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Volume 50 2011

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The Flame Volume 50 - 2012 A Publication of National Alpha Lambda Delta

Inside this issue... A Note From the Executive Director . . . . .3 2011 Nat’l Leadership Workshop . . . . . . . .4 The Order of the Torch . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6 Chapter Activity Reports . . . . . . . . . . . . .12 The Wave of the Future: MHS . . . . . . . . . .24 Stemler Scholarship Winners . . . . . . . . . .25 Graduate Fellows . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .26 Trow Scholarship Winners . . . . . . . . . . . .28 Outstanding Advisor of the Year . . . . . . .30 ED’s Outstanding Advisors . . . . . . . . . . . .31 Quick Snaps . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .40 Welcome: New Chapters . . . . . . . . . . . . .41 National Council update . . . . . . . . . . . . . .45 In Memorium: Dr. Harry Hale . . . . . . . . . .46 Lampadia Awards . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .47 Financial Statement . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .47 The Flame is a publication of National Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society for First Year College Students. The Flame PO Box 4403 Macon, GA 31208-4403 1-800-9-ALPHA-1

Mission Statement: To communicate the activities, ideals and accomplishments of Alpha Lambda Delta with the vision to create and project a positive image of the Society as a progressive and relevant collegiate organization with a committment towards excellence.

Editorial Policy: Alpha Lambda Delta reserves the right to exercise editorial decisions over written materials and/or articles submitted for publication. Content, design, and layout will be the decision of the editorial staff.

National Director of Communication Lee Greenway (left) and National Editor Dr. Mike Nichols (right)

Change... expect it. A note from the Executive Director Change is a part of life. Most of you left home to go to college; got a roommate and maybe changed roommates again; learned to go to class without a parent telling you to get up. You change classes everyday and at the end of the term, you get a new set of classes and instructors – more change. Life will continue to change. College life will end, and you will move on to graduate or professional school or a career. You may move to a new location and meet new people – more change. Technology keeps changing. In 1999, Alpha Lambda Delta was one of the first honor societies to post a website. During the last 12 years, Alpha Lambda Delta has responded to changes in technology by receiving membership lists first via fax, then by e-mail, and then on the website. The ALD National Council decided to add an online registration system which should make inviting eligible students, collecting national and local dues, and managing membership much easier. We have had very positive responses from students and advisors thus far. The Alpha Lambda Delta National Council made several important decisions at their June meeting. The ALD National Council added $25,000 to the undergraduate scholarships. The top five Trow winners will receive a $6,000 scholarship and the number of Stemler study abroad scholarships has increased from 10 to 15. ALD offers 23 graduate fellowships from $3,000 to $7,500; the deadline is Jan. 31, and the application is on the ALD website. The deadline for the Stemler Study Abroad scholarships is Feb. 15. The Trow scholarships ranging from $1000 to $6000 have an April 1 deadline. For almost 90 years, Alpha Lambda Delta has been recognizing and rewarding academic excellence among first year students. The National Council of Alpha Lambda Delta are good stewards of the resources of the national organization and of the student members of the Society. The last dues increase for Alpha Lambda Delta was twelve years ago. The National Council decided it was time for another modest dues increase of $5 (from $20 to $25) to support the increase in scholarships, to continue to offer the workshop at great locations, and to implement the on line registration system. Alpha Lambda Delta has been richly blessed to have long serving volunteers - loyal advisors

and National Council members – willing to give of their most precious resource – time – to further the purposes of Alpha Lambda Delta and recognize academic excellence among students early in their college careers. The current National Council of Alpha Lambda Delta is fortunate to stand on the shoulders of those volunteers who came before -who were wise to invest the financial resources of the Society; recently, the value of the Perpetual Fellowship Fund crossed the $3.5 million mark; this fund has enabled the Society to help hundreds of Alpha Lambda Delta members pursue their goals of continuing higher education. In the midst of budget cuts where staff is asked to do more with less, I appreciate that all of our volunteer advisors give so freely of themselves to fulfill the mission of the Society: to promote intelligent living and a continued high standard of learning and to assist women and men in recognizing and developing meaningful goals for their roles in society. Saying thanks is an act of simplicity and doesn’t cost anything! Please take time to thank your chapter advisors! Write a thank you note to your advisors, your academic counselor, or the faculty member you just learned so much from. Thanks means so much! One of the other strengths of Alpha Lambda Delta is the abundance and diversity of service projects members are involved in around the country. You are truly a generation of students willing to help others. The generosity that I have observed from students with their time and financial resources touches my heart and leads me to believe that the future will be in good hands. Looking back is a good way to see where we’ve come from, but we must always be focused on the future. Building on the past and celebrating the academic success of today’s college students, Alpha Lambda Delta looks forward to the next 90 years! Thank you so much for all that you do as members of Alpha Lambda Delta and please continue to make a difference. Sincerely, Glenda Earwood Executive Director

VrooooooooM! 2011 National Leadership Workshop

Alpha Lambda Deltans from around the US “Race for Success” in one of America’s “fastest” cities - Charlotte, North Carolina Almost 200 Alpha Lambda Delta students, chapter advisors, and National Council members gathered this year in Charlotte, North Carolina, for the Annual Leadership Workshop. Sixty-six ALD chapters were represented when Executive Director Dr. Glenda Earwood welcomed the workshop participants on Friday, October 14th, to three days packed with learning new skills, meeting new friends, touring some of Charlotte’s many attractions, hearing a very inspiring keynote address and Advisor of the Year speech, and just having fun meeting ALD members from around the nation. After welcoming statements from Executive Director Earwood, we were treated to a remarkable keynote address from Dr. Patrick Hickey. A registered nurse by profession, Dr. Hickey received two master’s degree and a Doctor of Public Health from the University of South Carolina where he continues to teach as well as direct the Capstone Scholars Program. And - by the way - from 2001-2007 Dr. Hickey climbed the seven highest mountains on the seven continents of the world! He is one of only 120 people in the world to accomplish this, and so far, he is the only nurse to make it to all seven summits. His exploits are chronicled in his book, 7 Summits: A Nurse’s Quest to Conquer Mountaineering and Life, in which he describes how hard work, persistence, belief in oneself, and the support of family and friends can help anyone reach


National Council Student Members-at-Large Dillon Etter and Kelci Teut greet Workshop attendees on Friday evening. the top of the world. His presentation, complete with video and audience interaction, was enthusiastically received with a standing ovation. Dr. Hickey doesn’t accept honorariums, so Alpha Lambda Delta made a contribution to the Nurses Can Do Anything Scholarship he established for the National Student Nurses Association. Friday evening finished with get acquainted mixers and a water bottle exchange, while advisors attended a get-together hosted by National President Susan Huffman. Saturday breakfast came bright and early the next morning with presentations about submitting materials to The Flame and all the services provided to Chapters by the National Office. Following breakfast, attendees took part in

Workshop interest sessions, covering topics from technology to service projects, from recruitment ideas to financial management. After box lunches, time was allotted on Saturday afternoon to tour some of Charlotte’s most unique

2011 Workshop Interest Sessions • • • • • • • • •

Utilizing the new My Honor Society system Winning the Order of the Torch, Applying for ALD Scholarships and Fellowships Best practices for recruiting new members Social networking strategies Hints and tips for running a stress-free chapter Officer-Advisor relationships Chapter service projects that make a difference Advice for Advisors ALD - The Flame

Alpha Lambda Deltans traveled from around the nation to join us in Charlotte, and they were happy to point out their hometowns on our handy map. cultural and tourist attractions, including the NASCAR Hall of Fame, the Gantt Center for African-American Arts and Culture, the Levine Museum of the New South, the Mint Museum of Craft and design, as well as Charlotte’s EpiCenter.

Knepper challenged the notion of “racing” for success and provided some powerful examples of leadership to an enthusiastic audience. An evening of dancing and fellowship and just good conversation followed the banquet.

Saturday evening featured the annual awards banquet that recognized Trow winners in attendance, chapter membership awards, Order of the Torch winners, and this year’s Advisor of the Year, Dr. Marty Knepper. A long-time ALD advisor, Dr. Knepper of Morningside College serves as Professor and Chair in the Department of English. In her address, Dr.

After the Sunday morning continental breakfast and evaluations of the workshop, Alpha Lambda Delta members said their goodbyes, exchanged addresses, and promised to stay in touch before dashing to make airplane flights, leaving with new ideas and insights to make their chapters even stronger and more vital.

Check out photos from charlotte on the following pages... ...and mark your calendars: if you missed us in charlotte, you’ll want to be there when ALD visits the lone star state.

2012 ALD Workshop: San Antonio, TEXAS

Volume 50 -2012


Giving bacK 2011 National Leadership Workshop

A very important part of the Workshop is the National Service Project. This year, ALD partnered with The Relatives (, a youth shelter in Charlotte. The Relatives is Mecklenburg County, North Carolina’s only shelter for homeless and runaway youth. The program operates around-the-clock, 365 days a year. Funding is provided by government grants, corporations and foundations, and individuals like you.

At the 2011 Workshop, attendees were asked to bring personal items, toys and games, and other necessities for donation to The Relatives. And what a response! In the photo below, you can see the sheer volume of material that Alpha Lambda Delta members across the nation donated to The Relatives. Thanks to all of our attendees for proving, once again, how caring and generous Alpha Lambda Delta members really are!

“We are so grateful for all that you and the Alpha Lambda Delta group did for us. In addition to the clothes, hygiene products, toiletries, etc. that we estimate to total $2,500, you all provided cash, checks, and gift cards totaling $1,555. It was an amazing night.” -Brennon D. Graham Executive Director The Relatives

Photo finisH 2011 National Leadership Workshop



TORCH A torch is a versatile thing a source of light and of heat, a beacon in the dark, a warning of danger, or a herald of something wonderful. For Alpha Lambda Deltans, the torch represents the burning flame of knowledge, and the drive to share that knowledge with others. With our mission of celebrating success and encouraging the same in others, Alpha Lambda Delta has long held the image of a torch in high esteem, and we are proud each year to bestow upon the most exceptional chapters in the nation the prestigious Order of the Torch Award. This year, a record seven institutions were inducted into the Order, and you can read the reports of each chapter’s award presentation on the following pages. National ALD would like to offer our congratulations to this year’s Order of the Torch winners!

Morningside College September 20, 2011 Presented by Dr. Susan Huffman Dr. Susan Melson Huffman, National President, presented the Order of the Torch Award to the Morningside College chapter at 5:00 P.M. on Tuesday, September 20, 2011. The ceremony was held at the UPS Auditorium on the Morningside campus in Sioux City, Iowa. Dr. Huffman made the presentation after the college’s faculty meeting. Attendees included faculty and deans from the college, several current officers, and many of last year’s officers who had been responsible for putting together a very creative and informative scrapbook of the past year’s activities. Chapter Advisors - Dr. Marty Knepper and Vice President for Enrollment and Student Services Terri Curry - were instrumental in arranging the program. President Huffman spoke to the students and guests about the history of the Order of the Torch Award and the strong competition in this year’s selection. She also noted that Morningside has competed well in the Alpha Lambda Delta National Scholarship competitions and named several members of the chapter who have won scholarships in recent years. Dr. Huffman reported that the past year’s officers had started off the year by

getting themselves organized and setting goals for the year at an officer retreat. The chapter also did a great job of getting their name publicized on campus through a number of activities, including participating in the Fall Activities Fair, making and distributing “Smart Cookies” to the freshman seminar classes, and having chapter president, Kelci Teut, speak at the Freshman Honors Tea. Dr. Huffman also pointed out the clever t-shirt that the chapter designed and wore proudly. President Huffman noted several community and service projects undertaken by the members and especially praised the chapter’s participation in a campus “Trashion Show” that raised awareness of the environment for Earth Day. The chapter held a can drive in the residence halls and donated the proceeds to the Siouxland Food Bank, painted at a local Goodwill Store as part of a community-wide service project, and supported a local Women’s Shelter by decorating a Christmas tree as part of the Jaycees Festival of Trees. They also supported local literacy projects through a Harry Potter Marathon Reading event. For all of the chapter’s service to both the campus and local community, the Morningside chapter was presented with the Omicron Delta Kappa’s Outstanding Organization Award.

Morningside students and advisor Marty Knepper pose with the chapter’s three Order of the Torch banners. Presenting officer Dr. Susan Huffman is at right. Volume 50 - 2012

Dr. Huffman presented the Torch banner to officers from last year’s chapter and congratulated the chapter on its very strong history and for winning the Torch award for the third time! She encouraged the current officers to continue the chapter’s excellence by striving for the Maintaining the Flame Award. The chapter celebrated by going to Bob Roe’s, a favorite pizza-and-wings restaurant, and Dr. Knepper treated everyone with some of her Outstanding Advisor Award funds. It was a great time for both groups of officers to get better acquainted and for Dr. Huffman to learn more about the chapter and its activities.

Indiana University Purdue University at Indianapolis September 25, 2011 Presented by Dr. Susan Huffman Dr. Susan Melson Huffman, National President, presented the Order of the Torch Award to the Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis chapter at 1:30 P.M. on Sunday, September 25, 2011. The ceremony was held in the Lilly Auditorium at the Honors College in the University Library on the IUPUI campus in Indianapolis, Indiana. Attendees included many of the current officers and several of last year’s officers who had carried out the activities and were responsible for putting together a very attractive and informative scrapbook of the past year’s activities. Chapter Advisor, Lisa Ruch, had planned and organized the event with past officers. Honors College Dean Jane Luzar also attended and congratulated Lisa and the members for their outstanding work on campus and in the community. Dr. Huffman’s husband, Dave, also attended and assisted with photographs after the presentation. President Huffman spoke to the group about the history of the Order of the Torch Award and the strong competition in this year’s selection. Not only has IUPUI won this award twice before, but she informed attendees that


continue the chapter’s excellence by striving for the Maintaining the Flame Award. The presentation was followed by a celebration with lots of photographs and a very nice light luncheon held outside the auditorium. Western Michigan University October 6, 2011 Presented by Dr. Susan Huffman

Members of the IUPUI chapter receive their Order of the Torch banner. IUPUI also has competed well in the Alpha Lambda Delta National Scholarship and Fellowship competitions and named several members of the chapter who have won scholarships in recent years. She added that Advisor Lisa Ruch currently serves the Alpha Lambda Delta National Council as Vice President for Chapter Relations and Expansion, and former chapter president, Dillon Etter, serves as a National Council Student Member-atLarge.

without shoes” event. Through hard work and publicity, the chapter also won a Gold Membership award by increasing their membership by 78%! President Huffman presented the Torch banner to officers from last year and congratulated the chapter on its very strong history and for winning the Torch award for the third time! She encouraged the current officers to

Dr. Susan Melson Huffman, National President, presented the Order of the Torch Award to the Western Michigan University chapter at 7:00 P.M. on Thursday, October 5, 2011. The ceremony was held at the President’s Dining Room in the Bernhard Center on the Western Michigan University campus in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Attendees included current officers and several of last year’s officers who planned events and service projects and were responsible for putting together a very creative and descriptive scrapbook of the past year’s activities. New students came for a meet and greet occasion, and the officers were

The chapter also did a great job of getting their name publicized on campus through a number of activities, including participation in the IUPUI Student Activities Fair and the IUPUI Campus Day Fiesta in the spring. The members also worked hard helping move new students into the residence halls as part of Campus Move In. Members also competed in the IUPUI regatta and participated in the Freshman Honors College Picnic. Dr. Huffman told how she was very impressed at the large number of campus and community service projects undertaken by the chapter, including having the largest student group for the 6th year in a row in the United Way Day of Caring, working with the Hauntless Halloween at a local park, collecting coats for the Coats for Kids project, having a sock drive, and taking part in the Barefoot Challenge as part of Tom’s “One day


Dean Nicholas Andreadis (right) was on hand to help the Western Michigan University chapter accept their Torch award. ALD - The Flame

installed. Dean Nicholas Andreadis, Faculty Advisor, and Rachel Stegmaier, chapter president, presided over the evening’s agenda. Dr. Huffman’s husband, Dave, accompanied her on this trip and helped take photos. President Huffman talked to the group about the history of the Order of the Torch Award and the strong competition this year. Not only has Western Michigan won this award once before in 2007, but she informed attendees that WMU has competed well in the Alpha Lambda Delta National Scholarship and Fellowship competitions in recent years. She added that Chapter Advisor Sue Oole currently serves the Alpha Lambda Delta National Council as a Professional Council Member-atLarge. Unfortunately, Sue could not attend due to an out-of-state family commitment. Dr. Huffman gave kudos to Historian Heidi Schmuker who put together the very nice scrapbook and incorporated quotes to illustrate different activities and events that the chapter did. The chapter publicized their name on campus through a number of activities, including participating in the Bronco Bash Welcome Back Festival, working at a table at the Fall Open House for high school seniors, and making and distributing “Caught Studying” survival kits at finals time. The members also worked hard helping move new students into the residence halls as part of Campus Move In. Members also held information nights for prospective members and had a small fall semester initiation. Dr. Huffman told how she was very impressed at the large number of campus and community service projects undertaken by the chapter, including the Kalamazoo Farmer’s Market Fall Fest where members helped with face painting, hay rides, and pumpkin decorating. The chapter also made lots of children happy through their work with the “Trunk or Treat” candy distribution. Members also worked with “Fall Into the Streets” for the elderly people in the Oakwood neighborhood the chapter works with each year. President Huffman presented the Volume 50 - 2012

Torch banner to officers from last year and congratulated the chapter on its strong history and for winning the Torch award for the second time! She encouraged the current officers to keep setting the bar high and striving for the Maintaining the Flame Award. Dean Andreadis also congratulated the chapter and spoke to the officers and members about the Honors College and its relationship with Alpha Lambda Delta. He also talked about scholarship opportunities.

winners and a Stemler Study Abroad winner.

The presentation was followed by refreshments and many photographs to commemorate the occasion.

Hill recapped some of the 2010-2011 chapter achievements that had led to their winning the Order of the Torch: volunteering at the Center in the Woods, food drives, Heart Walk, and Relay for Life. He also specifically mentioned some individuals who supported the chapter efforts behind the scenes: California president Angelo Armenti and his wife Barbara for their fervent support; founding adviser Erin Mountz; Michael Amrhein, who replaced Mountz; Rhonda Gifford, the director of Career Services who wrote a letter of support for the Torch award; Monika Pankratz, the Mentoring Office Secretary who kept things organized; and most of all to Karen Posa who was most responsible for bringing ALD to California and has been one of the advisers from the beginning. He concluded by urging the 2011-2012 officers to go for the Maintaining the Flame award.

California University of Pennsylvania October 8, 2011 Presented by Dr. Herman “Butch” Hill The Alpha Lambda Delta chapter at California University of Pennsylvania was presented the Order of the Torch in a ceremony on Thursday, October 8, 2011, in Morgan Hall on the California campus. Aaron McFadden, Senior Advisor, welcomed the large crowd in attendance and turned the podium over to Jessica Lane to give a historical perspective on the chapter. Jessica was particularly suited for the task as she was one of the founding officers! In its short existence, the ALD chapter at Cal. U. has had several fellowship

Following Jessica’s presentation, Herman “Butch” Hill, Vice-President for Finance and Long-Range Planning of National Alpha Lambda Delta, made two presentations. The California Chapter had won the ALD Delta award for increasing membership by 25% during the 2010-2011 academic year; he presented a a poster commemorating this achievement.

Nat’l Vice-President Butch Hill (to right of banner) presented the Order of the Torch to California University of Pennsylvania on October 8, 2011.


Barbara Armenti, President Armenti’s wife and an honorary member of ALD herself, congratulated the group on its success and recounted some of its achievements. After Ms. Armenti’s remarks, Rhonda Gifford, Career Services director, spoke of the need for undergraduates to work on their life after college while still in college—and credited the California chapter of ALD with being the most receptive to this message. Ashley Baird, past president, introduced the scholarship and fellowship winners from the chapter who were able to be present. The meeting concluded with a drawing for prizes among the active members in attendance.

University of California of Los Angeles Presented by Kristian Guzman Tuesday, October 11 Kristian Guzman, ALD Chapter Advisor at the University of Southern California, presented the Order of the Torch Award to the Alpha Lambda Delta chapter at the University of California, Los Angeles, at 5:00 P.M. on Tuesday, October 11, 2011. The ceremony began with a general meeting, with guests invited. The Chapter

operates as a combined ALD/Phi Eta Sigma chapter. The ceremony was held at the beautiful historic Moore Hall. Moore Hall sits on a hill that oversees the campus; it has an awesome view of Bel Air and Brentwood, the home for the premieres of famous movies. Attendees included Chapter Advisor Dr. Kevin Dougherty, President Jeffrey Chiu, and several other 2011/2012 officers; also in attendance were the 2010/2011 officers: Steven Quan, VP; Tony Mastria, Marketing Committee; and Anna Goebel, Members Outreach Chair; other officers also in attendance, as were ALD/PES members. The group invited organizations such as the Princeton Review to discuss their programs. Dr Dougherty reviewed their activities for the upcoming year and encouraged the students to remain active with the group. Dr. Dougherty introduced Kristian Guzman. Ms. Guzman spoke to the students and guests about past ALD Chapter Advisors at UCLA who have left their legacy and served as officers with the National Council. Joan Nelson, who was the chapter advisor when Guzman met her at the conference in Washington, DC, served from 1983-1996, Then Brian Carlisle served as advisor (2002-2008) and sat on the

National Council for three years, Joy Chantarasompoth served as advisor from 2008 to 2010. UCLA has the honor of winning the Order of the Torch Award three times in the past years. This year the chapter was selected from among a strong field of competitors. Guzman mentioned the many other awards UCLA and its students have won in the past: in addition to their prior Order of the Torch wins, the chapter has won Maintaining the Flame on many occasions and has produced several Trow Scholars and ALD Graduate Fellows. Guzman challenged UCLA to continue to strive to win these awards again. Guzman mentioned to the students that other awards are available – Stemler Study Abroad Scholarships and the Outstanding Advisor of the Year Award. She also encouraged the chapter’s executive board members to apply for a student position on the ALD National Council. Guzman ended her talk by encouraging the group to work together with their colleagues at her campus, USC, hoping that the two universities can work together in the community and develop stronger social ties.

University of Texas-Pan American November 5, 2011 Presented by Deborah Manzanares Report prepared by Stephanie Corte Deborah Manzanares, National Council Member, presented the Order of the Torch Award to The University of Texas-Pan American chapter on Saturday, Nov. 5, 2011. The ceremony was held at the Student Union Theater on the UTPA campus in Edinburg, Texas. The ceremony focused on the many accomplishments the chapter achieved during their 2010-2011 academic year.

Palm trees make an appropriately Southern Californian backdrop as Kris Guzman of the University of Southern California (left) presents the Torch award to UCLA.


Dolores Villarreal, the chapter’s advisor, began the ceremony by giving a brief history of the UTPA chapter that was established in 2003. George D. Galindo, the current Senior Advisor and previous chapter President, gave a warm thank you to all the attendees. ALD - The Flame

Those present at the ceremony were current and past chapter members and families and friends. Dean of Students, Dr. Calvin D. Phillips was also present and showed his support along with other members of the university’s administration. Dr. Robert S. Nelsen, President of UTPA and guest of honor, gave an encouraging speech to the students present. He spoke about how important it was to never forget the responsibilities that come with being in such a prestigious organization like Alpha Lambda Delta. In closing, he looked out to all the students and said, “You are our future.” President Nelsen was later inducted as a honorary member of Alpha Lambda Delta and was given his certificate and pin. Yolanda Rodriguez, the previous chapter Historian, continued the ceremony by explaining the process by which the UTPA chapter scrapbook was developed. Pages of the scrapbook and the process were displayed for everyone to see while she spoke. It was the first time the chapter had submitted a scrapbook. The previous chapter officers decided to work together and create a beautiful and informative digital scrapbook. The hard work paid off because the UTPA

chapter was the first to ever win the Order of the Torch Award with a digital scrapbook. Manzanares presented the Torch banner to the UTPA chapter and congratulated the chapter on being one of seven most outstanding 2010-2011 chapters in the nation. She went on to announce that Villarreal was recognized as one of five Executive Director Advisors of the year. Stephanie Ortiz, the current junior advisor and previous chapter secretary, went on to present two additional awards to the chapter. The first was the Delta Gold Award for the chapter experiencing a membership increase of 53 percent. The second award was presented to Stephanie Corte, the previous year’s Vice-President. Corte was a proud recipient of a Jo Anne J. Trow Undergraduate Scholarship for 2010-2011. Humberto Salazar, the current President, ended the ceremony by promising to continue the level of excellence left behind by the previous officers and with a promise to strive for the Maintaining the Flame Award. Guests mingled with each other at a reception that immediately followed the ceremony.

University of Connecticut The University of Connecticut was also awarded the 2011 Order of the Torch award, but won’t be formally accepting the award until February of 2012. Check the 2013 edition of The Flame for the report!

MAINTAINING THE FLAME In order to ensure that all chapters have a fair shot at winning The Order of the Torch, chapters who do win are made ineligible to compete for the award for the four years following their win. During that time, ineligible Torch winners compete for the “Maintaining the Flame” award. The winners of the 2011 Maintaining the Flame Award are: •

University of Wisconsin Platteville (won in 2010)

Otterbein University (won in 2010)

University of Texas-Austin (won in 2008)

Congratulations to the 2011 Maintaining the Flame winners!

Your chapter here? Want to see your chapter’s name in these pages? Take on the challenge of preparing a winning Order of the Torch application. Your application will take the form of a physical or digital scrapbook highlighting your chapter’s accomplishments for the year. For details, visit the National Website: Students at the University of Texas - Pan American were all smiles at their chapter’s Order of the Torch award ceremony. Volume 50 - 2012

We look forward to seeing your application!


Chapter Activity Reports Alpha Lambda Delta chapters are some of the most active and involved on campus - any campus! Read about some of the exciting, innovative, and heartwarming activities our chapters have undertaken this year.

Texas A&M University - Commerce ALD members at TAMU-Commerce celebrated their chapter’s 55th year on campus by donating and dedicating this tree on campus. Happy 55th, ALD at TAMU!

University of Alabama If there’s anything an Alpha Lambda Delta member at the University of Alabama loves more than football, it’s volunteering, and the months of October and November offered quite a few opportunities for members to help out the Tuscaloosa community. On October 11, Beat Auburn Beat Hunger kicked off on UA’s campus. The food drive is a competition between Auburn and Alabama students, faculty, and alumni to see who can donate the greatest number of canned goods to the West Alabama Food Bank. By the time the competition ended on November 18, Alabama’s Alpha Lambda Delta members had donated over four hundred canned goods, helping increase the university’s total to 237,079 pounds of canned goods, easily surpassing Auburn’s 134,102 pounds. “I love to help the community, and it’s even more rewarding if I somehow get to compete against Auburn, too,” Allison Rohrer, a sophomore Alabama Alpha Lambda Delta member majoring in history, said. “It feels great to know Alabama donated so much food for such a great cause, but donating more than Auburn did makes victory so much sweeter!” After crushing Auburn in Beat Auburn Beat Hunger, members headed to Forest Manor, a retirement home in the Tuscaloosa area. Alabama’s Alpha Lambda Delta chapter has partnered with Regeneration, a group who works closely with local retirement communities to organize events where Alabama students can get involved. Students served punch and cookies, talked to, and even line danced with some of the residents of Forest Manor during a Western themed party on November 18. Alpha Lambda Delta members flocked to Forest Manor again for another Regeneration project on November 28 to help the residents decorate for Christmas. Students accomplished everything from helping residents decorate their doors and singing Christmas carols, to hanging ornaments and other decorations on the Christmas tree. “I know the residents of Forest Manor appreciated our help and company, and I was happy to be there, not only to represent Alpha Lambda Delta, but also to support the Tuscaloosa community,” Rachel Rivers, a sophomore member majoring in elementary education, said. “As a member of this society, I feel that it is important to be involved in the community to show everyone that we’re not just an academic honor society, we’re a society made up of students who... also deeply care about the community surrounding our college campus.” A busy two months of community service ended on November 20, when Alabama’s chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta welcomed sixty-one new members during fall initiation. But members were not finished helping their community just yet. Newly initiated members brought toys, games, and books to be donated to Alberta Elementary School, a school near Tuscaloosa that was affected by the April 27 tornadoes.

Volume 50 - 2012

University of Alabama ALD member Candice Dunn offers some friendly words to a resident of the Forest Manor retirement home in Tuscaloosa. Whether dominating Auburn in the Iron Bowl or the Beat Auburn Beat Hunger food drive, volunteering at a local retirement home, or helping out elementary school children, the University of Alabama Alpha Lambda Delta members are busy making an impact on campus and on the city of Tuscaloosa.

Becker College On Sunday, March 29th, 2011, Becker College made a commitment to first year students by inducting its first seventy-three members into its newly installed chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta. Combined with the Alpha Chi Ceremony for juniors and seniors, the hour long event celebrated the academic achievement of freshmen with majors ranging from Pre-Veterinary all the way to Interactive Entertainment. With standing room only, the entire auditorium was filled with family and friends as they looked on with delight and pride as Dr. Robert Johnson, Becker College President, shared all 26 of his “ABC’s of Success” and students took the Alpha Lambda Delta oath. The ceremony was immediately followed by refreshments. The new inductees would like to thank everyone involved in organizing the event, including Faculty Advisors Dr. Caro-


line Crocker and Dr. Fred Liberatore, Chapter Advisor Sarah Mosier, Installing Officer Herman Hill, and President Robert Johnson, for their overwhelming support. The Becker College chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta looks forward to the bright new tradition of academic achievement and integrity they will build for future generations of students. (For the official report of Becker College’s ALD chapter installation, see page 41.)

Bennett College The Bennett College Chapter of ALD, located in Greensboro, North Carolina, once again found making dreams come true for the elderly a rewarding experience during their annual Senior Citizens Prom community service project. Bennett College spent an evening at Carolina Commons, a Senior Citizens home, where many elders lay in bed in despair, while reminiscing about their exciting youthful days that seemed to have gone by so quickly. The chapter’s goal for this project was to restore faith into the hearts of the elderly and inform them that they are not forgotten, and that although many of their families are far away from them, they are still loved and appreciated. Our ALD chapter gave makeovers to the women residents at the nursery home. After polishing their nails and styling their hair in curls, the women were moved to the dance floor for their prom. Although many of them

Members of the California University of Pennsylvania chapter staff the chapter’s booth at the school’s organizations fair. were incapable of moving, our chapter members took their hands and performed the movements of dancing. Some members danced while moving the residents’ wheelchairs to the beat of the music. No one was left out. ALD publicist Tiara Miller says, “After crowning the King and Queen of the evening and seeing the laughter in the seniors’ faces, especially of those who had never experienced the excitement of a prom, we all knew that we had accomplished our goal: to make an impact on someone else’s life by restoring faith and reassuring the love.” The Bennett College ALD Chapter will continue to reach out to the community and give joy to those who are most deserving—our Senior Citizens.

The ladies of Bennett College helped bring a little fun into the lives of the residents of Carolina Commons, hosting a Senior Citizens’ Prom at the local retirement home.


California University of Pennsylvania We already began a very exciting year with California University of Pennsylvania’s chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta. The fall semester began with the recognition of the Order of the Torch Award. Our chapter received the award during a chapter celebratory ceremony on October 6, 2011. The award was presented to our university by Dr. Herman “Butch” Hill, a national Alpha Lambda Delta representative from Ohio University. We received the Order of the Torch Award for our chapter’s involvement on campus, in the community, and with our career development initiative. All three of these were illustrated in our society’s scrapbook. The university was also recognized by receiving the Delta Award this year. The Delta Award was presented in honor of our twenty percent membership increase. The members of our chapter took great pride in last year’s accomplishments. In addition to receiving the Order of the Torch award, we have been extremely busy serving our community and enhancing the leadership development of our chapter members. California University of Pennsylvania’s chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta has participated in many service projects so far this semester, including raising money for the American Heart Association, volunteering at a local food ALD - The Flame

pantry, providing open house tours to prospective students of our university, helping the local senior center, and meeting with local high school students to discuss the transition from high school to college. Our members have also been enhancing their career development skills through participating in the Career Advantage Program. The Career Advantage Program at our university helps our students to network and prepare themselves for their professional future. Some events and resources provided by the Career Advantage Program include resume workshops, networking events, mock interviews, internships, and informational seminars. The members of California University of Pennsylvania’s chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta have been very active and will continue to be so into this next spring semester.

Clemson University On Tuesday, November 8, 2011, the Clemson University chapter of ALD celebrated its 40th anniversary. A special meeting was held to commemorate the event. Light refreshments were served, and the chapter gave out t-shirts to all attending members. The evening began with a presentation by a representative from Clemson’s Michelin Career Center on resume building and finding an internship. The thirty-minute presentation helped get the members of the chapter ready for the co-op and internship search process. Following the presentation the officers of the ALD chapter had a presentation of their own. In honor of the 40th anniversary the chapter presented a $1,500 donation to the Dean of Libraries, Kay Wall. This donation will be considered part of Clemson University’s Will to Lead Campaign which aims at raising 600 million dollars to make ongoing improvements to benefit Clemson students. While the funds were specifically directed to the Library, all donations are made through the Clemson Foundation and thus count towards the Will to Lead Campaign. By donating to the Library, Clemson’s ALD chapter was hoping to encourage other organizaVolume 50 - 2012

tions to give back to the university as well, either through fiscal means or service. The chapter made the decision to donate the funds to the Library because they felt it was a resource that benefited all students and honored the academic orientation of the organization. Discussions with Dean Wall revealed how many resources are available through the library, and the chapter wanted to maintain those benefits and allow the Library to continue to grow. As such, the funds were divided between two of the Library’s funding campaigns. The first was $1,000 to the “Endow a ‘Chair’” fund. This program will result in the purchase of a plush chair bearing “Clemson Alpha Lambda Delta: 40th Anniversary” to add additional seating to the fifth floor. In addition to adding a comfy reading spot, the funds remaining after the purchase of the chair will go towards Library maintenance and improvements. The remaining $500 of the gift will go towards the “Library of the Future” fund. In the words of Dean Wall, the purpose of this fund is to “assist the library in taking advantage of new ideas, services, resources, and programs to keep Clemson University Libraries closer to the cutting edge for our students and faculty.” This includes digitizing records and historical documents as well as implementing a new system to allow access to digital media.

Dean Wall was very much impressed with the initiative taken by the chapter saying, “The students of Alpha Lambda Delta provided an important donation to Clemson University Libraries: one of current relevance and one with implications for the future. I very much appreciate that ALD has considered making a difference for others by donating their resources to Clemson University Libraries. We are very honored that Clemson students value the library so much and we are a crucial part of every student’s university experience. We would challenge other organizations to follow their lead.” Overall, the event was a huge success, with the largest turnout to a meeting yet this year. Also unveiled were the future events for the semester which included a movie night in the campus movie theater and the “caught ya studying” candy distribution program during finals week, both of which will benefit all Clemson students. The goal of these events was to make ALD better known before new member invitations are sent in the spring. Additionally, members were encouraged to complete the required essay and apply for the chapter-sponsored book scholarship program. The 40th Anniversary event thus provided an ideal platform to bolster organization activity and participation and got the members and executive board excited for the following semester.

The ALD chapter at Clemson University made a $1,500 donation to the University’s libraries, in honor of the chapter’s 40th anniversary. Happy 40th, Clemson!


learn more visit: academics/advising/tstaff From 2009-2010 to 2010-2011, Dominican’s ALD group increased their local chapter’s membership by 17%. Students expressed their interest in joining as a means to feel a part of something larger than themselves, take the first step for continued academic achievement, and open new doors to scholarship opportunities.

PumpkinFest at the University of Connecticut is a perennial favorite amongst humans AND walking pumpkins. University of Connecticut Members of the University of Connecticut chapter of the Alpha Lambda Delta National Honor Society got into the Halloween spirit by raising money for cancer research. Their annual PumpkinFest extravaganza was held on October 21, 2011, from 11:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. This fall event featured pumpkin carving, pumpkin-related trivia, and crafts for creating festive door decorations. The well-spoken Valentine the Clown provided face painting and an array of colorful balloon animals to enchant passersby. Amid the lighthearted fun, however, were posters featuring the grim statistics on cancer and the constant battle faced by those affected by this disease. Sales of holiday treats and orange “cancer bands” helped to raise over $260, which was sent to the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults. This nonprofit organization works to educate and empower young adults who have been diagnosed with cancer. It supports cancer survivors and connects them with others whose lives have been touched by this disease. To learn more about the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults, visit

American Religious History from Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, CA. She currently instructs Big History as part of the First Year Experience at Dominican. This program is unique to Dominican. To learn more visit: www. Along with a new Faculty Sponsor, Dominican also welcomes a new Staff Sponsor, Christina Jimenez. Ms. Jimenez is the First Year Advisor for Undeclared Freshmen within the Academic Advising and Support Center. She also instructs the Vision Quest Seminar during the fall term to help students explore Dominican’s academic programs as well as identify their strengths and develop a plan for achieving their academic/life goals. To

The newly appointed ALD President, Noelle Mathew, discovered ALD members desired a way for increased communication, organization, and awareness of ALD activities. With these goals in mind, Ms. Mathew successfully created an ALD Dominican Facebook Page, “Dominican University of California’s Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society.” She also organized ALD members to walk for the annual Making Strides Against Breast Cancer in San Francisco, CA. The 2010-2011 ALD members are currently trying to have more of a presence of campus. During midterms, Noelle Mathew and other ALD members sat in front of the school cafeteria with information about ALD as well as information on campus support such as tutoring and counseling services. The hope was to encourage freshman to do well academically this term, to join ALD and to perform at their highest potential. As the fall 2011 term quickly comes

Dominican University As of fall 2010, Dominican University of California has a new Faculty Advisor, Professor Cynthia Taylor. Professor Taylor earned her Ph.D. in


Officers of the Dominican University chapter literally pass the flame of knowledge during the induction ritual candle ceremony. ALD - The Flame

to a close, Dominican ALD members are eager to invite qualifying freshman to join the Dominican Alpha Lambda Delta Chapter. The next goals for our chapter are to take on a community service project, continue sharing our values and efforts with our campus, and proudly induct new members on April 13, 2012.

Georgia State University The Alpha Lambda Delta Chapter at Georgia State University kicked off the year with a Hawaiian themed luau during the annual Panther Welcome week festivities. The party kicked off with a limbo contest where students enjoyed letting loose and getting their muscles to stretch. After the flexible limbo contest, students showed off their moves during the hula dance- off. While some had hips to move, others struggled to find their rhythm in the tropical music. The winners of the contests won gift cards to various places scattered across the Georgia State campus. During the event, participants learned more about ALD and the perks of being in such a prestigious organization. Members also got more information about the upcoming general body meetings, which will include various rewards to those who have helped in the community and attended events/ meetings. The event was deemed a success when students left the party with smiles on their face and leis around their necks. The National Alliance on Mental Ill-

ness (NAMI) focuses on the education of America about different forms of mental illness. NAMI offers resources to the people who are in need and are making sure it is known that mental illness should become a high national priority. One in four families is affected by mental illness and NAMI informs the public that no one is to blame. ALD formed a team for the NAMI Walk at Candler Park. Members of ALD showed their support for those affected by mental illness on October 1, 2011. ALD members enjoyed the day as they walked, danced to the wobble, and ate sandwiches. NAMI Walks have now raised $123,845.17, which is 83% of their total goal of $150,000. The Georgia State University Chapter of ALD is proud to have participated in such a great organization and will continue to work with the thriving organization. AIDS Walk Atlanta & 5K Run is the largest AIDS-related fundraising event in the Southeastern United States and the Georgia State University ALD Chapter was excited to be a part of such a historical event. Two weeks after the successful NAMI Walk, ALD formed a team and participated in the AIDS Atlanta Walk/Run at Piedmont Park. ALD members were able to choose running or walking the five kilometers around the beautiful Piedmont Park. ALD will continue to support the work of the 21-year-old organization and their continued efforts to surpass last year’s success of raising $920,000. ALD is a proud supporter of

ALD at Georgia State University was well-represented at the 2011 AIDS Walk Atlanta & 5K. Volume 50 - 2012

the mission of AIDS Walk Atlanta & 5K Run, which benefits people living with HIV/AIDS, and helps prevent new HIV infections with more than 85,000 education program participants in Atlanta. The Georgia State Chapter of ALD has started a new initiative to have a higher presence on campus and is working to increase ALD membership even more. Beginning in September, the organization held multiple general body meetings to inform members of volunteer opportunities, the new ALD point system, and fun ALD activities. These frequent meetings are an opportunity for members to get to know the Executive Board and gain more leadership opportunities. The ALD Executive Board is determined to make the Georgia State Chapter the most successful chapter in the United States.

University of Georgia Of the 513,000 people who reside in the 14-county area of northeast Georgia, 17% of those are living in poverty. The Food Bank of Northeast Georgia, which has its headquarters located outside of downtown Athens, is a vital resource to thousands of families in the region who constantly struggle to put food on their table. The food bank provided 8.4 million pounds of food in the 2009-2010 fiscal year to various individuals and organizations throughout the area. That figure is equivalent to 6.5 million meals. This accomplishment was achieved through the help of over 200 nonprofit agencies, which include soup kitchens, churches, and senior centers. The food bank is also assisted by many different corporate sponsors who provide both monetary and food donations. Each dollar given by these companies can create four meals for residents of northeast Georgia by the food bank. The Food Bank of Northeast Georgia operates several outreach programs that help lower the poverty statistics in this region. The Mobile Pantry serves people who need emergency food supplies by providing truckloads of various food items. The “Food 2 Kids” program gives poverty-stricken school children in five counties meals for the


UGA ALD member Tyler Stokes prepares bread for the brown bag program at the Foodbank of Northeast Georgia. weekend. In April of 2010, the system was expanded to include the families of many of these children. Each month, the food bank also provides over 250 seniors and disabled individuals with a brown bag of groceries. Several full-time employees work at the facility, but volunteers from different organizations, such as Alpha Lambda Delta, are necessary to keep the food bank in operation. On the evening of September 26, the University of Georgia’s Alpha Lambda Delta chapter volunteered for two hours at the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia. Some of our members spent the time cutting bread from Panera Bread for the brown bag program, while the rest of our group sorted donated food. The food bank contains a large room stacked with over a hundred crates filled with various donations. Local stores that sell groceries, such as Publix and Wal-Mart, send goods they deem damaged or expired to the food bank. Most of the merchandise received is still in excellent condition. These items are then categorized into new boxes by volunteers into one of four categories: drinks, grocery, snacks, and non-food. Food that is too severely damaged or too far past the expiration date is thrown out, while the remaining products eventually reach a hungry family. After we completed many boxes of newly sorted groceries, our members


were given a tour of the warehouses that make up the food bank. The facility includes two large coolers and shelves filled with thousands of pounds of food. One of the many goals of the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia is to provide 100 pounds of food per person in the region annually. Our chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta has helped the organization make a small step towards this objective, and we hope to volunteer there again in the fight against poverty. For more information about the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia, please visit:

IUPUI IUPUI’s chapter started off the year with an all-day officers’ retreat at Eagle Creek Park. We did everything from brainstorming about plans for the year to making a map of the United States with a single rope while blindfolded (which resulted in an amazing display of teamwork!). We also created a survey that we sent to members so we could select events and activities based upon their input. So far we’ve participated in several IUPUI events, including Campus Housing Move-in Day, the Student Involvement Expo, and the Honors College Welcome. We also participated in the IUPUI Day of Caring in September and worked at Gleaners Food Bank to prepare almost 800 boxes of food for donation to local families. In October, we helped out Indy Parks and Recreation with their annual Hauntless Halloween where members

worked with young children and served as trail guides, refreshment vendors, and crafts assistants. We also participated in the annual Indianapolis Coats for Kids Drive and collected quite a few coats for distribution to children who need them. We also have four teams with four members each in training for the upcoming IUPUI Academic Bowl: Victorious Secret, Can’t Torch This, Smart., and ALD Team 4 (with a more creative name pending, we hope). There are 16 teams competing for the title, and we’re very optimistic about our chanes of winning the grand prize of $500 per team member! Our next service project is to collect socks for the homeless during National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness week, followed by our annual holiday project when we adopt local families and spend a Saturday shopping for them, having lunch, and wrapping their gifts so they’ll have a happy holiday. In addition to shopping for humans this holiday season, we’ll be shopping for our “adopted” animals at Indianapolis Care and Control. We have two groups of members who are ready to become full-fledged volunteers there now that they’ve completed their volunteer training program, and we plan to volunteer throughout the year on a regular basis. We surprised the staff there by delivering a trunk full of donations at our last training session. Members decided to make Animal Care and Control our ongoing service project this year after hearing about their massive budget cuts and the resulting need for

Chapter officers at the IUPUI chapter attended an all-day retreat at Eagle Creek Park in Indianapolis. ALD - The Flame

help. We hope to make a difference in the lives of the homeless animals at the shelter! We’d also like to mention that our members won several National Alpha Lambda Delta scholarships this past year. Cora Griffin was selected for a $5,000 fellowship, Dillon Etter received a Stemler Study Abroad scholarship, and Eric Keller and Oaksoon Callahan won Trow scholarships. Our chapter also was selected as an Order of the Torch Winner for the third time. National President, Dr. Susan Huffman, came to IUPUI to present the award to us in September. We’ve won the Order of the Torch or Maintaining the Flame every year since 2003. We’re quite proud of our accomplishments and look forward to another great year!

University of Maryland This past May, the University of Maryland Chapter inducted 940 members, and the Induction Ceremony filled the University’s Memorial Chapel at maximum capacity with over 1000 inductees and invited guests. This was the chapter’s largest pool of inductees to date, and so far the new members have truly been carrying on the flame with their active involvement in the chapter’s activities. To kick off the school year, the chapter participated in the “First Look Fair” which showcased over 570 student organizations and drew much interest from thousands of potential members. Then at the first General Body Meeting of the semester, the chapter held a school supplies drive for Toys for Tots.

The University of Maryland chapter’s most successful project for the year was preparing meals for Stop Hunger Now, an international aid organization. the month, the chapter helped make colorful blankets for Project Linus, a non-profit organization that provides new, handmade blankets to children who are terminally ill. The month was capped off with the Halloween Costume Contest and Pumpkin Decorating event. The purpose of this event was to increase participation among members as well as create group cohesion. Members also had the opportunity to donate their decorated pumpkins to two charities at the end of the night.

This year, the chapter also initiated a tutoring program which pairs members with other member volunteers to receive help in specific courses. The tutoring program has been an ongoing initiative that has been so successful that it will be continued in future years.

Perhaps the chapter’s most successful event of the semester was the Stop Hunger Now meal packaging event which took place early November. Stop Hunger Now is an international organization with the mission of aiding hunger relief in developing countries around the world through meal packaging programs. The event took place in the largest ballroom of the student union with 83 members volunteering to make 10,000 meals in just two hours.

October was the month of pre-Halloween fun as well as expanding networks for members. First, members participated in a professional development workshop intended to help modify resumes and cover letters. Later in

The November General Body Meeting was a combination of a movie night and a service activity. Members enjoyed the classic “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” while making cards for the children at the National Institute

Volume 50 - 2012

of Health. Over a 120 cards (many of which were sure to bring smiles to the children receiving them) were made by the end of the night. Upcoming December events include a stress-ball making event, a food drive for the College Park Community Food Bank, and the Study Day. The Study Day this semester will be even bigger than last semester, with light breakfast, lunch, snacks, and coffee provided all day for students coming out to study for final exams. Both highly active and involved, the University of Maryland Chapter has been striving to provide members with more opportunities than ever before to help promote scholastic, professional, civic, and interpersonal skills. And with such motivated and accomplished membership, the chapter will also be giving out $4000 in scholarships by the end of the Fall semester.

University of Missouri – Kansas City The University of Missouri – Kansas City Alpha Lambda Delta chapter has had a busy year so far! We were proud to find out early in the semester that we were given an award from the university Chancellor for our increase in membership, which got us excited


about the year to come! We knew early on that with dedicated members, we could accomplish big things. One of our main efforts so far has been to give back to the community. At our meeting in October, for example, we created fun little bags of candy to donate to a local school for autistic children. The bags were delivered right before Halloween, and were very much appreciated by the school. Hearing that our simple act of making Halloween goodies put a smile on so many children’s faces really made the group happy. We enjoyed that project so much that at our meeting in November we decided to do a similar project, with a Thanksgiving twist. Instead of making Halloween candy bags, we made a Thanksgiving basket to donate to an organization that delivers such baskets to families in need on Thanksgiving. We simply each brought one of the items on the list provided by the organization, such as cans of vegetables, boxes of mashed potatoes, or a small turkey breast and then combined all of our donations. Putting it together not only let us give back to those less fortunate in our community, but also got us excited for the upcoming break from school for the holiday! But don’t think we forgot about academics! One of our first meeting activities this year was having a speaker from Kaplan give us some information about big tests that many

of our members will have to take such as the GMAT, PCAT, and DAT. In addition, later in the semester when it got closer to finals time, we had discussions about how everyone in the group studies for tests and finals, and came up with ideas on how to improve our study habits. At that meeting we also all received “finals goodie bags,” filled with lots of little items to either help or pump us up to study. Some of the things we got included study snacks, highlighters, Smarties, energy drinks, and post-its. It was a super fun way to start off finals studying! Of course we wouldn’t be able to accomplish any of this without all of the amazing members. The dedication of the group is outstanding. We had an unusual situation at one of our meetings in that during the night that the meeting was scheduled, most of our campus lost power. However, despite that obstacle, we still had our meetingin the dark! It provided a good time for member bonding, and will definitely be a meeting all of us will remember! To also further our group unity, we have been designing T-shirts to wear proudly around campus and represent ALD.

For the second consecutive year, Morningside’s new chapter initiates became involved right away. They took part in the “Trashion Show” on campus. An environmental group puts on this event in order to raise awareness about how wasteful we can be with products. This event took place on Earth Day and just days after initiation. The design team constructed a sundress outfit for a day on the beach. The entire outfit consisted of Capri Sun pouches and boxes. The ensemble included a dress, a sunhat, tights, and even flip flops. Ashleigh Starr was the

All of us in the University of Missouri – Kansas City Alpha Lambda Delta chapter have been busy with service and academics, but most importantly we have had fun with both of them and can’t wait to continue to do more throughout the rest of the year!

Members of the University of Missouri-Kansas City chapter chose to give back at Thanksgiving by donating Thanksgiving baskets to a local charity.


Morningside College

“Juicy” couture, indeed Morningside ALD member Ashleigh Starr models the chapter’s Capri-Sun-pouch dress, the chapter’s entree in the campus’ “Trashion Show.” ALD - The Flame

and the skills they wanted to bring to the society. Needless to say, every newly-elected officer was enthusiastic about making this academic year the best year yet, and those who didn’t get elected reassured us that they would participate with much eagerness, nonetheless. We have been pleased to see that those assurances have been proven time and time again at our meetings. We may have to move our meetings to a bigger room next semester. The enthusiasm and support of our new members allowed us to arrange an event we never thought possible: Alpha Lambda Delta Charity Gala.

Members of the Morningside chapter helped out Habitat for Humanity as part of a campus-wide “Into the Streets” campaign. model, and she outshined the rest of the contestants, taking home first prize for our group. Other outfits included bubble wrap, faux fur, duct tape, and stuffed animals. This fall ALD took part in an allcampus service day called “Into the Streets.” Different groups on campus volunteer to help organizations throughout Sioux City. About 67% of our students participated. ALD was assigned to help out with Habitat for Humanity. Some were at the actual house building and doing “odd jobs”; others worked at the main offices cleaning and organizing the tools. It was a great way to get involved with the Morningside community and also volunteer in the community. In October, our president and vice president, Demi Dunn and Cassie Burnside, attended the Leadership Workshop in Charlotte, North Carolina, with our faculty advisor, Dr. Marty Knepper. This fall we have concentrated on getting out the word about ALD to freshmen by participating in the organizational fair, distributing door hangers, and making plans to visit all the freshman seminar classes with decorated cookies to talk about ALD. We have also been planning a holiday service project in cooperation with a

local organization, Opportunities Unlimited. We will decorate a tree in our administration building with wish lists from OU clients, collect wrapped gifts, and deliver them before the holidays.

Murray State University The Murray State Chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta has always been of modest size. Despite our smaller membership, we’ve been blessed to always have a dedicated team of officers. During the semester we hold regular bi-monthly meetings, and they are always open to all of our members. We dedicate some time to brainstorming events to encourage member participation and to meet our philanthropy goals. This past year we have been able to go above and beyond our regular activities. At our spring initiation we had our biggest membership increase in our chapter history! The night of the spring initiation, our officers happily dealt with the challenge of accommodating one of our largest initiation ceremonies. A team of new officers was to be elected at the end of the night, and it was exhilarating to witness that the room was filled with interested candidates! We had a very enjoyable time getting to know our new members

The ALD Charity Gala was meant to give our members an opportunity to show off their formal wear and have a good time. More importantly the event served as a fundraiser for our traditional winter philanthropy, the local Santa Project. Planning such a big event was quite the exciting task for our officers and other dedicated members. At the Gala we arranged to have a dinner banquet, followed by a presentation on the local Santa Project and our involvement. We ended our night with some dancing, which was amusing to say the least. Along with donations, the ALD Charity Gala raised our chapter enough money to quadruple our past efforts for the Santa Project, sponsoring eight different children in need! We’ve now finished for our semester, and as we head towards finals, we look back at this as one of our best semesters yet. Our member participation has continued to increase, and we are excited to see what we can accomplish in the coming years. We’ve always been proud of our little ALD Chapter, and as we come upon our 45th anniversary, we hope we will continue to do our chapter and school proud.

Norfolk State University The Norfolk State University Chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta is making great strides towards holding the lamp of success and high academic achievement high. In our 2010-2011 academic school year, a total of 70 bright students were inducted into ALD. continued on page 32

Volume 50 - 2012


The Wave of the Future... Alpha Lambda Delta’s newest technological advance: Total member management - online. As Executive Director Glenda Earwood points out in her note on page 3, change is a part of life. Fortunately, this year, we’ve got a lot of great changes from National Alpha Lambda Delta, and probably the greatest is our new online management system, My Honor Society. Developed by ARELLO systems of Montgomery, Alabama, My Honor Society offers our chapters a fully-featured, customizable, and completely web-based management system for chapter invitations, membership, and finances. For our new members, MHS offers other new possibilities - from the time you join to the day you graduate, MHS offers lots of handy features! As a member of ALD, you may have already experienced My Honor Society. If you joined ALD via an Invitation Code, you’ve used the system already - and as a member with an MHS profile, you can log in with your

e-mail address and password to access your information, update contact info, order replacement jewelry or a reprinted certificate, or - starting in 2012 - keep up-to-date with your registration for the National Leadership Workshop. If you didn’t join via MHS, we’ll be working with our staff, the chapters, and the software developers to allow other existing members to create and maintain their own MHS profiles. We couldn’t be more excited about our new online management system and know it will make the ALD experience better for our members and easier for our advisors and officers. If you’re a member, a chapter advisor, or a chapter officer and have any questions about ALD’s newest technological advance, please feel free to e-mail the National Office at ald@

The new My Honor Society system provides both our student members and our volunteer advisors with a flexible, powerful, and easy-to-use chapter management system.


ALD - The Flame




James G. Stemler Study Abroad Scholars


At their 2008 meeting, the National Council of Alpha Lambda Delta passed a resolution honoring retiring National President James G. Stemler by establishing ten new study-abroad scholarships in his name. The Stemler Scholarships are presented to ALD members to offset the expense of studying abroad. The first male National President of Alpha Lambda Delta, Dr. Stemler served on the National Council for over 14 years in addition to serving as chapter advisor at the University of Portland. Dr. Stemler has been and remains a staunch proponent of studies abroad.

Will Boggs

Alex Cheser

Dillon Etter

Elaine MacPherson

Lauren Nickodemus

University of South Carolina

Transylvania University


University of California Santa Barbara

Valparaiso University

Valerie Schiller

Amelia Shaw

Kassandra Sikora

Danielle Tucker

Margaret Yoder

University of Portland

Ohio Univerrsity

Ashland University

University of Nebraska Lincoln

University of Cincinnati

Watch this space...

Starting in 2012, Alpha Lambda Delta will be awarding fifteen James G. Stemler Study Abroad Scholarships. If you’re an Alpha Lambda Delta member thinking about studying abroad, talk to your chapter advisor today about applying for a Stemler Scholarship! Volume 50 - 2012


2012 Graduate Fellows

In 2011, Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society for First Year Students awarded a total of 23 Fellowships: fourteen $3,000 Fellowships, eight $5,000 Fellowships, and the Maria Leonard Fellowship in the amount of $7,500. These Fellowships are awarded annually for one year of graduate study. Any initiated member of Alpha Lambda Delta who has maintained the academic qualifications for membership is eligible to apply - as a graduating senior, or later.

Cyrus Aghamolla

Krishna Bhatt

Robert Bonnacci

University of Maryland College Park

University of Alabama Birmingham

The Ohio State University

Helen Clarke Fellowship

Katherine Cater Fellowship

Maria Leonard Fellowship

Dylan Borchers

Rea Cauthen

Chelsea Clagg

Wright State University

Clemson University

West Virginia University

Margaret Berry Fellowship

Alice Crocker Lloyd Fellowship

Pat Graham Fellowship

Elaine Danial

Caitlin Davis

Christine Deek

University of Texas at San Antonio

Clemson University

Valparaiso University

May Brunson Fellowship

Barbara Quilling Fellowship

Alpha Lambda Delta Fellowship


ALD - The Flame

Abigail DeSoto

Gopi Dhokai

Lomee Doo

University of Louisiana Monroe

University of Maryland College Park

University of Southern California

Harry Hale Fellowship

Dottie Anderson Fellowship

Alpha Lambda Delta Fellowship

Cora Griffin

Shawn Hughey

Nader Hussein


Baylor University

George Mason University

Betty Jo Hudson Fellowship

Warner Moore Fellowship

Anna Knestaut

Jessica Lane

Ngoc Luu

Seton Hill University

California University of Pennsylvania

University of Texas at Austin

Kathryn Phillips Fellowship

Maude Etheridge Fellowship

Paige Mission

Jennifer Montgomery

Donna Tillis


Austin Peay State University

Columbia College

Miriam Shelden Fellowship

Margie Wade Fellowship

Kathryn Turner

Kelly Volkar

Caroline Yu

West Virginia Wesleyan College

University of the Pacific

University of Connecticut

Gladys Bell Fellowship

Christine Conaway Fellowship

Adele Stamp Fellowship

Margaret Cunningim Fellowship

Mary Jane Stevenson Fellowship

Volume 50 - 2012

Gladys Pennington Fellowship



Jo Anne J. Trow Undergraduate Scholarships

Congratulations to the 2011-2012 Trow Scholars! This year, the National Council awarded 25 Trow Scholarships of $1,000 each and ten awards of $3,000 each. The Trow Scholarships were established in 1998 to honor a past National President of ALD - Dr. Jo Anne Trow. Dr. Trow, a former VP for Student Services at Oregon State University, served ALD as District VIII Advisor (1974-1979), National Secretary (1979-1983), and as National President (1985-1988).

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Long Island University

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Lisa Eichberger

Laney Beth Ellisor

Ashland University


University of Texas - Pan American


University of Oklahoma

Megan Fuzzell

Subha Hanif

Mary Horton

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Jamiela Isaiah

University of Oklahoma

Oakland University

Oakland University

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University of Maryland College Park

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Central Washington University

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Volume 50 - 2012


Alpha Lambda Delta’s 2011 Outstanding Advisor of the Year

Dr. Marty Knepper Morningside College

Dr. Knepper presented an inspirational talk, “Racing for Success?” at the 2011 National Leadership Workshop (above). Dr. Knepper receives her Advisor of the Year plaque from National President, Dr. Susan Huffman (below).

Dr. Susan M. Huffman, President of National Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society, announced that Dr. Marty Knepper has been named as the Outstanding Advisor of Alpha Lambda Delta for 2010-2011. Initially awarded in 1992, this award is given annually to the outstanding advisor in the nation.

recycling, and visiting freshman orientation classes to encourage academic success among incoming students. The chapter is also a regular participant in Alpha Lambda Delta’s annual Leadership Workshop, and is noted for sharing ideas from their countless local service and leadership projects.

The National Council of Alpha Lambda Delta selected Dr. Knepper, Chair of the English Department at Morningside College, to be the recipient of the award. Dr. Knepper has served as the chapter advisor for Alpha Lambda Delta since 1991, and served on the Society’s National Council, as a member-at-large, from 2006 until 2009.

In her letter supporting Knepper’s nomination, chapter Vice President Mary Horton wrote, “At each meeting, Marty tells us all how proud she is of our hard work, community service, and outreach toward the freshmen class. She encourages us to continue the work towards the ALD mission. ” Kelci Teut, chapter president, wrote, “Three things I think make Marty an outstanding advisor are her constant communication, usefulness in planning, and help with administration tasks.” Terri Curry wrote, “Marty’s leadership skills as the faculty advisor for Alpha Lambda Delta are unsurpassed among the faculty at Morningside. ”

Dr. Knepper is an exceptional chapter advisor who encourages the chapter as a whole as well as its individual members to achieve and to serve others. During her tenure as advisor, a dozen Morningside College students have been awarded prestigious Jo Anne Trow Scholarships and Stemler Study Abroad Scholarships. The chapter, under Dr. Knepper’s leadership, was awarded the Order of the Torch – ALD’s award for superior chapters - in 2001 and again in 2007. Notable projects undertaken by the chapter in recent years include participation in Morningside College’s “Trashion Show” program, designed to improve awareness of waste and


Alpha Lambda Delta takes pride in recognizing Dr. Marty Knepper as the Outstanding Advisor of the Year – her selection for this prestigious award merely confirms the sentiment expressed by Teut: “ I would have never considered running for the Presidential office of our chapter without her support. ”

ALD - The Flame

Executive Director’s Advisors of the Year Marion Carroll

Jenny Hall-Jones

Mike Nichols

Xavier University of New Orleans

Ohio University

Transylvania University

“It is quite difficult to select only five advisors from among the many superb Alpha Lambda Delta chapchap ter advisors. These five advisors had an exceptional year with their chapters!” said Dr. Earwood. Since 1998, Lois Szudy, Library Director and Associate Professor, has served as the chapter advisor for the Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society for First Year Students at Otterbein University. This year the chapter grew from 122 members to 139 members, an increase of 14%! The chapter has more than doubled its membership in the last seven years. This marked increase in students choosing to join Alpha Lambda Delta confirms the reputation of the honor society among first year students at the Otterbein University. This increase in membership is due in large part to the passion and enthusiasm, Lois Szudy has invested in advising this honor society. Not only has the chapter had a record number of students join, but the chapter has been quite active in both the local and campus communities. The Otterbein University local chapter participated in the Columbus Clippers Dime a Dog Night, Relay for Life, Steak Fry, Food Drive, Orientation Organization Fairs, Get on the Move, First Friday, raking leaves for community members, Thanksgiving bags, Wildlights at the zoo, Valentine’s Day Candy for Faculty, and Clean Up Otterbein. Jenny


Volume 50 - 2012


Lois Szudy

Dolores Villareal

Otterbein University University of Texas Pan American

Dean of Students has served as co-advisor with Dr. Herman “Butch” Hill for the Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society at Ohio University since 2005. Jenny helped the chapter in winning the Order of the Torch Award in 2009. The Ohio University ALD members are highly visible on the Athens campus participating in a new member cookout, charity ball, new member social, community service at UMC, Trash for Cash, and the ALD Date Auction. One of the most important contributions of Jenny Hall-Jones to the ALD chapter during 2010 – 2011 was participation in the beta testing of the on line registration system for new members. This user friendly technological advancement helped the chapter move from 137 members to 474 members, an increase of 246%! Dolores Villarreal is the Assistant Director for Student Life and Transition Services at the University of Texas – Pan American and has advised the Alpha Lambda Delta chapter since 2005. Dolores is an active and enthusiastic participant in the annual ALD leadership workshop. This year the UTPA chapter had a large increase in membership going from 79 to 121 members, an increase of 53% and earning the chapter a Gold Delta Award. This marked increase indicates that Dolores Villarreal has had a powerful influence on the growth of the UTPA chapter.

The UTPA ALD chapter concen concentrates almost exclusively on cam campus and community service proj projects. Students participate in events such as canned food drives, the HE-B Feast of Sharing, the Adopt-aBeach Clean Up, the 2010 HESTEC Fundraiser, t-shirt sales, Adopt-anAngel, Carnival of the Great Pumpkin, and Involvement Fairs. With this chapter growth and the advising of Dolores Villarreal, good things will continue to come from the University of Texas – Pan American ALD chapter. Dr. Mike Nichols is a truly special friend of Alpha Lambda Delta. Since 1994, Dr. Nichols has served as Editor of the Flame. He can be seen behind the camera capturing the expressions of Alpha Lambda Delta members at the annual workshops and at National Council meetings. This magazine features many of his photographic contributions. Not only has Dr. Nichols served on the National Council in the role of both Editor and Historian, but he has also served as the chapter advisor at three schools – the University of Kentucky, Eastern Kentucky University, and most recently at his alma mater, Transylvania University. Dr. Nichols was instrumental in founding the ALD chapters at both Eastern Kentucky University and Transylvania University. Dr. Marion Carroll is Director of First Year Student Success at Xavier University of New Orleans. continued on page 46


These students not only had high GPA’s, but they were all very active in high leadership roles. NSU’s chapter Vice President, Dallas Ellis III is the President of the Honors College and also the SGA Sophomore Class King. One of our very own members, T’ierra Brown was a recipient of the prestigious Gates Millennium Scholarship. This year was NSU’s 76th Homecoming with the theme of Achieving Excellence, Success without Measure. In this year’s annual Homecoming Parade, our ALD chapter placed 2nd in the Decorated Cars Division with our very own Mr. and Miss ALD, Mr. Benjamin Osoba and Miss Candace Gilchrist, representing. This was a first for our chapter. Our chapter is making strides to show our campus and community the great things ALD is about and how we’re here to be of service to everyone. In the start of the 20112012 academic year, a welcome back ice cream social was put together for our chapter’s members, allowing us to brainstorm on ideas for this new year. In the meeting we came up with ideas such as feeding the homeless, serving the local women and children’s shelters, campus coat and can food drives. We also planned sunrise breakfasts that will allow students on campus to start their day right with a healthy nutritional meal. It is our plan and our goal to make a statement for ALD on our campus.

The Ohio State University Northern Michigan University During the weekend of September 17 and 18, 2011, Northern Michigan University’s chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta had an “Escape from Campus” weekend. Over a dozen ALD members went to Northern Lights Lakeside Resort in Gwinn, Michigan. There we were able to kick back for a day and just relax through hanging out, kayaking, and even taking naps. This event included a service project. We helped John Hipsey, the owner of the Northern Lights Resort, clean up an archery range on a nearby Bible camp. Afterward, we were given the chance to learn archery. We also used this time to socialize and get to know our new members that were inducted the previous spring. Through this activity we were able to brainstorm and plan what other activities and service projects that our members wanted to see happen this year. We learned that there was high interest in volunteering at the Humane Society as well as in social activities like movie nights. Overall, this event was fun, productive and successful weekend for our members to get to know one another around a bonfire.

The newly initiated 360 members of Ohio State’s Chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society did not hesitate to jump into involvement. Four days after the Initiation ceremony, the first general chapter meeting was held and eight new members took on leadership positions on the Executive Board. Thus far, Ohio State’s chapter has had meetings informing members about Resumes, Interviewing, and Study Abroad opportunities along with participating in a Somalia Project Run for Life 5K, Red Cross Blood Drive, service projects during the meetings, a Holiday Wish Toy Drive, and handing out candies to other Ohio State students wishing them the best of luck on exams. During one meeting, the executive board and members of ALD teamed together to decorate tons of ornaments for children at the Nationwide Children’s Hospital. The chapter is also extremely determined to keep involvement high, inform other Ohio State students about the honor society, and offer different service, leadership, academic, and social opportunities to all members. Not only has Alpha Lambda Delta Chapter at Ohio State gotten involved right away, but there are also numerous plans for the rest of the year. The an-

At this year’s annual National ALD Workshop, our chapter Advisor, Dr. Amelia Ross-Hammond, chapter President, Adora Smith, and chapter Vice President, Dallas Ellis III, were all in attendance. They all were very excited to attend this grand event and meet new faces from ALD nationwide. They each came back with great ideas and memories to share with their local chapter and school. The NSU Chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta is on its way to doing bigger and better things for our school and community. We plan to strive for excellence and uphold the standards and aims of ALD. We look forward to the future classes of ALD expanding our horizons towards the light of academic success.


The Northern Lights Lakeside Resort hosted the ALD “escapees” for the chapter’s “Escape from Campus” day.

ALD - The Flame

nual Cornhole Tournament benefiting James Cancer Research Hospital is in the midst of planning, along with next fall’s Initiation Ceremony. The group hopes to hold the Cornhole Tournament over Little Sibs Weekend in spring quarter and wants to raise over $1000 to help the newly remodeled James Cancer Research Hospital here in Columbus, Ohio. The annual Cornhole Tournament this past year was extremely successful, raised money for a great cause, and really increased student’s awareness of and got students involved with ALD. During the Fall 2011 Initiation, University President Dr. E Gordon Gee was the keynote speaker and will hopefully be the speaker for the upcoming Fall 2012 Initiation. Also, ALD members will be speaking at the Ohio State Winter Involvement Fair in order to encourage students to get involved and work hard at school, and also to make ALD’s presence more prominent around campus. The Ohio State University Chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta has the great members, the energy, the loyalty, and the passion to make 2011-2012 an extremely successful year in the realms of service, scholarship, leadership, and gaining friendships.

University of Oklahoma Hello from the University of Oklahoma chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta! This year in our chapter, we are really trying to focus on building long-lasting relationships with organizations in the Norman, Oklahoma, community. One of our Service Co-Chairs, Brette, brought this up at an officer’s meeting. She stressed how important building connections throughout the community is to reaching even more people in Norman. The JD McCarty Center, in Norman, is one of those groups that we want to get to know even better than we have in the two times we have visited them this semester. The JD McCarty Center provides therapeutic, medical, and other specialized services to children with developmental disabilities and their families. Between the physical therapy, doctor’s visits, and other apVolume 50 - 2012

The children of the JD McCarty Center got to have a little fun thanks to members of the University of Oklahoma chapter. pointments, the kids still need time just to be kids, and that is where we come in!

could college students keep up with a bunch of kids’ energy to play dodgeball for two hours?!

The OU chapter of ALD has come forward to serve as recreation volunteers twice this semester. The kids were so much fun! During the first visit, we got to play outside on the playground. We had enough volunteers to pair off with kids, so we could get to know them one-on-one. Jackie, one of our Co-Historians who went to the Center, loved talking to the girl she spent time with, Blake. Between running around on the playground and playing basketball, Blake told Jackie all about the JD McCarty Center, and how it felt like home to her. Blake never felt like an outsider at JD McCarty, as she sometimes did at school. “It was a really rewarding experience, and I really hope I get to play with Blake again!” says Jackie. “I never would have met her if ALD hadn’t joined up with JD McCarty.”

The kids at the JD McCarty Center will certainly keep us coming back with their enthusiasm and fun-loving attitude. The University of Oklahoma chapter of ALD is also striving to build lasting connections with other organizations in Norman, such as the Cedar Creek Nursing Home, where we went to do crafts and play games with the residents. More events that we are looking forward to include events with the Campus Activities Council at OU and Norman’s chapter of Habitat for Humanity. We will keep working towards this goal not only by volunteering our time at organizations in Norman, but also by inviting them to speak at our general chapter meetings. By doing these things, we will keep working towards our ultimate goal- building bridges throughout our community.

Building these kinds of bridges can really make a difference in a community. Sahar, another Co-Historian, was really glad our ALD Service Chairs worked with the JD McCarty Center to arrange a second volunteer time. She didn’t get to visit the first time, and was looking forward to playing with the kids after hearing about the fun stories from the first visit. “We played dodgeball, and they had so much energy that showed a love of life that was contagious!” Sahar said. Really - how else

Philadelphia University Philadelphia University inducted 154 new members into National Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society for FirstYear Students on Saturday, Oct. 1, with enthusiastic family and friends present to celebrate their academic success. Philadelphia University, founded in 1884, is a private university with 3,600 students enrolled in more than 60 undergraduate and graduate programs. As the model for professional univer-


sity education, the University prepares students to be leaders in their professions in an active, collaborative and real-world learning environment infused with the liberal arts. Philadelphia University includes the innovative College of Design, Engineering and Commerce; the College of Architecture and the Built Environment; and the College of Science, Health and the Liberal Arts. The Oct.1 ceremony was led by Aurelio Manuel Valente, the Administrative Advisor, Dr. Marcella McCoy Deh, Faculty Advisor, and Dr. Mark Govoni, Dean of Students. The ceremony recognized the chapter’s officers: Chelsey Love, president; Lauren Brosius, vice president for first-year students; Kandice Chavous, Vice president for transfer students; Kathleen Gasper, secretary; Kristin Pool, treasurer; Brianna DiPietro, historian; Staci Goldman, editor; and Justin Bucholz, junior advisor. The ceremony also featured five honorary members, including Carol Hermann, associate professor, architecture; Mark McCullen, adjunct professor, design and engineering; Louise McShane, student development programs; Dale Michaels, assistant professor, psychology; and James Wallace, adjunct professor, liberal arts. Closing the ceremony, Philadelphia University student Keith Lutz sang “Man in the Mirror,” an inspirational song by Michael Jackson. Guests were as touched by the inspiring lyrics as his moving performance.

help local families in the Roanoke Valley who are struggling with critical illnesses. With this goal, Alpha Lambda Delta, in conjunction with the pre-medical honor society Alpha Epsilon Delta, applied for and received an Adviser Grant from the American Association of College Honor Societies for a project entitled “Health to All: Supporting the Roanoke Valley.” Through this project, ALD and AED in conjunction with social Greek organizations, campus interfaith groups, and other preprofessional organizations will work each year to help a family faced with a critical illness and raise awareness and financial support for their cause. The success of the Health to All Project is exemplified by the ongoing efforts of both Alpha Lambda Delta and Alpha Epsilon Delta to raise awareness of a rare illness that affects a local family in the Roanoke Valley. This past year, the campus community discovered the case of Drew Bennett. Drew is a 7-year-old boy living in the valley who was diagnosed at age 2 with pseudo-obstructive bowel disorder. Since then, Drew has undergone 15 surgeries that have left him with an almost completely nonfunctioning digestive system. He also demonstrates early symptoms of liver failure. Drew now requires multiple transplants that will drive his medical costs up to four million dollars. Other charity organizations in the community such as his

church and the Drew Bennett Foundation have raised approximately $37,000. Unfortunately, this is nothing compared to the remaining overwhelming costs. Under the spearhead of the pre-health occupations honor society Alpha Epsilon Delta, ALD along with other campus organizations have rallied to Drew’s cause and have begun coordinating a variety of fundraising events to help relieve his family’s financial burdens. These include restaurant fundraisers, an informative lecture by a local gastroenterologist, carwashes, and yard sales. Also, Alpha Lambda Delta was extensively involved in a silent auction performed in the campus community center. Over the course of two semesters, the “Health to All” project was able to raise $1,578.55 for the Drew Bennett Foundation. The next step to help Drew and his family is the 5K Walk For Drew cosponsored by Alpha Lambda Delta, and other campus organizations such as Phi Beta Kappa, Biology Club, and Alpha Epsilon Delta. This event is set to take place on the Roanoke College track in Fall 2011 and will include donated food from local venders as well as musical entertainment from Buc9d9, a musical act composed of Roanoke College professors. Other entertainment will include games and activities geared toward both the campus community and the Roanoke Valley. In conjunction with Alpha Lambda Delta and Alpha Epsi-

This is the second year that students at Philadelphia University have taken an oath to continue to “maintain high scholarship and to use my education for the benefit of my community, my nation, and the world in which we live.”

Roanoke College All over the country Alpha Lambda Delta students recognize that their education goes well beyond the classroom, and members at Roanoke College are no exception. This past year the Roanoke College chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta joined forces with other campus organizations in efforts to


Members of the Roanoke College chapter partnered with several other campus organizations for the “Health to All” program. This year, the chapter raised over $1,500 to help pay medical expenses for local child Drew Bennett (center) . ALD - The Flame

lon Delta, The Roanoke College Colket Center plans to co-sponsor the event along with corporate sponsorship from local businesses. Entry into the walk includes a Walk for Drew wristband for each participant. This will not only remind them of their contribution but also spread awareness to those not in attendance. At its induction ceremony, Alpha Lambda Delta members are asked, “Will you hold the torches and pass them to one another?” At Roanoke College, members realize that it is not only the torch of knowledge that is to be passed, but also the light of charity, guidance, and, most importantly, hope. Realizing that their education and opportunities are gifts, the students of Alpha Lambda Delta continually work to give back to their local community. It is the sincere hope of this chapter that the Health to All project will continue to expand and reach out to more families in the Roanoke Valley facing medical crises and not only raise financial support, but also strengthen community awareness of their situations.

University of South Carolina In 2011, Alpha Lambda Delta at the University of South Carolina inducted a record number of 1,251 freshmen, continuing our reign as the largest student organization on campus and the largest ALD chapter in the country. From National ALD, USC chapter members received Trow and Stemler awards, and the chapter has received five Order of the Torch awards.

Our nine officers, plus junior and other advisors, meet every other week to brainstorm new ideas, give updates and progress reports on repeated activities, plus communicate plans from their respective committees. Monthly chapter meetings are theme based (scholarships, awards, Halloween first 300 received glow in the dark sunglasses! - fall, spring, earth/green, St. Patrick’s, and Mardi Gras for example). The meetings are held in a large auditorium with sound and a huge movie screen so we can show pictures of previous service projects and up-coming events. (Members like to see their pictures on the wall size screen but it also serves as an educational tool to motivate and describe upcoming events and encourages members to volunteer.) Chapter meetings include business but some fun activities or prizes to encourage attendance and participation. USC’s Chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta organizes events that occur each year. In August, over ninety ALD members volunteered in sweltering heat to assist freshmen move into their residence halls as part of the University’s “Move-In Crew.” Also during Welcome Week, ALD coordinated an event called “Whiz Rings” that promotes our organization, academics, plus allows students to toss frisbee type whiz rings at a target for prizes. All prizes shamelessly have USC Alpha Lambda Delta and our web site to advertise the honor society. After our “Whiz Rings” event, students can be seen all over campus carrying or wearing the bright

gold with red lettering whiz rings with USC ALD and our web site imprinted on each one. In October, eighty ALD members volunteer annually at the “Beaker’s and Broomsticks” event with the South Carolina Children’s Museum, EdVenture. In early December, ALD hosts the annual USC Challenge – an academic team competition between high schools from across the state. Charity runs, campus clean campaigns, a clothing drive for the Salvation Army, You Light Up USC awards to faculty, recycling, and assisting USC Admissions staff host thousands of scholars and admitted students to campus demonstrate the variety of ALD service projects. The South Carolina ALD chapter added a new project in October. Coordinated by member Jen Hodshon, ALD organized a campus charity swim meet called “Champions In The Water.” All entry fees from the 210 events swum went to the Harvest Hope Food Bank. The swim meet offered both traditional swimming events and fun events in the pool. All swimmers earned a “Champions in the Water” shirt. ALD hopes to continue this event in the future, offering students a fun way to give back to the community. Though ALD at USC excels in academics and service, we also love to have fun! Alpha Lambda Delta participates in USC’s intramurals with volleyball, dodge ball, and a variety of opportunities for members to have fun and play. Our web site (www.uscALD. org) provides a plethora of information and pictures of our activities.

University of Southern California

The University of South Carolina chapter hosted a charity swim meet, “Champions in the Water.” Proceeds went to the Harvest Hope Food Bank. Volume 50 - 2012

Inducting more than 1,000 students every year, the University of Southern California chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta has grown to encompass many students on campus. Not only does this honor society represent the highest standards that students can achieve, but it also fosters a tight relationship between fellow scholars, between professors and students, and between the


students and the community. During midterms and finals season, we often set up a table in the middle of our campus and hand out free ice cream cookie sandwiches and pass out blue books. Many ALD members stop by for a wonderful and well-deserved study break. Others just come and say hello, while mingling with fellow ALD members. One of the greatest advantages to these social events is that not only do students get to enjoy a delicious food break, but it also allows the opportunity for them to meet other students of the same academic caliber and an array of different majors. These chances are rare especially when students often take many classes that are only for their areas of studies. Through these open events, we have also reached out to prospective ALD members and chatted with them about their academic pursuits. Many students have professed an interest in ALD, and we have maintained contact with them by including them in our email list and introducing them to what ALD is all about. While college is where students and professors are united, students may sometimes find it difficult to know their professors well in the confines of a classroom or lecture hall. With this in mind, we have tried hard to establish

a sense of community between professors and students. Outside of the usual academic environment, students are given the opportunity to invite their favorite professor as a special guest to the Professor Appreciation Luncheon (PAL), which is our signature ALD event. It is generally held at USC’s prestigious University Club and under this relaxing atmosphere students and professors can converse freely about a wide variety of academic topics and interesting stories about life in general. Perhaps, one area that we strive to make bigger and better is offering more opportunities for our members to work in the community. Every year we participate in Relay for Life. Last year, ALD Eboard also planned a philanthropic event where we asked the whole school to participate in a toiletry drive, and all the collected goods were donated to Los Angeles Woman’s Shelter. This year, we are working on a novel idea to collaborate with our neighboring university UCLA in community service activities, such as tutoring kids from local schools and participating in local blood drives. This way we can drastically expand our impact on the community that has given so much to each and every one of us. While we have been busy in trying to plan at least one event every month,

soon as March rolls by we will be inducting a new batch of talented and intelligent students who are eager to make a difference to the school and the community. We are extremely excited to continue to plan events for our ALD members and we are even more excited to continue our tradition of being the best honor society on campus!

SUNY – Fredonia This year we, the SUNY Fredonia chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta in Fredonia, NY, have hit the ground running with a new executive board, new look, and new attitude! Our goal was to increase our presence on campus, while spreading the Alpha Lambda Delta name and values! Our goal, thanks to the enthusiasm of our members, leaders, and advisor, has quickly come to fruition. Already, our number of events and turn-outs have exceeded past year’s multiplefold. As a result the ALD logo has been consistently posted on bulletin boards, flyers, and walls around campus nearly the entire semester! The focus of many of our events this semester was charity, and the aim was simple: we want to help those less fortunate than ourselves in any way we can. After all, a true scholar knows it is most rewarding to use his or her gifts to help others because leaving a lasting impression and positive attitude is what changes lives and worlds. Our chapter of ALD participated in “Safe Halloween,” a program that allows the children of Fredonia to Trick or Treat on our campus, as it is illegal to do so in our town. Without this service, therefore, many of these children would never get to experience the wonder of dressing as a fairy princess, or a buccaneer pillaging on asphalt seas for a booty of lemonheads and fun-size chocolate delights!

A little mini-golf was just what the doctor ordered for these members of the University of Southern California’s ALD chapter.


Our group decorated a room on campus and dressed to the all-tooappropriate theme: nerds! However, our acting skills are what truly shined as we brought our characters to life, creating a memorable performance the kids were sure to remember. HearALD - The Flame

will stop and ask who you are. They may even ask how they can become involved with our organization. Not only are we promoting social unity and togetherness, but we are potentially expanding our group’s size and making our name well known. Remember, kindness is the best advertisement! Like a juggernaut, our chapter has created an inertia that cannot be stopped. We have just begun to scratch the surface, and already have more numerous and larger events planned for upcoming semesters. This means you can expect to hear more from the SUNY Fredonia chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta!

Don’t drop that beaker! SUNY-Fredonia members “nerded it up” for the school’s “Safe Halloween” event. ing “Here is some sorbo-malsulfate for you, and some cocoa bean tri-glycosylate for you!” followed by loud snorts was common, and a utility belt complete with a TI-84 holster, ball-point pens, and taped glasses was only the beginning of the madness. We also held a fundraising sale during breast cancer awareness month where we sold pink hair extensions and handmade hemp, wire, and beaded bracelets to benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure, a foundation for cancer research, treatment, and awareness.

that the feeling of helping others or giving back to your local community is one of the greatest feelings out there? Well, aside from that, we feel that participating in events where we are helping others is the most beneficial way to spread our name and presence on campus and in the community. When a casual observer sees a large group of students spending their Saturdays helping others, their curiosity will be piqued, and we guarantee you they

Transylvania University This year, Transylvania University’s chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta has been striving to provide more opportunities to involve its members and engage with the campus community. Our major event on campus this semester was the biannual Speaker Series, which spotlights a faculty member and his or her research. We were pleased to host Dr. Carole Barnsley, professor of religion, and her presentation “Prophet Muhammad’s Wives: Inspiration or Limitation?” to a great number of students and faculty.

Wanting to spread our efforts even further, we also brought “Operation Christmas Child” to our campus. Operation Christmas Child is a national program where people can send a shoebox filled with toys to needy children in poor countries overseas. In addition, we participated in “Out of the Darkness,” a walk to raise awareness of the issue of suicide in America, while raising money for prevention programs, and “Up ‘Til Dawn,” an event where we helped address letters requesting donations to family members in order to benefit the St. Jude Children’s Hospital for Childhood Cancer. What is the benefit of doing all of this? You mean aside from the fact Volume 50 - 2012

Rebecca Oliver, Scholarship Chair of the Transylvania Chapter, introduced Dr. Carole Barnsley of the Department of Religion at her presentation “Prophet Muhammad’s Wives: Inspiration or Limitation?” Her talk was part of Alpha Lambda Delta Speakers Series and drew a large number of students and faculty.


In October, Raisa Tikhtman, our president, and Melissa Moberg, our historian, attended the National Leadership Workshop in Charlotte, North Carolina, with our faculty advisor Dr. Michael Nichols. They brought back an array of exciting new ideas for our chapter from their experience, including that for our upcoming Hot Cocoa Social, which will feature a speaker on Occupy Wall Street and will serve to involve interested freshmen in the organization. Other upcoming plans include participation in Crimson Christmas, an annual event hosted by Transylvania that partners with Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bluegrass to provide Christmas presents for underprivileged children in the community. We also are excited for our first annual Senior Dessert Reception, during which our first group of senior alumni will be honored and a senior book award will be presented. Alpha Lambda Delta at Transylvania University hopes to continue growing in its dedication to service and scholarship!

Valdosta State University The Alpha Lambda Delta chapter at Valdosta State University has enjoyed a record-breaking year! In the spring

of 2011, we inducted the largest ALD incoming class in the 38-year history of our chapter—214 members took the pledge of ALD membership! We hope to break this new record again this year with a new batch of incoming freshmen. Each year, we are seeing more and more students joining the chapter, and we hope the trend continues at this year’s initiation ceremony! Our chapter stresses the importance of community and campus service, and we live up to that high standard. One of our biggest projects is a donation to our campus Relay for Life event. Thanks to our high membership, we have the ability to make sizeable donations to service-oriented organizations. Last spring, our chapter donated a whopping $1,600 to Relay for Life, the largest donation of any VSU group and higher than any previous ALD contribution! In the spring of 2012, ALD students will be hosting the annual Blazer Buddies, our service outreach project that allows underprivileged community children to attend a college sporting event. Each child is then paired with one of our high-achieving students who will act as a mentor for that child. This year, we will take the children to a VSU basketball game, providing them with a chance to enjoy themselves and

Valdosta State University ALD’s “Blazer Buddies” project is one of the chapter’s longest-running programs.


to form lasting relationships with a student mentor. This spring’s event will mark the sixth consecutive year that our chapter has organized this event, and it grows every year! Other campus organizations participate and send students to mentor a child; we have so much campus support that often two mentors are assigned to each child! Our chapter had another cause for celebration this year—our former Acting President Jennifer Stakich was named as a Jo Anne J. Trow Undergraduate Scholar! Stakich received a $3,000 scholarship and became the first Trow Scholar in the 38 year history of our chapter. She is very honored to receive this scholarship and represent our chapter on the national level. We are incredibly proud of her, and we hope that many more follow her! This year has been a busy one for our ALD chapter, and our members have reaped the rewards of all their hard work. As more new students enter our chapter, our activities and service will undoubtedly grow and change with their new ideas and passions. The flame is burning bright at Valdosta State!

William Penn University It was a blistery day in Oskaloosa, Iowa, when our chapter of ALD at William Penn University set out for our hayride through the beautiful parts of southern Iowa on October 30, 2011. Jean Bikomeye, Alicia Jennings, Christine Gamble, Corrie Bailey, Caleb Wubbels, Chad Woods, Sue VanWyk, and co-faculty advisors Breanne Garret and Fred Allen, and I, Rosemary Bailey, began our adventure on the rolling hills of Mahaska County. We drove to Mrs. Sue VanWyk’s house to get the truck and the wagon full of hay. Mrs. Sue drove the truck on which rested a gas grill tied securely to the truck bed, which would be used for our hotdogs. The wind was extremely cold and harsh as it blew bits of hay into everyone’s faces. The ground all around us, which had been plowed up after the corn harvest, was bare. But it allowed for more of the sky, which was spotted ALD - The Flame

around us. As we tried to keep our eyes open through the stinging wind and flying hay, we watched the sun set ever so slowly behind the rolling hills of Mahaska County, Iowa. When we made the final turn back to Mrs. Sue’s house to park the wagon, we were freezing, full, and fantastically energized by the beauty of the sunset. Thanking Breanne Garrett, Fred Allen, and Sue VanWyk for our outing, we piled back into our cars and headed back to our daily lives, which waited for us back in our warm beds.

University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh

A chilly fall day is a great time for a swing - students at William Penn University took a short fall break for a picnic and a hayride. with puffy purple clouds, to be seen as we moved slowly past the land. The sun was a bright white orb in the sky, illuminating everything with a warm glow. It was the perfect weather for a cookout. When we arrived at our destination, Nicholson Park, which was the site of the old Cedar School, Mrs. Sue parked the truck and started up the grill to cook the hot dogs. The rest of us took the plastic bags of hot dog buns, potato chips, soda, water, cookies, and candy to the park tables and benches. While Mrs. Sue grilled the hotdogs, we sat and talked about everything and nothing in particular, as most conversations usually go. A couple of us even played on the swing set for a little while. When the hot dogs were done, we all grabbed some buns and ketchup to go with them and ate heartily. Spurts of conversation came and went as we talked about little things. Candy and cookies were passed around for dessert when we were finished. After we sat in full-stomached contentedness for a time we decided to head out. So as a team we piled the food into the plastic bags and loaded them onto the truck. Then we, minus the driver Mrs. Sue, piled into the wagon and sat on the comfy hay. The ride back was even more beautiful than the drive over, with sloping hills descending into clear unbroken flatland. The setting sun was piercingly bright, creating jagged and deep shadows. The clouds multiplied, backlit by the fading light. It was the perfect ending to a Sunday evening.

This year will be busy for the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta. We accomplished a great deal last year, earning the Most Improved Organization Award through the UW-Oshkosh Student Leadership and Involvement Center in May of 2011. We also received the Delta Gold Award for 76% increase in membership from the 2009-2010 to 2010-2011 school years. These honors have motivated our chapter to continue expanding and improving. We have a number of activities planned for this academic year, which we hope will help us achieve these goals. One social event that is rapidly approaching is intended primarily for freshmen. Our recruitment social, using the slogan “It’s Not Greek, It’s Geek,” will, we hope, attract many potential new members. This event will increase awareness of what Alpha Lambda Delta is and does, and encourage freshmen to strive for academic excellence. Added incentives to attend include free root-beer floats and open foosball and pool tables. Other upcoming socials include an afternoon spent climbing the rock wall and a finals week study break, complete with board games and snacks. Both of these will promote camaraderie among current members. This holiday season, our chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta will be bell-ringing with the Salvation Army and spreading goodwill throughout the city of Oshkosh. Our main service project for the school year will be raising money for St. Baldrick’s, which is a charity committed to funding the most promising research for childhood cancers. Plans are underway for a city-wide event, hosted on campus, to take place at the end of March 2012. Participants will raise pledges and shave their heads in honor of those affected by cancer. Since becoming completely bald may be daunting to many people, they have the option to simply cut their hair to any length. We will also use donated goods and prizes for raffle drawings and silent auctions. We are contacting businesses and organizations in Oshkosh, seeking participants or donations for the cause. Support from the city of Oshkosh will make this event successful for St. Baldrick’s. Our UW-Oshkosh chapter looks forward to a year filled with activities to strengthen friendships between members and improve our community. We hope to build on last year’s achievements and continue to grow as an organization.

We rode in laughing conversation for a good part of the ride back, but then we were slowly silenced by the scenery Volume 50 - 2012


Quick snaps Above: Members and chapter officers from the Purdue University chapter take part in the Community Hunger Hike in West Lafayette, Indiana. Below: Jinkies! The chapter at the University of Texas at Austin took a page out of the Scooby gang’s detective manual for their booth at the campus Longhorn Halloween event, where campus organizations help local kids have a safe and fun Halloween.

Alpha Lambda Delta rolls out the welcome mat for the newest chapters in our family. Join us in welcoming.... Becker College March 27, 2011 Installed by Dr. Herman “Butch” Hill The Alpha Lambda Delta chapter at Becker College was installed in a ceremony on Sunday, March 27, 2011, in Borger Hall on the Becker Leicester campus. The installation was unique in that it was held in conjunction with an induction ceremony for the upperclass honor society Alpha Chi. Coordination of these two events was the responsibility of Sarah Mosier, who was on top of every detail, down to a bottle of water for the installing officer. Becker College President Robert Johnson got the event off to a rousing start with his opening remarks, in which he went through his fast-paced alphabet of academic success to loud cheers and applause. Herman “Butch” Hill, Vice-President for Finance and Long-Range Planning, did the installation, assisted by the Becker ALD advisers Dr. Caroline Crocker and Dr. Fred Liberatore. Becker had been without an ALD chapter for 226 years, and, judging from the standingroom only crowd, they were ready for one. Their enthusiasm was palpable, despite the high temperatures in the overcrowded hall. Installing a new ALD chapter is cause for celebration - and Becker College went all out with festive balloons for their special day. Volume 50 - 2012

Following an introduction by Becker Vice President of Academic Affairs Elizabeth Fuller, Hill gave a keynote address on the value of honor societies. In his remarks, he stressed the many advantages of belong-


ing to both Alpha Chi and Alpha Lambda Delta: recognition for hard work, scholarship money, and most of all the support and networking from friends made through membership. The Alpha Chi induction ceremony followed the chapter installation, and the day’s events concluded with a reception in the Borger Hall lobby. Fontbonne University April 10, 2011 Installed by Dr. Susan Huffman The Fontbonne University chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta was installed by Dr. Susan Melson Huffman, President of National Alpha Lambda Delta, at 2:00 P.M. on Sunday, April 10, 2011. The ceremony was held in the Doerr Chapel in Ryan Hall on campus. The charter group of this chapter included 82 students. Approximately 27 students and two honorary members attended the ceremony and signed the chapter

roll, with several family members and other guests as witnesses to the special occasion. One of the new honorary members began the installation ceremony by offering an invocation. Dr. Judith Failoni, Professor, Department of Education/ Special Education, and Dr. Sharon McCaslin, University Librarian and Professor, assisted Dr. Huffman during the chapter installation and will continue to serve as two of the four chapter advisors. Dr. Failoni was initiated into Alpha Lambda Delta at her undergraduate institution, Drury University, and Dr. McCaslin was initiated into Alpha Lambda Delta at Kansas State University. They had worked with the students for the past few years to get the local chapter started and to plan a very special and memorable event for this campus. Junior advisor, Elizabeth Brauss, was also initiated and recognized for her support. Six members of the faculty and staff of Fontbonne University were

recognized and selected for honorary membership. Only two of this distinguished group were able to come to the installation. Dr. Genevieve Robinson, O.S.B., Dean of Undergraduate Studies, and Mary Randa Wilson, Vice President for Student Affairs, were initiated as honorary members on this special day. Officers of this chapter include Cameron Elliott, President; Dillon Klaffer, Vice President; Linda Henson, Secretary; Shirley Johnson, Treasurer; Alexandria Linek, Editor; and Cassandra Kern, Historian. Those officers in attendance were installed during the ceremony, and Dr. Huffman encouraged those in attendance to support the officers in their efforts to promote and publicize this new chapter on the Fontbonne University campus in the heart of St. Louis. After Dr. Huffman presented the Charter, chapter president Cameron Elliott spoke to the new initiates and offered congratulations to

Fontbonne University , Installed April 10, 2011.


ALD - The Flame

Methodist College, installed September 24, 2011. the charter members. Dr. Failoni thanked Dr. Huffman for coming to St. Louis to install the Fontbonne chapter, and she also provided words of inspiration and motivation for their future success and congratulated the new student and honorary members. Following the ceremony and many group photographs, Dr. Huffman and her husband, Dave, joined the new initiates and their guests for cookies and punch in the foyer. It was a wonderful celebration for the students and their very proud parents and family members. Methodist University September 24, 2011 Installed by Dr. Glenda Earwood On Saturday, September 24, 2011, at 5:30 pm, in Fayetteville, North Carolina, in the brand new Medical Lecture Hall of the Physician Assistant Building, Methodist University held its Alpha Lambda Delta chapter installation ceremony. At the ceremony, a large numVolume 50 - 2012

ber of family, friends, and faculty watched 58 initiates and 6 honorary members become the charter members of Alpha Lambda Delta. Before the ceremony, the installing officers, Dr. Glenda Earwood and Elaine Robinson met with the advisors, Dr. Lori Brookman, Dr. P. J. Rohrer-Walsh, and Dr. Felicia Malissen, as well as the new officers. These advisors, especially Dr. Jennifer Rohrer-Walsh, and the new officers were all instrumental in establishing this new chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta. All new members, installing officers, advisors, and honorary members assembled in a classroom prior to the start of the ceremony. The advisors, the installing officer, and the honorary members wore academic regalia. Led in by the installing officer, Dr. Glenda Earwood, followed by the advisors, Dr. Jennifer Rohrer-Walsh directed the initiates to their seats in the first rows of the auditorium. After issuing the newly revised

Alpha Lambda Delta pledge, Dr. Earwood called every initiate’s name. Each initiate came forward, signed the chapter roll, received a certificate and pin, and shook hands with the advisors. The three chapter advisors, Dr. Lori Brookman, Dr. Jennifer Rohrer-Walsh, and Dr. Felicia Malissen signed the chapter roll and were inducted. Three additional honorary members were initiated at the ceremony. Dr. Delmas Crisp is the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the University. Jane Weeks Gardiner, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, works extensively advising first year students. Michael Safley, Vice President for University Relations and University Chaplain, has worked at Methodist University for over 25 years. Citations for each honorary member were read by Dr. Lori Brookman. After the initiation of the new honorary members, the officers of the new chapter each took their oath of office. Laura Love accept-


ed the role of chapter President; Katherine Scheller agreed to become the Vice President; Madyson Cooper became the Secretary and Kaityln Leger accepted the responsibilities of Historian. Due to a conflict, Maeve Harper, Treasurer, was not present for the induction ceremony. Following the installation of the new officers, Dr. Ben E. Hancock, Jr., President of Methodist University congratulated and challenged the new initiates to make a difference on their campus. Finally, Dr. Glenda Earwood, installed the chapter and President Laura Love accepted the charter, made a few remarks concerning plans for the local chapter, and directed the new initiates and their guests to the reception. Immediately following the ceremony, all newly initiated members and honorary members posed for a picture followed by a wonderful reception celebrated with their family and friends. Fort Valley State University October 1, 2011 Installed by Dr. Glenda Earwood On Saturday, October 1, 2011, at 3:00 pm, in Fort Valley, Georgia in the Pettigrew Center, Fort Valley State University held its Alpha

Lambda Delta chapter installation ceremony. At the ceremony, a large number of family, friends and faculty watched 44 initiates and four honorary members become initiated into Alpha Lambda Delta. Before the ceremony, the installing officers, Dr. Glenda Earwood met with the advisors, Jerry Haywood and Sharon Kurtz-Palms, as well as the new officers. These advisors, especially Jerry Haywood, and the new officers were all instrumental in establishing this new chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta. The ceremony coincided with Fall Preview Day where many prospective students were in the Pettigrew Center and on the campus. All new members, installing officers, advisors, and honorary members assembled outside the induction rooms prior to the start of the ceremony. The advisors, the installing officer, charter members, and honorary members processed into the room where the parents, family members, and friends were gathered. Dr. Glenda Earwood, followed by the advisors, directed the initiates to their seats in the first rows of the auditorium. After issuing the newly revised Alpha Lambda Delta pledge, Dr. Ear-

Installing officer Glenda Earwood (left) with the student officers of the Fort Valley State University chapter.


wood called every initiate’s name. Each initiate came forward, signed the chapter roll, received their certificate and pin, and shook hands with the advisors. The chapter advisors, Jerry Haywood and Sharon Kurtz-Palms, signed the chapter roll and were inducted. Four additional honorary members were initiated at the ceremony. Dr. Larry E. Rivers is the President of Fort Valley State University. Dr. Berlethia J. Pitts is an Assistant Professor in English and Foreign Language. Jocelyn Powell is the Director for Academic Advising. Dr. Julius Scipio is the Vice President of Academic Affairs. Due to prior committments, President Larry Rivers and Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dr. Julius Scipio, were initiated in absentia. Jerry Haywood read citations for Dr. Berlethia J. Pitts and Jocelyn Powell. After the initiation of the new honorary members, the officers of the new chapter each took their oath of office. Doneshia McCoy accepted the role of Chapter President; Darrione Lumar agreed to become the Vice President; Keshia Ward became the Secretary, Johansson Cooper became the Treasurer, and Ashli Allen accepted the responsibilities of Historian. Following the installation of the new officers, Professor Said L. Sewell, Executive Director of The Academic Success Center, congratulated and challenged the new initiates to make a difference on their campus. Finally, Dr. Glenda Earwood installed the chapter; President Doneshia McCoy accepted the charter, made a few remarks concerning plans for the local chapter, and congratulated the new initiates. Immediately following the ceremony, all newly initiated members and honorary members posed for several pictures. ALD - The Flame

2011 National Council Update: Portland The National Council of Alpha Lambda Delta met in June in Portland, Oregon to plan for another successful year. Administrative issues, financial matters, service to our Chapters, expansion, and special events were all on the table for discussion. President Susan Huffman called the meeting to order and installed Kelci Teut of Morningside College as the newest Student-Member at Large.

Dr. Susan Huffman of Purdue University was elected for a second term as National President and Dr. Butch Hill of Ohio University was re-elected as Vice-President for Finance and Long Range Planning.

The Council set plans for the 2012 Annual Leadership Workshop in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The number of Stemler Study Abroad Scholarships was increased from 10 to 15 awarded annually.

The values of the top Trow Undergraduate Scholarships were increased to offer 5 scholarships at $6,000 each, 5 for $3000 each, 5 for $2,000 each, and 20 scholarships for $1,000 each. This brings the amount the Society provides to undergraduates to $90,000!

In a bittersweet move, the Council named a graduate fellowship in honor of the late Dr. Harry Hale of the University of Louisiana at Monroe. Dr. Hale passed away in March, 2011 after retiring as Professor of Sociology and a 20 year ALD advisor and former National Council member.

At the final dinner meeting, President Huffman offered special tributes to those ALD family members who had passed away during 2010 2011. These included former Executive Directors Mary Jane Stevenson and Barbara P. Quilling, as well as Dr. Hale.

A very special guest attending the dinner was former National President and a long-time leader in ALD and in higher education, Dr. Jo Ann Trow for whom the Trow Scholarships are named.

Highlights of the meeting included: •

Top to bottom: The Council welcomes new Student Member-at-Large Kelci Teut (in green). Another busy day on the Council... Univ. of Portland Trow Scholarship and Stemler Scholarship winner Valerie Schiller poses with award namesakes Jo Anne Trow (left) and James G. Stemler (right). The 2010-2011 National Council of Alpha Lambda Delta Volume 50 - 2012

An announcement that the Society had an all time record year of 30,787 new members nation-wide. The Council evaluated My Honor Society (MHS), an online service for issuing invitations to join ALD and for ordering certificates. In a Beta test, all the chapters involved felt it was a great improvement over previous methods. National dues were increased from $20 to $25 to help fund MHS, increased travel and field costs, increased workshop hotel and food costs, increased postage, increased rent and events costs, and to offer more fellowships, scholarships, and travel abroad stipends. Executive Director Advisors of the Year Awards went to Marion Carroll, Xavier University; Jenny Hall-Jones, Ohio University; Mike Nichols, Transylvania University; Dolores Villareal, University of TexasPan America; and Lois Szudy, Otterbein University. Dr. Marty Knepper was selected as Advisor of the Year. Dr. Knepper is Professor and Chair of the Department of English at Morningside College.


In Memorium: Dr. Harry Hale

Chapter advisor at the University of Louisiana - Monroe, member of the ALD National Council, and longtime friend of the Society Dr. Harry Hale was a long-time friend of Alpha Lambda Delta, serving two terms as National Council Member-atLarge, and as chapter advisor at the University of Louisiana – Monroe for over 20 years. In his time with ALD, the chapter at ULM thrived, and he was a respected and trusted colleague to members of the ALD National Council. Dr. Hale is a native of California, and received his doctorate in Sociology from the University of Tennessee. After receiving his Ph.D. degree in 1963, he pursued most of his career in the southern region of the country, teaching at universities in California, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Louisiana. He long ago found a home at the University of Louisiana in Monroe. In addition to loving his students, Dr. Hale held offices in regional professional societies, including President and Journal Editor, and served in the US Navy during the Korean War. Dr. Hale passed away at his home in Monroe, Louisiana, on March 13, 2011. At their annual meeting in 2012, the National Council of Alpha Lambda Delta formally and unanimously named one of the ALD Graduate Fellowships in honor of Dr. Hale.

ED’s Advisors of the Year Marion first learned about Alpha Lambda Delta at the Freshman Year Experience conference and decided this was an opportunity to promote academic excellence at Xavier. Dr. Carroll took this responsibility quite seriously, started the initial group, helped to prepare the petition, and planned the installation ceremony. Under his guidance, the chapter initiated 181 student members out of 227 eligible, a yield of 80% which earned the chapter a Silver Alpha Award. Because of these students’ academic accomplishments, these students are now eligible to compete for undergraduate and graduate fel-


lowships offered by National Alpha Lambda Delta. The ALD chapter is becoming a more active and visible organization on the Xavier campus by promoting good study habits during midterms and finals and hosting a table at the Academic Fair for new students. Good things are in store for this new Alpha Lambda Delta chapter in New Orleans. The role of the chapter advisor is absolutely critical to the success of the chapter and the national organization,” said Dr. Susan Huffman, National President of Alpha Lambda

(Continued from pg. 31)

Delta. In this serious economic decline where staff and faculty members are asked and expected to do more than ever before, it is important that chapter advisors are recognized and appreciated for their service and commitment to students and to Alpha Lambda Delta. These advisors have done exceptional jobs and deserve the recognition of this award. “The National Council is very proud and grateful to these advisors for the outstanding work they do,” said Dr. Glenda Earwood, Executive Director.

ALD - The Flame



Chapter Website Award

For an Alpha Lambda Delta chapter, having a quality chapter website is one of the most important aspects of recruitment, communication, and chapter visibility. Alpha Lambda Delta is proud to present the Lampadia Chapter Website Awards for 2011 to two chapters with exceptional chapter sites: Clemson University (top) and the University of Oklahoma (below).

Financial Statement Alpha Lambda Delta commits its resources to recognizing, encouraging, and rewarding academic achievement. Since membership dues provide a major source of revenue, the National Council is pleased to report to the membership and advisors on the Society’s financial operations. Since its founding in 1924, Alpha Lambda Delta has concentrated on two major programs: honoring outstanding undergraduate scholars and awarding fellowships to members for graduate study. In 2009, honoring members choosing to study abroad was added as a third major program. From 1940 to 1986, membership dues funded the scholarships, and the National Council placed all surplus funds into investment programs earmarked to support the awards program. Since 1986, the scholarships have been funded by income on the investments in the Perpetual Fellowship Fund. More than 600 ALD members have received over $1,700,000 since the establishment of the awards.

Current Assets: Cash & Cash Equivalents . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$577,118 Accounts Receivables . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$148,977 Inventory . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$33,334 Prepaid Expenses . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$14,531 Property and Equipment, Net: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$19,133 Other Assets: Loans Receivable - Students . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$5,400 Investments Designated for Fellowships. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $3,435,323 Other Investments . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$106,165 Total Assets . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $4,339,981

General & Administrative ($371,052) Torch Awards ($4,886) Leadership Workshops ($54,729) Newsletter - The Flame ($18,663) Fellowship and Scholarships ($153,500) Memberships ($615,187) Workshop Registration ($5,472) Contributions ($3,541) Miscellaneous ($20,275)

At right, top to bottom: Expenditures for FY 2011 (Total expenditures: $602,830)

Opening Balance ($2,822,819) Investment Fee Expense ($22,151)

General Fund Revenue for FY2011 (Total revenue: $644,475)

Realized Gains (Losses) ($17,177)

Perpetual Fellowship Fund Valuation, FY 2011 (Valuation: $3,435,323)

Interest and Dividend Income ($133,236)

Volume 50 - 2012

Unrealized Gains (Losses) ($518,596)









October 19-21, 2012 NATIONALALD.ORG

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