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National Women's History Month This is a month which speaks to my very core, and it should resonate with distinct importance to all women. As women, this month serves as an occasion to reflect on where we have been, what we are doing, and where we are going. It is a time when we also recognize that it will take a collective effort to get us there. Whether it is the passage of the Lily Ledbetter Act for equal pay for equal work, the largest number of Congress women elected in the history of this country, or the right of women to now fight in the front lines during battles, the same as their male counterparts, we have seen great advances for women in the workplace recently. Perhaps a more telling sign of some of the progress being made is to look at the most recent Forbes survey of the world’s 20 most powerful women, which I am proud to say recognized the leadership of three women from Latin America: Dilma Rousseff, President of Brazil, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner President of Argentina, and Maria das Graças Silva Foster CEO of Petrobras-Petróleo, Brazil. These recognitions make me think of a couple of things. What are the things we celebrate and more importantly, what are the things we should be celebrating? To answer these questions requires a brief background of the origins of National Women’s History Month. National Women's History Month has its roots in International Women's Day, originally marked on March 8th every year. The focus of celebrations ranges from a general celebration of respect, appreciation and love towards women to a celebration for women's economic, political and social achievements.

As a community, we need to begin with families instilling in their daughters the “you will do great things” mind set.

Statistics tell us that women make up over half of America's labor force, as of 2012 there are now 20 Fortune 500 companies and 40 Fortune 1000 companies that have women CEOs or Presidents. These numbers represent modest improvements from previous years but there is much more work to be done. As a community, we need to begin with families instilling in their daughters the “you will do great things” mind set. Then we must demand that our educational system address educational gaps in the minority communities, by increasing the number of school hours and resources, mitigating the dropout rate of our children. We at ALPFA will continue to play a critical role in the leadership development of our Latina members.We will continue to connect them with a wealth of experience provided by our more seasoned members and corporate partners who are all passionate and committed to narrowing the Latina leadership gap. We will further expand our coaching, mentoring, and leadership development programs and continue to convene events bringing together Latinas and opportunity in order to build a brighter future. Our National Women of ALPFA program is one of my top priorities and its leaders are building upon the unprecedented success of last year’s city tour which left many members wanting more! Along the same vein, we have the ALPFA Institute’s Center for Women’s Leadership which is focused on empowering Latina and multicultural women to realize their full potential as authentic leaders.The reality is that there are still too few Latinas in top leadership roles, underscoring the continued importance and relevance of ALPFA. We exist to facilitate, empower, energize and ultimately help us capitalize on these opportunities for Latinas. We need to do more, so my challenge for all of us in this month of celebration is to do more than just celebrate. We need to act. Specifically, hire a Latina into a leadership position, inspire a Latina to go to college or, if there, help her to succeed. At work, help Latinas get noticed and promoted, become a mentor or better yet become her sponsor. Do what is in your power to close the leadership gap and celebrate this National Women’s History Month by making a meaningful contribution to advance Latina leadership through your power of influence.


ALPFA National Board Yvonne Garcia President Gabriel Rodriguez, Jr., CPA Vice President Hector V. Perez, CPA Immediate Past President Adriana Rojas Secretary Nerelys Ortiz, CPA Treasurer Patricia Ballesteros Director Rick Cerda Director Russell Esquivel, Jr. Director Paul Francisco Director Victor Garcia Director Reynaldo Gonzalez Director Suzette Longfellow, CPA Director Kaplan Mobray Director Avec O’Brien Director Erika Rodriguez Director Kristen Sanchez Director Daniel Villao Director ALPFA National Manny Espinoza, CEO ALPFA Corporate Advisory Board Edgar A. Morales, Jr. Pinnacle Insurance & Financial Services LLC Joseph Kosinski Abbott Frank A. Rodriguez Corporate Creations Carlos Perez John Zamora Deloitte LLP Ken Bouyer Oscar Suarez Ernst & Young Dr. Sharon Lassar University of Denver Joe Mella Goldman Sachs Mark D. Settles Gardner Rich, LLC. Louis Miramontes Kathy Hannan KPMG, LLP Dennis Langwell Liberty Mutual Tommy Shi Mercedes Benz, USA Juan Roberto Job New York Life Insurance Company Niloufar Molavi Chris Simmons PwC Toni Riccardi The Conference Board Frances Garcia U.S. Government Accountability Office Gilbert Vasquez Vasquez & Company LLP Steve Whaley Walmart Eugene Campbell Walt Disney Parks & Resorts




Volunteering with ALPFA As some of you may know, April 21-27 is National Volunteer Week.


Established in 1974, National Volunteer Week is a time to celebrate


people doing extraordinary things through service. For ALPFA, this is

Building Latino Business Leaders

especially relevant as our volunteers have been a crucial element in

Who Is ALPFA? ALPFA is a national nonprofit membership organization for Latino business professionals and students. ALPFA is dedicated to enhancing opportunities for Latinos in business, accounting, finance and related professions. ALPFA is the proud successor of AAHCPA(American Association of Hispanic Certified Public Accountants) founded in 1972. In 2001, the name was changed to ALPFA (Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting) to expand the reach of the organization. In 2009, the tag line was officially removed to reflect the broader make-up of ALPFA members including all business professionals. Today, with a nationwide network of professional and student chapters, and over 22,000 members, ALPFA stands for an organization committed to creating leaders, opportunities and more diversity and will continually work to ensure the association stays relevant and adds value to its members, community and corporate partners.

our success. As we have grown from 1,000 to 22,000 members, ALPFA volunteers have extended our resources, impact and connectivity and allowed us to keep reaching for what some may see as impossible. ALPFA is comprised of members who build and develop themselves while giving back to ALPFA, and they demonstrate the impact an individual can have on an organization when they give of their time, talent and resources. Volunteering is also a terrific way to build and develop yourself as a leader. There are many ways to volunteer within ALPFA but the most prominent is to serve on a local chapter board. Like any Board role, service to ALPFA is completely voluntary and requires a commitment of time and a willingness to lend your skills and thought leadership to serve others. If you have been considering taking on a volunteer role at the committee or Board level, I encourage you to do it. Volunteering can give you visibility and exposure in addition to

Volunteering with ALPFA differs from volunteering elsewhere because it offers you an experiential learning environment that can benefit you professionally.


ALPFA is the premier business organization for expanding opportunities for Latino leadership in the global market.


ALPFA creates opportunities, adds value, builds relationships for its members, the community and its business partners while expanding Latino leadership in the global workforce.

SHARED VALUES Professional Growth Integrity Culture Relationship Building Service Inclusiveness Teamwork

NATIONAL HEADQUARTERS 801 S. Grand Avenue Suite 650 Los Angeles, CA 90017 (213) 243-0004


being an effective learning opportunity and chance to do something positive for others. Volunteering with ALPFA differs from volunteering elsewhere because it offers you an experiential learning environment that can benefit you professionally. By allowing our members

a chance to develop and expand soft skills outside the workplace or classroom, younger professionals and student leaders can use their volunteer experience with ALPFA to develop their project management, public speaking and team building skills. More seasoned professionals can hone their business development skills and build on their existing brand furthering their executive presence. Our organizational structure also allows for the development of informal mentorship relationships especially in the professional chapters where younger professionals can work closely with more seasoned business leaders. Did you know that several staff members began their ALPFA involvement as members and volunteers at our local chapters? The skills and leadership they developed, and their ability to set themselves apart at the chapter level, have made them excellent team members for ALPFA. As I visit with our chapters, I am always happy to meet our volunteer leaders so I can thank them for their service in person. With all the possible volunteer options available, the fact that so many of you have chosen to give your time to ALPFA and continue to do so year after year is especially meaningful. I also have the pleasure of having seen so many of our chapter leaders grow and develop over the course of their volunteer service. It is a testament to ALPFA’s mission each and every time I see a local chapter volunteer become a leader on our national stage. I thank you and hope you will join me in celebrating our volunteers and their leadership contributions during National Volunteer Week. Sincerely, Manny Espinoza


Visit our online National Career Center, FREE to members! Members can log on using their ALPFA user name and password to • view job postings • update your profile • upload a resume with the option to make public/private • apply for jobs and more! Have a job posting? Consider the ALPFA Career Center – visited by members daily, and giving your job nationwide visibility to our talented members! Don’t forget to visit the Career Resources which continues to provide career-building resources such as articles, resume tips and salary guides through ALPFA’s national partnership with Robert Half International.

Visit Today! Under the Professionals Tab



How to Become the Best Boss You Can Be By Robert Half International, Inc. In your efforts to refine your managerial skills, don’t aim for perfection or try to imitate someone else’s style. Instead, determine how you might become an even better version of the boss you already are. Here are some strategies to try:

Lead by Example If you want your employees to work hard and push themselves to excel, you must be willing to do the same. Set high standards for performance and hold yourself to them. Be an example in terms of time management, client service and creative approaches to problem solving. Set a professional tone by treating everyone — your peers, staff members, customers and vendors — with equal respect and courtesy.

Establish Clear Expectations Make sure your employees understand their individual responsibilities and how they contribute to achieving the firm’s goals. Explain the criteria that you will use for performance evaluations so your team knows what you expect.

Set Your Employees up for Success Although it’s important to challenge your staff and encourage them to acquire new skills, you don’t want to overwhelm them with tasks that could be beyond their current abilities. When delegating tasks or calibrating workloads, analyze skill sets and assign duties accordingly.

Support Professional Growth Take the time to find out each staff member’s career aspirations and motivations, and then find ways to help them achieve these objectives. Share authority and responsibility to give individuals the chance to develop new skills and prepare for more complex roles. Delegating tasks and involving your employees in decision making and planning are other ways to enable them to build their professional skills. Mentor promising employees so they can eventually move into a leadership capacity.

Keep an Open Door Ask your staff to come to you with any problems, and work at becoming a better listener so you can readily identify employees’ concerns, even when they are not stated directly. When employees believe their voice will be heard, they are more likely to perform at their best. And remember that communication goes both ways. Ask your staff to give you timely status reports and feedback about difficulties or challenges they experience.




Give Employees More Autonomy Your responsibility is to provide strategic vision, establish goals, clarify objectives and set expectations. Your main focus is results, not process, so try not to become overly involved in how your employees perform their jobs. Give clear directions and guidance, then step back and allow team members to put their talents to work.

Criticize With Care In a perfect world, your employees would do their jobs flawlessly. But the reality is that they will make mistakes, miss deadlines and forget to tell you about important information. When the time comes to criticize, make it your goal to preserve the individual’s dignity. Meet in private and allow him or her to explain what led to the error. Rather than assigning blame, reframe a mistake or failure as a lesson and focus on what the employee might do differently in the future.

Acknowledge Both Effort and Achievement No matter what their position or level of experience, all professionals appreciate recognition, particularly when they’ve put in extra time or effort. With a single sincere statement (e.g. “you’re doing a great job, and I appreciate your hard work”), you can help your staff sustain productivity and stay on schedule, even during times of peak activity. Sounds simple, but it’s true.

At staff meetings, congratulate individuals and project teams on their accomplishments. But don’t just wait for formal occasions. Spread the word whenever a member of the firm achieves something important. For example when one of your employees attains advanced certification (e.g., CPA, CMA), publicize it in the employee newsletter or on your office’s intranet. Keep in mind that personal milestones are often inspirational and worth acknowledging too. For example, offer congratulations if several of your employees participate in a marathon to raise funds for medical research.

This article is provided courtesy of Robert Half International, parent company of Accountemps, Robert Half Finance & Accounting and Robert Half Management Resources. Robert Half is the world’s first and largest specialized staffing firm placing accounting and finance professionals on a temporary, full-time and project basis. Follow Robert Half on Twitter at





Managing Morale: A Look at Morale Boosters and Busters By Robert Half International, Inc. A large majority (81 percent) of workers polled in a recent Robert Half survey described the morale at their companies as good. While that’s excellent news, maintaining a positive work environment is a job that requires constant attention. Following is an overview of how managers can either help or hurt morale:

Morale Boosters Walk the halls. It’s good to be approachable and maintain an open-door policy, but it’s also important to reach out to employees. Make a point to regularly make the rounds through the office to check in with individual team members. Ask people how they’re doing or if there are any issues you can assist with. Stopping by employees’ desks or having chats at the water cooler can give you some interesting insights. Be observant, taking note not just of what you’re told, but also what you see. Do employees seem focused and happy or tired and stressed out? Remember: You can’t fix morale issues if you don’t know they exist.

Seek honest input. There are more formal ways to gauge morale that also work well. Periodically solicit feedback from your entire staff. Address topics ranging from whether they have all the necessary tools to do their jobs to how the firm can streamline efficiencies or improve the work environment. The survey process alone can lift morale because it shows employees you value their opinions and job satisfaction. Just be sure to respond to the feedback and suggestions you receive.

Keep staff looped in. Here’s a good communication guideline to follow: Share as much as you can, as soon as you can. Consistently relaying positive — and negative — news builds an atmosphere of trust and forestalls misunderstandings. For example, if a key account has been won or lost, let your employees know before they hear it through the gossip grapevine. Likewise, keep your team apprised of how the organization is faring financially, and explain how their daily work contributes to the bottom line. When change is on the horizon, shed light on your thought processes so employees understand the logic behind big decisions and how they could personally be impacted.

Consider the insiders first. Did a job within your firm or department just open up? You might not have to look far to fill the position because the best candidate could already be on your payroll. Consider rewarding dedicated existing employees with promotions rather than hiring outsiders, whenever possible. When up-and-coming accounting and finance professionals see that you groom strong performers for advancement, they are far more likely to work harder for you and stay on board longer. Put simply, show loyalty to your staff, and they’ll return the favor.




Morale Busters Failing to trust your team. A major downside of caring deeply about your job is that it can lead bosses to micromanage. Over time, micromanagement sends the message you lack faith in your employees’ abilities, which can be dispiriting. Instead, give team members the freedom to take ownership of their assignments, put a personal stamp on their work and, yes, even make mistakes. Encourage entrepreneurial thinking and calculated risk-taking. Empowered employees are often more accountable, engaged and resourceful than those who merely go through the motions of following the boss’ orders.

Not paying adequate attention to the hiring process. Making a bad hire drains time, money and resources, but it also damages staff enthusiasm, according to another Robert Half survey. Ninety-five percent of executives said a poor hiring decision negatively impacts team morale. Protect yourself and your employees by devoting significant time and care to the hiring process upfront so you don’t end up having to quickly repeat the costly exercise. Assess your big-picture needs and plan carefully. You’re not just filling a desk; you’re looking for someone who’ll fit in with your team, and provide the right skills to help address both immediate and future needs.

Criticizing without care. Delivering negative feedback to direct reports isn’t always easy, but it’s a necessary part of your job. The key is to offer criticism that’s constructive, not corrosive. When workers feel disrespected by harsh words, unfairly blamed or publicly embarrassed, it can be very difficult to undo the damage. When you experience a strong emotional response to an employee error, take a moment to collect yourself. Wait until you’re calm enough to deliver measured feedback. Then, emphasize facts instead of feelings, listen to the staffer’s side of the story, and offer suggestions that’ll help the individual either fix the problem or keep something similar from happening again.

Assuming employees know they’re appreciated. When balancing a multitude of high-priority projects, time-strapped supervisors can get so caught up in their work that they forget to express gratitude. But seeds of discontent take root when employees feel like they’re being taken for granted. No matter how busy you are, pause to offer appreciation for jobs well done. Sincere and timely praise — whether it comes in the form of a public pat on the back, a handwritten note or a simple “thank you,” — can be a powerful motivator. (And it costs nothing.) Your recognition and positive reinforcement will provide an emotional lift and give employees incentive to continue giving it their all.

Finally, always remember that it’s you who sets the tone.Your team will follow your lead so do your best to display an upbeat demeanor and optimistic outlook, even during difficult days. In short, build a positive and team-minded culture by modeling the behaviors you want to see from your staff. This article is provided courtesy of Robert Half International, parent company of Accountemps, Robert Half Finance & Accounting and Robert Half Management Resources. Robert Half is the world’s first and largest specialized staffing firm placing accounting and finance professionals on a temporary, full-time and project basis. Follow Robert Half on Twitter at





ALPFA Boston Hosts Inaugural ALPFA Law Summit On Wednesday March 6, 2013, ALPFA Boston hosted its Inaugural ALPFA Law Summit entitled “Disruptive Technologies: The Future of Innovation & Global Competitiveness” at Deloitte LLP. An audience of approximately 150 attorneys, business leaders, industry professionals and students enjoyed presentations by diverse industry experts from biotech, robotics, higher education, 3D printing technologies, and law, highlighting how disruptive technologies have driven capital growth, spurred innovation, and dramatically changed the way we live and work. The event was emceed by Patricia Resende, Editor of Mass High Tech and opened with Dr. Marc Meyer, Co-Founder of startups, including: VentureCom, Sentillion, and Actustream. Dr. Meyer presented an overview of disruptive technologies and disruptive solutions, showing examples of how businesses have capitalized on low tech and high tech innovations - from monogrammed M&Ms to cloud computing. Dr. Susan WindhamBannister, President & CEO at Massachusetts Life Sciences Center shared the life changing innovations in medicine and healthcare, and how organizations are using these technologies to transform the face of global health care. Dr. Martin Buehler, Vice President at Vecna Technologies Inc., and former Director of Research iRobot Corp. entertained the audience with the evolution of robots from R2D2 to the sleek designs of self-operated vacuums. He explained how robots have transformed modern industry by replacing manual laborers with droids. Dr. William M. Gribbons, Director and Founder of the Design & Usability Center at Bentley University then highlighted the importance of usability of technologies, and explained that innovation is thinking outside the box. He noted that successful technologies, such as the IPhone, were developed with great attention to how human factors and technology interact to deliver an unmet human need. Then Scott Harmon, Vice President at 3D Systems Corp., wowed the audience with his bite-size 3D printer which brings digital crafts to life right before your eyes. The crowd gasped when he told the story of two men who created a 3D pen called 3Doodler. The creators of the 3Doodler, raised millions of dollars, with zero financing, zero capital contributions and with only one prototype. Last, but not least, Jonathan Lourie, Partner at the law firm of Edwards Wildman closed with a powerful review of the how these technologies are impacting individuals and businesses, and the need for our laws and policies to react faster and adapt to a rapidly changing environment. ALPFA Boston’s Inaugural Law Summit was a resounding success and would not have been possible without the support of our Host Sponsor, Deloitte LLP, our Media Partner, Mass High Tech, our corporate partner Baystate Financial and our law partners, McCarter & English, Bingham McCutchen, Choate Hall & Stewart, Edwards Wildman, and Holland & Knight.





ALPFA Austin Chapter Hosts Successful Kick-off Event On February 27th, the ALPFA Austin Chapter hosted “Beyond Networking Opportunities” their kick-off mixer in partnership with Wells Fargo Bank. This event attracted a record number of attendees. The keynote speaker was Kathy Bolner, Wells Fargo area President for the Austin South/Hill Country West. Bolner talked about the importance of finding one’s passion and getting involved with organizations that support that passion. She also highlighted the need to close the loop by following up with new contacts made when attending a networking event. Anna Sanchez, Business Banker Manager and Theresa Alvarez, Community Development Officer also gave their testimonials about how being involved in the community has impacted their careers, taking them to leadership positions within Wells Fargo and various community boards. “Beyond Networking Opportunities” was an example of collaboration between ALPFA and other professional organizations, such as the Hispanic Women’s Network of Texas, National Society of Hispanic MBAs, Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, and Leadership Austin, who all got an opportunity to introduce their organizations. The event highlighted the fact that belonging to an organization has benefits such as expanding your network, developing your circle of influence and leadership skills, marketing your business, creating a career path and attending professional development events. The night was also an excellent recruitment opportunity for the chapter.







“Advancing Latina Leaders Through the Power of Influence”





Embracing the Evolution Phase:

Transitioning From a Student Into a High-Performing Business Leader

Regional Student Symposium Company Sponsors




Southeast Regional Student Symposium The Miami Dade College ALPFA chapter assisted the professional ALPFA Miami chapter the Annual Student Symposium.The event included a Student Leader Networking Reception that allowed various chapter officers to interact and build new connections with various recruiters from companies such as AIG, Prudential, and McGladrey. The event attracted nearly 100 students and several corporate sponors. “When I spoke to Gene Falcon before his workshop session, he opened my eyes to the reality that being passionate about your career and loving what you do is critical to success. He pointed out that we are still young and there is still the opportunity to branch out and explore our interests because of ALPFA and the opportunities they offer the members.” – Jose Ortiz, ALPFA MDC Chapter President.

“Attending the symposium opened my eyes to the importance of networking and establishing an image for yourself. It taught me the importance of a good resume.” – Andres Banasco, ALPFA MDC Member.

“The AIG workshop helped me realize how important it was to keep your resume updated, structured, and formatted to depict the best image of myself. It is a key component to personal branding among future employers and should not be underestimated.” – Andrea Garcia, Vice President of Public Relations, ALPFA MDC.





Western Regional Student Symposium California State University, Los Angeles had the opportunity to host the Western Regional Student Symposium. It took place on February 9, 2013 and began with a breakfast followed up by a leadership panel comprised of students and professionals from JP Morgan, Ernst & Young and Deloitte. There were diverse work shops focusing on professional development to prepare students to become tomorrow’s corporate America leaders. The keynote speakers were Jess B. Penilla from Crowe Horwath, LLP and Sandra Pierre from ALPFA National which presented useful and important information for career decisions. The career fair included Deloitte, Life Technologies, Robert Half, Liberty Mutual and California State Auditor. Student chapters find this to be a great opportunity to network with other leaders and western regional chapters. Events similar to these allow students to enhance leadership skills. Students become aware of the opportunities provided exclusively for them while being part of the great organization of ALPFA. ALPFA rolls out the red carpet for its members by providing successful speakers in their respective industries. This allows members to have an inside into the business aspect and a successful roadmap for their careers. It provides student chapters the opportunity to share advice and tips on how to improve their student chapters. This year, ALPFA organized a Student leader networking reception gathering prior to the Symposium. The board members from each student charter had the privilege to network face to face. Board members contributed helpful tips on how to make their student chapters superior. At ALPFA it is about coming together as a family and making the people around us better each and everyday.




Northeast Regional Student Symposium This year’s Northeast Regional Student Symposium was hosted in New York by JPMorgan Chase & Co. Over 200 students assembled, from five chapters representing 37 colleges/universities, to interact with professionals and further their knowledge on several aspects of obtaining a career within business. This event would not have been possible without the support of Don Perez and Carlos Monteagudo as well as dedicated Adelante and NY volunteers. Janet Rodriguez, ALPFA NY VP of Student Development, started the program by encouraging the audience to take advantage of National programming, like the Regional Student Symposium and the National Convention, to connect with fellow students as well as professionals from outside of their local chapter and reap the benefits of being a part of a national professional association. Pamela Ravare-Browne, ALPFA National COO, gave some eye opening statistics about diversity within business, which had several students inspired and proud to be taking the right steps in building a strong foundation for their careers by being active members. The leadership panel moderated by Juan Adorno, ALPFA NY VP of Student Membership, consisted of individuals from the CIA, Travelers, Bank of America as well as a student chapter leader/intern and mainly focused on the steps they took to transition into a professional. The keynote speaker Manny Raffo, Executive Director at JPMorgan Chase & Co., provided key insights like ‘be flexible’ and ‘having a second language is an asset in the business world’. We would like to thank AIG, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase & Co., KPMG and Macy’s for hosting enlightening and informative workshops as well as our career fair participants: CIA, FDIC, Federal Reserve Bank of NY, FreshGrad, HACU, Liberty Mutual, New York Life, SEO and Travelers. The next Regional Student Symposium: Northeast will be this Fall in Boston, MA.





ALPFA Cares and the National Academy Foundation Partnership Event ALPFA Cares and the National Academy Foundation (NAF) have partnered to inspire leadership through knowledge-sharing, informal mentoring and role modeling to high-school students in local communities. NAF is a leader in the movement to prepare young people for college and career success. For 30 years, NAF has refined a proven educational model which includes industry-focused curricula, work-based learning experiences, and business partner expertise. Through this partnership, ALPFA’s members have opportunities to make a positive impact on the education and career choices of high school students across the country. The partnership launched successfully last year in Dallas, Los Angeles and Miami with the creation of ALPFA Junior Chapters. ALPFA chapters continue to demonstrate their commitment to ALPFA Cares with increased interest in exploring opportunities in Boston, Denver, DC, Michigan, New Jersey, San Francisco and Tampa. In addition, the New York Chapter is making great strides with their involvement at Manhattan Bridges High School (MBHS), one of the few bilingual high schools in NYC. Nadia Torres, ALPFA NY - VP of WoA and ALPFA Cares, and Michael Martin, ALPFA Cares Committee Member, began fostering a relationship with the school last year. Their objective was to have school administration understand the value of ALPFA as well as what role ALPFA can play in helping them achieve their mission of preparing students to pursue higher education. To firmly grasp the needs and goals of the school, Michael Martin has been attending MBHS’ monthly board of directors meetings. The chapter’s first interaction with students was as speakers for their Career Day and a few weeks later they hosted a meet & greet with the graduating seniors where ALPFA professionals and student leaders shared their college experiences. The next planned event will be ‘My ALPFA Story’; a panel discussion focused on how ALPFA has contributed to the panelists’ college and career success.




Boston Discusses Career Opportunities in Mission-driven Organizations On March 21, 2013, ALPFA Boston’s Career Connections and ALPFA Cares programs partnered with Harvard University to host a panel entitled “Careers in Mission-driven Organizations: Elevate Your Career and Make an Impact!” Approximately 70 professionals and students enjoyed an engaging panel discussion among five not-for-profit executives from diverse backgrounds and organizations. Panelists included Maureen Alphonse-Charles (Senior Director of Executive Talent Acquisition at City Year), Aviva Argote (Executive Director of Harvard University’s Houser Center for Nonprofit Organizations), Oswald Mondejar (Vice President of Human Resources & Community Relations at Partners Continuing Care), Jesse Souweine (Associate Vice President/Finance Director in the Office of Financial Strategy and Planning at Harvard University) and Sue Dahling Sullivan (Chief of Staff/Chief Strategic Officer at Citi Performing Arts Center). With over 10 million jobs in traditional non-profit organizations throughout the United States and Non-profits’ increasing appetite for employees with business savvy, the goal of the panel was to expose ALPFA Boston members to the opportunities and challenges of mission-driven careers.Topics covered included myths and misconceptions about mission-driven careers, transferable skills valuable in both private and not-for-profit sectors, adjustments needed when transitioning from the private to non-profit sector and career opportunities in a diverse sector where organizations may employ from only a few professionals to upwards of 15,000 employees in the case of Harvard University. The Boston Chapter is grateful to Harvard University (its first mission-driven corporate partner) for hosting this intriguing panel and to all panelists who shared their time and expertise with our members.

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– Why B-School? Ask Alums This week, GMAC released the report from its 2013 Alumni Perspectives Survey. More than 4,400 alumni responded, and their feedback indicates that MBA graduates are overwhelmingly pleased with their decision to attend business school.

92% of 2012 graduates were employed 3 months after graduation, up 6% from the 2011 number for graduates surveyed the year prior.

Median salary for 2012 graduates from 2-year MBA programs is $85K in the US and an impressive $105K in Europe. Apparently debt loads that often seem staggering aren't a cause for concern either.

The survey found no correlation between debt load and satisfaction with their graduate program.

50% of respondents with student loan debt reported no concern about repayment; while 33% reported having some concern.

Perhaps most telling, a full 95% of respondents rated their education as good to outstanding, with many extremely pleased at the leadership opportunities and intellectual challenges their work presents.

According to respondents, a graduate degree in management provides a gateway to fantastic employment opportunities, higher salaries, and significant job satisfaction. It's little wonder study in graduate management continues to be highly sought after.

A Graduate Partnership with Passion and Purpose By Melissa Holland - Straddling two worlds… My parents moved to the US from Puerto

in higher education where I have the opportunity to share my story

Neither went to college – in fact, my father

and help others realize personal and professional advancement.

never graduated from high school. We lived in the Bronx, at a time when it was not the new “up and coming” neighborhood in NYC. We were surrounded by drugs and violence. For many that grow up in this environment, Melissa Holland

at a top 50 business school, and am now in the next phase of my career,

Rico in the 1950’s when they were children.

the cycle is hard to break because positive

role models are few and far between. How did I get out? It was through, an incurable desire for a better life, a strong connection to faith and, most importantly, a passion for education.

Early in my career, I learned many lessons the hard way because I did not have a support system such as ALPFA. From minor details, like which fork to use at a formal dinner to understanding cultural nuances such as toning down the volume of my voice or my hand movements (I tend to talk with my hands) in certain situations – looking back, I wish I would have had better advice to prepare me for the financial services sector.

As Latinos/as, we often straddle two worlds –

corporate America which can be very formal and subdued and our rich, colorful Latin heritage. Success is incumbent upon how well we

My connection to faith, which was instilled in me by my grandmother

can assimilate in both worlds, while culling strengths from both

“Mamita,” helped form my moral compass. It is this moral compass

cultures. As a Regional Director at Manchester Business School, I was

that has provided navigation through the challenges and negative

very intentional in choosing to partner with ALPFA because of the

influences that go along with growing up in the inner city. Having this

work ALPFA does to cultivate and prepare student and professional

sort of guide helped me find solace and hope in the future that an

members into Leaders. At Manchester Business School, we strive to

education could provide for me. This guide, coupled with my natural

deliver a global experience and to teach our students how to

instinct for survival translated into a solid work ethic and has driven

successfully interact in a multitude of cultures as business leaders,

me to a successful career in corporate banking. I then pursued an MBA

which is truly aligned with ALPFA’s mission.




ALPFA Hartford and the Connecticut Chapter of the American Society of Women Accountants Partnered Event The ALPFA Hartford and the Connecticut Chapter of the American Society of Women Accountants (ASWA) partnered to host an Estate Planning Seminar. ALPFA and the ASWA have recently formed a National alliance, but working together is not new for ALPFA Hartford. Over the last two years, the organizations have worked together on several joint socials, in conjunction with up to 12 other affinity groups; all which have seen great success (the last boasted over 225 people). Both chapters were excited to partner for a professional development opportunity and, since it was so well received, are planning to work together again in 2013 on a networking event! The presentation offered tips on how to maximize your retirement dollars. The seminar was presented by Todd McGee, an Estate Planning Attorney from Mass Mutual, who discussed the various legal and tax implications of estate planning that should be taken into account when making financial decisions for the future. The event was held at Esca Wine Bar in Middletown, CT and participants enjoyed hot appetizers, a cash bar, and a great networking atmosphere. They were also eligible to receive one Business Law CPE credit for attending this presentation.

Congratulations to Adriana Rojas Garzon from the Boston Chapter for Being Reconized as a Leader in the Law by Lawyers Weekly When Adriana Rojas Garzon joined Bain Capital in 2010, she had her work cut out for her. Although Bain had more than $60 billion in assets under management worldwide, its legal department was not yet fully developed. Rojas saw a need for more structure in securities filing and reporting, and she set about making it happen. Read more about this article at:

ALPFA Seattle 2013 Kick Off Event By Angel Ramirez, ALPFA Seattle VP of Marketing & PR The ALPFA Seattle Chapter hosted its annual Kick Off event at the Columbia Tower. This yearly event gave the Seattle chapter an opportunity to educate attendees about the benefits of partnering and being a member of ALPFA. The 2013 event provided the Chapter a unique opportunity to announce being named as an ALPFA Leading Chapter – an accomplishment that would not be possible without the hard work of our local partners and members! This year, the Kick Off event was sponsored by New York Life, with Nestor Martinez delivering a short keynote address. Nestor discussed his involvement with ALPFA over the years and the importance of New York Life’s relationship with ALPFA. Following the reception was our Kick-off session, which invited future and current ALPFA members to come and learn first-hand about what ALPFA Seattle has accomplished in the past year, and where the chapter is looking to focus for the upcoming year. Guests learned about the importance of being named a Leading Chapter and also about upcoming events the Seattle Chapter had planned for 2013. The evening capped off with a fun raffle for items provided by Nordstrom, which helped raise funds for the ALPFA Seattle Student Convention Aid Fund. We look forward to carrying the excitement and success of 2012 to an even better 2013!





Benefits for All Members •

Nationwide network of events, professional business leaders and career opportunities Online Career Center • Post your resume, search job listings • Industry and career articles

• •

Digital subscription to DiversityInc magazine Members enjoy discounts on selected ALPFA events such as the Annual Convention, chapter events, affiliate program discounts and reduced rates on select professional development resources.

Lifetime Membership •

• •

Recruitment opportunities for employers Continuing professional education courses Digital subscription to ALPFA's National newsletter One-year subscription to HispanicBusiness

Exclusive benefits at the National Annual Convention • VIP registration check-in • ALPFA Lifetime member lapel pin • VIP access areas at select receptions

Professional Development • Opportunity to serve on local/national boards and committees to build leadership and management skills. Engage in presentations and public speaking opportunities

• Recognition at the Leadership Luncheon

• Women of ALPFA Program Provides best in class educational programs and creating opportunities for them to network, demonstrate leadership and influence others.

• Global Leadership Program Focuses on global leadership development to build Latino leadership through pre-professional executive management.


• ALPFA Cares Program Knowledge sharing, informal mentoring and role modeling.


Access to workshops and online resources for GMAT test-preparation material

Access to various graduate degree resources on the ALPFA web page and Impact newsletter

All Member Benefits Plus:

Undergraduate Students: • ALPFA Regional Student Symposiums • Educational workshops • Networking and luncheons

Recognition in ALPFA Impact and website

• Career Fair

MBA and Undergraduate Students

• ALPFA’s Annual Scholarship Program

All Member Benefits Plus:

• Targeted workshops at the Annual Convention

• Discounted membership rate for full-time graduate students • Regional and national scholarship opportunities •

Invitations to graduate school fairs and business visits

• ALPFA/KPMG Case Study Competition Students from over 30 schools compete to solve complex accounting cases and present their findings to KPMG and ALPFA professionals at the Annual Convention.

For membership information visit

CONTACT US National Office 801 South Grand Avenue, Ste. 650 Los Angeles, CA 90017 (213) 243-0004 / Fax: (213) 243-0006 New York Office 55 Broad St., 15th Floor New York, NY 10004 (646) 695-4202 / Fax: (646) 695-4201 Manny Espinoza Chief Executive Officer Los Angeles Pamela Ravare Browne Chief Operating Officer Steve Calderon Chief Financial Officer

Carlos Perez Art Director Carmen Cardenas Director of Student Affairs Josue Dominguez Director of Corporate Development Jason Windscheffel Membership Data Administrator Clare Holzer Accounting Clerk Zitlalic Ley Student Chapters & Membership Cordinator

Zenaida Avelar Mendoza Chief Creative Officer

New York Santiago R. Carmona VP of Corporate Development

Sandra Sanchez Pierre Vice President of Programs

Cindy Saad Director of Corporate Development

Janis Bentley Executive Assistant/ Chapter Relations Coordinator

Jessina Francisco Executive Director, NY Chapter

GENERAL IMPACT INFORMATION ALPFA Impact is published for informational purposes only. Views represented by contributing writers do not necessarily reflect the views of ALPFA. Submission of a story or photo constitutes permission to run but does not guarantee publication. All articles are subject to editing, space availability and modification and publisher has final say in content. Good quality color photos or high resolution digital files are required but, regrettably, cannot be returned. Download our media kit at To submit to the newsletter, email:


Zenaida Mendoza, Chief Editor or Mail CD to: ALPFA Newsletter 801 S. Grand Ave., Ste 650, LA CA 90017

Ariana Simmons Chapter Operations Manager, NY Chapter Jonathan Cifuentes Online Communications Coordinator NY Chapter Ana De La Cruz Administrative Assistant, NY Chapter Boston Radhames Nova Executive Director, Boston Chapter Billy Ayala Chapter Operations Manager, Boston Chapter Chicago Solskin Gomez-Krogh Executive Director, Chicago Chapter Linda Alberty Chapter Operations Manager, Chicago Washington D.C. Anita Nuñez Director of Corporate Development

Publication Trim Size: 8.5 x 11 Full Page: 8 x 10 Full Page with bleed: 8.75 x 11.25 Half Page Trim Size: 3.875h x 5w Quarter Page Trim Size: 4.875h x 3.875w Digital Files: Must be CMYK or Grayscale, 300 dpi files.

SUPPORTED APPLICATIONS Quark Xpress, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Acrobat. SUPPORTED FILE TYPES: EPS, PDF, TIF


Next Deadline (subject to change) Summer Issue 2013 Materials Deadline: Friday, May 17 Advertising space must be reserved by May 3 ALPFA cannot be held responsible for the quality of

ALPFA Institute Suri Surinder Chief Operating Officer Anita Gonzalez Associate VP of Advisory Services Dr. Theres W. Stiefer Vice President of Thought Leadership & Director of Executive Education Dr. Greg Fike Associate Vice-President - Center for Diversity & Inclusion James Lascano Director of Operations Jane Burleson Executive Assistant and Operations Coordinator Jackie Sandoval Finance Manager Lori Ingraham Office Manager

reproduction if these specifications are not adhered to. Ads and article submissions received after deadline may not publish in the desired issue. ALPFA will not be held responsible for changes the Production department must make in an ad that is inadequate or fails to adhere to the Digital Ad Specifications. ALPFA is not liable for the final output if no Contact Proof / Fax is supplied for reference.


ALPFA 41st Annual Convention Registration August 3-7, 2013 • Washington D.C.

Building Latino Business Leaders

Join us as we move to our nation’s capital to host our 41st convention. With a backdrop of history and leadership, our 2013 Annual Convention in Washington D.C. will be filled with events, opportunities and the excitement only ALPFA can bring.

Registration Includes

Good till 9.30.12 Convention Rate

Luncheons Workshops WOA Events Product Pavilion Social Events and Receptions Career Fair/University Forum ALPFA Awards Gala Dinner

Member Non-Member Students

10.1.12 - 12.31.12 1.01.13 - 5.31.13 Early Early Early Registration Registration Rate Rate

$ 700 $ 900

$ 800 $ 1000

$ 1000 $ 1200

$ 1250 $ 1450

$ 600

$ 650

$ 200 $ 250

Student, Non-Member *Guest Pass Rates

After 5.31.13 Regular Rate

$ 500

$ 550

Packages DO NOT include airfare or hotel accommodations.

* Guest refers to a spouse, significant other or personal friend, NOT a business associate, staff colleague or fellow student. Valid for all Convention receptions, luncheons and gala. Does not include workshops.

Join ALPFA today and enjoy the member rates for the 2013 Convention! Go to to sign up today!

You can also include your membership with your convention registration.

Please check off your purchases: Membership ____ Professional ($120.00 per year / $300 3 yrs. / $1,200.00 Lifetime)

____ Student ($20.00)

______ Graduate student ($30.00)

Convention Full Registration ____ Professional Member ____ Professional Non-Member ____ Student Member ____ Student Non-Member Total To Be Charged: __________ Mr./Mrs./Ms.



Company Student School Address



Phone 2





Chapter Payment Method (mark one): Credit card:

___ Visa

___ MC

___ AmEx

___ Check Payable to ALPFA

Credit Card Number

Expiration Date



Mail this form with payment to: ALPFA National • 801 South Grand Avenue, Suite 650 • Los Angeles, California 90017-4646 If paying with credit card, you may also fax this form to 213.243.0006. For questions about registration, please call 213.243.0004 or visit Convention Refund Policy: Full refunds less a $60.00 administration fee ($40.00 for students) will be issued upon written request if received by June 30, 2013. After this date, no refunds will be issued; amount will be used as a credit toward future convention.




801 South Grand Avenue, Suite 650 Los Angeles, CA 90017 RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED

SECURING A SEAT AT THE TABLE OF SUCCESS ALPFA 41st Annual Convention Registration August 3-7, 2013 • Washington D.C.

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