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Follow and Connect with ALPFA! ALPFA is on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Follow us to find out the latest news and connect with other members For more information visit us at:


Where Do We Go From Here? ALPFA is the largest Latino Professional Organization in the country. So where do we go from here? As we get closer to this year’s convention, it’s is an appropriate time to reflect on the planning for our largest event of the year but also our next step. As I stated at the 2012 ALPFA Annual

A L P FA ALPFA National Board Yvonne Garcia President Gabriel Rodriguez, Jr., CPA Vice President Hector V. Perez, CPA Immediate Past President Adriana Rojas Secretary

Convention held in Las Vegas, our organization needs to continue to grow. I also

Nerelys Ortiz, CPA Treasurer

said that my presidency will be known for decisive action.We are poised to take

Paul Francisco Treasurer

action towards the implementation of key strategies. These strategies will

Patricia Ballesteros Director

fundamentally reshape ALPFA. Along those lines, I think it is important to think about what it really means to be the largest and best organization. We are the best in comparison to similar organizations. But I do not believe that they should be what define us nor should we limit ourselves to that

Russell Esquivel, Jr. Director Rick Cerda Director

relative benchmark. I believe that the best measure of our success is how well we have delivered on our mission

Victor Garcia Director

to our stakeholders, what value we add to you our members, corporate partners and advisors, and what impact

Suzette Longfellow, CPA Director

we have on the world around us, as we do not live in a vacuum. The world is changing and we must ensure that

Kaplan Mobray Director

we are well positioned to deliver the best in class services and products. While we do great things today, things do not remain static. This is one of the key reasons why we must not just keep pace, but lead. Lead in talent acquisition, lead in leadership development, lead in scope, reach and revenue strength! At our May Board Meeting, we discussed that in order for ALPFA to continue its phenomenal growth, like any high performing organization, it must continue to adapt and improve. I believe we have yet to tap our fullest potential. Together with our members, our corporate partners, our dedicated volunteers and our incredible staff we will move this organization to the next level of excellence and drive to be the best, by our standards of excellence! This concept was at the core of our extensive discussions and meetings with our most trusted and valued advisors. I would like to share some key highlights of what the near term future will look like, as you are an integral part of making ALPFA the best bar none!

Reynaldo Gonzalez Director Avec O’Brien, CPA Director Erika Rodriguez Director Daniel Villao Director ALPFA National Manny Espinoza, CEO ALPFA Corporate Advisory Board Edgar A. Morales, Jr. Pinnacle Insurance & Financial Services LLC Joseph Kosinski Abbott

They are the direction that we need to adapt to remain strong, relevant and deliver exceptional value and they will necessitate the following:

Frank A. Rodriguez Corporate Creations Carlos Perez John Zamora Deloitte LLP Ken Bouyer Oscar Suarez Ernst & Young

• Diligence with our efforts to deliver quantified value with demonstrated return on investment

• Entrepreneurial agility to capitalize and effectively

and making this our way of thinking and operating.

organization, empowering them to act around

Dr. Sharon Lassar University of Denver

strategic decision, operations, etc.

Joe Mella Goldman Sachs

• Embrace and incorporate technology more fully across the entire organization. • Transparency that clearly demonstrate our fidelity to our mission with corresponding impacts and

engage leaders throughout the full spectrum of the

• And the most crucial component we will need in order for the new ALPFA to bloom is sophisticated management tools, keen leadership

Mark D. Settles Gardner Rich, LLC. Louis Miramontes Kathy Hannan KPMG, LLP

throughout the entire organization that will

Dennis Langwell Liberty Mutual

harness all of the assets that we have to

Tommy Shi Mercedes Benz, USA

• Advocacy that better demonstrate the connection

successfully act on our long term strategy and

between our work and the change we inspire in

strengthen our revenues so that we may secure

Niloufar Molavi Chris Simmons PwC

our society.

this organization’s future prosperity.

Alison Quirk State Street Corporation


Toni Riccardi The Conference Board

ALPFA is strong because of you. Now more than ever we will be calling upon you to help us make it even stronger. We have the best talent available anywhere, from the depth of our professional and student members to the industry wisdom of our Corporate Advisory Board, Board, Management Team and committed Corporate Partners. We will actively and more fully engage all to be our “Thought Partners” as primary sources for innovative thinking to help in designing our programs and services while collaboratively creating a better tomorrow for all.

Frances Garcia U.S. Government Accountability Office Gilbert Vasquez Vasquez & Company LLP Steve Whaley Walmart Eugene Campbell Walt Disney Parks & Resorts




ALPFA’s 3 Year Strategy Three years ago in the Spring of 2010, the National Board of Directors together


with the Executive Management Team drafted a 3-year strategy document for


ALPFA. This document detailed goals and expected outcomes for ALPFA’s core operating areas—Membership, Corporate Development, National Programs and Marketing. Here’s an overview of our accomplishments:

Membership: We looked to double national membership in 3 years to 20,000; we achieved this goal in TWO years, and surpassed the goal to over 22,000 in the third. To me, this speaks volumes because it proves that we should always aim high. No one ever rises to low expectations. We wanted to reach 100 student chapters—another significant goal achieved in 2012, ahead of schedule. As studies are showing, Latinos are entering college at rates never seen before and the graduation rates are increasing as well. The future of ALPFA is, in some ways, directly correlated to the success of our student members. For those of you graduating college this year, do not forget to make sure your ALPFA membership ‘graduates’ into the professional ranks as well.

Corporate Development: Revenue growth and diversification were key goals highlighted in our 3-year strategy. As the number of multiyear deals we signed with corporate partners grew, our revenue regained its trend towards consistent growth despite the economic collapse of 2008-2009. On the issue of diversification, we saw dozens of new corporate partners sign on over the past three years. A few of the industries now partnering with ALPFA include Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Government and Media/Entertainment to name a few. We expect this diversification to continue increasing in the coming years.

National Programs: In addition to celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Women of ALPFA program in 2012, there was a deliberate focus to work more closely with the professional chapters and align our programming with the organization’s vision of being the premier professional association for building Latino business leaders. As a result, we saw greater consistency in the delivery of local chapter Summits, the first Women of ALPFA city tour, expansion of the Student Leadership Symposiums and the creation of targeted programming for niche segments of our membership.

Marketing: Greater visibility and exposure was the main objective here. With the establishment of ALPFA’s social media footprint through our presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others, we are reaching our members in new ways and delivering on member requests that we enter this space. We are also introducing ALPFA to people who might not otherwise know of us. The creation of the Latino Leadership blog on our website and guest blogging opportunities on the Huffington Post have helped create a library of thought leadership and content which has drawn increased attention from the media over the past three years. And even as we continue to look ahead, let’s not forget that in a few weeks, we will be at our Annual Convention in DC. I encourage each of you to attend this event, not only because of the work we put into planning it, but because it is an opportunity for you as a member to benefit from the opportunities, access and programming of ALPFA and see first hand how we are continuing to add value and stay relevant. I am looking forward to having our convention in DC and celebrating the successes we’ve accomplished and the individuals committed to our future success through their vision, commitment and leadership. I want to thank each and every one of you for your help in making all these achievements possible. Thank you for all your hard work, commitment and passion day in and day out.There is still much more to do in each area and we will be forward-thinking as we explore new directions for ALPFA to take in order to further our mission and vision.

Building Latino Business Leaders

Who Is ALPFA? ALPFA is a national nonprofit membership organization for Latino business professionals and students. ALPFA is dedicated to enhancing opportunities for Latinos in business, accounting, finance and related professions. ALPFA is the proud successor of AAHCPA(American Association of Hispanic Certified Public Accountants) founded in 1972. In 2001, the name was changed to ALPFA (Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting) to expand the reach of the organization. In 2009, the tag line was officially removed to reflect the broader make-up of ALPFA members including all business professionals. Today, with a nationwide network of professional and student chapters, and over 23,000 members, ALPFA stands for an organization committed to creating leaders, opportunities and more diversity and will continually work to ensure the association stays relevant and adds value to its members, community and corporate partners.


ALPFA is the premier business organization for expanding opportunities for Latino leadership in the global market.


ALPFA creates opportunities, adds value, builds relationships for its members, the community and its business partners while expanding Latino leadership in the global workforce.

SHARED VALUES Professional Growth Integrity Culture Relationship Building Service Inclusiveness Teamwork

NATIONAL HEADQUARTERS 801 S. Grand Avenue Suite 650 Los Angeles, CA 90017 (213) 243-0004 ALPFA IMPACT 7



Careers at Cargill: Discover How We Can Be Better Together “Cargill has a true global view of business. This global reach is an opportunity to be part of something big and to make a difference for many. You will work for a highly ethical and focused company where you are not a number, but part of a big family.” – Guillermo Perez, Business Unit Controller, Cargill Food & Distribution, 18 years of service

Cargill is a unique place to grow your career, your experience and your abilities. Every day, we grow our reputation as a leading international producer of food, agricultural, financial and industrial products and services. Founded in 1865, Cargill is a privately held company and employs 142,000 people in 65 countries with annual revenues in excess of $133 billion. Through innovation, creativity and teamwork, we are transforming entire markets and people’s lives worldwide, and we can have the same impact on your career. With a career at Cargill, here is what you will find:

Ethics and values –

The way we succeed is as important to us as success itself. We all share a caring approach and a sense of

respect and responsibility.

Shared pride – There’s a deep-seated sense of pride within Cargill – about our role in the world and the breadth of influence we have as a business. With expertise that spans food, agriculture, financial and industrial solutions, we know that our impact on the world begins with our actions as individuals.

Your ability to contribute –

With ideas, energy and the ability to build effective relationships, you can make a lasting


Our global reach – Because of our worldwide reach, you’re able to develop far-reaching influence.The ideas, products and services that we share and deliver locally every day touch lives in every corner of the world.

High caliber people –

By working with some of the best

people in their field, you will become one of them. Cargill is full of exceptional people in every field. By developing and promoting a culture of respect, we make sure we learn from each other, achieving more together than we ever could alone.

Personal development –

We will provide

you with the tools, opportunities, and a culture that values and supports employee growth. Making the most of opportunities, however, begins with owning your responsibility for the strength of your network and development plan.

Discover how we can be Better Together at:




The Flexible Staffing Solution: Why and How to Work With Temporary Professionals by Robert Half International

Keen on keeping nimble while containing personnel costs? More and

Robert Half survey of chief financial officers. Seventy-six percent of

more firms are doing just that by staffing their operations with a year-

the more than 450 CFOs interviewed said it’s beneficial to use

round mix of full-time employees and temporary professionals.

temporary workers during employee absences. Nearly as many

The appeal of flexible staffing models — which give businesses greater control over their human resources budgets — was magnified during the Great Recession. The approach has continued to grow in popularity. In fact, 58 percent of employers surveyed for a mid-2011

respondents (72 percent) said contingent staff give their organizations access to specialized skills on an as-needed basis.The same percentage cited maintaining productivity when they aren’t ready to hire full-time as a reason to engage temporary staff.

report by the McKinsey Global Institute said they will hire more

If you’re exploring the idea of utilizing contingent workers on a more

temporary and part-time workers over the next five years.

frequent basis, it pays to know how to maximize their effectiveness

They’ll do so for a wide variety of reasons, according to a recent

and successfully integrate them into your workforce. Consider these best practices:

Don’t Surprise Your Staff Before temporary workers begin, explain to your team why these professionals are being brought in, what work they’ll handle, whom they’ll report to and how long the assignment will last. You don’t want your core personnel to be confused or feel threatened. As such, it’s also smart to provide the rationale behind your decision to bring in reinforcements and explain how their contributions will benefit your firm or department.

Prepare the Work (and Workspace) Temporary workers typically arrive ready to help right out of the gate, but that doesn’t mean some support from you won’t enhance the process. Make sure all the necessary materials, supplies, directories and tech devices are placed ahead of time in the workspaces that contingent employees will occupy. For instance, double-check that the phone and Internet connection works, the computer has all the necessary files, programs and apps, and all logon and password information is readily available. 10 ALPFA IMPACT



Offer a Mini-Orientation Acclimating to a new work environment is tough enough without being left to wander the halls looking for the copy machine or bathroom. Provide a tour of the office and introduce interim staff to the team members they’ll be working with. Set aside time to go over company practices, policies and procedures, particularly if the person will be dealing with confidential information.

Provide Crystal-Clear Directions Temporary professionals can make contributions faster if they know exactly what’s expected from day one. Remember: The lengthier and more complex the assignment, the more effort you’ll need to put into detailing the duties, deadlines and deliverables. Providing written instructions upfront can save time for all parties involved, and help guard against costly miscommunications. Throughout the engagement, maintain an open door policy and periodically check in to answer questions and offer input.

Build the Relationship Do your best to make temporary workers feel part of the team by being friendly and inclusive. Establishing rapport and learning more about the person’s career goals, skills and background isn’t just a nice gesture; you might discover that he or she has abilities and interests that align with your firm’s longer-term needs. Many managers use temporary assignments as a low-risk way to find and evaluate high-potential talent for permanent accounting and finance positions.

Don’t Settle Keep your contacts at the staffing firm apprised of how the workers they provided are doing. Be as specific as possible, particularly if you’re not satisfied with the person’s performance or cultural fit. A reputable staffing firm will listen to your concerns and send a more suitable replacement. At the end of temporary assignments, consider conducting mini exit interviews — a quick version of what you’d ask departing full-time staff. Asking contingent workers for their thoughts on your company’s operations and work environment can yield helpful insights. They are likely to have a unique and unbiased perspective and may feel freer to be more forthcoming than your permanent staff. Their comments can help you fine-tune your temporary staffing plans or make other organizational improvements.

How to Find the Right Staffing Firm Just getting started with flexible staffing? Find the right contingent workers by researching staffing firms that specialize in placing accounting and finance professionals. Select two or three firms to evaluate more closely and arrange meetings with them. Here are five key questions to ask during the discussion:

1. Is your staffing firm well established in the accounting and finance industry? 2. Does your firm have a proven history of success and stability? 3. How are job candidates selected and evaluated? 4. Are references available from clients who’ve used your services? 5. Does your staffing service offer a satisfaction guarantee? This article is provided courtesy of Robert Half, parent company of Accountemps, Robert Half Finance & Accounting and Robert Half Management Resources.Robert Half is the world’s first and largest specialized staffing firm placing accounting and finance professionals on a temporary, full-time and project basis. Follow Robert Half on Twitter at



TOP 10

Reasons to Attend The ALPFA Annual Convention offers a unique experience by providing a forum for professionals and students to learn, network, reconnect and continue to grow the ALPFA family. This 5-day event offers several opportunities to expand your knowledge and sharpen those skills necessary in becoming leaders.


2 3

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT ALPFA will offer numerous workshops designed for professionals and students. Workshops are presented by representatives from Fortune 500 companies. Continued Professional Education (CPE) credit is available for all professional workshops.

CAREER FAIR/ UNIVERSITY EXPO The morning kicks off with a continental breakfast to get you ready to meet and greet nearly 100 sponsoring companies. Learn about career and MBA opportunities, or just expand your network!

NETWORKING LUNCHEONS Three powerful luncheons during the convention: Scholarship Luncheon honoring our scholarship winners,The Leadership Luncheon featuring industry executives in a panel discussion and the Women of ALPFA luncheon that recognizes our Latina leaders.




ALPFA 2013 NATIONAL RAFFLE The winning ticket could score you a brand new 2014 Mercedes-Benz! 2nd Prize: Disneyland Four, 1-day Park Hopper Tickets plus 2 night accommodations at either Park. 3rd Prize: Marriott, 2 night stay at the JW Marriott Desert Springs plus $100 Marriott gift card.

*Models shown as illustration only.

5 6

WOMEN OF ALPFA: Advancing Latina Leaders through the Power of Influence The 2013 WOA program is designed to provide our Latina membership with professional development sessions and networking opportunities where they can learn more about effective leadership through influence, and incorporate influencing techniques in their professional and personal interactions.

EXCITING EVENTS! Karaoke Kick Off Reception We’re bringing back the microphones and energy from Vegas to kick-off the 41st Annual Convention! You’ll have plenty of time to network and get a head start to maximizing your convention experience. PLUS- the shining star of the evening will be invited to enter the ALPFA’s Got Talent Competition!

ALPFA Gala Awards Come dressed to impress and join us as we honor the National Award winners and who knows, you might be a winner too if you’re holding the winning raffle ticket to a Mercedes-Benz and get called LIVE at the dinner! The grand finale will be a sneak peek to what’s in store for next year so prepare yourself for a memorable evening!

Welcome Reception: Red, White, & Bling Join us at the Welcome Reception at the ALPFA Annual Convention as we play tribute to our nation’s colors with a twist! You can wear red, or you can wear white, but style and bling is the theme for the night! And if you were lucky enough to be at last year’s gala, don’t forget to bring your red ticket that was given out-it could be your ticket to China!

7 8

PRODUCT PAVILLION Get a different view of our sponsors, as they showcase the products and services that can help you save money, update your technology, or look better. NEW! This year, we are kicking off the Product Pavilion with the Latino Consumer Insights Panel featuring executive leaders in a wide range of industries. Find out about the strategies companies are using to drive product development, customer loyalty and profits.

ALPFA’s GOT TALENT Last year’s talent show was a great success so we are continuing to showcase the Latino culture through music, song, dance and creative expression.




The convention is a great time to see the ALPFA familia at its best – Many have made lifelong friendships with members from all over the U.S.

VISIT OUR NATION’S CAPITAL Join ALPFA in Washington D.C. – a city of scenic American history. As you attend the Convention make sure to take in what our nation’s capital city has to offer and make the the most of your visit.



2013 ALPFA Convention • August 3-7

SCHEDULE AT - A - GLANCE Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center 201 Waterfront Street National Harbor, MD 20745 (301) 965-2000 For the latest information, visit us at:

Friday, August 2, 2013

Monday, August 5, 2013

3:00PM – 9:00PM


7:00AM – 6:00PM


7:00PM – 9:00PM

Karaoke Kick-Off

7:30AM – 9:30AM

ALPFA Power Breakfast**

8:00 AM – 4:00PM

ALPFA KPMG Case Study Competition**

8:00AM – 12:00PM

Latino Consumer Insights Panel and Product Pavilion

Saturday, August 3, 2013 7:00AM – 6:00PM


9:00AM – 5:00PM

Professional & Student Workshops

8:00AM – 9:30AM

Student Orientation

12:30PM – 2:30PM

ALPFA Scholarship Luncheon

10:00AM – 4:00PM

Professional & Student Workshops

3:00PM – 4:30PM

ALPFA Veteran Panel

6:00PM – 11:00PM

Private Sponsor Receptions**

10:30AM – 12:30PM Deloitte Road Show – Student Program 3:00PM – 5:00PM

ALPFA Chapter Leaders Reception**

5:00PM – 6:00PM

ALPFA Annual Membership Meeting

6:30PM – 8:00PM

ALPFA Welcome Reception

8:00PM – 10:00PM


Sunday, August 4, 2013 7:00AM – 6:00PM


8:00 AM – 4:00PM

ALPFA KPMG Case Study Competition**

8:00 AM – 5:00PM

Professional & Student Workshops

9:00AM – 12:00PM

Women of ALPFA Workshops

12:30PM – 2:30PM

Women of ALPFA Luncheon

3:00PM – 4:30PM

Women of ALPFA Panel Sessions

3:00PM – 5:30PM

ALPFA Ernst & Young Student Leadership Program**

Tuesday, August 6, 2013 7:00AM – 6:00PM


7:00AM – 8:30AM

Lifetime Member Breakfast

7:30AM – 4:00PM

Career Fair & University Expo (Closed 12:30-2:30pm)

12:30PM – 2:30PM

ALPFA Leadership Luncheon

6:00PM – 7:00PM

ALPFA Gala VIP Reception**

6:00PM – 7:00PM

ALPFA Gala Reception

7:00PM – 10:00PM

ALPFA Awards Gala*

10:00PM – 12:00AM Dancing

Wednesday, August 7, 2013 Private ALPFA Meetings

Tuxedo Rentals:

6:00PM – 8:00PM

ALPFA Recognition Reception

8:00PM – 9:30PM

ALPFA’s Got Talent

Sunday – Monday: 10:00AM – 1:00PM

9:30PM – 11:00PM


Tuesday: 9:00AM – 1:00PM

Saturday: 1:00PM – 4:00PM

*Black tie event – tuxedos optional for students. **By invitation only.




Lifetime Members

ALPFA would like to acknowledge its lifetime members. Thank you for your continued support! Dora Maria Abreu Joe Acosta Rosalin Acosta Lindy Agron Zoraya Aguilar Egill Agustsson Maria Alaniz Eloisa Alfonso Scott Allen Sylvia Almanza Greg Almieda Fernando Alonso Edgar Alvarado Alicia Alvarez Ferdinand Alvaro Carlos Amargos Alitza Araiza Esperanza Arana Sandra Aresti Teresa Arnold Raymond Arroyo M. Carolina Avellaneda Billy Ayala Manuel Azuara Diego Baca Ana Baldeon Patricia Ballesteros Andres Baquerizo Roosevelt C Barros Dolores Bautista Marcela Bautista Domingo Belliard Milca Beltre Moroni Bento Rodrigues Violeta Bermudez-Pardo Alfonso Bernon Kathryn Birkhead Andrew Boccio Patricia Boshuizen Allen Boston Ken Bouyer Marletta Boyd Holger Briones Michael Brodsky Adriana Burnett Brigette Bustos Jorge Caballero Yesenia Cabrera Jacqueline Caceres Carlos Calderon Eugene Campbell Fabio Campos Jose Campos Gloria Cano Nora Cano Tijerina


Jose Cantero Michael Cardenas Santiago Carmona Christopher Cary Karen Casa Maria Castanon-Moats Alfredo Cepero Rick Cerda Vincent Chapa Amanda Chavez Karina Chavez Jonathan Cifuentes Kevin Cifuentes Isalys Claudio Valerie Colimon Yovani Colon Gerena Lissette Contes Maria Contreras-Sweet Antonio Corona Susana Corona Andreas Coumides Joanna Couto Jovan Cruz Juan Cruz Roger Cude Javier Cuellar Nadya Cueto Anthony Curtis Joneil Custodio Marcos Cuzco Adam D'Angelo George de Cervantes Sergio De la Fe Gabriel de la Rosa Bradley Deckert Paul DeJesus Maribel DeLaRosa David G. Delgado Alberto Dent Sybil L Desangles Fernando Diaz Stefanie Diaz Maria Diaz Velazquez Elizabeth Diep Margaret Dillon Linda Doubrava Bill Driscoll John Dudley Ingrid Eckstein Elena Einstein Alejandro Escalante Lupita Espinoza Manny Espinoza Brian Estiz Paul Estrada

Luis J. Fabiani Gene Falcon George Famalett Pablo Federico Joseph Fernandez Manuel Fernandez Roseana Fernandez Gary Ferrier Alberto Flores Greg Flores Julio Flores Paola Flores Carriea Flowers Melvin Flowers Terry Follmer Erby L. Foster Jr. Brett Friedman Isaac Gaona Benjamin Garcia Bernardo Garcia Catherine Garcia Daniel Garcia Frances Garcia Jose Garcia Marisa Garcia Michael Garcia Rafael Garcia Ray R. Garcia Roberto Garcia Sean Garcia Victor Garcia Yvonne Garcia Zulema Garcia Alejandro Garcia-Amaya Eduardo Garza Mora Tanya Garzon Muhammad Gigani Swapna Gigani Elana Givens Hubert Glover Pedro Goitia Claudia Gomez Solskin Gomez-Krogh Gustavo Gonzales Victor Gonzales Anita Gonzalez Ray Gonzalez Steven Gonzalez Yaneth Gonzalez Phyllis Griego Keller Michael Griffith Camilo Guerra Luis Guerrero Manuel Guerrero Stacey Guillen

Danerys Gutierrez Julio Guzman Lorraine Guzman Luis Guzman-Barron Lori Hammond David Harrison Taylor Hawes John Hernandez Jose Hernandez Robert Hernandez Conrad Herrera Mayra Herrera Marcos Hidalgo Angel Hinojosa Bavan Holloway Paul Horace Rafael Hurtado Pablo Ismael Cynthia Izzo Felix Jimenez Fernando Jimenez German Jimenez Mabel Jimenez Peter Jimenez Juan Roberto Job Natasha Johnson Kimberly Jones Letyushka Juan Leyla Kafie Galicia Matt Kapszukiewicz Chris Kleckner David Kopsch Paola Korlaske Joseph Kosinski Eugene Kublanov Dennis Langwell James Lascano Sharon Lassar Lisandra Lassen Nathalie Laureano Wayne Lee Margarita Maria Lenk Graciela Londono Suzette Longfellow Ascension Lopez Helen Lopez Helio Lopez Jackie Lopez Luis Lopez Maria Lopez Tracie Lopez Cesar Lostaunau Javier Luevano Christopher Lui Dianne Lystlund

Pablo Machado LeRoy Macias Sampheas Mak Oscar Malcolm Dominic Maldonado Janet Maldonado Sonia Manzur Jill Maradiaga Camille Marcos Robert Marquez Viola Marshall Adan Martinez Amber Martinez Elizabeth Martinez Eric Martinez Juan Martinez Laura Martinez Luis Pedro Martinez Roxanne Martinez Martha Maugh Malik McCluskey Cherrie McCoy Adriana McKinnis Aric McKinnis Gualberto Medina Diva Mejias Joe Mella James Melucci Sergio Menacho Steven Mendez Lucia Mendoza Zenaida Mendoza Bruce Mills Louis Miramontes Kaplan Mobray Niloufar Molavi Nancy Molina Arianna Monserrat Faustino Montero Denisse Montoya Henry Montoya Edgar Morales Juan Carlos Morales Angel Morales Lebron Ricardo Moreno Elizabeth Mossad Manuel Munguia John Murillo Carolyn Murray Ileana Musa Helena Nance Josue Napa Mark Nash Ramon Navarro Diana Navas


Linh Nguyen Susana Noles Radhames Nova Elvia Novak Anita Nunez Avec O'Brien Manuel Ocasio Helen Oduber Oscar Oliveros Victor Olmos Gloria Olvera Richard Orellana Carlos Orozco Adam Ortega David Ortega Gabriela Ortigoni Felicia Ortiz Nerelys Ortiz Carlos Otero Joe Pacheco Gabriela Parcella Ivan Paulino Alfred Peguero Jess B. Penilla Alexander Perdomo Carlos Perez Diana Perez Elizabeth Perez Genaro Perez Hector Perez Hector Perez Lynnette Perez-Santos

Valerie Peyton Gineth Pineda Rudy Pittaluga Emanuel Pleitez Raquel Polanco Marco Pulido Felipe Quezada Phil Quezada Miguel Quezada-Cardenas Marcel Quiroga Edgar Quiroz Zoyla Rabie Adriana Ramirez Ben Ramirez Jovani Ramirez Juan Ramirez Cynthia Ramos Beatriz Rangel Pamela Ravare-Browne Maurice Redhead Gina Rengifo Javier Reyes Manuel E. Reyna S. Miguel Reyna Merlix Reynolds Toni Riccardi Andrea Ricker Jaime Riesche Araceli Rios Nisaini Rivera Shanina Rivera Sheila Rivera-Fathallah

Robert Rivers William Robalino Domingo Rodriguez Erika Rodriguez Frank Rodriguez Gabriel Rodriguez Herman Rodriguez Isabelle Rodriguez Janet Rodriguez Marcos Rodriguez Mario Rodriguez Pete Rodriguez Robert Rodriguez Steve Rodriguez Tiffany Rodriguez Wilfredo Rodriguez Alberto Rojas Danny Rojas Jane Rojas Adriana Rojas Garzon Emily Rollins Aidamaris Rovira Habibe Rubio Denis Rudder Maritza Rudisil Cindy Saad Claudia Sachs Brian Salazar Michael Salazar Ray Salazar Leonard Sanchez Loretta Sanchez

Maritza Sanchez Carol Sanchez-Novak George Sandoval Jan Pierre Santiago Maria Santiago Michael Scannell Louis Schioppo Damaris Schneider Maria Sessions Mark Sessions Mark Settles Tommy Shi Scott Shipper Michael Silva Ariana Simmons Chris Simmons Walter Smith Alfredo Suarez Oscar Suarez Suri Surinder Mara Talan F. Javier Taranoff Mike Thibeault Allen Thomas Eduardo Tobon Ana Tolentino Ricky Tompkins Emily Torres Manuel Torres Nassar Torres Theresa Torres Jefrey Triana

Zameer Upadhya Jacqueline Valdez Maria Valentin Robert Vallejo Vanessa Vargas Gilbert Vasquez Cecilia Velazquez Henry Ventura Rosemarie Vergara Maria Villa Luis Villafana Daniel Villao Walter Villela Dennis Villon Andrew Wallace Douglas Walters Alejandro Washington Lydia Washington Ivan Watanabe Roy Weathers Diane Webster Joseph Wehle Maria Wehle Steve Whaley Christopher Williams Jason Windscheffel Daniel Yip Maria Yip John Zamora Nebojsa Zlatic Euclid Zurbaran

Product Pavilion featuring the Latino Consumer Insights Panel 2013 ALPFA Convention at Gaylord National in DC Monday, August 5, 2013 • 8:00AM – 12:00PM Lead Sponsor

Participating Companies AllState Bank of America Cargill CIA Clorox Conagra Dell Johnson & Johnson Kaiser Permanente Koch Industries Liberty Mutual Insurance Macy's Inc

McDonald's Mercedes Metlife Microsoft Morgan Stanley Northwestern Mutual OppsPlace PNC Financial Sirius XM Radio Sovereign Satander Walmart The Walt Disney Co.

NEW! This year, we are kicking off the Product Pavilion with the Latino Consumer Insights Panel featuring executive leaders in a wide range of industries. Find out about the strategies companies are using to drive product development, customer loyalty and profits.



Helpful Info Hotel Accommodations Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center 201 Waterfront Street National Harbor, MD 20745 (301) 965-2000

Room Rates $220 – Standard $250 – Atrium View *Note: Per hotel policy, there must be at least one person 18 years or older in each guest room. You may be asked for ID upon check-in.

Cancellation / No Show Policy A reservation may be canceled without penalty up to seventy-two (72) hours prior to your arrival date.

Online Reservations:

Calling Direct: 1-877-491-0468 You MUST mention that you are attending the ALPFA Convention at the time you make your reservation to receive the special ALPFA room rate.

Student Promo Gaylord Hotel Reservations are open to students via promo code STU2013, which will allow students to have 4 students per room without incurring additional charges for max room capacity.

Airfare Information

Tuxedo Rentals Thank you for choosing Lustre Formal Wear to rent your tuxedo. We have been in business for more than 30 years and are proud to be a part of this year’s ALPFA Awards Gala. Tuxedo ordering can be done by submitting a “Tuxedo Size Form” in advance to Lustre Formal Wear, or by placing an order onsite at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center August 3rd-5th. Please review the following information and follow the necessary steps to place your order. We will also be on site to hand out and place orders. You will also return your orders on site after the Gala.

Order ahead of time using the “Tuxedo size form" Fill out the “Lusre Tuxedo Size Form” at and email it to You may also print the form out and fax it to 202-546-1565. Order deadline: please complete the order by July 15th, 2013. This ensures you have the exact style from our inventory. Basic/Brand: Erik Lawrence Price: $99.95 Package: Jacket, pants, shirt, tie or bow tie, cummerbund, cuff links. Basic/Brand: Joseph Abboud Price: $150 Package: Jacket, pant, shirt, tie or bow tie, cummerbund, cuff links, vest (if 3 piece).

Airfare discounts have also been secured with American Airlines and United;

Additional Information and Details?

see below on instructions detailing how to take advantage of these discounts.

Please contact the store manager Brian at (571) 233-4281. If Brian can not be reached, please email

is offering a special 5% Discount! It’s simple! After you have selected your flights under the “Enter Passenger Details” tab. Valid: 8/2/2013 to 8/7/2013

Visit LUSTRE at:

1. Go to 2. In the “Promotion Code” field, enter in the Authorization number 6883BW 3. In the “Business ExtrAA Number” field enter 775923.This discount is valid for travel August 2 – 7, 2013 to DCA-BWI/DCA/IAD.

Ground Transportation

You may also call 800-433-1790 to book via the telephone. Please note that there is a Reservations Service Charge for all tickets issued via the phone.

Gaylord National is just a 15-minute drive from Reagan National Airport and within a 45-minute drive from Dulles and Baltimore/Washington International Airports. Shuttle service and car service are available from all airports to the hotel.

Washington, DC Airport Shuttle Companies is offering a special 2%-13% Discount! Go online at and upon review of flight schedules and air fares input ZQCU477592 in the Offer Code Box. You may also contact United Meetings reservations at 1-800426-1122 or contact your professional travel agency and provide the following Z Code ZQCU and Agreement Code 477592.Valid: 7/30/2013 to 8/10/2013.

SuperShuttle ExecuCar

1-800-660-8000 1-301-965-2080

Airport Distance Reagan National (DCA) Dulles International Airport (IAD) Baltimore/Washington Airport (BWI)

12 miles 35 miles 40 miles



You’ll want to arrive early as we’ll be handing out an ALPFA exclusive!



Sunday, August 4 • 8PM – 9:30PM

The shining star of the evening will be invited to enter the ALPFA’s Got Talent Competition!




Los Angeles Chapter Leadership Summit “Developing Latino Leaders to Grow Consumer Markets”. Can increased participation from Latinos at all levels yield greater than projected buying power results? ALPFA LA’s Leadership Summit was designed to address that question, understand Latino’s position in today’s economy, and explore ways to increase influence and buying power. Five-time Emmy Award winning journalist and

attendees to accelerate change. “Latinos are like a

“Last night's event was wonderful, and a very successful combination of edge, insight and networking. I really enjoyed it, as did the folks I spoke with.”

Ferrari with grandma at the wheel”, she said. “If we

– Paco Flores





orchestrated a genuine discussion that challenged

want real change then we must put the pedal to the metal”. Fernando Hernandez of Microsoft offered structured advice to promote change based on his senior level experience. While Orson Aguilar from Greenling Instiute added colorful commentary regarding the anemic state of diversity at major corporations, and Andy Ortiz of Warner Bros., reminded the audience that promoting the value of education to youth is critical. Joseph Sanberg of Aspiration Asset Management commented that “Wall Street is dead”, nudging the crowd to look beyond traditional paths to wealth creation, and Emilio Rivera representing Johnson & Johnson closed with a powerful statement “leave no Latino behind!” Most will agree that program content was moving. In fact Irving Pacheco 28th District Representative, was on hand to present the Chapter with a certificate of recognition on behalf of Senator Ted Lieu’s office. ALPFA LA thanks event Sponsors Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft and partners Aspiration Asset

“The Panel was great and the Keynote Speaker and Panel Moderator Giselle Fernandez was very dynamic and thought-provoking…I am proud to be associated with ALPFA LA Chapter. Amazing Job!” – Nelson Peralta

Managers, Greenling Institute, Warner Bros., NAF, Centro for Latino Literacy, Adelante Mujer Latina.

Photos by: Mike Sudo Photography 213-505-4908 ALPFA IMPACT 25



Chicago Chapter Helps Veterans Navigate Post-Military Life. ALPFA Chicago partnered with Benedictine University to sponsor the chapter’s first ever veterans event – Navigating Veterans’ Benefits. The event invited veterans and spouses, to navigate the complexities of obtaining the benefits earned by serving our country. The event was hosted at Krasa Student Center on the campus of Benedictine University. Over 100 attendees looking for a job, considering going to school on a military grant, taking out a home loan, or needing to apply for health care benefits received guidance on how to get started and get through all the paperwork to participate in the program. The Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs, state and local veteran resource providers and service organizations, benefit enrollment counselors and lenders were all present to answer questions. Special guests of this event also included Pamela Ravere Brown, Chief Operating Officer ALPFA National. Keynote speaker, Wesley Yi, Veteran Services Officer, Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs, shed light on the most frequently asked questions about veterans’ benefits such as: • Disability and health coverage • Eligibility and entitlement for loans • Post 9/11 G.I. Bill, Montgomery G.I. Bill and the Illinois Veterans’ Grant “Filing for military benefits can be complicated and proper “It is about engaging, motivating and being the support network of these men and women, those that served us. Now, it is our turn to serve them.”

guidance can be very helpful. Veterans easily may overlook

– Orley Pacheco, Managing Director of

director of educational partnerships at Benedictine University.

important entitled incentives”, said Linda Alberty, associate “By providing this event, we are hoping those veterans who

attended, left with a sense of empowerment, appreciation for their service to their country, and with an increased awareness about the tremendous resources available to them, such as ALPFA Chicago.” Following the event, participants were invited to stay for a “Post-event social,” at the on-campus bar and grill, sponsored by USAA, providing a relaxing point for individuals to network. “This is only the beginning for the ALPFA Chicago Chapter”, said Henry R Montoya, Veteran Initiative Lead of ALPFA Chicago Chapter. “Like many successful professionals, we will create partnerships, develop relationships, and improve our processes along the way, to better serve our Veterans transition into Corporate America, and continue to be there, throughout their careers.” The ALPFA Chicago Chapter’s provides opportunities to further enhance technical and soft skills in cultural events, philanthropy and professional development. The ALPFA Veterans’ Initiative is a new effort to fulfill the need of Latino veterans that want to become business professionals. .

Veterans can take advantage of a FREE one year membership to ALPFA. In the Chicago Chapter, all you have to do is email us at to let us know you are interested. The National contact is ALPFA IMPACT 27



Seattle Chapter Holds 8th Annual Gala Event by Lily Carrasco, Manager, SSG Business Tools, The Boeing Company This was my first ALPFA Gala and it was impressive. From the “Student of the Year” to the Keynote speaker to the Hyatt’s chefs, it was all about people….how we help each other and how we help ourselves to become leaders; how we are a community; and, in truth a big family. Laura Sotelo, the “Student of the Year” was composed beyond her years. Laura helps herself by devoting time and energy to the causes that give meaning to her life. Laura’s values resonate in all leaders and can be summed up in one word: passion. Be passionate about what you do as a student, career professional and in your personal life. Our keynote, Daniel Da Silva of Boeing, illustrated how innovation in aviation turned the tide in 2 world wars, got us to the moon, and is starting to lighten our carbon footprint. To advance our innovation trajectory our business partners need to reach out to our next generation of nascent leaders. We must partner together to create and sustain multicultural organizations to cultivate global thinking and perspectives that drive innovation. Whether incremental or gamechanging, innovation is the key to maintaining relevancy and delivering products and services that add value to our lives.The business partnership with ALPFA can propel the innovation trajectory by developing, hiring, and retaining top talent. Diversity and inclusion in our institutions of higher learning and in the workplace are keys to success. I witness that every day at Boeing. The Gala made it evident that all the sponsor partners live the same values. Even the Hyatt leveraged diversity and inclusion by adapting their kitchen to prepare the unique “Sabor de Venezuela.” In closing, the willingness to assure that we move forward and cement our regional ALPFA and Business Partnership truly came to life in the auction of the ALPFA Lifetime membership. The match by Boeing, Microsoft, PWC, Deloitte, Ernst & Young and KPMG to raise funds for students to attend the ALPFA convention was dazzling!




Orange County Chapter First Annual Financial Industry Summit by Josue Dominguez, Director of Corporate Development On March 21, 2013, three of the country’s leading financial institutions gathered in at the Disneyland Resort’s Grand Californian Hotel in Anaheim, CA as presenters for ALPFA Orange County’s first annual Financial Industry Summit presented in partnership with Capstone Partners, PIMCO and Goldman Sachs. The summit brought together leading industry executives to discuss the economy, investment strategy, career opportunities and to share their wisdom regarding career growth. “The financial summit is a great opportunity for ALPFA members to hear from industry experts and learn more about the financial services industry,” said Cheryl Natoli, Moderator. Keynote speaker John Natoli, General Manager of Capstone Partners, started the event by underscoring the pressing need for diverse and driven talent within the personal finance industry. John further described the qualities he has witnessed in successful financial professionals and how organizations such as ALPFA are a critical pipeline for companies eager to discover top Latino talent. Roger Nieves, Executive Vice President and Head of the Due Diligence Group for Pacific Investment Management Company (“PIMCO”), shared insights into the company’s Secular Outlook Series from both domestic and international perspectives. Fellow panelist Alexander Ashwal – Vice President at Goldman Sachs – used anecdotes from his personal investment portfolio to stress the importance of diversification of asset classes and risk management. Capstone Partners’ seasoned Financial Services Professional, Everett Echavez, related his experiences in helping families and business owners build, protect and preserve their assets by developing strong investment strategies. Altogether, the panel had a positive outlook for the US economy noting its many strengths and advising the audience to keep a wary eye on the challenges that lie ahead. As part of the closing, Josue D. Dominguez addressed summit participants by reflecting on his successful term as President of the Orange County chapter of ALPFA and delivering words of encouragement to the incoming chapter President

“The Chapter will continue to “build Latino business leaders and connect them to America’s most prestigious companies” under the new President, Claudia Quintana’s term.” – Josue Dominguez, Director of Corporate Development

and board, in addition to chapter members. About ALPFA Orange County: With over 600 members, including 21 board members and five student chapters, the Orange County Chapter of ALPFA is the tenth largest chapter nationally. Renowned for its innovative and partner-driven approach, ALPFA Orange County is poised to soon become a breakthrough leading chapter and a hub for top Latino talent. ALPFA Orange County will host the 2014 West Region Student Symposium organized by ALPFA National. Be sure to visit them online at:




New Jersey Chapter Presents 7th Annual Leadership Summit

The 7th Annual Leadership Summit organized by the ALPFA New

in his life and what were his main activities that lead to his success and

Jersey chapter was a huge success. It was an event that motivated

highlights of his career. The workshops informed students of real live

students and professionals to seek out their individual career path.

accounting and business environments.

The event started with a brief career discussion by Fabricio Schettini who is a VP of Latin America Finance operation at Johnson & Johnson. Fabricio commented on details of his career and how it led to many opportunities working from Miami to Paris and now currently at the headquarters of Johnson and Johnson, New Brunswick New Jersey.

Following the workshop there was a social hour were many students commented on how these workshops were a great place to network and build professional relationships. The take away of the night was that the event provided a classy business environment and also permitted students the opportunity to reach out to career

The event provided multiple workshops which allowed students to

representatives in highly regarded companies such as Johnson &

hear from companies such New York Life Insurance company’s John

Johnson. By the end of the night, student members, sponsors and

Baier who is a manager partner. John discussed some of the chapters

guests felt inspired and recharged.




New York Chapter’s Annual ALPFA Baruch Business Banquet The annual ALPFA Baruch Business Banquet concluded a stellar year for the student chapter which featured two case studies, several marquee events, and initiatives to break membership and convention participation records. Banquet keynote speaker Manny Espinoza, ALPFA National CEO, provided valuable insight on what it takes to successfully evolve into a professional and what makes a leader. Three key components to make an effective transition are: to speak well and with purpose, be prepared and ready so that you can compete in the fast pace of the business world and to standout by not only having book knowledge but also having the ‘extra’. The ’extra ‘ was referenced as having the experience of working on a team, managing and developing people, pitching new ideas and initiatives, fostering buy-in, and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders, as well as possessing the attributes of being affable and interesting. In essence, become a leader. He described an effective leader as someone who is not afraid to make decisions, makes things happen, cares about people, thanks and acknowledges the hard work of others, has an opinion, steps up in times of crisis, and is a visionary. After the keynote speech, awards and recognitions were giving to ALPFA Baruch student leaders who have performed above and beyond this year as well as corporate sponsors - Abbott Laboratories, KPMG and Morgan Stanley, who have been long time supporters of the chapter. Bernardo Vasquez, manager of IT Risk, Compliance and Privacy at J. Crew, was this year’s interactive speaker. Mr. Vasquez ‘taught’ the audience Spanish via his acronym COMER. C- Create; always be thinking of new ways of approaching your work O- Optimize; effectively use your time and increase your knowledge M- Master your marketing; control your branding and reputation E- Excel; attain a purpose and strive for excellence R- Rinse and Repeat; find a philosophy that resonates with you and make it your own The chapter’s hard work was recognized via two nominations from their college for their events of which they won the Best Professional Event award.




Retirement Income Planning

by MetLife Courtesy of Edwin Gaksin, MBA, MetLife Financial Group of the Mid-Atlantic

When it comes to retirement planning, individuals need both a map and directions, along with professional advice to help them on their journey. Whether you are already saving for retirement but have been impacted by the market swings in the last few years, or you haven’t yet started preparing, taking a few small steps now toward creating a reliable income stream in retirement can lead to large rewards in the future. Consider the following simple suggestions:

Save, save and save Start off with the basic principle of money management saving. Make every effort to save the maximum allowed by your defined contribution plans-that is, i.e. 401(k)s or 403(b)s. And, be sure to at least set aside enough to get the employer matching contribution. If you're already making the maximum contribution, consider funding an individual IRA. If you change jobs, don't forget to take your retirement money. In some cases, as in 401(k)s, you may be allowed to roll the contributions over into your new plan or into a traditional IRA.

Take steps to create reliable income There is no magic number, but 60 percent of pre-retirement income before tax is a good starting point for income to cover essential expenses in retirement. Social Security and pensions are great sources of dependable income, but most people will need more stable, lifelong income.

Have liquidity AND growth Having cash on hand for the unexpected is smart.There could be an unexpected expense, such as a health need, a job loss or a change to your income - perhaps from an earlier-thanplanned retirement date. Keep in mind, too much cash in the bank earning little interest can be detrimental to your retirement savings.

Know what you want your retirement to look like Greater visibility and exposure was the main objective here.With the Many of us know that we may need to work longer in order to save for retirement. Figuring out what you may want you retirement to look like, will also help you take the steps necessary to get there.

To learn more about how to prepare for retirement by creating reliable income, in addition to other personal finance topics, join us at the ALPFA National Convention during our financial workshop on Monday, August 5 starting promptly at 3:00 p.m.

MetLife, its agents and representatives may not give legal or tax advice. Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (MLIC), New York, NY 10166. Securities products offered by MetLife Securities, Inc. (MSI)(member FINRA/SIPC).1095 Avenue of the America’s, New York, NY 10036. MLIC and MSI are MetLife Companies.



ALPFA Boston’s 7th Annual Latina Summit More than 400 women and men attended ALPFA Boston’s 7th Annual Latina Summit “Advancing Latina Leaders through the Power of Influence” on May 15, 2013 at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. The summit aimed to provide tools to enable Latinas to reach the higher echelons of their organizations through an engaging program of speakers and concurrent breakout sessions. In addition, Aixa Beauchamp was recognized as this year’s Women of ALPFA’s Excellence in the Community award recipient. This award recognized Aixa for her outstanding work in the Latino community. Sandra Guzman, author of the New Latina Bible: The modern Latina’s guide to love, spirituality, family and la vida; began the program as its keynote speaker and empowered women with her “Ten Commandments” to follow for a successful and plentiful life. Attendees were able to ask Sandra questions about her career and perspective on Latinas in the workplace. Attendees then enjoyed one of three concurrent breakout sessions: Communicating with Influence, Embracing Innovation for Organizational and Professional Growth and Navigating the Professional Landscape – From scholar to Power Player. Each session comprised of three or more professional speakers from many of ALPFA Boston’s corporate partners. “I enjoyed the Communicating with Influence session, and learned a lot from the panelists. Great job!” stated an attendee. Many others expressed their enthusiasm and gratitude via ALPFA Boston’s Twitter and Facebook pages. Ruth N. Bramson, CEO of the Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts, who attended with twenty Girl Scout leaders tweeted “Great celebration of Latinas and their importance to our community and its future.” The program was a great success, ending with a networking reception filled with attendees sharing their experiences and meeting other professionals in the area. This event was possible thanks to the hard work of more than 30 ALPFA Boston volunteers and the support of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston for hosting the event and ALPFA Boston’s Lead Partners Liberty Mutual Insurance, State Street Corporation and The TJX Companies, as well as other chapter corporate partners and event sponsors.



Dallas Fort Worth Chapter Host its Women of ALPFA Summit The Dallas Fort-Worth chapter held its Women of ALPFA Summit on Saturday, May 11, 2013.This year’s focus was “Advancing Latina Leaders through the Power of Influence.” Vincent Chapa, President of ALPFA DFW, led the summit by opening with an inspiring message, “GANAS” is what you need to have to achieve your goals. That’s the differentiator. “Do not let anything get in your way.” He also spoke on the importance of mentorship. He has had various mentors in his life. The most impactful mentor was his mother, who recently passed away. He closed his message with emphasizing those sitting at the table have a responsibility to guide others and to Pay it Forward! Sandra Bermudez, news anchor for Univision, moderated the discussion on mentorship. The three panelist were: Dr. Lora Villarreal, Senior Vice President and Chief People Officer of ACS State Healthcare, Angelina La Penototiere, Partner at Carrington, Coleman, Sloman & Blumenthal and Delia Reyes, President and Chief Executive Officer of Reyes Consulting Inc. Their message was IMPACTFUL! Some important takeaways from the panel discussion were: • Be passionate and lean in to be part of the conversation. • Mentorship is following the mentee and bringing the best out of him/her. • The mentor relationship can be formal or informal. • Everyone can be a mentor and everyone should be a mentor. • Networking is relationship building, but you have to have a strategy on how you are going to build that relationship. • The biggest downfall in networking is not helping each other. • Serve where your heart is. If you care, you will make time for it. Because you care you will give it your best. Nina Vaca, Chief Executive Officer of Pinnacle Technical Resources, was the keynote speaker. Her message was invigorating and inspiring. “Be the silent example. Be crazy great at what you do. Garner respect and admiration for something other than your day job. Earn Respect. You have to have courage. Jump in and don’t let up. As soon as you do someone will pass you. Lean in to your ambitions!” She focused on Sheryl Sandberg’s book, ‘Lean In,’ a global revolution to working together to empower greatness within everyone. Nina Vaca emphasized the importance of the global community committed to encouraging and supporting women leaning in to their ambitions. Nina challenged ALPFA Dallas-Fort Worth chapter to create a ‘lean in’ circle to start the IMPACTFUL conversation among businesses in the DFW metroplex. Special thanks to our lead sponsors and supporting partners Met Life, TIAA CREF, Capitol One, New York Life, Dallas Federal Reserve, Crowe Horwath and Ernst & Young. Thank you Univision 23 Dallas-Fort Worth for helping promote and moderate our event.



Orlando Chapter hosts outstanding Women of ALPFA Event On Friday April 19, 2013, ALPFA Orlando hosted its 5th Annual Women of ALPFA Dinner at the Disney Yacht Club Resort. An audience of 250 business leaders, professionals and students enjoyed an evening of networking and hearing from a truly inspirational woman. The keynote speaker, Janet Perez Eckles, is an extraordinary woman who challenged the audience’s way of confronting adversity. She is a #1 best-selling author, Radio Host, Life Coach, Master Interpreter, columnist and Christian ministry leader; she is also blind. With grace and humor, she shared her personal story and strategies for overcoming obstacles and soaring to success. ALPFA Orlando is proud to know that attendees were profoundly impacted and left feeling inspired and empowered to reach their full potential. Melissa Hernandez, Director of Constituent Services at the United States Senate, also shared a testimonial about the impact of last year’s Women of ALPFA event on her life. Moved by all that she experienced at the event, she took action to pursue her dream of going back to law school. Today she uses her influence to encourage and motivate other Latinas to do the same.

“ALPFA is about making connections, and there is no better of a testament to this than the ALPFA National Convention. While there, I connected with a ConAgra Foods employee, whose recommendation prompted ConAgra’s recruiters to interview me for their Enterprise Business Services internship. This summer I will be working with other EBS interns on a project to improve ConAgra’s delivery of their delicious products to their customers through supply chain management.” – Marina Rodriguez, ALPFA UCF

The 2013 Women of ALPFA Dinner was a resounding success and would not have been possible without the support of our Host Sponsor, Disney, and other sponsors, Stetson University, Telemundo Orlando, OUC, New York Life, Microsoft, PNC, Royal Press Marketing Solutions, Charles Schwab and KQ103FM. ALPFA Cares – Launch of partnership with HOPE CommUnity Center Starting this summer, the Orlando Chapter - ALPFA Cares program will officially be partnering with the Youth Program at the HOPE CommUnity Center in Apopka, FL., a community-based organization which continues to meet the needs of the ever-growing number of farm workers and immigrant families residing in Central Florida. Eight young ladies from the Center attended the Women of ALPFA event held on Friday, April 19th where ALPFA Orlando’s partnership plans were officially announced. As part of their VIP status at the event, the girls from the Center had the opportunity to meet with and speak to the keynote speaker of the evening, Ms Janet Perez Eckles.





Philadelphia Chapter Women of ALPFA, “An Event to be Remembered.”

On Friday, May 17th, 2013, at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, Women of ALPFA hosted the “Art of Latina Leadership” summit with special keynotes speakers Grace Killelea, CEO & Founder of Half the Sky, Marisa Rivera, President of Mpowerment Works and Randy L. Noel, Owner of the Noel Insurance & Financial Services Agency. Grace Killelea was the opening speaker and she captivated the audience from the start. She spoke about visibility and how it is a introduce yourself to others. It is not good enough to show up to a

“You must be visible and introduce yourself to others. It is not good enough to show up to a networking event; you are not networking if no one knows you are there”

networking event; you are not networking if no one knows you are

– Grace Killelea, CEO & Founder of Half the Sky

critical factor for succeeding as a leader. “You must be visible and

there”, said Grace. She also spoke about the need to “brand yourself” and let people know who you are and what you are about.The second speaker, Randy Noel provided a financial strategy for managing and protecting ones assets. He spoke about the importance of women having a financial plan. The program concluded with Marissa Rivera’s heartfelt speech as she described the “Sheroes”, the women heroes who inspired her, including a list of prominent women leaders who served as mentors. Marissa spoke about the need for women to set expectations for their roles as leaders. “Demand more, expect more and get more” said Marissa. The event concluded with a luncheon where the guests were able to meet the speakers and network. Women of ALPFA is dedicated to continuing its efforts to provide opportunities that allow women to gain the skills needed to reach their full potential as leaders. Women of ALPFA would like to thank the event sponsors: Wawa, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, Boeing, KPMG, Comcast.






ALPFA National’s final two Regional Student Symposiums culminated this past April in Chicago and Dallas with nearly 200 students in attendance. The Student Symposiums are held each spring in 5 cities throughout the nation, allowing student chapters in each region to connect with one another while networking with professionals and recruiters, concurrently benefiting from a day of a leadership panel, educational workshops, keynote speaker, and career fair. Key takeaways for this year’s symposium student attendees include finding mentors who have a passion for helping students and giving back to the community, seizing all opportunities provided to you including the chance to break down economic and cultural barriers, and setting a 10-year planning cycle for yourself. Carmen Cardenas Director of Student Affairs

Whomever you select as your mentor, remember they do not have to necessarily be Latino, but rather someone invested in sincerely helping you succeed. It can be an individual you’ve worked with professionally, a corporate sponsor who you worked with closely during an internship or your first full-time position, or even an ALPFA professional who can help you

transition smoothly from a student leader to a successful business leader in your first full-time position out of college.

Be willing to take the next steps as well: Come to the convention with an open mind and get out of your comfort zone.

For spring 2013, please join me in welcoming our newest student chapters to date:

You’re surrounded by a culture at ALPFA of people that want to see you succeed

1. Houston: University of St. Thomas

and make the most of the opportunities presented to you. UIC student member

2. Boston: Holy Cross

Claudia Martinez, for example, had the opportunity to volunteer at the Regional

3. Utah: Brigham Young University

Student Symposium in Chicago and was paired with Mario Farfan from PnC Bank.

4. Philadelphia: Lehigh University

“Mario shared with me not only his story of how he achieved success, but he also

5. Indianapolis: Notre Dame

gave me tips that will help me in my future career,” says Claudia.

6. Tampa: Santa Fe College

Do your research and come prepared with your elevator pitch and resume reviewed in advance. Corporate recruiters are impressed by students who show initiative.

7. Boston: UMASS-Lowell

Start setting yourself apart today! Have you uploaded your resume to ALPFA’s

8. Orange County: Chapman University 9. Houston: University of Houston 10. Chicago: Purdue University

Career Center yet? UT-Austin student chapter president Nicholas Molina came prepared to network at last year’s Regional Student Symposium and admits, “I had the opportunity to meet a recruiter from Dow Chemical Company. I stayed in touch, and Dow is currently one of the top sponsors for our UT Chapter!”

Become an ALPFA professional yourself so that you can pay it forward! Student members often transition to professional chapter leadership after they graduate. Natalia Marco, for example, is a former FIU student chapter leader who now volunteers as the Director of Student Affairs for the Miami Professional Chapter. When asked what motivated her to continue her involvement, she relished being able to witness the direct impact ALPFA had on her fellow student members as they evolved from Special recognition is also owed to the following student chapters who exhibited renewed growth among their membership:

shy individuals to outgoing young professionals no longer nervous when speaking publicly at events. Even more important, she now

• Boston: University of Massachusetts-Amherst

plays an instrumental role in helping make that happen.

• El Paso: University of Texas-El Paso

Thank you to all the professional and student members who have

• New Jersey: Montclair University, Seton Hall

worked with our Student Affairs team throughout the year, and

• Orange County: California Polytechnic University-Pomona

contributed to the growth of ALPFA as the premiere Latino professional non-profit organization it is today!

Midwestern and Central Region Participating Symposium Sponsors:






Midwestern Regional Student Summit Contribution by: Maoly Gomez, Lucia Gonzalez and Claudia ALPFA hosted one of five Regional Student Symposiums on April 5-6 at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). The Symposium was kicked-off with a networking reception. Several student leaders, ALPFA Chicago board members and professionals from our participating sponsors gathered the night before the symposium. The students were able to network in an intimate setting where keynote speaker Angie Ortega, tax professional from PriceWaterhouseCoopers and former ALPFA student chapter president, spoke about her experience transitioning from a student into a professional. “When it comes to networking, don’t stick with your friends, go out and meet others,” Ms. Ortega emphasized as she shared tips on how to become a high-performing business leader. With attendance of over 80 individuals the Symposium started on Saturday morning with a networking breakfast followed by panel discussion. The leadership panel provided further insight as to how students can develop into the next generation of business leaders, through both their work experience and through their activities in

“By far the most memorable part of the symposium that I will take away is the inspirational talk by Ana Maria Soto. She opened my eyes and inspired me to finish school and contribute to others.” – Claudia Martinez, UIC Student

the community and about the many challenges of entering the professional world. The panel brought together leaders in different areas of professional life from an intern to seasoned professionals with over 15 years of experience. The companies represented on the panel were Allstate, CIA, Grant Thornton and PriceWaterhouseCoopers. “If you don’t have a plan for yourself, others won’t have a plan for you,” stated Itsamari Calderon, CIA Senior Manager; as she explained how you need to set career goals for yourself. “I had had the opportunity to volunteer at the event as a Hospitality Assistant Manager and was paired up with a professional” – Mario Farfan from PNC Bank. “While greeting attendees which included students, sponsors, and career fair participant, we were able to talk throughout our shift. Mario shared with me not only his story of how he achieved success; he also gave me tips that will help me in my future career. I appreciated his insights.” – Claudia Martinez, UIC Student The Leadership Panel was followed by two sets of “Having the Symposium at our “home” was definitely a great experience. It allowed for more UIC students to attend and it also gave the student board members leadership opportunities. We were able to volunteer throughout the event, but some of us including myself were able to take part in the welcoming remarks.”

concurrent professional development workshops,

– Lucia Gonzalez, LABS/ALPFA UIC Chapter President

pitches. The workshops were presented by different

covering topics such as the use of social media to find career opportunities, how to prepare and invest in one’s career, and how to create impressive elevator corporate partners including Liberty Mutual, Plante Moran and Target.

During lunch, Ana Maria Soto, Partner at Success is a Language, gave the keynote speech. Sharing with the student her life story and the lessons she learned from school, life and travel. She stressed the importance of the need for students to graduate, so that they can be an example for the rest of the Latinos. She also encouraged the students to help other Latinos get to college and mentor them. The Regional Student Summit was concluded by a Career Fair that provided both full-time and internship opportunities for the attending participants.






Central Regional Student Summit Contribution by: Alex Almendarez, Priscilla Jimenez and Nicholas Molina ALPFA Dallas hosted one of the Regional Student Symposiums on April 13, at the Doubletree DFW Hotel. The Student Symposium exposes students to the familial culture ALPFA cherishes, and provides an opportunity for students to learn and grow as professionals at all levels share their wisdom for success, especially through the insightful panel discussion, networking breakfast and luncheon, and leadership keynotes from highly experienced professionals. The Symposium started off with a Student Leader Networking Reception. The reception for the officers was informative. There was a great session of networking with each other to share ideas that we can use at our campus to increase our membership. For being a new organization getting to know our members is

"I have been a member of ALPFA at The University of Texas at Austin for nearly three years, and I can easily say it has been my best investment thus far!” – Nicholas Molina, UT-Austin

important to us. Sharing how our ice breakers cleverly help us get to know each other was useful to other universities. The student symposium was full of a variety of interesting events. Our morning panel discussion involved ethical issues, which provided real life situations that may be beneficial as leaders to handle tough situations. Particularly when working in groups with those who input more than others. We will experience these situations as student leaders as well as in our professional careers. We were able to choose two out of three workshops we wanted to attend. This kept us interested in the workshops since we were able to choose the ones “My appreciation for the Symposium is continuously heightened by the fantastic opportunities to network with professional chapter leaders and the rising stars of ALPFA’s future—the students investing precious time and capital to earn their college degrees, all while expanding their Latino network.” – Alex Almendarez, Texas A&M

we preferred. The keynote speaker was the inspiring Honorable Albert Zapanta, President and CEO of the United States Mexico Chamber of Commerce. In our community hearing from someone with prestigious credentials is rare. We all loved his story about his

heroism and dedication to help others. The experience was life changing and it not only brought our UST members together it also brought us closer to other ALPFA student chapters.




Arizona State University, First Year Closing Dinner = Success Contribution by: Aaron Chavez and Anthony Agrait This past April, the newly-formed Arizona State University ALPFA student chapter hosted its first-ever End of The Year banquet, with both members of ALPFA and the Hispanic Business Students Association in attendance.The End of The Year dinner reception took place at the local ballroom/reception hall on campus, the University Club. The goals of the event were to introduce our successful students to successful professionals from our ALPFA chapter partners Vanguard, Deloitte, and State Farm. Professionals and students arrived at the University Cub to network, and mingle with the 50 students and professionals in attendance. From there, attendees moved to diner where the Master of Ceremonies, Aaron Chavez, introduced each of the firms in attendance and detailed the night’s events. This was followed by a welcome message by the chapter President, Anthony Agrait, who emphasized the importance of collaboration between Latino organizations as well as the successes of our chapter’s first year in operation. A few minutes into the meal, each firm present rose to speak of their respective firm’s operations and operations and opportunities for students, returning to their tables minutes later to continue the evening with our young professionals. After conducting a raffle for everyone in attendance, we concluded the evening of salsa dancing, an exciting climax to an amazing evening.A fantastic way to close out our first year, we and our corporate partners are already looking forward to next year’s celebrations.

ALPFA Student Spotlight: Dallas Chapter I am Magda Alvarez, a current junior at Southern Methodist University and a dedicated member of the SMU ALPFA Chapter. I have served ALPFA for 3 years. I have led as treasurer and have recently been elected Vice President. The right words to describe how grateful I am to my ALPFA familia will never exist; my experiences, networks, and friendships go beyond what words can describe. Throughout these past 3 years, I’ve witnessed the impact that SMU ALPFA has had on many students, and I feel the need to give back to my community. The leadership skills I’ve developed throughout my time in ALPFA have been incredibly useful. Not only have I helped in directing a chapter of 30 students but I have also been liaison between firms and companies that have visited our chapter. These relationships have led to great monetary sponsorships for my chapter. Magda Alvarez

I interned in the Audit Department for the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas in May 2012. I had the opportunity to meet

Southern Methodist University

influential people – people that are now part of my professional network. As an intern, I participated in various types of financial and technical audits, along with special assigned District projects where I presented to upper level management.

When my internship concluded I was offered a part-time position as an Associate Auditor. With SMU only a few minutes away from downtown Dallas, I knew I had to accept such an incredible offer. At the beginning of my internship I knew there were two options: get by and get my job done or go above and beyond and excel in all my assignments. I went with the latter. I put in all my effort and worked to impress all my managers, even if that meant staying after hours. Recently, I was awarded the Peer Recognition award and told by management that they had decided in sending me to Audit School in Minneapolis this coming May. My future aspirations with the Federal Reserve include becoming CIA certified (Certified Internal Auditor) upon graduation from SMU. I am also applying for the MDP Program (Management Development Program) at the Bank, and I hope to be an Officer at the conclusion of that two-year rotation. I acknowledge that it is a very competitive program and extremely rigorous; however, I’ve learned that everything in life that has been demanding and laborious yields great reward. Something that I can take from all of this is that anything can be achieved with hard work and a goal. But, my goal does not finish with becoming an officer. I will consider myself accomplished once I acquire COO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. Ms. Pamela Ravare Browne, Chief Operating Officer of ALPFA National, once mentioned that if we follow our dreams and remain determined throughout the process anything can be accomplished. 52 ALPFA IMPACT



ALPFA Student Spotlight: Chicago Chapter My accomplishments within the past year can be attributed to ALPFA and the impact it has had on me, both personally and professionally. Last year’s convention provided me with the opportunity of a lifetime as I learned to cultivate my professional skills through the various learning workshops as well as build relationships with companies of interest. Of the many companies present at the convention, I took a particular interest in Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and after the initial meeting; I was able to establish a relationship that resulted in the offer of an internship for summer 2013. As with any success story, nothing is given nor does success transpire overnight. The personal growth made on my end prior to the convention is a result of my involvement with business organizations on campus and of course, ALPFA. Marc Butiong

As a sophomore, I joined LABS (Latino Association of Business Students) at UIC. LABS provided access to the ALPFA

University of Illinois-Chicago

network with the opportunity to attend their hosted events and annual Convention. Throughout the process, I followed certain principles that guided me towards a successful ALPFA Convention. I learned these through my experiences attending ALPFA events.

Initiate and Maintain Relations: Initiate conversations with all individuals at the Convention. Take interest in them and stay connected. Maintain and foster the relationships made throughout the Convention by being personable and genuine in actions. The power of initial impressions cannot be underestimated. Establishing a solid relationship with fellow students and business professionals may lead to other opportunities and will at the very least, strengthen the bond. Obtain as many business cards as possible at the Convention and be sure to send greetings to those individuals occasionally. Taking initiative in this regard shows genuine interest and can only lead to positive relations. The Convention is an opportunity to connect with individuals from all across the nation and is a privilege that should not be taken lightly. However, it is just the first phase. Personally, I maintained contact with my future employer throughout the year by contacting recruiters via phone, e-mail, LinkedIn, and even making personal visits to their offices. My interest in the company spoke for itself through my actions. The initial impression I made allowed for me to continue building the relationship which culminated in an internship offer from the company I aspired to work for.

Nail the audition: Set the goal of securing an interview for an internship or entry-level position by the end of the Convention. Making a great first impression with a recruiter can separate one potential applicant from another.

“Be surrounded by individuals held in high regard. The individuals I have met through ALPFA continually motivate me to pursue worthy endeavors. Being surrounded by driven individuals inspired me to take initiative and aspire to be in the position to succeed.”

Impress the recruiter with a confident approach and demonstrate expertise in their industry. Treat each meeting as an “audition”; it may be as short as a two minute conversation. Be sure to research the prospective companies and show genuine interest. Recruiters know talent and identify individuals with the ability to contribute effectively to their company. As a recruiter once told me, she looks for those with “star quality”. By establishing myself through my approach and expertise with the team of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, I was able to grow the relationship by maintaining contact throughout the year. Sometimes, it only takes one recruiter to be clapping at the end. “Nail the audition” by following those guidelines.

“You are the company you keep”: Be surrounded by individuals held in high regard. The individuals I have met through ALPFA continually motivate me to pursue worthy endeavors. Being surrounded by driven individuals inspired me to take initiative and aspire to be in the position to succeed.Take the lessons learned during the Convention to heart. Learning about the different perspectives from successful individuals is valuable information for aspiring professionals. Absorb all the knowledge and be surrounded by those valued individuals in your circle of contacts. The Convention is just the beginning. The relationship thereafter is up to you. The Convention helped me cultivate a network of individuals that I will maintain contact with for the rest of my professional career. Maximize the value of the opportunity by immersing in the activities and teachings shared. Make a great “The Convention features top-notch individuals to relate with and learn from. The career opportunities are there; just follow these guidelines for a successful Convention!”

initial impression by “nailing the audition” which may lead to a greater chance at an internship or full-time position with the desired company.The Convention features top-notch individuals to relate with and learn from. The career opportunities are there; just follow these guidelines for a successful Convention! ALPFA IMPACT 53



ALPFA’s Graduate Expansion Initiative From its inception in 2010, ALPFA’s Graduate Expansion Initiative has paved the way to bring awareness to our Professional and Student Membership of the valuable opportunities available in pursuing a graduate degree. As ALPFA’s COO, I am pleased to share that this initiative has been incredibly successful with over 2,000 new ALPFA Graduate Student members and a host of chapter leaders and members returning to pursue their Graduate education. Chapter Presidents from Los Angeles, Puerto Rico, Twin Cities, Silicon Valley, Delaware and many more have taken the step to pursue an advanced degree. ALPFA will host our 41st Annual Convention in Washington, DC – August 3rd – 7th at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center. We look forward to welcoming 3,000 attendees and over 100 sponsors and universities. As part of the Pamela Ravare Browne

convention in DC, ALPFA National is pleased to announce Northwestern Mutual and Brandeis University as the co-sponsors

ALPFA National Chief Operating Officer

of ALPFA’s Chapter Leaders Reception.This is an exclusive event held on Saturday August 3, 2013 from (3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.) for Professional and Student Chapter Officers. Dean Bruce Magid from Brandeis University International Business School will

address the leaders with a keynote address and share information regarding the long-term partnership with ALPFA. Don’t miss this chance to engage with Senior Executives and Directors from leading Corporations and Academic institutions to network and learn more about Career Advancement. In addition, we are pleased to welcome our University partners at the Career Fair/University Expo August 6th (7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.). Our list of Universities and Strategic Partners has grown each year to include some of the finest institutions in the country. Among the list of partnering universities this year is Brandeis University, Georgetown,Vanderbilt, American Public University, University of Miami, University of Arizona, and Cornell University to name a few. Our convention attendees will have the opportunity to network and speak directly with University representatives regarding the pursuit of an advanced degree. Whether you are a career seeker or a career switcher, what an amazing opportunity to receive guidance on graduate preparation, application processes, admission requirements, and job placement. We look forward to seeing you all at Convention!

Shining Through Every Part of Your Application Written by: Craig Mayfield, Contributor, The GMAT is of course only one part of the admissions process. Essays, interviews, and multimedia requirements must be taken just as seriously as the test because business schools are looking for well-rounded candidates. People who have been in the working world can make very valuable candidates, Weiss says, because “they’ve been leaders, managed many people, had success nationally and internationally, and bring such a great perspective to classes,” but those qualities have to shine through every aspect of the application process. The majority of applicants to top-tier programs in the country are academically qualified, so it’s essential that candidates make themselves stand out. While having a decade or more of work experience can be a positive quality, it’s not enough on its own. Older candidates have to explain how

maturity. Older candidates should think back on their work experience

they’ve progressed and set themselves apart during their time working.

and come up with clear ways they’ve demonstrated each of these qualities.

“Admissions officers are looking for progressing responsibilities, strong achievements, and a high degree of introspection regarding one’s professional experience,” Morgan says. “The key for candidates with significant work experience will be to highlight those aspects of their experience that showcase their leadership and teamwork skills and show their strong achievements every step of the way. Simply listing job duties for every position in the past 10 years will not demonstrate that the candidate has excelled among his or her peers.”

Emphasize them in essays, interviews, and any other application materials. To get your best qualities down to a concise message,Weiss tells his clients to work on their “elevator pitch” for business school. Work on crafting a pitch that’s no longer than 60 seconds. It should include your background, why you’d like to be in a particular program, why you’d be a good fit for the program, and what you’d like to do with your degree afterward. If you

Veritas Prep coaches its clients on meeting what they call the Four

can come up with a brief, polished description of what you have to offer,

Dimensions of a Perfect Applicant: leadership, innovation, teamwork, and

you’ll have a greater chance of folding it into all parts of your application.




It’s Time To Connect With Online Learning Written by: American Public University Modern students everywhere are increasingly seeking education that incorporates the powerful and flexible benefits of online technology. They want to learn while working, traveling, or raising a family, and they demand 24–hour access to an accredited institution and the best faculty.Today’s students need educational solutions that fit their lives. When choosing a university, be informed and ask—is online learning right for me?

Global Community Students in an online setting collaborate with culturally and geographically diverse peers. Imagine connecting with finance, marketing, management, human resource professionals and entrepreneurs around the world. Since many working professionals choose online learning, there tends to be opportunity to network with established experts working in the field.This unique advantage can actually enhance the quality of the course discussion and improve collaboration. It also helps students to develop a global perspective.

Learn Anytime, Anywhere Online learning is accessed 24–7 from any location. The convenience is unmatched compared to classroom learning. If you’re a working professional or if you have an inconsistent schedule, online education is available when you’re available. Perhaps you’re someone who learns and retains information better by studying in the morning or late at night? For some, this flexibility can actually improve educational performance.

Set Your Own Pace Online learning is self-paced. It gives you the freedom to balance your

course load with work-life obligations. For example, American Public University offers 8- and 16-week sessions that start monthly so you can plan your own schedule versus being tied to a traditional semester system.

Affordability Online learning can be an affordable option. In addition to competitive tuition rates, students aren’t burdened with overhead costs for room and board, books, and commuting. In fact, American Public University offers a book grant at no cost to degree-seeking undergraduates.This can translate into significant savings without sacrificing academic quality.

Experienced Instructors Quality online universities draw faculty from a talented pool of professionals holding top academic credentials. As a result, students have access to “on the ground” practitioners. These instructors practice what they teach and provide unparalleled insight into how academics are being implemented in the field. Students aren’t limited to preset office hours so they can send questions, communicate online, and receive additional guidance. To learn more about quality online learning, visit




Ask Bell Curves? Q: Should I retake the GMAT or GRE? A: GMAT and GRE scores are valid for 5 years, and many prospective graduate students have taken the test more than once. In deciding to take the test again, however, you should consider a few factors: Can I score higher? If you don't have the time or desire to do additional preparation, there's no reason to believe retaking will improve your score. Is my score in the "range" for my target schools? Most schools publish GMAT ranges for accepted candidates.You need to be in or near those ranges to have a fair chance of admission. How many times have I taken it previously? There's a big difference between 1 prior score and 5 prior scores. The more times you've taken the test, the bigger the need for significant improvement to justify another sitting. While every situation is different, you won't hurt yourself by taking the test again if you put in additional work to improve, if you haven't taken the test too many times previously, and if you're still striving for a score that falls in the ranges of your choice schools. The retake bar is higher for the GMAT than the GRE because the GRE has ScoreSelect, which allows you to choose which scores schools see.

Johnson Establishes New Scholarship, Partners with Center for Hispanic Leadership Hispanic and Latino Students to Benefit from New, Interactive Training The Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) at the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University is proud to announce a new partnership with the Center for Hispanic Leadership (CHL). For both individuals and leading organizations, the CHL serves as a training and consulting firm working to increases awareness of Hispanic leadership and the unique opportunities that exist to capitalize on emerging trends. A key component of the partnership, the CHL and its Founder Glenn Llopis have donated a $150,000 scholarship grant for up to 300 of Johnson’s Hispanic and Latino students.This grant will provide students with access to CHL’s online Hispanic Leadership Academy (HLA).The HLA is an interactive leadership course leveraging culturally relevant curriculum to develop and empower Hispanic and Latino professionals. According to CHL, the HLA curriculum helps participants see the potential for their distinct skillset to promote workplace innovation, growth, and expansion. “We are thrilled to further develop our relationship with the CHL through this partnership, and we thank them for their generous donation,” said Nsombi Ricketts, senior director of the office of diversity and inclusion. “This opportunity will help build upon ODI’s goals to provide comprehensive training in diversity, global leadership, and career advancement for our students.” As participants of the Johnson-branded HLA platform, Johnson’s Hispanic and Latino students will be able to utilize various modules and tools to help activate and hone the characteristics that make them great leaders. Access to this resource weaves across all of Johnson’s MBA Programs, as students in both the Executive and Full-Time MBA Programs will be able to benefit from the dynamic content in the HLA. The Llopis family’s connections to Cornell run deep, as Frank Llopis was the first Hispanic student to graduate from the University with a Chemical Engineering degree in 1940. Glenn Llopis, who donated the $150,000 gift in his father Frank’s name, served as the 2012 ODI Diversity Symposium keynote speaker and used the talk to educate audience members about the six skills that enable diversity in business. To learn more about Johnson’s partnership with the CHL and the new content available to students in the Johnson-branded HLA platform, contact




Boston Ad Club Names Marcela Aldaz-Matos One of Top 100 "Women We Admire”


Stephanie Diaz Thibeault Receives a Woman of Distinction Award

BOSTON – Marcela Aldaz-Matos, Chief Development Officer at KAS Advisors and National Chair, Women of ALPFA, Strategy Development Committee, has been named one of the Top 100 “Women We Admire” by the Boston Ad Club at their 2013 Leadership Forum in Boston. The Ad Club of Boston invited the Boston community to nominate the 100 Women You Admire. The results were phenomenal with over 250 individual nominations submitted and nearly 30,000 additional “admires” cast, according to Kathy Kiely, president of the Ad Club.

Stefanie Diaz Thibeault is a model of multidimensional success. ALPFA Hartford Vice President

These are women from all generations and walks of life who have inspired us. The ‘Women

was received the 2013 Woman of Distinction Award

We Admire’ have broken through the glass ceiling and helped others to follow more easily.

in the Community Development category on April

They are women who just get it done -from innovative ideas that build businesses and

20, 2013. The award was presented by Connecticut's

burnish brands to powerful initiatives that have the ability to change lives. These women are

Secretary of State, Denise Merrill, at the 5th Annual

the change agents in our world, the next generation of leaders, the women who forged

TWC, "The Road to Destiny: Navigating Life's

ahead in male-dominated industries, and they all have stories behind their accomplishments

Transitions." All your ALPFA friends here are

that will motivate and inspire.

extremely proud of your distinguished achievement!




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