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Leeds College of Art BA (Hons) ILLUSTRATION LAUIL603 Extended Practice Name

Alex Patrick


March 2018





Rationale I still want to produce work I enjoy making and that works as a set. I want to produce a series of prints using different mediums and explore my skills and hopefully learn new ones as well as developing old skills.

Themes / Subjects My themes will be Women With Autism, looking at how no stereotype fits one autistic woman. Fan art, featuring music, TV and film. Botanical/Plant based illustration is playing a big part in my work this module. Music illustration – musicians and art based on songs.

Products / Methods of Distribution Posters, record sleeves and illustration that I can then apply to products such as prints and badges. Distributing them via posts on instragram and on etsy.

Practical Skills / Media / Formats Hand drawn sketches, oil painting, mark making, cut paper and digital work (Photoshop)

STUDIO PRACTICE Statement of Intent 2

Brief 1: Fan Art Project (Final Major Brief)

Deadline May 2018

Rationale: Produce 4 Illustrated Fan Art Posters based on music/film/tv using hand drawn and digital work to collage

Brief 2: Women With Autism


May 2018

Rationale: Produce 4 illustrated portraits of females with autism. Again using hand drawn and digital work.

Brief 3: The Diabetic Eye


March 2018

Rationale: Create two oil painted eyes and make into wall hangings. Try sell them and donate all money made to Diabetes UK

Brief: Secret 7/Record Sleeve Brief


Rationale: Make work for a couple of the Secret 7 Prompts and one of my own choosing. Design 7 inch sleeves that fit with the artist and music aesthetic.

Revised proposal  
Revised proposal