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The Diabetic Eye Personal Brief Extended Practice 603 Alex Patrick

The Brief I planned this brief in December over Christmas after I got the results of my Diabetic Retinopathy screening. At the screening they put drops in my eyes to make them big and then photograph them. After this they send the pictures to a lab and look over them to see if there is any damage to blood vessels in the eyes caused by diabetes. When my results came back, they showed that there is some damage to my eyes already. Its likely that I will lose my sight in one or both eyes in a few years. After this news I felt pretty cold, and I started painting my eyes with the intention of selling them and donating the money to Diabetes UK. My plan was to paint a couple of pictures of my eyes in oil to turn into mini wall hangings.

Research There wasn’t really much research to be done for this project as the idea was quite simple. My research consisted mostly of me photographing my eyes and dwelling on the fact they might be useless before I’m thirty.

Work in Progress

Final Outcomes

After Thoughts I don’t really have much to say about this project, given the topic and how personal it is, it’s quite hard to talk about. I will say however, that I am very happy with the outcomes and I’m pleased that I managed to take some bad news and make two beautiful paintings from it. I enjoyed painting as I haven’t done any for a while and doing it made me feel a lot better about things. In the future I want to continue painting and get as good as I can, at least while I can still see anyway.

Diabetic eye presentation board complete  
Diabetic eye presentation board complete