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—  The

type govermenment that we’ll be a democratic republic.

Political system

—  Our

language is Spanish because we are in Mexico and is the official language.

—  People

can carry weapons only if the weapon is under 9mm and people who want to carry a weapon will have to go to the government to ask for permission that will be delivered only if the government considers correct and appropriate

Use of Weapons

Industries —  Our

industry is based on the export of fishing we do in other states of Mexico.

—  Will

be implemented to person who rape, kidnap and assassins. Abortion will be legal only if the fetus is inder 3 month.

Death Penalty

—  The

immigration policy says that every person can enter any time except the criminals.

—  Everyone

can have the religion they want, the government will not built any church, the government will be completely secular in any case.


—  In

our education system, children and young people will have as obligation to finish school, if they want ti in college may do so. Our government will give grants only to children and youth who cannot pay for it but everyone has to finish up school mandatory.


—  Our

social policies in marriage can marry in a civil or church or depending on the religion they have. In divorce their children were taken in marriage the children will be with the best choice for your life, also protect women from anything, not allow any disrespect to women.

—  Our

culture is a few years when a group of fishermen came to this island, after some time decided to create a military camp which is called “South” camp which is near the center of the island.


Lara Armeria

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