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JUNE: Four planets in Communicative Gemini ensure that we will have lots to say and to think about as this month progresses. The powerful new moon in Gemini on the 8th confirms that the winds of change are now firmly set in motion as challenges to the established order mingle with the potential for inspirational new ideas. Clinging on to outworn values and traditions will be of no use anymore as we must embrace new ways of doing things. Mighty Jupiter moves from Gemini to Cancer on the 26th for a one year stay. Benevolent Jupiter puts the emphasis on kindness and compassion, particularly in family life and to the plight of those less fortunate. Community and team spirit is emphasised now as we build on the global community we’re moving towards. Mercury turns retrograde on the 27th, best to get any important documents

signed and sealed by then. JULY: Mercury, planet of commerce, communication and travel, continues its retrograde motion until the 21st of the month. Don’t let the trickster catch you out, be sure to check all your communications and documents thoroughly! Actionpacked Mars is in restless Gemini until the 13th, you might need extra discipline and focus to get practical projects finished. The new moon in Cancer on the 8th has the opportunity to bring new beginnings, changes and breakthroughs. Sensitive Cancer is the sign of the family and of the past, important adjustments in the home can now be successfully tackled. Venus, the goddess of love and relationships, is passionate and golden in the fiery sign of Leo until the 22nd. This bestows excellent opportunities for romantic encounters and joyous relationships. Be playful, be creative and have lots of fun! After the 22nd, Venus moves into much more practical, sensible and down-to-earth Virgo.



Your ruler, motivational Mars spends the whole month in communicative Gemini. This is an excellent month to examine all levels of communication, both spoken and written. You have renewed energy to look at your life on all levels and many sweeping changes can be made now as confidence is at an all time high. July: Motivational Mars, in Gemini until the 13th, activates the area of communication and travel for you this month. An exciting new idea could present itself and there is abundant energy for a project to get of the ground. With Venus in confident Leo until the 23rd, renewed self-belief and enhanced leadership skills are all yours

An introspective and quiet start to June changes after the first week, as Venus moves in to your sign and the new moon waxes after the 8th. Dynamic and unconventional Uranus is at the highpoint point of your chart and major career shifts are now possible. Unexpected opportunities are in the pipeline. July is your birthday month and new and exciting opportunities are highlighted. The motivation that you may have lacked in recent months is returning now and there is a strong drive to improve your life on many levels. The new moon in your sign on the 8th confirms that possibilities are endless.

March 21 - April 20


June 23 - July 23


April 21 - May 21

July 24 - August 23

Your ruler, the love planet Venus, moves into the sign of Cancer on the 3rd. This shift brings issues of trust and support into the spotlight, causing you to re-examine relationship areas of your life. You’ll realise how important loyalty is and after the new moon on the 8th, you may have a very different strategy in place. During July, the ideas and communication sector of your chart is highlighted by Jupiter, planet of abundance and expansion. Ideas that you never thought possible can surface now and you’ll be amazed at your innovative new way of thinking. The Cancer new moon on the 8th brings new projects and travel into focus..

June’s energy is very strong for all social activities and for taking a break from the rigors of daily life. After the Gemini new moon on the 8th you’ll be feeling especially playful and communicative and a holiday or an exciting journey could turn out to be the very best way to express yourself on all levels. July: With energetic Mars and passionate Venus both in important sectors of your chart you’ll find that you have plenty to sort out. There is a good opportunity to work behind the scenes and get all your affairs back into tiptop condition. A more positive and forward looking attitude can win you many admirers now

Gemini May 22 - June 22

Your birthday month is energetic and exciting as themes around team spirit, friendships and group pursuits are activated by four planets in your sign. After the new moon on the 8th you’ll start to review all your friendships and relationships, especially as interesting new people begin to appear on your horizon. July brings a different kind of energy as your funds and assets come into focus. With mighty and abundant Jupiter now powerful in Cancer, you’ll be examining new ways of increasing your earning potential. Use your brilliant communication skills to be even more creative and maybe even take a risk or two!


August 24 - September 23

You may be feeling a little introspective as you review your plans and goals for the future. Abundant planetary activity at the highpoint of your chart brings innovative new ideas especially after the new moon on the 8th. Your ruler, communicative Mercury, is also in a good position for new opportunities. July brings renewed vigour as energetic Mars charges through the career sector of your chart. You are getting back on your feet now and you’ll find people around you are in a cooperative mood. With Jupiter and the new moon also active, you can enjoy friends and relationships on an entirely new level


Living Along The Thames Maidenhead June/July 2013  

View our latest Local Lifestyle magazine for residents for Maidenhead, Cookham and Bray in the Thames Valley. With regular features and art...

Living Along The Thames Maidenhead June/July 2013  

View our latest Local Lifestyle magazine for residents for Maidenhead, Cookham and Bray in the Thames Valley. With regular features and art...