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Childcare QUESTION: I’m planning a return to work but don’t know whether to put my toddler with a childminder or a nursery. Which is best? ANSWER: There’s usually no shortage of advice on this topic from well-meaning friends and relatives. Always remember that this is your child and it’s you who has to live with the decision you make. Trust your instincts. For some, the answer is a nanny, for others a child minder or a nursery. In many cases a combination of care can be best – one day a week with Grandma, two days at nursery and two days with Mum or Dad who is now working part-time or flexibly. • Start by asking yourself a few questions: • Is it important to you that your child is cared for in her own home or by a family member? • Do you want your daughter to learn to socialise with other children as early as possible? • Is your daughter a confident, out-going child who loves new experiences or is she more home-loving and reserved with strangers? • Then set out to research your options as early as possible. Many day nurseries have long waiting lists so it makes sense to register even if you’re not sure. • Talk to other parents in the area to make sure you’re aware of what’s available. • Listen to your instincts. The best facilities and equipment do not necessarily make for the happiest children. Will your daughter be

played with and listened to? In all childcare situations, trust and confidence in the carers are of paramount importance. In a nursery, chat to as many staff as possible and form your own impressions. When talking to a childminder, be very frank about your views and expectations in order to ascertain whether you share a similar approach. The government’s public service website has helpful information for parents on all aspects of childcare at htm , The National Day Nurseries Association www., the National Childminding Association all offer insights and assistance with finding appropriate childcare in your local area. For more online advice about raising and educating your daughter, as well as information on local girls’ schools, see

Reception and Year 7 for September 2013 now full,

limited places available for Year 5

High quality teaching in small classes Broad and diverse education Importance placed on manners and behaviour Exceptional facilities Prepares boys for 11+ and entrance to independent schools A school that understands boys

The basic requirement to protect an iPad is a case. A safe option is the Smart Cover which folds into a stand for reading and typing and the device automatically wakes or sleeps as it opens and closes. If you are looking for something more on-trend, Ted Baker has a glossy case in three colours with a funky bow and gleaming metal stud and Belkin offers a suede case in eye catching pink.

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