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animation portfolio

g in w a r D e r u t s Ge

Gesture drawings capture the essence of an action or a pose in the shortest time.These are some 10-15 sec gestures I did using mediums like pen , pencil and charcoal.

s e h c t e k S r o o d Out

I love to sketch out doors.I make quick thumbnail sketches of people, buildings, landscapes, parked vehicles and anything that interests me. The outdoors provide a myriad of subjects and is a constant source of inspiration for me.

Figure Drawing

Life drawings done on tinted sheets with coloured pastels and pencils.The priority in these drawings was to capture as much detail as possible in 15 - 20 minutes with special emphasis on light and shadows.


These are some of the story board panels I did for my story ‘The Blue Apple’, a classroom assignment where we were given a concept and developed it through all the various stages of a pre-production pipeline (namely Storyboarding, Character Design and Backgrounds).


A scene from the initial storyboard done for the movie ‘Ud Jayega Hans Akela’, a 2D animation short film based on the poem of the same name by Kabir. The film was a group project done under the guidance of Mr.E.Suresh (Studio Eeksaurus).

n ig s e D r e t c a Char

Character turn around for the character of the boy Kwami from “The Blue Apple�. Kwami is a naive fourteen year old teenager who loves adventure .

n ig s e D r e t c a r a Ch Some of the expressions and poses explored of the same character.

n ig s e D r e t c a r a Ch

Character Turn around for the character of the monster from “The Blue Apple�.The monster is a sly and deceptive creature who lures people with his blue apples. He was once a human being.

t u o y a L d n a s Background story board

Here is a two field vertical pan background in 12”x9” field area done for my story ‘The Blue Apple’.

Above : How the background evolved from a zoom out panel in the initial storyboard to a vertical pan is shown here. Left : The final Background rendered using a graphic tablet showing the tonal values.

t u o y a L d n a s Background

A background done for the group project ‘Ud Jayega Hans Akela’ with Nikhita Prabhudesai. The shot starts at 3 fields and zooms out to 15 fields before having a slightly arced diagonal pan, where the character travels over the river. Work on the pans are still in progress as they have to rendered in charcoal for the final film. The references for the pan were taken from Haridwar.

t u o y a L d n a s d Backgroun

Two other pan shots that were done for the group project ‘Ud Jayega Hans Akela’ done on 9” x 6.5” field area. Work on the pans are still in progress as they have to be rendered in charcoal for the final film. Above : A scene showing a forest in autumn. 3 fields wide and 2 1/3 fields tall. Left : A carnival scene. 4 fields wide and 4 fields tall.

I llustrations

Illustrations instigate a thought, evoke a mood or tell a story to the viewer through imagery. I like to work with different mediums and I use them to convey unique themes in my illustrations. From left to right : ‘Warmth’ (dry pastel), ‘Prisoner’ (done in pencil and charcoal), an illustration for a friend who loves dogs, basketball and music (water colour), ‘Charred’ (pencil).

I llustrations Posters in clockwise order: The Dark Knight (with Arvind Jeena and Ravi Popat), Following, Parallel Universes, Wholly Twisted Films Fest, Quentin Tarantino Mega Film Fest (with Nikhita Prabhudesai).

BBC Horizon



Film posters made for the college Film Club ‘24 Fps’.

24 fps

6:15 pm 17.09.10

s m il F d n a n io Animat The Other Face A live action film made by myself, Saurabh Garge and Nilay Bhandari. The film is about a man and his obsession for a rubik’s cube. The film won the first prize and audience choice award at ‘Still in Motion’, a short film competition held at MIT Institute of Design in Feb’, 2011. Duration : 04:34 min link :

A Pig Story

Save Paper Save Trees

A claymation film made by myself, Nikhita Prabhudesai and Vicky Punjabi. It is a story about a girl who is day dreaming during her study-time about flying. The story starts for real when a pig (a sort of apparition), shows up and confuses and distracts her from her activity. This film was made during the experimental animation course conducted and guided by Mr.Vaibhav Kumaresh (Vaibhav Studios).

This is a short Flash animation I made as part of my 3rd sem Design Process addressing the issue of necessity for efficient usage of paper. It was completed over a period of 10 days and was my first such attempt on Flash.

Duration : 02:57 min

Duration : 03:08 min

link :

link :

s m il F d n a n io Animat wwv



A Bouncy Affair 2D short film

The Boat and Sack

Lip Sync

link : http://vimeo. com/22291093

link : http://vimeo. com/22323472

link : http://vimeo. com/22482624

Pink Panther Walk Cycle

The Frog Jump

link : http://vimeo. com/22157442

link : http://vimeo. com/22323575

Movement of a Bouncing Ball

Box Fold

Movement of a Balloon

link : http://vimeo. com/22156595

link : http://vimeo. com/22156737

link : http://www.vimeo. com/22503371

Movement of a Bowling Ball

link : http://vimeo. com/22156500

e iv H s k r o W r e Oth HiVE is MIT’s student newsletter which was founded by me and my friends - Bharat, Nikhita and Prajakta. It is published monthly and is a fully student run newsletter. Left : This is a working prototype for an interactive website I made for HiVE using the Adobe Flash software. Below : The cover pages of the last few issues of HiVE. 1.0

Inter-view Dean: ummm…I don’t understand… Our correspondent: Sir, the 1st years’ UG? Dean: Ha, I have seen the change in quality. It’s becoming harder to shortlist. Our correspondent: And Sir, first years’ compared to the 5th years? Dean: Discipline-wise they are improving. Computer lab assistant(ground floor.):Unse to abhi nahi jamti. Aate hai ID card deke baith jate hai. D.P: (scratches his head) they think width-wise and not depth-wise. (Adds in his peculiar way) “Dimag se socho to seekhte hai, dil se socho to samjhte hai” Manoj Bhaiyya(canteen): Bahot busy ho gaye hai. Time hi nai milta hai. (While buttering a sandwich) Bahot sandwich khate hai. Bees bread rakhne padte hai.

by Shantanu Verma

Email id:

Along with the Film Club, a group of dedicated students initiated the Documentary club this month; starting off with one of the most eye-opening and mind-boggling documentaries-- Zeitgest Addendum. A long and fruitful discussion followed that involved ample exchange of thought.


The Joy of Giving week (Joyfest) is also being observed at MITID. It is a National event wherein an individual or an institute ties up with an NGO and helps it either by providing service, money/ other resources, or knowledge. Anyone interested can contact: Poulami Mehta (Product Design Sem 5) Gaurav Ogale (CD Sem 3) Nikhita Prabhudesai (Animation UG Sem 5)

MIT ID, the logo by Sarang Sheth

After taking into account all of the aforementioned criteria, the concepts were generated from the keywords and the core concept of Sadhan and Sadhana, resulting into the boundless Sadhya. The form detailing, refinement and adaptations into various collaterals would be taken up once 1 a direction of flow was selected.(..contd.... On pg.. no.4)



Quasar is finally ready with its identity-- a combination of two designs by Farid Bawa and Kishore Kumar. Anyone who wants to contribute or help in any way is free to contact them.


Ganesh Chaturthi was celebrated in college with Aartis and the Visarjan done in full swing. Controversies followed ;)


Btw, a non-violent monkey roams around the classrooms attending Mahendra Patel sir’s classes, fishing through bags of students, and eats from boxes of brownies (as reported by an eye-witnesses). Some peace-loving monkey!!

Illustrate the quote “Coffee is not a drink, it’s a universe.” Stimulate your grey cells and email us your illustration.

The logo would obviously have it’s own features/objectives. For starters, it would have to be adaptable. As an identity for an institute with a massive number of people (varying mind sets), and different departments it would have to adapt itself, manifesting itself comfortably everywhere. The logo would require to retain it’s essence and aesthetics, whether in 2-D or 3-D, thus becoming an integral part of trophies, installations, signage, etc.... Another criterion was it’s limitation to just one colour (For people not knowing the actual colour of our logo, it’s Cadmium Yellow, not faded orange, or orangish yellow…!). Last, but not the least, the logo should be simple, yet the association of the logo with the institute should come instantaneously to the viewer…

Editors behind the mess:



Philosophically, it’s our identity. Our mark… Not-so-philosophically, t’s the huge thingy you see when you enter the Institute building, primarily fulfilling its apparent aspect of coming in everyone’s way, or as an efficient lumbar support device. Not many people know much about our Institute’s logo. It’s just there. Everywhere. It seemed to me, the basic form of a television, or radio, representing the design link between communication (the purpose of the radio/tv), and the industry (the radio/tv, itself). Later, after a lot of explaining, and me craning my head in every possible angle to look for sense in the logo, was I informed that it was an abstract combination of the letters ‘I’ and ‘d’, merged to give us our graphical identity. The design of this logo was the work of a Pune based design firm, namely Lokus Design (also the firm behind the original architectural plan of this institute). It was the result of an extensive research revolving around different words the institute would stand for; some being : •Grand •Dignity •Simple and Pure •Design as human face of Technology •Honest •Integrated •Boundless •Change •Innovation •Indian •Experience •Respect •Modern & hi-tech


Alok NR (who is a bit sick right now) Bharat Singhal (found anywhere and everywhere ) Jitendra Arora (super active faculty) Nikhita Prabhudesai (makes ‘annoying-orange’ faces) Prajakta Kulkarni (well..ummm)

In the news


A common question was asked to a few staff members of the institute. ‘So what is your opinion about the freshers?’ We messed it up again!! Alok NR, Bharat Singhal, Jitendra Arora, Nikhita Prabhudesai, Prajakta Kulkarni



What’s all the buzz about?





Vacation Edition

Another one Manga

by Jahnvi Shah

Happy Holidays!!

If you are a scary-movie buff then I bet you’ve seen The Grudge and The Ring. Leaving scary movies aside, ever watched Dragon Ball Z as a kid? Nowadays, the anime Shin-Chan has quite a following amongst children and adults alike. How many of you’ll know that all the names above were actually manga to begin with? How many of you’ll even know what is manga??

With the festive season having started, all the retailers in the country are aiming for maximum sales! You see brands offering to bring in the festive season home with gold, silver etc. And btw, there are some that offer good health, particularly for this season, with pure drinking water, hottest fashion, more TV channels and so on. They are ready with the red carpets laid down to give you the best possible shopping ‘experience’.

There was a Quentin Tarantino Megafest held by the film club. The best movies directed by Tarantino were screened with more than a 1000 people turning up in the projector room, making it hard for the audience to breath in all that heat and sweat. We see the groundfloors flooded with students. Hammers and hack saws float around. The workshop courses are clashing among 3 batches, and the corridor is lined with students on the floors in the early hours of the morning.

o_O? WHAT experience!? Buying an object which you’ve been waiting to be on sale? How is that experience? Interestingly enough, the strategy is to sell the same item throughout the year with different reasons to purchase it. So that you feel happy, proud, smart – whatever; basically satisfied with your purchase as you directly relate the purchase to the occasion. No matter if you’re buying the same damn thing in February for your loved one or in May-June for someone’s wedding, in august for your sister, in October for Navrati and Durga Puja or in November for diwali! What matters is the satisfaction that comes out of the shopping experience you’ve had while you purchased the object.

Manga basically means “whimsical pictures” and is the term commonly used for all Japanese graphic novels. Manga is not to be mistaken with “anime” which is the Japanese term for “animated pictures”. The Japanese animated TV shows are called “anime”. Most anime are based on manga which have gained a lot of popularity. Although, the modern form of manga was created in the post-World War II period, manga has a long history dating back to the early 12th century. In Japan, it is read by all age groups, having separate titles for young girls, boys, teenagers, adults and so on.

Saurabh Garge

Illustrate the Quote:

Unlike the American DC or Marvel comics that are published as thin issues of 50 to 70 pages, manga are usually available in thick volumes of 150-300 pages. Also, the size of these volumes is smaller than the standard American comic issue. Another major difference is that manga are completely black and white and usually the product of a single artist or a small group of 3-4 artists, the mangaka, unlike American comics which go through a series of artists like the penciller, inker, colorist, letterer and so on. In American comics, the panels have a constant stream of text running through, other than the conversations and thoughts, connecting the story in the panels. However, this is not the case in manga. The only text in the panels are the characters’ dialogues and thought processes. Instead a common method used in manga to connect the panels is bleeding of one frame into another. Authentic manga is read right to left. Also, manga is easily recognizable by its stylized, exaggerated human forms. This is an art style worth exploring guys.

ICC World Cup was screened in the black box of M.I.T! The entire college celebrated India’s victory with dhols, whistles and cheer! Infact on the day of the finals, even the Admin declared a half day.

“I’m not normally a praying man, but if you’re up there, please save me, Superman!” Homer Simpson

Convocation took place on the 24th March, and our first UG batch finally graduated with smiles on their faces. RGB stoles hanging over their necks, they proudly accepted their diplomas. A promotional video is being shot by the Film and Video UG and PG batches for M.I.T - I.D. Film Club posters vandalized, and recently even flicked!! As this horrible mentality still exists within some of our students, may the makers of these posters let them know that the makers of the posters take this incident as a compliment! :) Juries approaching 2 months away. Happy panicking everybody. :(

Here at hive, we too wish to offer an experience in every monthly issue! And hence, we have the dynamic identity which might change the reading ‘experience’. We wish to offer you the best with each issue coming out of the bee archive. We look forward to maximum participation from your side in each aspect of HIVE, be it graphics, typo, literature, or just anything. We respect the feedback we have been receiving and it’s that which gives us the confidence and keeps our spirits high to reach a level where readers demand the hive internationally. (students in exchange programmes abroad) ;)

Summer heat gets to everyone with non-ac classrooms. The 3rd floor lab continues to melt students without an AC, and students are being observed chilling in the other labs for a few minutes of their day. Speed bumps continue to come in our way. (pun intended) Rats.

So guys, wish you all have a joyous vacation and celebrate the festivities to your maximum energies! Cheers! Editors

Alok NR, Bharat Singhal, Jitendra Arora, Nikhita Prabhudesai, Prajakta Kulkarni




email us:

April 2011

Other Works



A logo I designed for the 58th National Conference of Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists which was to be held at Thrissur in 2010. The logo had to have the flavour of Thrissur town, Kerala’s cultural capital and yet had to symbolise the conference. I’ve used ISACON written typopgraphically to depict two elephants at the ‘Thrissur Pooram’ (a world reknown annual festival held there).

iDid is the MIT ID Design Store. I helped design the brand identity for the store. Right : The main Logo with the Typeface. Above : The dynamic logo as adopted on the interactive visiting card.


Curriculum Vitae

Educational qualification

Currently student of Animation Film Design (3rd Year) at MIT Institute of Design, Pune. 10th ICSE and 12th ISC completed at Hari Sri Vidya Nidhi, Kerala. Recent Achievements Won first place at the short film-making competition 'Still in Motion' at Quasar 2011 (MIT Institute of Design, Pune). Won second prize for Cartoon Design Competition at Waves '09 (BITS Pilani, Goa). Participated and qualified in NEF Enduro K2S ‘09 - an adventure race of 27 kms. Won third place in Caricature Design Competition (Charitrarization) at Quasar ‘09. Involvement One of the founders and editors of HiVE - MIT ID's newsletter. One of the chief organizers of ‘24Fps’ - the MIT ID Film Club. Event organizer (Pictionary) for Quasar ‘10 (MIT Institute of Design, Pune). Active member of the ‘iDid’ team- The College Design Store. Was an active member of the school Quiz Club. Software and Technical Skills Adobe Photoshop, Flash, Premier, After Effects, InDesign,Toon Boom and Maya . Comfortable working on Wacom Intuos graphic tablet. Interests/Strengths Storyboarding, Character Animation, Writing,Conceptualizing and Story development Passions Films, Books,Creative Writing, Painting, Music, Sports.

Alok N.R 7th Aug 1990 phone: +91 9623666498 email:

My Portfolio.April 2011  

My Animation Design portfolio.Predominantly stressing areas like gesture drawing,illustrations,storyboarding,background design, character an...

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