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Case Study: Wal-Mart By Alonzo L. Linnen

Media Design MFA Program MDM525 Defining Client Needs

Differentiation: As you can see in the photo of the New Walmart logo; there has been a major change. The Star that was placed in the middle has been discontinued in the new logo. All he letters are lower cased now except the ‘W”. The Blue and and red panel that the logo sat on has been replaced with a khaki brick wall. A 6-sided star has been added to the logo as well. This new logo gives Walmart a more professional and serious look but in the seriousness there is still fun, life, and adventure to Walmart.

Name: Alonzo L. Linnen Date: August 2013 Project Synopsis: Through research, I was able to find that Wal-Mart is one of the worlds most successful retailers, and that their appearance sets them apart from any other retail store in the nation. This new logo is a “Brand New” visual system that communicates the brand attributes that shoppers value; meaning not only did the trademark logo change but every sign inside of the store changed as well. Retail environment prototypes provided Walmart with new ways to approach the shopping experience.

Before: Wal-Mart Trademark

After: Wal-Mart TradeMark

The Competition: “Retail Logo”

K-Marts old logo was plain and dull with no life to it.

In K-Marts new logo they wanted to let the consumers know that their to see that K-Mart has gotten bigger and better.

The Competitions logos are very recognizable; and definitely stand out. As the color selection that was selected goes well together.

Linnena 2 2 2project pdf  
Linnena 2 2 2project pdf