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CLEVER WAYS WITH A SPRINKLING OF SALT Salt is most commonly used as a flavour enhancer, but this household staple is much more versatile than that. Salt has an affinity to water and can draw moisture out of many foods. What’s more, grains of table salt are very hard, which means they can act as an abrasive. These properties give salt a variety of uses around the home. When boiling eggs, a pinch of salt in the water will prevent the shells from cracking and adding a pinch when beating eggs or cream will make them whip faster and higher. Moreover, if you rub salt into the cavities of chicken or turkey, it will help to keep the bird moist while cooking. Staying in the kitchen, washing green leafy vegetables in salt water will easily remove all the dirt and if you need to chill a bottle of wine quickly, just place it in an ice bucket with alternate layers of ice and salt, fill with water and your tipple will be ready in about ten minutes. Even red wine stains are no problem to remove - simply cover the stain with salt and pour over boiling water. You can also use salt to remove any sticky residue on the bottom of an iron, by running the hot iron over plain paper sprinkled with salt. And if you are caught 36 LIVING ALONG THE THAMES

out by frost and ice, table salt can be used as a substitute for rock salt, to de-ice paths and pavements. So with all these handy uses, you might want to think twice before tossing that spilled salt over your shoulder.

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