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Protein Journal—Issue #1

The City Issue

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Dividual City 34.0522° N, 118.2428° W You are seen as a city lacking in features or quality, a sense of what’s urbane. Instead of Central Park, you prefer backyards, parking lots, and cemeteries like lawns. Your cameras snap loudest, but they mask the millions you contain. You contain multitudes. You function optimally at 60 mph, you street sweep once a week, and occasionally have an ocean breeze. Public space eludes you, while your property lines collude. Between setbacks and sidewalks, you reside— divided and shared. The rest wonder when you’ll arrive, when you’re already here. —Jia Gu & Jonathan Crisman

Dividual City  

jonathan, crisman, jia, gu, dividual, city, urban, urbanism, architecture, design, protein, journal, los angeles

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