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Competitive Landscape

Competitive Analysis and Action Plan for (Bethune-Cookman University)

Competitive Landscape

Media Design MFA Program MDM530 Brand Development 3.3.2 Week 3 Design Project Part 2

Selected Company for Thesis:

Competitor A: Florida A&M University


Bethune-Cookman University Industry Ranking:

#34 / U.S. News Similarities to Competitors:

#9 / U.S. News

• Historic • value • Pride

• Historic • value • Pride

Alonzo L. Linnen!

Date: September 22, 2013

Differences from Competitors: Industry Sector: Education; College / Universities

• National Historic Landmark on Campus • Affiliated with the United Methodist Church • Rich Alumni Base

State of the Industry and Relevant Issues:

Onliness Statement (USP):

(Insert text)

Name of Selected Company and Overview:

Bethune-Cookman University is Recognizing that we are the heirs of a great African civilization our students will become leaders in the effort to restore and preserve our heritage of transformative and transcendent culture.

Bethune-Cookman University is a Historically Black College & University that prides themselves of the mission statement of: “Enter To Learn, Depart To Serve”. A school focused on academics, filled with pride, and a very active alumni base that prides on helping the student body and administration advance the school.

Action Plan

Industry Ranking: Similarities to Competitors:

Differences from Competitors: • Voted Best Colleges in the Southeast • Voted #1 College for African-Americans in 2007 • Voted College of the year in 1997 Onliness Statement (USP):

Florida A&M University is a historically black college and university that sits in the capitol of Florida on the highest of 7 hills. With a family atmosphere and a rich history you are sure to inherit the rattler name.

Target Audience: The target audience is 18years old - 60 years old. The reason for this age is so that we can attract high school seniors to attend an Historically Black College and University. Another objective is to get alumni involved in the schools.

Competitor B:

Competitor C:

South Carolina State University

North Carolina A&T University

Industry Ranking:

Industry Ranking:

#24 / U.S. News

#8 / U.S News

Similarities to Competitors:

Similarities to Competitors:

• Historic • Value • Pride

• Historic • Value • Pride

U.S. News: Retrieved: September 22, 2013.

Differences from Competitors:

Differences from Competitors:

• Institutional Research • Planning • Assessment

• Award-Winning Faculty • Intensive Research Programs • Community-Focused Initiatives

Bethune_Cookman University: about_BCU/history/index.html. Retrieved: September 22, 2013

Onliness Statement (USP):

Onliness Statement (USP):

South Carolina State University is a historically black college and university. With a rich culture in food, a great fan base for sports and an awesome alumni base. South Carolina State is the most exciting school when it comes to family, academics, and entertainment.

North Carolina A&T University is a historically black college and university that pride themselves off of academics, athletics, and arts. North Carolina A&T is focuses on its students being academically sound, connecting them to the cutting edge discoveries in research, and encouraging them to help their communities in as many ways as possible.


South Caroilna State University: institutionaleffectiveness.aspx. Retrieved: September 22, 2013 Florida A&M University: AboutFAMU&Accolades. Retrieved September 22, 2013 North Carolina A&T University: index.html. Retrieved: September 22, 2013

SWOT Analysis for (Bethune-Cookman University) Strengths • Tourist City • Great Music Program • Great Student Pride

Weaknesses • Overcrowding • Stability • Campus Safety

Opportunities • Campus Expansion • Better Communication • More Community Involvement

Threats • Research • Finances • Organization

Positioning and Value Proposition Bethune-Cookman University works to drive student success, keep the legacy of Dr. Bethune in the for front, and “Enter To Learn,Depart To Serve”

Sustainable Competitive Advantage The history of Bethune-Cookman University can be elevated because of the rich legacy and history that Mrs. Bethune left for all future and past wildcats.(BCU)

Strategy for Promoting the Brand in the Campaign Project (Big Idea) Positive feedback about what is going on around campus. Promoting BC-U on television and on the radio. Having live guess on the local radio stations to talk about about B-CU. Have students talk to local television stations about what B-Cu is doing.

Linnena 3 3 2bproject  

Action Plan Fro Bethune Cookman University. Full Sail Class; Brand Development

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