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Flame The

Volume 49 - 2011

A publication of National Alpha Lambda Delta

Flame The

Volume 49 - 2011

A publication of National Alpha Lambda Delta

Inside this issue A Note from the Executive Director . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 National Leadership Workshop News . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Photos from the 2010 Nat’l Leadership Workshop . . 6 The Order of the Torch . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Chapter Activity Reports . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14 In Memoriam . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .24 2011 Stemler Scholarship Recipients . . . . . . . . . . . . . .25 2011 Fellowship Recipients . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .26 2011 Trow Scholarship Recipients . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .28 2010 Advisor of the Year, Alice Lanning . . . . . . . . . . .30 Executive Director’s Advisors of the Year . . . . . . . . . .31 New Chapter Installations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .40 List of Active Chapters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .44 National Council Update . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .46 Lampadia Chapter Website Awards . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .47 The Flame is a publication of National Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society for FirstYear College Students . Lee Greenway, Dir . of Communication Dr . Mike Nichols, National Editor/Historian The Flame PO Box 4403 Macon, GA 31208-4403 Mission Statement: To communicate the activities, ideals, and accomplishments of Alpha Lambda Delta with the vision to create and project a positive image of the society as a progressive and relevant collegiate organization with a commitment toward excellence .

Editorial Policy: Alpha Lambda Delta reserves the right to exercise editorial decisions over written materials and/or articles submitted for publication . Content, design, and layout will be the decision of the editorial staff . As a courtesy to feature writers and contributors to the Flame, every attempt will be made to furnish advance copy of material as it will appear in print .




“The Best is Yet to Come!”




For the past couple of years, the United States and the world have experienced a major recession . As I write this article, there are signs that consumers are opening their pocketbooks and spending again, that the stock market has recovered most of its losses, and that businesses are beginning to hire again . Through these tough years, Alpha Lambda Delta has actually thrived – thanks to the work of long -serving and dedicated volunteers, loyal advisors and National Council members – willing to give of their most precious resource – time – to further the purposes of Alpha Lambda Delta and celebrate academic excellence among students early in their college careers . If you are a new member of Alpha Lambda Delta, you have probably pondered, “Is the best yet to come? Will I have career opportunities when I graduate from college? Will I be able to fulfill the dreams I have had and worked so hard for once I leave this part of my education?” I think you have started out on the right path . You have achieved something that only the top 20% of college students achieve – a very successful transition from high school to college . Keep up the good work and the best will be yet to come . In her 85 year history, Alpha Lambda Delta has had only three paid Executive Directors . This fall, two of those wonderful individuals, Mary Jane Stevenson and Barbara Quilling, passed away . Mary Jane Stevenson, was the first paid national staff member of Alpha Lambda Delta and served from 1971 to 1981 . A graduate of Westminister College, she held a master’s degree from Ohio University . Mary Jane Stevenson served as Dean of Women at Westminister, Albright College, and Bucknell . In 1981, Barbara Quilling became the Executive Director of Alpha Lambda Delta and increased the professional nature of the office, brought the production of the certificates to the office, and increased the number of programs and services provided by the national headquarters . Barbara Quilling moved the office from Hanover, Indiana, where she had worked as Vice President for Student Affairs at Hanover College to Muncie, Indiana, until her retirement in 1996 . Inside this magazine, you will find pictures and tributes to both of these fine ladies who helped to form Alpha Lambda Delta . Alpha Lambda Delta and technology keep changing . This year, National Alpha Lambda Delta awarded the first ten James G . Stemler $1000 study abroad scholarships . Last year, Alpha Lambda Delta posted a video on its website which has been seen by thousands of prospective members, initiates, and their parents . During the last ten years, Alpha Lambda Delta has responded to changes in technology by receiving membership lists first via fax, then by e-mail, and now on the website . During this spring, National Alpha Lambda Delta, with the help of 20 chapters across the nation, will be beta testing a national online registration system . Another strength of Alpha Lambda Delta is the abundance and diversity of service projects chapters are involved in around the country . A characteristic of your generation is the generosity observed at every level – from the abundance of gifts you provided to the Seabird Sanctuary in Florida to the numerous service projects you will read about in the pages of this magazine . I am convinced by your acts of kindness and generosity that the best is yet to come!

Glenda Earwood Executive Director Volume 49 - 2011


The Magic of Success!

Sunny Orlando, Florida, and the Walt Disney World Resort host a “magical” weekend - the 2010 National Leadership Workshop! Almost 190 participants including students, advisers, and National Council members from 75 Chapters and 31 states convened on October 15, 2010, for the annual Alpha Lambda Delta Leadership Workshop . The scene was the Walt Disney Resort in Orlando for a weekend of workshops, exciting presentations, networking, brainstorming, seeing the sights, meetings new friends, and… .FUN! National President Dr . Susan Huffman and Executive Director Dr . Glenda Earwood welcomed the participants and recognized the representatives from Transylvania University in Lexington, Kentucky, and the University of Central Arkansas, ALD’s two newest chapters .

Representatives from chapters from Texas and Ohio were also recognized as the states having the largest number of participants . Our Friday night speaker was David Mulvey, Content Specialist with the Walt Disney Institute . In a very interactive session, Mulvey described the philosophy and strategies used to foster leadership and customer service in Disney industries and parks and how these insights could be used in Alpha Lambda Delta . Get-acquainted mixers and the water bottle exchange followed as well as a get-together for ALD advisors . Saturday morning began with breakfast

and presentations about The Flame, ALD’s national magazine, and the many services offered by the National Headquarters in Macon, Georgia . The remainder of the morning was filled with workshops on such vital topics as: • • • • • • • •

Snacks by the pool were the order of the day on Friday evening - attendees were happy to partake in a little Florida sunshine.


Winning the Lampadia Award: Effective Digital Communication ABC’s of Running a Chapter: From Finances to Motions to Goals Finding the Magic in Your Chapter Winning ALD Scholarships and Fellowships How to be A Successful Chapter Improving Your Chapter’s Visibility on Campus and Beyond Winning the Order of the Torch Service to Others: Sharing Ideas

The National Awards Banquet followed at lunch time with recognition for Order of the Torch Winners, Chapter Membership Awards, and Trow Scholarships . Dr . Alice Lanning, Faculty Advisor for the Chapter at the University of Oklahoma and former ALD National Council member, was awarded the Outstanding Advisor of the Year Award for her years of service to this very successful chapter . In making this presentation, Dr . Huffman shared some of the many student comAlpha Lambda Delta - The Flame

ments about Dr . Lanning’s extraordinary contributions to the chapter and to her students . Following Dr . Lanning’s speech, President Huffman introduced Ms . Michelle Glean Simoneau of the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary, this year’s ALD Service Project . Located on the beautiful Gulf Coast of Florida, the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary is a unique place . Founded in 1971 by zoologist Ralph Heath, the Sanctuary is the largest non-profit wild bird hospital in the United States . It is staffed by experienced professionals assisted by over a hundred dedicated volunteers . Similar to a human hospital, it is equipped with emergency facilities, a surgical center, and indoor and outdoor rehabilitation areas . An average of 23-30 wild birds are admitted every day for a variety of reasons . Unfortunately, approximately 90% of these injuries are directly or indirectly attributable to humans . The Sanctuary is considered to be one of the top avian rehabilitation centers in the world . Up to 10,000 wild injured birds (159 different species) are admitted to the hospital each year for care . Happily, over 80% of the birds that survive the first 24 hours are successfully rehabilitated and released back into the wild . These statistics rank the Sanctuary as the largest and most successful wild bird hospital in the United States . Ms . Simoneau introduced McGoo, an owl, who was rescued and sent to the Sanctuary, and he was an instant hit with the participants . The generosity of ALD members was demonstrated with donations of cash and gift cards totaling $1,400 as well as bird seed, detergent for cleaning the rescued birds, and other supplies . For more information about the sanctuary, go to: http://www .seabirdsanctuary .com Free time in the afternoon and evening provided time for exploring Disney World and other local attractions . The conference concluded with a continental breakfast or a grab ‘n go for those with early flights . Students left with new friends, promises to stay in touch, email addresses, and many new ideas to make their chapters even stronger and more vital .

Volume 49 - 2011

“Have you ever been in a band?” - ALD Bingo has quickly become one of the more popular activities at the National Workshop.

Of course, Disney World is an inspirational place; after all, it’s where dreams come true . Disney World’s home, Orlando, is associated with fun and fantasy, but the city provided an opportunity for 2010 Alpha Lambda Delta National Leadership Workshop attendees to learn about the reality of the leadership needed to build the Disney empire . David Mulvey, a representative of the Disney Institute, presented the group with the foundational principles enacted by Walt Disney and implemented by his successors, Michael Eisner and Robert Iger, who have headed The Walt Disney Company during the lifetime of current ALD student leaders . While some of Mulvey’s suggestions might have seemed like common sense leadership strategies, these were needed to build the aspects of leadership that are unique to Disney . At the heart of these leadership concepts was innovation, a principle that guides the company from top to bottom, from corporate directors to workers within the Disney Parks and Resorts division . For instance, employees of one resort were encouraged to invent a motorized housekeeping cart when they decided it would be an effective way to improve productivity . At Disney, those who do the work are encouraged to champion and administer improvement policies, reflecting the values of every employee in the daily business of the company . According to Mulvey, every leader is telling a story about what he or she values; leaders may judge themselves by their intentions, but others judge them by behaviors, which are the clearest evidence of values . As discussed in the presentation, like the Walt Disney Company, Alpha Lambda Delta emphasizes education and service to others, but each member brings individual values to his or her chapter which can be incorporated for the betterment of the chapter and the organization on a national level . Just as Robert Iger’s goal is for Disney to be the most admired company in the world, members of Alpha Lambda Delta should have high ambitions for their organization to be a leading honors society within each university and in the ALD’s 2011 Workshop speaker David Mulvey with nation . two Workshop attendees - Denise Ward Transylvania University


! c i g a M

Celebrating the


Alpha Lambda Delta - The Flame

Photos from the 2010 National Leadership Workshop!

Volume 49 - 2011



Order of the Torch

In 2010, Alpha Lambda Delta presented five chapters with the prestigious “Order of the Torch” Award, in recognition of their excellence in programming, service, communication, and campus involvement.

University of Oklahoma Dr. Glenda Earwood

Dr . Glenda Earwood, Executive Director, presented the Order of the Torch Award to the University of Oklahoma chapter at the New Sooner convocation on Thursday, August 19th, 2010 in the Lloyd Noble Center . Attended by over 3000 entering first year students, parents and family, faculty members, current and former Alpha Lambda Delta officers and members, faculty advisors, and alumni, the ceremony celebrated the opening of the academic year at the University of Oklahoma . The convocation began with music by the Oklahoma Pep Band . After a musical interlude by the OU faculty Brass Quintet, the faculty processed into the arena to music provided by the OU Faculty Quintet . Dr . Nancy Mergler greeted the new students and parents after the


national anthem was sung by Kayley McCoy, a senior Music Education Senior . OU President David L . Boren, former state governor and U .S . Senator, gave the convocation address . Dr . Earwood reminded the assembly that she was present in 2006 to present the Order of the Torch Award to the OU chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta . “At that time, I heard President Boren talk about the importance of studying abroad . That planted a seed in my mind and in June 2008, the National Council of Alpha Lambda Delta passed a resolution honoring retiring National President Dr . James G . Stemler by establishing ten new study abroad scholarships in his name .” The Alpha Lambda Delta National Council recognizes that the world is becoming less a collection of independent peoples and more a global community of world citizens – and there is an immediate need for American students to experience life Alpha Lambda Delta - The Flame

beyond the United States, and studies abroad are one of the ways in which our universities are accomplishing that goal. Dr. Earwood announced that one of the first ten recipients of the Stemler Study Abroad Scholarship is Holly Berrigan. Holly Berrigan is an International Major (Art History and Italian) from Frisco, Texas, and will be studying in Italy this fall. She served as Alpha Lambda Delta 2nd Vice President, President of the European Student Organization, and as a member of the Fred Jones Museum Student Advisory Committee. Holly served as a Big Sister, a court appointed special advocate, and an international student greeter. Holly also received the PACE Award for Outstanding Freshmen. Holly will also receive a $1000 Stemler Study Abroad Scholarship from Alpha Lambda Delta. Before presenting the Torch Award to the chapter, Dr. Earwood recognized two Oklahoma students who were among the 35 members selected to receive the Trow Scholarship. Ashley Zumwalt, a petroleum engineering major from Choctaw, Oklahoma, received a $3,000 Trow Scholarship. She has maintained a 4.0 grade-point average at OU and served as the Alpha Lambda Delta chapter historian last year. Ashley received the President’s Award for Outstanding Freshmen and Outstanding Sophomores.

Chapter advisor Alice Lanning and presenting officer Glenda Earwood pose with campus and chapter officers at the University of Oklahoma’s Order of the Torch ceremony. The second recipient, Logan Maingi, had an internship this summer at the Princeton Physics Labs and therefore was not present at the convocation. Logan Maingi is a double major in physics and mathematics from Plainsboro, New Jersey, who also holds a 4.0 grade-point average at OU. He served as the treasurer and scholarship chair for Alpha Lambda Delta. In addition to his academic accomplishments, Logan played cello in the civic orchestra and is a member of the Rubik’s Cube Club. Logan also received a $3000 Trow Scholarship from Alpha

Lambda Delta. Dr. Earwood said, “As the National Executive Director of Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society for First Year College students, it is my distinct honor to present the Order of the Torch Award to the University of Oklahoma Alpha Lambda Delta chapter. The University of Oklahoma chapter is achieving the society’s purposes in an exemplary manner. I am honored to recognize your Alpha Lambda Delta chapter as one of the five most outstanding chapters in the nation for the 2009-2010 school year.” Dr. Earwood presented the Torch Banner to former chapter president Emily Fuhr, past Vice President Madeline Murrell and current President Jordan Naylor. The Order of the Torch Award was established by the National Council in 1989 to recognize and encourage excellence among outstanding chapters. Winners are selected on the basis of outstanding chapter work in programming, internal communication, campus visibility, and overall presentation. The University of Oklahoma ALD chapter was selected as one of the five outstanding chapters in the nation to receive the Order of the Torch award for excellence.

University of Oklahoma chapter officer Ashley Zumwalt received a $3,000 Trow Scholarship in 2010. Here, she receives her certificate from OU President David Boren. Volume 49 - 2011

This chapter certainly fulfilled the mission of Alpha Lambda Delta to “have tolerance in your dealings with all persons, generosity in giving to those in


need, and insight into the feelings of others .” One of the largest service projects done by the chapter was a book drive for an elementary school library for a Gulf coast community destroyed by Hurricane Katrina . ALD members also assisted with freshman move-in day, walked dogs at a local animal shelter and organized a Thanksgiving food drive . ALD had five teams of volunteers to participate in the annual campus community service activity called the Big Event . Several members of the chapter went to Southern Nazarene University to reactivate the ALD chapter and last spring drove 10 hours to the University of Central Arkansas to install a new chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta . The chapter did several activities to promote Alpha Lambda Delta such as helping new students move in and an activity called Caught You Studying . The chapter won first place with the Best All Around Tree in the Festival of Trees . The leaders attended the national workshop in Minneapolis and went on a fall retreat . These efforts were quite successful in that over 600 new Alpha Lambda Delta members were inducted on March 27 in the McCasland Field House . Alpha Lambda Delta members won all kinds of campus awards including Outstanding Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors, the Melvin Hall Leadership Scholarship Award, the University College PACE Award, the International Scholars Award and two chapter memners were named as Goldwater and Truman Scholars . Dr . Earwood challenged the incoming Sooner class, “You can become a member of Alpha Lambda Delta by applying your study skills from high school and doing the most important thing a college student can do to promote their academic success – GO TO CLASS!” No chapter can accomplish this much without the help of wonderful advisers! Dr . Alice Lanning serves as the chapter advisor to the ALD chapter as well as Director of Freshman Programs . This year Dr . Lanning was honored by the National Alpha Lambda Delta as the National Outstanding Advisor of the Year . Dr . Earwood concluded her remarks, “On behalf of the National Council of Alpha Lambda Delta, I wish to express our pride in your achievement and our congratulations to you, the chapter members, the


chapter officers and advisers, and to the University of Oklahoma . You are indeed worthy recipients of the Alpha Lambda Delta Order of the Torch Award . You are encouraging superior academic achievement among students in their first year of college . You are promoting intelligent living and a continued high standard of learning . You are assisting students in recognizing and developing meaningful goals for their roles in society . In closing, I would like to paraphrase the Admonition from the ALD initiation ritual: “May each of you find in the years ahead the rewards of the educated person -imagination, adventure, humor, compassion and understanding . May you have tolerance in your dealings with all persons, generosity in giving to those in need, and insight into the feelings of others . In relating your education to the world in which you live, you can make a meaningful contribution to society . Each of you can make a difference .”

University of Southern California Dr. Susan Huffman

Dr . Susan Melson Huffman, National President, presented the Order of the Torch Award to the University of Southern California chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta at 11:30 A .M . on Monday, September 20, 2010 . The ceremony was held at the beautiful University Club on the USC campus in Los Angeles, California . Attendees included this year’s president Adam Flores, several other current officers, and many of last year’s officers who were responsible for the various chapter events and who had put together an attractive and informative scrapbook that chronicled the past year’s activities . Chapter Advisors Kristian Guzman and Dr . Albert Herrera were present, and a very nice buffet lunch was enjoyed by the students and their professors as part of an annual Professor Appreciation luncheon . Dr . Huffman’s husband, Dave, accompanied her on the trip and also enjoyed meeting the students and hearing about their studies and activities . President Huffman spoke to the students and guests about the history of the Order of the Torch Award and the strong competition in this year’s selection . She also congratulated the chapter on winning a Lampadia chapter website award, and she recognized two Trow Scholarship

winners, Lauren Dawson and Wilson Kyi, as well as Christina Chen, a graduate fellowship winner . Susan noted that the USC Chapter recently celebrated its 70th year on campus, and she praised the chapter for its tremendous increase in membership, especially over the past few years . Susan reported that the selection committee was impressed by the many campus and community events and service projects undertaken by the members, and especially noted the new student luncheon and membership appreciation events, along with the annual appreciation lunch for professors . The USC chapter also awarded six local scholarships ranging from $200 to $1000 to members . Dr . Huffman presented the Torch banner to former president, Arpine Sardaryan and other officers from last year’s chapter and congratulated the chapter on its very strong history and for winning the Torch award for the second time! She encouraged current chapter president, Adam Flores, and the other officers to continue the chapter’s excellence by striving for the Maintain the Flame Award .

University of South Carolina Dr. Glenda Earwood

Dr . Glenda Earwood, Executive Director, presented the Order of the Torch Award to the University of South Carolina at a lovely ceremony on Friday afternoon, September 24th, at the USC Russell House Theater . The ceremony began with music by Sound Check, an all men’s a cappella group at USC . Chapter President Ben Brummel welcomed the audience and introduced the Emcee, William Goodman, former webmaster for the ALD USC chapter . Ji Lim, President of the USC ALD chapter in 2009 – 2010, offered thanks and recognition of the officers and members who had worked so hard together for a successful year . Bernadette Reimer, who chaired the Order of the Torch scrapbook committee, presented a power point show of pictures of many of the events the chapter participated in during 2009-2010 . Steven Nash, Vice President, reviewed the USC Challenge Quiz Bowl competition for high school students, the SCHS Academic Team Tournament which the ALD chapter annually hosts at USC as a major service project . The ALD chapter Alpha Lambda Delta - The Flame

has hosted this annual competition for South Carolina high schools for the past 20 years. Dr. Earwood gave remarks about the South Carolina chapter and presented the Order of the Torch banner. This was the fifth time that the University of South Carolina chapter had won the Order of the Torch Award. The South Carolina chapter has won the Order of the Torch more than any other chapter in the country. “Trailblazing – shining the Torch of Alpha Lambda Delta, which represents the love of learning and the love of others backwards, forwards, and outwards as we go onward.” The USC chapter used this goal to initiate the chapter’s participation in charity 5K races, intramural sports, and welcome week events. They took service off campus to help children by hosting arts and crafts projects at the State Children’s Museum and sponsored successful food and clothing drives. The chapter members showed appreciation to our service men and women overseas by writing over 100 letters of gratitude. This chapter certainly fulfilled the mission of Alpha Lambda Delta to “have tolerance in your dealings with all persons, generosity in giving to those in need, and insight into the feelings of others.”

The South Carolina ALD members did 20 or more service projects last year. The visibility must have worked because this is the fourth year that the chapter inducted over 1100 new members. ALD members go on to be campus leaders at USC. Although only 20% of undergraduates are inducted into ALD, 47% of campus leaders are ALD members and 56% of presidents of student organizations are ALD members! No chapter can accomplish this much without the help and assistance of strong advisors and the USC chapter is blessed with three outstanding advisors. Dr. Earwood asked Harrison Greenlaw, Emily Davis, and Lucille Mould, chapter advisors to stand and be recognized. Dr. Earwood outlined the activities that the chapter participated in last year which earned the Order of the Torch Award. Dr. Earwood stated, “I would like to suggest that the chapter members gained something more than the Torch Award - things that are the important lessons in life. Your chapter set goals for themselves so that they knew where they were going. The goals were both measurable and obtainable - a valuable lesson for life. Chapter members learned how to work together; they learned about caring for others – about giving of

themselves. In a nutshell, you learned a lot of valuable lessons while you worked at winning this Award - lessons that you will utilize long after you leave the gates of this South Carolina campus and make your way along life’s journey.” In closing, Dr. Earwood paraphrased the Admonition from the ALD initiation ritual: “May each of you find in the years ahead the rewards of the educated person -imagination, adventure, humor, compassion and understanding. May you have tolerance in your dealings with all persons, generosity in giving to those in need, and insight into the feelings of others. In relating your education to the world in which you live, you can make a meaningful contribution to society. Each of you can make a difference.” Following Dr. Earwood’s remarks, Dr. Harry Pastides, President of the University of South Carolina expressed his pride in the accomplishments of this honor society. He expressed appreciation for the many service projects the chapter members donated time to, especially those that benefitted the University of South Carolina. Finally, William Goodman introduced three previous Trow winners from the

Officers and advisors from the University of South Carolina’s ALD chapter stand with the chapter’s record-setting five Order of the Torch banners. Dr. Glenda Earwood presented the chapter’s 2010 banner.

Volume 49 - 2011


University of South Carolina who presented certificates to this year’s winners: Bernadette Riemer, Ji Lim, and Steven Nash. After the ceremony, several officers and advisors took pictures of the five Torch banners.

Otterbein University Dr. Herman “Butch” Hill

Herman “Butch” Hill, National Alpha Lambda Delta Vice-President for Finance and Long-Range Planning, presented the 2010 Order of the Torch award to Otterbein University on October 5, 2010. The ceremony was held in the Master United Methodist Church adjacent to the Otterbein campus. The church sanctuary was well suited for the occasion, and 2009-2010 officer Alexandra Bowling’s piano playing further established the dignity of the event. Prior to the presentation, Otterbein University President Kathy Krendl was initiated as an honorary member of Alpha Lambda Delta. Hill explained that Alpha Lambda Delta’s usual practice is to have the National Council member who is geographically closest to the winning chapter make the award. If this were the only criterion for choosing the presenter, then Otterbein chapter adviser Lois Szudy would be making the presentation. However, that would not only have been tacky, it would

also have meant that—because of Lois’s modesty—some things that needed to be said would not have been.

University of Wisconsin – Platteville

The 2009-2010 chapter had an amazing breadth of activities, beginning with helping students move into residence halls in the fall, and ending with providing snacks during exams. In between, there were two food drives, a trip to a Clippers game, a zoo outing, and other social events. The Torch award was richly deserved, and the credit for this accomplishment has to go to the Otterbein 2009-2010 officers.

Andrew Simon, former Alpha Lambda Delta National Council member, presented the Order of the Torch Award at an afternoon ceremony on Sunday, November 10, 2010. The meeting was attended by both current and previous Alpha Lambda Delta members, officers, and advisors. The award ceremony and reception were held in the Student Union and began at 5:30 p.m.

But there is more to this story than the exceptional efforts of chapter officers. A chapter can only win the award once in four years. Otterbein won in 2002, and so was not eligible until 2006—when it won again. And then it was not eligible until this year! Such a consistent record of achievement points to truly exemplary chapter advising—the presence of someone who can challenge and motivate a different group of officers year after year. The University of South Carolina has legendary advisor Harrison Greenlaw; Purdue has Susan Huffman (now serving as National President) —and Otterbein has Lois Szudy. Hill led a round of appreciative applause for Szudy and made the prediction that someone from National ALD would be back at Otterbein in the fall of 2014.

Otterbein University’s three Order of the Torch banners is one of the larger collections in the nation. Here, the chapter’s officers stand proudly behind the symbols of their chapter’s accomplishments.

Andrew Simon

Melissa DuPont, chapter president for 2009-2010, welcomed guests and gave a brief history of the chapter. Wendy Stankovich provided welcomes for a number of guests of honor in the crowd, including past Alpha Lambda Delta chapter advisor Darla Banfi. Next, Wendy Sankovich introduced Katie Shanahan, student advisor, and Danielle Ballweg, chapter historian 2009-2010, to explain the process of making the scrapbook for the award. Andrew Simon presented the award on behalf of the National Council. Andrew explained that the award was only given to five chaptera each year and listed the other four schools. He also commended the chapter for their numerous activities, noting that his favorite was the fundraiser involving sitting outside in an “ice-shanty” in the freezing cold to raise money. The chapter was recognized for its success on a local level, being recognized with the University of Wisconsin – Platteville’s “Outstanding Student Organization” award. The wide range of events and great student participation illustrated in the chapters’ scrapbook were clear evidence that the chapter truly was “outstanding.” In his remarks, Andrew reminded the chapter that the most important part of the scrapbook was not winning the Order of the Torch Award, but the experiences gained filling the pages with pictures. He concluded his remarks reminding the chapter that while they were not eligible to win the Order of the Torch more than once in five years, they could win the Maintaining the Flame Award.


Alpha Lambda Delta - The Flame

Following Andrew’s comments, Wendy Stankovich presented the Trow Scholarship to Melissa DuPont, one of the chapter’s two winners . This award presentation was followed by several closing remarks and an invitation to attend a reception following the ceremony . After several pictures, guests enjoyed punch and cake .

Maintaining the Flame Chapters winning the Order of the Torch are ineligible to compete for the award in the four years following the win. During that period, these chapters compete for the Maintaining the Flame award - this year’s winners are:

• Morningside College • IUPUI • North Carolina A&T State Univ. • Univ. of Texas - El Paso • Purdue University

Order of the Torch 2009-2010 St. Vincent College

One of the Order of the Torch winners from last year, St . Vincent College, was unable to receive the award until after the publication of the 2010 edition of the Flame . They held their ceremony in the spring of 2010, and their award was presented by National Editor Mike Nichols . The report from that ceremony appears here: Saint Vincent College of Latrobe, Pennsylvania included the presentation of the Order of the Torch with the 2010 Spring Initiation Service . The College had won the honor for the previous academic year . The Fred M . Rogers Conference Center was the site, and almost 400 students, parents, faculty, and staff filled to overflowing the conference hall in this beautiful facility . Formally installed in 1995, the Saint Vincent Chapter has already had a very remarkable record of achievement nationally . Dean Alice Kaylor was recognized in 1998 as National Advisor of the Year, and the Chapter won Order of the Torch in 1998, 2003, and 2009 . The Chapter received the “Maintaining the Flame” Award in 1999, 2000, and 2004 . In 2007 Saint Vincent won the Silver Membership Award for a significant increase in their pledge class . Dean Alice Kaylor and ALD President Taylor Guido led the procession of 81 students to be inducted and the 77 seniors qualifying for senior certificates . Brother Maximilian Maxwell, O .S .B ., began the beautiful ceremony with the invocation, and President Taylor inducted the other ALD officers . President Taylor introduced Dr . Mike Nichols, a member of the Alpha Lambda Delta National Council and faculty advisor to the ALD chapter at Transylvania University in Kentucky, who presented the Chapter with the Order of the Torch . Volume 49 - 2011

Dr . Nichols described the installation of the chapter in 1995, just days after the attack on the federal building in Oklahoma City . Dean Dorothy Anderson of Susquehanna University, the installing officer and former national ALD President, described the somberness of the occasion while the country mourned and many had fears for the future . But she soon realized the ideals of Saint Vincent College and Alpha Lambda Delta were closely matched, and it was belief in those ideals and striving to meet them that would eventually lead to an end of violence . She sensed the enthusiasm of the students and the commitment of the College and the advisors, and she left (in her words) “feeling cheered, refreshed, and inspired .” Dr . Nichols acknowledged the outstanding record of the chapter and the impact it has made on the College and the community . He also brought greetings and congratulations from the National Council and expressed his thanks to the Saint Vincent community for its wonderful hospitality . Saint Vincent Advisors Alice J . Kaylor, Dean of Studies, and Dr . John J . Smetanka, Vice President for Academic Affairs, presided at the Induction Ceremony with the Chapter officers . 81 students were inducted with proud parents, family, and college staff looking on . Two favorite professors were honored with membership for their dedication to teaching and their concern for students:

Dr . Doreen Blandino of the Modern Languages Department and Dr . Karen Kehoe of the History Department . Both professors spoke of their appreciation for this honor and their commitment to Alpha Lambda Delta . Editor and Historian Sarah Dillon presented a slide show and described many Chapter highlights and activities which included: “Dig for the Cure,” Tiedying for Breast Cancer, Food Drive for the Hungry of Westmoreland County, Clothing Drive for the Christian Layman Store, Leaf Raking for the Elderly, Wimmer Scholarship Examination, and many others . Dean Kaylor presented the Maria Leonard Book Awards to seniors Jordon Jaffe and Katherine Stodola . Chapter Vice President Anna Fiano and Secretary Marcia Fuga presented senior certificates to the many seniors in attendance . Brother Maximilian concluded the program with a benediction that reminded all present of their commitment to service and to care for one another . Refreshments, conversation, and lots of picture taking by the Order of the Torch banner followed . Many took advantage of touring the Fred Rogers exhibit adjacent to the conference hall where legendary children’s TV personality “Mr . Roger’s” sneakers, sweaters, and puppets were on display .


Chapter Activity Reports At left: Transylvania University Chapter officers gathered for the first lecture in the 20102011 series. From left are Cierra Sharp, Scholarship Chair; Denise Ward, Vice President; Kaitlin Hizny, President; Hannah Trinkle, Secretary; and Alex Cheser, Scholarship Chair. This year’s series was inaugurated by Transylvania President and legal scholar, Dr. R. Owen Williams, who spoke on the Civil War and the changes to the U. S. Constitution.

Baldwin-Wallace College The Alpha Lambda Delta Chapter of Baldwin-Wallace College recently held their induction ceremony to initiate the 2010 members . This year, ninety-one sophomores were inducted by the College’s ALD President, Amanda Kuhn and VicePresident Morsheda Akhter . Many family members attended the November 13th breakfast and ceremony in Berea, Ohio to celebrate with their student . The inductees chose Dr . Xudong Chen, Assistant Professor of the Economics Department, as their 2010 honorary faculty inductee .

see the Christmas zoo lights at the end of November; however, our destination does not end there . Members can look forward to several other socials planned for the Spring 2011 semester as well . Thus far, we are off to a great start and expecting a wonderful remainder of the year! As for community service, Alpha Lambda

Delta members enjoy making a difference within the communities in which they live and serve . Two most memorable service events that members participated in were volunteering with Phi Eta Sigma at Woodlane Industries and writing letters to veterans for Veterans Day . While at Woodlane, which is a facility that provides services to children and

Bowling Green State University The Alpha Lambda Delta chapter at Bowling Green State University is an active participant in various social events throughout the year . During the Fall 2010 semester, there have been exciting combinations of social events and general body meetings . Members have been a part of ice cream socials and fun, educational experiences . For example, the Halloween meeting consisted of a tour guide coming to speak about the haunted aspects of the city of Bowling Green (Ohio) . Following the presentation, members interacted with one another in a plethora of games, such as “Mummies .” The chapter also plans on taking members on a trip to the Toledo Zoo to


Three members of the Bowling Green State University chapter went through early mummification at a chapter meeting.


Alpha Lambda Delta - The Flame

adults with disabilities, members helped put a smile on faces during a Halloween dance . In observance of Veterans Day, the chapter at Bowling Green State University listened to a guest speaker from the campus Veterans’ Services give an informative speech of the difficulties that veterans face before leaving for and returning from duty . He detailed the ways in which the Bowling Green State University campus is helping veterans who are new students make the transition into college . Also during this meeting, the members wrote letters to veterans that were sent to Operation Gratitude . In preparation for the holiday season, tie blankets will be made and donated to local organizations . As the school year continues, we hope to keep the flame burning just like the warmth of our hearts .

California University of Pennsylvania What makes the Alpha Lambda Delta chapter at California University of Pennsylvania so remarkable? Well, it is the 148 active members and their dedication to becoming well-rounded individuals . Besides striving for academic excellence, the members of Alpha Lambda Delta also focus on preparing themselves for their careers . For the second year, along with completing the ALD – affiliated service projects members also need to complete a Career Advantage Program (CAP) activity . Members work side by side with the Career Services Department in order to fulfill this requirement and to pave a path for their futures . According to the director of Cal U’s Career Service Department, Rhonda Gifford, the Career Advantage Program is “a four-year plan that helps

Cal U students to discover their skills, interests, and values; explore career options; gain experience; and implement their job search or graduate school plan . Students who actively participate in the program have an advantage in indentifying and preparing for the career of their choice, are less likely to change majors multiple times, and are more likely to graduate in four years . All members of Alpha Lambda Delta at Cal U actively participate in the Career Advantage Program by attending one career-related activity each semester, which they track via the Cal U activities transcript (an extracurricular transcript) .” From the Strong Interest Inventory (which assessed student interests and possible related careers), to career planning classes, job shadowing, and resume and portfolio building, the Career Advantage Program is there to help students benefit themselves and their career opportunities . As an academic honor society, ALD-Cal U is not only promoting academic integrity and the standards of its members, but also guiding them on their career path . A highlight of the year thus far came from ALD’s participation in the American Heart Association’s ‘Heart Walk’ at Cal U . The Heart Walk was held during our 2010 Homecoming weekend . Cal U of PA raised around $6,000 towards this great cause . We plan to keep going strong and have more success during the upcoming year .

side, plenty of people still came out and supported ALD by buying pumpkins, and custom-made tees, vied for a pair of stylish Halloween-themed sunglasses by answering some Halloween trivia, and gave donations for soldiers overseas . We also sold plenty of warm apple cider, chocolate chip cookies, cupcakes, apples, and pumpkin ice cream . The pumpkin carvings also went over well . PumpkinFest was the perfect way for UConn students to get into the fall spirit!

University of Connecticut

University of Georgia

Alpha Lambda Delta’s 4th annual Pumpkin Fest was held on October 29, 2010 . PumpkinFest was quite successful this year! Although it was a bit on the chilly

In 2008, the University of Georgia Chapter was reinstated with nine members . Since this time, the university’s chapter has grown to over 350 members . With so many new members, the chapter realized what a dramatic impact volunteering could make in their community . According to President Rachel Fitzgerald, “we are an honor society, but college is more than just grades . In the past two years, it has become increasingly important to us to get involved and help the AthensClarke County area .” Since the beginning of the Fall 2010 semester, the group has been involved in many volunteer activities such as working at the local animal shelter and homeless shelter, helping run a water station for the Athens HalfMarathon, and helping collect cans for a Thanksgiving Canned Food Drive . “It

Chapter members at California University of Pennsylvania participated in the American Heart Association’s “Heart Walk”

Volume 49 - 2011

PumpkinFest is an ever-popular event at UConn


riums, pumpkins were available to be decorated, and all of the usual attractions were also open for the kids to explore and enjoy . It was a fun-filled night and really put everyone in attendance in the mood for Halloween .


Members of the UGA chapter prepare dinner for a group of mothers and children at the local Athens Area Homeless Shelter. feels great to know that our organization is making a difference in the community . Nothing compares to the feeling of helping others,” stated Secretary Stefanie Young . Over the course of the year, the University of Georgia Chapter hopes to get more members involved by planning many more volunteer events in the future .

University of Houston In September, our chapter participated in the Texas Adopt-a-Beach Clean-Up on Galveston Island . We, together with hundreds of other volunteers on the island, went around the beach and picked up litter and other debris that was causing our beach to look as if we never fully recovered from Hurricane Ike . Our ALD volunteers worked hard and scoured the beach for all the trash they could collect in the provided trash bags . They worked together in small teams to be more efficient and pick up trash from a longer stretch of the beach . The September heat made the ocean look highly inviting, but the volunteers worked hard to make our beach look beautiful and clean once again . In October, our ALD chapter volunteered at the Children’s Museum for their annual Halloween festivities . We were shocked, surprised, and awed by all of the costumes that the children were wearing, especially the babies who were still being carried in their parents’ arms . We were even joined by the Mad Hatter via television, along with some very young Things 1, 2, and 3 from Dr . Seuss’ Cat in the Hat . The children had a blast with all the activities provided around the museum . A dance was held in one of the audito-



The IUPUI Alpha Lambda Delta chapter started off the year in August with the annual Officers’ Dinner at a local restaurant, The Iron Skillet, with all of the officers and committee members in attendance . The following week, we set up tendance a booth to talk to potential new members about Alpha Lambda at the IUPUI Student Involvement Expo Expo . Our first community service event took place in September as about fifty members participated in IUPUI’s United Way Day of Caring . We prepared two vacant houses for renovation by clearing away trees, shrubs, and weeds from the outside of the house and removing rubble from the inside . The houses will eventually be occupied by low-income residents . For the fifth year in a row, we were the largest group participating in the event . Also in September, we were given our own room in the new location of the IUPUI Honors College in University Library . We’re quite excited about having our very own space for the first time! October brought our eighth year of participating in the Coats for Kids drive, an annual citywide event to collect new

and gently-used coats for needy kids in Indianapolis . We collected coats from Alpha Lambda Delta members and IUPUI staff members and delivered them to Tuchman Cleaners who then cleaned and delivered them to their final destination of the Indiana State Fairgrounds for distribution to the community . In addition to this event, our members teamed up with Indy Parks and Recreation for the fifth year in a row and worked at the annual three-day “Hauntless Halloween” at Holliday Park to provide a non-scary but entertaining Halloween for Indianapolis children . Approximately thirty-five members served as trail guides, crafts assistants, and refreshment servers . Also in October, our advisor, Lisa Ruch, co-presidents, Dheevena Reddy and Eric Keller, and student advisor/ALD National Council member, Dillon Etter, flew to Orlando for the National Alpha Lambda Delta Leadership Workshop . We had a fantastic time! We traded IUPUI water bottles with other schools on Friday night to promote sustainability . We also collected $200 in gift cards and supplies for the national service project for the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary and presented them to a representative from the sanctuary as well as her screech-owl friend, Magoo, who both came to visit the convention during the Saturday awards luncheon . Lisa and Dillon conducted several workshops on Saturday morning, while Dheevena and Eric attended some very informative and

Fine literature and cuddly bears were the order of the day at the Alpha Lambda Delta booth for the IUPUI Student Involvement Expo Alpha Lambda Delta - The Flame

ALD at IUPUI says goodbye to a good friend

Longtime IUPUI ALD supporter Scott Evenbeck departs for presidency at CUNY Scott Evenbeck, Dean of University College at IUPUI since it was founded in 1997, has been selected as the founding president of The New Community College at City University of New York (CUNY) . Evenbeck, who had previously announced he would step down as University College dean next year, will begin his new role in January 2011 . “Scott is the perfect candidate for leading CUNY’s new community college,” said IUPUI Chancellor Charles R . Bantz . “He has already achieved great success in developing University College and establishing mentoring and retention programs for a diverse range of students that have drawn national recognition,” said Bantz . As founding dean for University College, Evenbeck has guided the development of the academic unit that serves all entering students from orientation through entry into a degree program in one of the undergraduate schools at IUPUI .

ALD chapter president Dillon Etter (l) and advisor Lisa Ruch (r) stand with departing Dean Scott Evenbeck. Scott’s commitment to ALD and his support of the organization’s goals were instrumental in turning IUPUI into one of the nation’s strongest chapters.

Earlier this year, Evenbeck was awarded a National Learning Communities Conference “lifetime achievement” award for his leadership

useful sessions . Everyone really enjoyed soaking up some much-needed sun, and after the series of workshops, most of us ventured to Walt Disney World for a relaxing evening with other convention attendees . The convention was a wonderful opportunity to have some fun, make new friends, and further develop our leadership skills . November is Homeless Awareness Month in Indianapolis, and our chapter will conduct our annual Sock Drive for the Homeless and will deliver them to a local shelter for distribution . In December, we’ll “adopt” a local family through the Community Centers of Indianapolis and provide them with gifts and food for the holidays . This is our biggest event of the year; we all meet on a Saturday and shop for gifts all day and then spend the evening wrapping them and having dinner together . In the spring, some of our plans include volunteering at the Humane Society of Indianapolis, working with Habitat for Humanity, participating in Race for the Cure and Relay for Life, attending an Indiana Pacers game on College Night, Volume 49 - 2011

in the development and advancement of learning communities at IUPUI . The honor has been given only one other time .

and tailgating and attending a few IUPUI basketball games . In addition, we plan to step up our visibility on campus in the spring in order to increase our membership for our next initiation ceremony on March 27 . We’ve also had a variety of speakers at our monthly meetings this year with plans for more next semester . Our October speaker was someone from the IUPUI Bepko Learning Center who explained their new tutoring system with the hope of recruiting our Alpha Lambda Delta members to share their academic talents with other students by working as tutors at the learning center . Other topics planned for the year include getting involved and volunteering on campus, dealing with stress, the Susan G . Komen foundation, and self-defense . Finally, we want to mention that we had five National Alpha Lambda Delta scholarship winners in 2010 . Former Alpha Lambda Delta president and current student advisor, Dillon Etter, was awarded a $3000 Trow scholarship, and former Alpha Lambda Delta president, Evan Stout, received a $1000 scholar-

ship . Former president, Brady Harman, and former vice president, Cora Daniel, both were awarded $1000 Stemler Study Abroad scholarships . Also, Gayle Brunner, former president, received a $5000 graduate fellowship and is pursuing a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree at IUPUI . Our chapter also won another Maintaining the Flame award . We hope to win more scholarships this year and make it another great year in every way for our Alpha Lambda Delta chapter!

Liberty University Liberty’s ALD chapter has significantly grown since it was chartered in 1985 . In 2008, our largest initiation year and the first year our Distance Learning Program (DLP) students were invited to join, our membership increased to a record year of 325 members, 312 residential and 13 DLP . We can only hope to see the society grow as we head into the future . This exciting school year began on September 10, 2010, when advisors were excited to welcome new initiates with their vibrancy and their high level of enthusiasm . More than 260 new members were inducted into National ALD through


A plethora of plush - Liberty University’s annual Teddy Bear drive brought in this colossal collection of cuddly critters for the Virginia Baptist Hospital Children’s Ward.

our local chapter . It was “standing room only” for many family and friends as we exceeded the capacity for sit-down guests and initiates in the 350-seat auditorium . Our faculty advisor, Dr . Marilyn Gadomski, applauded our new initiates, including our forty-two distance learning initiates, for their steadfastness resulting in such high level of academic achievement . Mrs . Carrie Barnhouse, Liberty University’s Career Center Director and also our 2010 honorary membership recipient and speaker for the evening, commended our initiates on their academic performance . She addressed parents,

family, and friends (concerning being a member of ALD)…”It will be something they can talk about to a future employer to get them to understand they weren’t just involved in their studies; they were also involved in ALD .” A multitude of cameras flashed as family members tried to capture pictures as they shared in this joyous occasion with their initiates . Following the presentation of initiation certificates and keys and the installation of our 2010 officers, we honored two of our newly installed officers pursuing degrees in Education with the presentation of the Pauline Donaldson Award, named

Liberty ALD members shared some seasonal joy with children at the Jubilee Center, a local recreation center for children.


in honor of one of our first ALD chapter advisors who pursued excellence in the field of Education . Following the ceremony, guests and initiates made their way to the adjoining fellowship hall and enjoyed a very special dessert reception prepared in our initiates’ honor . Each year our officers host a Senior Awards Banquet for our prospective graduates entitled “Finishing Well,” and this year was no different . On April 17, 2010, our ALD officers, advisors, family members, and friends enjoyed a superbly catered meal with our prospective graduates, wishing them well as they would soon embark on the next stage of their lives . Our special speaker, Professor Robert DeLong, a former Liberty University Professor of Psychology, challenged our graduating seniors to not let this milestone of graduation be their last celebrated educational milestone as they move into the subsequent stages of their lives, being complimentary of former graduates with whom he has ongoing contact . Our advisors and officers then presented Senior Certificates, Honor Cords, and the Maria Leonard Senior Book Award . Before leaving, many lingered and gathered for hugs, tears of joy, pictures, and change of new addresses and phone numbers as they anticipated their final walk across the stage in just a few weeks as an undergraduate . It was a joyous celebration! Although ALD is known primarily for having members with high scholastic Alpha Lambda Delta - The Flame

achievements, ALD is also strongly dedicated to community service . This year our chapter wanted to host as many activities as possible . We hosted many events not only on our campus but we also reached out to the community . Spring 2010 was our second annual Teddy Bear Drive, our most unifying event for ALD as we reached out and involved our university family . In March, 2010, we placed boxes for teddy bear collection around the campus . At the end of the three-day collection period, we collected all the teddy bears and donated them to the Virginia Baptist Hospital Children’s Ward . Our first year (Spring 2009), we collected and delivered 275 teddy bears/stuffed animals and this past Spring 2010, we collected and delivered 410, receiving donations not just from resident ALD members and students, but also from Distance Learning Program students who contacted us expressing their desire to participate in this worthy cause . One Distance Learning ALD Member wrote…”My daughter has been to the children’s part of Virginia Baptist Hospital and we were so amazed at how awesome that hospital really is to the children . She received a small blue teddy bear while we were there, and to this day she still has to sleep with him . It really did help calm her down when she saw the nurse bring her a teddy bear, and I would really like to help share that feeling with other children and their parents” . This parent challenged her Church Youth Group to donate animals for this cause, donating 38 stuffed animals last year and over 100 this year . This is an event that has been loved by all involved, especially the Children’s Ward at Virginia Baptist Hospital, and we hope this will become an annual ALD tradition . Our first event of the fall semester was on November 5, 2010 . Our ALD officers gathered at our local community’s recreation center, The Jubilee Center, to host a Fall Festival for the children in their After School programs . Students’ ages ranged from elementary to high school with an approximate attendance of 50 students . Before the “real” fun started, chips, candy corn, cookies, and soda were enjoyed . After eating, we all moved into the gym for the many prepared stations where the children participated in games of Twister, cupcake walk, basketball, four square, crafts and coloring, and face painting . Through this event, we were Volume 49 - 2011

able to directly interact with the people of Lynchburg, Virginia, and be servants to our fellow residents . For our Thanksgiving project we decided to sponsor ten needy families in the Lynchburg community . Thanksgiving baskets were created by various dorms on campus . The dorms were asked to gather non-perishable items that could be used for baskets such as but not limited to… canned vegetables, boxed mashed potatoes, turkey stuffing, turkey gravy, cranberry sauce, fruit cocktail, and pie filling . The ten families were supplied with vouchers purchased by our chapter to purchase turkeys from their neighborhood Kroger food store . For Christmas we will sponsor a family in a similar style, purchasing gifts for children of one very needy family to make their Christmas one to remember . In order to raise money to support these events we ordered and sold items that supported school spirit but also acknowledged ALD . We developed a campus-wide fundraiser of wristbands and lanyards, using partial lyrics from our recently acclaimed University Anthem, selling them during football games and campus-wide activities . This was a great success and we plan to continue this fundraiser idea throughout the years . The Liberty University Chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta has been very busy this school year . Our chapter has been very active with many events and is excited

about our fall membership gathering just before our Christmas Break .

Long Island University Thursday, October 28, 2010, marked Long Island University’s fall induction of many exceptional students into the Brooklyn Campus Chapter of the national honor society Alpha Lambda Delta . Director of First Year Programs and ALD advisor Shaun McGuire welcomed students, family, and faculty alike in celebrating the induction of 143 talented undergraduates as well as three outstanding LIU faculty and staff to the Alpha Lambda Delta family . The honorary inductees included Simon Sheppard, an esteemed Political Science Professor, Tom Price, Director of both Sophomore Year Programs and the Scholarship Assistance Program, and Marisa Lo Bianco, a student counselor at the Career Center . They were inducted into Alpha Lambda Delta because of their outstanding contributions to their students and the LIU community . Also, these educators exemplify the guiding principles of Alpha Lambda Delta: knowledge, wisdom and understanding . Long Island University is proud to honor these inductees and their continued dedication to higher education . All the inductees wrote their names on the ALD roll book and became fully recognized members of the prestigious honor society . A highlight of the evening was the can-

The 2010-2011 officers for the Long Island University chapter pose for a quick photo. L-R: President Daniella Abraham, Public Relations chair Roksolana Sheverack, Treasurer Kristina Sandler, Secretary Yelena Matatova, and Vice President Arnaldo Lazo.


dle lighting ceremony; the flame, which symbolized the flame of knowledge, was passed on from scholar to scholar . The flame is also meant to symbolize meaningful contributions to the world, which is one of the most important aspects of Alpha Lambda Delta . After pledging to continue maintaining high standards in all endeavors, not just academic, the inductees became full-fledged members of Alpha Lambda Delta . With the recent induction of aspiring new faces, ALD also welcomed 5 promising young students into the roles of Officers for the 20102011 year . ALD is proud to welcome these elected officials: President Daniella Abraham, Vice President Arnaldo Lazo, Secretary Yelena Matatova, Treasurer Kristina Sandler and Public Relations Representative Roksolana Sheverack . The newly elected President Daniella Abraham expressed how privileged she felt being a part of Alpha Lambda Delta . In her acceptance speech, Daniella discussed the importance of helping others . Among some of her plans are cleaning up Prospect Park, participating in cancer walks, and organizing bake sales in order to raise money for worthy causes . The President mentioned that, thanks to the efforts of ALD members, over 200 dollars was raised and donated to worthy recipients such as breast cancer survivors and those affected by the recent BP oil spill . President Abraham feels that Alpha Lambda Delta has an obligation to the community, but that does not mean ALD members should have an “all work and no play” mentality . In her words, being a part of ALD is also about being adventurous; the ALD Officers are already planning several enjoyable events in hopes of bringing their peers closer together . Cris Gleicher, Co-director of the LIU Honors Program and ALD advisor, welcomed Dr . Srividhya Swaminathan, esteemed professor of English at LIU and 2006 ALD Honorary member, to deliver the keynote address . Professor Swaminathan, who specializes in 18th Century British Literature, discussed the importance of time management . Students had to achieve a 3 .5 grade point average to be invited into ALD, and Professor Swaminathan wanted to acknowledge time well spent on the students’ part . The literature professor also mentioned the importance of time in respect to social activities such as clubs and student mentoring . Students


can learn a lot of useful information from their peers as well as their professors, and meaningful relationships take time to develop and eventually flourish . Professor Swaminathan encouraged students to continue managing their time well in order to become more broadly educated individuals . Alpha Lambda Delta is proud of the hard work of its recent inductees . ALD advisors Shaun McGuire and Cris Gleicher are equally proud of their students, and under their guidance there are no limits to how much ALD students can achieve . Congratulations to the 2010 Fall ALD inductees!

Louisiana State University The officers of the Alpha Lambda Delta chapter at Louisiana State University have been hard at work this year advertising ALD on the LSU campus . From making sure all the freshmen dorms are stocked with ALD pamphlets, to sitting with posters in LSU’s Free Speech Alley and sending out the Freshmen Favorite Professor Awards to freshmen professors voted on by the new ALD initiates, we have been working diligently to make the purpose of the honor society known to the LSU students and faculty . And it has worked! This spring Louisiana State University’s Alpha Lambda Delta chapter initiated 340 new members and has a great new team of officers for the new school year .

University of Maryland The University of Maryland College Park Primannum Honor Society, representing the Alpha Lambda Delta Adele H . Stamp Chapter, is a student honors association represented by students of all academic, social, and ethnic backgrounds . Inducting almost a thousand students in Spring 2010, Primannum is one of the largest student organizations on the University of Maryland Campus . Primannum is represented by the strong leadership of the executive panel, which is elected by the chapter . Comprised of nine student leaders, this panel organizes the events that bring Primannum members together . These leaders also manage finances, distribute scholarships, and promote volunteer activities . Apart from Primannum’s leadership, Primannum also offers over $14,000 in academic scholarships for the 2010-2011 school year . These scholarships include the Sophomore Academic and Leadership Scholarships, Junior Academic and Leadership Scholarships, Study Abroad Scholarships, and New Inductee Scholarships . Winners of these scholarships exhibit exemplary academic performance, leadership, community service, campus and Primannum involvement . Additionally, Primannum sponsors events that help students engage in the University of Maryland learning environment . A typical month consists of a gen-

Members at Louisiana State University spread a little ALD publicity. Alpha Lambda Delta - The Flame

eral body meeting, which may feature special guest speakers or community service initiatives to benefit students and the outside community. Primannum also fosters a social environment by holding an academic activity each month. Members also participate in numerous volunteer activities each month. This semester Primannum has contributed to the community by making Halloween cards for the Children’s Inn at NIH, donating supplies to the Mary McLeod Bethune Society, and giving school supplies to Teach for America in the form of school supplies. Primannum held personal statement workshops, wellness seminars, and scholarship presentations to better our students’ experience at the University of Maryland. This upcoming semester Primannum plans to participate in Relay for Life, hold social events, award new scholarships, and continue to donate and participate in the community around us. Finally, we look forward to inducting a new membership class in the Spring of 2011 in order to add a new layer of academic excellence to the Alpha Lambda Delta Adele H. Stamp Chapter at the University of Maryland, College Park.

chapter’s president, Emmanuelle’ Willis represented Morgan State University at the ALD National Leadership Conference in Orlando, FL. She traveled there with the goal of improving our chapter through the various workshops that she attended. Every year, Morgan State hosts the Experience Morgan Day Open House. On Friday, November 5, our chapter participated in the organizational fair to inform prospective students and their families about the endless opportunities at Morgan State within the honors program. This event was held in the Hill Field House on Morgan State’s campus. Our chapter also participates in community service activities. On Thursday, November 11, we held a canned food drive. All of the food that was donated was delivered to the Baltimore Rescue Mission Clinic in Baltimore, MD. With the fall semester winding down, we have started talking about possible events for the month of December and the spring semester. We have discussed the possibility of having a winter drive where we donate toys, coats, hats, gloves, and scarves. In the upcoming spring semester, we have discussed the idea of participating in several activities such as Morgan State’s annual Honors Week Celebration, bulletin board decorations, and our annual induction ceremony on March 1, 2011. We are looking forward to having a successful

spring semester, and we hope that the Morgan State University chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta continues this success for years to come.

Morningside College Upon initiation of members in the Morningside Chapter last year, we immediately elected officers, and what an ambitious group of new members we had. This year’s group was the first group to start volunteering in the school year in which they were initiated, and it all started with a new event on campus: “The Trashion Show.” The event was put on by another student group on campus to raise awareness about consumption of products and waste by everyday people. Naturally, it occurred on Earth Day, April 22, so the planning time was short. The team made up a great name for the design team “Oscar de la Grouch” and entered a design made for a bride on her most special day. The dress was made of white store bags, a belt fashioned from a purple ribbon with a removable flower fashioned from magazine clippings, and a great purse created from a half-gallon milk carton; shoes seemed of no importance as we went for the “all natural” look as it seemed fitting for the celebration of the day. Beth Norton, our model, shook up the run way with a great attitude and stunning smile. When it came down to the final wire and the judges made their critiques of each outfit, some made from bubble wrap, old billboards, film strips,

Morgan State chapter advisor Mr. Jared Perry (far right) talks to a student and his parents about our organization.

Morgan State University The Morgan State University Chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta has taken huge strides toward a successful year. Our goal is to spread awareness across campus in order to motivate freshman students to achieve academic success. We have participated in many events in order to make our organization known. On the weekend of October 15-17, our Volume 49 - 2011

Morningside chapter members reminded incoming freshmen to be “smart cookies” in their freshman seminar classes. Here, chapter members prepare cookies for the program.


items we collected in an effort to support Greensboro Urban Ministry . Urban Ministry is an outreach agency that “provides crisis intervention and emergency services through the basics of food, shelter and clothing… as well as helping families and individuals break the cycles of poverty, hunger, addiction, and homelessness .” Together, we collected over 300 canned goods to donate to Urban Ministry .

Morningside chapter member Beth Norton and the chapter’s ecofriendly submission to Morningside’s “Trashion Show.” and many other odd items, our group was deemed the third place winner and was given a prize of $40 . We not only volunteered to help awareness of the environment, but also had a great time doing it . The Morningside chapter wanted to spread the word to this year’s freshmen about ALD . We decorated cookies and then distributed them to the freshman orientation classes, called Passport . We reminded them to be “smart cookies,” study hard for midterms, and informed them about the freshman honor societies on campus . It was a great opportunity for us to introduce ourselves to the freshmen and for the freshmen to ask questions about our group . We devoted one of our meetings to decorating the cookies with frosting and organizing which members would deliver the cookies to each Passport section . Decorating the cookies was a great bonding activity for our group and a lot of fun . We got our creative juices turning and had a blast .

In the spirit of community service, smiles filled the room as creative minds worked together to strategize the best way to create their structure . The cans magically formed into imaginative structures: a beautiful butterfly, “Tom” the turkey, a steam boat, and a mansion complete with windows and a mailbox . UNCG staff and graduate students volunteered to judge each team’s creation based on theme, creativity, structure and best overall . Members of ALD, fellow students and staff, creatively came together to assist Greensboro Urban Ministry in helping families in need for the Thanksgiving holiday . Ultimately, CANstruction was a huge success!

North Carolina A&T State University Maintaining the Flame and carrying out academic excellence have definitely become the themes for the North Carolina A&T State University chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta . We have developed a variety of programs that advance the

educational well-being of youths in our community and provide service to the local schools of Greensboro . A new program for our chapter is the F .O .C .U .S program . Many high school students do not apply, or are not accepted to the college of their choice simply because of the tedious college application process . Others run into trouble when it comes to the FAFSA form . There are so many questions that the average high school junior or senior does not know the answer to . Therefore, we have decided to go into the area high schools and hold sessions after school, where we help students on whatever steps they do not understand . Whether it be essays, short answer questions or making sure that their AP credits reach the correct institution, we want to be there to help and work with them through the process . However, a plant must continuously be tended . One cannot simply be satisfied with planting the seed . Thus, our chapter has partnered with other organizations throughout campus to make sure that we aid our peers through every stage of their college journey . This is especially evident in our partnership with the Phi Beta Sigma fraternity . We have come together to hold tutoring sessions for our fellow students . We tutor in every subject, but we place much more emphasis on science and math since these two subjects trouble many students . Even though our base is academic excel-

University of North Carolina – Greensboro Did your mother ever tell you not to play with your food? Well, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG) Chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta (ALD) found a way to play with canned food for a great cause! On November 20th, 2010, the UNCG Chapter of ALD hosted our annual CANstruction food drive . Five student organizations, including ALD, participated by creating structures out of canned foods and non-perishable


North Carolina A&T Alpha Lambda Delta members carry their enthusiasm for academic success into the community. Alpha Lambda Delta - The Flame

lence, there are other ways to benefit our community. We have adopted a street and we perform a campus clean up every month. The more we are seen, the more our fellow students will become curious about what we stand for. Hopefully, this will lead them to ask questions which will lead to one of the largest induction classes that North Carolina A&T State University has ever had. Overall, the North Carolina A&T State University chapter is completely focused on becoming the academic leaders of our institution. We want to be seen, and we want our actions to inspire our student body to be continuously striving towards academic excellence. We are not only working to maintain the flame; we are working each and every day to provide the fuel that will cause the flame to burn bigger and brighter than ever.

the North Texas Food Bank. The project was a success with a total of 463 pounds of food donated.

Northern Michigan University The Northern Michigan Chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta has had a great start to its fall semester! The chapter kicked off the year with a Back-to-School Cookout at Presque Isle Park and held its second annual “Escape from Campus” Weekend at the beginning of October! The Escape Weekend was a great chance for the newer members of the chapter to get to know each other and get connected to the group. Members went boating, cooked dinner over the campfire, and stayed overnight at a lakeside resort.

Everyone who went had a great time! Near the end of October, NMU’s chapter of ALD participated in Make-a-Difference Day, along with over 100 campus organizations. As our chapter has in the past, we helped Ms. Blanche Brown, a spry senior in her 90’s, with assorted yard work jobs to help get ready for winter. NMU’s chapter is looking forward to participating in the Adopt-a-Family program to provide Christmas gifts for a needy family, as well as having a social activity painting pottery at Hot Plate Pottery Works yet this semester. Members are also in the process of coming up with ideas for activities for 2011.

University of North Texas The University of North Texas chapter of ALD has worked hard this year to establish themselves as an active organization on campus. The fall semester was focused on finding ways to get involved in the community and spread the word about who and what ALD is. The chapter partnered with the university for MakeA-Difference Day where they helped prepare for the Corinth Fall Festival by gathering balloons and setting up tables for the activities. The chapter’s main service project took place in November and was called Turkey Treats for Those Who Eat. Members handed out brown paper bags donated by local grocery stores to homes and asked for donations of non-perishable items for

Members at the University of North Texas helped prepare for the Corinth Fall Festival by gathering balloons. Volume 49 - 2011

People-power! Pedals propel Northern Michigan ALD members across the water at the chapter’s “Escape from Campus” weekend.

On Make-a-Difference Day, NMU members helped Blanche Brown (far right) with her yardwork. Continued on pg. 32


In Memoriam...

Alpha Lambda Delta must say goodbye to two dear friends who passed in 2010.

Mary Jane Stevenson 1916-2010

Barbara Quilling 1929-2010

Mary Jane Stevenson, 93, of RidgeCrest at RiverWoods in Lewisburg, PA, passed away Thursday, Aug. 12, 2010.

Barbara Pierson Qulling, age 80, passed away on November 8th at the Golden Living Center in Muncie, Indiana.

Remembered as a “gracious lady” and a national leader in the field of college student personnel administration, Mary Jane was the Dean of Women at Bucknell University for 24 years. Bucknell students dedicated their 1954 yearbook to Mary Jane, saying: “High ideals and a strong belief in the worth of every student as an individual have made Miss Stevenson beloved and respected by all Bucknellians. Her sympathetic understanding of both administrative and student problems is rarely equaled and her sense of fairness and unbiased judgment have made us trust her. But more than anything else, Dean Stevenson has become a symbol of all that is kind and good.”

While Barbara was raised in Lima, OH, her parents were originally from Hartford City, IN. Mrs. Quilling received a Bachelor of Arts in Education from University of Arizona (1959) and a Master’s of Education from The Ohio State University (1963). Early in her professional career, Barbara was an elementary school guidance counselor and worked as a Service Club Program Director at Clark Air Force Base in the Philippine Islands.

Among her loves were Maine, traveling, reading, cooking and classical music. She and Peg Bryan, retired professor of physical education and the former chair of Women’s Intercollegiate Athletics at Bucknell, leased an acre island in Lake Millinocket, Maine, at the foot of Mt. Katahdin — the beginning of the Appalachian Trail. Their rustic cabin, without running water or electricity but surrounded by the call of loons, was the perfect refuge from meetings and responsibilities. Their friends also remember many happy times at Old Gap, a cabin they had for many years in the mountains near Half Way Dam. From 1971 to 1976, Mary Jane served simultaneously as Assistant to the Dean of Students at Bucknell and the National Executive Secretary of Alpha Lambda Delta, the freshman scholastic honorary society. She concluded her career as Executive Director of Alpha Lambda Delta, retiring in 1981.


However, she spent most of her professional career in higher education. Her first job in this field was as the director of Painter Hall at Ball State University. She also served as dean of women for Hanover College, assistant dean of women at The Ohio State University, and president of the American Association of University Women in Hanover, Indiana. Her last position as an administrator in higher education was as the Vice President for Student Affairs at Hanover College in Madison, Indiana. Until her retirement in 1997, Barbara served as the National Director for Alpha Lambda Delta Honorary Society. Mrs. Quilling served on the boards of the Isanogel Center and YWCA. She was a former president of Riley Jones and Altrusa Clubs in Muncie, IN. Other activities and memberships included serving as the vice-chairman on the Muncie Historic Preservation and Rehabilitation Commission, president of the Association of College Honor Societies, and board member of the National Presbyterian Scholarship Board, United Way of Delaware County, Phi Kappa Phi, and the Mortar Board Society.

Alpha Lambda Delta - The Flame

Presenting Alpha Lambda Delta’s first-ever






Stemler Scholarship Winners LA S O SCH

At their annual meeting in June 2008, the National Council of Alpha Lambda Delta passed a resolution honoring retiring National President Dr. James G. Stemler by establishing ten new study abroad scholarships in his name. The James G. Stemler Study Abroad Scholarships are ten $1,000 awards to offset the expense of studies abroad for eligible members. The first male president of the Society, Dr. Stemler served the National Council of ALD for more than 14 years; he held the office of Vice President for Chapter Relations and Expansion, and completed his sixth year as National President in 2009. In addition to his dedicated service on the Council, Dr. Stemler has been an active chapter advisor for the chapter at the University of Portland – and has been a very vocal proponent and promoter of studies abroad.

University of Oklahoma

University of Cincinnati

Studying in Italy

Studying in Italy

Holly Gay Berrigan

Kathleen A. Dickert

Kalamazoo College Studying in Scotland

Matthew T. DuWaldt

Morningside College


University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire

Studying in Northern Ireland

Studying in Norway

Studying in Mexico

Brady J. Harman

Sarah E. Hemmy

Lisa Grosvenor

University of Alabama at Birmingham

Transylvania University


Studying in Costa Rica

Studying in France

Studying in France

Tory K. Saunders

Joseph L. Underwood

Cora E. Daniel

Not pictured: Elizabeth Fucich, Univ. of Southern Mississippi Volume 49 - 2011


Alpha Lambda Delta


Graduate Fellows Yong Duk Suh

In 2010, Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society For First-Year Students awarded a total of 23 Fellowships: fourteen $3,000 Fellowships, eight $5,000 Fellowships, and the Maria Leonard Fellowship in the amount of $7,500. These Fellowships are awarded annually for one year of graduate study. Any initiated member of Alpha Lambda Delta who has maintained the academic qualifications for membership is eligible to apply as a graduating senior or later.

Cyrus H. Aghamolla

University of Maryland, College Park University of West Georgia Maria Leonard Fellowship

Mary Jane Stevenson Fellowship

Gayle Brunner

Jennifer Ghandi


University of Alabama at Birmingham

Betty Jo Hudson Fellowship

Homa Hassan

Columbia College Margaret Berry Fellowship


Margie Wade Fellowship

Stephanie Niezgoda

Breana C. Cummens

Drake Univeristy May Brunson Fellowship

Ayushe A. Sharma

University of Alabama at Birmingham Patricia A . Graham Fellowship

Katie Lynn Mercandante

University of Portland

California University of Pennsylvania

Barbara Quilling Fellowship

Alice Crocker Lloyd Fellowship

Alpha Lambda Delta - The Flame

Tara Lindsay Rhoades

Pratik Talati

Erica Cho Brown

University of Delaware

University of Alabama at Birmingham

University of Oklahoma

Louise McBee Fellowship

Gladys Bell Fellowship

Bradley Jordan Collins

Sarah Elizabeth Concannon

University of Southern California

Clemson University

Bucknell University

Maude Etheredge Fellowship

Warner O . Moore Fellowship

Christine Yerges Conaway Fellowship

Heather Faulkner

Sarah A. Knight

Mona Moieni

Baylor University

University of Nebraska Lincoln

Margaret Cunningim Fellowship

Gladys Pennington Houser Fellowship

Tyler Joseph Moss

Emma K. Perry

Dorothy Anderson Fellowship

Christina Chen

University of Portland Miriam Shelden Fellowship

Volume 49 - 2011

Kalamazoo College

University of California Los Angeles May Brunson Fellowship

Mary Caitlin Strahota Dickinson College

Helen Clarke Fellowship

Adele Hagner Stamp Fellowship

Tracy Trang

Kelly Ann Usher

Desaree Williams

University of California Los Angeles

University of Mississippi

Dominican University of California

Kathryn S . Phillips Fellowship

Katherine Cooper Cater Fellowship

Alpha Lambda Delta Fellowship


2011 Jo Anne J. Trow Undergraduate Scholars Congratulations to the 2010-2011 Jo Anne J. Trow Undergraduate Scholars! This year, the National Council awarded 25 Trow Scholarships of $1,000 each and 10 awards of $3,000 each! The Jo Anne J. Trow Award was established in 1998 to honor a past National President of Alpha Lambda Delta and former Vice President for Student Services at Oregon State University, Dr. Jo Anne Trow. Dr. Trow served Alpha Lambda Delta as District VIII Advisor from 1974 to 1979, National Secretary from 1979 to 1983, President-Elect from 1984 to 1985, and as National President from 1985 until 1988.

Amber Boatner

Alexandra Brinkman

Lindsay Maria Butorac

Jennifer Cowart

Ashland University

Cleveland State University

Indiana State University

University of Georgia

Erica Rose Davidson

Lauren Adele Dawson

Melissa Ann Dupont

Dillon Jacob Etter

Jordan M. Gass

The Ohio State University

University of Southern California

Univ. of Wisconsin Platteville


California Univ. of Pennsylvania

Justin Greene

Lisa L. Grosvenor

Laura R. Guichard

Georgia College and State Univ.

Morningside College

Univ. of Louisiana Lafayette


Bi Yi Guo

Hannah Hawkinberry

Trinity University

Otterbein College

Alpha Lambda Delta - The Flame

Sarah Hemmy

Wilson Kyi

Ji Young Lim

William Lindsay Jr.

Juan Carlos Lopez

Univ. of Wisconsin Eau Claire

University of Southern California

University of South Carolina

University of Connecticut

University of Texas El Paso

Juliana MacSwan

Logan Suneil Maingi

Caitlin Beth Miller

Steven Ray Nash

Steven Charles Quan

University of Connecticut

University of Oklahoma

Valley City State University

University of South Carolina


Bernadette Riemer

Lauren M. Schuler

Emma J. Shattuck

Kimberly Shupe

Evan Allen Stout

University of South Carolina

Purdue University

Lyndon State College

Liberty University


Danielle Tucker

Bryan E. Vadheim

Michelle L. Wallace

Alicia Whitecavage

Ashley Zumwalt

Univ. of Nebraska Lincoln

Montana State University

Iowa State University

Liberty University

University of Oklahoma

Not pictured: Elizabeth Fucich, Univ . of Southern Mississippi Volume 49 - 2011


Alpha Lambda Delta Outstanding Advisor of the Year 2010:

Dr. Alice Lanning

The University of Oklahoma Dr. Alice Lanning has been named as the Outstanding Advisor of Alpha Lambda Delta for 2009-2010. Initially awarded in 1992, this award is given annually to the outstanding advisor in the nation. The National Council of Alpha Lambda Delta selected Dr. Lanning, Director of Freshman Programs for University College at the University of Oklahoma to be the recipient of the Outstanding Advisor Award for 2009-2010. Lanning has served as the chapter advisor for Alpha Lambda Delta since 2001, and served for four years on the Society’s National Council, as a member-at-large from 2004 until 2008. Dr. Lanning is an outstanding chapter advisor who has encouraged both the chapter and individuals to continue to achieve and serve others. During her tenure as advisor, over a dozen University of Oklahoma students have been awarded the prestigious Jo Anne Trow Scholarship. The chapter, under Dr. Lanning’s leadership, has also been awarded the Order of the Torch outstanding chapter award, and has consistently taken the “Maintaining

the Flame,” a follow-up award to the Order of the Torch. Notable projects undertaken by the chapter in recent years include a book drive which brought in over 3,000 children’s books for libraries devastated by Hurricane Katrina, issuing a national challenge to chapters to contribute funds to ALD in celebration of the Society’s 85th Anniversary, and countless campus and community service projects. In her letter supporting Lanning’s nomination, chapter president Emily Fuhr wrote, “From the moment the new officers stepped into office, we knew that Dr. Lanning was an incredible person that cared deeply for ALD.” Douglas D. Gaffin, Dean of the University College at the University of Oklahoma commented, “ALD has been an overwhelming success on our campus due to the supervision and guidance of Dr. Lanning.” A new aspect of the Advisor of the Year Award is a $200 cash prize, which will be awarded to the chapter by National Alpha Lambda Delta.

Alpha Lambda Delta takes pride in recognizing Dr. Alice Lanning as the Outstanding Advisor of the Year – her selection for this prestigious award merely confirms the sentiment expressed by Fuhr: “I do not believe we could have asked for a better advisor than Dr. Lanning.”

Dr. Lanning has advised the chapter at the University of Oklahoma since 2001. She has served as a Member-at-Large on the Alpha Lambda Delta National Council, and under her advisement, the chapter at the University of Oklahoma has won the prestigious Order of the Torch twice. At right, Dr. Lanning displays her Advisor of the Year plaque in the company of the University of Oklahoma’s delegation to the 2010 National Leadership Workshop.


Alpha Lambda Delta - The Flame

Executive Director’s Advisors of the Year Rick Funk

University of Alabama

Will Grindle University of Texas

Dr . Glenda Earwood announced five winners of the Executive Director Advisor Awards for 2009-2010 . This year’s winners were Rick Funk, Will Grindle, Lauren Davis, Ashley Young, and Kathy Beardsley .“ It is quite difficult to select only five advisors from among the many superb Alpha Lambda Delta chapter advisors . These five advisors had an exceptional year with their chapters!” said Dr . Earwood . Since 2004, Rick Funk , Senior Associate Director of Admissions, has served as the chapter advisor for the Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society for First Year Students at University of Alabama . This year the chapter grew from 594 members to 855 members, an increase of 44%! The yield of eligible students joining the chapter this year was 58%, a remarkable accomplishment for a chapter at a school of over 23,500 students . This marked increase in students choosing to join Alpha Lambda Delta confirms the reputation of the honor society among first year students at the University of Alabama . This increase in membership is due in large part to the passion and enthusiasm Rick Funk has invested in advising this honor society . Not only has the chapter had a record number of students join, but the chapter has been quite active in both the local and campus communities . The University of Alabama local chapter awarded nine $500 scholarships . The chapter supported the Admissions Office by sponsoring 20 send-off parties for incoming students in 15 states . The chapter also co-sponsored two dance perfomances with the Dance Department, donated books to local groups, and sponsored monthly social events with nursing homes . Will Grindle has served as the primary chapter advisor for the Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society at the University of Texas since 2007 . Since that time, Will has supported the chapter in applying for the Order of the Torch Award and the Maintaining the Flame Award, placing Volume 49 - 2011

Lauren Davis Cleveland State Univ.

Ashley Young

the chapter among the top Alpha Lambda Delta chapters in the United States . The University of Texas chapter won the Order of the Torch Award in 2004 and in 2008 . The Texas ALD members are highly visible on the Austin campus . They serve as exclusive volunteers for the University Honors Day and as volunteers for Explore UT . Chapter members are also very active in the Austin community with park and lake cleanups at Blair Woods and Lady Bird Lake; participating in the Alzheimer Memory walk; and volunteering to collect money for Haiti Relief efforts and the American Cancer Society . The chapter also collected toiletries for an abused women’s home, animal food for Austin Zoo’s animal sanctuary, and nonperishable food for various food banks and shelters in Austin . Chapter members also proctored exams and experiments at Club Outreach’s Science Olympiad . The organization raised over $2400 in support of campus research and collected gift-wrapping supplies for the Orange Santa drive . While doing all of these service projects, the chapter still found time to host a variety of social events including movie nights, picnics, and intramural sports teams . One of the most important contributions of Will Grindle to the ALD chapter has been the development of an online registration system for new members . This user-friendly technological advancement helped the chapter move from 721 members to 980 members, an increase of 36%! As a result, national ALD will be installing an online registration system for new members over the next three years . Lauren Davis is the University Scholar Advisor at Cleveland State University and has advised the Alpha Lambda Delta chapter since 2007 . Lauren is an active and enthusiastic participant in the annual ALD leadership workshop . This October, Lauren drove over 20 hours with an ALD student member from Cleveland

Clemson Univerity

Kathy Beardsley University of Maryland

to Orlando to attend the workshop . This year the Cleveland chapter had a huge increase in membership, going from 13 to 103 members, an increase of 692% and earning the chapter a Gold Delta Award . This marked increase indicates that Lauren Davis has had a powerful influence on the growth of the Cleveland State chapter . With more members, the honor society has been able to become more active in both the local and campus communities . The chapter participated in both the fall and spring campus days of service: Make a Difference Day and Do-Gooder Day . Members of the Cleveland chapters went to Athens, Ohio, to support and participate in a 5k charity fund raiser at Ohio University and attended the All Ohio Drive In at Ashland University . Chapter members sponsored a Relay for Life team and booth at the event . With this chapter growth and the advising of Lauren Davis, good things will come from the Cleveland State University ALD chapter . Since Dr . Kathy Beardsley became the ALD chapter advisor in 1989, the University of Maryland has had a myriad of achievements . The chapter inducted 40% of those eligible for membership – a record 970 students . For a school the size of the University of Maryland, this is an incredible percentage of students choosing to join Alpha Lambda Delta . This confirms the reputation of the honor society among first year students at Maryland . At least part of the success of the chapter can be attributed to the faithful advising and dedication of Dr . Kathy Beardsley to students at Maryland . For several years, Dr . Beardsley has presented a session at the ALD workshop on Preparing for the Future - National Scholarships and Fellowships Competitions where Dr . Beardsley tells students what they need to do to be competitive for Fulbright, Rhodes, Truman, and other nationally competitive scholarships and fellowships . continued on pg. 42


Chapter Reports continued from page 23

tal book drive . Although we have not finished the fall semester, the members of the OU chapter have given so much back to the community, created new friendships, and are continuing to uphold the outstanding reputation of the ALD chapter at the University of Oklahoma .

Otterbein University

The University of Oklahoma chapter lent the local YMCA a hand for their annual Tie-Dye Tri.

University of Oklahoma The University of Oklahoma chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta has always been an exceptional group of people, and this year is no different . Year after year our chapter receives awards, scholarships and recognition . In 2009 we received the Order of the Torch and the Lampadia website award . Along with these awards, we had two chapter members who received the Trow scholarship, and one chapter member who received the Stemler scholarship . Also in 2009 our esteemed advisor, Dr . Alice Lanning, won the Outstanding Advisor of the Year award . Although we have a lot to live up to, we are up for the challenge . With new officers and new members, the OU chapter hopes to excel over previous years and take it to the next level . We started out the fall semester by helping at our local YMCA in a Tie Dye Tri where we helped set up for the triathlon and cheered the participants on to victory! We also volunteered at Madison Elementary School to provide them with large amounts of candy and a helping hand for their annual Halloween Carnival . ALD also joined Kappa Kappa Gamma in a Reading is Fundamental book drive . We collected books which were redistributed to children at Jackson Elementary, Adams Elementary, and Kennedy Elementary schools in Norman . At our most recent service event, ALD members volunteered to give their own blood at a blood drive here on campus - talk about dedication! We are also looking forward to our next event, “Caught You Studying”, where we pass out candy to students studying for


finals around campus . Our ALD chapter’s service events are fun and beneficial for both members and the local community, but that’s not all we do . Each month we have general meetings to inform our chapter about new service events, scrapbooking, and fresh ideas for getting involved in the ALD chapter . In October, we had a very different general meeting, which we named, “Snack and Study .” Members were able to come and study for midterms while enjoying delicious snacks such as brownies, candy, chips and much more . Even while studying, our members were giving back to the community by donating candy for the Madison Elementary Carnival and children’s book for Reading is Fundamen-

The 2010-11 year has been an exciting one for Otterbein with many changes . One of the biggest was that in September we changed our name from Otterbein College to Otterbein University . We all are still getting used to our new name . In addition, we are preparing for next year when we will move from quarters to semesters . Everyone is busy preparing for this change in calendar, since all of the courses needed to be revised . Students are busy meeting with their advisors to be sure they take the proper courses during this transitional year . In early October, Dr . Herman “Butch” Hill from Ohio University and two of his officers came to Otterbein to present us with the Order of the Torch . During the ceremony we initiated our University President Dr . Kathy Krendl into both Alpha Lambda Delta and Phi Eta Sigma (we are a merged chapter) . The members of ALD/PES have been busy this year with two community service projects . On Sunday October 24

Otterbein University members collected more than 35 bags of food to donate to area needy families through the Westerville Area Resource Ministries.

Alpha Lambda Delta - The Flame

and Friday Nov . 12, groups of ALD/PES members went around the neighborhoods near campus to rake leaves . This was a very popular service and it made a number of elderly residents very happy . On November 14 a large group of members gathered to organize Thanksgiving bags for needy families . We were able to donate more than 35 bags of food to the Westerville Area Resource Ministries for their Thanksgiving basket project . This year’s members decided to involve the Freshmen Year Experience group with the Thanksgiving bags and a number of prospective members of ALD/PES assisted with the project . It turned out to be a wonderful way to get our name out to new students and to help those who are less fortunate with food for the holidays .

Purdue University Purdue’s chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta did not hesitate to jump right in at the start of the Fall Semester . By the end of August, the officers had already worked two new student information fairs, and the Tutoring Chairs had already organized and scheduled the tutoring program at the Purdue Village Community Center . Members volunteer their time after school Monday-Thursday to help elementary-aged students, many who are non-English speaking, with homework and crafts .

as a collection site for members to donate new toys for a local charity toy drive . Of course, while the Alpha Lambda Delta members may be passionate about helping their local community, they haven’t forgotten the soon-to come late-night study sessions before the end of semester finals .

Seton Hill University Every December, Alpha Lambda Delta members at Seton Hill University in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, magically transform into Santa’s Elves and answer children’s letters to Santa as a service project for the university and local community . Letters to Santa are deposited in the specially marked mailboxes on campus and replies on festive stationary are sent to all who include a return address . The decorated envelopes are sent to North Pole, Alaska, for the official postmark . The elves assure each child that Santa will bring them “something special .” This tradition is much enjoyed by all who attend and is full of Christmas cheer with the Head Elves (ALD officers) in Santa hats and Christmas music filling the room . The first meeting in the fall semester of 2010 for the Alpha Lambda Delta (ALD) chapter at Seton Hill University in Greensburg, Pennsylvania was not well attended . Members were also reluctant

at first to nominate themselves for an officer position . “Where are the people like me? Where are the people who want to be involved?” I wondered . I found them in Orlando, Florida, at the 2010 National Alpha Lambda Delta conference . As president of Seton Hill University’s ALD chapter, I attended the conference with Dr . Anastasia Tircuit, co-advisor . Prior to the conference, I mistakenly and ignorantly assumed our chapter was alone in its struggle to have more active chapter members . It was refreshing to talk to other ALD chapters at the conference and learn that our chapter was not alone in low participation from members . Discussing our chapters’ similarities and meeting students from various states and countries taught me not only that our groups are alike, but we are alike as college students, no matter what state or country we are from . The conference broadened my perception of our nation and reminded me that humanity is the same nationwide . Exploring Disney World and meeting cast members from around the world broadened my realizations of the commonality of mankind— that it is worldwide, not just nationwide . I feel this is especially important to remember in today’s society with changes in our nation’s demographics due to immigration and with our nation at war . It is a small world, after all .

A busy October came to a close with a fun-filled night at Boo at the Zoo . This event is held every year at the Columbian Park Zoo for the kids in the Lafayette, IN area . Members dress up in costumes as characters that entertain guests while they wait in line for the train ride . Other members also help with the “haunted” maze! In the midst of the “giving” spirit of November, the chapter hosted a “Senior Prom” at the local nursing home, Green Tree . About 25 members attended the event to mingle with the residents, while listening to “old time” music, playing games, and enjoying refreshments . Two lucky residents were even crowned King and Queen! After returning a few pounds heavier from Thanksgiving, the members look forward to Ringing Bells to help support the Salvation Army and a “Relieve Your Stress” bowling night that will also serve Volume 49 - 2011

Up on the housetop - or at a lunch table - students from Seton Hill answer letters to Santa as part of their annual service project.


a chapter . Our accomplishments have been outstanding, but ALD is always striving for more opportunities to make our chapter excel for members . The flame at the heart of ALD shines bright!

University of Southern California

Let it fly! The University of South Carolina combined fun and games and academic success with their Whiz Ring booth.

University of South Carolina

where they interact with children .

ALD is the largest student organization on South Carolina’s campus, inducting around 1,150 freshmen annually . Our chapter received ALD’s Order of the Torch award in 2010; the USC chapter leads the nation earning this award five times, more than any other ALD chapter . Additionally, we have received National ALD’s membership and Lampadia awards .

Each December, ALD hosts the USC Challenge, which is an academic competition for South Carolina high schools . For twenty years, this tournament has been a wonderful opportunity for high school students to familiarize themselves with USC and a wonderful learning opportunity for ALD members .

Our chapter works in a cohesive manner through diligent effort and contributions from both our advisors and active members . Officers meet biweekly promoting brainstorming and innovative ideas and discuss our plans . Additionally, we hold chapter meetings every month where we infuse themes to increase enthusiasm and attendance . In the past we have had themes such as “Candy land”, “H’ALD,” and “Spring into ALD .” Each fall, ALD coordinates a large team with USC’s “Move-In Crew,” helping freshmen move into their dorms . During Welcome Week, ALD has “Whiz Kids for Whiz Rings” where freshmen win ALD prizes tossing whiz rings . In October, ALD volunteers at the Edventure Museum for a project called “Beakers and Broomsticks .” Participants are stationed at booths


Last spring ALD held two canned food drives for Harvest Hope Food Bank, a clothing drive for the Salvation Army, and participated in the Carolina Clemson Blood Drive . ALD sponsored a team to pull a UPS cargo jet plane for the United Way of the Midlands! Our members cleaned a bridge on campus as part of the Clean Carolina Campaign . Furthermore, ALD members volunteered their time for the 2nd Annual Gamecocks Bike Festival . In addition to service, ALD also sponsors intramural teams such as soccer, swimming, football, dodgeball, and volleyball . This year, we have added exercise classes exclusively for ALD members such as yoga and pilates . Each year brings inventive ideas, new members, and a chance to flourish as

The University of Southern California chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta is almost at the end of our first semester, and already we’ve accomplished so much . Perhaps our proudest achievement has been to create a sense of community among the students and faculty . This close relationship between students and their professors has been fostered with our signature ALD event, the Professor Appreciation Luncheon, known as PAL for short . Students email us a list of three professors, which they would like to invite as their special guest . We then send invites to these three faculty members, stating the student’s name and explaining the details of this luncheon with the hopes that at least one can attend . Once invited, the student and the faculty both show up and get to enjoy lunch on us . Catered by our University Club, the university’s prestigious restaurant, the professor and the student are able to discuss any topic they choose without the confinement of the classroom, or restriction of solely academic topics . In this manner, they are free to truly get to know one another and enjoy one another’s company . Most students utilize this event as an opportunity to create intellectual and personal relationships that can serve as a networking contact for the future . At this end of this fun and rewarding event, each professor is presented with a small token of appreciation, a certificate of appreciation for being a part of this event . Due to its large success, we have decided to make this an annual event and tradition for many years to come . But what is Alpha Lambda Delta really? More than an organization run by executive board members like myself, Alpha Lambda Delta would be nothing without our members . While the standards for joining ALD are the same across the country, the students of the University of Southern California surpass these standards and make it more than just the average honor society . In fact, by promoting academic excellence, especially among our freshman class, we were able to induct the largest class in our chapter’s Alpha Lambda Delta - The Flame

The officers and advisors at the University of Southern California make a distinguishedlooking group with their ALD Honor Cords

history, breaking our record for the second year in a row. We hope to break this record yet again this upcoming spring as we welcome the Class of 2014 and a brand new group of initiates. Our variety of events throughout the year garners interest on the part of these potential members. Events, like our “Meet n Greet,” where we hand out blue books and Diddy Riese cookies with ice cream, are known throughout the university. Likewise, we host our official Alpha Lambda Delta tailgate during Parent’s Weekend as a way to let parents know about our organization and hope they also foster their children’s academic potential. Currently, we’re undergoing a philanthropic event where we ask that the entire school come together for our toiletry drive, where the collected goods are donated to the Los Angeles Woman’s Shelter. Once we collect all of the toiletries, the e-board as well as a few ALD members go drop them off at the shelter and are able to personally interact with the women and children. Our next major event is to promote ALD awareness where we set up a table on Trousdale, “the main street” at USC, and ask memVolume 49 - 2011

bers questions regarding ALD and its history, and reward them with prizes. Next semester, we have even more wonderful events planned including another philanthropic event, a Coffee House/talent show where the proceeds from the entrance fee will be donated to a foundation or charity of our choice. Even more exciting is the induction ceremony in March, where we get to welcome a brand new e-board, who will hopefully continue our reputation as being the best Alpha Lambda Delta chapter in Southern California, and maybe even the country!

University of Texas – El Paso As the 2009-2010 Alpha Lambda Delta chapter at the University of Texas upheld Miner excellence and received the Maintaining the Flame Award, the 2010-2011 ALD chapter had a choice to make: to uphold but develop the Miner excellence or just rest on the success of previous chapters. Having a great amount of ALD pride embodied by its newest members, the 20102011 chapter was ready to raise the bar. Instead of waiting until the fall semester

to start in late August to begin activities, the officers made preparations to start the new ALD year in June. Holding officer meetings all throughout the month of May, the officers created a schedule for the upcoming year. The first of many new projects required the chapter to breathe life back into the community’s youngest members. At the beginning of June, ALD partnered with March of Dimes, a foundation centered on promoting the health of premature babies and eliminating the pregnancy complications that cause premature births. ALD’s role in such a life changing effort was to be the voice of the younger generation among many important individuals and organizations who believed in the cause. For March of Dimes’ fundraising events, ALD would help set up each location and make sure that the programs ran smoothly. Not only did this allow ALD to be involved in bettering the lives of the most innocent, but it also allowed for the residents of El Paso to meet ALD, opening doors for future events and sponsors. As the summer came to an end, ALD did not slow down, despite the added pressure of the school


term. The chapter even received a volunteer award from the March of Dimes that only furthered the determination of ALD. Aside from working with March of Dimes, the chapter worked with Gems of Gems, an organization created to instill reading in children by donating donated books from the public to underprivileged schools and students. ALD also partnered with the Reynolds House, a woman’s shelter and Barnes and Noble. By partnering with Barnes and Noble, ALD will be able to host the first Literacy Fair at the University of Texas at El Paso. Not only will this be a community gathering event, but also a great fundraiser for the chapter, as ALD will receive 15% of all purchases made at Barnes and Noble on November 20. Members are really excited about the fair and are striving to make it an annual event for our campus.

Members at the University of Texas - San Antonio helped with the school’s Rock & Roll Marathon. Here, members pose with the UTSA mascot, Rowdy the Roadrunner. Below, members passed out water to marathoners.

New ideas are definitely a priority this year for the chapter. We, as a whole, want to solidify our spot in our community, while embracing all that our border city of El Paso has to offer us. We have a lot planned this year and are ready to put in the hard work, so watch out for these ALD Miners - we are out to paint the world orange!

University of Texas – San Antonio Alpha Lambda Delta, ALD, is an honor society dedicated to academic excellence among first year college students. Students qualify to be a member of ALD when they maintain a GPA of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale and are of the top 20% of their class. Upon gaining membership, each newly inducted student is embraced into a society filled with camaraderie and a passion for service throughout local communities. The San Antonio chapter at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) is no stranger to the aforementioned aspects of ALD. Not only do our students uphold a high academic standard, but they are strongly dedicated to serving the San Antonio community. Members take part in various community service projects ranging from charities to support of citizens in local events. For example, this Halloween was especially important as members participated in an event known as “Trick-Or-Treat So Others May Eat.” In this project, members went door to door on Halloween night collecting canned


goods for the less fortunate of San Antonio. This activity served as a way to give back to their community while strengthening the bond amongst the participants. In addition, ALD gathered to support athletes in the Rock-n’ Roll Marathon. Athletes from across the nation met in San Antonio to run the full length marathon as spectators cheered them on. ALD members set up a station and handed

out cups of much-needed water to the runners at various stages in the race. “As a participant in the Rock-n’ Roll Marathon, I appreciated seeing my ALD officers sacrificing their time to support me and fellow runners. This also motivated some of the members to run the marathon next year,” explained ALD Secretary, Felicia Head. “UTSA can be certain that this freshman honor society will continue to grow and strengthen its support of San Antonio for years to come.” Alpha Lambda Delta - The Flame

life can get, how many meetings and programs we should be attending, and how, at the end of the day, another slice of free pizza isn’t special or appealing . We want to award our loyal members for their dedicated to the chapter and awesome devotion towards academics with the best we can get . From fresh, local gelato to delicious hand-tossed salads and sweet tea, we are a happily-fed, happilysuccessful and happily-cohesive chapter of students . Only in New Orleans . Only at Tulane . And only with ALD .

The “bontemps” always “roulez” for members of the Tulane University chapter in New Orleans!

Tulane University There’s a saying that’s thrown around at Tulane University, a private research college in New Orleans: “Only in New Orleans, only at Tulane .” That seems to be the unofficial slogan of a campus where academics are rigorous, community involvement is key, and fun and celebration are the main threads in the city’s social fabric . And the Alpha Lambda Delta chapter at Tulane is a manifestation of the mantra – we have fun, we work hard and we do the things that make our city and school extraordinary . We have nearly 400 members, an advisor, an executive board of five student leaders and meet bi-weekly to grow socially, intellectually and personally . This fall, we’re focusing on deliberate and intentional programming that satisfies the three tenets of ALD: leadership, academics and service . And because we live in New Orleans and like having fun, we’ve added a fourth goal: pleasure . One amazing opportunity that our chapter has had this semester is a leadership speaker series . We are fortunate enough to have visionary campus and community role models speak with our members . In September, we got to speak with Lieutenant Colonel Carol H . Gehring, a professor of Aerospace Studies and the Commander of a satellite Air Volume 49 - 2011

Force unit that administers a collegelevel officer-training program that serves 10 universities in the New Orleans area . Gehring has had a tremendously inspiring career and spoke about the role of women in a male-dominated career field, the obstacles she’s had to overcome and ways that college students can become leaders in whatever community they aspire to work in . We’re looking forward to having a service and academic speaker in the coming months . The speaker series is a great opportunity for our members to see the importance of academic and leadership success beyond grade point averages and resumes . ALD members are also active as a chapter on Tulane’s campus as well . We volunteered, painting flowerpots at a festival for children in the hospital; we staffed a tie-dye booth for a Newcomb Arts Festival; and co-program with other honors societies on campus to host registration parties and study-breaks during finals . Our social highlight of this semester was a Haunted History tour in the French Quarter . The silly tourist trap that it is, there’s nothing better than hearing about the elaborate ghost tales, lavish spooky stories, and horror bits about our city with a group of the smartest students on campus . One thing we are (proudly, no doubt) known for at ALD is having delicious snacks to complement our meetings . We’re students, too . We know how busy

The leadership team of Tulane’s ALD chapter consists of Cordelia Heaney, advisor and director of student programs at Newcomb College Institute; Emily Cardarelli, president; Amy Holiday, vicepresident; Sarah Donaldson, secretary; Sam Lee, treasurer, and Ruby Okpiabhele, historian .

Washburn University With the formal initiation of 58 new members in April of 2010, the third season for Alpha Lambda Delta at Washburn University was ignited . Top Hat Chapter advisors and participants of the Honors Organization were adamant in helping out not only the college but the Topeka community as well . Washburn’s ALD Organization’s main focus of community service was on lending a “paw” at the local “Helping Hands Humane Society,” where homeless dogs and cats throughout the Topeka area are brought in and sheltered in hopes to one day have a warm home and loving family . 2010 was the first year the Shelter hosted “Tails on the Trail,” a 5K run/walk for both man and his best friend, and all proceeds from the event went to supporting the shelter as it gets ready to move to a bigger, newly renovated building to keep the animals safe . Alpha Lambda Delta members helped out at the event by directing participants through the 5K course, passing out water to thirsty, hard working runners and walkers, and managing drinking bowls for their panting dogs . There were over 200 participants willing to donate a few dollars for Helping Hands, which was a great turn out for the Shelter’s first 5K . Volunteers from Washburn’s ALD enjoyed coming out and seeing all the fluffy dogs (one particular eye catcher was dressed as a banana split), despite having to wake up early on a cold November morning . “It


ties. Officers for the UWEC chapter are an enthusiastic group that is willing to put the time and effort into promoting increased membership and activities. Our first service event was Tidy Up the Town, a task that involved raking leaves for Eau Claire senior citizens. Participants expressed what a delightful experience it was being able to aid someone in need, along with building meaningful relationships with fellow ALD members. The Blugold Organizational Bash and Tidy Up the Town spurred our group on to organize other community-service activities. Here is a brief listing of the events to come: Members from Washburn University’s “Top Hat” chapter lent a paw at the “Tails on the Trail” event, with proceeds going to a local animal shelter. was fun greeting people and seeing all the cute dogs,” Teresa Chui, an active ALD member, said, “I think it’s healthy and important to be involved in the community and make a difference whether it’s for pets and animals or people.”

pus so next year’s outstanding freshmen will join in on the fun service opportunities.

In addition to helping out at “Tails on the Trail,” members will also donate small tie blankets to keep the cats warm and cozy over the upcoming winter months. We will make these at our next meeting, and many members of our Top Hat Chapter are excited to get crafty with fuzzy blankets.

Alpha Lambda Delta officers from the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire, began the year by hosting a table at the Blugold Organizational Bash in order to raise awareness of our organization and get members interested and involved. Many students were energized by what we had to say and were excited to participate. As a result, members arrived at our first meeting with fresh ideas for ALD activi-

Rizki Aljupri, our Top Hat Chapter financial advisor, had the amazing opportunity to attend the national Alpha Lambda Delta conference in Orlando, Florida. Here, he was able to build on his leadership skills, all while having a blast at Walt Disney World Resort. It was through the Workshop that our chapter became involved in the National Service Project to help the Sun Coast Seabird Sanctuary, the largest wild bird sanctuary in the United States. Various members contributed money to the project to help cleanse birds recently injured by the disastrous oil spills in the Gulf. We hope our small steps to aid the Sanctuary will save many future admitted birds. Washburn’s Top Hat Chapter hopes to finish off the year even more successfully than it started. By participating in volunteer work, we hope to spread Alpha Lambda Delta’s name throughout cam-


University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire

Bell ringing for the Salvation Army

A relaxing Christmas party to unwind before finals while making door hangers to raise awareness of our organization

Participation in the Relay for Life

Volunteering to serve a meal for Community table—a daily event in Eau Claire where the hungry can get a free meal

What makes our group unique is the close-knit bond of our members and the support from our advisor, Brian Carlisle, to make our organization excel and expand. We are tremendously excited to have a group so eager to help out others, and we look forward to serving our community in the months ahead. Exciting things are in store for this year’s ALD chapter!

University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire ALD members share the secrets of academic success at a campus organization expo.

Alpha Lambda Delta - The Flame

The Wisconsin-Oshkosh chapter helped out at Sullivan’s Woods, a local educational nature site, by cleaning up brush and helping tend to paths through the woods.

University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh The University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh’s Alpha Lambda Delta chapter began its second year with the hope of advancing its community service efforts, creating a sense of fellowship among members, and supplying the campus population with information about the honor society. On October 24, 2010, the induction ceremony was held for the forty-four new members, bringing the total number of members to 101. Oshkosh’s ALD started the year by volunteering with an event called “Hands On Oshkosh.” The event provides service and volunteer opportunities for non-profit organizations around the city of Oshkosh which individuals or groups of people can sign up for. The chapter helped out at Sullivan’s Woods, a local educational nature site, by cleaning up brush and helping tend to paths through the woods. Along with the community service, the group organized a puppy chow sale, in which half of the total proceeds would be given to the area Humane Society. Other acts of volunteering include ringing bells at donation spots for the Salvation Army and buying Christmas gifts for a family in need. The chapter is also working to encourage all students to continue in their academic achievements while creating a sense of community within the organization. Besides the monthly executive board and all-membership meetings, “study-break” nights have been planned as a way to get to know other members and work on academics. This special event happens the week before the end of the semester, allowing members to bring their books and laptops and review for upcoming final exams or take a break and play games with others. Volume 49 - 2011

The involvement and activity of the chapter already exceeds expectations, but more goals have been set in improving the group further, such as finding organizations to work with on a regular basis for volunteering and encouraging first-year students to strive for academic excellence. With all the hard work being put into the development of Oshkosh’s chapter, the group will be all that it can be and will continue to be a cornerstone in the development of successful college students.

University of Wisconsin – Platteville The University of Wisconsin-Platteville chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta has great ambitions this year to increase involvement among members by offering many exciting and productive events throughout the year. We started the year on a great note, learning that our chapter was one of the five Order of the Torch winners, and that last year’s president had won a JoAnne Trow scholarship. We continued the celebration by sponsoring a dance during orientation week for incoming freshmen on our campus. We had a packed house, and everyone enjoyed the music and dancing. Our project for the month of September was to cosponsor and work at the annual Eagle Nature foundation “Eagle Fest” on campus. This event brought awareness about our national bird, and provided some great entertainment with the Fly Birds of Prey shows. Our chapter looks forward to the end of each October not for Halloween, but for our chance to trick-or-treat for things to eat! This year we teamed up the Platteville Early Childhood Association and collected school supplies along with food for the local food pantry. During November, we passed out candy advertising our

local chapter of ALD to students “caught studying.” Of course, it’s not all work and no play – we always throw in a couple of pizza parties, and wrap up the semester with our semiannual finals week potluck. These events really help to build a sense of community and provide a great opportunity for executive board members and others to socialize and get to know each other personally, as well as grow stronger as a team. We have several events that we are excited to get working on during this next semester, including a toiletry drive and a “stuff” drive, during which we collect discarded items from students moving out of the dorms at the end of the semester and donate them to local charities. Our constant theme this year has been finding ways to effectively promote our events and meetings. It is well known that most of us have other commitments other than Alpha Lambda Delta, so schedules conflict, and it is difficult to promote and put on events. However, we are working hard this year to improve and increase the excitement and energy surrounding our chapter. It has been a fun challenge. The recent National Workshop in Orlando was phenomenal. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet people from all over the country dealing with the same issues and having similar successes as our UWPlatteville Chapter. It was a wonderful opportunity to learn more of the history and motives behind the organization we are working hard to promote and improve, as well as brainstorm ideas with other chapters on ways to do such. It was a great experience to find solutions to problems others may have faced in the past, as well as to offer insight to other chapters who may be facing dilemmas we have encountered before. Socially, the National Workshop was awesome! I would have never imagined I would meet so many great leaders from other campuses and have the opportunity to spend a few days with them brainstorming, idea sharing, and enjoying Walt Disney World. I would have never dreamed that I would get the opportunity to meet, spend time with, and create friendships with people I was with for such a short time. The entire weekend was an incredible experience and I had a blast! It is an honor to be a part of such an awesome organization!


Welcoming new friends! Cabrini College

Alpha Lambda Delta welcomes seven new chapters in 2010 - even after 86 years, we’re continuing to grow! University of Central Arkansas

Installed by Dorothy Anderson

Installed by Alice Lanning

One hundred and thirty-two students were inducted as charter members of the Cabrini College Chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta . Instrumental in organizing the installation and providing assistance was Dr . Jeffrey Gingerich, Interim Dean for Academic Affairs, and his administrative assistant, Bernadette Daley . College Chaplain, Father Michael Bielecki, provided the blessing, and is clearly a valued part of life at the college . Dr . Michelle Filling was also present and provided assistance in directing students to the stage for induction .

On Sunday, April 25, 2010, Alice Lanning, University of Oklahoma chapter adviser (representing National Council of Alpha Lambda Delta); Madeline Murrell, University of Oklahoma 1st Vice President; and Kyle Brown, OU Service Events Chairman, drove to Conway, AR, to serve as installing officers of the University of Central Arkansas chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta .

In addition to the new members, approximately 300 or so parents and siblings attended the ceremony on this very lovely evening in Pennsylvania . The ceremony was held in the field house of the Dixon Center . New members received a pin, certificate and ALD cords . They signed both a new Chapter Roll and the poster that has been signed by every student who joined the local Alpha Delta . The program started with a welcome by Dr . Wright who introduced the Chaplain and then welcomed the installing officer . The installing officer had the opportunity to meet briefly with some of the current officers to talk about possible chapter activities prior to the installation . Judging from the experiences of the Installing Officer, the Cabrini College Chapter is in good hands and is quite likely to meet its potential to be a vital part of the Cabrini College community going into the future . Current officers are planning to hold new elections in the fall and will work to be sure someone from the Chapter attends the Annual Leadership Workshop .

We met Casey Griffith, the advisor for the new chapter, at the Student Union about two hours prior to the ceremony to confirm final arrangements, which had taken place via phone and email prior to the installation date . New officers of the Conway chapter were present to assist in room arrangement and other logistical details . There were one hundred thirtyseven undergraduates on the list to be inducted and fourteen faculty members to be welcomed as honorary members . At Casey Griffiths’s request, Dr . Lanning, Madeline Murrell, and Kyle Brown shared in reading all parts of the ritual . After the charter members were inducted, the honorary members were presented for initiation . Honorary inductees who attended the ceremony included Dr . Lance Grahn, Provost and Dean of Faculty, and seven other senior faculty/department chairs . Dr . Lanning offered brief remarks of welcome and congratulations following the installation of officers . The formal chapter installation ceremony closed the ceremony . At the end of the installation ceremony chapter president Brooke Tunstell and chapter advisor Casey Griffith accepted the charter from Madeline Murrell . Casey Griffith thanked the new members, honorary members, and guests for attending, arranged the new members present for group photos, and then dismissed the group for light refreshments provided at the rear of the room .

Mississippi Valley State University Installed by Marie O’Banner Jackson Mississippi Valley State University, one of eight public universities in the state of Mississippi, joined others in installing a chapter of National Alpha Lambda Delta on April 30, 2010 . Located in the heart of the Mississippi Delta, MVSU installed its first initiates into their new chapter at 1:30 pm in the auditorium of the Social Sciences building . Mrs . Barbara J .P . Morgan, faculty advisor, organized and orchestrated a dignified ceremony with the assistance of Dr . Louis Hall, who also serves as faculty advisor . Dr . Anna Hammond, Chief of Staff, representing President Donna Oliver made remarks, first congratulating students on their accomplishments and later encouraging them to continue their love for learning and to make a difference in the state, nation, and the world . Family and friends gathered to witness the installation and to celebrate at a reception immediately following the ceremony .


Alpha Lambda Delta - The Flame

California State University - San Marcos

Philadephia University

Installed by Susan Huffman The California State University San Marcos chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta was installed by Dr . Susan Melson Huffman, President of National Alpha Lambda Delta, at 5:00 PM on Sunday, September 19, 2010 . The ceremony was held in the Grand Salon at the Clarke Field House on the beautiful campus . The charter group of this chapter included approximately 53 students . Thirty-two students and two honorary members attended the ceremony and signed the chapter roll with several family members and other guests as witnesses to the special occasion . Chapter Advisors Dr . Pedersen and Dr . Barsky were initiated as Honorary Members . They had worked with the students for the past few years to get the local chapter started and to plan a very special and memorable event for this campus . Senior advisor, Marco Lemus, and Christian Pedersen, who had been instrumental in starting the local honor society, were also initiated and recognized for their continued support . Chapter officers were installed during the ceremony, and Dr . Huffman encouraged those in attendance to support the officers in their efforts to promote and publicize this new chapter on the California State University San Marcos campus . Both Dr . Pedersen and Dr . Barsky spoke to the new initiates and offered their congratulations to the charter members of this society . They also provided words of inspiration and motivation for their future success . Dr . Pedersen thanked Dr . Huffman for coming to San Marcos to install this chapter, and she promised to send her home with some CSU San Marcos souvenirs to remember her visit . Following the ceremony, Dr . Huffman and her husband, Dave, joined the new initiates and their guests for a delicious buffet in the Grand Salon . It was a wonderful celebration for the students and their very proud parents and family members .

Installed by Dorothy Anderson The outdoor location, the beautiful weather, the fact that it was Philadelphia University Family Weekend, and the delightful group of staff, faculty, and initiates made this ceremony a special occasion for both the university and the installing officer . Approximately one hundred and thirty students were inducted as charter members of the Philadelphia University Chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta . The Chapter President, Jason Buchholz and the University President, Dr . Steven Spinelli, both made remarks in acceptance of the charter . Jason presented the installing officer with a thank you gift of a Philadelphia University pen and pencil set . Approximately 150 parents and siblings were in attendance in addition to the new members . An outdoor reception followed in the Gallagher Garden, which features a beautiful fountain and a wooden sculpture done from a tree trunk . Entertainment was provided by the campus Chamber Ensemble Performers . Aurelio Manuel Valente opened the program and introduced the installing officer . Aurelio’s graduate intern from the University of Pennsylvania was present and helpful with the officers in setting up for the installation . Judging from the experiences of the Installing Officer, the Philadelphia University Chapter is in good hands and, I believe, has every potential of proving to be a vital part of the campus community going into the future . ALD is the first cross-disciplinary honor society at the University, and I would expect that it will provide leadership that sees additional honor society development .

Art Institute of Washington

Installed by Sharon Emerson-Stonnell On September 14th, The Art Institute of Washington, in Washington, D .C ., officially inducted 25 students into Alpha Lambda Delta . The Art Institute of Washington became the first Education Management Corporation (EDMC) campus to have a chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta . The students were selected based on their academic achievement for earning a 3 .5 GPA or higher . Since the induction ceremony, 10 more students have joined the chapter, and we look forward to welcoming more . Volume 49 - 2011


Xavier University of New Orleans Installed by Elva Bourgeois In August of 2005, Xavier University of New Orleans, a small Historically Black and Catholic school, was recognized by Kaplan/Newsweek Guide to Colleges as “America’s Hottest College for Pre-Med .” Then on August 29, 2005, along came hurricane Katrina which devastated the New Orleans area, leaving Xavier under water for two weeks . The campus remained closed until January 2006 . Approximately 80% of the Xavier students displaced by the hurricane returned to campus to continue their education . The campus continues to rebuild today . The installation of the Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society for First Year Students at Xavier University of New Orleans, Louisiana, was held on Thursday, November 18, 2010, at 10:00 am in the William and Mary McCaffrey Ballroom of the University Center . The installing officer was Elva Bourgeois, faculty advisor Alpha Lambda Delta at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana . Dr Marion Carroll and Dr Adrian Woods were instrumental in advising the charter group . The chapter remains under their direction as they continue to serve as co-advisors for the Xavier Chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta . The charter members present came forward and received their certificate and jewelry and shook hands with Bourgeois and Wood . The charter members signed the roll last spring when they attended a local ceremony for the organization . After the induction of the student members, the eight honorary members were inducted . A summary of their accomplishments was read before presenting them with their certificates . The ceremony concluded with an informal reception in the Ballroom . There were many photo opportunities for the new members with the Xavier advisors and with the beautifully framed chapter charter . Charter members were excited to sign their names to the chapter charter, recording a very special day of celebration at Xavier University of New Orleans .

Exec. Director’s Advisors of the Year

Cont. from page 27 Ashley Young is a graduate student at Clemson University and served in 2009-2010 as the chapter advisor for the Alpha Lambda Delta chapter . Ashley took this responsibility quite seriously and did a great job advising the chapter . Under her guidance, the chapter initiated 604 student members, an increase of 11% over the previous year and 50% of the eligible first year students! Because of these students’ academic excellence, these students are now eligible to compete for undergraduate and graduate fellowships offered by National Alpha Lambda Delta . The ALD chapter is becoming a more active and visible organization on the Clemson campus . The chapter sponsored a Relay for Life team, participated in Reverse Trick or Treating, and used the technique of Caught Ya Studying to reward students for studying and to promote Alpha Lambda Delta . Two service projects the chapter participated in were the Big Dig Service project and Book scholarships . The role of the chapter advisor is critical to the success of the chapter and the national organization,” said Dr . Susan Huffman, National President of Alpha Lambda Delta . In this serious economic decline where staff and faculty members are asked and expected to do more than ever before, it is important that chapter advisors are recognized and appreciated for their service and commitment to Alpha Lambda Delta .” These advisors have done exceptional jobs and deserve the recognition of this award . “The National Council is very proud and grateful to these advisors for the outstanding work they do with these chapters”, said Earwood .



Alpha Lambda Delta - The Flame

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This could be you! The Alpha Lambda Delta “Alpha” and “Delta” awards are presented to chapters that show notable increases in membership (Delta awards) or notably high yields (Alpha awards). Delta Bronze, Silver, and Gold awards are presented to chapters reporting 10%, 25%, and 50% increases in membership, respectively. Alpha Bronze, Silver, and Gold awards are presented to chapters reporting 70%, 80%, and 90% yields, respectively. Volume 49 - 2011

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Volume 49 - 2011

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Alpha Lambda Delta

2010 National Council Meeting

The National Council of Alpha Lambda Delta poses in one of Savannah’s historic squares. Back row (l-r): Lee Greenway, Andrew Simon, Glenda Earwood, Dillon Etter, Susan Huffman, Lois Szudy, Mike Nichols. Front row (l-r): Sharon Emerson-Stonnell, Deborah Manzanares, Sue Oole, Lisa Ruch, Laura Casey, Butch Hill

The annual meeting of the National Council of National Alpha Lambda Delta convened on June 23, 2010, in historic Savannah, Georgia . All members of the Council were present for this yearly event to conduct the business of the Society and plan for the future . Among those attending were President Susan Huffman, Vice Presidents Lisa Ruch and Butch Hill, Historian and Editor Mike Nichols, and Members-at-Large Laura Casey, Sharon Emerson-Stonnell, Sue Oole, Dillon Ettter, Lois Szudy, and Deborah Manzanares . Andrew Simon, Dr . Glenda Earwood, Lee Greenway, and Elaine Robinson from the National Headquarters were also in attendance . Highlights of the four-day meeting included: • Installing Lois Szudy (Otterbein College), Deborah Manzanares (Baylor University), and Dillon Etter (IUPUI) as the newest Council Members-at-Large • Hearing and discussing annual reports of each Council member and the Executive Director • Celebrating seven new Chapters installed in the 2010 fiscal year • Awarding Executor Director Awards for Advisor of the year to Rick Funk (University of Alabama), Ashley Young (Clemson Univ .), Will Grindle (University of Texas at Austin), Lauren Davis (Cleveland State University), and Kathy Beardsley (University of Maryland) • Approving the Trow and Stemler Scholarships • Awarding Order of the Torch to five Chapters and Maintaining the Flame to five chapters • Awarding Lampadia Awards to four chapters • Re-electing Lisa Ruch as Vice President for Expansion and Chapter Relations • Electing of Sue Oole as a Member-at-Large • Planning for the 2010 Annual Leadership Workshop in Orlando, Florida • Discussing other campuses who are interested in forming an ALD chapter • Approving an annual budget • Presenting a resolution with thanks to Andrew Simon for his outstanding service to the National Council The National Council adjourned its meeting on June 26 and will reconvene in Portland, Oregon, in June of 2011 .


Alpha Lambda Delta - The Flame


Four chapters win digital bragging rights with the 2010 Lampadia Awards

University of California - Los Angeles

University of Southern California

University of Massachusetts - Amherst

University of Texas - El Paso

This year, four chapters received the Alpha Lambda Delta Lampadia Award for Oustanding Chapter Websites. The Lampadia Award is awarded every year to the Alpha Lambda Delta chapters that have created exceptional chapter websites. The sites are judged on the criteria of design and appearance, content, and navigability. The award will be changing for 2011, and competitors will be vying in several different areas of digital communications. For more details, visit!

Volume 49 - 2011


2011 National Leadership Workshop


Ladies and Gentlemen... Start your Engines. 48

Alpha Lambda Delta - The Flame

Flame 2011  

The Flame is Alpha Lambda Delta's annual magazine. It highlights the individual and chapter accomplishments of the previous year. Founded in...

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