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Author : Sahara Rose Ketabi Pages : 352 pages Publisher : Alpha Books Language : eng ISBN-10 : 1465462767 ISBN-13 : 9781465462 763

Ayurveda Ayu rve da (Sa nsk rit for scie nce of life), a con scio usn ess bas

ed sys tem of hea ling , is ste ppi ng up to clos e the gap s bet we en thin kin g, kno win g, feel ing, and doi ng. Idio t's Gui des : Ayu rve da foc use s

on the min dbod y con nec tion and exp lain tha t our exp erie nce s-incl udi ng per cep tion s and life styl e cho ices -are met abo lize d into mol ecu les

in our bod ies and will hel p you ma ke the mo st lifeaffi rmi ng cho ices for you r opti mal hea lth and well bei ng. The boo k incl ude s:Wa ys to ach

iev e and mai ntai n lon gter m me ntal and phy sica l well nes s bas ed on a uni que co mbi nati on of fun da me ntal ene rgie s. Sug ges tion s for

day tim e and nig htti me rou tine s and ritu als for opti mu m bal anc e to ach iev e har mo ny and to war d off dis eas e. Tip s to kee p you ayu rve dic

ally bal anc ed as you age , incl udi ng ho w to car e for you r bod y insi de and out. -A tho rou gh des crip tion of the dos has , thei r cha ract

eris tics , ho w the y diff er, and a que stio nna ire to aid rea der s into det erm inin g thei r dos ha. Ayurveda Get Now

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Ayurveda Get Now