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Q: As A Beginner, How Can I Start To Make Money Online Fast - $100 in 2 Days? A: My recommendation to every beginner is to use Video as a starting vehicle. You don’t have to appear physically if you don’t feel like. If you are confident and willing, you can record your video with your mobile phone or even the webcam (Logitech) or the one on your computer. It is a game of numbers. Create at least 20 short videos on the same product or service, create a channel for them and promote them. If you don’t want to speak or you are shy, either you order a Gig on or if you don’t want to spend money, use Free 30 seconds Animoto Video or Windows Movie Maker from Microsoft – it’s FREE! If you must use any music, get the free stuff from YouTube and you are free from their banning your video because someone raised an issue against the music you are using. You can also approach an offline business or consultancy services to promote their business with a video interview. They would pay you handsomely if you ask them the right questions. How much you make would depend on what services you are willing to offer these experts/business owners. Think of Dentists, Chiropractors, Restaurateurs, Real Estate Firms, Accountants, etc. If you are keen to find out more on this special approach, simply contact us at – Please Note: In order to avoid online scams, I would highly recommend that whatever approach you use, that you take time to fully understand what works. There is no substitute for deep knowledge.

Resources: Please Note - It is also a great idea if you would like to sign up to these links – they are very cheap and popular programmes devoted to coaching new Online Marketers:

1. George Brown’s Google Sniper 2.0 Programme 2. Russell Brunson’s DotComSecretX Programme 3. Chris Farrell’s Coaching Programme With any or all of these programmes, you can never miss making money online.

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