Brochure Along Avec Anna - 2022

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Est. 2017

"An accessible, conscious and creative approach"

KNITTING AS A WAY OF LIFE Nowadays, we are all seeking new ways of finding moments of peace and calm. At Along avec Anna, we want to share the benefits of knitting for personal well-being. Reduced stress Improved self-confidence Belonging to a warm community A more ecological, sustainable and responsible lifestyle

"Just like yoga, knitting creates harmony and well-being"

ABOUT US Our mission is to help knitting play a creative, calming, confidencebuilding and all round positive role in people’s lives, by placing accessibility and sustainability at the forefront of everything we do. We create ethical yarn, unique patterns, and custom accessories to provide beginners and experts alike with all their crafting needs. Our custom accessories are not only pretty and whimsical, but extremely practical. Our patterns are clearly presented and easy to follow and they pair perfectly with our yarn. Our natural fibre bases are entirely cruelty free and certified and we took care to work with spinning mills that respects animals, humans and their surroundings, thus reflecting our own values as a company. We are now a team of five and, over the years, we've created a beautiful community online and offline. We can't wait to see what the future has in store for Along avec Anna! 2017

Very first knitting pattern released


Publication of Bestselling book "Tricoter le jacquard en rond"



Launch of Along avec Anna cruelty-free yarn

We have now released 50 patterns and 3 yarn bases in 12 colours


High quality, natural yarn that is respectful of the animals, humans and their surroundings

Modern, timeless and size-inclusive patterns for a sustainable wardrobe

Unique, custom accessories for all your knitting needs

Bestselling knitting books available in several languages

OUR YARN Our high quality yarn is made of 100% natural fibers and is certified cruelty-free. Our yarn is produced following ethical and environmental guidelines. The raw materials come from South Africa, where mulesing is not practiced. The silk in our Silk-Mohair base is also certified cruelty-free, which is still a rare certification. Our whole range of colours are totally unique and dyes used are free from harmful chemicals. A sustainable approach is therefore in place throughout to respect local and global resources and reflect our values at Along avec Anna.

OUR PATTERNS Our designs are both modern and timeless, allowing our customers to create staples for a sustainable wardrobe. We create clear and comprehensive patterns for children, women and (soon) men. Most of our patterns are accessible to beginners, with step-by-step, detailed written instructions to make knitting a fun, relaxing and seamless experience! This helps our customers build confidence in their own ability. Our full range of over 50 patterns are available in English & French. Our best-sellers are also available in German, Italian, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish, Russian, and Spanish.

OUR OTHER PRODUCTS At Along Avec Anna, we want to offer you the full knitting experience. From practical and pretty stitch markers to our very own natural & environmentally friendly wool shampoo, modern knitters can find everything they might need on our physical or virtual shelves! For knitters looking to take their skills to the next level, Anna has published two bestselling books with Eyrolles, explaining everything you need to know about colourwork. They are filled with clear, step-by-step instructions, top tips, and exclusive patterns to put the techniques into practice. Currently, they are both available in French. The first book has been translated into German, and will soon be available in English.