Alpendistel #1 Im Schatten der Berge. Antisemitismus Gestern und Heute

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DONʼT PLAY WITH HIM – HEʼS A JEW My father, Moshe Frumin, is a “Bricha” (escape) boy. Escape during and after that War (World War II). Without a home, without a father, without a childhood. by Moshe Frumin (sculptor) and Inbal Gildin (designer). A father and his daughter This text has been translated from Hebrew to English by Gal Talit.


y father recalls events and memories from his childhood and with them creates new beginnings every day, with a strong sense of choosing life, believing that you must keep on going, or in his case, running... We chose to share with you: 1) three memories of anti-Semitism after World War II 2) a story of rebirth and 3) a project of hope



MEMORY #1: DONʼT PLAY WITH HIM – HEʼS A JEW Wałbrzych (Waldenburg), Poland. End of World War II. When we returned to our apartment after the war, strangers were living there. Someone arranged for us to live in the apartment of a Nazi who had been deported from Poland. It was a fancy apartment. In the same building lived a family with a young child. His parents wouldnʼt let him play with me and certainly not talk to me. One day, when we were both alone in the building, he called me and took me by the hand to his room. There were nothing but electric trains