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Secret 7 Record Sleeve Brief Extended Practice 603 Alex Patrick

The Brief I used this brief as inspiration to start my own brief really, and instead of doing just the songs from the actual secret 7 brief, I did two of theirs and one song of my own choosing as I wasn’t inspired by most on the list. The brief for Secret 7 supplies you with a list of 7 songs and asks that you design a 7inch record sleeve for as many as you want but it cannot include the band name or images of the band. The entered sleeves are then printed and sold along with the record at an exhibition and the people buying them buy them based on the sleeve design and do not know what the song is until they get it home and listen to it. I really like this idea and had fun doing the Illustration 12 brief that our tutors set for us last year.

My Research For my research I listened to each song on the Secret 7 list and selected the ones I felt I could illustrate. There were only two that I actually got any ideas from and felt I could make work based on, so I did a little bit of research into the bands. The first one was The Clash, so I had a look at images of them and listened to some of their other songs to get a feel for what I could illustrate. The second song I chose was ‘Help’ by London Grammar. When I listened to it all I could think of was those ceramic Staffordshire dogs and knew that I had to draw one on my sleeve. Instead of doing lots of research into the band, I researched pot dogs instead. After this I didn’t really like any of the other songs so decided to just leave it at that.

Rough Ideas

For my roughs I just started sketching out the ideas I got from listening to my selected songs. I’m not someone who enjoys working roughly because I’m obsessed with perfection and always have an end goal in sight before I eve start, but for once I really enjoyed making really loose sketches and having fun and not caring too much about it being a beautiful, finished illustration. I used oil pastels for the first time since first year and I loved it! I forgot how much I like working with it and it’s reminded me I need to use it more.

Developments A significant development that occurred during this project was a suggestion made by my tutor. I was originally just going to do the 2 sleeves for bands given to us by Secret 7, until my tutor suggested using the brief as a starting point and doing another sleeve but with a song or band that I myself like. So I did exactly that. Once of my favourite musicians is Keaton Henson so I decided to make a 7 inch sleeve for his song ‘Polyhymnia’. I listened to the song and also googled the lyrics. There was a particular line about teeth that stuck in my head so in my sketchbook, I started drawing teeth and did a few sleeve roughs based around teeth. I’m glad my tutor gave me this idea as I really enjoyed designing a sleeve for a musician I am a fan of and a song I really like. I think if I’d had more time I would have made a lot more sleeve designs and probably got very carried away. I think after university I might carry on doing more of these as I think they’d be fun to do and help when I am feeling stuck for ideas.

Final Outcomes

Record sleeve presentation complete  
Record sleeve presentation complete