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santa maria han extension project gallery levent new pier of kadıköy marketplace in sapanca the shell the flying hall cult-ure eskisehir goes green compact portfolio

architecture graphic branding self-promotion 2014

complete works

featuring dragos residences consulate general of turkey in münster urban farm in beşiktaş temporary marketplace syrian orthodox church


santa maria han extension project gallery levent new pier of kadıköy marketplace in sapanca the shell the flying hall cult-ure eskisehir goes green compact portfolio

featuring dragos residences consulate general of turkey urban farm in beşiktaş temporary marketplace syrian orthodox church


complete works santa maria han extension project gallery levent new pier of kadıköy marketplace in sapanca the shell the flying hall cult-ure eskisehir goes green compact portfolio featuring dragos residences consulate general of turkey urban farm in beşiktaş temporary marketplace syrian orthodox church



Software Autocad 2013 Revit 2010 3ds Max 2012 Design Google Sketchup 8 Adobe Photoshop CS6 Adobe Illustrator CS6 Adobe Acrobat X Adobe InDesign CS6

Hardware Wacom Tablet Photography Plotters Print (various)

Interests Graphic Design Typography Print design Model making

In 2012, he completed his studies of bachelor degree.

In 2009, he attended to Erasmus programme, and continued his education in Valencia Polytechnical University, Spain.

advanced skilled complex modelling advanced advanced advanced advanced skilled / advanced advanced native fluent daily basis

In 2012, he completed his studies of bachelor degree. Reuse of the Former Kitchen - Surveying Şile Project - Model Making

Teğet Architecture Internship (June ‘12)

Dumankaya İkon Multi-family Housing -Mixed Use Atasehir Financial Center Proposal Concept & Presentation Former Embassy of U.S.A. Detailing & Application Project

Tago Architects Internship (July - September ‘11)

Innenstadt Duisburg - Foster & Partners Internship (July - September ‘09) Project Management of Duisburg City Masterplan

Education Yildiz Technical University / Architecture - Istanbul ‘07-’12 Polytechnic University of Valencia / Arch. - Spain ‘09-’10




Languages English Turkish Spanish French

Languages English Turkish Spanish French

In 2007, he started his education of architecture in Yildiz Technical University in Istanbul.

Born in 1988 in Ankara, graduated from Ankara Atatürk High School. Took lessons of photography and fine arts.

Müvezzi Cad. 53/1 34349 Beșiktaș-İstanbul [TR]

Alper Yıldırım, Mr.

cvalper yıldırım

cirriculum vitae

advanced native fluent daily basis

In 2009, he attended to Erasmus programme, and continued his education in Valencia Polytechnical University, Spain.

skilled skilled experienced advanced

Reflection Pools - Detailing & Application Green Areas / Roofs & Terraces - Application Finishing Materials of The Patio and Terraces - Application Pools (in general) - Quantity Survey

Zorlu Center Project Architect (July-October ‘12)

2 3

Alper Yıldırım, Mr.

Müvezzi Cad. 53/1 34349 Beșiktaș-İstanbul [TR]


mini-bio ex

Born in 1988 in Ankara, graduated from Ankara Atatürk High School. Took lessons of photography and fine arts.

Educat Yildiz Te Polytec

In 2007, he started his education of architecture in Yildiz Technical University in Istanbul.

Innens Interns Projec Duisbu

advanced professional advanced skilled /advanced

Tago A Interns

Duman Atasehi Former

Teğet A Interns

Reuse o Şile Pro

Zorlu C Archite

Reflecti Green A Finishin Pools (in Plantati

Suyaba Archite

Dragos Syrian O Münster Sultanga Besiktas IZKA H Ilbank H *World A


Eminev S.O.S. r Cuhada MIMED


Kayitdi Eastlon

experience Education

Yildiz Technical University / Architecture - Istanbul ‘07-’12 Polytechnic University of Valencia / Arch. - Spain ‘09-’10

Innenstadt Duisburg - Foster & Partners Internship (July - September ‘09) Duisburg City Masterplan Eurogate Duisburg Duisburg Harbour Masterplan

Tago Architects Internship (July - September ‘11) Dumankaya Ikon Multi-family Housing -Mixed Use Dumankaya Halkalı Multi-family Housing - Mixed Use Dumankaya Maltepe Multi-family Housing - Mixed Use Atasehir Financial Center Proposal Concept & Presentation Former Embassy of U.S.A. Detailing & Application Project

Teget Architecture Internship (June ‘12) Garanti Bank Project - Quantity Survey Reuse of the Former Kitchen - Surveying Furniture Design for Model Studio Sile Project - Model Making

Zorlu Center Project Architect (July-October ‘12) Swimming Pools R1 & R2 Detailing & Application Swimming Pools R1 & R2 Insulation Details Reflection Pools Detailing & Application Green Areas / Roofs & Terraces Application Finishing Materials of The Patio and Terraces Application Pools (in general) Quantity Survey Plantation project

Suyabatmaz Demirel Architects Architect (March ‘13 - February ’14) Dragos Residences Graphic Presentation / Design /3d Modelling Syrian Orthodox Church Graphic Presentation Münster Consulate General Graphic Presentation / 3d Modelling Sultangazi Temporary Marketplace Graphic Presentation / 3d Design Besiktas Marketplace Design / 3d Modelling / Graphic Presentation IZKA Headquarters Graphic Presentation / 3d Modelling Ilbank Headquarters Graphic Presentation / 3d Modelling *World Architecture Festival ‘13 / Singapore Presentator

Architectural competition entries: Eminevim multi-family housing, 2011 / Finalist S.O.S. recreation area in Kadikoy, 2011 Cuhadaroglu Aluminum, 2012 MIMED, 2012

Workshops Kayitdisi 2-4 as organisator, 2009-2011 Eastlondon University 2009

5 4

Marketplace in Sapanca 2010

complete works

complete works / index

Santa Maria Han Extension Project 2007

Designed in Sapanca town center, the marketplace creates defined voids inside the town while repairing the damaged street network.

The new extention project aims to integrate a house and a restaurant project as a new layer to a multi functional building: Santa Maria Han, which was built in late 19th century. >>6


front elevation (northeast)

The Shell 2011 left elevation (southeast)

Gallery Levent 2008 rear elevation (southwest)

Levent, the former suburb settlement where consists of single family houses, is right now housing a culture project. >>12

Distinctive shaped mixed-use project mimics a shell: it creates a peaceful area in the middle of a rush, by leaving everything outside of its crust. >>26

right elevation (southwest)

New pier of Kadıköy 2009

The Flying Hall 2011

The new pier project is creating a public space in Kadıköy and adding dynamic lines to a really delicate silhouette. >>16

This Music House offers a different experience with the new concert hall of 700 seats, facility areas and studios on Kadıköy Rıhtım avenue. >>42

Cult-ure / Externalize Ideas 2012

Dragos Residences 2013

To externalize something is to actualise something in the physical world. Build it, make it, speak it, plough it. This project creates spaces to make it happen. >>50

The graphic presentation for Dragos Residences, consists of 90 different slides to illustrate the design criterias and to introduce the new features. >>64

Temporary Marketplace 2013 MIPIM awarded temporary marketplace project aims to create a quality public space in Sultangazi, Istanbul; which is a developing neighborhood lacks of social services and infrastructure. >>86

Consulate General in Münster 2013

Eskişehir Goes Green 2012 Green fields, wind turbines, pv panels, electric powered cars, fast trains and trams are this time used in a graphic artwork that depicts the future of Eskişehir. >>56

Visualizations for the first design phase of Consulate General of Turkey in Münster, including the drafts for project development. >>72 KONSEPT PERSPEKTIF

Syrian Orthodox Church 2013 The graphic visualization of Syrian Orthodox Church project, which is developed by Suyabatmaz Demirel Architects, in 2013. The project won Highly Commended Award from World Architecture Festival, 2013. >>92

Urban Farm in Beşiktaş 2013

Compact Portfolio 2012 A self promotion work, designed on 65*65cm artboard as a foldable print; measuring 13*13cm when folded. Contains the personal works between 2007-2012. >>60

Cities are the places where have the highest demands on the food. In a place where the food is so important, an urban farm is created in order to create a cultural sustainability by making inhabitants participate in the process of plantation. >> 78

Dragos Residences, Consulate General in Münster, Urban Farm, Temporary Marketplace and Syrian Orthodox Church projects have been produced in collaboration with Suyabatmaz Demirel Architects.

7 6

santa maria han extension project

architectural design 1

type residential gastronomy

location beyoğlu, istanbul


The most likely venue for this project is quite familiar for a person who lives in Istanbul: Istiklal Avenue. In the 19th century, the quarter “Pera” became the multicultural face of Istanbul, and it still has this identity not only with the lifestyle, but also with it’s European influenced urban texture. This texture is created with many elements: apartment blocks with large retail units on the ground floor, religional buildings: such as churches, mosques, synagogues; and passages, the linking structures of this network. Inside this texture, Santa Maria Han is holding a special value: it consists of shops, offices and a passage which links the street to the Santa Maria Church. Moreover, the original 3 storey high building has already been extended with 2 more levels, which were constructed in ‘60s. Above this 2 layered building, two more storeys were added as a 3rd layer. At this layer, a restaurant and a residence locates; which composed of floor to ceiling windows that made it possible to have a view of bosphorus and the Istiklal avenue at the same time.

Taksim Square

Galatasaray Intersection Istiklal Avenue

Santa Maria Han (The Site)

Tunnel Square

9 8

Kitchen & Dining Area

Bedroom #2

Living Area & Terrace


Bedroom #1

Kitchen & Staff area

location beyoฤŸlu, istanbul

Existing Staircase Balcony Dining Hall

architectural design 1

type residential gastronomy

Main Entrance Church Passage On the design process, firstly the existing column lines were extended, and the new glass faรงade was created 2 meters behind the column axis. This feature created a clear surface on the new faรงade and a large balcony for the restaurant.

architectural design 1

type residential gastronomy

location beyoÄ&#x;lu, istanbul



10 11

01 New extention 02 View from rear elevation 03 Staircase



12 13

left elevation (southeast)

gallery levent

architectural design 2

type culture

location levent, istanbul


front elevation (northeast)

rear elevation (southwest)

right elevation (southwest)

The project locates in Levent settlement, which was created in ‘50s as a middle class residential area. The original style was inspired from the suburbans of Germany, which consists of various types of two storey single-family houses that composed in gardens.


After the industrialisation period, the city expanded unexpectably and Levent fastly became the major financial district, and that suburban area is now surrounded with skyscrapers, shopping malls and luxurious residences.


The project aims to create a cultural area in a neighborhood that evolves constantly; and as a result, one of the houses in the area is subjected to be renewed as a design workshop and an exhibition hall.

1 2

During the design period, the main purpose was to preserve the original façade patterns in a new concept. So a new pattern was created as a double façade, and that gave the advantage of designing a brand new gallery inside, free from the existing plan type. According to this, a double storey height gallery was designed and this part was covered with glass curtain walls. Rest of the building was planned as two storeys, which contains the workshop and office areas on the upstairs.


Finally, the building was covered with perforated copper plates as a second skin, mimicing the green theme of theneighborhood. For having a harmony with the park aside, right side of the façade was “pixelated” while the left side was left with with the original window modules.

1 Entrance 2 Exhibition area 3 Main gallery 4 Service areas 5 Workshop 6 Kitchen 7 Ofiices

5 6 7


architectural design 2

type culture

location levent, istanbul

01 Main gallery 02 Kitchen 03 Perspective



14 15


The gallery was planned to be covered with perforated copper panels, which let the sufficent sunlight to get inside. Also that transparency provides a direct visual relation to the outside; which is a reallly important fact for the exhibitions for getting spotted by the people passing by. Inside the gallery, the stairs are designed in a special way, as a sculpture that extends from the wall towards the garden.


across the bosphorus new pier of kadıköy

16 17 2009 location kadıköy, istanbul type transport architectural design 3

Right: Storyboards for depicting a possible scenario, which intends to picture an imaginary experience of a person who climbs the stairs and reaches the observation deck.

Kadikoy is one of the oldest districts of Istanbul, where locates on the Anatolian side of the city. It houses the main transportation hub of Anatolian side, and thousands of inhabitants are passing across Bosporus via ferries from the ports over there. The “new” pier project was not come off because of a problem, but as a proposition for an alternative architectural solution to the existing situation; which will offer a pier with transparent façades and a roof which is designed as an observation deck.

The design process in this project was a rather different from the others; this time the site was on the seashore, and it has to be done among many concerns about effecting the silhouette. KadÄąkĂśy port has a strong landmark, HaydarpaĹ&#x;a; the central train station of the Anatolian side of the city. Big contours of the building defines a beginning for the silhouette, and the rest of it visually extends through Marmara sea. Since the site is so delicate, a compact design was offered for the new pier. Moreover it has to be utilizable in other ways; the final concept consisted of a terminal building with glass facades, extending towards the sea, as if it is sailing and carrying people on its observation deck.

18 19 2009

Floor 0 / Port level 1 Entrance 2 Lounge 3 Ticket Area 4 Administration


location kad覺k繹y, istanbul

6 1 3 4 Floor 0 / Port level

type transport

Below: Model studies for the early design

architectural design 3

Floor 1 / Office Level 5 Stairs to the observartion deck 6 Service Area 7 Staff Area

1 Entrance 2 Lounge 3 Ticket Area 4 Administration



Floor 1 / Office Level 5 Stairs to the observartion deck 6 Service Area 7 Staff Area Pier limit

After the “sailing� concept developed, it was needed to define a form which is noticeable enough, but blending in the silhouette at the same time. So, many forms firstly developed in sketches, then several models were created.

The final design was developed on an intersection of two lines, each of them having different functions and creating a terminal area where they intersect. On left wing, the private functions of the pier took place, and on the right wing the public functions were planned, like ticket area and information kiosk. The roof of the building was designed as an observation deck, which has a direct panoramic view of the historical city of Istanbul. Perspective East elevation

< <

The sketches and the models were primarily used as design tools more than technical drawings, because this project was more like creating an object, rather than designing in architectural practice.

20 21 2009


architectural design 3

type transport

location kadÄąkĂśy, istanbul


The effect on silhouette was really important for the project development; so the views on daylight and nighttime had to be taken care of separately in the design process. Due to create a dynamic effect on the elevations, the glass façade of the pier was contoured with strong lines. These lines are also offers differentiating views when the building is observed from various points.




Final Model Study 01 View from the sea 02 West elevation 03 Perspective 04 View from the square 05 East elevation

architectural design 4

type leisure commercial

location sapanca, kocaeli


22 23

Marketplace in Sapanca

Site Plan Diagram

In the project the splitted roads are connected with new streets; which Marketplaces / bazaars usually located in the town are designed inare organic shapes, like centers; it is not only because this area is well known, but the street network inAlso thethose city. in also that area is well-accessible. areasAnd consists of many road road intersections, which defines various meeting this new network, the streets points in the city. intersect in multiple points: with this From this data, a marketplace was projected in the middle fact, diverse spaces created. of Sapanca downtown. It is triedare to create an intersection in the middle of the road network and sustain functional diversity in the city center while increasing the accessibility. Various functions are located in this place: like bakery, groceries, butchers and restaurants.


Final Model Study 01 Perspective 02 View from the south

02 The main purpose of this project is to vitalize the town center by creating physical connections between the roads. To actualize this, the design intends to redefine a vast area in the middle of the city with new streets, new functions and recreational areas that encourages the people to use the area.

architectural design 4

type leisure commercial

location sapanca, kocaeli


24 25 Top: Ground floor

Bottom: Aerial view

Opposite: Details

It was important to design a lightweight structure that can easily be constructed. Also another concern was the sustainability of the design; no matter how complex is the form, the building materials had to be found and applied easily. So it was planned to construct this design on shallow foundations and create the complex form with steel structures, then cover it with OSB panels and plasterboards. For finishing, it was planned to use stucco.

Istanbul is sprawling as it never been before, after massive immigrations the population boomed and borders of the city faded away; and this time the city grows vertically. The curiosity of real estate in the city center increased as the city center gets more dense; and as the land gets scarce, especially on the B端y端kdere axis, the prices topped almost $10k per sq-mt.

location zincirlikuyu, istanbul

To practice this situation, a mixed use project was tasked in Esentepe, just aside of Zincirlikuyu intersection, one of the few locations that remained undeveloped in this soon-to-be overdeveloped area. In this location it is demanded to create a mixed-use project which consists of residences, offices and retail areas and create an outstanding concept. Model Study (1/1000)

type mixed-use architectural design 5

The Shell

residences/ offices/ retail/


26 27

1 Model Study (1/1000) 2 Sketch of site plan 3 Diagrams of the levels 4 Model study 1/2000 5 Cross section sketch 6 Location diagrams

Design Sketch

Model Study (1/2000)

Many times there’s a contradiction between the land-worth and the public use; usually the higher the land-worth, the harder to utilize that area for public use. For instance, in Istanbul, there’s a little land for public use: there are nearly no green areas except cemeteries, and each sq-mt of the city is used for profitable reasons. To change this fact, a concept was developed, which will totally be accessible by public; like anyone walking on the street would pass through the building. In the middle of the area, a big garden and a public square was planned. By this, “The Shell” could get the chance to take interest of the inhabitants of this densely populated city, and encourage them to use the area.

Section Sketch

Location Diagrams

28 29 2011 location zincirlikuyu, istanbul type mixed-use architectural design 5

The Design

â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Shellâ&#x20AC;? takes itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s name from its distinctive form, which consists of 10 modular pieces. Each module is created from the same piece, which is originally a square-prism box. For reaching this form, firstly the prisms were trimmed according to the parameter given, then they were merged into one single mass. After that, the modules were connected with a diagrid structure.

The site locates next to the Zincirlikuyu intersection of the O-2 freeway and Barbaros avenue. This brings many advantages to the area, for it takes just minutes to reach the financial district Levent or to cross the BoÄ&#x;aziçi Bridge for passing to Asiatic side of the city.

Above: Panoramic view of the site and the surrounding area Right: Model study of the area

30 31


Public Square

Barbaros Avenue Model 1/200

architectural design 5

type mixed-use

location zincirlikuyu, istanbul


In a very dense location, it is not easy to get a peaceful environment. The half closed “Shell” form gave the opportunity to create a “paradise” in the middle of the area, which is protected from all of the rush on the outside. The inner garden behaves like a linking structure in between the spaces, like a buffer zone that filters the fast life away from there. Metrobus Terminal Station

This “slow” area is supported with a large public square which extends towards the office blocks. With this defined void, it is made possible to let the cultural activities in, which includes street artists, mini concerts and also street protests. The residences of “The Shell” are located in the last 6 blocks, and because of the form, they are in different sizes and shapes. However, the main feature which makes those residences unique is the fact that each apartment consists of a double-façade living room. This incredible feature offers users an incredible experiment of 270º view.

Green Barrier

Parking Entrance


Parking Entrance Green Barrier Freeway Metrobus Terminal Station

Northeast Perspective

Public Square

Inner Garden

Southwest Perspective

32 33

Overview The functions distributed both vertically and horizontally: the first 4 segments are planned for office areas, and the 6 segments for residential use. The top floors are covered with glass cladding, and utilized as recreational areas. The two storeys on the street levels are planned for retail and cultural use, for that reason they are designed with 5,25m ceiling height, with 4m clearance.

public space


residence entrances

office entranc

location zincirlikuyu, istanbul


Due to the fact that the site locates next to the freeway, it is considered to create a green barrier on the outside, for absorbing the noise of the vehicles.

architectural design 5

type mixed-use

retail access







site plan 1/2500
















34 35



location zincirlikuyu, istanbul



architectural design 5

type mixed-use











C/110 538,77m2

Since each floor has a unique shape, the typologies have a unique form depending on the floor which they are plann ed. Thus, a code system is used for easy wayfinding.

block letter

floor number







architectural design 5

type mixed-use

location zincirlikuyu, istanbul


36 37

Application Drawing Scale: 1/150

38 39 2011 location zincirlikuyu, istanbul type mixed-use architectural design 5


“The Nine” is designed with 2 different types of façades: as inner and outer skin of the building. The first and the most complicated one is the glass façades on the inner skin, which covers the spaces between the segments. This glass cladding is applied on the diagrid structure that links all of the segments into each other, and supports the roof structure which also composed of fully transparent materials. The second is the outer shell, which is produced with 3 elements: full lite doors, glass railings and bamboo shades. The foldable bamboo shells covers the glazing for preventing excessive heat gain from sunlight.

The passages are behaving like pores on the skin, connecting the city to the inner garden, letting people have an access through inside and the outside of the building in easiest way. Due to this, the ground floor is planned to have an extraordinary pedestrian flow, which turns the area into a hot spot in the neighborhood.


+42,00 +38,50 +35,00 +31,50 +28,00 +24,50 +21,00 +17,50 +14,00 +10,50 +7,00


40 41

Below: Section details Opposite: Faรงade detail


architectural design 5

type mixed-use

location zincirlikuyu, istanbul


aluminum panel white Parquet finish Membrane Sound insulation Floor finish: 120mm Reinforced Conc.

w1 | window sliding window system 250*125 (each panel)

bamboo shades foldable panels 330*35 +31,50

IPE 300 steel truss Fire insulation Suspended ceiling: 2*12mm Cartboard Matte finish

architectural design 6

location kadıköy, istanbul


in collaboration with ümit turgay durgun

42 43

center of acoustic arts

the flying hall

type culture



01 SE Perspective 02 NW Perspective 03 Front Elevation


44 45 in collaboration with ümit turgay durgun 2012 location kadıköy, istanbul type culture architectural design 6

The revitalization can be done in many ways. In this project, it is tried to revitalize the Yeldeğirmeni district by creating a highly accessible place. Then the “flying hall” concept is created: a concert hall which is lifted from the ground, creating a column free space on the ground level, which can be utilized in many different ways. Also the vast spaces behind the site are transformed into a public square, for creating a relaxation point behind the crowded port area.

46 47 in collaboration with ümit turgay durgun location kadıköy, istanbul



From Ground Level 1 Entrance Gallery 2 Flying Hall (700 seats) 3 Lower foyer 4 Upper foyer 5 Restaurant & Admin. 6 Terrace 7 Baloon Square




architectural design 6

type culture

1 Below Ground Level 8 Underground Stage 9 Rehearsal Rooms & Artists Lounge 0 Parking Lot











8 0 0


48 49

Accesibility sketch for the “Flying Hall”

architectural design 6

type culture

location kadıköy, istanbul


in collaboration with ümit turgay durgun

Participation through the glass cladding

The “flying hall” is designed as a compact box which has a stage with a transparent background. This way it is made sure that all of the audience would be able to enjoy the magnificent view of Haydarpasa Train Station and Historical City of Istanbul and Pera during a concert. Moreover, the background includes the pier square and the ships, and it creates a dynamic relation between the stage and the people on the pier square, that anyone passing by has the chance of participating in this stage background.

Sketch for the main foyer

Form study for the hall structure


50 51

The project locates in Fatih, in the historical city of Istanbul. Built on early 20th century, Bulgur Palas is a historical monument in a good condition.

externalize ideas


architectural design 7

type culture education

location fatih, istanbul


The project is about the re-functioning of Bulgur Palas building and the reutilization of the site with new extensions. The main function was defined in a global scale; in a subject which nowadays has our world under itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s effect much more than anything else around: communication. The most outstanding feature in here is the Externalizators -the information hubs- where someone can connect him/herself to the world.


The project locates in the historic city of Istanbul, in Kocamustafapasa quarter.


Due to the launch of the tube system passing under Bosphorus Strait, the area became the new transportation hub of Istanbul Metropolitan Area.

By externalizing an idea, we get a better view of what it actually is. To externalize something is to actualize it in the physical world. Build it, make it, speak it, plough it. Then it is possible to experience it - look at it, touch it, hear it, walk around it. Once externalized, given a physical shape, it is now part of the input system, part of the previously raw environment. We can even return to it later - its physicality preserves it in a kind of shared ‘working memory’ to be developed or reconsidered at leisure, over an expanded timespan. Thus externalized ideas develop, becoming raw material for new ideas, in a never-ending feedback loop - a process that occurs whenever one acts upon the world.

night use

The nighttime use of the city is focused mainly on the European side of Bosphorus. One of the aims on this project is to utilize the area at night.

green areas

Since the neighborhood does not have sufficent green areas, it has been the first aim to bring plenty of green space.

...objective>subjective>objective>subjective... “L’existance précède l’essence.” [Existance precedes essence] -Sartre “Essence precedes existence” -Avicenna


The topography descents towards the south edge, and the surrounding streets were being too long way to get downwards. So extensions were designed as a linkage between two edges.


The new buildings were designed on the south edge of Bulgur Palas. They consist of exhibition halls, a performance hall and four externalizators.

52 53 2012

Since the culture is shared throughout the boundaries of the location that we live, our culture has begun to be determined by what we interest. So the concept is developed upon the idea of practicing an architectural space which can internalize the externalized ideas, and establish a connection to different parts of world to expand cultures.

architectural design 7

type culture education

location fatih, istanbul

Internet is a sufficient way of being a part of a culture, and an effortless way of externalization. Basically, you can expose your ideas with 140 characters; then you can become a part of any culture. On the other hand, world is not working on the same way: people still needs to collaborate to get a project done, and that is usually comes to real when you connect them face to face.

Bulgur palas research center offers an information bank, flexible workshop areas and a performance center to create this real connection environment.

The site: Bulgur Palas KocamustafapaĹ&#x;a Fatih, Istanbul

The project also aims to create a space that is needed to establish a connection in the global scale: externalizators, which will work as transmission hubs in this design. So all the things that will be created, spoken, written or performed in this center would easily be recorded, stored and shared with the world. Externalizators are the key feature of the project: they provide connections to the other research centers in the world, so the emerging ideas would easily travel the world, and create their cultural community.

54 55

outsıde conscıous control


Outside of our possible knowledge or influence


Brought within our sphere of knowledge or influence via the media.

fırst-hand EXPERIENCE

Within our sphere of direct sense perception and personal knowledge Been there, done that


WITHIN conscıous control

Film Books Art Gossip The internet

The Focus of one’s ATTENTION

Faith based knowledge or superstitions - beyond any kınd of conscıous practise.

the old building converted ınto a medıa center, where provıdes suffıcent sources and condıtıons to the vısıtors for researchıng, desıgnıng and gettıng ınformatıon from dıfferent kınd of medıums.

The extensıons are desıgned as flexıble spaces whıch are connected to each other. thıs feature gıves the vısıtors to have the chance to partıcıpate dırectly ın other dıscıplınes.

objectıve, exterıor

WITHIN conscıous control

location fatih, istanbul

subjectıve, ınterıor

DIRECTED CONTROLLED PROCESS Learning new skills and using learned skills in novel ways

Attendıng to the facılıtıes, such as dancıng, actıng, desıgnıng, recordıng etc.

Learning a language Learning how to dance Learning to play the piano Executing focussed creative acts

Partıcıpatıng ın team works, gettıng the chance to socıalıze, gettıng famılıar wıth dıfferent cultures.

Semı-autonomous process

Teachıng, exposıng a dıfferent culture to the other subjects.

Using learned skills and temporarily excercising control over normally autonomous processes

architectural design 7

outsıde conscıous control

type culture education

Using a tool Dancing Daydreaming Holding your breath

Fully autonomous process Processes that function below conscious contol and are primarily genetic, not memetic. Digestion Heartbeat Cell division Groving your nails and hair Ageing

tryıng new thıngs, ımıtatıng acts from other cultures, w/o concıously.

Partıcıpatıng ın a new culture, and adoptıng the acts, habıts and the way of lıvıng ınto unusual condıtıons unconcıously. Or choosıng to stay the same.

Workshop areas were designed as open halls, consisting of 6 segments; where each of them could be used seperately. It is covered with a roof which has a wave form, resembling Marmara sea. Between the workshops and the Bulgur palas, a patio is created. In this patio, the externalizators are seem like sculptures in a valley. This open area also created for events, as an extention to the foyer of the performance hall.
















IDEA URE The fourIDEA hubs are created asURE “externalisators”, which consist of scanners and new the audio-visual hardwares working as data receivers and transmitters. The IDEAs CULTIDEAare designed forIDEA externalisators accesibility to information: if someone producURE I es something, he or she can scan it and upload it to the internet, or if someone needs an information, s/he can just step inside and reach the information.


Externalizators are designed as objects with recording and broadcasting equipment inside: integrated 3D scanners and high capacity processors. The externalizators can also work reversely: anyone can watch, listen, read or experience special contents on the internet database.

The site locates on a hill, and Bulgur Palas is the highest building in the neighborhood, settled on the peak. The workshop halls and externalizators are designed in front of the building, without disturbing the visual quailty of the original façade.

56 57 2012 type graphic design professional works

Eskişehir goes green The graphic includes several topics, starting from the hydroelectric power systems and the wind turbines which is a “must be” fact for removing the dependency on fossil fuel energy systems. And it is followed by the high speed train system in intercity transportation, the usage of photovoltaic panels, encouragement on hybrid cars and river transportation, and expansion of tram systems. This graphic has been created by the inspiration of monocle magazine illustrations.







58 59 2012 type graphic design professional works

This work is originally produced for an architectural design competition, in which the participants were obliged to produce green solutions for the city of Eskisehir while creating the architectural object: a history museum. Eskisehir is located in Mid- Anatolia, and it is also one of the first cities which had an access to the railway system (c.1890). Since then, the city grew as an industrial center; but that fact brought some negative effects on the city, like the unexpected growth of the population and the environmental pollution. Through those factors, the life quality decreased dramatically in â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;50s and it went worse on the following decades. However after the environmental policies have been followed by the city government, the people were urged to eliminate those negative effects. As a result, in this competition, the participants were tasked to find several solutions to the existing city conditions; which includes transportation systems, dependency on fossil fuels, lack of green areas and usage of the river.



Osmangazi University

Yunus Emre Museum

adolu University

Central Station Odunpazar覺 Houses

Archeology Museum


Midas Mauseleum

professional works

type graphic design print design


60 61

compact portfolio

In 2012, on the senior year of the collage, an idea of self promotion emerged prior to my graduation. It should have been compact but detailed enough to show all of my personal works, and it should have been produced without too much effort and cost. So I decided to prepare a foldable flyer, which would only size 13*13cm when folded. The works were positioned in a chronological order, starting from the top right corner, just below the first line of mini biography and contact details. To provide a comfortable space when the flyer is unfolded, the dimensions were set to 65*65 cm for the maximum size.

62 63 2012

The compact portfolio includes the personal works between 2007 and 2012. All of the projects were set to fit in to the rows or columns, which are equally consisted of 13*13cm squares. To separate the sections from each other, dot prints and yellow colour is used. The biography was planned to be overprinted onto the first row, which is revealing the brand name written in white over yellow. The brand is set to 250pt and written in Auxin Demi Bold. It is supposed to be perceived from a far distance, so it is planned to be written in a calm but loud sense. When folded, the portfolio reveals only “a” letter, which is used for the brand logo.


bıog bıog

1988’d eğitim Lisesi’ eğitim resim

Born i gradua Atatür Took l raphy

Nació Ankar Escue Ankar

‘07 ‘08 ‘09


santa maria konut + bıstro

S ko bo çi d

galerİ levent

kadıköy’de yenİ vapur İskelESİ Eminönü iskelesi için tasarlanan iskele yapısı sahil silüetine dinamik çizgiler eklerken üzerinde tasarlanan seyir terası ile özel bir kentsel mekan olusturmakta.

Th d i w t


Sapanca kent merkez tasarlanan hal yapısı zedelenmiş sokak örüntüsünü onararak merkezi içinde tanım boşluklar oluşturmak


9 | toplu konut + ofİs Esentepe’de projelendirilen 9, toplam 70000 m2 kapalı alanda konut, ofis, ticaret alanı ve rekreratif alanlar içermekte. Projected on Esentepe, the 9 consist of residences, offices, commercials and recreative areas on 70000m2 floor area.

professional works

type graphic design print design

Proyectado en Esentepe, el 9 consisten en residencias, oficinas, comerciales y áreas recreativas en Superficie 70000m2.


MÜZİK EVİ Kadıköy Rıhtım caddesi üzerinde tasarlanan Müzik evi, 700 kişilik yeni bir konser salonu, etkinlik alanları ve stüdyolarıyla farklı bir deneyim sunmakta.

Designed on Kadıköy Rıhtım avenue, the Music House offers a different experience with the new concert hall of 700 seats, facility areas and studios.





de Ankara’da doğdu, lise mini Ankara Atatürk ’nde tamamladı. Lise mi sürecinde fotoğraf ve eğitimi aldı.

2007’de İstanbul’a yerleşti ve Yıldız Teknik Üniversitesi Mimarlık Bölümünde eğitim görmeye başladı. 2012’de lisans eğitimini tamamladı.

2009’da Erasmus Programı aracılığıyla İspanya’ya gitti ve Valensiya Teknik Üniversitesinde bir sene eğitim aldı.

2008’de ve takip eden yıllarda Kayıtdışı organizasyon grubunda yer aldı. 2009’da Eastlondon Üniversitesi ile bir workshop’a katıldı. Şu an ‘Herkes için Taksim’ çalışmalarında yer almakta.

Foster & Partners

Tago Mimarlık

Duisburg revitalizasyon projesi & Eurogate Duisburg, 2009. Duisburg, Almanya

Mimari tasarım ve uygulama projesi , 2011. İstanbul , Türkiye

In 2007, he started his education of architecture in Yildiz Technical University in Istanbul. In 2012, he completed his studies of bachelor degree.

In 2009, he attended to Erasmus programme, and continued his education in Valencia Polytechnical University, Spain.

In 2008 and the following years, he took place in the organisation group of “kayıtdışı”. Recently he takes place in ‘Herkes için Taksim(Taksim for everyone)’

En 2009, a través del programa Erasmus fue a España, donde cursó un año académico en la Universidad Politécnica de Valencia.

En el año 2008 y los siguientes años, llevó a cabo la organización del grupo "kayıtdışı". Recientemente, está llevando a cabo el proyecto ‘Herkes için Taksim (Taksim para todos)’

graphy grafía


in 1988 in Ankara, ated from Ankara rk High School. lessons of photogand fine arts.

ó en 1988 en ra, se graduó en la ela secundaria de ra Atatürk Lisesi.

En 2007, comenzó el estudio a estudiar arquitectura en Yildiz Technical University en Estambul. En 2012, completó sus estudios de bachelor.

Santa Maria Han üzerine onumlanan proje, cephedeki oşluğu doldururken eskinin izgilerini yeniyle buluşturmayı denemekte.

Settled on St. Maria Building, completing the missing levels with a house and a bistro project, it is tried to stitch the lines of old to the new.



Duisburg revitalisation project & Eurogate Duisburg, 2009. Duisburg, Germany

Architectural studies and application projects, 2011. Istanbul, Turkey

Zorlu Center / Karaoğlu Peyzaj

Teğet Mimarlık

Zorlu Center şantiyesinde kabuk ve peyzaj uygulamaları & AVM ince yapı çalışmaları, 2012. İstanbul, Türkiye

Mimari tasarım ve uygulama projesi , 2012 İstanbul , Türkiye

Zorlu Center in-site application projects of shopping mall & landscape, 2012. Istanbul, Turkey

ALPER YILDIRIM Müvezzi Cad.53/1 Beșiktaș-İstanbul [TR] +90-554-682-8853 @alpiryildirim

Architectural studies and application projects, 2012. İstanbul, Türkiye


galerİ levent

Asentada en en el edificio Santa María , el proyecto añade dos nuevos niveles al preexistente. Acogiendo una cafeteria y una vivienda privada.

konut residence residencia

Levent dokusuna uyum sağlayan çizgilerle tasarlanan Galeri Levent, endüstri ürünleri tasarım stüdyosu ve sergi alanı içermekte.

restoran restaurant restaurante

While creating harmonious lines with Levent settlement texture, Galeri Levent is designed as an industrial design studio and a gallery.

The pier project, which is designed for Eminönü pier, is creating an urban space while adding dynamic lines to the silhouette.


k kent mlı kta.

Creado de líneas armoniosas con la textura del distrito de Levent, Galería de Levent está diseñado como un estudio de diseño industrial y una galería.

El proyecto pretende crear un nuevo muelle para Eminönü, creando un espacio urbano cuando al añadir unas lineas dinamicas a la silueta.

Designed in Sapanca town center, the marketplace creates defined voids inside the town while repairing the damaged street network.

Diseñado en el centro de Sapanca, el mercado crea huecos definidos dentro de la ciudad, mientras repara la red de calles dañadas.


+42,00 +38,50 +35,00 +31,50 +28,00 +24,50 +21,00 +17,50 +14,00 +10,50 +7,00


doğu perspektifi

+35,00 kat silmesi, 30 cm çinko kaplama üzerine beyaz boya uygulanmıs

P1 |doğrama sürgülü pencere, 250*250cm (250*125 cm kanat boyutu)

bambu gölgelik; katlanabilir paneller: 350*35cm

+32,50 cam küpeste lamine güvenlik camı 2*8mm

Proje parametrik tasarlandı, bu sayede serbest formlu kütle 9 modüler parça ile çözüldü.

The project is designed parametrically, so the freeform mass was solved with 9 modular pieces.

güney perspektifi

El proyecto está diseñado como paramétrica, y toda la forma se resolvió con 9 piezas modulares.

kuzey perspektifi


köprü pavİlyon

Diseñado en la avenida Kadıköy Rihtim, la Casa de Música ofrece una experiencia diferente con la nueva sala de conciertos y los estudios de musica.


Lifli beton ile üretilmiş elemanların kablo sistem ile birleştirilmesi ile eksenel kuvvetlere karşı yüksek dayanım sağlayan köprü strüktürü tasarımı.









Bridge design which provides high resistance against the axial forces. Connected in a cable system, the structure made of elements produced with fiberreinforced concrete. Diseño de puente que ofrece una alta resistencia contra las fuerzas axiales. Conectado mediante un sistema de cables, la estructura está formada con elementos prefabricados de hormigon reforzado con virutas de acero.

batı perspektifi

64 65 in collaboration with suyabatmaz demirel architects professional works

type residential graphic design

location maltepe, istanbul


The project site for this residential community is located in the Asiatic side of Istanbul, within a recent prime urban development area. Due to the risk of earthquakes, the area has undergone an urban transformation but has fully maintained the reconsideration of the region in terms of urban needs. Presently there are 19 blocks, hosting 108 apartments, in the project area. As the land has been transformed under the umbrella of urban regeneration, it is only feasible for investors that the new project proposal needs to offer recent homeowners 25% more area than their existing apartment space. At the same time they foresee that the number of new apartments must be maintained at least as many as the previous ones, i.e, 4 units will be increased to 5 units at 25% area increase. In all, there will be 10 units which will bring out a density increase of 250%.

dragos residences

66 67 in collaboration with suyabatmaz demirel architects 2013 location maltepe, istanbul type residential graphic design professional works

Columns, Left to right: 1 Concept idea, simplified 2 Existing situation 3 New conditions on existing situation 4 New conditions in maximum limits, 21 blocks 5 New conditions in bigger blocks, 8 blocks

68 69 in collaboration with suyabatmaz demirel architects 2013 location maltepe, istanbul type residential graphic design professional works

When all these factors are taken into consideration, the new project proposal is preferred to be in a state of â&#x20AC;&#x153;single buildingâ&#x20AC;? that is located over the boundaries of the site with a maximum thickness by defining a qualified, useful community courtyard in the middle. Thanks to this approach, apartments looking on both sides without any distance limitation and more efficient living spaces without long corridors and dark spaces are designed. Furthermore; the common spaces designed in and under the courtyard become more useful in size. Because of the fact that this organic formed building needs to offer equal standards for the recent apartment owners, this single building is defined in blocks to constitute standardization. Regarding all these design decisions, the distance between the blocks is 30 meters minimum and 60 meters maximum which is something encountered rarely in a crowded city like Istanbul.

70 71 in collaboration with suyabatmaz demirel architects 2013 location maltepe, istanbul type residential graphic design professional works

Social facilities are designed on basement floor under the courtyard to meet the demands of all the residents and platforms are proposed in the courtyard for people to reach these social spaces easily. To conserve the fair distribution between the flats, which has common spaces such as the kitchen and living room looking towards inside and outside, the courtyard is filled with landscape elements and isolated from social activities. Facades of the building are also differentiated inside and outside. Sliding and foldable wooden shutters are used inside to obtain efficient privacy and light control while almost 30% less dense or translucent facade elements are used outside where privacy is not a critical issue any more. This kind of a facade language refers to the traditional facades of waterside residences which are very common in Istanbul.

Consulate General of Turkey in M端nster

72 73 in collaboration with suyabatmaz demirel architects 2013 location m端nster, germany type government professional works

A consulate building is demanded by Turkish government, to be built in M端nster, Germany in 2013. Designing a building outside the country was a quite different process, because of the strict regulations designated by German government. So the process started by visualizing the regulations, which restricts building heights above 18,50 and regulates the setback boundaries. First the drafts were prepared freehand, then the models were created. Finally the models were exported to illustrator, then the diagrams were created.

74 75 in collaboration with suyabatmaz demirel architects 2013 location m端nster, germany

The graphics were created in a flow that goes from the bigger scale to the smaller scale diagrams. First, the whole neighborhood was illustrated, and the location of the site was highlighted. Following this, first rule is shown in the second frame, which tells that this area could be at a maximum height of 12 meters and could be consisted of 4 floors at most. On the third frame, it can be observed that the side looking to the main street is slightly lifted. In this part, it was defined that the building could top 15 meter height, consisted of 4 or 5 floors. On the last frame, the highest point is illustrated, which restricts elevations exceeding 18,50 meters. This part of the building could be consisted of 4 or 5 floors. When we look on a smaller scale that only shows the building site, the phases of design can be seen: when the rules applied, the required space was calculated, then it was considered negative because of being too deep for taking daylight inside. So it was decided to open a patio inside the building and set the functions around.

the site

max 4 fl hmax: 12m

type government

max 4/5 fl hmax: 15m

professional works

First Column: Graphics depicting the new urban planning rules on the site and the neighborhood. Opposite Page: Design Process

max 4/5 fl hmax: 18,50

12m max 4 fl

max 4-5 fl

design rule

space required


the patio

basic form




professional works

type government

location m端nster, germany


in collaboration with suyabatmaz demirel architects

76 77


01 B-B Section 02 A-A Section 03 C-C Section 04 The design

b-b kesiti 02



type culture graphic design

location beşiktaş, istanbul

Urban Farm in Beşiktaş

professional works


in collaboration with suyabatmaz demirel architects

78 79


Urban farm concept is developed within a temporary marketplace project, which locates in the Beşiktaş Cumartesi Pazarı area. There is an existing two storey marketplace structure at the intersection of Beşiktaş and Şişli districts, which serves as a marketplace in Saturdays, being utilized as car park on the other days of the week. The municipality of Istanbul demanded a renewal project for this area, with some new features, including a permanent marketplace and cultural areas. Due to the importance of the area, there were many parameters to be considered; the fact that Beşiktaş and Şişli districts are the city’s hot spots, the cultural function of this area should involve all of the habitants interest. Also the demand for car park is increasing each day, so it is determined that the new structure should be able to get as many cars as possible without effecting the neighborhood.

80 81


in collaboration with suyabatmaz demirel architects

Cities are the places where have the highest demands for the food. But in a place where the food is so important, it is strange that the inhabitants are usually unaware of the whole production process. So an urban farm is decided to be created on the top floor, where the Istanbulers could experience the food production phases. The urban farm consist of three parts, the first part is urban farm, where the plantations locates. Here the plants are grown in mobilized pots, so this place would be organized according to different needs. The second part includes an information center, a cinema and a facility area where people would gain information about different topics about farming. The last part is a cafe and a teahouse, where prepares special products from the plants that are grown in the urban farm.














professional works

type culture graphic design






location beşiktaş, istanbul


The functions are regulated due to the requirements of the project: a permanent marketplace area is designed on the ground floor. This way the area would get utilized positively during the week. The first, second, and third floors are planned to be used as temporary marketplace and car park. Apart from the shafts inside the building, all of the levels are connected to the street. By this, the accessibility is maximized. The main entrance is located on Nüzhetiye street. From this point, the building is designed to have 4 floors; but the marketplace structure is located on a sloped area, for that reason it is perceived as a one floor building from rear, and that gives the advantage of establishing a direct connection to the ground from the top floor with only few steps.





82 83 in collaboration with suyabatmaz demirel architects 2013 location beĹ&#x;iktaĹ&#x;, istanbul type culture graphic design professional works

The roof structure is designed independent from the marketplace structure, this way a column free area would acquired for the urban farm. Also the roof extends over the square in front of the marketplace, embracing the whole surface, creating a safe feeling for the ones standing under.

84 85 in collaboration with suyabatmaz demirel architects

These graphics were created to illustrate the cultural sustainability of the marketplace culture. First row is depicting the functions of the marketplaces, which includes commerce, socializing with other people and interactions with different materials.




Second row shows the importance of the cultural sustainability, for this culture needs to be transmitted to the new generations. At this point urban farm has a key role, because the habits of the new generation is a rather different, so in a new way they are needed to be attracted to this culture: the Urban Farm.

type culture graphic design



location beşiktaş, istanbul



With the new features that is offered in Urban Farm, everyone can find a place to participate in this process. Meanwhile the people can experience the reality, it will also be possible to join digitally; there will be a plant database system which anyone can have an access to have information.


professional works













86 87 in collaboration with suyabatmaz demirel architects 2013 location sultangazi, istanbul type civic leisure professional works

temporary marketplace The project positions itself in Sultangazi, Istanbul which is a developing neighborhood within the scope of urban regeneration. Site is surrounded by condense residential blocks and it is owned by the municipality. In this area which has a critical value due to its environment and functions, proposed designed is expected to include a temporary market place that will operate as a car park when there is no market activity and a closed structure, about 2000 square meters, accommodating social, educational, administrative functions. In Turkey, almost every district of every city has the routine of having a market place. These market places take place on specific days. Stallholders set up their stalls in a location on a specific day and then during the rest of the week they move to other locations. This

circulation happens every week as a routine. When the stalls are gone, instead of leaving this space empty and useless, the local municipalities operate these areas mostly as car parks where some of them utilize other activities such as workshops and exhibitions. Thus, functional sustainability is yielded by operating these various activities. One of the most crucial facts which is severely shaping the design process and cannot be ignored is the block density around this land. These kind of market places have always been an element of social cohesion in the neighborhood, a landmark, a park, a leisure development or sometimes almost secret and visible only to its inhabitants. This condition of density that the market has in relation to the neighborhood should be one of the Continued on p90 >

professional works

type civic leisure

location sultangazi, istanbul


in collaboration with suyabatmaz demirel architects

88 89







10018m² total area 1















health center


prayer room study center

ISMEK area



recreation area

parking lot



137 cars

social areas


90 91 in collaboration with suyabatmaz demirel architects 2013 location sultangazi, istanbul type civic leisure professional works

Continued from p86 >

conditions of the project, so that the building and its immediate surroundings actually become a clear point of reference in this corner of the city. In conclusion such features as spatial development, functionality and practicability were taken into consideration during the design process.

can easily surpass without any level obstacle. By placing the closed structure on the highest point of the site it is aimed to integrate this building with the green roof designed over the market place. The roof of this structure is also merged with the rest of the green roof. While the proposed green roof is separated On the other hand; project site has from the lower level as much as almost 16 meters level difference possible, it is aimed to create a between different corners which state that triggers the use of landdefines a great slope in accordance scape by the neighborhood. All this with the size of this land. The design area is organized as a public space was guided by the premise of main- for the local people by offering taining the direct relation between different approaches from different the project site and the existing locations and levels and by aggresidewalks when both the pedestrian gating the landscape with the hard and vehicular access is considered. ground where the roof structure Another important target was to touches the ground. Lowest corner create straight platforms from the of the site is designed as a fully sidewalks through the structure to open space slotting a playground maximize accessibility. This aim has without a roof structure above, so been achieved by defining three that the density of the structure different levels. Green belts that distributed gradually to meet the are permeating inside the strucnecessity of an emptiness in the ture are designed in between every surrounding. level. Besides the platforms, stairs and a ramp are proposed integratOne of the biggest problems ened with the landscape elements to countered in a market place is the connect these three levels. Thus stalls of the sellers which takes time not only the pedestrians walking on and energy during the installation the sidewalks but also the vehicles and removal. The roof structure

seeks for an alternative solution to this. Hence; a mechanical structure integrated with the roof structure of the building and that can move up and down is designed as a system. When there is no bazaar activity inside, these stalls rise and form a secondary surface as a suspended ceiling just like filigree above. Through this surface, it is aimed for people going around to be able to feel the spirit of a bazaar even when it is not a bazaar any more. This dynamic mechanism helps both the installation and

cleaning process of the bazaar. Also; all the electricity and illumination needs of the space is organized similar with this mechanism from the ceiling so that any kind of disruption on floor level is avoided.

professional works

Syrian Orthodox Chu

type civic culture

location yeยบilkรถy, istanbul


in collaboration with suyabatmaz demirel architects

92 93


Syrian Orthodox Church project is developed by Suyabatmaz Demirel Architects, in 2013. The project is located in Yeşilköy, Istanbul. The graphics of were prepared for World Architecture Festival 2013, for describing the aims and the design properties. There were many concerns about the design, since the Christianity is a minority in an Islamic culture. In that delicate condition, the design was composed in a simple contours. Not weak but a gentle touch was chosen, composing the basic form of “home” The church complies with the demands of the Syrian Orthodox Church, and consists of a large main hall with the social areas under, where the Christian community would perform their rituals. Also a residence and an administration building was designed for the Metropolit, the leader of the Syrian Orthodox community; there the issues about the Church can be administrated.

professional works

type civic culture

location yeยบilkรถy, istanbul



sunken garden

in collaboration with suyabatmaz demirel architects

94 95




Alper Yıldırım Portfolio - 2014  
Alper Yıldırım Portfolio - 2014  

Portfolio / Complete architectural works of Alper Yıldırım; including the early designs and the professional works.