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Alpha-ville 2011

We are all digital The digital revolution has changed culture, society and business models, driving a fundamental shift in how we live, communicate and interact. Today digital is everywhere, it means everything. Digital is no longer new, it has become part of our everyday life without many of us even noticing it.

Entering the post-digital age With this year’s theme, Alpha-ville wants to address the transition from a digital to a post-digital culture, looking beneath technology at how human behaviours such as collaboration, participation and interaction have redefined the creative practice and society itself, and at how the physical boundaries between reality and online are being blurred. Alpha-ville joins the post-digital discourse initiated in 1998 by visionary, thinker and founder of the MIT Media Lab, Nicholas Negroponte, who pushed the edges of information to predict the future of our culture. The festival and more specifically the symposium will provide a forum to exchange knowledge and inspire discussions about the humanisation of digital technologies and about the future of digital culture. During four days Alphaville is going to create environments where you can experience the cross-over between digital and analogue, between technology and art, between science and culture. Our aim is to showcase, document and make known the work of creative coders, designers, architects, artists, researchers and professionals who explore the frontiers of technology, art, computing, philosophy, technology and media. This festival also provides a platform to exchange ideas, discover new trends and to network, so please take your chance to meet others. We hope you enjoy the event. Thank you for your attendance and we hope to see you again next time. Estela Oliva & Carmen Salas Alpha-ville Festival Directors


Alpha-ville 2011

Alpha-ville would like to thank its kind partners.

Main Partner Arts Council England

Partners Hackney Council PRS Foundation Adam Mickiewicz Institute Polish Cultural Institute Polska Music Norwegian Embassy Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands French Bureau Export MIC Norway London Design Festival Whitechapel Gallery Soundcloud MUBI

Official Media Partners WIRED Fact Magazine Run Riot Little White Lies

Media Partners Inverted Audio Culture Critic Shoreditch Radio LeCollagiste

Film Competition Media Partners Shooting People Animate Projects

Supporters Twin Gallery OECD Lumacoustics KORG Invest in Hackney Hyponik Red Bull Sempatiza Vimeo VJ London V4Wednesday Young Poets Network


ART + INNOVATION Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th September -


1 Westgate St E8 3RL Entrance: The entrance to the Innovation Space is located in the alleyway between Netil House and the railway bridge. OPEN: Friday 23rd: 12:00h - 19:00h Saturday 24th: 11:00h - 19:00h Sunday 25th: 12:00h - 18:00h The Innovation Space is the main festival hub, bringing together a curated programme of installations and interactive artworks, workshops, open labs, talks, performances, web experiments and much more.

Cell | J. Alliban & K. Matsuda

Art + Innovation

Alpha-ville 2011




James Alliban and Keiichi Matsuda | UK | 2011 (Premiere) Installation / Interactive Location: Netil House Innovation Space Dates: 23rd-25th Commissioned by Alpha-ville for the 2011 festival, this interactive installation plays with and proposes alternative landscapes in the technological ether surrounding our everyday movements. As our identities become deliberately constructed and broadcast commodities, our projected personae increasingly enmesh and define us. Cell acts as a virtual mirror, displaying a constructed fictional persona in place of our physical form. Composed from keyword tags mined from online profiles, these second selves stalk our movements through space, building in size and density over time. The resulting forms are alternate, technologically refracted manifestations of the body, revealing the digital aura while simultaneously allowing us escape from our own constructed identities. Cell uses Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect to track visitors as they interact with the installation. It was built in openFrameworks, an open-source toolkit originally built to teach artists and designers creative coding. Microsoft have supported the project from the early stages, working with Matchbox Mobile and the openFrameworks community to build a new code library specifically for cell that supports the Kinect For Windows SDK. This is an important development in the field of interactive art. Providing openFrameworks users easy access to the official Kinect For Windows SDK, places the technology directly into the hands of a large international community of interaction designers and new media artists. The library will be made available for free online, along with the source code for the installation.




David McLellan | UK | 2010 Interactive Location: Netil House Innovation Space Dates: 23rd-25th In an enclosed arena a dozen small colour-coded autonomous robots coexist and communicate with participants. Through sensors and programmed behaviours the robots sense and respond to the presence of people within the arena.


Jeroen Holthuis | NL | 2009 Installation Location: Netil House Innovation Space Dates: 23rd-25th Jeroen Holthuis explores the relationship between two parallel worlds; our digital and analogue environments. Bitquid explores the relationship between these environments by transforming bits to atoms. It is a system of parallel hoses through which coloured and colourless fluids are pumped, in order to represent the liquid ones and zeros of the bit feed.

Pas a Pas

Ishac Bertran | ES | 2010 Interactive Location: Netil House Innovation Space Dates: 23rd-25th Pas a Pas is an interactive educational tool for schools that enables children to learn and experiment with different sets of elements using animation. It aims to use the physicality and the animated outcome of stop motion animation to bridge the gap between abstract concepts from maths, physics or arts and reality.


Jean Helfenstein | US | 2011 Web Experiment Location: Netil House Innovation Space Dates: 23rd-25th -

Rot.Sketch is an HTML5 experiment that allows user to create abstract graphics using a drawing process inspired by the Spirograph.

The Johnny Cash Project Aaron Koblin | US | 2010-11

Web Experiment Location: Netil House Innovation Space Dates: 23rd-25th The Johnny Cash Project is a global collective art project. Alpha-ville in collaboration with the JCP offer visitors the opportunity to watch, explore and participate. Create a portrait of Johnny using the custom drawing tool. The single work is then combined with that of other participants, and integrated into a collective whole, creating a unique music video.

Nine Point Five

Dean McNamee | UK | 2009 Data Viz Location: Netil House Innovation Space Dates: 23rd-25th Nine Point Five is an interactive visualization of earthquakes over the past 30 years. It uses the newly developed WebGL technology to create an fluid and interactive in-browser experience, presenting the events over an interactive Earth.


Dean McNamee & Tim Burrell-Saward | UK | 2011 Installation Location: Netil House Innovation Space Dates: 23rd-25th Edits expresses Wikipedia’s constant activity, as users around the world create and contribute to articles. A series of printers will be suspended over the space. These printers continuously print a physical record of individual contributions, along with an excerpt summarizing the article edited. A snapshot of the live and constantly evolving co­ llaboration of millions, captured in the physical world.

Art + Innovation

Written Images

Martin Fuchs & Peter Bichsel | CH | 2011 Demo Location: Netil House Innovation Space Dates: 23rd-25th Written Images is the first of its kind. A ‘programmed book’, continuously regenerated for the digital printing process, offering each reader a unique experience. With the support of Kickstarter, Written Images links these technical innovations and uses them to produce an ever-changing art book. A generative book that presents programmed images by various artists. Each print in process will be calculated individually – which makes every book unique. @peter_bichsel

Daito Manabe | JP | 2011 Video Installation Location: Netil House Innovation Space Dates: 24th & 25th Selection of works by Japanese-based composer, media artist and programmer who uses technology and real-life objects creating amazing experiments.


Joern Roeder & Jonathan Pirnay | DE | 2011 Installation / Identity Location: Rich Mix & Netil House Innovation Space Dates: 23rd-25th -

This project explores the issue of data accessibility on the Internet; a topic that is gaining more and more importance and currency in these times of privacy protection and social networks. “Internet giants”, like Google are coming under criticism for unsolicitedly collecting all information accessible, whereas, on the other hand, we vo­ luntarily reveal intimate facts on social networks and through social media. What is normal, what is exaggerated? How are we dealing with this flood


of information and how is it changing us? How important is image cultivation on the Internet and how important becomes my “facebook-me”?

Outdoor Interactive Installations


Be your Own Souvenir

Wonderful Little Creatures

Hackney Hear App

Hackney Hear | UK | 2011 Demo Location: Netil House Innovation Space Dates: 24th & 25th The award-winning Hackney Podcast invites you to test their new smartphone app, Hackney Hear. Walking along through London Fields and along Broadway Market, Hackney Hear will score your journey with stories, music and poetry - whilst eavesdropping on conversations from all walks of life - recorded on location and triggered by the GPS on your mobile phone.

blablabLAB | ES | 2010-11

INTERACTIVE Be Your Own Souvenir invites the viewer to perform the role of and become a human statue, with a free personal souvenir as a reward: a small figurine of the participant, printed in 3D from a volumetric reconstruction of their form, generated by the use of a structured light scanner.

Thur 22nd – Shoreditch - Red Market Square 12:00h - 16:00h Fri 23rd – Shoreditch - Red Market Square 16:00h - 19:00h Sat 24th – Shoreditch - Red Market Square 16:00h - 20:00h

Sean Rogg and Sam Willis & Alessio Natalizia (aka WALLS) Performance Location: Netil House Innovation Space Dates: 23rd (17:30h - 18:00h) 24th (17:00h - 17:30h) Each performance lasts approximately 30 minutes. Wonderful Little Creatures is a live art and sound performance by Sean Rogg. A small laboratory set is constructed. A series of liquids are mixed together each containing various formulas to create fluids that when heated to extreme temperature behaves like living organisms. Sam Willis & Alessio Natalizia (aka WALLS) will be reacting to the creatures and performing a live sonic interpretation of what these animals might sound like if they were real.

Biosynthesizer | Ka5

Grey Matter

Man Bartlett | US | 2011 Interactive Performance Location: Netil House Innovation Space & V&A Dates: 24th (Netil House) & 25th (V&A) Times: Throughout the day Combining online performance and interactive installation, Grey Matter will mine notions of collective and individual identity in relationship to literal and figurative concepts of geographic dispersion. Over two days, visitors to the V&A Digital Design Weekend and the Alpha-ville Festival at Netil House will be invited to leave their mark in response to the question, “Where are you from?” This component of Grey Matter will seek to highlight similarities and differences in the way that “East” and “West” London audiences respond to the open-ended question they are asked, simply by the way in which they choose to leave their mark. Participants will be also be invited to engage via Twitter. These exchanges will be interpreted and

Art + Innovation

visually represented on a “timeline” by the artist. A video projection in both venues will show a live stream of the performance as well as the corresponding Twitter stream. The title, Grey Matter, refers to the substance in the brain where sensory perceptions such as memory, emotions and speech are controlled. It also subtly references Gray’s Inn, which sits at the approximate midpoint between Victoria and Albert Museum and the Netil House. This midpoint acts as the psychogeographical location where the artist operates in two worlds, the physical and the online-ephemeral. Participants will also be invited to engage via Twitter using the hashtag #GreyMatter


Ka5 (Ka Fai Choy) & Mark McKeague | SG & UK | 2011 Live Performance Location: Netil House Innovation Space Dates: 24th (14:45h - 15:00h) 25th (14:00h - 14:15h) Duration: 15 minutes (Live sound performance) Biosynthesizer is an audio-visual experiment exploring the possibilities of human circuit bending. Hacking into the electric potential of the human body, the performance projects the body as the instrument for sound and generative processes..


LIVE Thursday 22nd September -


35-47 Bethnal Green Road E1 6LA 19:00h - 23:00h Friday 23rd September -


32-37 Cowper Street EC2A 4AP 20:30h - 03:00h Saturday 24th September -

HEARN STREET WAREHOUSE ( FACTORY 7 ) 7-11 Hearn Street EC2A 3LS 20:00h - 05:20h Sunday 25th September -

PLATFORM NETIL HOUSE 1 Westgate St E8 3RL 18:00h - 23h00h

Presenting a selection of live electronic music and live audio-visual performances.

Svarte Greiner | Miasmah


Alpha-ville 2011



Live at Rich Mix


the 2011 Mercury Music Prize. For Alpha-ville 2011, Jon will delight us with a very special AV show with visual artist Dan Tombs.

Alpha-ville Opening Concert Thursday 22nd September

Live at XOYO

Friday 23rd September

01:30h - 03:00h -

PANTHA DU PRINCE | Rough Trade | DE | Live AV

19:30h - 20:00h -



Old apparatus return off the back of their latest Deep Medi release with an otherworldly audiovisual show that has previously been performed with the likes of Fennesz and Philip Jeck

21:00h - 21:30h -


20:30h - 21:15h -

21:30h - 22:30h -

SVARTE GREINER | Miasmah | NO | Live AV

ILLUM SPHERE | Hoya:Hoya | UK | Live AV

Svarte Greiner is a dark ambient project by Erik K Skodvin. He is also one half of the Norwegian duo Deaf Center which was formed in 2005 in Oslo, Norway. He currently lives and works in Berlin. He labels his music as “acoustic doom” and utilizes both field recordings and computer generated sounds when producing his music. This concert is supported by the The Royal Norwegian Embassy in London. 21:30h - 22:30h -

Described as “one of the most special and unique artists to come out of the UK” by Hyperdub first lady Ikonika. Hoya Hoya label co-owner Illum Sphere creates sound that draws influence from hip-hop as much as it does from psych, jazz and Detroit techno. Live AV brings together Illum Sphere and Manchester based visual artist EMN.

GALLERY OPENING TIMES: 20:30h to 02:30h

22:30h - 00:00h -


CARSTEN KLEMANN | DE | DJ set Carsten Klemann was born and raised in Berlin, now lives in London and has had long-standing residencies at Watergate, Panorama Bar, Cookies and Paris-Paris amongst others. He has worked under Basic Channel at mastering studio Dubplates and Mastering in Berlin (so his ears are attuned) and records under the name My My. He has recently collaborated with Carsten Jost on Dial.

JACASEZK | Ghosthly/Miamash | PL | Live Jacaszek is a talented polish electroacoustic musician and producer. He is the latest in a tradition of Eastern Europeans exploring the reaches of sentimentality in classical music. We are very excited to announce that Jacaszek will perform with Ingacy Wiśniewski (harpsichord) and Andrzej Wojciechowski (clarinet) for our opening gala.This concert is supported by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute as part of the Polska Music grant programme and by the Polish Cultural Institute in London.

00:00h - 01:00h -

JON HOPKINS | Domino Records | UK | Live AV London-based electronic composer, producer and remixer making powerfully emotive music that consistently crosses genres, ranging from solo acoustic piano to explosive, bass-heavy electro. He has collaborated with the likes of Wayne MacGregor, remixed for Four Tet and written film scores for Peter Jackson. To add to this impressive work, he has also just been nominated for Pantha Du Prince | Rough Trade

Under the pseudonym Pantha Du Prince, Henrik Weber fuses house, techno, electronica and electro-acoustic soundscape into music that is at once both beautiful and fascinating. He has become an in-demand remixer and has done tracks for Depeche Mode, Animal Collective, Bloc Party, and many others.Pantha Du Prince will present a new AV show with a custom-built light/sound modulator that constructs sounds through light into the space and light through sound.

20:30h - 21:30h -

Guest DJ

21:30h - 23:30h 23:30h - 00:30h -

ANDY STOTT | Modern Love | UK | Live Andy Stott made his debut for the Modern Love label in 2005 with the ‘Replace EP’ – a 4 track exposition of his uniquely slanted production style, taking in Chi-Town and Motor City influences with an obtuse genetic code at its core. His output has veered from deepest Techno to broken Garage, slowed down House and hyperactive Juke. 01:00h - 02:30h -

MAX COOPER | Traum | UK | Live Max Cooper has more than 50 original releases, tracks and remixes under his belt, from glitchy reinterpretations of big bands like Hot Chip and Au Revoir Simone to straight dancefloor 12″s like his breakthrough “Serie” originals and remixes for names like Agoria, Dominik Eulberg, Extrawelt, Pig and Dan, Kaiserdisco and Sasha. Max will be presenting his live set for this years festival.

Alpha-ville 2011


Live at Hearn Street Warehouse Saturday 24th September

DOORS OPEN: 20:00h 20:00h - 21:00h | TOM CARTER (DJ set) 21:00h - 21:30h | EMPTYSET | Subtext | UK |

Live AV (London Premiere)

Emptyset is a very special Bristol based duo formed in 2005 by James Ginzburg, boss of the Multiverse network of labels and DJ and curator Paul Purgas. The project investigates the sonic potential of experimental bass driven music, reflecting upon the legacy of dub, techno and sound system culture whilst integrating aspects of feedback, minimalism and spatial recording. Their live show at Alpha-ville will be a special collaboration with designers Clayton Welham and Sam Williams and will fuse Emptyset’s forensic sound with live video feedback, processing and tape erosion. We are super excited about this show, it will be a London Premiere! 22:00h - 23:00h | KANGDING RAY | Raster Noton | DE | Live AV After the Pruitt Igoe E.P, Kangding Ray, better known as David Letellier, returns with his third album for Raster Noton, pushing further his explorations on the edge of digital and analog sounds. With ‘OR’, Kangding Ray continues to blur the borders between experimental and bass music, and brings his signature sound to another level, somewhere at the darkest fringe of club culture. His live performances are known for being intense moments of musical experimentations, while he samples voices, and mixes layers of different instruments, including analog machines, laptops, midi pads and guitar. 23:00h - 00:30h | ANSTAM | 50Weapons/Modeselektion | DE | Live



ANSTAM is the project of Lars Stoewe. With an incredible concept-trilogy named ‘AETO’ | ‘BROM’ |­ ‘CREE’, distributed by Berlin HARD WAX, he has played with artists like Scuba, Modeselektor, Surgeon, and Autechre. ANSTAM also proved his live qualitiy when playing two performances as the support act for the first Moderat shows in Germany. Earlier this year, ANSTAM has released BALDWIN, on Modeselektor‘s label 50Weapons and have been touring with Modeselektor on the Modeselektion showcase that was recently at Melt Festival. 00:30h - 01:30h | TRUSS | Perc Trax | UK | DJ set Truss is one of the new producers to emerge from the resurging UK Techno scene. His releases on the ever prominent Perc Trax imprint demonstrate a range of influences old and new, drawing on 90’s sounds emanating from cities such as Birmingham and Berlin. His sound can be chara­ cterised by heavily swung abrasive rhythms, punctuated by raw and metallic sound design.

Charlotte Gainsbourg, Spoon, Hot Chip, The Postal Service and The Chemical Brothers; he’s made mixes for the Fabric mix series and Get Physical’s Body Language. Matthew Dear’s 2003 full-length Ghostly debut, “Leave Luck to Heaven”, is a suite of sparse, wickedly funky house laced with Dear’s deep, distinctive vocals, and includes the muchloved single “Dog Days” (voted one of Pitchfork’s Top 100 Songs of the decade). The record was met with rapturous acclaim from both the dancemusic establishment and the critical press, inclu­ ding a four-star review in Rolling Stone. After over a decade of exploring pop’s outer limits, Matthew Dear now inhabits a rarefied corner of the musical universe: no longer tethered to any one genre, respected by his peers, and blessed with a bottomless well of creative energy. Now is Matthew

Platform Netil House

Sunday 25th September

CLOSING PARTY: 18:00h - 23:00h Join the Alpha-ville team & artists to celebrate the end of the 2011 edition, with guest DJs.

01:30h - 03:15h | JENNIFER CARDINI | Kompakt | DE | DJ set For more than 15 years, Jennifer Cardini has been working the European electronic dance music circuit. Her early influences came from Detroit, Chicago, and Cologne, which led her to play primarily house music in the late 90’s at clubs in France and later the stripped-down Berlin sound that would eventually settle into a distinctive movement in electronic music – ‘minimal’ even before that genre term became popular. Cardini also reached a major milestone in 2008, becoming the first female French artist to sign with Kompakt, with the release of her compilation, Feeling Strange. 03:15h - close | MATTHEW DEAR | Ghostly/ Spectral | US | DJ Set Depending on whom you ask, Matthew Dear is a DJ, a dance-music producer, an experimental pop artist, a bandleader. He co-founded both Ghostly International and its dancefloor offshoot, Spectral Sound. He’s had remixes commissioned by The xx, Matthew Dear | Ghostly/ Spectral


Jennifer Cardini | Kompakt


EXCHANGE Friday 23rd September -


35-47 Bethnal Green Road E1 6LA 09:30h - 17:00h Saturday 24th September -

WHITECHAPEL GALLERY 77-82 Whitechapel High Street E1 7QX 12:00h - 13:15h Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th September -


129 -131 Mare Street E8 3HR 12:00h - 17:00h Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th September -


A series of events and a one-day symposium bringing together thinkers, professionals and creatives from the technology, design, media and cultural sectors.

fbFaces | Joern Roeder & Jonathan Pirnay


Alpha-ville 2011



1ST ALPHA-VILLE SYMPOSIUM FROM DIGITAL TO POST-DIGITAL Location: Rich Mix Dates: 23rd Times: 09:30h - 17:00h Price: £40/£30 cons The first London Symposium on Post-digital Culture, a one-day event that aims to provide a forum to exchange knowledge and inspire discussions about the future of digital culture. The event brings together a panel of influential creatives, thinkers and digital professionals to debate a series of topics such us the humanisation of digital technology, augmented reality, the use of public spaces, digital innovation in arts and culture, post-digital creativity and experimentation, data and social innovation, the future of the web and more. 09:30h - 10:00h | REGISTRATION | 10:00h - 10:10h | WELCOME | by Alpha-ville director, Estela Oliva 10:10h - 10:40h | OPENING TALK | Drew Hemment 10:45h - 11:15h | SESSION ONE | Data For Social Innovation Moritz Stefaner, information designer 11:20h - 12:30h | SESSION TWO | Post-Digital Creativity & Experimentation Man Bartlett (moderator) Tom Uglow, director of Google Creative Labs Katy Beale, director at Caper & lead producer at Culture Hack Filip Visnjic, architect, lecturer and founder of Creative Applications Network Q&A



12:30h - 13:15h | Lunch | 13:20h - 14:00h | SESSION THREE | From The Open Web To The App Store Bill Thompson, BBC technology writer 14:10h - 14:30h | SESSION FOUR | Open Conversation With Twitter Backstage #digitalinnovation Patrick Hussey, Digital Director & Social Media Consultant at Art & Business Charles Beckett, Relationship Manager, Digital and Creative Economy, Arts Council England 14:50h - 15:50h | SESSION FIVE | Presentation And Discussion The Democratisation of public spaces with Augmented Reality Olivia Solon, Associate Editor of Keiichi Matsuda, designer and film-maker Ronald Carpentier, VP Marketing & Operations at Layar/Stiktu Ben Stevenson, Founder of Augmented Reality Cinema Q&A 16:00h - 16:30h | SESSION SIX | Presentation + Q&A Björk “Biophilia” App Album Scott Snibbe, creative director of Björk’s Biophilia app Q&A 16:30h - 16:40h | CLOSING REMARKS AND END Festival hashtag is #avf11 Symposium hashtag #ldnpostdigi Ask questions using symposium hashtag


MAKE MUSIC WORKSHOP Location: Space Studios Dates: 25th Times: 12:00h - 17:00h Price: £5 Instructors: Jo Thomas ( Special guest: Jennifer Cardini (Kompakt) A practical introductory workshop led by Jo Thomas for you to to learn creative ways of making, recording and mixing electronic music with Ableton Live software. YOUR COMMUNITY, YOUR MOVIE IN 30 MINUTES Location: Space Studios Dates: 23rd-24th Times: 12:00h - 17:00h Capacity: 8 per group Price: Free Instructors: Fiona Whitty, Matt Spencer, Fraser Watson, Victoria Wareham, Julianne von Sivers Learn how to make a movie from start to finish around the theme of ‘The Community You Live In’ using Final Cut Pro. In The Picture use film and di­gital media to create fast, accessible and affor­ dable learning experiences. Twitter @inthepictureltd

In Conversation

The Symposium is supported by: TURNING THE VIRTUAL PAGE: THE DIGITAL FUTURE OF ART PUBLISHING Location: Whitechapel Gallery Date: 24th Times: 12:00h - 13:15h Study Studio: Free, just approach the venue for


registration Alpha-ville invites Sophie Rochester, Founder of The Literary Platform, and Clare Hey, Editor at Shortfire Press, to explore the impact of mobile technologies on art publishing.

Open Labs Patch Slam vvvv Lab Open Lab Location: Netil House Innovation Space Dates: 23rd -25th Patch Slam, an open lab and performance in partnership with the Poetry Society, exploring and creating reactive/interactive projects using vvvv language. The aim of this competition is to create an interactive performance. It starts with a 250 word poem, which is then developed by teams of vvvv designers, and two non-patching others to create an installation based upon the interpretation of an original poem by a selection of young, contemporary poets. The results will be streamed live and tweeted to document the progress throughout the competition. Each evening the finished pieces will augment a live performance by the poet. At the end of the festival the public will vote online for their favourite piece. Every Day Play Katy Beale | UK | 2011 Prototyping Workshop Location: Netil House Innovation Space Date: Saturday 24th-25th A one day interactive drop-in session at Alphaville’s Innovation Space, enabling visitors of any age to get involved in an entertaining, creative, hands-on process. Look at the streets you walk down and buildings you see every day a different way. What would make life more fun? Using paper, pens, boxes, stickers, you’ll be able to create your own ‘ramified’ versions of everyday objects.


SCREENINGS Saturday 24th September -

VORTEX JAZZ CLUB 11 Gillett Square N16 8AZ 12:00h - 17:30h

Sunday 25th September -

PLATFORM CAFE 1 Westgate St E8 3RL 12:00h - 17:30h

A showcase of the latest digital film making trends including animation, documentary, fiction and experimental works. Screenings curated by Alpha-ville and guests.

Robots of Brixton | Kibwe Tavares


Alpha-ville 2011


Screening at Vortex Jazz Club Saturday 24th September

12:00h -


David Dworsky & Victor Köhler | Documentary | 2010 | 80 mins Press Pause Play, a documentary about the hopes and fears of the digital culture. Premiered at SXSW, this documentary includes interviews with some of the world’s most influential creators such us Moby and Apparat. 14:00h -

Unit 15 Bartlett School of Architecture Showcase | 56 mins

Screening of selected works of students from one of the most cutting edge design units at Bartlett School of Architecture (UCL).The programme is introduced by Nic Clear, programme directo -

Untitled | Mario Balducci Euston 2.00am | Daniel Dale Megalomania | Jonathan Gales Palais Ideal | Bastian Glassner The Berlin Infection | Peter Kidger Funland | Chris Lees Golden Age - Somewhere | Paul Nicholls Amphibious | Jason Pau Scape | Eva Someregger The Battersea Experiment | Dan Tassel Robots of Brixton | Kibwe Tavares The Un-reel | Richard Young 16:00h -

Zeitgeist: from Digital to Post-Digital

Alpha-ville 2011 programme | 72 mins The programme aims to participate in the ongoing debate about the future of digital culture and fea-



tures artists working across all genres including animation (2D, 3D, stop-frame, CGI, motion gra­ phics, etc), fiction, documentary or experimental. -

Wireless in the World

Timo Arnall | Data Visualization | 2010 | NO |

Law, it evolves incessantly while approaching an abyss of unpredictability, while impacting the landscape it traverses. -

Mediating Mediums The Digital 3d

4.29 mins What if we could see every field produced by an Oyster card or NFC enabled mobile phone for instance? Using simple abstractions such as the dashed line and the kinds of visual language that we have previously proposed for RFID allow us to quickly communicate aspects such as the spatial properties of wireless technologies that are often overlooked. -

Greg Tran | Documentary | 2011 | US | 5.24 mins

Carsten Nicolai | Music Video | 2009 | DE |

3.05 mins A distorted ode to relationships lost is hinted at within the work but the field of reference is expanded to incorporate the pain and humour implicit in an individuals day to day thoughts and routines.

Future Past Perfect pt. 3 (u_08-1)

3.43 mins Conceived as the third part of the series under the name Future Past Perfect, the short film introduces a narrative story that was inspired by a fascination for automation processes as well as his work on codes and grids that materialised in his record alva noto . unitxt in 2008. -

Technology is on track to produce a new medium: The Digital 3d. As it escapes the screen, the digital enters into the realm of architecture and ceases to function merely as representation. This concept expands on “augmented reality” to encompass conditions which function spatially and engage a site-specific context. -


Kristian de la Riva | Animation | 2009 | UK |


The Eagleman Stag

Michael Please | Animation | 2010 | UK | 8.55 mins Peter’s life has been spent in both fascination and fear of his quickening perception of time with age. As he nears the end of his days, his interest turns to obsession and he undertakes progressively extreme measures to control and counter times increasing pace. Peter also discovers that if you repeat the word ‘fly’ for long enough it sounds like you’re saying ‘life’. -

Solar Sinter

Markus Kayser | Documentary | 2011 | DE-UK | 6.07 mins In a world increasingly concerned with questions of energy production and raw material shortages, this project explores the potential of desert ma­ nufacturing, where energy and material occur in abundance. Solar Sinter aims to raise questions about the future of manufacturing and triggers dreams of the full utilisation of the production potential of the world’s most efficient energy resource - the sun.


Nicolas Provost | Experimental | 2010 | BE | 20 mins Stardust is the second part of the trilogy where Nicolas Provost investigates the boundaries of fiction and reality by filming everyday life with a hidden high resolution camera and turning the ci­nematic images into a fiction film by using cinematographic and narrative codes from the Hollywood film language. Stardust was in competition at the Venice Film Festival and features cameos by Jon Voight, Jack Nicholson and the last recorded footage of Dennis Hopper -

The External World

David O’Reilly | Animation | 2010 | DE | 17 mins A boy learns to play the piano. -

The Great Western Singularity

Eric Schockmel | Animation | 2010 | UK | 4 mins A metaphor for technological progress and Moore’s

The Eagleman Stag | Michael Please

Alpha-ville 2011


Screening at Platform Cafe Sunday 25th September

12:00h -

Athens Video Art Festival

24mins Athens Video Art Festival compilation curated by Sotiris Iliadis. The programme presents a selection of the best films of the 2011 festival. -

Human Error | Beetroot Designgroup | Animation

Cry Me a River | Westerberg Cecilia | Animation

The Wind Up Life | Yi-Jen hen | Animation Drift | Makiko Fukaya | Animation Rom | Szabo Balazs | Animation Tonight | Jorinna Scherle | Animation



12:30h -

Spanish Borders

37mins Programme curated by visual artist Cesar Pesquera. It brings together a number of Spa­nish new talent working in audiovisual format from a permeable perspective, where the practice of video art intersects with other disciplines such as film, video games, video or graphic design. Dream | Onionlab | Animation Golden Shield | Actop | Animation Circle One | Cesar Pesquera | Fiction Amateur | Alvaro Perez Posadas | Animation Gold Thinkings | Alba G. Corral | Animation Whirling Ceremony | No-Domain | Animation 13:30h -

Alpha-ville Moving Image Competition Awards 26mins

Screening of the winners of the 2011 moving i­mage competition in partnership with Vimeo, Little White Lies, Shooting People and Animate Projects. With panelists from Ars Electronica, Warp Films, Little White Lies and Hackney Film Festival, the Alpha-ville Moving Image Competition is an opportunity to discover new talent. -

The Golden Age - Simulation | Paul Nicholls | Animation | 2011 | UK The Battersea Experiment | Dan Tassel | Animation | 2011 | UK The Golden Age - Somewhere | Paul Nicholls | Animation | 2011| UK | Robots of Brixton | Kibwe Tavares | Animation | 2011 | UK Our Black | A. N. Fischer | Animation | 2011 | US 14:00h -

Nobody Here - A survey of art in a digitised society

curated by Paul Purgas

Stardust | Nicolas Provost

A selection of artists’ moving image exploring themes of culture, identity and ownership in the expanded digital age. The programme reflects upon the conditions of a digitised society and the potential for artists to formulate new modes of perception and engagement in response to technological media. Paul is a curator and electronic artist whose work explores the current convergence of interests between contemporary art, design and and experimental sonic practice. -

Covert Hypnosis in Politics | Yoshi Sodeoka | Experimental | 2008 | US | 7.11 mins Steve Claydon | the Ancient Set | Experimental | 2008 | UK | 9 mins Eternal Youth | Al + Al | Experimental | 2008 | UK | 23 mins Lux Laze | Daniel Swan | Experimental | 2010 | UK | 2 mins Compression Study 4 | Paul B Davis | Experimental | 2007 | UK | 3 mins Nobody Here | Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never) | Experimental | 2009 | US | 2 mins Purple Haze | C505 | Experimental | 2003 | US | 2.23 mins


A Change for the Better | Jimmy Merris | Experimental | UK | 2010 | 3 mins 16:00h -


Documentary | 80 mins see page 22

Alpha-ville online cinema at MUBI

available free from the 12th to the 25th of September at This programme follows the directives of Alphaville’s main film programme, focusing on the contemporary digital revolution debate, specifically in the artistic field and exhibiting the work of artists that engage with the consequences of digital technology in the arts, specifically moving image. Solar Sinter | Markus Kayser | Documentary | 2011 | GER-UK | 6.07 mins Partitura 001 | Abstract Birds | Animation | 2011 | UK | 3 mins Robots of Brixton | Kibwe Tavares | Animation | 2011 | UK | 5.36 mins

Mediating Mediums - The Digital 3d | Greg Tran | Documentary | 2011 | US | 5.24 mins The Allegory of Mrs. Triangle | Noriki Okaku | Animation | 2011 | UK-DK | 6.35 mins Pixels | Patrick Jean | Animation | 2009 | FR | 2.26 mins

Teclopolis | Javier Mrad | Animation | 2009 | AR | 12.10 mins


TICKET INFORMATION Before you come to the festival remember to bring a copy of your ticket and a proof of ID. Please note Live events are not suitable for under 18s. Online tickets will close 4 hours before each event, there will be tickets on the door subject to availability. If you hold a festival pass we recommend you go to the venue 30 mins before the programme starts to secure your space.

TICKET TYPES PRO FESTIVAL PASS £85 (including symposium) FESTIVAL PASS £55 (excluding symposium) INNOVATION (available on the door) Day Ticket – £5 Children under 12 – FREE Concessions – FREE on Friday 23/09/11 LIVE Live Day 1 – Opening Concert – Rich Mix – £12.5 Live Day 2 – Friday 23/09/11 – XOYO – £15 Live Day 3 – Saturday 24/09/11 – Factory 7, Hearn Street Warehouse – £15 SCREENING Screening Ticket Saturday 24/09/11 Vortex – £7 Screening Ticket Sunday 25/09/11 Netil House – £7 EXCHANGE Symposium Ticket Friday 23/09/11 Rich Mix – £40 Symposium Ticket CONCESSIONS Friday 23/09/11 – Rich Mix – £30 Make Music Workshop Sunday 25/09/11 Space Studios – £5 * check our website for terms and conditions. If you have any problems, concerns or want to get in touch please email or use twitter.


CREDITS: Directors: Carmen Salas Pino & Estela A. Oliva Festival Production Manager: Olivia Bellas Design & Brand: Graphset Film Programmer: Joao Laia Festival Coordinator: Pascale Falempin Live Production Manager: Sabrina Dridje Innovation Production Manager: Claire Holdsworth Press Manager: Priscilla Granozio Press Team: Lisa Baker, Nadia Hamed Marketing Coordinator: Sarah Khalaf Marketing Consultant: Clare Callan Sound engineer: Ed Borgnis Technical Consultant: Gareth Dennis-Jones Film Editor: Nye Williams Volunteer Coordinator: Karen Rodrigues Project Coordinator: Violet Bennell Project Coordinator: Sarah Khan Press Assistants: Laura Plana Gracia, Ariane Molinatti Editors: Ben Romberg, Louise Brailey Design Assistant: Agnese Mosconi Wed Development: Sempatiza Mobile App Development: SpiritQuest Documentation: Lyndon Yves And a team of amazing volunteers. Thank you: Duncan Ray, Filip Visnjic, Patrick Hussey, Tom Uglow, Katy Beale, Ben Romberg, Amanda George, Belen Ayuso Oliva, Tom Carter, Glen Kristensen, Casper Clark, Magda Maculewicz, Irini Papadimitriou, Giulia Baldi, Roberta Cutolo, Juan Francisco Carbonel, Giuseppe Ganino, Alba Corral, James Alliban, Keiichi Matsuda, Ben at RA, Hayden, David singleton, Steph Patten, Rocio and the Twin Gallery. All artists, symposium speakers, participants and contributors that have helped make this festival happen

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Alpha-ville 2011




Festival Schedule

Festival Schedule

Thursday 22nd

Friday 23rd

Sunday 25th

Saturday 24th

10:00h 11:00h

10:00h -

12:00h 13:00h 14:00h

RED MARKET SQUARE Be Your Own Souvenir

Symposium on Post-Digital Culture at RICH MIX (opening 09:30h)

Art & Innovation at NETIL HOUSE -

Art & Innovation at NETIL HOUSE -

15:00h 16:00h



RED MARKET SQUARE Be Your Own Souvenir

RED MARKET SQUARE Be Your Own Souvenir

11:00h 12:00h 13:00h Screenings at THE VORTEX -

Art & Innovation at NETIL HOUSE -



21:00h 22:00h 23:00h 00:00h 01:00h 02:00h

15:00h 16:00h 17:00h 18:00h


19:00h 20:00h


Opening Concert at RICH MIX Old Apparatus, Live AV Svarte Greiner, Live AV Jacaszek, Live -


Live at XOYO Illum Sphere, Live AV Carsten Klemann, DJ set Jon Hopkins, Live AV with Dan Tombs Pantha Du Prince, Live AV surprise guest DJ Andy Stott, Live Max Cooper, Live -

Live at HEARN STREET WAREHOUSE Emtpyset, Live AV Kangding Ray, Live AV Anstam, Live Truss, Dj Set Jennifer Cardini, DJ Set Matthew Dear, DJ Set

19:00h 20:00h


21:00h 22:00h


23:00h 00:00h 01:00h 02:00h







Alpha-ville 2011





DIY Workshops, Performances & Speaker Corner Presentations Location: Netil House Innovation Space

Friday 23rd

Saturday 24th

Sunday 25th 11:00h

11:00h Grey Matter Man Bartlett (performance/interactive installation)



12:00h -

Your Community, Your Movie in 30 Minutes (Space Studios) Networked Cities Fabian Neuhaus (Speakers Corner) -

13:00h 14:00h -

Sound Clinic, Soundcloud David Adams (DIY Workshop) -




Live Green Screen Compositing With Isadora In the Picture (DIY Workshop)



Hybrid platforms and Social TV: The extension of Disbelief Alexandra Wall (Speakers Corner) Biosynthesizer - Ka5 (Ka Fai Choy) & Mark McKeague (Performance) Design a successful Brand Identity and Marketing Strategy Mark Knight (Workshop) VJ London Meet-Up - HARAJUKU ZOO Presentation - SUPER PIKIX vs WALKABOUT Projection (Workshop)

17:00h 18:00h -


Wonderful Little Creatures with S. Willis & A. Natalizia (Performance) Patch Slam V4 Lab (Performance)

Wonderful Little Creatures with S. Willis & A. Natalizia (Performance Patch Slam V4 Lab (Performance)

Every Day Play Katy Beale (Live Prototyping Drop-In Workshop) A hands-on drop-in session for all ages

Your Community, Your Movie in 30 Minutes (Space Studios)

Make Music Workshop (Space Studios)


Presentation of Mobile app with Stephen O’Reilly - Mobile Roadie (Speakers Corner) -


Biosynthesizer - Ka5 (Ka Fai Choy) & Mark McKeague (Performance) Addressing Memory Failure – Archiving the UK Web by Helen Hockx-Yu (Speakers Corner) -


Create a Successful Social Media Strategy in 30 minutes Ben Romberg (Workshop) Digital Fab Webinar Marius Watz (Skype Presentation)


Patch Slam V4 Lab (Performance)



16:00h 17:00h 18:00h -


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Programme of events and calendar.