university-wide Teddy Bear Drive, calling the entire university to collect new teddy bears to be delivered to the Pediatric Ward at the Lynchburg General Hospital. In April of 2012, the society was able to collect over 200 teddy bears for the children. Senior Advisor, Andre Craig, said, “One of the greatest feelings in the world is knowing that we, as a society, and even as a university, are able to bring a smile to a little child’s face who may or may not have much time left due to their illness. The Lord has blessed us with the opportunity to bring light to the dark situations in these children’s’ lives.” The 2011-2012 Liberty University ALD chapter ended its year with a bang when one of its very own, Kayla Hanson, a Nursing Major, was awarded a $5,000 scholarship from Tylenol. The 2012-2013 Liberty University ALD chapter officers knew they now had a legacy to uphold. The officers chose a unique form of leadership in order to obtain this goal and pursue “Maintaining the Flame.” The officers got straight to work on their goal of “Maintaining the Flame” for the year of 2012-2013. Their first order of business was to serve the community of Lynchburg. Liberty’s ALD chapter went out to a nearby farm and ministry called One Body In Christ Ministries where they spent a total of 30 hours helping prime and paint a large barn that the farm used for horses for their ministry to young women. The 2012-2013 chapter officers, along with the 2011-2012 chapter officers, were then able to celebrate the acceptance of the Order of The Torch Award on October 26, 2012. Mrs. Sandrea Wil-

The ALD chapter at Liberty University had an active 2011-2012! At top, members and guests celebrate the chapter’s new inductees. Middle, the annual Seniors’ Banquet. At bottom, chapter members help paint a barn for a local ministry. liamson presented the Order of The Torch Award with great encouragement and support for what she hopes to see in this year’s 2012-2013 chapter officers.

Morningside College Sioux City, Iowa

Morningside’s 2012-2013 Alpha Lambda Delta members have been hard at work this year putting on events, recruiting new members, and making a difference in their community. Just a few weeks after last spring’s initiation, new members went straight to work volunteering in the community. Members worked at the annual Book Lover’s Book Sale arranging and selling books to be sold to the community. All of the proceeds benefitted the Sioux 21

City Public Library. This opportunity was a lot of fun for all of the ALD members and they enjoyed their first taste of community service through Alpha Lambda Delta. The fall brought with it more opportunities for community service, as the Morningside College campus shut down for an all-campus service day called “Into the Streets,” sponsored by Morningside’s ODK chapter. Sports teams, student groups, clubs, classes,

Smart Cookies! Baking their way into the hearts of their fellow students, the Morningside College chapter prepares for its annual “Smart Cookies” recruiting event. Above, chapter advisor Marty Knepper poses with students and pans of decorated cookies. At right, a Morningside ALD member decorates cookies, while some local wildlife enjoys a leftover.


and residence halls all took their labor “into the streets” to help the community. About 60% of the college’s full-time students participated. The Alpha Lambda Delta group worked at a childcare center by washing windows, raking leaves, and playing with the kids. The members had a lot of fun helping out in the community and the kids were really excited to meet some college students.

In October, ALD co-presidents Maria Bohling and Jessie Byrnes, along with faculty advisor Marty Knepper and senior advisor Kelci Teut, traveled to the Leadership Workshop in San Antonio. “I really enjoyed getting to know people and seeing how they ran their ALD programs,” said Bohling. Our group put on several activities to maximize recruitment for next spring. One big activity was Alpha Lambda Delta Bingo Night in October. The night was lots of fun for both members and students across campus, and it went a long way toward getting ALD’s name out there. Students won prizes such as fleece blankets, DVD’s, and even a flat screen television. It was a huge success, with over 50 students in attendance. As winners collected their prizes, moderator Anna Christensen talked about ALD. Study tips were placed on every table. ALD also members also collected money for the national service project, Haven for Hope, an organization aiming to help homeless men, women, and children. Alpha Lambda Delta members also worked to maximize recruitment through their annual “Smart Cookies” campaign. Members went to every freshman seminar class with decorated cookies bearing the ALD and Phi Eta Sigma names and talked to freshmen about the benefits of joining ALD and PES. The “Smart Cookies” activity has a history of helping increase ALD enrollment, and many current members and officers first learned about Alpha Lambda Delta through “Smart Cookies.”

North Carolina A&T State University Greensboro, North Carolina

The North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University (NC A&T SU) 2012-2013 chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta is doing exciting things. Our main goal for this year is to serve the community to the best of our abilities. Thus far, we have been fulfilling our goals. First, our President (Nicole Crawley) and Vice President (Randolph David) enjoyed the National Workshop in San Antonio, Texas.

The Flame

Previously, our members have been tutoring high school refugee students. We have had some members work with NC A&T SU’s partnered elementary school, Hampton Elementary, as reading buddies. In addition to working with the students, our chapter has donated a book to every student that our members work with. Our members have also been dormstorming. In an effort to promote voting throughout our campus, our members have been knocking on the doors of the residence hall. We have also had members volunteer to assist with voter registration. Furthermore, we have members volunteering for our local Habitat for Humanity efforts; currently, we are working on our Thanksgiving Food Drive Competition. In the future, our chapter will be cleaning up the streets on our Street Clean Up day. Also, within the next month we will be working on inducting members for the fall semester. We have been having a successful year, and we will continue to strive to reach our goals of serving the community.

University of North Carolina at Greensboro Greensboro, North Carolina

Alpha Lambda Delta’s event CANstruction at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro was a success again this year! On November 11th, 2012, we hosted our third annual CANstruction food drive on campus. Scheduled to coincide with Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week at UNCG, ALD’s CANstruction event helped raise awareness of hunger issues on campus. Four student organizations, including our chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta, participated in this event by creating structures out of donated cans. The basic structures were built out of cans and then other non-perishable items were used to accessorize our structures. After all of the final structures were built and the final total of the cans was counted, we brought in over 800 cans to help feed the hungry! Each year, through the CANstruction event, ALD donates hundreds of cans to a local organization. This year we Volume 51 - 2013

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro’s annual CANstruction event collects food for distribution to local food banks and shelters for the homeless and hungry. decided to not only give back to the Greensboro community, but to also give back to our wonderful peers here at UNCG. We chose to donate our cans to Greensboro Urban Ministry and UNCG Campus Ministries. Both organizations strive to provide the basic necessity of food to those who may not be able to afford it on their own. Half of our cans were donated to Greensboro Urban Ministry, which helps those who struggle with hunger, poverty, or homelessness in the Greensboro area. Not only does Greensboro Urban Ministry provide crisis intervention and emergency services through the basics of food and shelter, but they also help many individuals and families break the cycles of poverty, hunger, and homelessness. The remaining half of our food donations were brought to UNCG Campus Ministries. Campus Ministries oversees the “Spartan Open Pantry,” The University of North Carolina at Greensboro’s food pantry for students and

staff in need of assistance. The Spartan Open Pantry provides non-perishable food items to UNCG students who may be struggling with hunger or homelessness. From assistance for students who need a little help at the end of the month, to homeless students and families who depend on the pantry for complete support, the Spartan Open Pantry assists our neighbors who need a hand. At our event, students were beyond creative in their attempt to build structures out of their cans. These plain cans became a castle, sunglasses, and a brain. UNCG graduate students volunteered to judge the final structures at our event in the category of most cans used in a structure, most creative, and best overall. UNCG students came together and raised an amazing amount of canned foods and other non-perishable items that will assist so many deserving families and students. This year’s CANstruction was a huge success!

You can find more reports from ALD chapters starting on pg. 32! 23


Five Alpha Lambda Delta advisors who deserve

A round of

Outstanding Advisor of the Year


Dr. Mike Nichols Transylvania University Dr. Susan M. Huffman, National President of Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society for First Year College Students announced that Dr. Mike Nichols has been named as the Outstanding Advisor of the Year for 2011-12. The National Council of ALD selected Dr. Nichols, Visiting Professor of Psychology and Assistant to the Dean of the College at Transylvania University in Lexington, KY, to be this year’s recipient. Dr. Nichols has served as advisor of the Transylvania University chapter for three years, and was instrumental in bringing the honor society to the Transylvania campus in 2009. Dr. Nichols was also responsible for the creation of the Alpha Lambda Delta chapter at Eastern Kentucky University in 2005, and previously advised the ALD chapter at the University of Kentucky. Dr. Nichols is an incredibly conscientious and dedicated chapter advisor. “Dr. Nichols is regarded as one of the most approachable, friendly, and sincere individuals among all students, faculty, and staff on Transylvania’s campus,” reads the nomination form, prepared by student officers of the chapter. Co-advisor Dr. Kathleen Jagger writes, “Dr. Nichols devotion to both ALD and to our students is genuinely extraordinary…. He is a supportive and enthusiastic colleague who does help students develop meaningful goals and aspirations.” 24

Under Dr. Nichols guidance, the chapter at Transylvania University has taken a role as a vital and active member of the campus community. The chapter has sponsored an annual Speaker Series, spotlighting faculty members and their research, and hosted forums discussing current events such as the Occupy Wall Street movement. Additionally, the chapter has partnered with Big Brothers Big Sisters to provide presents for underprivileged children during the holidays, and sponsored social events on the Transylvania campus. In addition to his work on campuses throughout eastern Kentucky, Dr. Nichols has served as Editor and Historian for the National Council of ALD since 1994, served as a volunteer evaluator for National ALD scholarship and fellowship competitions, and works with the National Office staff each year to assemble the Society’s annual newsmagazine, The Flame. In 1999, Dr. Nichols edited “75 Years in Alpha Lambda Delta,” an account of the Society’s first 75 years. Dr. Nichols also serves as the official photographer for Alpha Lambda Delta national events, and his photos provide a clear visual history of Alpha Lambda Delta’s progress for over twenty years. Alpha Lambda Delta takes pride in recognizing Dr. Nichols as the Outstanding Advisor of the Year, and celebrates his devotion to ALD. Chapter vice-president Kim Shain writes, “I can say with confidence that no advisor deserves this award more than Dr. Nichols: an advisor who has seen this chapter through its infancy and continues to show his dedication to this chapter daily.” The Flame

2012 Executive Director’s Outstanding Advisors of the Year Dr. Glenda Earwood announced five winners of the Executive Director Advisor Awards for 2011-2012. This year’s winners were: • • • • •

Elva Resendez – Texas A & M – Commerce Kristin Bigbee – Texas Tech Karen Amrhein – California University of Pennsylvania Melissa Ohlfest – Georgia State University Marilyn Gadowski – Liberty University

“It is quite difficult to select only five advisors from among the many superb Alpha Lambda Delta chapter advisors. These five advisors had an exceptional year with their chapters!” said Dr. Earwood. Since 2012, Elva Resendez, Success Coach in University College, has served as the chapter advisor for the Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society for First Year Students at Texas A & M - Commerce. This year the chapter grew from 70 members to 103 members, an increase of 47%! This marked increase in students choosing to join Alpha Lambda Delta confirms the reputation of the honor society among first year students at Texas A & M - Commerce. This increase in membership is due in large part to the passion and enthusiasm Elva Resendez has invested in advising this honor society.

Not only has the chapter had a record number of students join, but also the chapter has been quite active in both the local and campus communities. Some of the many service activities included: • Communities in Schools Volunteers for local ISD • Members assisted with Faculty/Staff Development Day • Provided door hangers for new freshmen hall with tips for success • Members spoke to Freshmen Success Sections during Mid-terms • Members participated in two Preview Days • Members spoke at orientations for new freshmen • Collected school supplies for local stuff the bus campaign • Held a Toastmasters International Workshop for members • Held a group holiday social in December 2011 Karen Amrhein has served as chapter advisor since the installation of the ALD chapter at California University of Pennsylvania in 2007. Karen helped the chapter in winning the Order of the Torch Award in 2011. The California University of Pennsylvania ALD members are highly visible on their campus. Some of the many service activities included: • Assist with Move-in-Day

campus Continued on page 50...

Volume 51 - 2013



Alpha Lambda Delta

Cyrus Aghamolla

M. Sonja Ardoin

University of Maryland College Park

Louisiana State University

Helen Clarke Fellowship

Christine Deek

Kalamazoo College

Valparaiso University

Betty Jo Hudson Fellowship

Transylvania University

Valparaiso University

Alexander Flachsbart

Kalamazoo College

University of Alabama

May Brunson Fellowship

Transylvania University Margie Wade Fellowship

Mary Jane Stevenson Fellowship

Alicia Matheny

Akshita Mehta

Thanh Ngoc

West Virginia Wesleyan University

University of Maryland

University of the Pacific

Amel Omari

Jae Pi

Adele Stamp Fellowship


Maria Leonard Fellowship

Rodriguez University of Texas - Pan American

Not pictured:

Pat Graham Fellowship

Sasha McBurse, Georgia Southwestern University, Warner Moore Fellowship

Gladys Bell Fellowship

Morningside College

Kalamazoo College

Matthew DuWaldt

University of Delaware

Monica Lawson

Margaret Cunningim Fellowship

Barbara Quillin Fellowship

Miriam Shelden Fellowship

Lily JaffieShupe

Melissa James

Margaret Berry Fellowship

Kathryn Sisson Phillips Fellowship

Emma Atwood

Emily German

Christine Conaway Fellowship

Graduate Fellows In 2012, Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society for First Year Students awarded a total of 23 Fellowships: fourteen $3,000 Fellowships, eight $5,000 Fellowships, and the Maria Leonard Fellowship in the amount of $7,500. These Fellowships are awarded annually for one year of graduate study. Any initiated member of Alpha Lambda Delta who has maintained the academic qualifications for membership is eligible to apply - as a graduating senior, or later.

Kaitlyn Foree

Gladys Pennington Fellowship

University of Texas Austin

Maude Ethredge Fellowship

Ji Lim University of South Carolina

Dottie Anderson Fellowship

Nicholas Riley University of South Carolina Louise McBee Fellowship

Lauren Sprott

Marissa Stevens

Spelman College

Washington and Jefferson College

Katherine Cooper Cater Fellowship

Alice Crocker Lloyd Fellowship

Patrick Zito, University of Massachusetts - Amherst, Harry Hale Fellowship 26

The Flame

Volume 51 - 2013



Jo Anne J. Trow Undergraduate Scholars

Congratulations to the 2011-2012 Trow Scholars! This year, the National Council awarded 25 Trow Scholarships of $1,000 each and ten awards of $3,000 each. The Trow Scholarships were established in 1998 to honor a past National President of ALD, Dr. Jo Anne Trow. Dr. Trow, a former VP for Student Services at Oregon State University, served ALD as District VIII Advisor (1974-1979), National Secretary (1979-1983), and as National President (1985-1988).

Kayla Albright

Georgia College & State University

Michelle Chapman University of South Carolina

Caitlin Giesbrecht

Valley City State University

Carolyn Alford

University of Oklahoma

Gerald Childs, Jr. St. Joseph’s College

Amy Gregg

Georgia State University

Zack Barley

Baldwin-Wallace College

Amanda Danforth University of Portland

Erika Hallak Baylor University

Dennes Burney Iowa State Universtiy

Stephanie Daul Texas State University

Chelsea Hull

University of Nebraska Lincoln

Jennifer Bush

Elizabethtown College

Demi Dunn

Morningside College

Taylor Jensen

University of Oklahoma

Not pictured: Ryan Cross, Purdue University; Kylie Pybus, University of Portland; Kimberly Hess, University of Maryland 28

The Flame

Nicholas Kormanik

Alyssa Kreitzman University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

Long Island University

University of Maryland

David Lieb

Sara Lowczyk

Brian Mauldin

Eduardo Medellin, Jr.

Shannon Melampy

Chantelle Nava

Rachel Oldenburg

Brittany Seyfried

Jenna Silverman

Montana State University

Liberty University

University of Texas Pan American

Joshua LaMore

The Ohio State University

Oluwaseun Oyewole

Christopher Riley University of Maryland

University of Connecticut

Jasmine Thomas

Brette Throckmorton

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James G. Stemler Study Abroad Scholars

At their 2008 meeting, the National Council of Alpha Lambda Delta passed a resolution honoring retiring National President James G. Stemler by establishing ten new study abroad scholarships in his name. The Stemler Scholarships are presented to ALD members to offset the expense of studying abroad. In 2011, the National Council increased the number of annual Stemler awards to 15. The first male National President of Alpha Lambda Delta, Dr. Stemler served on the National Council for over 14 years in addition to serving as chapter advisor at the University of Portland. Dr. Stemler has been and remains a staunch proponent of studies abroad.

Colby Alexis

St. Joseph’s College

Amanda Danforth University of Portland

Morgan Belling

Ohio Northern University

Erika Hallak Baylot University

Claire Bens Ohio University

Carissa Kelley

University of Texas - Austin

Tyler Brown

University of Southern Mississippi

Christina King

California University of Pennsylvania

What’s Up? The Ohio State University Columbus, Ohio

It has been a great year for The Ohio State University chapter of ALD. We ended last year with our fourth annual Corn Hole tournament, celebrating the largest turnout for this event yet. Seventy-two teams battled on May 5, 2012, to win coveted prizes, such as restaurant gift cards and a football signed by OSU alum and two-time Heisman Trophy Winner, Archie Griffin. We were fortunate to raise over $1,000 for the new James Cancer Hospital on Ohio State’s main campus. The James is a researchcentered facility that is dedicated to finding groundbreaking discoveries that change the diagnoses, treatments, and prevention of all types of cancer,

Reports from our chapters, continued...

while at the same time providing individualized and personal treatment to all of its patients. With the start of the new school year, we are currently working on continuing our Corn Hole tradition, in hopes of increasing our donation even more. Our funds this year will go to BuckeyeThon, an Ohio State organization that raises money all year long to support children suffering from cancer and help them afford their costly treatment. After initiation on August 25, 2012 and officer elections the following week, we have had biweekly general meetings throughout the semester, filled with academic, social, and service events. We have had speakers on such topics as improving public speaking and

Katrina Collins

Georgia State University

Gabrielle LaFata

Above: Ohio State ALD members face off in a battle to not only win prizes, but to support The James Cancer Hospital. Over $1,000 was donated to The James from this event.

West Virginia Wesleyan College

Left: Ohio State ALD members make cards to cheer up those in nursing homes around Columbus during the holiday.

Ryan McCullock

University of Texas - Austin


Kiana Nicholas

Georgia State University

Heidi Schmuker Western Michigan University

Maggie Vander Stelt

Laura Walser

Susquehanna University

study abroad (an academic experience greatly encouraged at Ohio State). We have also have had several social meetings, the most popular being our Halloween party, where some members came dressed in costumes, and competed in holiday games. In the upcoming weeks, we will take a group trip to the Columbus Zoo to see the Wildlights, where the zoo is lighted with thousands of Christmas lights, and ALD members can see winter animals, such as reindeer and polar bears. In our service meetings, we have made cards for nursing homes to help spread the holiday cheer to those who otherwise may not have very much. We also collected toys for Operation Christmas Child. This organization, as part of Samaritan’s Purse, puts together shoeboxes filled with toys and necessities and sends them to children who desperately need them. Operating over 20 years, this organization has sent nearly one million boxes to children all around the world. In our upcoming meeting, we will be making blankets for Project Linus, a charity that gives homemade blankets for children who are ill, traumatized, or otherwise in need, as a way of providing support and security for those who may feel scared and alone. In addition, we will be participating on Ohio State’s canned good drive for the month of November. Our chapter is part of an association of AOSCH, the Association of Ohio State Class Honoraries, and this year we are celebrating the bonds between us with a friendly competition. Throughout the year, events such as dodge ball tournaments, study tables, blanketmaking races, and more have and will be held to promote unity between the honoraries. Points are awarded based on involvement and placement in different games and competitions. Our members have shown their excitement for being part of the Ohio State chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta, and as the year continues we look forward to continuing to reach towards our pillars of scholarship, leadership, and service.

Morningside College

The Flame

Volume 51 - 2013


Oral Roberts University

that time, the officers and advisor meet weekly to plan activities for the members and to meet our goal of having at least one service project each month. The officers have also offered monthly All-Member Meetings that include either a campus speaker on relevant topics such as Study Abroad or an activity such as making Thanksgiving Cards for a nursing home or making fleece blankets for Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis. The semester is concluding with a toy drive for our Lafayette Urban Ministry, bell-ringing for Salvation Army, and a study break/ stress relief event where our members made caught studying candy bags and enjoyed sugar cookies that could be iced and decorated. The Purdue chapter is looking forward to a great spring semester of more activities and service opportunities!

Tulsa, Oklahoma

For Oral Roberts University’s chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta, this year has been one of growth, creative ideas, and new vision! Through the commitment and dedication of our officers from both last year and this year, ORU’s ALD chapter has been reignited with excitement and renewed purpose for the future after several years of relative inactivity on campus. Now, we are in the hustle and bustle of planning and completing unique and meaningful service projects and promoting ALD’s vision across the campus. In the fall of 2012, ALD officers brainstormed and originated the idea of collecting spiral notebooks to donate to the Laura Dester Emergency Children’s Shelter in Tulsa, a short-term emergency care center where abused and neglected children from birth through 17 years of age live while foster care placements are processed. ALD officers and members sat at a table in ORU’s busiest hallway, educated students passing by about the project, and collected over 100 spirals! In addition to giving the shelter this muchneeded school supply, our members had a vision to touch each child’s life at Laura Dester. We decided to join together on a Saturday afternoon in the school cafeteria to write personalized letters of encouragement and hope to the children living there. Given a list of the children’s first names and ages, ALD members ensured that each child received his/her own notebook with a personalized message on its first page! Seeing the colorful balloons and notebooks at the entrance to the cafeteria, even students who were not members of ALD wanted to participate in the project! Of course, we welcomed them and took the opportunity to tell them all about ALD. Officers then hand-delivered the notebooks to the children at the Laura Dester Shelter. The project was a wonderful success, both in uniting the members of ALD and in uplifting others in the community. Shortly after finishing the notebook project, ALD members joined together to complete our biggest project of the semester, “Hygiene for the Nations.” At the beginning of November, we 32

Oral Roberts University’s ALD members celebrate the successful completion of their project, “Hygiene for the Nations” with their chapter advisor, Dr. Catherine Klehm. The students packaged the 450 travel-sized hygiene supplies they collected, making more than 85 sets of supplies! collected travel-sized hygiene and toiletry supplies to send to people in need around the world through our ORU Missions teams this coming summer! To jump start the project, our officer team planned and hosted our first “ALD Study Break,” a time of fellowship, relaxation, and refreshments for all ALD members. Combining a fun, social event with service, we took the opportunity to announce our project at the meeting. All interested members took a box to their own dorm floors to collect the travel-sized supplies during a week and a half collection period. The floor that collected the most supplies won a pizza party! The day after the collection period was over, the participating members brought their individual boxes to the “Packaging Party,” where everyone worked together to package the supplies into sets. Each set had at least five supplies, including a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, lotion, and shampoo. The sets also each had an educational brochure about maintaining good hygiene. You could feel the excitement in the air as we counted the supplies to see which floor won the pizza party – and realized that we had collected over 450 items! By the end of our packaging party, we had assembled more than 85 sets of supplies – far exceeding our original goal of 75 items – with even some extra items left over that were donated to a local women’s shelter! We were thrilled to have this opportunity to bless others’ lives,

and we hope that “Hygiene for the Nations” will become an annual tradition for our chapter.

Roanoke College Roanoke, Virginia

With the successful completion of both our fall 2012 projects and exciting plans for spring projects already in the works, we are confident that ALD’s flame will continue to burn brightly on the campus of Oral Roberts University!

Purdue University West Lafayette, Indiana

The officers of the Purdue chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Eta Sigma had a busy spring semester as they initiated 516 new members and had more than 700 in attendance at their spring initiation ceremony which was followed up by an initiation luncheon in the student union ballrooms. The Purdue Provost and new honorary member, Dr. Timothy Sands, was the luncheon speaker. A few weeks after the initiation, over 35 new members interviewed for one of 19 officer and committee chair positions. The officers selected their new leadership team and held a transition meeting and an end of year celebration that included both sets of officers.

Above: The Purdue University chapter took time to make fleece blankets for Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis. Below: The Roanoke College chapter held a picnic for ALD members of all ages. ALD members and faculty who were inducted into ALD during their undergraduate years, enjoyed an afternoon of delicious food and good conversation.

This year started off with officers participating at booths in our freshman orientation activities fair and in our Purdue Student Union Board Activities Bonanza. These activities were followed by an officer retreat and dinner at a local pizza establishment. Since The Flame

On Sunday, April 1, 2012, the Alpha Lambda Delta chapter at Roanoke College in Salem, VA welcomed 43 freshmen and established a new executive board at the annual ALD induction ceremony. Since then, the executive board has led the chapter to connect its newest members with upperclassmen members. Establishing a four-year hierarchy in which ALD upperclassmen remain active in on-campus chapter activities and chapter-organized community service projects has been the chapter’s primary goal this year, as the involvement of the upperclassmen will encourage newly-inducted freshmen to take advantage of the opportunities provided by ALD. In September, the chapter successfully held a picnic to facilitate the connection of members of ALD of all ages. ALD members from the senior, junior, and sophomore classes, as well as the Roanoke College faculty who were inducted into ALD during their undergraduate years, enjoyed an afternoon of delicious food and conversation about special ALD memories and the future of ALD at Roanoke College. The chapter will be holding another event for all ALD members at Roanoke College this semester for the newest members to meet, socialize with, and receive advice from the upperclassmen

Volume 51 - 2013


members as they plan chapter events for the spring semester. The chapter’s focus for the spring will be serving the community by fundraising and volunteering at the Salem Animal Shelter, a local organization whose vision is to rescue abused and neglected animals, educate the children and adults in responsible pet care, and place animals in good homes. Students will have the opportunity to continue making the shelter’s vision a reality by providing the funds and the extra hands that the shelter needs while having fun with animals! The chapter looks forward to building the community of ALD inductees and reaching out to the local

community through the Salem Animal Shelter in the upcoming year.

University of South Carolina Columbia, South Carolina

The University of South Carolina chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta has grown to be the largest of the 400 student organizations on campus consistently inducting well over 1200 members each spring. Many new students and parents are impressed that an honor society is the largest group and one of the most prestigious and widely recognized student organizations. With the work of our officers, as well as our ever

diligent advisor, Harrison Greenlaw, our reputation continues to be upheld as we take our chapter to new levels. To start off the school year, a hundred Alpha Lambda Delta members assisted incoming freshman with “Move-In Crew.” Beneath a warm South Carolina August sun, our members worked in six-person teams to help new students move into their new home at the University of South Carolina. We cherish this service project each year, as our ALD chapter is the only student organization permitted to assist faculty/staff with the freshman move-in process.

Right: It’s not a rush for autographs; this crowd is clamoring to sign up to volunteer for service projects at the University of South Carolina. Below: The University of South Carolina’s chapter built this “Canned Creation” during USC’s Homecoming Spirit Week. The cans used in the construction were later donated to the Harvest Hope food bank.

During USC Welcome Week, ALD set up our next event – the Whiz Rings. Known as one of the most attractive and competitive Welcome Week events, our bright gold and red ALD whiz rings attract students from all over campus. New students line up to try their hand at tossing ALD whiz rings at a target in hopes of winning an ALD prize. This is an important recruiting event for new members, as all of our whiz rings and prizes are marked with our honor society name, logo, and website Each fall, ALD hosts the USC Swim Meet for charity. Any student may enter any of twenty competitive or fun events. USC Swimming Champion tshirts are awarded to all swimmers and the ALD volunteers who coordinate or officiate the meet. Appropriately, inflatable trophies are distributed to top point teams and individuals. Around Halloween, ALD co-hosts a two day “Hallowonka” for little kids at the Children’s Museum. For our October chapter meeting there are candy, spooky prizes, and typically a guest speaker. This year we had the University of South Carolina Career Center Director speak about co-op opportunities, internships, job shadowing, summer jobs related to the major, and career employment assistance.

schools, recruiting faculty moderators, selecting questions, plus determining logistics, facilities, food, trophies, keynote speakers, signs, and roles for the various ALD volunteers. Last spring, ALD continued our pattern of having “Clean Carolina” Saturdays, coordinating special Mardis Gras or St. Patrick’s Day festivals, plus helping the University Admissions office with special events and welcoming over 1200 new members. In March 2012, ALD was the only student organization to be accepted to help plan “Travel Lightly,” a program to encourage faculty, staff and students to walk, bike, car pool or use mass transit. ALD hosted six stations around campus distributing t-shirts, stickers, and flyers educating our University population. Our final April gathering is elections and awards. Outstanding Senior Book Awards, gifts, and financial awards are presented and plans for the next fall are discussed.

University of Southern California Los Angeles, California

Over the past year, the University of Southern California chapter of Alpha

Lambda Delta has become a more prominent, recognized organization on campus. Its events, which focus on fostering a sense of community and shared leadership among students, have allowed ALD members to strengthen their bonds with one another. The honor society brings together USC’s brightest students to acknowledge their work ethic and academic success, provide them with benefits and scholarship opportunities, and add social and philanthropic aspects to their student lives. ALD’s growing presence on campus is represented by its recent inductees. In the spring of 2012, ALD at USC inducted 535 new members. Another 110 students were inducted in the fall of 2012. The honor society now encompasses almost 2000 active members who are committed to scholastic excellence in all of their academic pursuits. These students represent a wide variety of majors and areas of study offered at USC. Although all members are committed to their coursework in their respective fields, they boast diverse backgrounds, interests, talents, and extracurricular accomplishments. This diversity contributes to the chapter’s exciting, wellrounded profile and makes for lively exchanges among members.

In November, the Office of Fellowships and Scholarships Program speaks at our chapter meeting to inform our members of opportunities and services available to them. Also, our Gamecock ALD members take part in USC’s Homecoming Spirit Week in the “Canned Creations” event. With over 1,000 cans of food and non-perishables donated by our members, an ALD team built one of the larger structures. The cans used for the structure were then donated to Harvest Hope Food Bank for distribution. Our number one service project is the USC Challenge. For twenty years ALD has hosted a state-wide high school academic team tournament on the campus on the first Saturday in December. Faculty moderators and seventy ALD members coordinate and run 10 rounds of competitions between the high school teams. The ALD vice president begins work on this in September and invests many hours in notifying high 34

The Flame

Volume 51 - 2013

University of Southern California ALD President Nicholas Zobel and Advisor Kris Guzman hand out Diddy Riese cookies and talk to members at the ALD Meet and Greet ice-cream social. 35

unteered and have encouraged others to participate as well. We are continually looking for ways to expand our philanthropic efforts and further our mission of bringing USC’s top scholars together. We are excited to induct a new group of scholars in the spring and to continue to watch our organization grow and thrive!

Susquehanna University Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania

Several ALD members pose for a school yearbook picture at the University of Southern California. The USC chapter of ALD has several goals. We strive to provide students with incentives for their hard work and academic achievement. We also hold events that forge a sense of academic unity and common purpose among members. We have held general meetings and scholarship workshops to keep students informed about scholarship and networking opportunities offered by ALD. At these meetings, students are invited to meet their fellow peers, learn about upcoming events and available scholarships, and give the executive board members feedback about the organization. Members are also treated to pizza during the general meetings. Several times throughout the year, especially leading up to midterms and finals, we set up tables in the hub of campus where we treat members to free ice cream cookie sandwiches. ALD members take a much-needed break from studying and enjoy well-deserved desserts. These frequent social events not only reward students with delicious snacks free of charge, but also allow students to put down their books and converse with one another. Many members stop by to mingle with 36

other students and our ALD advisor, making the “ice cream social” our most popular event. During midterms and finals seasons, we try to relieve stress for our members by passing out free blue books for exams. Our blue books distribution saves students time and money, while providing another outlet for members to congregate and get to know fellow scholars. These on-campus events are open and often attract attention from passersby. We are able to reach out to prospective members who demonstrate an interest in ALD. We maintain contact with them by introducing them to our website and including them in our email list. One of the most significant qualities of our chapter is our commitment to philanthropy. Our organization understands the importance of giving back to the surrounding community, and we hope to instill this sense of responsibility in our members. We hold a toiletry drive, through which we collect goods to donate to the Los Angeles Woman’s Shelter. Recently, ALD has collaborated with A Community Place, USC’s very own food bank. This program has been received positively by our members; many have already vol-

The Susquehanna University Chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society experienced a very exciting and program-filled year. Many of our activities and events centered on community endeavors designed to aid in the wake of wide-spread damage done to our area with flooding. In September of 2011, Tropical Storm Lee wreaked havoc among many eastern states and left a devastating impact in Central Pennsylvania. Various counties experienced flood damage, and once again the town of Bloomsburg found itself underwater, which caused the cancellation of the Bloomsburg Fair, which had been its 156th year of operation. In nearby Danville, Pennsylvania, the local elementary and middle schools experienced severe flooding and, as a result, the grounds and buildings were severely damaged. In particular, the middle-school library suffered great loss of its book inventory and computers. Our chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta sponsored a mid-year book drive to help refill the library, which had lost most of its supplies in the flood. We collected 220 books to donate to this school. We also worked with the Selinsgrove Action Agency to hold a non-perishable food drive to benefit flood victims in the area. Throughout the year the spirit of service was never lost. In the spring, ALD members volunteered at a local soup kitchen, which serves many lowincome families, many of whom were affected by the flood in the fall. In addition to service, our chapter actively worked to inform and encourage students to stay diligent in their studies to meet the standards of academic excellence required by ALD. We began our campaign by putting “Smarties” candy in first-year mailboxes prior to mid-term exams to keep students motivated and to inform them about ALD. The Flame

Celebrating the fourth year of our “Go for the Gold” program, we encouraged students to “go for the gold” during final examinations. This campaign encouraged students to do their best on their finals and to strive for ALD membership, which was part of our goal to meet the “gold-standard” in our annual membership recruitment. Furthermore, we held various events throughout the year for the benefit of first-years, such as a pizza party and information sessions regarding SU’s signature cross-cultural programs requiring students to engage in a cultural immersion experience. We carried this event over to providing additional student peer advising in possible areas of study for our increasing numbers of undeclared students. We did not forget about our current members, though! To kick-start the year, we held an annual letter-making event to promote fellowship and to get members energized for another year of service and academic achievement. Our recruitment efforts yielded a great turnout of new members. 105 bright and talented students and honorary faculty/staff were inducted into the Susquehanna University chapter on April 1st, 2012. In addition, we introduced the Dr. James A. Blessing FirstYear Engagement Award in honor of Dr. James A. Blessing, Professor of Political Science and co-founder of the SU Chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society, who passed away in 2011. The SU Chapter established this award in his name to recognize inductees into the chapter who have demonstrated the hallmarks of Alpha Lambda Delta of outstanding academic achievement and community service while also taking initiative to be actively involved and engaged in the campus and local community during their first-year on campus. Our current president, Ms. Rebecca Neubauer, sophomore and Environmental Science major, was the honored recipient of our inaugural award. Our chapter at Susquehanna University is proud of our accomplishments this year. It is our goal during our programming this year to continue in the tradition of SU’s Chapter of outstanding community service and active memVolume 51 - 2013

bership engagement. Our 2012-2013 Executive Board has sponsored several new initiatives to raise funds for the Red Cross to aid in relief for Hurricane Sandy victims this past October and has increased its recruitment presence in the campus’ first-year seminar classes as well as sponsoring a pizza party for the first year hall with the highest grade point average. As we seek to increase our number of members for this coming spring, we seek to increase the impact we can have in our community. Inspired by our most recent work, we are eager to go above and beyond anything we have ever done before.

Texas A&M University – Commerce Commerce, Texas

Members of the combined chapter of Phi Eta Sigma and Alpha Lambda Delta remain active both on and off campus throughout the year. First, speaking to each group of freshmen at each orientation throughout the Summer (May to August), has become an important and enjoyable part of the PES/ALD experience for many mem-

bers. Volunteers give up about two hours of their time at each orientation event to share tips for success during the freshmen year and to provide the upcoming freshmen with more information on our societies. This serves the dual purpose of enhancing student success in the first year and building information about our groups. Further, members participated in the community July 4th celebration this year. Members used the celebration to solidify our presence within the community. Several members cooked and sold hamburgers, enjoyed the music and fresh air, and most of all enjoyed socializing with community leaders, citizens, and each other! The outing served an additional purpose as the local Commerce Tigersharks Swim Team was invited to participate alongside Phi Eta Sigma & Alpha Lambda Delta to distribute information to attendees regarding a community athletic event. Working together with this group allowed mutual learning and helped further the mission of both societies and community: sharing and embodying the importance of knowledge and continuous learning.

Members of the Texas A&M University-Commerce chapter took part in the community’s 4th of July celebration. Their participation improved the chapter’s visibility in the community and gave members an opportunity to meet and work with community leaders. 37

Transylvania University Lexington, Kentucky

One goal of the Transy chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta this year has been to increase our presence on campus. This semester, ALD participated in the Block Party and the Involvement Fair, two campus-wide events that showcase student organizations. We were able to speak to many first-years, as well as upperclassmen, about ALD’s events, scholarships, and service. Our major event this semester was our biannual Speaker Series, which showcases a faculty member and his/her special areas of interest. This year we were pleased to welcome Dr. Avery Tompkins, a visiting professor of women’s studies, to present his talk “Contested Identities: Cis/Trans Relationships and the (Queer) Politics of Naming.” His talk was well-attended and a great success!

Pumpkins might not be truly “burnt orange,” but that didn’t stop these Texas Longhorns from enjoying a carving party!

University of Texas at Austin Austin, Texas

This year at The University of Texas chapter we have made it our goal to maintain the high standards that helped us win the Order of the Torch for the 2011-2012 school year. One of our main goals is to make sure we offer our members plenty of service and social opportunities! We have two social chairs who have worked really hard to put on some very exciting events this semester. Some of their most popular events include “The Dark Night Rises” movie night in the South Mall, pottery painting, and a laser tag social. We also got groups together to carve pumpkins on Halloween and decorate cupcakes for some fun stress release during midterms. We have also organized two Alpha Lambda Delta IM Sports teams this semester. Both our volleyball team and soccer team worked hard in the UT C League, going to practices every Sunday and playing in games every Thursday night. We already have plans to form an IM softball and an IM basketball team for next semester!


Another important pillar of our organization is service. This semester UT Alpha Lambda Delta has partnered with Project Nourish on campus. Project Nourish sells lunch on campus and uses the proceeds to help fund sustainable programs that promote education and economic development. Alpha Lambda Delta has also participated in Longhorn Halloween and Halloween Hoot. Both programs were created to help children in Austin have a safe and fun Halloween experience. ALD members have also assisted at different career expos in the area, and have helped clean up campus after Saturday football game tailgates. Speaking of tailgates – UT Alpha Lambda Delta has started a new tradition this year! We had our first ever organizational tailgate before the Texas vs. Iowa State game this semester. We served our members donuts, breakfast tacos, and coffee and encouraged them to bring their friends in order to build up team spirit before kick-off! It was a huge success and a new tradition we hope to continue during basketball season this spring. In addition to all our fantastic events we have also been working on improv-

ing organization-wide communication at UT Alpha Lambda Delta. We opened up our facebook page so that all members could post; this way anyone can ask their questions, find rides for events, and make suggestions! We also send out a weekly newsletter in order to keep members informed about upcoming events. Each newsletter contains google docs so that members can sign up for socials and service events. They also include information about our monthly study hours – which we hold both at the library and coffee shops around the city, as well as information about our fundraisers. We feel like it has been a very successful semester here at UT Alpha Lambda Delta and are excited to celebrate all our member’s hard work at our Winter Banquet in December. We will be eating some delicious Italian food and giving out three local scholarships we have worked hard to develop - the Alpha Lambda Delta Spring Study Abroad scholarship, the Most Humanitarian award, and the Overall Best Alpha Lambda Delta Member scholarship. We hope that next semester things will continue to improve and our chapter will continue to grow!

The Flame

Transy ALD was also proud to support HeARTs for Arts, an organization that helps schools with limited or no funding for arts programs. Founded in Lexington, Kentucky (our own beloved location!), this organization has become nationally and even internationally known. Many of those who attended our Speaker Series brought art supplies and monetary donations to give to this wonderful organization and to help schools in our community. Another service project and Transylvania tradition in which we are proud to participate is Crimson Christmas. Transy partners with the Big Brother Big Sister foundation for an annual Christmas celebration held on campus. Campus groups make stockings, gather presents, or provide entertainment and activities for the kids. It is fun for everyone, young and old(er)! We are honored to have, as our faculty advisor, Dr. Mike Nichols, the 2012 Ad-

visor of the Year! He and our chapter president, Elizabeth Hardt, attended the National Workshop in San Antonio, gathering new ideas for the upcoming semester. We were very proud to see Dr. Nichols honored at the national workshop, and we appreciate the crucial role he plays in our chapter and in ALD as a whole. Congrats, Dr. Nichols! Our other advisor is Dr. Kathleen Snell Jagger who was recently appointed Acting Vice President and Dean of the College. We are also proud that in our first class of graduating seniors, two won ALD Graduate Fellowships! Next semester, we especially look forward to inducting our new member class. We will also hold the second part of our Speaker Series, involve ourselves in more service projects, and honor our senior members. We are eager to expand our membership, service, and presence on campus, as well as come together as a chapter and have fun!

Transylvania’s Chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta was among many student organizations represented at the annual Student Involvement Fair held early in the fall term. Many first year students got information about the goals of ALD and the requirements for membership. Representing the Chapter were Rachel Hempel, Co-Historian, and Elizabeth Hardt, Chapter President. Volume 51 - 2013


Valdosta State University Valdosta, Georgia

This year’s 2012-13 Alpha Lambda Delta group has been quite the success! In April 2012, we had 177 new members join our Valdosta State University family! We hope to build upon this strong chapter at Valdosta State University and bring in even more new members next April! Our chapter emphasizes the importance of strong leadership at our university, community service and campus service, and that each member lives up to a higher standard to achieve academic success. In August 2012, we participated in Valdosta State University’s The Happening, an event held each year to introduce new VSU students to the local community and its offerings. Our ALD chapter set up a booth with its motto- “Don’t be a Dumb-Dumb /Be a Smarty” and we gave away Dum-Dum lollipops and Smartie candy, ALD brochures and Flame magazines as well as information about our chapter’s activities! We are currently planning a repeat engagement of our most popular event -Blazer Buddies. Blazer Buddies is an outreach program to serve our local young and underachieving students throughout the county. Each year, at risk K-12 students are invited to spend an evening with VSU students “Blazer Buddies” at a varsity sporting event! The students watch a basketball game and enjoy the evening with a Valdosta State University students from numerous campus organizations. The aim is to hopefully impact their lives in a positive way. Each “Buddy” serves as a host / mentor to a young child. Through this experience, we create lasting memories with each of our guests and students. Our first Blazer Buddies event of 2012 was last spring semester with over 100 guests and 200 plus Buddies participating! It was so popular that we did it twice this year. We will attend another Valdosta State University Blazers men’s basketball game with over 50 youth attending. With ALD’s sponsorship and leadership and the cooperation of many other campus organizations, Blazer Buddies has become one the most successful 40

and anticipated events held. Each year it continues to grow, and many times one guest student attends the event with two or more mentors! How awesome is that!

The flame burns bright at Valdosta State! Go Blazers!

Our next big initiative will be our donation and participation in the VSU campus Relay for Life event in April 2013. Each April, Alpha Lambda Delta often wins the most outstanding campus organizational sponsor award for its donation. It has been the largest campus organization donation several times. Thanks to the growth in this chapter, this year we will likely have the financial ability to donate one of the largest amounts to Relay for Life! We also encourage Alpha Lambda Delta members to attend our community-wide Relay for Life event held at the Valdosta Middle School track at the end of April.

During the 2011-2012 school year Western Michigan University won the Order of the Torch Award and has received the Maintaining the Flame Award this 2012-2013 school year. WMU’s ALD has been working hard to get more members involved and provide more volunteer opportunities. WMU currently has 1,070 members and inducted 383 in February of 2012. In addition to receiving the Maintaining the Flame Award for this school year, this chapter is also celebrating its 50th anniversary of being an honor society on Western Michigan’s campus.

Western Michigan University Kalamazoo, Michigan

For the past ten years Western’s ALD has worked with the Oakwood Community, a local Kalamazoo agency, in cleaning up yards, promoting safe holidays, and hosting holiday parties. Working this close with a local community has allowed for this chapter to get to know the residents of Kalamazoo. Western has also paired with Kalamazoo Parks and Recreation which has provided an even greater amount of volunteering opportunities. Upcoming events for this chapter include adopting a family for the holidays, participating in Habitat for Humanity, celebrating 50 years of being an honor society on WMU’s campus, and working more with Kalamazoo Parks and Recreation and the Oakwood Community.

University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Alpha Lambda Delta at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh has focused on volunteering this year. Our schedule is filled with at least one volunteer event per month. Events have included and will include: Hands on Oshkosh, ringing bells for the Salvation Army, volunteering at a local homeless shelter, Relay for Life participation, and a Shamrock Shuffle team. Hands on Oshkosh gathered students and faculty

The Alpha Lambda Delta chapter at Western Michigan University took part in the city’s holiday parade.

The Flame

alike to go out and serve the needs of the community. Tasks included yard work, painting, organizing, cleaning and much more! Though we had a chilly day, our members enjoyed serving the local community raking leaves at Court Towers in Oshkosh, Wisconsin in October. The Court Towers house those who cannot afford their own residence or are disabled. Shamrock Shuffle is a 5K run/walk that starts and ends near the campus recreation and wellness center. The event is open to the community and Alpha Lambda Delta is looking forward to having a team to support a local charity in March 2013. We most recently volunteered at a Warming Shelter in Oshkosh, the local shelter for the homeless to go to in the evenings. Our tasks included checking people in, handing out “jobs” that residents had to complete before leaving the next morning, doing dishes after dinner, making sure the shower schedule was kept on time, and packing lunches “to go” to eat the next day. Our members enjoyed their experience at the shelter, saying they felt grateful that something like this existed for people. It opened our eyes to how much the shelter is needed in our community, as the shelter only holds 25 people per night and they often have to turn people away. We look forward to going back and volunteering again.

To get new members excited and informed, we had a social with food and fun! We stuck with the theme, “It’s not Greek, it’s Geek” to continue to encourage freshmen to strive for academic excellence. This event was geared towards freshmen to let them know all about Alpha Lambda Delta. We had snacks, including yellow and red cupcakes and cookies, played games, including Apples to Apples and Mad Gab, and completed a service project. The project involved making tray favors to be donated to a local hospital to be placed onto patients’ food trays. Members enjoyed making Thanksgiving boxes from a paper pattern with festive Thanksgiving decorations. The hospital was grateful to receive the 80 boxes and was excited to distribute them! Our chapter is also very excited to announce that our advisor, Michelle Gross, was recently nominated as a Professional Member-at-large for the Alpha Lambda Delta National Council and will begin her three year term this year. Our president for the 2011-2012 school year, Alyssa Kreitzman, was also awarded a Trow Scholarship. We are excited about all the events we have planned and look forward to another great year at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh!

At the University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh, members take a break from working in the community to play a round or two of “Apples to Apples.” Volume 51 - 2013


This year, ALD was proud to add five new chapters to our family, and to welcome two chapters back to the fold. We’d like to say...

conducted the induction ceremony. After each initiate repeated the Alpha Lambda Delta pledge, Dr. Kristin Lyman, Ceremony Reader, called every initiate’s name. Each initiate came forward, signed the chapter roll, and Marcia placed a ribbon with the insignia over the student’s head. Dr. Earwood awarded the new initiates their certificates. Next, Dr. Earwood installed the honorary members. The two chapter advisors, Marcia Bouyea-Hamlet and DeLandra Hunter signed the roll; Dr. Earwood presented insignia and certificates to Marcia and DeLandra.

Clayton State University April 10, 2012

Installed and Reported by Dr. Glenda Earwood On Tuesday, April 10, 2012, at 7:00 p.m., in Morrow, Georgia, in the Student Center on the campus of Clayton State University, Dr. Glenda Earwood, Executive Director installed the 13th Georgia chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta. At the ceremony, a large number of family, friends and faculty, watched 50 initiates and 10 honorary members initiated into Alpha Lambda Delta.

start of the ceremony. The advisors, the installing officer, and the honorary members wore academic regalia. Led in by the installing officer, Dr. Glenda Earwood, followed by the advisors, Marcia Bouyea-Hamlet and DeLandra Hunter and the honorary members, the new initiates processed in to a standing ovation of relatives and friends.

After Dr. Mark Daddona, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management and Academic Success introduced himself and the University Officials, Dr. Tim Hynes, President, extended welcome and congratulations to the new initiates and their guests. Dr. Daddona introduced Dr. Earwood by reading a brief biography. Dr. Earwood, assisted by Marcia Bouyea-Hamlet and DeLandra Hunter

Before the ceremony, Dr. Glenda Earwood met with the advisors, Marcia Bouyea-Hamlet and DeLandra Hunter as well as the new officers. These advisors and the new officers were all instrumental in establishing this new chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta. DeLandra Hunter had served as the chapter advisor at the University of West Georgia before assuming the role of Director of the First Year Advising and Retention Center at Clayton State. Marcia Bouyea-Hamlet attended the ALD workshop in Charlotte to find out more about the Society. All new members, installing officers, advisors, and honorary members assembled in the hallway prior to the 42

After the initiation of the new honorary members, the officers of the new chapter each took their oath of office. Terrence Dixon accepted the role of Chapter President; Alexandra Destin agreed to become the Vice President; Mary Tran became the Secretary and Priyani Patel accepted the responsibilities of Treasurer. Tammy Spikes pledged to fill the responsibilities of Historian; Jonathan Anderson agreed to serve as Webmaster; and Todd Burke accepted the role of Editor. Dr. Glenda Earwood installed the chapter, and President Terrence Dixon accepted the charter, made a few remarks about the challenge of accepting the responsibilities of having a chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta, and directed the new initiates and their guests to the reception. All newly initiated members and honorary members processed out and went to a wonderful reception with their family and friends.

installing officers at the University of Arkansas chapter. Faculty and students at the University of Arkansas successfully petitioned National Alpha Lambda Delta for installation as a new chapter, and members of National Council approved installation for April 22, 2012. Chase Young was the primary contact for this new chapter. We met Chase Young and Quincy Spencer, the advisors for the new chapter at Arkansas, at the student union outside of the ceremony room, two hours prior to the installation. By this point in time all things were set in place for the ceremony to begin. There were just over four hundred students ready to be initiated; however, only a rough estimate of one hundred and fifty attended. The small showing was due to Greek life activities being held by respective organizations on the same day of the ALD initiation ceremony. Chase Young, Quincy Spencer, and the new University of Arkansas student officers maintained a great attitude and made our visit more enjoyable than we could have imagined. The ceremony went smoothly and was complemented nicely by the venue. In all, it was a great look and feel. Dr. Portwood and Ms. Miller sat at the initiation table that was nicely decorated with gilt candelabra, the initiation insignia cloth, and large candles in ALD colors. At Chase Young’s request, Dr. Portwood and Ms. Miller shared in the reading of the ritual; Christopher Julius, Ar’Ree Anderson, and Shawn Guo shared in the

presentation and revealed the charter after the installation of University of Arkansas initiates, honorary members, and executive officers. In closing the ceremony, new University of Arkansas ALD President, Abigail Brumfield congratulated new initiates and accepted the charter. Next, Abigail thanked the University of Oklahoma attendees and then encouraged all present to meet outside the ceremony room for snacks and refreshments. We were then invited to dinner and spent much of our time just getting to know one another. After much conversation and exchanging of contact information, it was evident that the students and advisors were excited about having Alpha Lambda Delta present on their campus. The University of Oklahoma chapter was very grateful for the chance to install this new chapter. Thank you to National Council for this awesome opportunity!

Pace University - Pleasantville April 19, 2012

Installed by Dr. Glenda Earwood Report by Kristina Vukaj, Pace University Chapter President It was an honor to be part of the first ever Alpha Lambda Delta Induction Ceremony at Pace University, Pleasantville Campus. The ceremony took place on April 19, 2012. On this day, all members of the first chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta on the Pleasantville campus signed the chapter role and ac-

University of Arkansas April 22, 2012

Installed by the University of Oklahoma Chapter Report by Chris Julius, Nat’l Council Member-at-Large

The officers of the new chapter at Clayton State University in Morrow, GA. The Flame

On Sunday, April 22, 2012, Dr. Portwood, University of Oklahoma chapter advisor; Ms. Miller, University of Oklahoma chapter advisor; Christopher Julius, University of Oklahoma Chapter President; Ar’Ree Anderson, University of Oklahoma Junior Advisor; and Shawn Guo, University of Oklahoma Elections Chair, drove to Fayetteville, Arkansas, to serve as Volume 51 - 2013

The Pace University chapter was formally installed on April 19, 2012. 43

cepted their induction into this prestigious honor society. We were fortunate enough to be inducted by Dr. Glenda Earwood, the Executive Director of ALD who traveled all the way from Macon, Georgia to attend our event. Also at the ceremony were members, family, friends, and faculty. The room was set up as per Alpha Lambda Delta requirements. During the ceremony we were reminded that by accepting membership into ALD, we were accepting the responsibility of continuing to maintain its standards of service, industry, integrity, and giving support to the recognition and development of meaningful goals for students. Additionally, that as excelling students with good heads on our shoulders, we were to continue to maintain scholarship and to use our education for the benefit of our community, nation, and the world in which we live. We hope to continue to live and learn by these standards. We then inducted our officers for the 20112012 year, accepted our charter, which is now hanging in our ALD office, and inducted our honorable members. The experience was a great one, and in our case a historical one. It is great to be able to say we are members of the first Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society at Pace. The accomplishment is an awesome one and something of which we are very proud. The ceremony ended with a short reception and distribution of honor cords and Alpha Lambda Delta t-shirts.

Pace University - New York City April 1, 2012

Installed and Reported by Dr. Glenda Earwood On Friday, April 20, 2012, at 4:00 pm, on the downtown Manhattan campus of Pace University, Dr. Glenda Earwood, Executive Director installed a new chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta. At the ceremony, several faculty members, watched the 85 initiates and two honorary members be initiated into Alpha Lambda Delta. Before the ceremony, the installing officers and chapter advisor, Michael Verdino met with Dr. Glenda Earwood. 44

Michael Verdino, Associate Director, First Year Experience and the new officers were all instrumental in establishing this new chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta. All new members, installing officers, advisors, and honorary members assembled in the hallway prior to the start of the ceremony. Led in by the installing officer, Dr. Glenda Earwood, the advisor, officers, honorary member, and the new initiates processed into the lecture hall. After Michael Verdino thanked the initiates and guests for coming on a Friday afternoon, Michael introduced installing officer, Dr. Glenda Earwood, and Will Imbriale, Director for the Office for Student Success. Will Imbriale extended welcome and congratulations to the new initiates and their guests. Will shared that he had not been inducted into an honor society during his first year of college and how much the new initiates had to be proud of because of their academic accomplishments. He talked about the academic aims of Pace University and the pride of the University in becoming part of this national network of Alpha Lambda Delta chapters. Dr. Earwood, assisted by Michael Verdino conducted the induction ceremony. After each initiate repeated the Alpha Lambda Delta pledge, Dr. Earwood called every initiate’s name. Each initiate came forward, signed the chapter roll, and accepted their new ALD certificate from Dr. Earwood. Next, Dr. Earwood installed the honorary members – Michael Verdino and William Imbriale. Dr. Earwood read a brief bio for each honorary member. The two honorary members signed the roll and Dr. Earwood presented certificates to them. After the initiation of the new honorary members, the officers of the new chapter each took their oath of office. Lauren Garofolo accepted the role of Chapter President; Shannon McMahon agreed to become the Vice President; Maria Costa became the Secretary and Fred Cucciniello accepted the responsibilities of Treasurer. Finally, Dr. Glenda Earwood installed the chapter and President Lauren Ga-

rofolo accepted the charter. Chapter President Garofolo made a wonderful speech about the service opportunities for the new ALD members in New York City and how they could enrich each other’s lives by becoming involved. Afterwards, Michael Verdino challenged the new initiates and directed the new initiates and their guests to the reception. After a photograph was taken of the new initiates, all newly initiated members and honorary members received tee-shirts and went to a wonderful reception with their family and friends.

ing documentaries; the death-defying stunts and dizzying heights might have been intended to induce an adrenaline rush, but they also served to remind the new ALD members in attendance that there is no height that is unattainable and no mountain unclimbable.

Lyon College

April 1, 2012, was a special day for Alpha Lambda Delta. A chapter that had not initiated new members for 14 years was reactivated with a gala celebration and ceremony. The ALD Chapter at Northern Kentucky University in Highland Heights, Kentucky (just south of Cincinnati, Ohio), was chartered in 1994, but not been active since 1998. However, with the energy and initiative of advisors Dr. Mei Mei Burr and Ms. Tracy Hart with the founding members of the reactivated chapter, 112 students were initiated in a ceremony held in the Grand Ballroom of the Student Center as 200 friends and family members cheered them on. Dr. Burr, NKU’s Senior Lecturer and Director of First Year Programs, began the ceremony with a welcome to the new members and their guests. Dr. Mike Nichols, ALD advisor at Transylvania University, representing the ALD National Council, welcomed NKU back into the Alpha Lambda Delta family. He discussed the history and spirit of the Society and described the opportunities for leadership experience, scholarships and fellowships, and meeting members from throughout the United States at national leadership conferences. Denise Ward, the Junior Advisor from Transylvania University’s ALD Chapter, described how chapters could sponsor social and academic activities as well as outreach to the community outside the University. Both Dr. Nichols and Ms. Ward encouraged the new members to make a difference! Dr. Nichols inducted Dr. Burr and Ms. Hart as Honorary Members of Alpha Lambda Delta, citing their contributions to their students and the Northern Kentucky University Chapter. Dr.

Congratulations to the Lyon College chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta!

Northern Kentucky University April 1, 2012

Reactivated and Reported by Dr. Mike Nichols

September 15, 2012 Installed and Reported by Lee Greenway A picturesque campus located in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains, Lyon College was founded in 1872. The students, faculty, and staff of this Batesville, Arkansas college welcomed National Director of Communications Lee Greenway to their campus to install the newest Alpha Lambda Delta chapter. The ceremony coincided with the campus Family Weekend, so the whole of the Lyon campus was in a festive mood, despite an overcast sky and a slight September chill. Dr. Wesley Beal, Assistant Professor of English and Alpha Lambda Delta advisor, greeted Greenway in front of the college’s beautiful chapel during an early-afternoon drizzle. A quick campus tour followed – as soon as the weather allowed a slightly drier walk – and a driving tour of the small town. Shortly before the advertised starting time, the newly-elected student officers met with Dr. Beal and Greenway to make last-minute adjustments and to do a quick run-through of the planned program. Dr. Tim Lindblom, Associate Professor of Biology and Alpha Chi advisor for Lyon College, assisted with the ceremony and will be assisting Dr. Beal in advisement of the ALD chapter. The Alpha Lambda Delta chapter was formally installed in Brown Chapel, with a large contingent of family and friends in attendance. After introducing the advisors and installing officer, Dr. Beal briefly recapped the history of The Flame

A proud group of new Alpha Lambda Delta members at Lyon College, one of Alpha Lambda Delta’s newest chapters. Alpha Lambda Delta. The traditional Alpha Lambda Delta candles of red, gold, and white were lit, and the advisors, chapter officers, and installing officer negotiated the formalities of installing the Alpha Lambda Delta chapter. Chapter President Zeb Schichtl received the chapter charter. The new initiates were invited onstage to receive their membership certificates and jewelry, and from the quantity of flashbulbs and the volume of the applause, it was obvious that there were some very proud families and friends in the crowd. Finally, Greenway took the podium for a last time to address the new initiates, and to encourage them to make the most of the college experience by trying new things. Following the ALD installation ceremony, many of the students and families remained for the chapter’s Alpha Chi induction ceremony while others headed towards Edward Commons, the Lyon College student center. Following the Alpha Chi ceremony, the new initiates of both societies and their families were treated to an exceptional meal, hosted by Lynn Weatherman, wife of University President Donald Weatherman. During the dinner, Dr. Volume 51 - 2013

Weatherman addressed the crowd briefly, thanking the advisors for their hard work with the campus honor societies and congratulated the students for their exceptional academic success. Greenway followed, explaining some of the benefits of Alpha Lambda Delta and encouraging members to apply for ALD scholarships and fellowships. Dr. Lindblom briefly discussed Alpha Chi and the successes of the AX chapter at Lyon, and introduced Dr. Patrick Mulick of the Psychology Department, who delivered a lecture on the need for more effective mental health services for our nation’s veterans. The evening wrapped up with an invitation for all to some of the Family Weekend events; installing officer Greenway took advantage of the opportunity to mingle with more of Lyon’s students and guests at an event put on by the campus’ outdoors-adventure group. With their location near the Ozarks, the Mississippi River basin, and many of Arkansas’s other natural wonders, the student population is extremely involved with rafting, kayaking, climbing, rapelling, biking, sailing, and any other outdoors activity one could imagine. There was a packed house for a quartet of mountain-climb-


last 8 years, the chapter has been re-energized by the creation of a First Year Experience Office at the university. The 215 upper-class students who met the requirements from their first year brought their families to the ceremony and had the opportunity to mingle with each other over a reception provided by Chartwells, the university food provider. Provost Kristen Esterberg welcomed the new inductees and shared her thoughts on how impressed the institution is with how each student not only achieved success their first year, but each subsequent year after that.

Dr. Mike Nichols (at podium) reactivates the Northern Kentucky University chapter. Burr had taught for 13 years in NKU’s Department of Psychology prior to joining First-Year Programs in 2010. She holds degrees from Kenyon College, the College of William and Mary, and the University of Cincinnati. Ms. Hart, a full-time lecturer in First-Year programs, has taught University 101, Gender and the Law, and Introduction to Public Speaking. She holds degrees from Western Illinois University and the University of Illinois at Chicago. After Dr. Nichols installed the Chapters Officers, Dr. Burr and Ms. Hart initiated the new members with the assistance of Chapter President Desai Talbott and Vice President Chris Thorpe. Each new

initiate received a membership certificate and an Alpha Lambda Delta pin. After inspiring closing remarks by Ms. Hart and the singing of the Alma Mater, the formal ceremony concluded with a reception for new members and guests. It was a very special day, indeed, for Alpha Lambda Delta and for Northern Kentucky University.

Salem State University

Reactivated November 27, 2012 On Tuesday November 27, 2012 the Salem State University chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta inducted 215 members into the organization. Inactive for the

In line with the Alpha Lambda Delta idea of “passing on the torch”, each inductee received their membership pin on a red ribbon which was placed over their head by one of the executive board members who had been working over the last six months to re-establish the chapter. In addition, each inductee was encouraged to take a red glass marble from a large jar. They were invited to pass on their appreciation and gratitude to someone who made a difference to them during their first year by sharing the marble with that individual. This tradition will continue with each new set of inductees. Currently, plans are underway for several service projects as well as some collaborative activities with Phi Kappa Phi, the international honor society recognizing upper-class, graduate, and faculty academic excellence.



Any initiated member of Alpha Lambda Delta who has maintained the cumulative grade point average of Alpha Lambda Delta (i.e., 3.5 on a 4.0 scale or the equivalent) is eligible to apply for the Trow Undergraduate Scholarship for the following academic year - students inducted between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31, 2012 will be eligible for this year’s competition.

Each year, National Alpha Lambda Delta awards scholarships to outstanding undergraduate members to support their educational opportunities as part of study abroad programs. These scholarships have been established to help qualified members offset the costs of studies abroad. Only students inducted into Alpha Lambda Delta prior to January 1, 2012 and are planning to study abroad during 2013-2014 are eligible to compete for this award.



Salem State University rejoined the Alpha Lambda Delta family on November 27, 2012 46


The Flame

2012 National Council Meeting

Fond Farewells to Three Friends A Resolution Recognizing Dillon Etter, read into the record by Lisa Ruch:

ken hands, and a cornucopia of other ailments....

a college... (note: Otterbein College became Otterbein University in 2010)

Whereas he has most recently chaired the Long-Range Planning and Expansion Committees, served on the Chapter Relations and Administrative Committees, and served as the Finance Committee Motion Man....

Whereas she utilized her fluent Spanish to present the Order of the Torch to the University of Texas-Pan American....

Whereas, (as attested to by her co-adviser Robert Place), her many groups of officers have been proud to consider themselves part of her family….

Whereas he has been an esteemed recipient of both the Trow and Stemler Scholarships with the Fellowship yet to come to complete the trifecta.... Whereas he outdid himself at the Orlando workshop by arranging an awesome service project with the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary and allowed us to meet Magoo the owl....

Above: The 2011-2012 National Council of Alpha Lambda Delta. Below: Sandrea Williamson and Chris Julius are the two newest Members-at-Large on the ALD National Council.

The National Council of Alpha Lambda Delta met in June of 2012 in New Orleans, Louisiana, to discuss policies for the Society, set goals, manage finances, plan programs, and discuss ways to make ALD an even more vital organization. Sandrea Williamson, Assistant Director of the Honors Program at North Carolina A & T State University, and Chris Julius, a student from the University of Oklahoma, were installed as members of the National Council. Each member presented their annual reports of activities for Alpha Lambda Delta both nationally and at their own local chapters. In her annual report, Executive Director Dr. Glenda Earwood presented a very positive view of the state of ALD. Membership reached a grand total of 33,867 members including 33,713 student members and 154 honorary members, an all-time record. The increase was accounted for, in part, by use of My Honor Society, the online membership service, the installation of seven new chapters, and nine chapters who did not initiate students in 2011, but added 802 members in 2012. My Honor Society continues to get very positive reviews, and this year 65% of


this year’s membership joined via this service. Announcements were made for Order of the Torch and Maintaining the Flame Awards, as well as winners of the graduate fellowships, the Stemler Scholarships, and the Trow scholarships. The Council moved to increase the amount of the Mary Jane Stevenson Fellowship from $5,000 to $6,000. Ms. Stevenson was the first-full-time Executive Director of ALD. Plans were made for the 90th Anniversary Celebration in 2014 of ALD’s founding with the aim of organizing activities at the national and local chapter level. 2012 saw a dramatic increase in chapter submissions to the Flame, so the size of the magazine will go from 48 to 52 pages in 2013. The new website was discussed, and in the fiscal year of 2012, there were over 62,000 visitors to the site. The very positive evaluations of the 2011 National Workshop were discussed, and plans were made for the 2012 workshop This year’s National Council meeting concluded with resolutions being read for our three departing members Dillon Etter, Deborah Manzanares, and Lois Szudy (see next page). The Flame

Whereas he was the icebreaker king and was awed by the roar of race cars and all the NASCAR dudes at the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte.... Whereas he delivers speeches in triple time and could most likely recite the ALD constitution in 60 seconds or less if faced with an audience.... Whereas we’ll be meeting in all the Sans in the next couple of years -- San Antonio, San Francisco, and San Diego -- all sans Dillon -- he will be with us in spirit and in our hearts. Therefore be it resolved that the National Council wishes him the best in all of his future endeavors and thanks him for his three years of steadfast dedication and service to Alpha Lambda Delta.

Whereas she has shown her incredible thoughtfulness by making numerous awesome gift bags for everyone on the National Council.... Whereas she has been fortunate to celebrate her birthday with the national council at the annual June meeting a few times.... Whereas she comes from a certifiably ALD family as her husband is also an ALD advisor and her son is a former council member.... Therefore, be it resolved that the National Council declares that we are most grateful for her loyal service as well her cheerful and unwavering spirit, especially in the face of adversity. A Resolution Recognizing Lois Szudy, read into the record by Butch Hill and Mike Nichols: Whereas, Lois Szudy has served the national council ably and well as professional member at large…. Whereas, she is a legend among chapter advisors in Order of the Torch competitions, boasting a collection of red banners dating from the days when Otterbein was

Whereas, she has been a valued member of many committees of national council, perhaps most notably on the fellowship committee. She has always been willing to drive anywhere for ALD, whether it be across Columbus to Easton, or here to New Orleans…. Whereas, she provided many useful insights and helpful ideas in the deliberations at National Council meetings, as well as on the many Council committees on which she has served…. Whereas, her sense of humor and good will has added much to the constructive atmosphere at Council meetings and made her a much appreciated colleague…. Whereas, she will be missed, but she will continue to be a valued member of the ALD family. Be it resolved that Lois Szudy ‘s contributions to Alpha Lambda Delta at the national level and within her local chapter at Otterbein University will always be recognized and appreciated, and we wish her well as she returns to her ALD family in Westerville.

A Resolution Recognizing Deborah Manzanares, read into the record by Lisa Ruch: Whereas she has served on both the Stemler and Trow scholarship selection committees and most recently served on the Administrative, Publications, Longe-Range Planning, and Expansion Committees.... Whereas she has resurrected the formerly inactive Baylor University ALD chapter…. Whereas she has kept the Baylor ALD chapter rolling in spite of treacherous spider bites in Barcelona, broken knees, broVolume 51 - 2013

L-R: Deborah Manzanares, Dillon Etter, and Lois Szudy 49

ED Advisors of the Year (continued from page 25) • Volunteer at Center in the Woods (recognition dinner, bingo bonanza, calendar party, and waffle breakfast/ carnation sale. • Assist at local food pantry one day per month • Give tours during Discovery Days on campus and work information tables. • Assist at the Big Event, a community service project. • Assist with Relay for Life to benefit the American Cancer Society, American Heart Association’s Hear Walk, and Cal U. Homecoming Parade. • Assist with Martin Luther King Day of Service. • Assist with the Organizational Fair on campus. • Assist with the SECA Spaghetti Luncheon at charity fundraiser. • Assist Career Services with “Major Dilemma.” • Help at the local Fire Hall Fish-Fry. • Assist at the Etiquette Dinner on campus. • Assisted with the Bots IQ (Robot Competition). • Assist at the Science Olympiad on campus. • Helped at a campus event for high school students for the Office of Student Success. • Assisted with the Toys for Tots collection on campus. • Participated at the Zumbathon to support the American Cancer Society. Melissa Ohlfest is Program Specialist – Parent Relations and has advised the Alpha Lambda Delta at Georgia State University chapter since 2010. An active and enthusiastic advisor, Melissa utilized the new online registration system which helped the chapter achieve a 38% increase in members! Membership went from 203 in 2011 to 280 members in 2012, earning the chapter a Silver Delta Award. The chapter won the Order of the Torch Award which only goes to the top five chapters in the country; the students have been extremely active in both the local and campus communities. Some of the many service activities included ALD Induction, Honors’ Fair, Welcome Week Luau, National Leadership Convention, ALD Awards Ceremony, Relay for Life, AIDS Walk, and Homecoming Events. Marilyn Gadomski, Professor of Psychology, has advised the Alpha Lambda Delta chapter at Liberty University since 1993. An active and enthusiastic advisor, Professor Gadomski with the help of Bessie Grayson, helped the chapter achieve a 147% increase in members! Even with 890 eligible students, the chapter achieved a yield of 73%, earning the chapter a Bronze Alpha Award. In addition to holding two initiation ceremonies in FY2012, this marked increase and high participation indicates that the powerful influence of 50

Professor Gadomski on the growth of the Liberty University chapter. The chapter applied for the Order of the Torch Award which only goes to the top five chapters in the country and won the Award this year. The students have been extremely active in both the local and campus communities. Some of the many service activities included the fall campus-wide block party with SGA, fundraiser for Somalia Horn of Africa Campaign, Hope for the Homestead, Jubilee Center Thanksgiving Service providing for meals for 15 families, Valentine activity with the children at the Jubilee Family Development Center, ALD meeting emphasizing study abroad opportunities, the Senior Awards Banquet and an annual ALD Sponsored Campus-Wide Teddy Bear Drive. At Texas Tech University, Kristen Bigbee, Accounting Instructor, has advised the Alpha Lambda Delta chapter since 2008. Under her advisement, ,membership grew from 304 in 2011 to 446 members in 2012, earning the chapter a Silver Delta Award. This marked increase indicates that Kristen has had a powerful influence on the growth of the Texas Tech University chapter and that the quality of the entering class at the institution is improving. The chapter has applied for the Order of the Torch Award which only goes to the top five chapters in the country; the students have been extremely active in both the local and campus communities. Some of the many activities included ALD monthly general meetings which brought in several guest speakers, two community service events per month which involved helping with the local children’s home, Boys & Girls Club, food bank, Susan G. Komen Foundation and the Ronald McDonald House. The city of Lubbock was blessed through the activities of the Alpha Lambda Delta chapter. The role of the chapter advisor is absolutely critical to the success of the chapter and the national organization,” said Dr. Susan Huffman, National President of Alpha Lambda Delta. In this serious economic decline where staff and faculty members are asked and expected to do more than ever before, it is important that chapter advisors are recognized and appreciated for their service and commitment to students and to Alpha Lambda Delta. These advisors have done exceptional jobs and deserve the recognition of this award. “The National Council is very proud and grateful to these advisors for the outstanding work they do,” said Dr. Glenda Earwood, Executive Director.

The Flame


OCTOBER 18-20, 2013


The Flame

Volume 51 - 2013


Flame 2013  

The Flame is Alpha Lambda Delta's annual magazine. It highlights the individual and chapter accomplishments of the previous year. Founded in...

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