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October 1st - December 31st, 2010


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DiamondCrown Buy One GET ONE FREE


MAKING BETTER SIMPLE. The New NLC400LED provides superior lighting and can be coupled to your existing power optic system. - 360° Swivel / ISO 6 Hole / Power Optic / Quick Connect NSK Interchangeable - LED Bulb 50,000 Hrs.

ONLY $242.95

SAVE 10%

FREE! Renfert

Sympress Mixing Machine See page 11

FREE! CM-II Mixer See page 4

Galilean Doctors Flip-Up Loupes Our loupes come with sealed, triple coated, high resolution British optics (lenses). This results in razor sharp images, excellent depth of field, as well as protection against bacteria and liquid residue. At a starting weight of only 42g, they are truly the best quality, most comfortable loupes available in the market today. 2.5x and 3.5x Flip-Up Loupes.

Price: $495.00 was $595.00

See page 5

TwinPower Turbine Buy 3 GET 1 or GET3 Couplers, or GET an Air Torx FREE!

NEW! Air

Buy 1 GET 1 TwinLubrina Power Handpiece, or GET an Air Torx, or GET 4 Maintenance Couplers FREE! See page 12

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Marcaine 0.5% with Epineph-

Lidocaine HCI 2% 1:100,000


epi. Red. or 1:50,000 epi. Green. 50/PK $31.75 17+3 Net $26.99 Carbocaine 2% with NeoCobefrin 1:20,000 Mepivacaine hydrochloride and levonordefrin. $47.95 17+3 Net $40.76

rine 1:200,000 (As Bitartrate) Injection. box. $63.50 17+3 Net $53.98 Zorcaine articaine hydrochloride 4% with epinephrine 1:100,000. box. $47.95 17+3 Net $40.76

- BUY 9 boxes (of the same) GET 1 box

Carbocaine 3% (mepivacaine hydrochloride injection, USP) without vasoconstrictor. box. $47.95 17+3 Net $40.76

Syringes #76-55 N-Tralig Syringe


(of the same)

Topex Topical Anesthetics Cherry, Mint, Piña Colada, BubbleNum, and Strawberry $10.95

1oz Gel


- BUY 17 assortable boxes GET 3 boxes FREE!*

Topicale™ Gel Pumps

*Offer valid until November 30th, 2010 #76-70 “C-W” Type 1.8CC #76-80 “A” Type 1.8CC #76-90 “L-W” Self Aspirating #76-100 Self Aspirating 1.8CC #77-70 “C-W” Petite

$36. $35.95 $58.95 $58.95 $35.95

Great flavours: Raspberry, Cherry, Strawberry, Piña Colada or Assorted. 3/Pk $41.95


BUY 1 (3/Pk) GET 1 (3/Pk) of Periowise (3-5-7-10mm)

FREE! (a $40 value)

BLEACHING Venus White Teeth Whitening Systems

Complete offering of patient and practice-friendly whitening systems. Superior results your patients deserve, combined with business building marketing tools to promote whitening in your practice. Whether creating a more radiant smile or whitening before restorative treatment, Venus White systems offer a variety of gentle, effective products to satisfy every patient’s needs.

Perfecta® • Proven effective and reliable since 1990 • Glycol base minimizes dehydration to avoid sensitivity • No chemical additives necessary due to Perfecta’s unique formulation Available in: 11%, 16% or 21%

*Perfecta Rev!

6% Hydrogen peroxide. All it takes is 15 minutes a day!

for the dental office. (7 1/2” W x 9 1/2”

• Mint flavored for patient comfort.

Patient Kit $39.95 BUY 20 Venus White Ultra Kits or Pro Kits GET 4 (of the same) FREE!

Spectrum Dental

ONTARIO: 416-665-1042 1-800-387-3525


Soft tissue isolation system NEW SYRINGE SIZE! Faster and easier to apply than a rubber dam.

tooth whitening.

$229. $369.95

* BUY 12 Paks (of the same) GET 6 Paks


Contrast PM & AM

ContrastAM In Office whitening System 6 Patient Power Pack $219.95

A new day in professional take-home

(of the same)


ContrastPM 20% Take Home whitening System Bulk Kit 40pk $159.32 4pk Touch Up refill $18.50

*Perfecta Bravo

6 Patient Value Pak Bulk 50Pk


D x 15” H, 17lbs.)

Rev! 6 Patient Value Pak $229.95 Rev! 6 patient Refresher Pak $108.50

carbamide peroxide strengths.


A high performance, no-frills, economical, and reliable small vacuum former

Specially buffered formula immediately accelerates the breakdown of the gel into its active components, providing an added boost to the final whitening effect.

vored, 11.2% hydrogen peroxide gel. Kit $31.95

Take-home Whitening for Custom Trays • Choose from 16% or 22%

$224.95 $49.95 $259.95

Value Pak Patient Pak Bulk 50 Pak

Pre-filled, Disposable Whitening Trays Once-a-day treatment for up to seven days. Each disposable tray is pre-filled with mint-fla-

Venus White Pro



Venus White Ultra

Kit contains: 7 upper & 7 lower trays.

Tray-Vac Vacuum


• Fast, easy and effective way to isolate the soft tissue for a variety of procedures. The resin material is syringed onto the soft tissue and cured. 4 syringes, 1.3g

MARITIMES: 1-800-565-7789 QUEBEC: 1-877-572-5742

each $28.95

BC: 1-877-946-4607



DiamondBond 001


7th Generation Bonding

• Mimics the properties of natural tooth structure • Delivers superior adhesion • Less Post operative sensitivity 4+1 Net Kit $199.95 $159.96 Conditioner 7cc $44.95 $35.96 Universal Adhesive Base 7cc $89.95 $71.96 Universal Adhesive Catalyst 7cc $89.95 $71.96


7th Generation L/C Self Etch Adhesive bottle 5ml $149.95 50 pk Units $199.95 BUY 3 GET 1 (of same) FREE!


iBond Total Etch

5th generation Light-Cured, Etch & Rinse 2-step (1 bottle) bonding system from Heraeus with an improved formula. iBOND® Total Etch primes, bonds, and desensitizes with only a one layer application. Bottle (4ml) Value Pack (3x4 ml) Single Dose (50 x 0.15 ml) Value Pack (100 x 0.15 ml)

$169.95 $399.95 $214.95 $399.95

iBond® Self Etch Bottle (4ml) Value Pack (3x4 ml) Single Dose (50 x 0.15 ml) Value Pack (100 x 0.15 ml)

$169.95 $399.95 $199.95 $399.95

Gluma Desensitizer

has been on the market for over 10 years and has been used to reduce hypersensitivities in over 45 million restorations worldwide. Bottle (5ml) $149.95 Clinic Pack (3x5ml) $399.95 Single Dose (40x0.075ml) $104.95

BeautiBond The light-curable, self-etching adhesive has a low film thickness of less than 5 microns and is optimal for use with highly esthetic and minimally invasive restorations. It is packaged in 50 unit-doses with 50 fine pink




BUY 2 Kits GET 1 Super-Snap Rain-

bow Technique kit FREE!



Refill cup, midi or IC $89.95 PS Assort. Set $134. Super Buff Combo Set $134.95 BUY 2 OneGloss PS SET GET 1 95


Super-Snap Rainbow Technique Kit PN 0500 $139.95 Refill Pack $45.95 Dura Green Stones HP CA, FG $27.95 Dura White Stones HP, CA, FG Shapes $27.95 Ceramiste Super, greenie or brownie $37.50

Finishing and Polishing Strips Refill Package, 1

reel, 5mm wide x 10m length. Coarse (Blue), Medium (Green), Fine (White), Extra Fine (Orange) and Clear Matrix


3+1 Net


BUY 3 Epitex Strips GET 1 FREE! ONTARIO: 416-665-1042

$49.95 Super Coarse X-Fine & Ultra Fine $56.95 Turbo Cut $65.95

Coarse Fine



Two Striper 5/pk ea. 12+3 Net

*May not be combined with other offers.

Solo Diamonds

• All popular shapes in four diamond grits. 25/box Reg Diamonds $49.50 Spiral Diamonds $89.50 Specialty Diamonds $65.95

BUY 5 packs GET 2 FREE! (5 per pack)

Single Patient diamonds Turbo Cut & Depth Cutter $75.95 X-Fine, Gross Reduction & Super Coarse $52.95 Most other sizes $39.50



$20.95 $184.50

10/pack 100/pack

2+1 Net

$50.63 $35.30 $26.33 $13.97 $123.00


Composite Polishing System 40/pk Refill $19.50

FG 10/pack $31. FG 100/pack $289.95 C&B 5/pk $33.50 Trimming & Finishing 12 Flute 5/pk $40.95 30 Flute 5/pk $69.95 95

$22.95 $94.50

Starter Kit Intro Kit

3+1 Net


$52.95 $42.56

BUY 12 packs GET 3 Packs FREE!*

$40.68 $47.11

BUY any 2 GET 1 (of same) FREE!



The highest level of performance and durability at a reasonable cost. Exclusive, multi-level diamond application assures maximum, uniform crystal coverage for rapid, smooth and comfortable cutting. 5+2 Net ea

$23.96 $217.46 $25.12 $30.71 $52.46


Diamond polishing paste for patient comfort + all-surface esthetics. Intro Kit $69.95 3gm Gel $42.95

BUY any 3 GET 1 (of same) FREE!

MARITIMES: 1-800-565-7789 QUEBEC: 1-877-572-5742

BC: 1-877-946-4607



Level 1

Level 1

Buy any combination of Voco products from Alpha Dental totalling a minimum of $2,500 net of all taxes to qualify for a free gift or gift certificate of equivalent value. Only invoices from October 1st to December 31st, 2010 will be considered and purchases from 1 or more invoices can be combined. Level 1

Level 2

Level 2

32GB 3rd Gen. iPod Touch

Level 3

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Level 3

* TO RECEIVE YOUR FREE GIFTS OR GIFT CERTIFICATES mail your qualifying dealer Invoices to: VOCO America, Inc.; Att: Redemption Center – 555 Pleasantville Road, Suite120NB, Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510 ; Email your requests to: Please allow a minimum of 6 weeks for processing all claims. Free gifts are subject to substitution if an item is no longer available. If selecting a gift certificate, please specify if you would like the gift certificate to be from WalMart, Best Buy or Futureshop. VOCO America/Canada reserves the right to provide a Gift Certificate for the retail value of a selected product in lieu of the item. All invoices must be received by February 28th, 2011 to qualify. Any invoices received after this date will not be considered for redemption.

Level 4

64GB 3rd Gen iPod Touch

Buy $2,500 retail and get a Sony CyberShot DSC-W330 14.1MP Digital Camera, or a

Level 1 Sony 5” Digital eBook Reader (PRS300S) – Silver or a Nintendo Wii Game System Level 2 Buy $3,000 retail and get a Bose SoundDock Series II Digital Music System (Soundock II) or an Apple 32GB 3rd Generation iPod Touch (MC008C/A)

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Level 4 Buy $5,000 retail and get an Apple 16GB iPad or a Panasonic full HD/3D Blu-Ray Player (DMPBDT350)

Futurabond DC 35 Seconds

Bifix SE Self-adhesive resin cement • Ease of use. Gel-phase cleanup, no refrigeration, no hand mixing or trituration required.

3 x 5g Syringe (1784) Refill T(1786) W(1785) WD(1787)

$179. $79.95


Dual Cured Self Etch Bond. Bottle 4ml $179.95 0.1ml SingleDose 50/Pack $114.95 0.1ml SingleDose 200/Pack $399.95

Bifix QM

Dual cured core build-up composite in automix delivery system (T) (U) (WO)


Refill 10gm


ONTARIO: 416-665-1042 1-800-387-3525

Structur 2 SC

$119.95 $48.95

Structur Premium Refills


50/pk $129.95

Grandio Universal light-curing nano-hybrid restorative.

Syringe or caps

Self-curing temporary crown and bridge material in safety cartridges

Refills 8gm Quick Mix Syringe

Profluorid Varnish

5% sodium fluoride varnish with




Grandio flow Syringe or Caps


REBILDA Post Intro Kit 5 Post Refill

MARITIMES: 1-800-565-7789 QUEBEC: 1-877-572-5742

BC: 1-877-946-4607

$299.95 $94.95

CEMENTS & LINERS Paste Paks Capsules Fuji I $209.95 Fuji II 95 Fuji II LC $239.

Fuji Cem Automix $299.



Paste Pak 2/Pk


Fuji Lining LC

Fuji IX GP


Paste Pak ea

Regular Fast & Extra $249.


Fuji Filling LC

Fuji Plus

BUY 3 GET 1 (same size) FREE!


G-Cem Reliably strong, with a


Pink or White


Starter Pak A2


Caps #431050

Temp Advantage

A eugenol free zinc oxide temporary cement, contains fluoride, potassium nitrate and chlorhexidine. 3+1 Net Automix syringe $41.95 $31.46 Bulk Pkg $89.95 $67.47

Glass Ionomer Sealant and Surface Protection Material. 50/pk $187.50

Miracle Mix

For lasting core build-ups, block-outs and repair. 50/pk $279.95 $92.50

Capsule Applier

- BUY any 4 boxes of Caps or Paste Paks GET 1 FREE! OR - BUY any 5 (250) and 1 Capsule Applier GET 1 CM-II

Mixer FREE! (a $ value)

high bond strength to enamel and dentin. Automix $129.95

BUY 2 GET 1 FREE! NEW USER TRIAL OFFER (limit 1) 2+1 Net $86.63 Caps 50/pk $269.95 BUY 1 GET 1 FREE! NEW USER TRIAL OFFER (limit 1) 1+1 Net $134.98 Powder & Liquid 4+1 NET Fuji Plus no etch 431101 $140.95 $112.76 Fuji Ortho LC Intro $145.95 $116.76 Fuji Ortho 1:2 STD PK $324.95 $259.96 Fuji II 1:1 Kit $194.95 $155.96 Fuji II L/C 1:1 Kit $209.95 $167.96 Fuji IX GP 1:1 Kit $172.95 $138.36 Lining Cement 1:1 Kit $169.95 $135.96 BUY any 4 Ionomer Powders or Liquids Refills or 1:1 Pkgs Only GET 1 (of the same) +

1 Tube of MI Paste FREE!

Self Adhesive Resin Cement

• Resin cement containing self-etch primer and self adhesive • MonoCem is dual cure • Unlimited working time Translucent or Bleach White 3.5g Syringe $60.95

BUY 1 Syringe GET 1 One Gloss PS FREE!

DiamondLink II™ Is a dual luting Cement can be used as a flowable Base Cavity Liner. Fast Cure Base Cement Super High Toughness (shock absorbing)

$545.95 $389.95 $72.95 $72.95

Master Kit Refill Kit

Syringe Base 5gr Catalyst 5gr (A2/B1/B3)

DISPOSABLES Gloves X-Small, Small, Small-Medium, Medium, Large, X-Large. 100/box




Vinyl Powder-free $8.95 $8.45 ONTARIO: 416-665-1042



$9. $8. $8. INDULGENCE LP HoneyComb Mint 9982 $10.50 $9.95 $9.50 VIBRANT Powder Free MicroTextured 9822 $11.95 $11.50 $10.95 DISTINCT Powder Free HoneyComb 2922 $11.95 $11.50 $10.95 REFRESH Powder Free HoneyComb Mint 9922 $13.65 $13.00 $12.95 50

Light Weight Nitrile Powder Free $13.95 $13.45 $12.95

Synthetic Powder-free $9.95 $9.45 $8.45


VINTAGE Lightly Powdered Smooth 2882

Latex Powder Free $12.95 $12.45 $11.95

Nitrile Powder Free $14.95 $14.45 $13.95



Nitrile PROTOGE Ultra Stretch PF Blue 9399




ROBUST Powder Free Blue 9389 ROBUST



$13.50 $12.46

$13.50 $12.95

QUEST Powder Free White 9289




Vinyl Lightly Powdered Clear White 3882 $8.50 $7.95 $7.50 Powder Free Clear White 3822 $8.95 $8.50 $7.95

Specialty Fitted Left & Right Powder Free 6992 DIMENSIONS $15.95 $15.50 $14.95

MARITIMES: 1-800-565-7789 QUEBEC: 1-877-572-5742

BC: 1-877-946-4607


ENDO Dia-Pen Cordless Warm Vertical Compaction Device

Dia-Pen’s unparalled performance and superior design translate into reliable and predictable clinical outcomes.

Dia-Gun Cordless Obturation System



• Cordless, ergonomic and light weight design: easy to handle, clean and store • Quick heating tip reaches highest level of temperature within one (1) second to save treatment time • Color-coded pen tips are available in various sizes (#XF, F, FM, M, ML) for easy identification • Three temperature settings: Low, Medium, High(170°C, 200°C, 220°C)


Complete Kit

Root ZX® II Apex Locator As the

- Dia-Pen Handpiece (battery included) & Charger - Accessories: Silicone Cover(2ea), Power Adapter & Cord, Pen Tips #F (included Endo stops,1ea), #FM (included Endo stops,1ea)

• Made of superior silver alloy to reduce breakage • Fast and continuous flow of filling tightly seals the canal • Variable temperature settings ensure precise control of obturation flow • Ergonomically designed 360o swivel needle offers improved access and great manoeuvrability


Complete Kit

Contains: Hand-piece and Charger. Accessories include: 2 Safety Caps, Plunger, 4 Plunger O-Rings, Power Adapter & Cord, 23G - 4 Disposable Gun Tips, Multipurpose wrench, Scrubbing Brush, Battery, and Gutta Percha Obturators (100 pcs).

BUY 1 Dia-Pen GET 1 extra pack of pen tips FREE!

BUY 1 Dia-Gun GET 1 extra bottle of GP Obturators FREE!

world’s best selling apex locator, Root ZX II has set the industry standard for accuracy and patient safety. Invented in 1992, it was the first unit with the ability to work in wet canals - measurement is not affected by the presence or absence of blood, other discharges, or electrolytes. Root ZX II features patented technology which offers an accuracy rate of 9



$1,395.95 $2,250.00


Buy 1 Root ZX II or the Low Speed Handpiece Module GET a $50 (USD) rebate. Buy both, GET a $100 (USD) rebate.

K-Files, Hedstroms & Reamers 21mm , 25mm, 31mm. Size #08-100 $10.50

Endo-Clear EDTA root canal cleaner that is clear and colorless. It effectively

cleans the canal and removes smear layer. Chelating effet of Endo-Clear softens root canal wall, dissolves and removes calcium. Endo-Clear Set (#2002-5001) Contains: 100 ml Endo-Clear Solution, 1 syringe of Diaflex and 3 disposable tips in blister package. Set. $17.95

- BUY any 25 packs of K-Files, Reamers or Hedstroms, GET 2 packs FREE!

100ml Refill $13.50

- BUY any 50 packs of K-Files, Reamers or Hedstroms, GET 6 packs FREE!

BUY 1 Set GET 7 more disposable tips in blister pack FREE! (free item included in the box)

IMAGING BUY 18 or more Take an Additional 5%

M2 Comfort Intraoral E/F

M2-D1 #2 $49.95 $44.95 M2-D2 #2 2/pk $70.95 $44.95 M2-D01 #0 $46.95 $44.95 95 M2-D02 #0 2/pk $58. $44.95 BUY 9 GET 1 (of the same) FREE!

Kodak continues to set the standard for traditional dental film.

Ultra-Speed Film $49.95 $56.95

DF-42 DF-57

$124.95 $74.95

Insight E/F Speed


RP6 5 x 12 (100) $182.


Blue sensitive


$199.95 $134.96

Ortho 5 x 12 (100)

$169.95 $127.46

Ortho 6 x 12 (100) Green sensitive

$199.95 $134.96

BUY 3 GET 1 (of the same) FREE!

Kodak Chemistry

Helps you get the best results from your dental x-ray films.

Rapid Access: $15.95

$56.75 IP-02 $84.50 Ready Pro $49.95 95 00 $69. IP-22 $87. ONTARIO: 416-665-1042 1-800-387-3525 MARITIMES: 1-800-565-7789 QUEBEC: 1-877-572-5742

IP-01 IP-21

3+1 Net

RP6 6 x 12 (100)

9+1 Net

Kodak Film

DF-54 DF-58

AGFA® Extraoral Film

AGFA Dentus® M2 Comfort D Speed Film

AGFA Dentus® 9+1 Net Speed Film 95 M2-58 $49. $44.95 M2-57 $70.95 $63.85 M2-54 $46.95 $42.25 M2-53 $58.95 $53.05 BUY 9 GET 1 (of the same) FREE!


Readymatic: Chem Pack Developer Fixer

$69.95 $23.50 $23.50

GBX Chemicals: Twin Pack GBX Developer Fixer

$23.50 $16.95 $12.95

BC: 1-877-946-4607

The Best Restorative on the market Now available in Canada! DRM’s Products combine microcrystalline PEX resin matrix and high purity organically bridged glassceramic nanofillers to provide a superior level of shock absorption, wear resistance, fracture toughness and diametral tensile strength. There is no Better Composite Materials Available.



Chairside For Unrivaled Strength and Cosmetic Result this unique Polycrystaline NanoCeram dental restorative and Prosthodontic material.

DiamondCrown Syringe Refills are available in: Opaque Dentin, Dentin, Enamel, Super White & Incisal 5gr Syringe Refill $86.50 NET Price $43.25

.DiamondFlow™ Class V restorations/ cervical erosion repairs/ liner/base/ tunnel preps/blockout material • highly reinforced yet extremely flowable with shape memory for anti-slumping (A1/A2/A3/A3.5& Universal) Master Kit $545.95 Refill kit $389.95 Refill Syringe 5gr. $72.95

DiamondLink™ II

Strong - Exceptional Fracture Resistance Tough - Shock Absorbing Ultimate Longevity - Cyclic Fatigue Resistant Wear Resistant - Similar to Natural Dentition Excellent Marginal Integrity Refractive Index - Chameleon-Like Effect Superb Color Stability & Accurate Shade Match Specular Reflectance - High Gloss & Luster

Is a dual luting Cement can be used as a flowable Base Cavity Liner. Fast Cure Base Cement Super High Toughness (shock absorbing) Master Kit $545.95 Refill Kit $389.95 Syringe Base 5gr $72.95 Catalyst 5gr (A2/B1/B3) $72.95

DiamondBond 001 7th Generation Bonding

• Mimics the properties of natural tooth structure • Delivers superior adhesion • Less Post operative sensitivity Kit $199.95 Conditioner 7cc $44.95 Universal Adhesive Base 7cc $89.95 Universal Adhesive Catalyst 7cc $89.95 BOND STRENGTH (MPa m.1/2) - Composite Diamond Bond 001 (DRM) Single Bond (3M) Prime & Bond (Dentsply) Syntac (Ivoclar) Tenure Quick (Denmat) One Step (Bisco) Optibond Solo (kerr)

34 10 14 10 20 22 18 0






Value Easy to Shape, Carve & Anatomically Contour Easy to Augment & Repair Intraorally, Ideal for TMJ Cases Excellent Tissue Biocompatibility

“ Twice as Good for Half the Price - Buy One Get ONE FREE. “ (for a limited introductory offer)

ONTARIO: 416-665-1042 1-800-387-3525



Recommended for: Class I/II/III/IV/V Restorations & Aesthetic direct laminate veneers Master Kit Syringe $545.95 Master Kit Indi-Dose $545.95* *BUY

$69.95 $75.95*

Refill 5gr. Syringe Refill 20 x .25gr. Indi-Dose.

Biaxial Flexural Strength (MPa) Tooth DiamondLite Charisma Z250 Esthet-X Dispersalloy Point 4 Herculite XRV

145 160 110 147 150 34 114 107 0




200 250

6 Indi-Dose Refills or 1 Indi-Dose Master Kit GET a Diamond Indi-Dose Dispenser FREE!

MARITIMES: 1-800-565-7789 QUEBEC: 1-877-572-5742

BC: 1-877-946-4607

In terms of Strength, Flexability, Shrinkage, Wear & Biocompatibility there is NO BETTER COMPOSITE MATERIALS AVAILABLE! DiamondCrown™ - direct/indirect restorations For unrivalled cosmetic results this unique Microcrystalline Microhybrid Indicated for direct restorations and indirect prosthodontic applications such as crown, bridge, inlays, onlays and veneers as well as implant suprastructure. The light cured nature of the entire range means that adding to material chairside is simple and set up costs to laboratories are minimal. Patented liquid crystal technology and a PEX resin based matrix properties are microcrystalline making DiamondCrownTM both macrorigid and microelastic. This eliminates the problems inherent with Bis-GMA or UDMA amorphous and brittle resins. With the same wear rate and hardness as human enamel, low water sorption and shrinkage rates, and enhanced diametral tensile strength DiamondCrownTM is the closest thing to tooth available to date. A highly biocompatible nonmetallic dental restorative material and an advanced bonding system that actually makes a biochemical link with the proteinaceous form of dentin. The DiamondCrownTM MasterKit incorporates DiamondBond 001 to ensure premium results every time.

ChairSide Master Kit

ONLY $654.95 Refill 5gr. Syringe $86.50

PROPERTY Diametral Tensile Strength (MPa)

PolyCeramic dental restorative material is available in 16 Vita shades plus various incisal effects and characterization stains. There are also 9 opacities ranging from ‘metal opaques’ (opacity units = 100) through to ‘Incisal transparent’ (opacity units = 5). Strong and Tough Shock Absorbing Wear Resistant Kind to Natural Tooth

The tooth pictured above was made entirely from the revolutionary liquid crystal based DiamondCrownTM Polyceramic material

High Lustre/Gloss Value Superior Aesthetics Superhydrophobic (Colour Stable) Excellent Biocompatibility


ADA/ISO Criteria

Erroded/aged, Class II silver amalgam

Tooth Enamel/Dentin


Porcelain 35





Biaxial Flexural Strength (MPa)






Compressive Strength (MPa)






Fracture Toughness (Kicsr) (MPa m-1/2)











> 4,000


200/800, < 1,500

< 2,000

< 1,000

> 500 35


9 /31-41 A/P <145 -------

< 200 -------

< 70 12-17 PFM

CyclicFatigueResistance:5Hz,5,000,000 cycles,800 N Catastrophic Strength OCA - Occlusal Contact Area (N-Newtons) (MPa) Bond Strength (MPa) / (Alloy-substrate) Wear Resistance (µm/year)





“ wears tooth ”

Water Sorption (%wt.) (µg/cm3)






Polymerization Shrinkage (% linear)
















Linear Coefficient Thermal Expansion LCTE - (ppm) (mm/mm/0C x 10-6) Ra – Profilometry: Average Surface Roughness (nm) VHN Surface Hardness @ 3mm






Depth of Cure (mm)












Cytotoxicity (%)






Very Good


Very Good

Very Good

“ N/A-Glazed “

92 Vita





0.25-0.60 ìm





Polishability Shades (Vita) Particle Size Microns (ìm), Nano (nm)

(+) 7 nm

Filler Weight (%), Fw






Filler Volume (%), Vf






Crystalline - PEX


Crystalline - HA



Resin / Matrix

DiamondLite™ - direct restorations For the clinician looking for a cost effective, simple to use, alternative without sacrificing the exceptional strength and resilience of PEX based Diamond products. Light-cured and available in six optimized Vita shades (one opacity). A2, A3.5, B1, B3, C1, C3

Master Kit Syringe ONLY

Refill 5gr. Syringe ONTARIO: 416-665-1042 1-800-387-3525

$545.95 $69.95

High Strength Low Shrinkage Low Water Sorption Low Cost

$545.95 Refill 20 x .25gr. Indi-Dose. $75.95

Master Kit Indi-Dose

MARITIMES: 1-800-565-7789 QUEBEC: 1-877-572-5742

BC: 1-877-946-4607

DiamondLink™ 2 Fast Cure - flowable Polyceram and Luting cement Master Kit ONLY Refill Kit Frac. Toughness 1.6

dissipating interface

High Marginal Integrity


Injectible luer-lock dispensing


Trans. B1, Natural A2, Yellow B3 (tooth-like refractive index)

Biocompatible and non cytotoxic

Index Reactivity 0




Light, Auto, or Dual-cure

High-Fracture Resistance: Diametral Tensile/Flex. Strength psi (MPa)

LCTE-25 ppm

• Pit/Fissure Sealant

Light, Auto, or Dual-cure

• Class V Cervical Erosion site restorative


Optimum Reinforcement

74% wt. (64% vol.)

Colour Stable

• Luting Cement: C/B, I/O, L, pins, posts, brackets, splits, implant suprastructure


Ideal Film thickness

8,555/21,025 (59/145)

Thermo-dimensionally Stable

.065% Linear Shrinkage Available in Vita. Equivalent shades:


delivery system

Post-Op.: 3 Unit DiamondCrown Posterior Bridge, Alloyless-Fiberless-Flawless Biomechanics. A Balance of Microelasticity and Macrogigidity. DiamondBond-Link Adhesive Interfaced

$389.95 Syringe Base 5gr $72.95 Catalyst 5gr (A2/B1/B3) $72.95

PROPERTIES Macrorigid/Microelastic; stress-


Occlusal Surface Intrinsic-Stain characterized. Simulated Developmental Anatomy. Enamel-Like Wear Resistance

• Universal-Link; Composite, Acrylic,


Metal, Enamel, Dentin

DiamondBond™ 001 - 7 Generation bonding system th

DiamondBond 001 creates durable adhesion with enamel, dentin, porcelain and metals. Can be used with direct fillings of C&B applications and will bond with dry or moist dentin in an equally effective manner. Ultra-fine film thickness allows maximum bond strength with high resistance to fracture. Triple Action Bonding

Shock Absorbing

Proven Longevity


Ideal with DiamondCrown, DiamondLite, and DiamondLink

This highly biocompatible 7th generation universal bonding system consists of: A. DiamondBond Conditioner 7cc, DiamondBond 001 Light Cure Adhesive 7cc and for optional use a Dual Cure Activator 7cc. DiamondBond forms a biochemical as well as physical bond with dentin. B. DiamondBond 001 also contains HEMA – a hydrophyllic monomer which allows proper wettability and penetration of dentin tubules to assure bonding in a moist environment. C. The crystalline structure of the DiamondBond 001’s PEX adhesive resin, gives a high fracture toughness (shock absorbing character) to the bonding layer that virtually eliminates microcrazing and delamination resultant from cyclic masticatory fatigue. This unique chemistry helps form a permanent seal that reduces post-op. sensitivity. Hybridized interface, a barrier to microgap formation and microbial invasion.

DiamondBond 001 Kit ONLY $199.95 Conditioner 7cc $44.95 Universal One Step Adhesive Base 7cc $89.95 Universal Dual Cure Adhesive Catalyst 7cc $89.95

DiamondCrown - 3 single Unit Anterior Crowns or Model

Intra-Oral Post-Op. - Superb Aesthetic Vitality and Tissue Compatibility. Note: Lack of Plaque Adhesion and Excellent Gigival Tissue Response

Comparative Analysis-Dental Bonding Systems Brand Name

Diamond Bond 001 (7th Generation)

Single Bond

Prime & Bond


Tenure Quick

One Step

Optibond Solo



Dentsply Caulk





























Precious Alloys


























Shrinkage (Linear %)








Fracture Toughness






















COMPONENTS Resin Type A = Amorphous C=Crystalline Synthetic Collagen

ONTARIO: 416-665-1042


MARITIMES: 1-800-565-7789 QUEBEC: 1-877-572-5742

BC: 1-877-946-4607

DiamondLite™ FotoKur F/X™ Cure Booth DiamondCrownThermoKur™ F/X™ Recommended for DiamondCrown™ Laboratory Systems. Digital readout display (seconds, minutes). Cycle / Phase select indicator, semi-automated microprocessor programmable, adjustable time / temperature settings.

Recommended for DiamondCrown™ Chairside and DiamondCrown™ Laboratory Systems. Digital Readout Display (seconds/minutes) Cycle indicator, Automated turntable, reflector / vented chamber, air cooled 300 mW Power, 500 mW/cm2, 400-550 nm, < 60 C / 140 F degrees internal chamber temperature throughout cure cycle.

Phase I – Metal$2,295. Coupler; 5 min.,00120ºC dry heat. ONLY


ONLY digital $1,395. Programmable microprocessor display includes four (4) cure cycles; Phase I: 1-4 min. exposure for Opaque Dentin,Dentin Intensifiers, and Dentin Chroma Modifiers,0.25-1.5mm Layer. TM0.5-3mm layer, Phase II: 2 min. exposure for Dentin, Phase III: 1 min. exposure for Enamel, 0.25-3 mm layer, Phase IV: 1 min. exposure for Incisal, 0.25-3mm layer. Crown & Bridge, Inlay / Onlay, LamiPhase V: 1 min. exposure for Modeling Liquid. nate-Veneers & Implant SuperPhase VI: 3 min. exposure for Glaze or structure Dental. RestorativeSuperClear CoatStart / Stop cycle; audible beep, light protective viewingPolyCrystalline port / window. Reconstructive Multiple Voltage Unit –100-250V 00


Lab Grand Master Kit

NanoCeram Prosthodontic System Visible Light Cure. Clinical Indication: The advantage ofProsthetic using DiamondCrown Photopolymerization of PolyGlass / PolyCeram for indirect applications is multifold. Materials, Indirect Prosthetic System Halogen Cure Booth; They include: Dental Clinic Direct / Indirect technique and Laboratory Technologist - High fracture toughness, Ultimate wear resistance with unparalleled shock absorption. - Breakthrough metal coupling the produces a stable bond to Nickel Chrome - Gold - Zirconium - Titanium & non precious alloys. - Easy intra oral augmentation with a high bond strength of 27MPa. - Immediate loading of implant crowns, it’s shape memory and anti-slumping properties make DiamondCrown easy to model, carve, shape and contour. It’s high purity catalysis makes DiamondCrown shades highly accurate with superb colour stability.


DiamondLite™ VLC/IR DigitalRadiometer

67 - 5.0 grams ea. Syringe, total of 335.0 grams paste. Vita Equivalent Colors / Shades; 15 DiamondLite™ - Core Opaque A1,A2,A3,A3.5,A4,B1,B2,B3,B4,C1,C2,C3,C4,D2, D3. VLC /Dentins: IR (dual-range digital Radiometer 16 (mW/cm - Dentins: 2) forA1,A2,A3,A3.5,A4,B1,B2,B3,B4,C1,C2,C3,C4,D2,D3,D4 verification of VLC (visible) irradiance 16 intensity - Enamels: A1,A2,A3,A3.5,A4,B1,B2,B3,B4,C1,C2,C3,C4,D2,D3,D4 & IR (infrared/heat) emitting component with any VLC photopolymerization unit;L.Halogen, 6 associated - Incisals: Clear, Transparent, L. Grey, Violet, L. Pink, White. Xenon Plasma Arc Modifiers: A, B, C, D. 4 LED, - Dentin Chroma 8mm (I.D.) photosensitive ports:Red, VLC and IR - digital 10 2- -Dentin Intensifi ers: Ruby Ultramarine-Blue, Canary-Yellow, display (mW/cm 2) Clay-Brown, Orange, Rust, Violet -Grey, Peach, Mustard, White. 17 - 7.5 g. ea. Metal Opaque Powders; OA1,OA2,OA3,OA3.5,OA4,OB1,OB2,OB3,OB4, Clinical Indication: ED803 OC1,OC2,OC3,OC4,OD2,OD3,OD4, Verification of Irradiance intensity O Neutral.

Phase II – Metal Opaque layer or Glaze Resin Coat; 5-10 min, 120ºC heat and pressure. EL840V12 Phase II requires a minimum 85psi / 550KPa / 5.5 Bar, air pressure mediated by an oil filter, dehumidifier, 5μm (micron) particulate filter situated in a polycarbonate pressure regulator bowl. The pressure is routed in 6.4mm O.D. flexible, snap-fit, Teflon tubing (175 psi rating, pressure resistant). Allows Optimum Aesthetic Possibilities! Automated phase controls; start / stop, menu, enter, toggle / scroll, audible beep / alarms. 2 - 7 cc. Metal Multiple voltage unit;Opaque 100–250Liquid V.

2 - 3 cc. Metal Coupler 1Clinical - 7 cc. Ceramo-Coupler Indication: 1Optimal - 7.5 cc.DiamondCrown Die Separator Release (Jar)/ Metal Opaque /Glaze MetalAgent Coupler 1Resin - 7.5 application. cc. Rubber Separator (Jar) Heat / Pressure Laboratory Cure Chamber 2 - 3 cc Modeling Liquid 2 - 3 cc Stain Characterizing Agents; (1) Yellow, (1) Brown. 1 - Glaze Dual Cure (Liquid-7cc. / Resin-3cc.) 8 - Brush Holders 2 - Disposable Brush Tips (50/pk.) 4 - Disposable Wells (12 Cavities ea.) EL840IK 21 -- Pressure Disposable Luer Lock Needles (10/pk.) Regulator / Filter 21 -- Pressure 3cc. Conditioning / Compound Gel Gauge 22 -- Brass DiamondLite Polishing NPT Fittings (snap fit) Discs-Violet Felt -10/pk. 21 -- Mounting DiamondCrown Burnishing Discs-Grey Paper-(10/pk.) Bracket (8 ft.) Length Teflon Tubing/6.4 O.D. flexible, snap-fit, (175 psi rating, 11 --240cm 7.5 cc. DiamondLite Polishingmm Paste heat resistant). 2pressure/ - Stainless Steel Polishing Disc Mandrel 1 - DRM Stainless Placement Instrument - DC1; Carver / Packer Clinical Indication: (Sterilizable /Facilitates Autoclavable). installation of DiamondCrown 1 - DRM Stainless Steel Spatula - CS/ #Pressure 324 ThermoKur F/X Heat 1 - DiamondCrown Fine Cut Carbide Laboratory Cure Chamber 1 - DiamondCrown Ti-Nitrite Coated Carbide 2 - Soft White Silicone knife - edge wheel 1 - Mandrel, 34 mm - SHP. 1 - Soft Pink Silicone - mounted polishing wheel. EL850P4 DiamondPlasma™ Replacement Fiber Optic Light Guide 1 - Nylon Bristle brush EL850P2 DiamondPlasma™ Magnetic Right-angle light probe tip 2 - Soft White Bristle brush (360 revolution) 7.8mm#(I.11. D.) 1 Cotton Buff 22 mm mandrel mounted. EL850P3 DiamondPlasma™ Magnetic Right-angle light probe tip revolution) 10.8mm (I. D.)compound. 1 - 3.0 g. (360 DiamondFine polishing

DiamondCrown™ThermoKurF/X Installation Kit

Auxiliary Components


DiamondPlasma™ Xenon Plasma Arc Curing System Replacement Kit ONLY $5,695.00 Conical Tips (20/box) Achieve Final Results Closer to Natural Tooth DiamondPlasma™ Handpiece Magnetic Trigger ED800P2 DiamondLite™ Turbo-Halogen than Anything else.... Right-angle Turbo light probe tip (360 revolution) 7.8mm (I. D.) (mW/cm2) dual-range VLC ED800P1 DiamondLite™ Turbo-Halogen Right-angle Reg. light probe tip (visible light cure) & IR (Infrared) of Important in assessing Porcelain(360 revolution) 10.8mm (I. D.) Porcelain Photopolymerization Chairside units fracture resistance, 3Reinforced CeramicsDiamondLite™ Turbo-Halogen Replacement Bulb 120V/75 Reinforced Ceramics point bend/transverse WEL830P1 SinfonyDiamondLite FotoKur™ F/X Replacement - 120 V / 150 W Bulb Sinfony strength EL830P3GradiaDiamondLite VL Halogen Lab Cure Booth Turntable Gradia ED800P3 ArtglassDiamondPlasma™, DiamondLite™ Turbo-Halogen, Artglass BelleglassDiamondLed™ Universal Protective Shield - Amber Belleglass Targis Targis For More information call DRM RESEARCH LABORATORIES, INC., Diamond Crown Diamond Crown Tooth Tooth TEL: (203)488-5555, TOLL FREE: (888)DRM-BOND [376-2663], FAX: (203)488-2821 Gold Gold E-mail or visit our website

P.O. Box 408, Branford, Connecticut 06405 USA ONTARIO: 416-665-1042 1-800-387-3525

MARITIMES: 1-800-565-7789 QUEBEC: 1-877-572-5742

BC: 1-877-946-4607

IMPRESSION Flexitime Dynamix Trial Kit Heavy $184.95 Trial Kit Monophase $146.95 2pk Refill $324.95 6pk Refill $924.95 Mixing Tips 50pk $54.95 Ea.

3+1 Net $89.21 $33.71 $33.71 $33.71 $33.71 $33.71

Putty 600 ml $118. Heavy 2x50 ml $44.95 Monophase 2x50 ml $44.95 NEW Medium Flow $44.95 Correct flow 2x50 ml $44.95 NEW Light Flow $44.95 BUY 3 Refills or 3 Bulks GET 1 (of the 95




System 360

Heavy Body or MonoBody Starter Kit $174.95 Heavy Body C6487, Monobody C6482 Refill Packs $289.95 2+1 $193.30

BUY 2 refills GET 1 (of the same) FREE!

4+1 Net Putty Soft, Super Soft or Soft Fast $98


Wash 50 ml or Microsystem


Heavy or Correct Flow $132.95 $259.95

6pk 12pk Flexitime Bite

Refill 2x50ml $44.95 Bulk Pack 6x50ml $124.95

Modern Materials.

Setting the standard of excellence for half a century. Consistency in the final product begins with the finest raw materials available.

4+1 Net Gypsum 95 25 lb. $31. $25.56 50 lb. $52.95 $42.36 BUY 4 GET 1 (of the same) FREE! 5+1 Net Die-Keen 95 25 lb. $59. $42.82 95 50 lb. $78. $56.39 BUY 5 GET 2 (of the same) FREE!

Triple Trays Available in:

Anterior / Posterior / Quadrant / Extended Quadrant / Sideless / 3/4 Arch & Wide Posterior $59.95

BUY any 2 boxes (mix & match) GET an assorted pack (25) of T-Loc Triple Trays


ONTARIO: 416-665-1042

Reg or fast set Light or Regular Body $44.95 System 75 Hvy. or Mono $62.50

Precious Wash

Vinyl PolyEther Silicone (VPESTM) Impression Material EXA’lence combines the best features of both VPS and PolyEther, bringing high tear strength, high hydrophilicity and excellent flow. 2+1 Net Monophase / Heavy / Regular or Fast Set 370 ml Clinic Pak $999.95 $666.63 370 ml Standard Set $189.95 370 ml Refill $365.95

BUY 2 370ml clinic pak, standard set or refill GET 1 (same type) FREE! Extra Light / HB or Light HB Intro Kit $78.95 1+1 Net $39.48 BUY 1 Intro Kit GET 1 (same type) FREE!

Monophase / Light / Extra Light / Heavy / Heavy 4+1Rigid. Net

$35.91 $50.00

Regular, Light Body, MicroSystem or STD $44.95 $35.91

Regular or Fast Set

Refill Pack 48 ml x 4 $109.95 75 ml Refill x 2 $81.95

BUY $1,800 Retail of EXA’lence 370ml Standard Set, Clinic Pack or Refill - GET 1 Renfert Sympress Mixing Machine FREE!

BUY 4 GET 1 (of the same) FREE! NEW

President Tray AC

Autoclavable Impression Trays Size: •1 Upper Arch large •2 Lower Arch large •3 Upper Arch Medium •4 Lower Arch Medium •5 Upper Arch Small 12 pcs/bag $14.95 Assortment Pack 9 pcs/bag $12.95

T-Loc Triple Trays

Anterior or Posterior Trays $38.95

$87.96 $65.56

BUY 4 GET 1 (same type) FREE!

Spacer trays Uppers: •Small #7D •Medium #4D •Large #1D Lowers: Small #22D •Medium #21D •Large #20D. Green 12 per box $12.95 3+1 $9.71 BUY 3 boxes of Spacer Trays (same size) GET 1 (same size) FREE!

Supergel Fresh

Is a premium dustless blended alginate material that mixes readily to a smooth, creamy consistency. 1LB. / can $14.95

BUY any 3 boxes (mix & match) GET 1 box of Posterior Triple Trays


Cherry, Mint, Bubble Gum. Regular or Fast Set.


10 lb. /Case 1-800-387-3525

$126.63 $243.97

MARITIMES: 1-800-565-7789 QUEBEC: 1-877-572-5742

BC: 1-877-946-4607

$109.95 11

HANDPIECES & INSTRUMENTS - BUY any 6 Premier hand instruments GET 1 FREE!* - BUY any 12 Premier hand instruments GET 4 FREE!* *(of equal or lesser value) *(excludes PerioWise probes, Implant Scalers & Cavity Finder 12 pack)


TwinPower turbine High speed handpiece. Combining state-of-art engineering with

Vantage Forceps Each $46.95 Serrated $56.95 Ceramic Grip $82.95

highly practical and user-friendly handling features such as the compatible coupling system, the TwinPower turbines are 95 well-equipped to provide you first-rate support in performing your clinical procedures. Ea. $

NET Price $821.96


Buy 3 GET 1 or GET 3 Couplers, or GETan Air Torx

Air Torx Low Speed Air Motor


Air Torx offers efficient, powerful, and constant torque with operational speeds up to 20,000 rpm. Its innovative fluid dynamics generate about twice as much torque compared to a conventional low speed motor in the 5,000–10,000 rpm range. Air Torx is comfortable to operate - it is lightweight, perfectly ONLY


Available Shapes: 1, 10S, 16, 17, 23, 53L, 53R, 62, 65, 69, 88L, 88R, 150, 150S, 151, 151S


Available Shapes: 1L, 1R, 4L, 4R, 34S, 44, 45, 46, 81, 301, 302, 302HF, 303, 303HF, (Heid Brink 1, 2, 2-3, 4 or 5), Potts 6x or 7x. Each $61.95

Lubrina is a real time- and cost-saver, for any dental practice, servicing up to four handpieces in as little as 100 seconds. Purging and lubricating all types of handpieces, Lubrina is also extremely economical in spray deployment.

Buy 1 GET 1 TwinPower Handpiece, or GET an Air Torx, or GET 4 Maintenance Couplers FREE!

Ea. $2,350.95

INFECTION CONTROL OPTIM A powerful one-step cleaner

BioSonic Solution UC32 Used for contaminants like protein

Sterilization Monitoring With government regulations requiring you to implement a standardized testing protocol for all autoclaves and CDC guidelines requiring verification using biological indicators for each sterilizer at least weekly. Fast and accurate Biological spore testing is the definitive method of determining the efficacy of your sterilizer, you simply include the test in your daily or weekly routine and mail the sample to us, where we perform all tests. HIV Diagnostic has never been more important. Please Note: Every load containing implantable devices should be monitored with such indicators, and the items quarantined until Biological Indicator results are known. 12 Test / Kit $159.95 24 test / Kit $309.95 50 Test / Kit $599.95


and disinfector.

soils (dried blood, tissue, saliva) and general cleaning. 236 ml $42.95

• Superior cleaning performance • Economical • Broad spectrum sanitizing • Available in liquid or wipes format

UC30 Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution used

for contaminants like blood, debris, saliva and general cleaning. 473 ml $42.95

$35.95 $16.50

33 TB 4L 33 TB Wipes

Nice Pak Sani-Cloth

BUY 6 Bottles of BioSonic Solution GET 2 FREE!

Germicidal Disposable Cloth contains 14.85% alcohol. Cleans, disinfects and deodorizes hard, non-porous surfaces. Large $12.95 X-Large $14.95

BioSonic Ultrasonic Cleaners UC125 The BioSonic Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit 125 delivers a variety of customized options for the dental practice. The time of the cleaning cycle can be selected individually. Additionally, a countdown timer is available to inform the user of the amount of cleaning time remaining, and indicate exactly when the instruments will be ready for sterilization.

ONTARIO: 416-665-1042 1-800-387-3525

Includes FREE Basket


DÜRR Dental ID220 $84.95 Orotol Plus $149.95 Handpiece FD320 (Exp 1/2011) Surface - FD322

MARITIMES: 1-800-565-7789 QUEBEC: 1-877-572-5742

$39.95 $89.95

BC: 1-877-946-4607

PINS & POST PARA-POST KITS XT Kit P-680T $429.95 XH Kit P-880 $396.95 XP Kit P-780 or P780T $349.95 Intro kit P-160 $219.95 Fiber Lux Kit P-170 $239.95 Taper Lux Kit P-180 $239.95

Cure-Thru IntegraPost Intro Kit $239.95 10/pk Refills $109.95


Translucent Fiber Resin Material improves esthetics for anterior teeth, minimizes shadowing.


3+1 Net Refills Fiber Lux Refills $56.95 $42.71 Taper Lux Refills $56.95 $42.71 BUY 3 Refills GET 1 (of the same) FREE!

Flexi-Post Intro Kit Assorted. 0,1,2 or 1,2,3 $279.95

$174.95 $452.95

Flexi-Post Refill 10/pk Flexi-Post Refill 30/pk

MATRIX, CORE MATERIAL & RUBBER DAM CompCore AF Advanced Formula Com-

Non Latex Flexi Dam 6” x 6” 30/box $39.95


BUY 3 boxes GET 1 FREE! Latex Dams 6” or 5” Thin: Dark / Green / Light Medium: Dark / Green / Light / Blue Heavy: Dark / Green / Light / Blue

$17.95 $19.50 $21.95

Ivory Rubber Dam Clamps

posite Dual Cure Core Build-Up Material. Featuring Hyperbranche Technology. A3, White or Blue SyringeMix Staack 9gm AutoMix 2+1 Net

Stainless Steel (Winged & Wingless) Clamps $11.95


Anterior Clamps

BUY 2 SyringeMix Stack (mix/match) GET 1 Syringe Stack A3 FREE! Cure-Thru Cervical Matrices All Sizes $99.95 Intro Kit $149.95


(#6 - 212sa)

Specialty Clamps (Winged & Wingless) Tiger Clamps (#1T - 56T) Light Weight Clamp Forceps 8 Unit Clamp Kit

BUY any 2 GET a Cure-Thru Cervical Matrices positioning instrument FREE!

$14.95 $19.25 $68.95 $72.95

PRACTICE MANAGEMENT & MARKETING We support dentists, orthodontics, hygienists and other dental professionals by providing personalized communication tools. Find recall postcards, appointment cards, business cards and more!


Business Cards • Free Professional Graphic Design. • Fully Customized & Personalized Fronts and Backs • Super High Gloss UV Coating on Card Front Practice Management

4X6 Appointment cards

1,000 Appointment Cards 2,500 Appointment Cards 5,000 Appointment Cards 7,500 Appointment Cards 10,000 Appointment Cards

$100. $135.00 $245.00 $350.00 $460.00 00

$245.50 $275.50 $525.50 $740.50 $940.50

1,000 Appointment Cards 2,500 Appointment Cards 5,000 Appointment Cards 7,500 Appointment Cards 10,000 Appointment Cards

Appointment Reminder Mailing Service: We design, print, inventory, address and mail your reminder cards with first class postage. Moving Notice and Mailing Service: Personalized moving notice, design, printed, addressed and mailed.

83¢ each*

70¢ each**

Practice Building Service

83¢ each*

Market to your patients with a customized card, designed, printed and mailed. Attract new patients: We will design and print your 4x6 introduction card and mail it to homes in your area. * Based on 2,500 cards and under 1000 cards per mailing

ONTARIO: 416-665-1042


30¢ each


** Based on over 1,000 cards per mailing

MARITIMES: 1-800-565-7789 QUEBEC: 1-877-572-5742

BC: 1-877-946-4607


PREVENTIVE Easy Scaler • Esthetic design; small footprint; minimal space requirement • 4-way electronic key pad for on-off foot switch power-setting • Can be operated for longer periods without the foot pedal • Red LED to indicate any problems • Quick connect couplings provided for ease of installation Price: $995.95

BUY 1 Easy Scaler GET any 2 Tips


ENAMEL PRO™ (Amorphous Calcium Phosphate)

With Fluoride: Cinnamon, Grape, Strawberry & Mint available in fine, medium, coarse. Only Mint available in x-coarse Without Fluoride: Mint Coarse


box of 200


BUY 1 Handpiece and 5 Tips GET $100 OFF on the Handpiece.

BUY any 2 inserts GET 1 (of equal or lesser value) FREE!


The ONLY varnish formulated to deliver ACP. Strawberries ‘n Cream & Bubblegum 0.40ml

US100R BioSonic magnetostrictive Ultrasonic Scaler System automatically adjusts to work with any manufacturer’s 25 kHz or 30 kHz inserts. Price. $949.95

35/bx $76.95 200/bx $394.95 BUY 1 (200 count) box GET 1 Enamel Pro Varnish Clear (35 Count) FREE! (Strawberries ‘N Cream supplied, unless indicated.)

Comfortview Retractors Retracts lips and cheeks for optimal buccal and gingival access, maximum visibility and patient comfort. Suitable for use in diagnostic, preventative and therapeutic dental applications.

$53.95 Comfort view Cushion Refill $14.95

Scaler Inserts Standard or Standard Supersoft Optimist Universal or Slim

BUY 2 packages GET a SmartSharp Big Easy Ultralite H6/H7 FREE!

$119.95 $139.95

YOUNG DENTAL Trace Solution is a dramatically red disclosing

Autoclavable. Pack

Handpiece The fully autoclavable removable handpiece is made from Titanium alloy to ensure sound mechanical function and durability. Assembled with excellent Piezo-ceramics, the handpiece has high and long lasting power and generates no heat. The nipple can be cleaned. Price: $495.00

and extended wear • Compatible with all magnetostrictive handpieces $124.95 2+1 $83.30

BUY any 3 boxes GET a Lip Swirlz lip gloss (Set of 5 flavors) FREE!

BUY 5 Scaler Tips GET 1 Tip (of equal or lesser value) FREE!

Cushion Grip for improved Ergonomics and Comfort • Precision engineered for optimal performance

The ONLY prophy paste formulated to deliver ACP

Scaler Tips 5+1 NET A Tip To remove all supragingival calculus in all quadrants. $69.95 $58.33 P Tip To remove supragingival and subgingival calculus in all quadrants. $79.95 $66.67 PS Tip For deep perio fine scaling and root debridement. $89.95 $75.00 B Tip To remove the heaviest of supragingival calculus on the lingual. $59.95 $50.00 P3D Diamond Tip Diamond tipped for in depth root debridement and the leveling off of endo surfaces during flap surgery. $109.95 $91.67 P4D Diamond Tip Diamond tipped for removal of overhangs during flap surgery as well finding and enlarging endo jaws. $109.95 $91.67

Big Easy® Ultrasonic Inserts

agent that stains plaque without a bitter aftertaste. Available in liquid or tablet varieties.

$12.95 $76.95 $24.95

2oz (60mL) Unit dose packs (200) Tablets (250)

2Tone is a specialMI Paste

10 per pack

PROfessionally SPECified Tooth Treatment Delivering Bio-Available Calcium and Phosphate. $148.95 3+1 Net $111.71

Contains: 10 Tubes of MI Paste (40g each), two tubes of each flavor (melon, mint, strawberry, tutti frutti and vanilla).

ONTARIO: 416-665-1042 1-800-387-3525

BUY 3 Packs GET 1 FREE!

ized multicolored disclosing agent increases patient compliance. Older plaque stains blue while newer plaque stains red. Available in liquid or tablet varieties. 2oz (60mL)

Unit dose packs (200) Tablets (250)

$15.50 $109.95 $32.95

BUY any 3 packages GET 1 package

FREE! (of equal or lesser value)

MARITIMES: 1-800-565-7789 QUEBEC: 1-877-572-5742

BC: 1-877-946-4607



The nanohybrid composite, is the ideal modern filling material: low shrinkage, optimum handling properties, high gloss polishability and also high resistance to operating lights. 4+1 NET Ea.

Syringe Refill 4gm Tip Refill 10 caps

$74.95 $49.95

$59.96 $39.96



Synergy D6 Flow Syringe Refill 2-3gm

BUY 4 GET 1 (of the same) FREE!

Coltolux LED The heat sink technology reduces the amount of heat emission and eliminates the need for a fan. Curing Light ONLY $599.95


DISCOVER LIGHT Portable, hand-held transilluminator for intra-oral use. Transillumination can uncover a wide range of issues including... - Caries - Fractures - Tartar - Hemorrhaging in traumatized teeth & Canal Locations. So affordable, it really can pay for itself the first time you use it. Should be part of every Diagnostic tool kit Ea.


4+1 Net $47.96



is a universal, 100% spherically filled composite, with a filler weight of 82% (71% volume). 3.8g / syringe $61.95 PLT 0.2g / tip x 20 $72.95

ESTELITE FLOW QUICK is a low viscosity (Medium Flow), light cured, submicron filled resin composite. Syringe Kit 3 Syringes (A2, A3

& A3.5 x 1 each)/1.8g = 1mL each + Syringe Tips (x

$72.95 1.8g = 1mL/Syringe + Syringe Tips (x 9) $25.95 Syringe Tips (x 50) $21.95 27)

Nano-hybrid composite that is fluoride releasing, highly esthetic dental material for all classes of restorations.

Syringe Refill Tips 20/pk Refill ONTARIO: 416-665-1042


Represents the perfect discovery of science and beauty – the total package in aesthetic restorations that has eluded you for so long. Until now. Benefit #1: Superior Handling – Complete Control is in Your Hands Benefit #2: Unsurpassed Aesthetics – Flawless Beauty, So Easy to Create. Benefit #3: Significant Longevity and Durability – Sustained Form and Function. Syringe Trial Kit* $239.95 Unitip Trial Kit* $236.95 *Trial Kit contains A1, A2 and BW (Bleach White)

Beautifil II

6 Color Set Syringe 6 Color Set Tips 3 Color Set Tips


Contains NO Bisphenol - A

$209.95 $369.95 $106.95 $39.95 $79.95 1-800-387-3525

Syringes 4g / 2mL $93.95 3+1 $70.46 Unitips (20) (.16mL each) $104.95 3+1 $78.95 Unitips (10) (.16mL each) $52.95 3+1 $39.95 BUY 3 Refills GET 1 (of the same) FREE! Gradia® Direct Flo & LoFlo ea. $50.95 4+1 $40.76 BUY 4 GET 1 (of the same) FREE!

Venus Diamond

a new nanohybrid universal composite that combines low shrinkage and high strength in a unique way. • Diamond Formula – for measurably better mechanical features Syringe Refills 1X4g $115.95 PLT Refills 2X10X0,25g $132.95 PLT Refills 1X10X0,25g $69.95

BUY 1 Basic Kit GET 1 Refill FREE!

Venus Diamond Flow is a light cured,

nano-technology basedflowable composite that offers high radiopacity with low shrinkage and high flexural strength. Syringe Refills 1X1.8g $33.95 PLT Refills 20X0.2g $89.95


Universal light-curing ultra-fine particle hybrid composite for anterior and posterior restorations which has been clinically tested over many years. 6+1 NET Syr (4 g) PLT (10x 0.25g) PLT (20x0.25 g)

$99.95 $71.50 $139.95

$85.67 $61.28 $119.95

Durafill VS

Microfill composite works as a visible light-cured microfilled tooth-colored composite. Syr 4g $124.95 $107.10 95 PLT 10x 0.25g $74. $64.24 PLT 20 x 0.25g $149.50 $128.14

Solitaire 2

Solitaire polyglass posterior resin is said to be an easy alternative to amalgam. It is formulated to provide optimal packability, firmness, non-stickiness and the ability to obtain interproximal contact points. It is fluoride releasing and is available in 10 shades for esthetic flexibility. Syr. $99.95 $85.67 PLT. $126.95 $108.81

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MARITIMES: 1-800-565-7789 QUEBEC: 1-877-572-5742

BC: 1-877-946-4607

Put an end to your Patient’s pain! “Our data thus far in CRA and in study clubs with which I work have shown this very simple, easy-to-place, inexpensive device creates a significant reduction in pain” “In 1 to 4 days it reduced or eliminated (TMD) symptoms in most patients we treated in the CRA study ... I hope you’ll look this over carefully. The concept does work... it is simple, fast, effective and inexpensive. What more do you want?” - Gordon Christensen, DDS, Phd

RV Upper Device

Auxiliary “Slider” Device

The Discluding Element has been reduced in vertical dimension when compared to the Standard Device (see below), as well as shortened labially. The labial wall has also been reduced in thickness. Primarily intended for the maxilla. The Upper device is most commonly used when incisal overlap is more than indeal, making the Lower device contraindicated (the Lower device would cause for an excessive condylar rotation during occluding on the device). The DE can be ramped “up” towards the palate to ensure minimal VDO during occluding (thereby minimizing condylar rotation). (formally referred to as the Reduced Vertical device)

The Auxiliary “slider” is commonly used with a “deep bite” incisal overlap, where the DE is considerably ramped or “stepped” to maintain minimal opening. It can also be used over the incisors that oppose an NTI device (typically the Lower device) to prevent the Lower device from fracture and/or to facilitate gliding movements when the incisors opposing the NTI device are irregular. Also commonly used on both arches simultaneously for the patient with normal incisal overlap, making for an extremely simple and effective therapeutic effect. Also for the migraine patient who requires reduction of daytime activity. See: Protocol for Migraine Therapy (formally referred to as the “Daytime” device)

IG Lower Device The Lower device is now the most commonly used device. The Discluding Element of the Lower device is tapered to the lateral borders of the device. Primarily intended for the mandible (although not exclusively), the design most efficiently prevents canine occluding contact. (formally referred to as the Incisal Guidance device)

IG Lower-Wide Device The Lower-Wide device has a thicker (and therefore, stronger) DE. The Lower-Wide was originally designed for the patients whose extremely intense clenching could fracture the original Lower device (the thickness of the Lower device’s DE has since been increased, now making the Lower-Wide device less frequently necessary). The width of the Lower-Wide allows for increased retention for those cases where added retention is desired. (formally referred to as the Incisal Guidance Wide device)

BULK KIT: 50 Devices, 50 Holders, 50 Brochures.


REFILL KIT: 24 Devices, 24 Holders, 25 Brochures. $789.95 MINI KIT: 10 Devices, 10 Holders, 10 Brochures.


COMPREHENSIVE TRIAL KIT Includes: 6 IG Lower, 2 RV Upper, 1 IGWLower Wide, 2 Daytime

Standard Device For general nighttime use, the Standard must typically be considerably altered by the practitioner for proper vertical dimension and horizontal orientation. Upon final modification, the Standard device will closely resemble the Upper or Lower device (see above). The Standard device was the original design of an NTI, but is no longer the treatment method of choice, due the increased likelyhood of undesired outcome from lack of proper modification. The Standard device will be discontinued in 2009 and will be available only while the existing inventory lasts.

Standard Wide Device Provides additional retention. For example, when the incisors have been significantly shortened (or are too “flat”), or when an incisor is missing.

Auxiliary Slider, 10 Holders, 10 Brochures, 1 clear powder 40gm, 1 liquid 4oz, 1 Jar (15g) Thermal Plastic Beads & 1 video-cd. $459.95

MIGRAINE KIT Includes: 5 RV, 5 Standard, 8 Daytime Auxiliary Slider, 5 IG Lower, 2 IG Lower Wide, 2 Standard/Wide, 20 Holders, 50 Migraine Brochures & 26 Patient Brochures. $979.95

The Most Effective FDA-approved method of migraine prevention! Preventing migraine at its source.. without drugs. Over 1/2 million people worldwide have been helped by the NTI-TSS device. For more information visit:

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