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Innovative Telephone Service With Network Marketing Income Potential By Ade Adewolu

In the technology-dominated world, almost every conceivable item has been produced. The idea is to provide a machine of every sort that addresses every need of the modern man. Telephone service that pays is the newest addition to the revolutionary world of change. Conventional telephone, in the Graham Bell model, was very unique at the time. It came as one of the key landmarks of the commencement of industrial revolution. With electricity, train, and other modes of communication and transportation, man had reasons to feel he had truly 'conquered' the world. In today's world, where every city is striving to produce one landmark or the other, technology has truly contributed to the advancement of capitalism. It is noteworthy that a new trend of conjugal relationship is now being hatched: a marriage of capitalism and industrialisation - it is spearheaded by the telephone service that pays the user. This 'marriage' is blossoming, thanks to the new capitalist order -network marketing some call it 'multi-level marketing' (MLM). If you reduce it all to semantics, the whole idea is to get across and redistribute resources - redefining wealth. The uniqueness of MLM is that while media houses advertise in conventional marketing system, the MLM uses the 'word-of-mouth' or any other resources available to the users to promote their products. In other words, network marketing depends solely on the 'end-users' publicity in the form of 'use-and-tell' principle in its simplest form. The beauty of it is in the fact that the more people the user 'introduces' into the business, the more s/he is handsomely rewarded. While the multi-level marketing is already popular in the arena of household products, health and beauty, and food supplements, it has now just become the frontier tool for telecommunications and telephone service. While camera-phone and video technology have previously operated within the domain of mobile telephone, it has now found its way to the traditional land-line with loads of innovations and eyepopping features in the telephone service that pays.

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Innovative Telephone Service With Network Marketing Income Potential