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Cheap Flight Tickets from Kolkata to Chennai

Discovering the city of Chennai with flights from Kolkata to Chennai Chennai wakes up much early than any other Indian cities ; if you want the evidence of this then head towards Saravana Bhavan which lies in close proximity to Marina Beach and default hangout for walkers and runners on this beach. Where else you can get breakfast and terrific cup of coffee at 5:30 am in the morning when you travel with lowest airfare from Kolkata to Chennai. Even as the kitchen of Saravana Bhavan starts to prepare for dinners, another kitchen at one of the city’s oldest nightspots winds down. For six decades, Buhari on mount road was the first choice of the late night travellers. Not many people know that famous chicken 65 was invented here by its founder AM Buhari in 1965. The dish along with its boneless counterpart, chicken 90 and buhari’s legendary biryani continue to be the best sellers. There are more than 200 recipes of biryani that are worth tasting in Chennai.

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