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Alpha Lambda Delta University of Oklahoma

Serve Humbly, Live Boldly 2016-2017 1

TABLE OF CONTENTS Officer Introductions…..3

Regional Food Bank Event….26

Advisor Introductions...3-10

November General Meeting...27

Dean’s Letter of Support...11

Fall Caught You Studying….28

2016 - 2017 ALD Theme...12

February Info Session...29

Social Media: @OU_ALD...13

ALD Making a Difference…..30

Keeping ALD in the Loop….14

February General Meeting…..31

Meeting Minutes….15

Moore Food and Resource Event..32

Visibility on Campus…..16

March General Meeting…..33

Instagram Stories….17

OKC Zoo Trip…..34

Year-long service Project….18

New Member Initiation...35

First General Meeting…..19

Honorary ALD Initiates….36

Caring for Kids Service Project…..20

The Big Event ….37

Norman Food and Shelter Project…..21

April General Meeting...38

October General Meeting…...22

Scholarship Recipients …...39

Norman Food and Shelter Drive…23

New Officer Initiation ….40

Washington DC Trip….24

April Regional Food Bank ….41

November Coat Drive….25

Farewell to 2016-2017….42 2

Meet Our Officers! “Exec is such a great way to make friends with people from all across campus. We all lead different lives with different majors and interest. We all love academics and service, so it is a unique and fun community.” - Kaylee Buckley, Publicity Chair

“My favorite part about being on exec is that you get to be surrounded with people who have the same passions as you do. It has been an honor to serve on an exec that truly has a heart for service and wants to better ALD in any way they can.” - Jarad Anderson, Co-Service Chair


Meet our Officers!

President: Annie Rock Major: Biochemistry Fun Fact: Annie has been

to 47 states.

First Vice President: Callie Deen Major: Business Fun Fact: Callie’s favorite things are One Direction and Blue Bell coffee ice cream.

Second Vice President: Elena Khoury Major: Industrial and Systems Engineering Fun Fact: Elena can speak Arabic.


Meet our Officers!

Secretary: Caitlin Glenn Major: Biochemistry/Pre-Med,

Treasurer: Joshua Hughes

Publicity: Kaylee Buckley

Major: Aerospace Engineering

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Fun Fact: Has a rabbit named

Fun Fact: Kaylee has already had

Fun Fact: Caitlin is currently

Hasenpfeffer (German for Rabbit

hip surgery; she is basically al-

learning Russian


ready a Grandma.

Spanish Minor


Meet our Officers!

Service Co-chair: Jarad Anderson

Service Co-Chair: Julia Harth

Major: Chemical Biosciences Fun Fact: Jarad has been to Nicaragua on a mission trip.

Major: International Studies and Art His-

tory Fun Fact: Obsessed with Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.


Meet our Officers! Historian Co-Chair: Brianna Sims

Major: Professional Writing Fun Fact: Currently writing a book to hopefully be published one day.

Historian Co-Chair: Lauren Morf Major: Pre– Dental Hygiene

Fun Fact: Lauren is on the top ten leaderboard for Pocket Points on the OU campus.


Meet our Officers! Scholarship Chair: Sam Landreth Major: Microbiology/Pre-Med, with a Spanish Minor Fun Fact: Has double jointed shoulders

Elections Chair: Jasmine Chonlahan Major: Psychology/Pre-

Social Chair: Sanah Lalani Major: Political Science Fun Fact: I’m left-handed!

Med Fun Fact: I know every dance to every BeyoncĂŠ song


Junior Advisors Courtney Brady Major: Public relations and history Fun fact: She is obsessed with Whataburger. Instead of a cake on her birthday, she has a burger with birthday candles. Merit Jennings

Major: Biology and Psychology Pre-med Minor: Chemistry Fun Fact: She is the biggest Harry Potter

fan. Ever.


Senior Advisor “My favorite part about being an advisor is to see the personalities of exec members come together and develop throughout the year. By the last meeting, everyone is like family.� -Lexie Quinonez

Lexie Quinonez Major: Biochemistry Fun Fact: Lexie has been hang gliding in Rio


Dean’s Letter of Support


Serve Humbly, Live Boldly

Our theme for the 2016-2017 year is “serve Humbly, Live Boldly,� which encompasses our dedication to give back to the community while living life to the absolute fullest. The OU chapter makes it a priority to make everyone feel welcome and special in the honor society. We hope this scrapbook gives you a glimpse of what this year was all about.


@OU_ALD In the OU chapter of ALD, we make it a priority to interact with our members as much as possible. Social media has helped inform and entertain the students of ALD, and we hope to create better relations through these outlets. Below: ALD members can follow our Facebook page and stay updated on our different service events that they can attend.

Above: Using Instagram to advertise our upcoming meetings has been very effective in getting more members aware of the meetings as well as attending them.


Keeping ALD in the Loop

Our Exec worked diligently to keep our officers and members as informed as possible with emails about upcoming meetings, expiring scholarships, and exciting service projects. Above are some screenshots of our emails that are sent out to all of the members. After every meeting, our secretary, Caitlin, efficiently sent the officers the minutes to let us have an outline of what we discussed, as you can see on the following page. We hoped our updates allowed the members to be more involved and aware of the organization.


Meeting Minutes Minutes are taken during the executive meetings and are sent out immediately following the meeting. These minutes allow officers who were not able to make the meeting stay up to date, as well as act as a reminder to the officers of upcoming events. Below is a copy of minutes from an April exec meeting.


Visibility on Campus During the year, the exec members made it a priority to make the ALD membership known around campus. Below, members volunteered to work a hot chocolate and coffee stand by the freshman dorms during the weeks that the invitations were sent to freshmen inboxes. To the right, our publicity committees chalked the sidewalks around campus to inform the members of upcoming meetings. In the bottom right, our exec members met up during a sorority event and snapped a picture, proving that our membership is supportive. Everywhere you go on campus, it’s likely you’ll run into an ALD member!


Instagram and Snapchat stories

Our Publicity Chair, Kaylee Buckley, made it a priority to reach all the Alpha Lambda Delta followers on social media by posting stories through Instagram and Snapchat throughout the semester. The Social Chair Sanah Lalani also made it possible for OU ALD to access the OU Snapchat story to make the OU ALD membership known to the entire campus.


Year-long Service Project

Our executive members were allotted a spot on campus to tend to during the school year. Thanks to our service chairs, our executive members cleaned a parking lot on campus every week to keep OU beautiful. Not only were we keeping the school litter-free, it was a great time for the exec members to talk and grow closer each week.


First General Meeting With an attendance of 49 members at this year’s first general meeting, it wasn’t difficult to get the conversation going. Social Chair, Sanah Lalani, introduced the ice breaker that would allow everyone to find someone who had similar interests as themselves. After three rounds of this ice breaker, the meeting began with an introduction of the 2016-2017 officers as well as a presentation of upcoming service events ALD has planned. Service Co-chairs, Julia Harth and Jarad Anderson, announced the service event Caring for Kids that would allow all members to make care cards for patients at Children’s Hospital. First General meeting was definitely a knock out of the park.


Caring for Kids was our first sponsored service event of the new year. Members of ALD came together to make cards for the Children’s Hospital. These cards were made with pure love in hopes of brightening the days of the children at the hospital. There were many bright and unique cards made by the general members and executive members during this service project.


Our members went to Norman Food and Shelter early on Saturday morning to help cook, serve, and clean! Norman Food and Shelter provides free meals for those who are homeless and in need. Our members were able to serve over 200 guests warm, delicious food, all while working alongside each other! Events like this help members appreciate what they have as well as learn how to work as a team.


Spooky Scholars In the month of October, we initiated eight new members to our ALD chapter. They have achieved the necessary requirements to join this semester, and recited the ALD pledge at the service meeting. They took the pledge to make the best of their education here at OU as well as serve their local community with honesty, integrity, strength, and courage. The members of exec were ecstatic to add to the tradition.


Norman Food And Shelter Food Drive

The Alpha Lambda Delta Chapter donated over 60 items to the Norman Food and Shelter organization. We donated items such as coffee creamer, napkins, coffee mugs, plates, and ground coffee. The members donated the items during the October general meeting, giving to a good cause and helping the local community.


University of Oklahoma ALD takes Washington DC

President Annie Rock and Co-Advisor Allison Phisaiwath attended the national ALD Conference in Washington D.C. this fall. They had the opportunity to learn how other chapters interacted with their members, how they gained popularity on their campuses, and how they could achieve the awards handed to the best chapters of Alpha Lambda Delta. They enjoyed their time in Washington and brought home many fresh ideas to share with the rest of the honor society. It was a trip of a lifetime!


OU ALD members provided new or gently used coats that were sitting idle in their closets so they could go towards a better cause. They gathered the coats and sent them to One Warm Coat to provide warmth for the deserving people of Oklahoma. Weather in Oklahoma can get pretty brutal, so the workers of One Warm Coat were very grateful for the donations.

Left: Junior Advisor, Courtney Brady, and Senior Advisor, Lexie Quinonez showcase the numerous coats that the members provided for our coat drive.


Regional Food Bank Service Event OU Alpha Delta Lambda Delta members volunteered at the Regional Food Bank in Oklahoma City on November 4th. The group packaged school lunches for students, bagging 7,975 pounds of food and providing 6,645 meals. The members’ work helped to combat hunger in Oklahoma.

Above: Members of ALD are all smiles for a picture with their volunteer stickers after a fun day of packaging lunches for families and children in need of a healthy meal.


November General Meeting: Par-TEA! This month, we wanted to treat our scholars to a stress-free meeting filled with coloring, tea, and bonding. We began the meeting with a fun icebreaker where the members had to work together to create a story from a beginning line that the officers provided. Then we gave the members great resources in case they were feeling overwhelmed with their studies. To wrap up the meeting, we poured glasses of hot tea and let the students pick a coloring page to take their minds off the upcoming tests.

Above: Our winning group is telling the rest of the chapter about their hilarious made-up story. Right: Social Chair Sanah Lalani prepares the tea and coloring pages for after the meeting.


Caught You Studying ALD members distributed 500 bags of candy to OU students around campus. We wanted to encourage students to work hard during finals week, and we thought that giving candy with heartfelt messages would show ALD’s support to the students on campus.

Above: Multiple members took time out of their busy schedules to come into the ALD office to fill bags with delicious candy to be passed out to the students.


February Info Session ALD Officers Reaching Out

OU ALD Officers gathered to inform and recruit freshmen into the honor society. With many invitations beginning to be sent out to qualified freshmen, we wanted to ensure that they knew Alpha Lambda Delta is a respectable and active chapter at the University of Oklahoma. The info session was a hit with over 30 people in attendance interested in joining. 29

ALD Making a Difference The members of Alpha Lambda Delta are making a difference in the community by volunteering their time to help others. It is so rewarding to see how grateful the community is to have us help! Thank you to every member and to everyone on exec that has graciously given up their time to help others. It does not go unnoticed!


February General Meeting Our February general meeting was the first one of the Spring semester. At this general meeting, our members created and signed Valentine’s cards to send to a nursing home for those who might be missing their loved ones during the holiday. We discussed upcoming plans for the semester with the members while the members enjoyed snacks and the company of other members. It was a great start to the Spring semester!


Moore Food and Resource Center

In February, our ALD members and officers drove to Moore and helped serve at their Food and Resource Center. We got to help customers shop for groceries for the upcoming weeks, as well as bag the items, and load them into their cars. The Moore Food and Resource Center was very grateful for our service and our company that day. We helped over two dozen customers get food for their families.


The Luck of The ALD member March General Meeting

To celebrate Saint Patrick’s day while still providing the members with important information, the officers planned a fun presentation about professional behavior in an interview as well as resume tips and tricks. The members were treated to an entertaining presentation of a good interview and a bad interview and were wished the best of luck on their future professional plans.


OU ALD takes the Zoo

OU ALD members were given the opportunity to volunteer their time to work at the Oklahoma City Zoo on March 25th. The members got a chance to connect with the present officers and learn more about their organization all while having a great time at the zoo and helping their community. We have been told by several members that this is the best service project yet!


New Member Initiation The OU ALD officers welcomed the newest initiates to the chapter on March 29, 2017. ALD Advisor Lillian Miller introduced the officers and gave a brief history about the organization before handing the microphone to ALD President Annie Rock and ALD Junior Advisor Merit Jennings to read the names of the new members. We welcomed almost 300 members into the OU chapter this semester and hope to grow more and more each year.


Honorary ALD Initiates At the initiation ceremony, the OU Alpha Lambda Delta Chapter awarded two members with Honorary ALD Initiate Honors. To the left, Advisor Lillian Miller presented Lori Stevens with her Honorary ALD member award, and she presented Allison Phisaiwath with hers. We are all very proud of these women and will always remember them as they move on to other career ventures and continually serve humbly and live boldly!


Big Event

The OU Alpha Lambda Delta chapter had the opportunity to help the Western Heights Public Schools community by planting strawberry and blackberry bushes, picking up trash around the campus, and managing the yard work in the playground area. Thirty members volunteered 4 hours of their time to serve humbly and live boldly. Workers at Western Heights were very grateful for the hard work that each member put into the garden work.


Spring Into ALD April General Meeting

At our final general meeting of the semester, the executive members decided to prep the members for final’s week, which was quickly approaching. To do so, we grouped members based on their majors and allowed them to share the best ways they study. This also got members associated with members like them in the chapter and facilitated important connections. Afterward to distress, we hosted a craft project. We hoped this helped the members spring into ALD!


ALD Scholarship Recipients

Several of our officers and members were awarded local scholarships. They were presented these scholarships on April 8, 2017. The winners were awarded the scholarships based on involvement in the chapter, maintaining at least a 3.5 GPA, as well as letters of recommendations that were sent it. One of our officers was also rewarded with a National ALD scholarship. Service chair, Julia Harth, received the 2017 James G. Stemler study abroad scholarship. We are so excited and proud of Julia as well as all of the members and officers who were awarded scholarships. Keep up the great work!


New Officer Initiation

On April 18, 2017, we initiated our new officers into their positions. The outgoing officers had the chance to talk with the incoming officers and provide advice as they take on the 2017-2018 school year. The incoming officers each set goals for themselves and made the pledge to commit to being the best advocates of Alpha Lambda Delta. ALD has been placed in the best of hands for the upcoming year. Above: Outgoing and ingoing officers pose for a picture. Top Right: Ingoing publicity chairs take the pledge to officially become an ALD officer. Bottom Right: Advisor, Lillian Miller, recites the values of ALD to the new officer initiates. 40

April Regional Food Bank ALD took on the Regional Food Bank in Oklahoma City one last time before the school year was up. ALD members carpooled up to the city on April 29, 2017. The members helped package meals for families in need. We got the chance to socialize with other volunteers there as well as members of our own.


Farewell to 2016-2017


Maintaining the Flame 2017 - University of Oklahoma  

Scrapbook from the University of Oklahoma chapter, a winner of Alpha Lambda Delta's 2017 Maintaining the Flame award.

Maintaining the Flame 2017 - University of Oklahoma  

Scrapbook from the University of Oklahoma chapter, a winner of Alpha Lambda Delta's 2017 Maintaining the Flame award.