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Say ‘No’ to the top 5 CommoN IIt Jee preparatIoN mIStakeS.

Top 5 Mistakes You Should Avoid! 1.

Lack of interest during school lectures.


Delay, Delay and Delay.


Don’t believe in regular studies


Take JEE for granted


Never take mistakes seriously

Mistake # 1 – Lack of interest during school lectures. What should you do? 

Attend regular lectures (both 11th and 12th class lectures regularly)

Pay attention to what is taught in the school for best IIT JEE Preparation.

Give first priority to your personal mentor (school teachers) than offline coaching. Take your IIT JEE Preparation seriously.

Mistake # 2 – Delay, Delay and Delay What should you do? 

Think practically and study smart.

If you feel bored, you can switch to IIT JEE Video Lectures.

IIT JEE Online Coaching provides several interesting options to gear up your preparation for the exam. Instead of building extra pressure tomorrow, study today and finish.

Mistake # 3 – Don’t believe in regular studies. 

Study 7 days a week. Don’t skip even a single day.

Don’t rely on last minute tips, if you haven’t studied a single word till date.

Prepare a study plan for the exam and follow the same regularly.

Mistake # 4 – Take JEE for granted People think JEE is just another exam and can be cracked easily. This is wrong! JEE is difficult to crack, and don’t take it too lightly. 

Never take JEE for granted.

Work smart rather than hard.

Revise as much as you can. You can take help of IIT JEE Online Mock Test to revise.

Mistake # 5 – Never take mistakes seriously You should take lessons from the errors you committed. What should you do? 

Learn from your mistakes.

Research and find out the cause of your mistake.

Do not repeat the same again.

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