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MAY Brand Book 2011

Vision A mythical spirit of nature MAY is envisioned as a beautiful maiden in the modern world. Curious about the cultural wonders of the world we approach life with a dainty curiosity. Elegant and poised we pirouette through the joys of life, buoyant and athletic like a contemporary ballerina. It is an enchanting damsel with quiet resilience. Which captivates all who experience it.

Mission Magic is the element of life that keeps you intrigued, with a desire for more. The aim is to heighten the feeling of mystery and the enjoyment that can be derived from the journey of discovery.

Central theme The central value is enchanting with worldly wisdom. We distinguish ourselves from others with our excellence in all we aspire to do. We would like to show you the splendour that exists in the world from a strong yet delicate perspective. We see this through the eyes of an imaginative dreamer. Reliable and open you can seek refuge in our world.

Central value Drive The drive and pursuit for the finest calibre is our principal motivation. This is owing to the fact that we want you to encounter a unique sophistication, unlike any other. We take care of your needs to ensure that this detail is incorporated at every stage of your journey with us.

Ambition We aim to educate you on the splendour that can be found in this cultural diverse world. Translated through movement and eternal wanderlust. Executed with feminine finesse and creative thought.

Functional values Rebellious yet Balanced The MAY brand will entice you to try new things due to our independent rebellious streak, daring intrinsic qualities you experience life from a thrilling new perspective by using equitable thought, touch, sight and taste. This will encompass your life. You will be seduced by this avant-garde escapade.

Expressive value Passionate We are passionate about how we express ourselves, using social intelligence to communicate with the world. We are sincere in what we believe. Cheerfully we express ourselves with bright bold colours. This will be centred by sombre tones to bring an element of equilibrium. We are felt as a soft, thick, rugged texture, counteracted by solid austerity in our surroundings. Warm is how we will make you feel as you revel in our amity, entertained by our wicked sense of humour.

The Concept The concept for the brand would be the MAY Sport Collection for 2001. Tthe collection is called ‘Agere’. From the word Agility. via french from latin Agilis, from Agere ‘DO’ The collection would be accompanied by a perfume scent called ‘Agilis’. This brand would be target to women who are 18-30, who have an active outdoors lifestyle. The intrinsic qualities of the May Athleticism, independence, agility, action, playfulness.

Tag Line “Magic is the element of life that keeps you intrigued, with a desire for more.�

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