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contents Welcome to the June/July issue. I can’t believe where the time has gone and here we are in Summer, well let’s hope so!! This issue has a real a summery theme, covering light bites, what to wear in the Sun and how to keep your feet happy. I’d like to welcome a new contributor - Sally Todd - she will be writing a regular article called “Sally’s Smalltalk” and on page 10 you’ll find her first contribution, all about Mum’s at the school gate. If you’re a Mum I’m sure you’ll recognise some of these characters at the gates, and if not it makes great reading. We have some recipes, perfect for those summer days, from John Burton-Race and David Rhys-Price. Having a dinner party or just looking to present your food in a different way then think of joining Miles Nixon at Aubergine for his masterclasses. I was lucky enough to attend one of these masterclasses recently, see page 14 for more details. Want to go to Henley Regatta and watch the rowing?? Enter our competition on page 54 for that opportunity. Until next time, Happy Reading..........


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Unique application? Anyone? as parents or carers – or both. Scholarships, bursaries, prizes help them avoid the real tragedy of having to give up and give in for financial reasons. Along the Thames’ editor Serena Edwards, has been particularly ingenious in the annual prize she has just instituted – the Along the Thames prize in Creative and Journalistic Writing awarded to ‘the student demonstrating outstanding, unique and professional application to their writing’ More than ever today students are having a hard time. The Bank of Mum and Dad is drying up, university fees are rising; arriving on campus is difficult enough, but staying there can be a real problem. I work at Brunel University as a Professor of Creative Writing and can bear witness to the struggle many students are having to see out their degree courses, desperate as they are for qualifications to improve their job prospects, burnish existing skills, or just for sheer love of their subject. Students are not the drunken layabouts so often depicted in the press and on TV; for the most part they are profoundly serious, sober, aspiring and deserving young persons. Many work part-time on minimum wage jobs to survive, some have major responsibilities

As part of the prize, winners will have an opportunity of writing for this magazine, practicing their skills, getting the feedback they need as embryo professionals, adding strength to their C V’s. So thank you, Serena. Enough to reassure one that, yes, there actually might be a Big Society out there. There is quite a controversy at the moment – can creative writing be taught or not? I come down on the ‘yes’ side, once having belonged to the ‘no’ camp. You can teach writing. You can’t teach students to be great novelists, but you can teach them how to express themselves clearly and concisely, how to order their thoughts, make themselves understood on page or screen. Just as a painter goes to art classes, as a dancer has to learn to dance,

a musician to play music, so writers too need training and practice before they can be safely unleashed on the public. Perhaps you can write a fine and persuasive speech, or compose a clear company report or council booklet, even though you’re not likely to end up as a Matisse, a Mozart or a Dickens. Though you never know. I can see one of our music students writing a symphony to the M25 as we have an excellent music department. Or an Ode to the Nightingale or a Trout Quintet. A 15 minute walk from campus and you’re in the Colne Valley Nature Reserve, 800 acres of woodland, a beautiful spot for walking, fishing and bird watching. The Colne, a tributary of the Thames – in London one is never far away from the Old Father – teams with roach, perch and trout. Or perhaps, thanks to the Along the Thames prize, we’ll produce another Kate Adie, or a John Humphries, or – well, name your favorite journalist – and read a new him or her in these columns soon. Fay Weldon Our Thanks to Fay Weldon for launching our new prize. If you would like more information, please contact Brunel University - Admissions enquiries Tel: 01895 265265 Email: Web:

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’Well-loved characters, familiar story lines and musical songs all mixed with an unusual twist makes this the best week of the holidays!

Summer Workshops With over 700 theatre schools worldwide and more than 40,000 students, Stagecoach is the longest running and most successful performing arts schools network in the world. Our classes operate for 4 -18 year olds throughout the school academic term time during evenings and at weekends Early Stages 4 - 7 year olds These are specially adapted classes that run for one and a half hours each week, where children are taught elementary skills in dance, acting and singing. Early Stages focuses on allowing the

children to express themselves whilst building up confidence, poise and self esteem. Main School: 7 – 18 Year olds Main School classes run for three hours each week. Whilst the emphasis is on confidence building and self-esteem many students become accomplished performers over a period of years. Performance opportunities take place twice a year for both schools. Many of the students at Stagecoach are offered professional work, others attend purely to learn new skills or gain confidence. All of them come to have fun!

Every summer, old hands and first timers light up Stagecoach Henley, High Wycombe and Maidenhead for a brilliant week of summer friendship and performance fun! The workshops include as much singing, dancing and acting as they can handle culminating in an energetic performance at the end of the week for friends and family. Stagecoach welcomes Children and Young People of all abilities, no auditions, no interviews, just lots of enthusiasm! Don’t delay- secure your summer workshop place today! Quote Along The Thames and receive £10 off when booking your workshop Holiday Workshop dates High Wycombe: 25th - 29th July 2011 Henley: 8th - 12th August 2011 Maidenhead: 15th - 19th August 2011



The he original, orri largest and still the best network of performing arts schools in the world. Nurturing and developing young peoples potential through dance, drama and singing. Nurtur Fo For 4-18 year olds, after school, at weekends and holiday workshops.

Your Local Stagecoach is now taking bookings for Holiday Workshops


01628 634539

High Wycombe 01494 533203


01189 500999



Marlow Regatta - 18th & 19th June


ome and enjoy a great family day out at Marlow Regatta, Dorney Lake, Eton – Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th June 2011. The event takes place at Dorney Lake, which is the picturesque setting for all the rowing events at the 2012 Olympics. There is plenty of parking by the Lake for you and your family to enjoy a picnic or food. Drinks and ice creams will be



available in the restaurant facilities, situated near the finish. Marlow Regatta at Dorney is the largest and one of the most prestigious events of its kind in the UK. Offering two days of exciting racing over six and seven lanes. Top crews from all over the UK, Europe and other parts of the world come to pre-qualify for the prestigious Henley Regatta,

held at the beginning of July. You and your children will be able to experience the atmosphere the intense competition generates and take away memories to remind you of your day at Marlow Regatta, Dorney Lake when you watch the Olympic rowing next year. More information is available on the website:

Rewards & Rentals from Westmount Music Along the Thames can exclusively reveal that Westmount Music have launched a Membership scheme, for local customers and schools. For the customer…The free membership works in much the same way as a loyalty reward card. Customers earn points when they buy or rent– these points can be redeemed in store, on the website, or saved to redeem against a variety of ‘Reward Tickets’ such as free lessons, free rentals or further discounted products. There will also be free entries into raffles and heavily discounted products made available to members only. For the schools…The best part for the local institutions is the shop will also put the same points their customer earns onto their nominated participating school account. This way the local schools (if signed up to participate in the scheme) will be

able to accrue points every time one of their pupils or parents shops with Westmount Music. Paul Coombes who runs the shop in Marlow Bottom says about the new scheme “It’s a community initiative to say thanks to the local schools and customers for supporting us. As well as the individual customer earning points every time they shop with us, their school can benefit by redeeming their accumulated points against new instruments, equipment and sheet music” The shop is already taking registrations and all points to date are being recorded for when the scheme goes live in June. Registrations will include a membership card for individuals to easily add and redeem points against rentals or products in store. Each registration will also receive a personalised online account for customers and the schools, so they can

easily view the points they have accumulated, account activity and the exclusive ‘Reward Tickets’ made available to members each month. Don’t forget that as well as earning reward points for shopping in store, you will also earn reward points while you rent any instruments with Westmount Music, “A customer will earn points every month they rent with us – which means their local participating school will earn points too!” Rentals are now available from £6.99 a month, instruments include Guitars, Keyboards and Brass & Woodwind. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Westmount Music Club, or for further information on rentals, contact Paul or Katy at or call the shop on 01628 481510



Sally’s Smalltalk

From Playground Probationer to Schoolyard Savvy! Playground politics is a hot topic amongst weekend tabloids, “chick lit” and undoubtedly the post school run coffee catch ups! There are an abundance of articles out there categorising groups of parents, mainly women doing the school run, almost dictating a playground pecking order! These articles all make very interesting subject matter as many readers can relate to it. It’s almost impossible not to mentally scan your children’s playground and plop people into different boxes: Playground Probationer – is a new mum to the school and sticks closely with other new mummies, particularly those whose children are in the same class as her off spring. Generally the Playground Probationer will arrive the earliest for school pick up, often found standing alone until a familiar mummy arrives. Earth Mother – the over affectionate mummy who smothers her children with public shows of love and dresses in organic fair-trade clothing as do her offspring. Her little darlings’ lunches are packed with nutritious food and snacks that would barely keep a sparrow alive. Pushy Parents – will refer to their children’s teachers by their first name and be found in school on a regular basis having one to one meetings about how their son or daughter is getting on. The children of Pushy Parents are rarely available for play dates as they have after school activities every single day. Some might even go as far to suggest that they are trying to achieve their competitive ambitions through their children. Yummy Mummy – This can actually be found in the Oxford Dictionary “an attractive and stylish young mother”. Perhaps what most mummies aspire to but sadly very few carry it off convincingly. The mummy who takes pride in her appearance and actually makes an effort to look good at all times, not just at the school gate. Style



is the key word here and it doesn’t just extend to their wardrobe. Generally their children are equally well turned out and their home will resemble a show home. Slummy Mummy – Sadly this has not yet made it to the Oxford Dictionary which is slightly surprising given the number of Slummy Mummies out there who far outweigh the Yummy Mummy. The Slummy Mummy will be found in the local shop before school buying a convenience food packed lunch having experienced a domestic fail, or in the school office begging to pay for a school dinner. They generally arrive and depart from the school gates in a flap running late for something, dressed in whatever they picked up off the bedroom floor that morning. Absent Mums – the fulltime working mum, who if they are lucky can do a quick drive by and shove their offspring out of the car door at the gates but never picks up sending a parent, au pair or nanny in their place. Mummy Mafia – this is a term given to the established parent who is an active member of the PTA using it as a form of networking. Some Mummy Mafia types have even admitted to using afterschool play dates to network for their mumpreneur businesses! Often found in the school office and on first name terms with all the teachers and governors including the head teacher, these mummies make it their business to know anything and everything about what’s going on at school. Sweaty Bettys – are the ever increasing group of mummies who arrive at the school gates fully clad in the latest gym gear ready for their Zumba class or off for a run

with other like minded mummies. Either that or it beats the choice of clothing on the bedroom floor and does away with the need to have a shower before school run! This is merely a snippet of the cross section of parents in the school playground but the media would have us think otherwise. Keen to categorise us mums, and I have to be included in this as I am indeed a school run mum, I would automatically be dropped into either the Mummy Mafia or Yummy Mummy box. Ok I know it says “young”....and “attractive”, but hey I’ve got style...haven’t I? After six years at the gates of a local primary school I can honestly say that I have, through time, been all of the above. (Well maybe not the earth mother one.) Actually I could probably even suggest that I jump from one to another on a daily basis. One day I will be having a Slummy Mummy day - running late, shoving the kids out of the car with stale sandwiches and dog biscuits in their lunch boxes so it looks full. The children’s clothes have known to have been pulled from the wash basket as I haven’t got round to doing the laundry. Another day when I have more time on my hands I turn into Yummy Mummy.....a rare occurrence. When I find a little energy I am a Sweaty Betty and when a few weeks have passed and I wonder where my sons homework is, or if he is actually going to change his books this term, I adopt the Pushy Parent approach. I do like to help out on the PTA but trust me, that seriously doesn’t make me Mummy Mafia! So from Playground Probationer that I was once I would now like to think of myself as a Schoolyard Savvy being able to pick and choose who I want to be and as secondary school approaches for us, I am now well equipped to become Playground Probationer once again! One thing I will never be is categorised and put in a box. Sally “you’re out of your box” Todd

The House that Jack Built 59/61 Marlow Bottom Marlow Bottom Bucks SL7 3NA 56 Place purpose built children’s nursery

For more information Visit call Claire on 01628 481601 or email Are you looking for exceptional childcare? The House that Jack Built (Day Nursery) Limited has just been awarded “Outstanding” at one of their nurseries and is amongst one of the few nursery chains to have an Early Years Professional within its dedicated team of staff. We strive to offer: A loving and homely environment where young babies feel safe and secure High quality childcare providing an environment of rich learning experiences Caring, committed and enthusiastic staff A strong partnership with parents Registered to care for children aged from 0 to 5 years Open 51 weeks of the year Monday to Friday Opening times are 7.30am – 6.30pm Breakfast, lunch and tea all provided and freshly prepared by our dedicated chef Are you looking for a career in childcare? please call us for more information and an informal chat



Pithiviers of goat’s cheese with walnut cream by John Burton-Race

Consultant Executive Chef, Sanctum on the Green, Cookham Dean

INGREDIENTS: 6x 60g/80g goat’s cheese (unpeeled weight)

12 medium spinach leaves

(washed, stalks removed and blanched)

120g shelled walnuts (Blanched and skinned)

Plain flour for dusting 550g puff pastry (shop bought) Egg wash - 1 egg and 35ml milk For the Salad 180g mixed leaves and micro shoots Julienne (“matchsticks”) of Celery and Cucumber For the Walnut cream vinaigrette; 1 garlic clove 110ml chicken stock (fresh) 60ml cream ½ lemon juice Salt and pepper 60ml Walnut Vinaigrette 70ml sherry vinegar Pinch of sugar 1 teaspoon lemon juice Salt and ground black pepper 150ml ground nut oil 150ml walnut oil

Serves 6 10


Preparing the Pithiviers 1. Refresh the spinach in cold water, and then dry on a clean tea towel 2. Push half the walnuts into the cheeses, then wrap the spinach leaves around each cheese. 3. Cut the pastry into quarters. 4. Dust a surface with flour then roll each quarter out to 3 mm thick and 15cm wide. 5. Place a cheese in the centre of one piece of pastry and brush egg around the edge of the pastry. Place another piece on top and gently press and mould both pieces of pastry together without trapping the air. 6. Using a 15cm cutter placed over the pithivier, cut away all the excess pastry. With the back of a knife, lightly score the top, but do not puncture the pastry. 7. Repeat the process for the other pithivier, leaving both to relax for 20 minutes before cooking. 8. Preheat the oven to 220c/425f/gas 7.

9. Brush the pithiviers with egg wash and place in the oven on a baking sheet lined with greaseproof paper to cook for 15 minutes, until golden. To make the walnut cream 1. pour the stock into a saucepan, add the garlic, boil and reduce by half 2. When the liquid is reduced but still boiling, whisk in the cream. 3.Take the pan off the stove and whisk in the vinaigrette. Season with a few drops of lemon juice and salt and pepper, then strain into a sauceboat and add the remaining walnuts. To serve 1. remove the pithiviers from the oven, put each one centre of the plate 2. Toss the salad leaves, cucumber and celery and serve on a plate around the pithiviers 3. Spoon a little of the walnut cream on the pathivier and salad and sprinkle the rest of the walnuts on the salad

Coffee House and Chocolate Shop Liston Court, Marlow

GARLIC When purchasing fresh garlic always make sure it is firm and plump with the papery outer layer still intact. Store in a cool, dry place, but not in a plastic bag or in the refrigerator. There are many forms of garlic besides fresh bulbs. These include odourless garlic capsules, garlic puree, garlic powder and garlic salt. Garlic contains many vitamins like A, B1, B2 and C as well as anti clotting agents.

Located in the heart of the Berkshire Countryside, Sanctum on the Green is a hotel, restaurant and bar that provides the perfect escape for all to enjoy.

New Party Shop Now open upstairs in Choco-Latte! All your party essentials including: Wedding - Anniversary - Engagement Baby Shower - Dinner Party - Dine In Adult Birthday - Children's Birthday Nappy Cakes - Chocolate Trees And much, much more...

Superior Coffee Luxurious Chocolates Quality Beverages


EAT & DRINK • 40 cover restaurant headed by Michelin Star Chef, John Burton-Race • Vintage style bar serving an extensive drinks menu • Daily seasonal set menus and drink offers available SLEEP • Nine individually designed bedrooms, including the Sanctum Suite with luxury six-foot bath tub EXPERIENCE • Open air heated swimming pool and hot tub • Heated outdoor courtyard for al fresco dining and BBQs • Treatment Room offering luxury facial and body pampering MEET AND ENTERTAIN • Private room available for all day meetings, lunches and dinners of up to 12 • Day and Overnight Corporate Packages available • Day and Overnight Pamper Packages available CELEBRATE • Intimate event space available for small weddings and occasions • Poolside marquee available for large weddings and events of up to 120 • Licensed for civil ceremonies • Exclusive hotel hire available The Old Cricket Common, Cookham Dean, Berkshire, SL6 9NZ T: 01628 482 638 F: 01628 487 474 E:



I am a Maidenhead based cookery writer, and Internet Chef. I am passionate about all aspects of cooking, and through my’ spiced up’ recipes, I aim to bring the enjoyment and benefits of spicy food, to a wider readership. David Rhys Price -The ‘Spicy Chef’

Lebanese Feta Salad with pitta bread A variation on the ever popular Feta salad is well worth the extra preparation time. It is a healthy way to indulge one’s self, and goes particularly well with a barbecue and hummus. Serves 4 - 6

INGREDIENTS: 200g Feta cheese diced 1 Red chilli deseeded and finely chopped 1 Garlic clove sliced Zest and juice of one lemon 4 Tablespoons of virgin olive oil 2 Pita breads 2 Sticks of celery strung, and chopped Half cucumber deseeded and diced 3 Plum tomatoes diced 12 Cherry tomatoes cut in half 1 Green and 1 red pepper chopped 1 Baby gem/iceberg lettuce shredded 3 Spring onions trimmed and sliced 2 Tablespoons chopped fresh mint 2 Tablespoons chopped fresh coriander Salt and black ground pepper.

METHOD: 1. Start by marinating the feta, for a few hours or overnight. 2. Place feta block in a dish. Sprinkle with the chopped chilli, garlic and lemon zest. Pour the olive oil over the feta. Cover and set aside. 3. Lightly toast the pita bread under a grill, and then break into pieces. 4. In a bowl assemble the celery, cucumber, peppers, plum tomatoes and cherry tomatoes. 5. Add the shredded lettuce, pita bread pieces, and spring onions 6. Make the dressing, by taking a screw top jar, and putting in the olive oil from the feta marinade, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Shake well and pour over the salad. 7. Toss the salad 8. Put in to salad bowl, and add the diced feta pieces 9. Top the salad with the chopped mint and coriander. 






Miles better than learning yourself, Miles better when someone else does it for you!


recently attended one of the monthly cookery master classes run by Miles Nixon, Executive Head Chef of Aubergine restaurant, at the Compleat Angler. Miles demonstrates how to prepare and cook the starter, main and dessert that you will be eating for lunch that day. The demonstration I attended had a wonderful menu of marinated salmon, minute steak, finished off with delicious chocolate pots. The beauty of each dish is that they are designed for you to be able to cook at home and Miles issues everyone with detailed notes on each of the dishes. The marinated salmon was so soft and just melted in my mouth. It was such a simple but tasty dish and ideal for dinner parties as it can be made the day before. We were also taught how to prepare a minute steak and the cut of meat that is best used for this dish, along with how to cook it to your taste – rare, medium or well done. It was served simply with chips an ideal accompaniment to the steak. Did you know that the less well done your steak the easier it is for the body to digest? For dessert we were treated to chocolate pots with a lovely chantilly cream. They aren’t as rich as some chocolate desserts, but again if you are having a dinner party you can make them in advance, so saving you vital time on the day of your party.

With all dishes we were give hints and tips as to how to change the recipe by adding other ingredients, so you can be as simple or as elaborate as you choose. For example you can add beetroot, brandy or use treacle instead of sugar to the marinade mix to change the flavour of the Salmon. For the chocolate Pots you can use milk chocolate instead of dark but the advice from Miles was that they wouldn’t set as well. Miles has been with Aubergine in Marlow since its inception and worked in Aubergine, London for 8 years prior to this. Miles really enjoys playing with dishes as he believes it’s all about the presentation, reinventing the food to look its best and appeal to those who are about to eat it. Miles really understands the seasonality of the food and what works well together due to having been a green grocer in the past. The cookery courses, including a three course lunch and a glass of wine are held on the first Thursday of the month and cost £29. We also were given an appetiser of tomato gazpacho and basil foam and coffee with petit fours. The lunches are fantastic value as not only do you learn how to cook and present the dishes you get the chance to eat them as well! They are proving to be very popular so early booking is advised. To reserve your place call 01628 405405

MILES BETTER... starters…main courses…desserts 14


Longhurst’s Local Family Butcher - Often Exceptional, Always Good Quality & Customer Care always come first




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FREE LOCAL DELIVERY to place orders or for more information on our new products LARGE FREE RANGE EGGS FROM STOKE FARM


01628 488 373


OPEN: Mon: 8 .30- 5.30pm (butchery closed), Tues - Fri: 8.30 - 5.30pm, Sat: 8 - 1pm, Sun: 9 - 12pm 4a Brucewood Parade, Marlow Bottom, Bucks SL7 3PE *family packs excluded



a new garden - step by step So you’ve done the survey and site analysis, carefully thought about how the garden needs to work for you and your family, and bravely come up with some shapes that work to manage the space. Now comes the fun part, finalising the masterplan and deciding on materials along with the finishing touches ... a bit like choosing the paint and furniture when you’re fixing the inside the house! These details can make or break the final success of a garden design so consider the following carefully. SHAPES & SIZES some practicalities to consider include such things as path widths, step sizes and border depths ... be generous with borders to prevent plants from crowding forwards, and make sure you can see planting & features from inside the house too. THE VERTICAL don’t forget the power of the vertical ... a pergola or a simple arch with climbers can transform the feeling of a special corner to sit in or cleverly divide the garden. MATERIALS choose the paving & sizes you like before finalising the dimensions of your patio and paths, avoiding too much cutting will save you money. Consider gravel and sand laid brick paths if you’re trying to keep costs down. Even if you’re not planning to implement your garden project in one go, having a detailed masterplan to refer to, means that every bit of work you do will be leading you towards your long term vision. That way you won’t make any expensive mistakes! and you also have something clearly defined to talk through with a landscaper to get realistic quotes - remember don’t give your plan away, make copies! Next time all about the planting by Marlow gardeners Jill Coleby and Vanessa Faulkner



By Appointment To Her Majesty The Queen Tree Surgeons The F.A Brtlett Tree Expert Company Ltd

All Aspects of Tree Surgery Soil Analysis Pest and Disease Control Tree Consultancy Lightening Protection   Mature Tree Planting and Transplanting Stump Grinding/Removal  Contractors Arboricultural Association Approved


Tips for keeping your baskets and planters looking great Water regularly, never letting the compost dry out completely. Use a watering can with rose attached, or a gentle spray nozzle on the end of a hose to minimise the risk of disturbing the compost or the plants. If the container does become too dry it may be difficult to re-wet the compost. If so, carefully sit it in a bowl of water for about an hour, allowing it to soak up the water it needs from the base and sides. Regularly remove faded flowers, before they have a chance to set seed. This should help to encourage the plants to continue producing more flowers. Pinching them off by hand works well for most plants but if the stems are a bit tough, use secateurs or sharp scissors.

Check regularly for any pests such as greenfly and treat the problem promptly. When plants are as tightly crammed together as they are in a flourishing basket or patio pot, problems soon build up and spread if you’re not quick off the mark. Feed every couple of weeks with a high-potash liquid fertiliser such as a tomato feed, as this will help to encourage more flowers to develop. If you position a planter full of summer bedding on the paving beneath a hanging basket, then any excess water or feed from the basket won’t be wasted. Pippa Greenwood - gardening writer and journalist.



Ovenproud “the best you can get in domestic oven cleaning�

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Cowling & Co.

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WHITLER CONSTRUCTION established 35 years - we pride ourselves on high quality work and a reliable service

From your initial idea we can give you your complete dream • • • • •

extensions new kitchens bathrooms house alterations general maintenance or repairs

We are also approved installers of ekodek, made in the UK A new innovation in decking made from 95% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable. The product is made using reclaimed hardwood and a polymer recovered from recycled plastic milk cartons, thus preserving the environment and reducing landfill. It looks like timber but resists moisture and so is slip resistant. It endures the elements without rotting, warping or splitting. It needs no staining or sealing and is low maintenance. It is available in a range of colours.

For more information

and advice contact Chris Butler on M: 07971 487324 T: 01494 882852 F: 01494 883032


Does your home have ‘kerb appeal’? Since the good old days of BBC’s Changing Rooms programme which was launched back in 1996 there has been an explosion of Do It Yourself television programmes, magazines, books, college courses and websites all offering us ideas and inspiration on how to make a house a home. Never has the DIY trade had it so good. But as we busy ourselves painting, decorating and experimenting with colour and unleashing the interior designers in us, we shouldn’t forget to extend our enthusiasm to the outside of our properties, which are ultimately the windows to our homes, and first impressions count! We have all done it, walked down a street on a warm sunny evening and examined all the houses picking out the ones we like the best. Which one has the nicest front door, which has the nicest windows, which has the prettiest garden and which one stands out from the crowd? The appearance of your property from the outside, predominantly the front, paints an imaginary picture of how it might look inside. This is of particular importance if you are trying to sell your home. If your house has an old front door with faded peeling paint, dirty windows and a garden which resembles an overgrown hedgerow, potential buyers are quite likely to just keep on driving! Even if you aren’t trying to sell your property, we all like to come home to welcoming looking house. A home with kerb appeal is so much more welcoming. Spending a little time and effort on sprucing up the outside of your home will even spread further afield. More often than not, if you make your property shine, your neighbours will want to follow suit and in time could even have an overall effect on improving the area that you live in. So what are you waiting for? To help you out a little we have provided a few tips 20


and ideas to get you started. Here are our top ten tips to give your property Kerb Appeal! GARDEN Even the smallest of houses with minimal amounts of space at the front can host a couple of small pots or window boxes. Make sure plants are well cared for and dead headed regularly. If you have more of a garden space make sure that it is neat and tidy, weeded regularly and there is no rubbish lying about. Keep it basic and easy to maintain. FRONT DOOR This is probably one of the most important features and can have the biggest impact on visitors. If you have a painted wooden door, make sure it is clean and give it a fresh new coat of paint. Good quality door furniture is also a must have but make sure it suits the style of your property. If you have a UPVC door give it a good clean and make sure that any glass is gleaming. WINDOWS All windows should be cleaned and any paintwork washed down and if needed given a fresh coat. Any window dressings at the front of the house that are visible should match. Blinds should at the same level and curtain linings should ideally be the same colour. Guttering and Fascias Any drainage pipes, guttering and fascias should be in one colour and be fixed securely and clean. DOOR STEP/PORCH Areas immediately in front of the front door should be clear of any rubbish, bags, scooters, coats AND BAGS AND BE REGULARLY SWEPT. SIGNAGE Make sure your house is well signposted. You and your friends may know where you live but new visitors will need a clue! So a clear sign of either your house

number or name which can be visible from the kerb is essential. LIGHTING Good lighting can give a property wow factor if it is well thought out. Light your house sensitively and don’t overdo it so it resembles Blackpool illuminations. Subtle is best but enough to be able to see your way to the front door particularly if you live where there is no street lighting. GATES AND FENCING Make sure that any gates and fences are in good order and railings are given a new coat of paint. Replace any tired or broken fence panels and give them a coat of wood stain to help maintain their life. PATHS AND DRIVEWAYS Always put bicycles and scooters away each night and try not to leave them lying across the approach to your front door. Pathways should be swept frequently and cleared of leaves and rubbish. NEIGHBOURS After all this hard work stand back and take a look. Like what you see? Cast your eyes further afield to your neighbour’s properties. Do they offer the same kerb appeal? If not, why not offer to help? You don’t need to spend hours doing everything for them, but something as simple as removing some rubbish or cutting their side of an adjoining hedge can go a long way to improving the overall look and will do wonders for the community spirit. Sally Todd




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Kitchens Although planning, buying and installing a new kitchen is an expensive and time consuming process, it can make a huge difference to the quality of your home life. The kitchen is often the heart of the home with the room being a natural draw with its warmth and comforting smells. This means that people spend a lot of time in the kitchen so it is well worth the investment. It is also the one room that can really add value if you decide to sell your house – or indeed, if it’s looking tatty, devalue your property. Planning is the most crucial part of buying a new kitchen, so spend a lot of time and effort on this. Base this planning on how you use your kitchen now, and how you want to use it after the remodelling. What irritates you 24


about the layout of your current kitchen? List the main activities that happen in your kitchen. What appliances do you want? And don’t forget the amount of space required to store all your stuff. Certain features usually cannot be altered without considerable cost: windows, doors, plumbing, pipework and services such as gas and electricity should stay the same. Discuss the design with your family – they may come up with new ideas. Whilst it will be fabulous once done, there’s no denying it will be an upheaval for a few weeks. It really is worth minimising the stress by choosing a company that is able to plan, design and install your new kitchen.

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Good Develo Developments Ltd are not just designers, we are also NHBC registered bu builders and having spent many years working ‘hands on’ building exte extensions and new homes, will bring a wealth of practical experience to your project. We cover the Home Counties and offer a free initial consultation.

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Alexander’s Hair Surgery

Alexander Parsons

has been in the hairdressing industry for 30 years and has worked for a variety of major local salons, including hair salon manager for the “Champneys Health Resort” group for twelve of those years. During his varied career, Alexander has taken care of clients from all over the world with many different professions and lifestyles. “I think that I have just about seen or heard it all! However, from time to time, there are a few surprises!” Alexander is currently employed by Stoke Park Salon in Stoke Poges (www..stokepark. com) and his unique take on all matters hairdressing makes him very popular with his clientele.

Hair in the Sun



The days are longer and warmer now and the sunshine we have had over the last months a welcome bonus. It’s no surprise that our thoughts wonder to holidays either away or even at home. If you are planning a fair few out door pursuits, (swimming, sunbathing, sightseeing, browsing around markets) there are a few things you will need to take into account to protect your hair as well as applying sunscreen to your skin. My “simple to follow” steps should help you to avoid those holiday hair disasters and save you money. 1. NOURISH IT. Prolonged sun exposure, especially with holidays by the sea, mean your hair will become dry very quickly together with the likelihood that you will be styling your hair more often due to all those evenings out. Take a deep conditioning hair mask/treatment with you and replenish your hair with it at least every other day. Also, pack a heat defence spray and USE IT! 2. PROTECT IT. All major professional hairdressing companies will make a “hair in the sun” product range. Usually consisting of a deep cleansing shampoo, mask/treatment and a UV protecting spray or cream. Most come in a “ready to go” kit form and are more often packaged in a pouch or a handy beach bag. Seek the advice of your stylist depending on the products stocked by your salon and, TAKE ONE OF THESE WITH YOU. 3. SAVE IT. Try NOT to have your hair coloured, if at all, just before your sunshine holiday. The sea, pools and sun’s heat/ UV rays will fade your colour quicker than usual, more so if you have had it done the day before. Why pay all that money for a colour only to



washed away! If you really must have a colour, then get it done a week or more BEFORE the holiday to give the hair time to harden and, have a few treatments/masks to boost the condition before you go. Have your colour renewed when you come back and then at least your hair has only been subjected to one process which is less likely to damage it further. Also, your stylist will find it easier to “correct” a faded colour if the hair is in better condition. Avoid it. 4. CHLORINE, mmm, what can I say. Your worst enemy along with sea salt! There are products on the market which are specifically designed to protect and nourish the hair while in the water. Philip Kingsley’s Swim Cap is one of them and avoids that lovely shade of, frizzed out, nylon feeling Khaki! Nice! 5. PACK IT. So what do you need to pack? • A specialist “hair in the sun” kit and products • Heat defence spray,.a styling mousse/foam and a hairspray • A travel hairdryer and a set of flat irons. • Put all of this in HIS case to save weight in yours for that extra pair of shoes! BON VOYAGE!



SLIM SHAPE EFFECT Magic trousers give a very attractive figure.They flatten your stomach and your hips look slimmer.




PUSH UP EFFECT Your bottom will be lifted and nicely shaped. Magic trousers are flattering for every woman, not only because you can wear at least one size smaller.

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8 9

Holiday Chic

It won’t be long before some of us will feel sheer panic and stress out about our holiday wardrobe. With so many fashion trends around and a stricter luggage allowance, putting your holiday wardrobe together might become a real struggle for some. The crucial thing to remember is that a Holiday is your chance to relax and


therefore you should tackle your wardrobe issues with a smile and a sense of OU! adventure. It’s your chance to experiment with your style and discover the new YOU! You can look chic and glamorous without spending hours on your beauty regime or breaking the bank. Our advice is to invest in a few staple pieces that you feel comfortable in and then accessorise when you feel like it. You will have fun, that’s a promise. 1. Cotton spaghetti strap maxi dress in purple - Swish Boutique, Marlow 2. Hat - This fabulous hat will add an instant glamour to your summer outfit Swish Boutique, Marlow 3. Swimsuit by Gottex - Feathers of Marlow 4. Silk maxi dress by Michaela Louisa, £249 - No. 25 of Bourne End 5. Cerise multi maxi dress by Chianti, £95 - No. 25 of Bourne End

6. Blue multi shift dress , £119 - No. 25 of Bourne End 7. Satin short £45, Stand collar hook up shirt £49, Cross body bag £85 - Mint Velvet, Marlow 8. Lace covered cami £59, Belted short £39, Metal Tassel necklace £29 - Mint Velvet, Marlow 9. Bikini by Gottex - Feathers of Marlow 10. Long linen trousers by Michele - Swish Boutique, Marlow

w ow

Here are your absolute holiday essentials: A pair of smart looking cut-offs – a nice alternative to full length trousers. Wear with a plain T-shirt for a sporty look or your dressy top for the evening. A pair of classic linen trousers – remember, the higher the price the better the quality of the linen. Expensive fabric creases less and it’s cool to wear in a hot climate. 10

A pair of metallic leather flats - instead of glitter in an outfit, put it in the shoe; it will look casual but still dressy. Smart summer wedges – wear to transform your look from day to night. The extra height will give you a better posture and will make you look taller and slimmer. Sun dress – an absolute must for a comfortable holiday life. Team up with a sun hat and wedges for the sun glam look. Maxi dress – choose an expensive looking fabric. It will complement your tan during the day and make you feel special in the evening. A touch of make-up and some jewellery will add allure to your look. Dressy top – wear with different bottoms to get different looks. Plain vest in neutral colour – wear with your bottoms during a day. Team up with a cardi and a scarf for the evening. Cover-up – a pretty sarong can serve as a skirt or a strapless dress. An absolute must for any beach lover. Accessories: a large raffia bag p fabulous sun hat p pretty scarf Ac of jewellery (bangles are inexpensive and effective way of dressing any outfit) p selection s Holiday Wisdom: Ho anything that doesn’t fit p Avoid A it simple p Keep K


p Use U make-up in moderation pWear good lingerie and well fitted swimwear pW ar p Get G to know your proportions

11. Cotton sundress - Swish Boutique, Marlow 12. Sunglasses with Swaskoki crystal , £39 - No. 25 of Bourne End 13. Brodrais lace maxi dress £99 - Mint Velvet, Marlow 14. Frank Lyman - Print jersey maxi dress - Swish Boutique, Marlow



Happy Feet! We spend our lives running around on our two trusty feet and yet they are still the most neglected part of our bodies. While we indulge hugely both in expense and time on makeup, cosmetics and massages, our feet continue to put in hours of work, often in ill-fitting shoes or the highest of heels, with barely a mention of thanks! So what with sandal season upon us, it’s about time we praised our pinkies by getting them in tip-top condition ready to show off this summer. It’s not enough just to paint your toenails and hope that a multitude of sins will hide under a coating or three of bright nail varnish. To get rid of dry, flaky skin that has inevitably built up from wearing thick tights and clunky boots throughout the cold winter months, why not be adventurous and try O’Naturelle’s fish spa on Marlow High Street. A fascinating and surprisingly relaxing therapy, you submerge your feet in the tank and let the friendly fish nibble away at the dead skin build-up around your heels and toes, leaving them feeling super smooth and rejuvenated. O’Naturelle practises the highest level of hygiene with this treatment so do not be put off by other spas you may have seen that allow people to use just one tank at the same time as everybody else. The water in O’Naturelle’s fish tanks is constantly filtered and sterilized with regular water changes and they even aquavac (hoover) the tank between clients to provide a happy and healthy environment for the fish and for your feet. The only way to describe this (painless) treatment is to imagine your feet being dipped in champagne and the bubbles 32



are kissing your toes! The result? Silky soft feet and happy fish! Go and try it! For perfectly pedicured feet, Beauty Secrets in Bourne End is a friendly and relaxed salon that offers an impressive array of nail treatments, including gels, acrylics and white 3D. Their highly experienced nail technicians will be able to polish and paint your feet to perfection at very reasonable prices using this summer’s hottest colours - neons and brights. You can also get a nail technician to come to your home and Kim Treacy offers a very relaxed service including minx nails and the all new Axxium gel by OPI. If you have a more serious foot ailment that a fish spa or a bit of pampering won’t be able to fix, book an appointment with foot health professional Sue Davies. Based in Maidenhead but also available for home visits, she treats all sorts of foot conditions such as verrucae, corns, ingrowing toenails and bunions so that you too can be confident enough to unveil restored and rejuvenated feet this summer. A little effort goes a long way, and your feet will be thanking you! Clare Chambers See adverts within the magazine for O’Naturelle, Feet First, Liquid and Beauty Secrets

Nail polish makes even the shortest nails look attractive, providing you use a muted tone and not a vivid colour to draw attention to the length. However, even if you don’t have a ‘hands on’ job, you might find your nail polish doesn’t last very long. Below are some tips to make it last longer. • Use a base coat for a smoother surface. • Make sure you add polish to the nail tips to reduce the possibility of chipping. • A build up of thin coats is better than one or two thick applications. • Use a clear topcoat to protect the colour. You can, if you wish, reapply topcoat every second day until you repaint your nails. • Allow at least 30-45 minutes drying time after application of the topcoat. Once dry, submerge your nails in cold water for a few minutes. Dry and then apply hand cream.


Liquid Nails Top Session Nail Technician

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Calling all Yogi Bears and Bend it like Beckham fans!

Views over Yeotown

This edition of Along the Thames throws light onto some of the latest holistic and yoga holidays on offer whatever your budget. On a shoe string? The London based Yoga Holidays announced recently that it will be the first Yoga School in the UK to offer consumers holidays in Cornwall from £99 per person this summer. Aimed at those feeling the pinch during the economic downturn these cut price trips will last for 3 days and follow the recent trend towards ‘Glamping’ (Sleeping in a tent, tipi or yurt where all bedding and other equipment is supplied). Included in the price are healthy continental breakfasts and nutritious vegetarian dinners, a private tent with comfortable bedding and two yoga classes per day. Laura Watson, Founder of Yoga Holidays stated “After doing a significant amount of research we found that many yoga retreats cost £500 or more per person for a long weekend.” Watson went on to suggest that this is simply too expensive for many people in the current economic climate. She also stated that “Yoga should be accessible to a wide range of people not just those with a high disposable income, so we decided to develop a more affordable service to meet this need.” 34


The format the retreats will take is flexible with customers able to do as much or as little as they want. “On full days yogis will be taught twice per day, once in the morning and once in the evening, and in between it is up to them what they do. We have partnered with a number of local businesses to supply rewarding activities such as surfing, windsurfing and mountain biking which can be enjoyed as additional extras.” Bargain hungry holiday makers are advised to visit www. and join The £99 Yoga Holiday Guest List for the retreat date they are interested in. Need a bigger challenge? Yoga Ishta Style is offering a “Yoga Mountain, Hike, Bike & Spa Retreat in Chamonix in the Haute Savoie region of France next to Mont Blanc. For one week you will be immersed in yoga, hiking, biking and rejuvenation at a stunning location next to Mont Blanc, the third most visited natural site in the world. The chalets’ position allows for amazing panoramic views from the bedrooms and terrace, with Mont Blanc being a focal point. Participants are free to enjoy the tranquil mountainous surrounds in the French Alps starting with an energising and nurturing yoga and meditation practice with

Raphaella Rose, followed by a choice of hiking, mountain biking or other activities, and finishing with an afternoon yoga session on the lovely terrace at the chalet. To make a booking or for further information contact Omkara Retreats, telephone 0845 544 0674 or visit www. Something closer to home? Situated in North Devon, a two hour train journey from London, Paddington, is Yeotown Wellness & Yoga Retreat offering a offering a nurturing get away from the stresses of everyday life, with the intention of holistic health and well being for the whole being: mind, body and spirit. A devoted team of yoga instructors, fitness specialists, nutritionists and therapists await your arrival with specialised programmes to enhance well being. Yeotown provides a tranquil environment to relax and recharge on a yoga holiday. Yeotown Escape dates include: June 9th -12th June 20th - 26th July 3rd - 9th August 7th - 13th To make a booking or for further information contact Omkara Retreats, telephone 0845 544 0674 or visit Harriet Subramanian

Swan Upping

The third week of July will see the 800 year old tradition of Swan Upping continue along the Thames from Sunbury, Surrey to Abingdon, Oxfordshire. Its rituals and traditions arise from when the Crown laid claim to ownership of all mute swans found in open water. Although technically all mute swans are still owned by the Crown, our present Queen exercises her right of ownership only on certain stretches of the Thames, which is now the annual Swan Upping ceremony being held along its lower reaches today. For centuries ownership of swans was of great significance, the birds were seen as an important source of meat and quills for writing. In order to keep accurate records the post of Royal Swan Keeper was formed. The keeper recorded swan numbers including the new cygnets hatched every year. Although we can’t be certain why it happened, records show that in the 15th Century the Crown shared its ownership of swans with the Worshipful Company of Vintners and the Worshipful Company of Dyers, the sharing arrangement remains to this day. Royal swan uppers conduct the count of swans on the Thames and swan uppers from the two Worshipful companies accompany them to make sure the marking of cygnets is carried out fairly. This long tradition of ownership and marking forms the swan upping ceremony we see today. Normally in the third week of July on a Monday the flotilla of six traditional Thames rowing skiffs

Monday 18th - Friday 22nd July

proceeds up river to Abingdon. Two of the skiffs contain the Queen’s Swan Mark and the Royal Swan Uppers. While the markers and Swan Uppers of the Vintners’ and Dyers’ Worshipful Livery Companies man the other four skiffs. Today, this flotilla is accompanied by powered vintage river craft and makes quite a sight as it makes its way up river. As the skiffs proceed up river, they look out for cygnets, which will be about three to four weeks old at this time of year. As soon as a cygnet is spotted, a shout goes up from the swan uppers. Then with great skill they manoeuvre their skiffs around the cygnets and adults, gently pushing them towards the nearest bank. Once close enough to the bank the cygnets are gathered into the boat by the swan uppers. Once aboard the birds legs are gently tied together to prevent the bird struggling and damaging itself. If the bank conditions permit, the birds are transferred to the bank to carry out the next part of the operation. In times gone past the cygnets would have been marked by nicking the beak to show ownership. Today however, this has all changed, along with the reasons for the census and marking. Today’s swan upping is all about swan conservation. Swans, caught today are ringed weighed and measured and examined for any signs of injury. The Queen’s Swan Warden carries out this work. This is a scientific role and not a ceremonial one. The Queen’s Swan Marker records the week’s activities in an annual report, detailing the numbers of swans, broods and cygnets counted by the Swan Upping. These reports provide an invaluable resource in the management and conservation of the swans along the Thames. Jacky and Mark Bloomfield

If you would like to get involved in this years Swan Upping then here are the provisional times and dates. Local schools seeking further information should contact the Swan Marker’s office on +44 (0)1628 523030 or email The observation points and times are as follows (all times given are approximate): Monday 18th July 2011 Sunbury Lock 09.00 Departure point Shepperton Lock 10.45 Penton Hook Lock 12.30 Romney Lock 17.30 Tuesday 19th July 2011 Eton Bridge 09.00 Departure point Boveney Lock 10.15 Boulters Lock 13.00 Marlow Lock 17.30 Wednesday 20th July 2011 Marlow Bridge 09.00 Departure point Hurley Lock 10.30 Hambleden Lock 12.00 Henley Town 13.30 Marsh Lock 16.00 Shiplake Lock 17.00 Sonning Bridge 18.00 Thursday 21st July 2011 Sonning-on-Thames 09.00 Departure point Caversham Lock 10.30 Mapledurham Lock 12.30 Goring Lock 17.00 Moulsford 18.00 Friday 22nd July 2011 Moulsford 09.00 Departure point Benson Lock 10.15 Clifton Hampden Bridge 13.00 Culham Lock 16.15 Abingdon Bridge 17.30 ALONG THE THAMES


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Local Fitness Instructor honoured by Jazzercise, Inc

Marthese receives her award from Kenny Harvey Int. Vice President Jazzercise Inc.

Buckinghamshire and Maidenhead - Jazzercise, the world’s leading dance fitness program, recently honored Bucks and Maidenhead instructor Marthese Attard, with the prestigious President’s Club Platinum Award. If you are honored at a Platinum status, Marthese Attard is one of the top money earners in the Jazzercise franchise operation, ranking in the top three percent of all Jazzercise franchisees during the past year but Marthese’s franchise is also ranked 4th biggest franchise out of 7,800 Jazzercise franchisees, in the Jazzercise world! Marthese and her team of 11 Associates, contributed to Jazzercise, Inc.’s sales record of $96 million in system wide sales last year. Jazzercise ranks as the No.1 fitness franchise according to the prestigious Entrepreneur Magazine Franchise 500 list for 2011. Overall, Jazzercise ranks No.17 on the list, the company’s highest ranking ever. Marthese has been teaching Jazzercise for 22 years in Bucks but has now extended her class schedule to Maidenhead during this last year, thanks to her great team of 11 Jazzercise Associate Instructors. For detailed Instructors’ profiles and class schedule, please visit our website:

About Jazzercise

Judi Sheppard Missett, who turned her love of jazz dance into a worldwide dance exercise phenomenon, founded the Jazzercise dance fitness program in 1969. Judi has advanced the business opportunities of women and men in the fitness industry by growing the program into an international franchise business that today, hosts a network of 7,800 instructors teaching more than 32,000 classes weekly in 32 countries. The workout program, which offers a fusion of jazz dance, resistance training, Pilates, yoga, kickboxing and latin-style movements, has positively affected millions of people worldwide. Benefits include increased cardiovascular endurance, strength, and flexibility, as well as an overall "feel good" factor. For more information about Jazzercise, contact Marthese on 07708 275527, e-mail: or visit our website:

Robert Kevan M.Inst Chp


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hpc. no CH21742

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August/September issue Deadline 15th July

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The Deepest Cut of All Some young people self-harm on a regular basis while others do it just once or a few times. For some people it is part of coping with a specific problem and they stop once the problem is resolved. Other people self-harm over longer periods whenever certain kinds of pressures or feelings arise. A few people who self-harm may go on to commit suicide generally this is not what they intend to do. In fact, self-harm can be seen as the ‘opposite’ of suicide as it is often a way of coping with life rather than of giving up on it.

harm as a way of dealing with the problems and pressures of everyday life. Pressure can come from family, school and peer groups to conform or to perform well (for example in getting good exam results). Young people can often feel angry, frustrated or bad about themselves if they cannot live up to other people’s expectations or indeed their own.

Types of self harm include: Cutting • Taking overdoses of tablets or medicines • Punching self or hitting self with objects

Young people who self-harm may have low self-esteem. For some this is linked to poor body image, eating disorders, or drug misuse. Understanding why young people self-harm involves knowing as much as possible about their lives and lifestyles.

• Pulling out hair or eyelashes • Scratching, picking or tearing at skin causing sores and scarring Burning

Peer pressures may occasionally be the most important reason for self-harm. Young people may find themselves among friends

• Inhaling or sniffing harmful substances Young people may start to self-

Dr Shelagh Wright

or other groups who self-harm and may be encouraged or pressurised to do the same. What to do if you suspect your child is engaging in self harm: • Don’t panic - it will not help • Talk about it – it always is helpful to talk and it is ok to say you are worried • Get help – there is no shame in asking for help • Seeking professional help will enable your child to be able to talk about the triggers for the self harm with someone who is not emotionally involved, and teach him/ her strategies for managing these triggers in a more healthy way.


Systemic and Family Psychotherapist

Shelagh Wright

Doctor Shelagh

Need help with: • • • •

Eating Disorders Depression Anxiety Couple Issues

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Would you dearly love to wear your summer bikini with confidence? Celebrity endorsed fat busting and cellulite reduction programme that really works is right on your doorstep question: Would you dearly love to wear your summer bikini with confidence? is cellulite the bane of your life? Do you have a flabby tummy which is lowering your self-esteem? solution: Hypoxi-Vacunaut Therapy is a ground breaking approach that the world’s media have hailed as the fastest way to guaranteed inch loss and cellulite reduction. Vacuum therapy along with very gentle cycling within the Hypoxi L250 trainer accelerates the transport of fat enriched blood to the muscles within the target area during the treatment, meaning that fatty acids are burnt off as fuel for the movement quickly and efficiently. what results can I expect? Hypoxi-Vacunaut Therapy increases body confidence with noticeable long term results. It burns off stubborn fat deposits, improves poor connective tissue and generates a non surgical tummy tuck, buttock lift, skin Celebrity, Cheryl Cole says “I’ve got a Hypoxi therapy bike for cellulite on~ my bum, hips and thighs; this kind of ‘pops’ the fat cells”

rejuvenation and toning. It is claimed to be the number one way to combat cellulite. how quickly will I see results: Visible and measureable results are achieved over the course of a four to eight week Hypoxi programme depending on the individual where can I do this? At Sanus Hypoxi Studios located between Windsor and Maidenhead where Sally MacLeod runs a friendly yet discreet studio and clients receive individual attention and a holistic ‘lifestyle’ health screening prior to commencing a Hypoxi programme. Sally’s clients have included not only well known celebrities, but also doctors and personal trainers, who understand how the body works and recognize that Hypoxi Therapy can offer a natural, non invasive answer to reducing both cellulite and fat from stubborn areas. For more information or to arrange a consultation contact Sally on 01628 631230 or email Tamzin Outhwaite, ex Eastenders, Hotel Babylon “I got a Hypoxi machine, where you exercise in a vacuum which metabolises fat quicker ….. Ta-da! Twelve sessions later and I’d dropped a stone” (YOU magazine 23 May 2010)



Healthy Gums and Happy Smiles I

n todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s world of rising prices, coupled with the shortage of NHS dentists, we need to do all we can to keep down dental bills. One of the smartest ways of doing this is to make use of chemicals found naturally in some foods and vitamins. These products help to fight bacteria, remove plaque, strengthen enamel and even freshen our breath. RAW GOODNESS Eating raw celery or carrot produces saliva, which helps to neutralize streptococcus, the bacteria that causes cavities. SESAME SEEDS Chewing sesame seeds helps to remove plaque and preserve the bone around teeth and gums. They are a delicious addition to salads or steamed vegetables. CHEESE

Cheese, low in carbohydrates and high in calcium and phosphate content, helps to preserve and rebuild tooth enamel. It is suggested that eating a small piece of cheese just before sleep helps strengthen teeth. KIWI FRUIT

SHIITAKE MUSHROOMS Regular ingestion of these is said to help prevent bacteria from creating plaque. GREEN TEA Green tea aids in stopping bad breath by killing the bacteria responsible. It also counteracts the bacteria that turn sugar into plaque. ONIONS Not a pleasant smell, but onions kill bacteria, so should be eaten raw in salads and sandwiches. Maybe follow up with the green tea mentioned above to remove the smell, or ... MINT LEAVES Chew some mint leave after a spicy meal (or the onions mentioned above) and your breath will be sweet smelling for hours. Alternatively, use sprigs as a garnish on food. WATER Drinking water and/or rinsing your mouth after eating helps to wash away food residue that leads to bad breath.

This tropical fruit is high in vitamin C (see below why this is good). This vitamin helps to stop the breakdown of collagen in your gums.



VITAMIN A This encourages the gums to make keratin, a protein which helps the body to resist wounds and infection. Foods containing vitamin A include cod liver oil, egg yolks, whole milk and butter, but we can make vitamin A from beta-

carotene, found in vegetables such as carrots, squash, pumpkin, kale and broccoli. VITAMIN C This helps to prevent gum disease and a severe deficiency could lead to the old sailorsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; disease of scurvy. Foods rich in vitamin C are oranges, strawberries, spinach, pumpkin, parsley and kale. VITAMIN E This vitamin is also said to be good for healthy gums. Foods and oils rich in natural vitamin E include wheat germ, soybean, sunflower and corn oils, peanuts, peanut butter, almonds, sunflower seeds, hazelnuts, spinach, broccoli, kiwis and mangoes. Vitamins should be taken only in the quantities recommended as daily allowances for adults and children. As you can see from the list above, there is quite a lot that we can do to improve the health of our teeth and gums just by slightly changing our diets. A few additions and alterations to our shopping lists could mean we chew our way to healthy gums and a happy smile. Remembering to see your dentist regularly for check ups as part of a healthy regime to keeping gums and teeth in tip top shape. By Lorraine Mace



Relaunching Remenham Farm’s Riverbank for Henley Regatta View from Start enclosure courtesy Copas Partnership

Spanning approximately half of the Regatta course, Remenham Farm will be a hive of new activity this year, all designed for a memorable day at the Regatta. Offering superb views of the rowing from the new Start Enclosure, unique corporate entertaining, gourmet picnics, and champagne afternoon teas, Remenham Farm will not to be missed. Sarah Copas, Partner at The Copas Partnership explains, “We’re delighted to introduce a number of new partnerships to the Regatta this year that will offer a much wider range of activities and gastro delights at Remenham Farm, all with spectactular views of the rowing. We hope local people will take time to walk the towpath and explore for themselves.” THE START ENCLOSURE: Located at the start of the Regatta course, will be run by Mosimann’s and is an excellent place to enjoy their hospitality while watching the racing commence. The Grandstand will provide a spectacular view all the way up the course. While rowing themed activities and a play area for the children make the Start Enclosure a

Riverbank & Island

fantastic base for families and avid rowing fans alike.

Tickets are available for the Enclosure on Regatta Saturday

Tickets are not required for the Start Enclosure and reserved parking in the Start Car Park will guarantee a riverside base.

JONGLEURS AT THE REGATTA: will be coming to riverbank on Regatta Friday. Jongleurs, the comedy club, which launched the careers of Jack Dee, Paul Merton, Rory Bremner and many other household names, will be at The Courtyard Enclosure during Henley Royal Regatta. Get ready for one of the funniest nights you’ll have this year!

MOSIMANN’S RIVER RESTAURANT AND CHAMPAGNE BAR will open on the banks of The Thames throughout the Regatta. Experience the joie de vivre of a light, refreshing summer lunch or delightful afternoon tea with your friends. Mosimann’s will ensure a memorable gastronomic occasion with summer specialities including lobster, strawberries, an array of salads and seasonal vegetables including freshly picked asparagus and desserts. Reservations can be made in advance by calling 020 8875 0497 or emailing THE COURTYARD ENCLOSURE: Restyled in 2011 The Courtyard Enclosure will go back in time with a Vintage-Styled Regatta Party and this year the Enclosure will feature foodie friends Jamie Oliver’s Fabulous Feasts. Located on the riverside, the Courtyard Enclosure guarantees superb views of the rowing from its private riverside garden.

C J Lyndsay

For more information on obtaining tickets ,The Barn Bar, the Redgrave Bar, boat moorings, charters,river taxis and camping or just to view beautiful event photography of all areas, visit their website at

Along the Thames and Copas Partnership have teamed together to bring you the opportunity to win one of their Reserved Champagne Riverside Picnic Spaces during Henley Royal Regatta, valued up to £120 from Wednesday 29th June - Sunday 3rd July* Located right on the riverbank with your own view of the rowing during this prestigious event. “Voted one of Britain’s best sporting picnic spots” the front row on Regatta Saturday sells out in minutes each year! This special prize will include a picnic table and umbrella, and provide space for up to 10 guests. The lucky winner will have a chilled bottle of champagne delivered to their space to kick the day off in style. To enter simply send your details by 19th June to Handmade Regatta picnics by Mosimann’s of London, can also be booked in advance and delivered to the picnic space if you would like to make it a special occasion. * Ts & Cs: Space available subject to availability at the time of confirmation. and dependent on day chosen to attend. One entry per family



Relive the days of steam Dates for your diary Steam enthusiasts Wednesday 15th June Saturday 16th July Sunday 14th August Saturday 17th September Cost: £35 single / £60 return

Steamboat lunch and tea cruise: Sunday 10th July Saturday 6th August Saturday 3rd September Cost: lunch cruise £55 / tea cruise £46.50

The luxurious and genuine coal fire Victorian steamboat, S.L. Nuneham has a number of exceptional trips planned for the summer season. These red letter days are planned so that individuals can book a unique steam experience. These include lunch and tea cruises as well as steam enthusiasts’ specials and have proven popular, and are particularly suitable to give as a gift for a loved one. Don’t miss out on the rare opportunity to relive the days of steam, with bookings available online; tickets are emailed directly to you. This makes them perfect to be given as a gift for loved ones. For more information or to book a trip reminiscent of a bygone era Telephone: 01753


Email: Web: The Clewer Boathouse, Clewer Court Rd, Windsor, Berkshire,SL4 5JH

Steam Launch Nuneham

Elegant Victorian steam launch for private charter Milestone Anniversaries and Birthday Parties Windsor Races Henley Regatta Swan Upping Henley Festival Red Letter Days 01753 827377 ALONG THE THAMES


Successful business mum is looking for 5 working partners, to work part-time from home without compromising current work or family commitments. If you have a managerial, sales, marketing, recruitment or a self-employed background and you wish to achieve an extraordinary lifestyle

please call me for more information and an informal chat Andrea:

T: 01628 440030 / M: 07768 178356

Start small, build big. Join our team now and see your life develop.

Business Tool - Jing.

Cost Effective Advertising for all Sizes of Businesses & Budgets

What Jing does is enable you to capture a selected piece of your screen, add notes to it and save it as a file. What’s more you can record a series of small videos (up to 5 minutes).

Delivered into 8,000 homes every 2 months Contact us

T: 01628 771419 M: 07711 887107

This software is available to download for free, or you can download a professional version for £11/year For more information visit:


E: Office@AlongThe “The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time”

Accounting Book Keeping Compliance

ABC Book Keeping & Accounting Services Ltd

Angela Aldridge MAAT ATT Mobile: 07711 803243 Tel/Fax: 01628 476111 Website:

12 Quoitings Drive, Marlow, Bucks, SL7 2PE.

Networking Quotes It isn't just what you know, and it isn't just who you know. It's actually who you know, who knows you, and what you do for a living. ~ Bob Burg The successful networkers I know, the ones receiving tons of referrals and feeling truly happy about themselves, continually put the other person’s needs ahead of their own. ~ Bob Burg

Join us for an informal gathering of like minded business professionals, while having a cup of coffee. Open to both men & women. NO JOINING FEE. Share ideas - exchange information - join our community Marlow - 9.30 - 11.30 am Danesfield House Hotel on 2nd Thursday of the month Maidenhead - 9.00 - 11am Temple Golf Club on 3rd Thursday of the month Business Biscotti promotes working in a way that is .flexible, mobile, collaborative and digitally in touch

For more information or to join us on line visit



Small Business News

Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not just about the benefits! Most people join the FSB for a specific benefit or service that saves them money, like free banking, reduced rate credit card services or insurance, or because they want support and protection with free legal advice and specific representation for employment law or tax investigations. Few join the FSB because of itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s lobbying activities, yet all small businesses have reason to be grateful that there is a big organisation out there speaking up effectively and exclusively on behalf of the small business community. Some people know of what we achieve nationally, but fewer know what FSB activists are achieving on the ground. locally. The FSB keeps itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s local politicians and civil servants aware of the issues affecting small businesses. They tell local government about the impact of parking charges and business rates and the need to consult with their small business owners when they are making decisions that will impact their commercial interests. It is in large part due to the efforts of the FSB that many local authorities are now committed to pay their small business suppliers within 10 days. Many of our local MPs attend breakfast meetings with FSB members who wish to have their say and to inform and influence the views of their representatives. We met with High Wycombe MP Steve Baker earlier this year and in May will be hosting Dominic Grieve whose Beaconsfield constituency now includes Marlow. Any FSB member can apply to attend such meetings. In other areas FSB activists played a leading role in such things as the Wycombe Business Expo and networking groups such as SWIM (Second Wednesday in Maidenhead) High Wycombe Connections Club and Business Biscotti. The local FSB also provides itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s own networking events but is happy to work with and support other groups who run on a not for profit basis. You may have joined or be considering membership for the rich array of benefits that membership offers, you should also be aware that someone is working on your behalf in Brussels, Westminster and along the Thames! For more information about these and other benefits of FSB membership contact The local FSB office on 0118 945 6848 or email Paul Mes

FSB members are entitled to: â&#x20AC;˘ Access to legal advice from qualified lawyers 24/7 365 days a year. â&#x20AC;˘ Tax advice from Revenue trained specialists. â&#x20AC;˘ Information and documentation on employment law, tax and commercial law through the FSBâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s members-only website. â&#x20AC;˘ Insurance cover for legal and tax professional fees and statutory awards in the event of an employment dispute or full tax enquiry.  






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Cultivating a Creative Business A simple approach is to read the brief through several times, perhaps research some background information online or visit a site then take a step back. Wait for the ideas to come to you naturally at any time of day and write them down. These will then act as your starting point. However in some instances you may be waiting a long time and more is required.


eing ‘creative’ at work is part and parcel of many roles in industry, but it does not always come easily. Marketing, advertising, communications, public relations, design are some of the more obvious business sectors which rely on creativity to deliver. On many occasion I have sat around a table brainstorming with colleagues to come up with the latest idea to launch a campaign, and yet although at times these sessions can be helpful and aid further refinement of an existing idea they do not always help fill a blank sheet of paper. So what does? From mind mapping to idea journals there are many techniques available to your business. Finding one that works for you and your organisation will help you to deliver resourceful and original ideas for your sector. But, when faced with a blank sheet of paper coming up with a new idea can seem like a daunting task.

Think visually. Sketch out ideas and try to visualise concepts rather than writing them down. Draw pictures and look at clippings of previous ideas which have worked, these may not be your own. Use them as a means to develop a new idea or to understand trends or a method of thinking. If you quite clearly plagiarise an idea it simply won’t work for you, but often reviewing and evaluating successful ideas will help to stimulate your creative juices. In the words of Voltaire, “Originality is nothing but judicious imitation.” Work with a trusted partner. Being able to fire ideas backwards and forwards with a work colleague will result in a solution.

Forming a creative partnership will help you to deliver ideas, but both parties must be willing to work together, put criticism to one side or deliver it and receive it constructively, and compliment each other in terms of skills. Hire people who are naturally inventive. These people will encourage original thought and are often characterised by being; open to experiences; have a good sense of humour; are not concerned about what other people think, and are curious. Brainstorming as a group can work as long as direction is given prior to the session. Warm-up your colleagues with a clear brief along with time to prepare and consider ideas beforehand. Book your session mid-morning as brainstorming at 4.30pm on a Friday afternoon in the office rarely delivers results, as minds tend to be focussed on wrappingup for the weekend or which pub to go to next. Prepare the scene with cuttings or clippings of past ideas that worked, pens and paper, and remind colleagues that no idea is a bad idea. The aim is to generate as many ideas as possible, whether these can be developed into a solid deliverable doesn’t matter at this stage. You simply want participation and to foster creative thinking in the workplace. Creativity at work is important as it drives innovation lending your business a competitive edge. Encouraging a workforce to be open to experiences and to learn from all aspects of industry helps imaginations to flourish and will ultimately lead to a regular flow of inspirational ideas. Harriet Subramanian



Welcome to the Thames Valley Business Women’s Group (TVBWG) Established in 1989 in High Wycombe, TVBWG is a successful business support, advice and networking forum for businesswomen to meet like-minded people, share ideas, advice & support, network, make friends and learn ways to expand and improve their business, as well as creating sales opportunities. Today, TVBWG has many long-standing members who not only work together but have become close friends too! We hold monthly meetings at the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Moor Hall, Cookham for interactive sessions, some with specialist speakers; and participants are encouraged to liaise, work and socialise together in-between meetings.

TVBWG Meetings and Diary Planner: June to December 2011: MONDAY 13 JUNE: Paul Hay, Director/Trainer of PCLS Consulting will deliver a presentation on ‘Internet Safety’ for both business and personal use, including children; and TVBWG member, Jane Brocklebank of Jane Brocklebank Marketing, will complement this covering social media sites and online networking. MONDAY 11 JULY: Summer Social (please visit our website for details). NO MEETING IN AUGUST MONDAY 12 SEPTEMBER: QUIZ NIGHT! Interactive and fun quiz with teams battling it out to find out who really understands ‘current affairs in business’. MONDAY 10 OCTOBER: Interactive session on legal requirements and insurance in business, VAT, business & personal finance planning. MONDAY 14 NOVEMBER: Business Fayre, Showcase & Networking evening. MONDAY 5 DECEMBER: Christmas Social (please visit our website for details).

TVBWG monthly meetings are mostly held at the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Moor Hall, Cookham with informal networking in the CIM bar from 6.30pm. Meetings start at 7.30pm with tea & coffee and biscuits, and attendees are encouraged to bring their business cards, leaflets, products and promotions/offers and network!

Non-members are welcome at a cost of £10 per meeting payable at the event. So, if you are a businesswoman, thinking of starting a business or a business manager, feel free to come along to the TVBWG and enjoy what the group has to offer.

For full details, news, offers and contacts

visit or contact Nicky Guy, Chair at Follow TVBWG on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook..... ALONG THE THAMES


Advertising Feature: The Flower Studio

Floral Tribute Florists at Marlow-based, The Flower Studio are celebrating after reaching the final three in the bid for the title of New Covent Garden Market Retail Florist of the Year, at the Re:fresh Awards 2011. The Re:Fresh Awards, the equivalent of the Oscars for the fresh produce and cut flower industry, are run annually by UK trade association the Fresh Produce Consortium (FPC) and the leading trade magazine, The Fresh Produce Journal. The Re:fresh Retail Florist of the Year award is open to all independent flower and plant retailers in the UK and the result was announced on Thursday 19 May. All of which is an auspicious start for The Flower Studio’s launch of an innovative new loyalty scheme for customers introduced this week, details of which formed part of the award bid. The criteria for the Re:fresh Retail Florist of the Year is to demonstrate commercial innovation through product offer, marketing or promotional activity, as well as good business practice. Owner of The Flower Studio, Bryn Evans reveals the secret of their success, “Our passion is to create the best, both in unique floral designs and in inspirational customer service, whether for a

bride-to-be or a local business. And we display the same creativity and innovation in our business matters as we do in producing a perfect, hand-tied bouquet. Our highly-skilled staff are exceptionally-motivated and encouraged to embrace new learning and ideas. Together with the finest fresh products, that creates an outstanding offer.” Award judge and Florist & Wholesale Buyer’s Editor, Austin Clark commented: “Just one such initiative is a new, proactive loyalty scheme launched this week by The Flower Studio for their customers. Business customers receive a free £25 hand tied bouquet, delivered anywhere in the UK, for every one hundred and sixty points built up over a month, with one point earned for every one pound spent. Bryn Evans commented, “We understand that business success in this challenging environment is about building positive relationships. That ethos is at the heart of our new loyalty scheme which means regular business customers are rewarded with beautiful hand-tied bouquets, delivered anywhere in the UK. These might be sent as a thank you to a new customer or an old

supplier, but above all, they help our customers make their mark.” “But of course we also want to thank the people who regularly visit our shop. Our retail loyalty scheme gives money off a future purchase, so it makes sense for customers to come back again and again.” Retail customers can collect points for every purchase made at The Flower Studio, at a rate of one point for every one pound spent. For every one hundred points collected, the customer receives five pounds towards their next purchase. Points can be redeemed at any time, or saved up. There is no time limit. The Flower Studio provides a first class local delivery service, as well as national and international deliveries.

Call: 01628 477990 4 Liston Court, Marlow


• unique floral designs • bespoke hand-tied bouquets • vases • plants • contemporary ideas • The Flower Studio 4 Liston Court, Marlow, Bucks, SL7 1ER Tel: 01628 477990 Email: 48


shortlisted for the retail florist of the year

Making Music for Charity

Marlow Music Makers Choir will this year support Iain Rennie Hospice at Home, a charity which is held in high regard in Marlow and beyond. The Choir’s founder and Musical Director Barbara Whitehead said: “This year we are rehearsing for three concerts, in June, July and December, all of which will generate funds to support the vital and wonderful work of Iain Rennie Hospice at Home”. Founded two years ago, Marlow Music Makers offers programmes of lively music which may include popular songs from around the 1920s up to the present day along with appropriate musical numbers played by their own musicians and guest players. MMM’s summer concert in Marlow will be held on Friday, 8th and Saturday, 9th July at the United Reformed Church, Oxford Road, Marlow, starting at 7.30 pm. Tickets for the concert, which includes a glass of wine and light refreshments during the interval, are £8.50. Tickets may be obtained from Insight Opticians, High Street, Marlow or by telephoning 01628 484618 or 01494 883392.



Cheap Convertibles

James Baggott - Editor Car Dealer Magazine

The sun may have only been out for a little bit, but with the sunburn and the smell of barbecues comes that annual hankering for a cheap convertible. There’s nothing quite like a spot of top-down motoring when the temperature manages to haul itself into double figures – and the good news is it won’t have to cost you a second mortgage. Here, we delve into the online classifieds to find you five bargain summer sizzlers that you can put on your drive for less than £2,000. Just remember to save some cash for the Factor 50!



You’ll have to hunt pretty hard, but Audi A4 Cabriolet models do occasionally crop up within this price bracket. That might mean looking in the depths of winter when the last thing people want is a soft-top, but canny buyers will be rewarded for their efforts. The A4 is solid, well packaged and usually comes with a high spec. For this money you’ll find a tired petrol model with intergalactic mileage but, have it looked at by an independent, and you could be onto a winner.

Yes, you read that right. Saab 9-3 Convertibles can be had for under £1,000. That’s a huge amount of car for the money. You’ll be able to seat four in comfort, it’s built like a tank and will go on forever. And that’s handy because for this money you’re looking at a 150,000-miler plus. We found one with 180k, a 2.0-litre turbo petrol lump, service history, tax and MOT for six months at £850 on Auto Trader. Be quick as we’re tempted ourselves…



Ok, so it might be a little over our budget but we think with a little hard negotiating you could pick up an SLK for under £2k. We spotted an R-reg model in black with 120k miles, 6 months tax and four months MOT at a dealer for £2,295 ono – easily negotiable within budget. The Mercedes is a timeless design, has a folding metal roof and, although not the quickest, is still great to drive.

The MX-5 is a perennial softtop favourite and rightly so. It’s been around for 21 years now which means there are plenty of cheaper examples knocking about. Our £2,000 budget can get a well-looked after original model, not an import, with relatively low mileage. The Mazda is brilliant to drive, cheap to run and repair and the perfect entry into convertible ownership.



FIAT BARCHETTA FROM £999 This has to be the cheapest way into Italian two-seater soft-top ownership. The little Barchetta only comes in lefthand drive, which helps bring values down. If you can live with that, you’ll be rewarded with a cracking drive, good looks and a zesty 1.7-litre engine. Some drivers will find the cabin a little cramped, but you’ll soon forget that when you’re blasting along country lanes with the top down. A 1998 model with 50,000 miles and service history can be found for £2,000..

Happy Father's Day June 19th

2))(5 (1'6 VW-8/< 

,17(5,02,/&+$1*( Â&#x2026; ,1&9$7 0,/(/21*/,)( 6(59,&(Â&#x2026; ,1&9$7 0,/(/21*/,)( 6(59,&(Â&#x2026; ,1&9$7 ',6&2817:+(1$ 6(59,&($1'&$0%(/7 5(3/$&(0(17$5( &$55,('28772*(7+(5

&217$&78612:21 7(/ 02% 0$5.#0'07(&+1,.&28. :::0'07(&+1,.&28. 81,76% & :(67),(/')$50 0('0(1+$0 150$5/2: %8&.,1*+$06+,5( 6/7$

8372$1',1&/8',1*(1*,1(6 127$9$,/$%/($6$02%,/(6(59,&(



Horoscopes Would you like to know more about your personal journey through life? Although you enjoy cosmic insights into your sign each month, indepth astrology can offer you so much more. You can plan the year ahead by making the most of your potential, tune into productive planetary cycles and gain the clarity and insight needed for optimal abundance and success. Clarify your vision and use your unique cosmic map to understand what’s coming and how best to plan for it. Gift vouchers are also available; give someone you love an exclusive and original present! Examine the exciting connections between the cosmos and football in a unique new book: Football Aims for the Stars. How the constellations can affect planet football, By Alan Ayre. This is a fascinating book – talkSPORT presenter Ian Collins

More information and order at: Christine Chalklin

Inspirational Astrologer, Life Coach and Business Consultant, -

Telephone: 07813 483549

GEMINI MAY 22 - JUNE 21 Your ruling planet, the ever communicative Mercury moves into your sign on the 3rd. brilliant Ideas will be coming in thick and fast, but you need to focus and take one day at a time. Jupiter, now in the most introspective sector of your chart encourages you to use your intuitive wisdom. July is a hectic month for versatile Gemini, as energetic Mars races through your sign. Energy levels are high, but make sure you take time out to recharge your batteries. Your ruler, communicative Mercury enters regal Leo on the 3rd and brings a new aura of confidence.

CANCER JUNE 22 - JULY 22 The new moon on the 1st and the arrival of mighty Jupiter in the most sociable sector of your chart open many doors for you and encourages you to take your confidence to an all time high. June brings clearer vision and easier decision making and it’s also a time for increased motivation. July is very important for the moon-ruled sign of Cancer. There are two new moons this month, one on the 1st and the other on the 30th. Introspection is essential as you can now use all your powers and talents to your best advantage. Don’t be afraid of showing others exactly what you’re made of.

ARIES MARCH 21 - APRIL 20 Aries can breathe a sigh of relief, after months of volatile action in your sign all is now quiet, well almost! Finances are at the top of your agenda and as mighty Jupiter arrives money-making opportunities are likely to present themselves, and you feel especially motivated to take advantage of them. July is brilliant for increasing your earning power and for attracting all sorts of abundance. You are bound to take up new interests and you could also be focusing a lot of attention on learning and communication endeavours. You’ll also be making new and exciting connections

LEO JULY 23 - AUGUST 23 Goals and ambitions continue to be the focus for Leos this month. With mighty Jupiter at a pivotal position you are entering a long-term cycle in which your social status increases and others begin to recognize your professional efforts. Doors are opening for improved working conditions and promotions. July brings a social whirlwind as motivational Mars races through restless Gemini. As adventurous as you’re likely to feel, you might find that responsibilities prevent you from getting away from it all. Take time and effort to focus on what is really important to you

TAURUS APRIL 21 - MAY 21 June is an action packed month for Taurus. Mars, Venus and Mercury start the month in your sign and then mighty and benevolent Jupiter joins in on the 4th. Jupiter is in your sign for one year and you’ll enter a long-term cycle in which opportunities to advance are strong. During July your focus is on love and romance as Venus the relationship planet moves into sentimental Cancer on the 5th. Communication will be of utmost importance and your intuitive and caring side will be fully awakened. The full moon on the 15th could bring a surprise journey

VIRGO AUGUST 24 - SEPTEMBER 22 Virgoans have been rather introspective recently and you continue to be somewhat withdrawn, although the mood is changing. Your ruler Mercury, is at the highest point in your chart and you are hungry for adventure and experiences that lift you above your usual concerns and daily routine. During July goals and ambitions become increasingly important and the real drive for success is emanating from within you. You’re especially motivated as Mars charges through restless Gemini. Patience may be hard to come by right now, but is absolutely critical for maximum success



LIBRA SEPTEMBER 23 - OCTOBER 23 June is a strong month for taking charge of finances and in particular those shared with others. Your ruler, the love planet Venus, urges spontaneity and self-expression. Time for a relationship review, the more intimate aspects of sharing with a special someone become your primary concern. July could turn out to be quite restless for normally balanced and peace loving Librans. Venus, your ruler, is in gentle Cancer asking you to nurture and pamper yourself, but motivational Mars is racing through versatile Gemini wants all or nothing. Let your inner wisdom guide you.

SCORPIO OCTOBER 24 - NOVEMBER 22 Romance and pleasure are highlights right now with benevolent Jupiter moving to the relationship sector of your chart. The flowing, expressive and spontaneous energy surrounding you attracts like-minded people. Be sure to take time to enjoy yourself, preferably around others! During July your money and finances come back into focus. Shifts in the sources and distribution of income are highlighted this month as Mars, your ruler, points out several new and exciting opportunities that can now come your way. Intuitive communication is vital now.



une is a busy month as the radiant Sun travels through the versatile and communicative sign of Gemini. The month begins with a Gemini new moon early in the morning on the 1st. New moons are all about new beginnings and this one brings a restless curiosity that can be positively used for starting new projects and learning new skills. Mercury, the messenger planet, enters Gemini on the 3rd bringing more imaginative energy, but care should be taken not to take on too many things at once. On the 4th, mighty Jupiter moves in to Taurus, remaining there until June 2012. Jupiter in Taurus expands our desire for material possessions and also brings stability and reliability. This is good solid grounding energy and inspirational ideas can really flourish this month


uly also starts with a new moon, this time in the caring and nurturing sign of Cancer. The love planet Venus also moves in to Cancer on the 5th. This could be a month of serious nurturing and caring, for ourselves and particularly for those around us. Energetic Mars, planet of action and motivation spends July travelling through dynamic and versatile Gemini. Mars in this sign has a tendency to go off on too many tangents and is very easily bored. To get the very best out of this planetary alignment you will need to focus your energies rather than scattering them. Spending time to connect with your intuitive wisdom will do wonders and certainly bring you the success that you deserve. Swim with the cosmic tides rather than against them!

SAGITTARIUS NOVEMBER 23 - DECEMBER 21 By nature fiery and adventurous, Sagittarians Creative and physical activities thrive as generous Jupiter lights up your solar sixth house. This is a busy period that finds you tending to many different details of your daily existence, your work, organization around the home and office, your daily routines and health matters. July places the emphasis on your close and personal relationships. As long as you speak from the heart generous Jupiter ensures that things run smoothly. You might be tempted to take on more work than you can reasonably manage so be careful not to overload your schedule.

AQUARIUS JANUARY 21 - FEBRUARY 18 Neptune occupied your sign for 14 years and the Your ruler, unconventional Uranus, is well established in pioneering Aries and the pace of some areas of your life continue to be hectic. Your home and family life come into strong focus and are set to improve. You are especially motivated to improve your living conditions. July brings excitement and action in the love and romance department. Sexy Mars and loving Venus start the month in sociable Gemini. Then Venus joins the Sun in sensitive Cancer on the 5th and this becomes a beneficial time to be direct and to communicate your relationship needs

CAPRICORN DECEMBER 22 - JANUARY 20 Your ruling planet, responsible and duty bound Saturn, moves forward again on the 13th and things should start to get easier for you. Expansive Jupiter, now spending a year in the most selfexpressive and joyful part of your chart brings many new ideas and creative inspiration. July energises and highlights your work and your everyday living habits. Job opportunities might arrive and improved working conditions can come to the forefront. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s an excellent time for discovering new and even enjoyable health and fitness routines.

PISCES FEBRUARY 19 - MARCH 20 Even though generous Jupiter leaves your financial sector on the 4th you continue to be motivated to increase your potential and earning power. Positive communications are high on the agenda and although thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a wonderful feeling of abundance, try not to go over the top. Take time to enjoy what you already have. During July your attention turns to your home and your domestic arrangements. Motivational Mars is charging through Gemini and changing your surroundings will be important. Your ruler, mystical Neptune, is now in your sign and a compassionate new cycle is beginning for you.



Readers Page

The Tales of Mr & Mrs Bartholomew Fox by Colleen Laybourne- Smith

Dolly Evans is 65, and lives alone A wonderful rhyming book for younger readers to learn about Woodland animals Welcome to the home of Mr and Mrs Bartholomew Fox and their family, Peter, Anne and Mary. Step inside, meet their woodland friends and share their fun and adventures, all told in rhyming verses. Mr and Mrs Fox invite the Badgers to lunch, Peter rescues a magic creature, Anne helps a baby unicorn find his mother and Mary plays in the snow for the first time

The Adventures of Tobyron the Tortle by Hazel S. Fairall

Have you ever met a Tortle? That’s a half-tortoise, half-turtle to you and me and after you’ve met Tobyron you won’t forget the word. Tobyron is a busy little fellow; he likes tinkering about and often has ideas for inventing new things. Gadgets like rocket launchers, spaceships, umbrella parachutes, mountaineering suckers and stilts for walking above forests. He keeps his essential tools in his extraordinarily well-packed shell. Everything from a built-in barbecue to a set of high-speed wheels, and so he is perfectly equipped to have all sorts of adventures, from exploring the Great Wall of China to overindulging at an ice-cream fayre.

A Scottish Fairytale by Rosemary McDougall

A Fairytale gets turned on its head! Leckie McKay is camping on the Isle of Skye, trying to prove that he is the heir to the Scottish throne, the direct descendant of Robert the Bruce. His quest takes a rather unexpected turn when he meets a fairy. Weary, bored, and more than ready to hang up her wand, the fairy has one task left to perform before she can retire: she must find a prince to release a beautiful princess from an ancient spell. Is Leckie the right man for the job?

For your chance to win one of three copies of “The Tales of Mr & Mrs Bartholomew Fox” by Colleen Laybourne- Smith please send your name and address to by 15th July 2011

The books on this page are from Book Guild Publishing To order, please call 01202 665432 (weekdays only) or visit 54


Kenton Theatre

Treating Sunburn

Although the obvious way to prevent sunburn is to avoid going out in the heat of the day at all, it is both necessary to have a little sun for our health and a pleasure to feel those rays on your skin. Although most people will use a sun cream or lotion as a preventative measure, studies have shown that many people do not use enough sunscreen to provide adequate protection. If you do find that you have caught more sun than you intended, it’s important to treat your skin to minimise the damage. As with any burn the skin will be overheated, so the first thing to do is to find a way of cooling the area. Apply a flannel soaked in cold water or take a lukewarm shower or bath. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids as dehydration will only make matters worse and avoid alcohol. For mild sunburn using a moisturising lotion which contains Aloe Vera or a specially formulated after-sun lotion will both cool and rehydrate the area, and relieve the feeling of tightness. For more intense sunburn ask your chemist about a hydrocortisone cream and take over the counter painkillers such as Paracetamol or Ibuprofen to reduce your temperature. If your sunburn is severe, or it’s on a young child, you should ask for advice from your doctor or – in the worst cases – visit Accident and Emergency. If your sunburn is accompanied by other symptoms such a fever, dizziness or vomiting you could have sunstroke. It is essential in this case that your temperature is lowered and as a minimum you should seek advice from NHS Direct on 0845 46 47.

Friday 10 June, 8pm Henley Midnight Matinée supporting Chiltern Centre for Disabled Children presents Ben Portsmouth TAKING CARE OF ELVIS Theatre & Dinner £45 (Red Lyon)limited availability, Theatre only £20 MUSIC: Ben Portsmouth and his band, Taking Care of Elvis, present an award-winning tribute to the King of Rock and Roll, with an authentic look, style and voice guaranteed to set hearts racing and feet tapping. Wednesday 15 – Saturday 18 June, 7.45pm Woodley Light Operatic Society presents High Society MUSICAL: Delightful little tale of what shockingly rich people got up to in 1930s America through the Cole Porter score .An amateur production Thursday 23 June, 7.30pm AA UK presents The UK Pink Floyd Tribute Show MUSIC: Pink Floyd fans get a feast for the ears with a full two hour set and a treat for the eyes with a spectacular light and laser show. Sunday 26 June, 3pm, 7pm Mo Cleaver presents Bugsy Malone STAGE SCHOOL: The children of Mo Cleaver’s Dance and Drama School present this much-loved musical. The action takes place in New York during the Prohibition Era and charts the rise of Bugsy Malone, a penniless boxing promoter. An amateur production All Tickets call 07702 648713 Friday 15 July, 7.30pm, Saturday 16 July, 2pm, 7.30pm Sunday 17 July, 2pm Artemis Studios presents Henry’s Arabian Nights! FAMILY: In days of old when Knights were bold princesses tried not to get their heads chopped off! It all happens in the Tudor court, where a bored and slightly spoiled King Henry will be entertained by traditional stories (from Arabian Nights) by each of his wives. An amateur production Thursday 21 July, 7.45pm Good Times Promotions presents Whole Lotta Led - a tribute to Led Zeppelin MUSIC: Keeping the spirit and songs of the legendary Zep alive with their unique energy and stage presence, they don’t try and reproduce what the Classic Led Zeppelin line up looked like because for these guys it’s all about the music, and what music. Whether a fan of the original Led Zeppelin or new to the sound, come and be astounded by the music of Led Zeppelin Please mention Along the Thames Magazine when booking.


01491 575698 OR VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR ALL PRODUCTIONS AT New Street, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, RG9 2BP Free Parking available in Waitrose car park after 6pm ALONG THE THAMES


A landscape painting by the Oxfordshire artist, James Kelso, has been accepted for the 2011 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. The Royal Academy will also be publishing a greetings card and a separate postcard featuring the painting. The 30” x 40” picture, ‘DUNE’, was painted over a period of six months, using acrylics on a gessoed panel. The scene depicted is Cape Cod, the famous island and cape in the state of Massachusetts,

in the northeast United States. The dunes in the area are part of the Cape's barrier beach. It’s said the cape is one of the biggest barrier islands in the world, shielding much of the Massachusetts coastline from North Atlantic storm waves. The original idea for the painting came from an image by the American artist and photographer, Rein Nomm. James Kelso’s work has been shown many times at the Royal Academy, as well as other London venues including The Royal Festival Hall and The London Stock Exchange. He has also exhibited in galleries throughout Britain and also in America. His paintings are in private collections in America, Australia, Britain, France and Sweden and prints have been sold worldwide. His work may be seen at and

Enjoy our beautiful local countryside and take up the Chilterns 3 Peaks Challenge 56


This September, Iain Rennie Hospice at Home (IRHH – part of the newly merged charity Iain Rennie Grove House Hospice Care) will be challenging people to get out and enjoy our beautiful countryside and walk the 3 peaks of the Chilterns to raise money for its specialist nursing service. The walk will take place on Sunday 18 September and will set off from Princes Risborough. This will be the third time that IRHH have staged the walk which takes participants up and down the chalky peaks of the Chilterns. The full route is 18 miles long and last year the majority of walkers rose to this challenge. There will also be a 5 mile option taking in the two peaks of Whiteleaf Cross and Coombe Hill and a 9 mile option which allows walkers to climb Ivinghoe Beacon too. This option includes a bus ride. The choice of routes makes it ideal for families and dogs are

welcome too. There is a fantastic atmosphere throughout the day with walkers enjoying a barbecue in Wendover after walking the first two peaks before either returning to their cars, taking a bus to the next peak or, for the most adventurous, continuing on the 3 Peaks Challenge route on foot. Everyone who signs up is being encouraged to aim to raise sponsorship of £150 which will fund an Iain Rennie nurse for 24 hours. Community & Events Fundraising Manager, Ruth Barber said: “Last year the walk raised a fantastic £100,000 and this year we are aiming to beat this total. We live in such a beautiful area and this is a great opportunity for people to get out and enjoy our surroundings whether they are seasoned walkers or not. At Iain Rennie, we see every day how valuable our nursing service is to local people facing life limiting illnesses so this is a superb chance for everyone to enjoy themselves, get some exercise and help a worthy cause at the same time.” For more information and to register for the Chilterns Three Peaks Challenge, please go to

Big Society takes to the streets


f Big Society is about handing power back to men and women on the street, then one Buckinghamshire town has surely put itself firmly on the map. A High Wycombe charity that helps get disadvantaged and disruptive young people motivated and off the streets is being championed by the town’s MP as a shining example of how communities can reap the benefits of social responsibility. "I am excited by what Street Dreams has already achieved and by their rapid development. The project has the potential to boost prosperity and fulfillment for many young people over the years ahead. I look forward to the project's future!" Classic furniture brands, such as Ercol and G-Plan that originated in High Wycombe within the last 100 years are being restored with a 21st century twist, then sold to raise funds for the charity behind the scheme, Street Dreams. The social enterprise project – called Out of the Dark – has drawn on all corners of the local community.

Since its launch not only have local business helped them in a variety of ways, they also have had university students and crafts people support them with their skills. Employees from the local Natwest rolled up their sleeves to help them clear out the old furniture workshop and get the place ready, and companies such as 4C, Grovefield House Hotel, John Lewis to name a few, have all provided help. The enterprise is all about motivating and encouraging teenagers to take ownership of the work – from the idea stage, to sanding and painting and even making a sales pitch on exhibition nights, all thanks to training provided by Street Dreams’ mentors. In addition to this the young people have also been receiving upholstery training from Greengate Furniture, who are a 75 year old local furniture company that make furniture for Polo Ralph Lauren. Now that the enterprise is up and running they hope to be able to make enough sales, and take on enough commissioned

work to become financially self sustainable; this is turn will give more young people an opportunity to learn skills, understand the ethics of work, and increase their self esteem in this supported work environment. Co-founder Jay Blades said ‘We were really inspired by Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Restaurant concept, and wanted to create an enterprise similar to that locally. With more and more people finding it difficult to get jobs, Out of the Dark becomes an opportunity for teenagers, university students, new uni graduates and people who have been made redundant to learn and use skills, which will also help them in their quest for employment.’ Out of the Dark is going to be part of the Bucks Open Studios between 18 June and 3 July, uk, and they also have an open weekend 7-10th July. For more info please visit the website,, or call 01494 550286/ 07730 605564

Ridgeway Relay - Are you up for the challenge? In aid of the Child Bereavement Charity The Ridgeway, Europe’s oldest track, has seen countless people traverse its 88 miles of beautiful countryside for thousands of years. But in 2011 it will witness something a little bit different. And you can be part of it! On Friday 24th June 2011, the Child Bereavement Charity (CBC) is hosting a sponsored walk, setting off from 4 locations simultaneously along The Ridgeway National Trail: Leg 1 - Overton Hill to White Horse (Uffington), Leg 2 - White Horse (Uffington) to South Stoke Leg 3 - South Stoke to Princess Risborough (Brimmers Road),Leg 4 - Princess Risborough to Ivinghoe Beacon Each team member (teams of 4) will start at a different point along the trail, and complete a 22-mile leg. The Child Bereavement Charity is the charity partner of the event and will receive a minimum of £400 per team. The remainder can go to any charity of your choice… or of course, to CBC! At the end of the day, everyone is invited to a celebratory BBQ and drinks at High Wycombe Cricket Club. The Child Bereavement Charity is the UK’s leading charity that supports families and educates professionals both when a child dies and when a child is bereaved. To find out more, please contact us on 01494 568912 or email: ALONG THE THAMES


Useful Numbers MARLOW- CLUBS


Archaeology in Marlow Marlow Archaeological Society Bowls Boxing Crafts Football Hockey History Plants (Orchids) Petanque Photography Rugby Running Four Seasons Club Tennis New Marlow Tennis Academy Rifle & Pistol Club Rowing Club Longridge Marlow & District Wine Society Marlow Society Rotary Club LETS U3A Operatic Society Community Choir Railway Society Choral Society Marlow Orators

472126 523896` 485274 01494 532826 473872/473539 483970 521830 473100 486640 521783 482164/483030 483911/477054 474885 474095 483638 488438 01494 676676 485297 486595 630341 528563 01494 530952 01494 523978 485220/488865 475973 602581/661182 486433 472998 07738 540287

STOCKISTS - from Pages 30 & 31 Swish t: 476 467 ., a: 5 Liston Court, Marlow No25 of Bourne End t: 528 877 w: a: 25-27 The Parade, Bourne End Feathers of Marlow t: 474 102 w: a: 10 Liston Court, Marlow Mint Velvet t: tba w: a: 57 High Street, Marlow Congratulations to the winners of the following book competition held in the April/May 2011 issue. Arenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t we a Funny Lot by Richard Walters: Tracey Dodds, Sarah Mitney, John Chello



Bus Services Liston Hall Marlow Information centre Library Town Council Neighbourhood Watch Police Trains Wycombe Council

01494 441818 472558 483597/481717 0845 2303232 484024/481146 020 77723348 0845 8505505 0845 7000125 01494 461000

MARLOW - HOSPITALS Marlow Cottage NHS Direct Wycombe

482292 0800 595000 01494 526161

MARLOW - DENTISTS Marlow Dental Centre La Perla Clinic St John Ambulance

486096 488499 01494 474748

BOURNE END Library Community Centre

524814 527502

Answers to Puzzles page 26

Out & About

BBQ Fridays Throughout June Crowne Plaza Hotel, Marlow

Out of the Dark 3rd July and 7-10th July at Bucks Open Studios See page 57 for more details

Business Biscotti - Marlow 11th August, 9.30 - 11.30am Danesfield House Hotel, Marlow Local network group

Thames Valley Business Womens Group 13th June, 7.00pm for 7.30pm start CIM, Cookham - Local network group

Marlow Archaeological Society 7th July, 8pm Holy Trinity Parish Centre, Churchgate, Cookham

Jazz Dinner 12th August MacDonald Compleat Angler Call 405406 for tickets

Out of the Dark 18th June at Bucks Open Studios See page 57 for more details

Jazz Dinner 8th July, MacDonald Compleat Angler Call 405406 for tickets

Marlow Society 20th June, 7.30pm Garden Room, Liston Hall Abbotsbrook - David Baldwin

Thames Valley Business Womens Group 11th July, 7.00pm for 7.30pm start CIM, Cookham - Local network group

Child Bereavement Sponsored Walk 24th June - See page 57 for details

Business Biscotti - Marlow 14th July, 9.30 - 11.30am Danesfield House Hotel, Marlow Local network group

Summer Garden Party in aid of Air Ambulance 25th June Crowne Plaza Hotel, Marlow NCT Nearly New Sale 2nd July, 1.15pm members, 1.30pm non members St Pirans School, Gringer Hill, Maidenhead

Key to Events:

Charity Events

Marlow Carnival 17th September - TBA

Marlow Music Makers 8 - 9th July, 7.30pm United reform Church, Oxford Road, Marlow - see page 49 for details

Marlow Regatta 18th & 19th June Dorney Lake

Creative Fair 2nd July, 10 am - 5pm Thames Room, Liston Hall Paintings, Photography, Textile Art and Printmaking

Thames Valley & Saxon Cookham - Colin Berks

Marlow Triathlon 17th July, 7am Court Garden Leisure Complex, Higginson Park Marlow Society 18th July, 7.30pm Garden Room, Liston Hall Marlow Artists - Hazel Malpass Schools out Disco 22nd July Crowne Plaza Hotel, Marlow


One-off events

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON EVENTS AT Longridge in Marlow t: 483252 - Sue Ryder Hospice at Nettlebed t:01491 641384 - w: Many clubs meet regularly at Liston Court, Chapel Street. For more information contact them directly on t 472 558

Clubs for Adults

Old Thatch Gardens

14th May - 31st August, 2 - 5pm every Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday Old Thatch Gardens is two acres of internationally acclaimed gardens and once the home of Enid Blyton. The popular gardens include a formal garden, cottage garden, water garden, and rose and clematis walk. A starred garden in the Good Gardens Guide and included in The Most Amazing Gardens in Britain and Ireland. Recently featured on BBC Gardeners World.

Royal Windsor Wheel 13th May 4th September

Theatre & Music

Business Meetings

Marlow Antique bric-a-brac fair meets on 1st Saturday of the month at Liston Hall from 9-4pm The Farmers Market, in Marlow Dean Street Car Park every Sunday, 10am - 2pm Bourne End Country Market product Small Hall 10 - 12 , Every Friday

Missed the deadline? Want your event noticed? Log onto - Enter your event in â&#x20AC;&#x153;Out & Aboutâ&#x20AC;? For a more up to date and comprehensive listing visit Use the QR code (with your phone) opposite to go straight to our website. If you would like your event advertised contact 01628771 419 / 07711 887107 or e: ALONG THE THAMES 59



Along the Thames Marlow June/July 2011  

Magazine distributed into 8,000 homes and local businesses in Marlow and Bourne End. Covering local events, food, dining, john burton-race,...

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