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ActionLearning at Goodwood Issue one / August 2009

team activities

Goodwood - Action Learning Development Team Activities Target Size We can cater for group size between 4 and 60 people.

Programme Aim To develop team working, networking, understanding of diversity and have an opportunity to learn more about people from other parts of the business. To motivate and share experiences and have fun.

Objectives Programme would be co-designed and co-created with the client’s business imperatives in mind, the following components may be pertinent:To review team vision and strategy. To explore how the team is working. To focus on our essential team capabilities, behaviours and values. To define and celebrate team identity. To highlight key areas to improve team performance. To develop inter and intra team effectiveness and enhance capability.

Outcomes to include:Individual Performance Development plans. Follow up individual coaching support. Team Action Plans. Follow up Team facilitation support.


Strategy and Business Planning Implementation.

Goodwood Active Learn in



Goodwood off ers a “unique” location for organisations to invest time ou t of their Businesses to fo cus on really im portant matter and find bette s r ways of work in g achieve succes together to s. Goodwood is well known fo r its fast passed high adrenalin , e sporting exp er iences which expose teams to a range of com plex, dynamic and unpredicta ble environmen ts, thus mirrori today’s tough ng business world . However, what is not as well k nown is the w range of beauti ide ful, reflective an d inspiring “sp where busy bu aces” siness people ca n get together from... the mad aw ay ding crowd... to Reflect Re-Ch and Re-Focus. arge We are only1h r 20 from Wat with a courtes erloo y pick up from Haslemere to ta teams directly ke to Goodwood . Once here Tea can be accomm m s odated on-site in our modern and friendly 10 0 bed Hotel w ith all the mod conveniences an ern d connectivity you would exp ect. Whether you n eed an opportu nity to;- review Business Obje your ctives, devise n ew Strategy or just invest in qualit y time develop ing teams capab and effectivenes ilities s. We have a te am of in-house Facilitators an d Team Coach es who can pro you with the d vide edicated suppo rt from assistin to design a uniq g you ue tailored pro gramme in line specific busines with s objectives/key people drivers just provide yo or u with the “lig ht-touch” you to make your n eed team event a gr eat success. We also have ac cess to a wide network of bu sector experts an siness/ d “Thought Lea ders” who can input into you r pro Dinner Speaker gramme as Key Note or After s.


team activities

Goodwood’s Authentic Active LearningTeam We have designed a range of Goodwood Activities which are unique to the Goodwood Estate and which capture the essence of what we are about:Daring Do, Love of Life, Authenticity. As such, they are all based on real working components of the Goodwood Estate and are run by “real people” who do these things for a living, be it flying aircraft, working in the Forests or with the Sheep on the Downs, researching historical artefacts’ as a Curator or preparing a beautiful meal for 500 guests as the Goodwood Head Chef. Feel the history, grandeur and sense of purpose and you can’t fail to be inspired and uplifted if you use the House as the location for your team meeting, workshop or conference. Whatever your people development, networking or motivational requirements are we have a wide range of engaging, challenging and great fun activities which you delegates will enjoy and remember for a long time.

Tree Climbing Ah those halcyon childhood days... when climbing trees was a wonderful exciting adventure. Remember how you felt when you made that first strong branch and then moved upwards into a new world where everything takes on an exciting perspective as you rest under the beautiful green canopy.


Today Teams can experience the same thrill and excitement working with our Qualified Tree Climbing Instructors who will guide people up into the branches to achieve your Team’s objective.

Team Outcomes:

Team Work, Planning, Communication, Courage, Co-ordination, Trust and sheer “Joie de vivre.”

Team Sculpture How often could you get the opportunity to design and build your own Modern Art Sculpture along-side some of the world leading contemporary exhibits? The Sculpture Park at Goodwood is the home of the Cass Foundation which promotes and sponsors modern British Sculpture. Your Team’s task is to be inspired by the many exciting and uplifting works which fill the park and to produce your own unique contemporary piece. Let those creative juices flow as team members discover new insights, talents and skills they never knew they had!

Team Outcomes:

Team work, Planning, Co-ordination, Creativity and Aesthetic Accomplishment!

Shepherding One Team and No Dog” - Try your hand at Goodwood Shepherding - how hard can that be? Well you might be surprised! You will work closely with “Nick the Shepherd” to locate the flock and safely return them to their Fold sounds simple, well...? Under the careful guidance of the Shepherd, Teams will use their communication, co-ordination, planning and leadership skills to round up the flock of frisky sheep and get them into the fold so that selected sheep can be separated for marking. It is all huge fun, but don’t take your eye of the lead Sheep - one blink and they are off!

Team Outcomes:

Team Work, Planning, Communication, Courage, Co-ordination, Trust and sheer “Joie de vivre.”

Goodwood G ou let’s turn up th rmet Challenge e Heat!


Under the wat chfu Chef your team l eye of a Goodwood Hea d will receive a detailed brief demonstration and on how to pre pare a beautifu four course m l eal. As always working kitch are hot, steam en s y places and te nsions will be running high, you will need to stay alert, li intently and m sten ost importantl y work togeth as a team to p er roduce a delic ious creative masterpiece u nder tight tim e pressure.

Active Learnin Communicatio g Outcomes: n, T

Self Awareness, eam Work, Planning, C Sense of Achiev reativity, Leadership, ement.

Perfecting Tea m Golf Visualisa Performance tion Techniqu es.

Understanding the importance of positive psy self-talk, visual chology, isation and the requirements to - “start with th always e end in mind”. Based on widel used Personal y Development (P D) techniques, in NLP applicat used ions and Sport s Psychology. Tea will experience ms, the importance of this approac they work with h as our Goodwoo d Golf Pros to a range of indiv explore idual performan ce improvemen techniques wh t ich when comb ined within a Team approach make a major im pact on overall performance. A powerful and fu n activity whic clearly shows w h hy a positive m ental approach important to o is so ur performance in all areas of lif e. Team Outcom Problem Solvin es: g, confidence build reflective skills, analysis, ing, goal achiev ement.

Take your Tea ms

Sky High -

An exhilarating and never forg otten flying experience. Invo lves taking a sq uadron of Goodwood pla nes from the A er odrome up into airspace above the the beautiful So uth Downs an conducting a co d th en -ordinated seri es of manoeuvr Teams will be in es. constant comm unication with each other whils t in the air and will have to wo together to solv rk e a series of Air /Land Navigat challenges to so ion lve the problem and locate the prize. Team Outcom es : Trust, problem solving, co-ord ination, team w orking Th

e Secrets of th e Red Lady -

Based in Good wood House an d under the guidance of the Curator of the famous Goodw Collection you ood will enter a wo rld of intrigue, mystery and m isdirection. Wh ere what you se is not always cl e ear and where pictures have m stories to tell. C any an Teams gather their collective wits and resolv e to solve the va rious puzzles an enigmas that h d ide the secrets of the Red Lad y ? Team Outcom Problem Solvin es: g, Co-ordination, Team work, Leadership and Fun!



Goodwood Team - Reflective Spaces The House:-

d you can’t r and sense of purpose an Feel the history, grandeu e as the lifted if you use the Hous fail to be inspired and up rence. nfe co or eting, workshop location for your team me

The Hotel: -

any ic it is a great location for Modern country and ch ortable op or conference. Comf business meeting, worksh es make ng lou staff and great open rooms, attentive friendly Learning e tiv after an exhausting Ac it ideal for “chilling out” the Board used space to work with experience or a quiet foc xt Business Strategy. to “hammer out” the ne

The Forrest: -

k: The Sculpture Par

place where beautiful uplifting a er ov sc di u yo en ergy. Every now and th , dynamism and en ism tim op of e ns ng se p Artists within there is a compelli eces from many to pi es us ho rk Pa e light filled The Sculptur e is also a beautiful er Th n. tio ca lo st onferences. a stunning fore uct Launches or C od Pr ng iri sp in r Auditorium ideal fo

you can just Forrest and Woodland With over 3000 acres of days! for an hour or a couple of disappear with your team de and you and enjoy the solitu ide gu to s ter res Fo r ou With ep in an ancient forest. quiet and joy of being de

The South Downs: -

wns newly Created South Do Right in the centre of the ed access od Estate gives unsurpass wo od Go the rk Pa l na Natio cape. auty and unspoiled lands into this area of natural be in the int Trundle the highest po Take your Team up to the Chichester ws across the Downs to area for uplifting with vie of Wight beyond. its Cathedral and the Isle The Race Course: -

rand the South Downs, this “G With stunning views over for any on ati loc perfect inspiring Stand” position makes the Build Workshop. Vision, Strategy or Team


How will the overall programme work? Programmes will be based on research proven and highly acclaimed team development and learning methods, used extensively in Executive, Team and Leadership development programmes throughout the world.

Kolb’s Learning Cycle Programmes enable participants, regardless of season, weather, or experience to participate safely and engage in the real-time challenges, tensions, frustrations, exhilaration and sheer joys! Of undertaking team based action learning; be it, preparing for and taking part in a high performance motor race, or buzzing Goodwood House in a light aircraft, or feeling that satisfaction as you achieve your Team goals or that lasting feeling the awe and respect of climbing a mighty Oak Tree. We have created a powerful range of team development activities which brings participants “up- close and personal” with a range of unforgettable learning experiences which are all authentic Goodwood. Our people will help you achieve your Business Objectives; be it running a memorable event which is fun and energising to working more closely with Teams to reflect, synthesise and evaluate the key learning points and to relate those experiences back into the reality of the workplace, ensuring an excellent business return from the investment.


Goodwood Hotel Goodwood Chichester West Sussex PO18 0QB

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Active Learning Goodwood

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