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1. Write a copy brief that includes a. The name of the company/product/service you are creating the campaign for. b. What is your core message? c. Give a brief profile of your target audience (what is your demographic?). d. In one sentence describe why the audience should be interested. What benefit does it give them? Answers A. The company I will be representing is Bethune-Cookman University a Historically Black College & University. The product and service that Bethune-Cookman University has is education, values, character, and change. B. “Enter To Learn, Depart To Serve”. A school focused on academics, and securing the change in its students and in the world.

C. The demographic or target audience for my company will be from age’s 16years old – 50 years old. The reason being for this is to keep high school juniors and seniors interested in attending Bethune-Cookman, and also keeping the alumni happy to continue to support Bethune-Cookman University.

D. The audience should be interested in Bethune-Cookman University because its gives them the benefit to be able to have an input on what goes comes on campus or what events take place on campus.

2. Answer the following question in no less than 300 words. You should use secondary sources to support your claim. Answer the following question:

How long should body copy be? After you discuss how to create body copy in an effectual length, now discuss how you will create body copy for your campaign project (not the research project but the deliverables for your advertising campaign) and how you will decide the length? You are required to use textual evidence from outside sources (use Ebscohost or LexisNexis from the Full Sail Library) to support your claims. Also use your textbook, Brilliant Copywriting, pages 71-78.

Answer: Your body copy should be as long as you would like to read your own body copy in my opinion. If you write a body copy and you begin to bore yourself with your own copy then it is definitely time to trim down your body copy tremendously.

Month 4 week 2 intial post wednesday 9, 2013  

Month 4 Week 2 at Full Sail University Class; Effective Copywriting