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1. Find two print ads from your campaign project’s competitors

and embed them into the discussion board and explain how they fit into more than one category. Every ad fits into more than one category.

North Carolina A&T University is a university that prides themselevs off of research. They continue to strive for perfection and continue the legacy on which the school was founded. Also, they are very flexible with moving along with the times; they take the necessary steps to improve their campus and student experience. This print ad of North Carolina A&T University fits into more than one category because of the setting of the photo, color, texture, and the statement; “This is where learning happens”.

Florida A&M University is committed to developing students into leaders. FAMU is dedicated to sustaining their mission and history. Florida A&M University wasn’t to create the atmosphere that invites anyone of any ethnicity, or race to join the rattler family. This advertisement for Florida A&M University online degree program fits into more than one category because of the picture that’s presented on the advertisement, the way they show you can balance family life, your career and your education as well.

2. In your initial posting, please answer the following question in no

less than 300 words. You are required to use textual evidence from outside sources to support your claim. Answer the following questions: Based on the quote above, how does the messaging for your campaign project speak to the consumer? What are your “invisibles?” Bethune-Cookman University is a Historically Black College and University located in Daytona Beach, Florida. Bethune-Cookman is one out of the eleven HBCUS that are based out of the United Methodist Church. Thatalone should stand out among al the rest. Bethune-Cookman Prays before any events or gathering on or off of campus that’s what sets them apart. In 1904 Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune opened the Daytona Educational and Industrial Training School with for negro girls with faith in God, $1.50, and five little girls for students. The name Bethune-Cookman came about with the merger of the Cookman Institute of Jacksonville, Florida in 1923. In 1931 Bethune-Cookman became a junior college making it Bethune-Cookman College. In 2007 Bethune-Cookman College transformed into Bethune Cookman University. Current students and alumni of Bethune-Cookman University pride themselves off of, the motto “ Enter To Learn, Depart To Serve”. This is a very unique slogan that is placed above every doorway of Bethune-Cookman. Lets break down this motto; Enter To Learn. This part is saying that everyone entering Bethune Cookman comes in to learn. Depart To Serve, students go into learn and come out to serve the communities or organizations they will join once leaving Bethune-Cookman University and will also have a major impact in making these corporations a success. Bethune-Cookman is a family schools who will make sure that all new and current students feel at home while being away from home. With a new police force on campus, a new student center, and new Student Government board. Bethune-Cookman University has become a safer, more entertaining university like no other. Most things cannot be told but most things must be seen in order to have that competitive edge over your competition. Bethune-Cookman Is the top school for all HBCU in the United States that’s a fact.

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Month 4 week 1 discussion  
Month 4 week 1 discussion  

Month 4 Week 1 at Full Sail University Class; Effective Copywriting