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wild at heart The fashion trends come and go but there is one that never disappears. Animal print has been present in our wardrobes for as long as one can remember. It has to be said many regard it as “dated” but they couldn’t be more wrong. Classic is what describes the animal print best and the clever interpretations of it always remain on top of any fashionista’s must-have of the season. The new printing technologies and a very competitive market result in the most unusual and very attractive collections. This season the animal theme received a fantastic makeover in the shape of crazy colour palette. The black and white zebra has been replaced by neon brights such as yellow, orange and fuchsia. The jungle animal inspired trend has made a great impact on summer accessories too. Shoes, belts, jewellery - all make a fantastic fashion statement and great addition to our summer wardrobe.






1. Jersey print dress by Frank Lyman at 2. Lindi dress (£149) at 3. Cotton dress by Semper. at 4. Lovarni dress at 5. Maxi skirt at


6. Jersey print dress by Aria (£99)at


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