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The Coc nut Express Fall 1 2013


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this issue of The Coconut Express, the students of 341W(3): Writing Expansion 1 take center stage with a collection of their favorite essays for the Fall 1 Term. They have written about a variety of topics, ranging from good places to eat in Honolulu, practical advice about choosing the best language school, to history about the Hawaiian kingdom. In this issue: p.2 - Factors in Choosing the Best Language School p.3 - Friday Activity at HELP - Osaka p.4 - Joyful Life in Hawaii - Teaching Styles: US & Japan p.5 - Marine Sports p.6 - First Step to My Dream p.7 - The Hawaiian Kingdom - Good Places in Lost Angeles p.8 - Family in Hawaii Features - Hawaiian Foods p.9 - Thai Food in Hawaii - Cafテゥ Kaila p.10 - Honolulu Coffee Company

HELP is an intensive academic English language program run by the Department of Second Language Studies at the University of Hawai'i at Mト]oa. The Coconut Express was created for HELP students to learn the basics of newspaper writing and publishing. It also serves as a way for all HELP students to present the best of their written classwork.

Level 300 HELP students at the 300 level review paragraph writing and then quickly move on to writing different styles of academic essays. These styles include narrative, process, cause and effect, persuasive, comparison/contrast, opinion, and argument. They also learn about summarizing, paraphrasing, quoting sources, and creating a list of works citied.

The Significant Factors to Choose the Best Language School

join hands with HELP come every fall. Then, one distributes classes into 4 levels: 100, 200, 300, and 400. The 100 level students, beginners, often might find it difficult to communicate with native speakers. Intermediate students are in 200 level classes that they can do easily when going to hotels and shopping. 300 level students can watch various movies and TV and understand them easily. Were they 400 level classes, it is easy to understand and communicate with them or they can attend university of Hawaii after having studied at HELP for two terms (about 4 months). If those students would forget purpose coming to Hawaii or do not have it, regardless of levels, they might tend to speak their native languages during their free time. In short, whether it has a lot of Asians or not, they can progress with English because of relying upon their effort. To conclusion, those information were useful to me because I want to obtain a master degree at the University of Hawaii. I would face the fact that language schools in Hawaii have a lot of Asians no matter where I might go, but the problem can be settled for my will that I want to achieve seriously. In short, they should have a clear purpose before choosing the best language school because the focus differs from school to one. Whatever they choose for their language school, make sure it is the right one for them.

by Yuka Sato Had international students already visited HELP or compared it to the other schools in Hawaii before they came? Had they known its purpose? What kind of students are there? I had same questions before coming to Hawaii. Based on my experience, it is critical for making the best judgment to know the school’s purpose and the environment surrounding them, such as classmates and classes’ level. First, HELP’s purpose is to attend universities, community colleges, or technical schools. It focuses on TOEFL ITP, how to write various essays to submit to professors, and academic reading skills. It is not easy to acquire those skills, but if they would work hard and make a habit of thinking English anytime, they would be able to improve dramatically. After graduating, most students have attended community colleges and universities in Hawaii or on mainland. Other students went back to their country to return to own universities or to get a job in which they use English. Some students decided to transfer to other language school which focuses on English conversation’s skill. Secondly, In HELP 97 percent of the students are Asian: Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Thailand, and Mongolian. Among them, more than half usually have been Japanese, and then Korean have occupied there. 3 percent of them are Swiss, Brazilian, Saudi Arabian, and Cambodian. However, those rates depend upon time of the year. For instance, undergraduate Japanese students whose universities

Let us help you reach your academic dreams. 2

Friday Activity at HELP

hula lessons are very fun and exciting. If you come to HELP, it is highly recommend to be in the activities with friends. It is the best way to get to know each other, meeting new people and having experiences with friends.

by Ayumi Kamo At the HELP, we have lots of fun activities on Fridays. Teachers at HELP organise those activities for us. If we want to go to the activities, we can sign up for the activities and people sign up at the activities go to those with teachers. There are three activities we’ve already had. Those are “First All School Activity”, Hula Lesson and hiking to Koko Head. First, it is “First All School Activity”. It was the first activity on this term. We separated into the groups and did a campus tour in each group. The group which did the campus tour and came back first could get the prize. The prize was a T-shirt designed by HELP. After we finished the activity, we had watermelon and a bottle of water. It was a good activity to get each other and get to know each other and the campus. Second, it is Hula lesson. All students who are at HELP can take Hula lesson for free. There is one teacher who comes to HELP every week to teach us hula. She is very kind. In the first lesson, she also taught us Hawaiian words and we learned one new song. If people continue to take hula lessons, they can perform in front of the HELP students at the end of semester. Third, it is hiking to Koko Head. Hiking Koko Head is very fun, but also very tiring. I wouldn’t hike Koko Head if I don’t go to there with my friends. It is very hard to get to the top, but the view from the top was amazing. My friends and I encouraged each other. In short, the first activity, hiking to Koko Head and taking

OSAKA by Chikage Ota Have you been to Osaka? Osaka is located in the middle part of Japan. Osaka is the second biggest city in Japan, and it is the second busiest city in Japan. Many people live there. I was born and grew up there. Osaka has a lot of nice food, nice sightseeing places, and there are a lot of friendly people. First, Osaka has a lot of delicious food such as Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki. I think Takoyaki is the best food in Osaka. Takoyaki is round shaped, and a piece of octopus is inside. It tastes very good taste. If you are little bit hungry, you can eat it instead of snacks. Also Okonomiyaki is good. Okonomiyaki is similar to a pancake, but cabbage and meat are mixed inside. It does not taste sweet. When you come to Osaka, you should try them. Second, there are a lot of nice sightseeing places in Osaka such as Tsutenkaku, Dotonbori and Shinsaibashi. Tsutenkaku is a tower, but it is smaller than Tokyo tower. It lights up every night, and it is beautiful. Shinsaibashi is frequented by many young people. Shinsaibashi is shopping mall. It is very big and we can buy clothes, shoes and everything else for a cheap price. In addition, many buildings light up at night in Shinsaibashi. It is very beautiful. In Dotonbori we can eat Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki. There are many restaurants there. Third, the people who live in Osaka are very kind, funny and powerful. Especially, old women are friendly and powerful. They like cheap things. They are always bargaining prices in stores. They are talkative, and their stories are very funny. Also many comedians are from Osaka in Japan. We can


watch comedy show in theater which is very funny. I really like it. Finally, Osaka is the second biggest city, so there is much traffic every day. It is always busy. But there are a lot of food that we can eat such as Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki. In addition, there are many places where we can enjoy such as Tsutenkaku, Shinsaibashi and Dotonbori. Also people are so funny. Osaka is the best place in Japan.

fashion brands in reduced price, but the place is too far from Waikiki or Ala Moana. People may use taxi, bus, shuttle bus, or rental car. Second, transportation is as important as shopping. No transportation might cause the life in limited placed. In Hawaii, they have really good bus transportation system. The Bus goes almost everywhere in Oahu, but the schedules of bus are not stable. They usually miss their scheduled time. Taxi is the next option for the transportation. Sometimes, the bus will not be able to reach other places. Also if the people are busy, they can use a taxi as their great transportation. However, the taxi fee is expensive. Finally, sports are really important factor for joyful life. Water Jet Pack, snorkeling, surfing, skinscuba diving, swimming, jet skiing, and parasailing are the lists of aquatic sports that people can enjoy in Hawaii. These sports could make life joyful, but they have many dangerous facts too. For example, people could get injured or died by doing the aquatic sports. Therefore, people should make sure to understand the safety rules for each sport. In conclusion, living in Hawaii might be blessing. Knowing the knowledge of basic living in Hawaii really helps to enjoy and be safe in Hawai

Joyful Life in Hawaii by Dong Ok Park Hawaii is known as a paradise in the world. Many students or people like to start learning English in Hawaii. The local people are nice compared to other places, and Hawaii is an actual state in United States. However, that does not make studying or living in Hawaii joyful. Knowing about shopping, transportation, and sports in Hawaii could make a more joyful life to live in Hawaii, and they are important to know to be safe. If people know more about living in Hawaii in advance, their living is more enjoyable. First, Shopping in Hawaii could be the best in United States, because their taxes are lower compared to other states. The three best-shopping places in Hawaii could be Waikiki, Ala Moana, and Waikele. In Waikiki, there are a lot of stores. The most popular shopping plaza is DFS Galleria. Shopping in DFS Galleria is good for the people who want to buy high-end brands with no taxes. Everything in DFS Galleria does not have taxes. Also, they are a lot of interpreter clerks. They can speak Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and other languages. In Ala-Moana, they have a lot of stores too. Almost all the brands are in Ala Moana Center. Also, shopping in Ala Moana Center is good, because they have a dining area, like restaurants, cafĂŠs, and food courts. Waikele is a famous premium outlet. Customers can buy high-end or



Different Teaching Style in the US and in Japan

merely listened to their lectures silently. I had never experienced group activities or discussions with my classmates in Japan. As a result, it was difficult to ask questions or express my own opinion clearly towards them. On the other hand, classes in the US has group activities, discussions, and interactions with peers as well as teachers. For instance, in my reading class, I always have to discuss many stories about the readings from the textbook with classmates, and I have to share my own opinion. I realized that expressing my own opinion is more essential for improving my speaking skill. Consequently, comparing the US and the Japanese classrooms, group activities make US classes more meaningful for developing speaking skills. To summarize, teaching style in the US is more valuable for students who want to speak English fluently for the assignment and group activity. In my opinion, if students are thinking about improving their self motivation to learn English and their speaking skill, it is a great opportunity to study abroad in the US.

by Eri Tanaka Even though Japanese students study English for more than ten years in school, and have a large amount of knowledge of English grammar, they still cannot speak English perfectly. One reason is that they do not have many opportunities to speak English in their lives. I believe that the teaching of English in Japan is totally different from the US. From my experience, the overall education in the US is better than education in Japan in this two aspects - assignments and classroom activities. I realized that expressing my own opinion is more essential for improving my speaking skill. First of all, the number of assignments and the selfmotivation to study are very different. Teachers in Japan were not very strict about checking my work, and I did not have a lot of assignments when I was a student. Therefore, when I wanted to study by myself at home, it was harder to push myself to study. On the other hand, teaching style in the US is very strict, and many teachers give me a large quantity of assignments to study on my own. For example, I have to read books over 500 pages I realized that within two months in my reading class, and I expressing my have to write one own opinion is paragraph (about 250 words) of one topic and more essential for two academic essays improving my (about 700 words) for speaking skill. the final exam in my writing class. At first, it really discouraged me, as I felt really stressed that I absolutely would not be able to finish all of my homework on time. However, teachers always welcomes students who need help and support for their homework. As a result, I was able to get back my motivation and study harder, even if I have less time to spend with my friends for my social life. Second, classroom activities are different. Teachers in Japan were always talking and students

Marine Sports by Hayami Noda When you came to Hawaii and saw the beach for the first time, you would think how beautiful the beach is. Have you done any marine sports? Hawaii is one of the greatest marine sports spots in the world and there are various kinds of marine sports, such as surfing, snorkeling and parasailing. First, surfing is one of the most famous and popular marine sports. You can enjoy it if you have just one surfboard. In Hawaii, there are rental surfboard shops and lessons for beginners, so people who have never done surfing can try it with a sense of security. For beginners, Waikiki is suitable because this beach is the calmest in Hawaii. The intermediate should go to Ala Moana or Diamond Head. You can enjoy moderate waves, which are two to four feet (ďź‘feet = 30.48 centimeters). North Shore has big waves over ten feet except for 5

summer, so advanced surfers can enjoy surfboarding to their full satisfaction. Snorkeling is also popular. This is the sports or activity of swimming underwater with a snorkel. You can see beautiful coral reefs or vivid tropical fish. In summer, North Shore is the best spot for snorkeling since this beach is calm during this season. If you try it in spring, fall or winter, I recommend Hanauma Bay, the southeast tip of the island. I went there the other day and this beach is very beautiful and clear. You can enjoy wonderful sight that looks like an aquarium.

program at HELP. I learned three things through volunteering there. I learned my weaknesses, the power of children, and about Hawaiian education. First of all, I realized that I have to study more. My English is still not good and my listening skills aren’t good. When the children wanted to play games with me, they tried to tell me the rules. However, I couldn’t understand what they wanted to say. Then, I asked them if I could just watch the games first. After watching, I could understand the rules, and I enjoyed the games with them. It was difficult for me to communicate with them. I felt sorry and I regretted that. This experience motivated me to study English more. Next, I was surprised by the power of children. They are very active and powerful. They always prefer playing outside and running, even though I would feel a little tired. They are so energetic. Moreover, I felt the power of their smiles. Their smiles were shiny like the sun. At first when I met them, I was a little nervous. I worried if I could be good friends with them and understand each other. Their smiles erased my worries. Thanks to their smiles, I could talk very easily with them. I was really encouraged by their vitality and smiles. In addition to my weaknesses and the power of children, I learned about Hawaiian education. I’m interested in the differences of education styles between Japan and foreign countries. Therefore, I tried to observe education in Hawaii at this school. The teachers let the children play or talk freely. That is the most different point compared to schools in Japan. Teachers in Hawaii rarely say the answers. They just give children some hints to guide their thinking. This helps the children to be creative and independent. On the other hand, in Japan, teachers teach everything. Children try to understand and remember what their teachers say. I feel this education creates people who never do anything on their own. I think both sides have their own merits, so we should combine both ways of education. In short, I learned three important things for my dream through this volunteering. Now I’m really motivated to study English, to communicate with foreign people, and to learn about foreign cultures.

Finally, I introduce parasailing. Perhaps, some of you may not know it. Parasailing is to glide through the air wearing an open parachute while being towed by a motor boat. You can look over the horizon and beautiful Hawaiian city walking in the air. Parasail tours are frequently held near Hawaii Kai and there are a lot of packages including parasail and jet skis. So you can try both if you have time. Are you interested in marine sports now? It is regrettable to just swim or soak your feet in the sea. Of course, Hawaii is good state to go swimming, shopping or just walking. However, I would like you to try these sports if you have the opportunity. That experience will make your stay more wonderful and you will have unforgettable memories.

First Step to My Dream by Hiroka Ueda Volunteering at Noelani Elementary School was a first step to making my dream come true. My dream is to become an English teacher in Japan. I signed up to volunteer through the service learning 6

Putting this precious experience to use, I want to be a great teacher with a broad outlook in the future.

with the US government to improve finances, but local residents opposed to this stubbornly. Lunalilo gave up to trade. He had the shortest-reigning monarch. Then, after Lunalilo, was king “Kalakaua”. Kalakaua was the last reigning king of the Kingdom of Hawaii. He reigned from 1874 until 1891. Kalakaua compromised with United States to sign a treaty with United States’ president. It was about allowing certain Hawaiian goods, mainly sugar and rice, to be admitted into the United States tax-free. One some days, he had a long trip for 8 months. During the trip, he visited the UK where he saw the coronation. He was moved from it because it was so elegant and beautiful. He wanted to perform that ceremony, so then he constructed the “Iolani Palace”, and he celebrated the coronation. Finally, the last throne was “Liliuokalani”. Liliuokalani, who was Kalakaua’s sister, was the last monarch and the only queen regnant of the Kingdom of Hawaii. She reigned from 1891 until 1893 She was also sing-a-song-writer who composed “Alohaoe”. Although she tried to revise the constitution with the US army, American, European businessmen and Hawaiian residents refused completely, so they organized to depose Liliokalani. In other words, the queen had been virtually fired by refusing to support the constitution. After she was abdicated, Iolani Palace was blocked by the U.S. government. As this result, the Hawaiian Kingdom had come to an end.

The Hawaiian Kingdom by DonJin Justin Kim Hawaii had a short kingdom history of 100 years. If you see the map of Hawaii, you can realize that some of the avenue names are special. Those names are from the Hawaiian Kingdom. As you read the history, you can find some names of the streets which was before Hawaii was unified into the US, Hawaii was a small county with throne. According to the Hawaiian Kingdom, there were 8 kings for 100 years from King Kamehameha to Queen Liliuokalani. The first king was “Kamehameha”. Kamehameha was the first great king who established the Hawaiian Kingdom government as an absolute monarchy in 1810. His significant role was to unify the Hawaiian Islands. The Kamehameha dynasty continued for five generations. The dynasty reigned from 1795 until 1872. During the dynasty, Hawaiian customs were started as they governed the kingdom. Hawaiian residents start to learn English. The capital was moved from Lahaina, Maui, to Honolulu, Oahu. Residents started cultivating the sugar cane for finances. Actually, Kamehameha Dynasty must have made the existing Hawaii. Next, after Kamehameha dynasty, was king “Lunalilo”. Lunalilo was the king from 1873 until 1874. He was elected by the dynasty and was the most liberal king in Hawaiian history. The Kamehameha Dynasty was disbanded under Lunalilo’s royal guards. He tried to make a contract

In conclusion, even though Hawaiian Kingdom had a short, it made the present Hawaii. If you should be curious about the Hawaiian Kingdom, read the history.


Family in Hawaii Features

Good Places in Los Angeles

by Kazuhiro Nishijima

by Kasumi Sekiguchi

When you study abroad, it is not only learning that is important, but where you stay. “Home” is an important part of the life, and it is the same in studying abroad. Also, some of you choose “homestay” to live in abroad. I chose this way to live in Hawaii and I was able to meet an interesting family and can get a lot of exiting experience both daily life and some special event. Also, I found some differences between family in Hawaii and Japan in daily life, and weekend. First of all, Hawaiian family’s daily life is simple, and they do housework by helping each other. In my family, they wake up at 7 o’clock, go to school or work, children come back at 4 or 5 pm, and they do homework. Then, they have a dinner at 7, and go to bed by 10 pm. It seems to be a very healthy life, and it is different from Japan. Most Japanese students go to private tutoring schools, or have a club activities till late. Moreover, my family’s children do some housework. They make dinner with their mother and wash dishes and clean the kitchen after dinner. In my Japanese family, my mother does everything, so that is difference too. Therefore, Hawaiian family are living healthier life, and they help each other. In addition to daily life, my family treasures and looks forward to weekends. Most people in Hawaii say “Have a nice weekend! “, and my family enjoys every weekend. My family often goes to the beach nearby, and enjoy surfing or being under the sunshine. The beach is so beautiful and comfortable, so I feel happy every time. Furthermore, my family likes parties, so there are many home parties on weekends. They invite their family or friends, and serve alcohol and some food. It is so fun time. Also, I had my host sister’s birthday party, and they rented water slider for this party. I was surprised, and I think activities in Hawaii is spectacular. It is more interesting than Japanese weekends. When I was in Japan, I worked at a part time job, and went club activities. It is a tiring, and boring weekend, so Hawaii’s weekend makes good life.

Have you ever been to Los Angeles in California? Los Angeles is very famous place in United States. Many tourists visit, and have a good time. I have been to Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco. Los Angeles is good place because you will be fun and we can do anything. When you go Los Angeles, you will not boring. If you have never been to Los Angeles, I recommend you going to Los Angeles. First, there are theme parks in LA such as Disneyland and Universal studio. It costs to enter the theme park but we can stay all a day and ride any attractions. There are also fantastic stage shows. There are two different parks at Disneyland which are Disneyland Park and Adventure Park. Both of them have attractions. You can buy cute local souvenir which you cannot get outside. It is going to be fun if you go there. Second, there is Hollywood. It is famous a place where movies and television series are made. On the mountain, there is a sign "Hollywood". There are the stars which written famous actors and actresses’ names on the sidewalk. You should take camera and take photo at there. It will be good memories. Finally, you can shopping and eat delicious food. Hollywood Highland is one of my favorite places in Los Angeles. It is an entertainment center. There are shopping malls, restaurants, nightclubs, and hotels. Hollywood Highland’s interior design is very beautiful. To sum up, you can feel having come to another world because there were drawn the sky and river. You can have good time in Los Angeles. It is expensive to visit and stay in Los Angeles, but it is the place that you should go once in the life. If you have time or chance to visit Los Angeles, you should go there. You will probably become want to visit again.


In short, families in Hawaii have some features in daily life and weekend. I think they enjoy the life more than Japan because they have fun every day. Of course, I enjoy the life in Hawaii too. I will keep on enjoying the life, and I really hope to live in Hawaii in the future.

Poke. They are very unique and good. Poi is the food of ancient Hawaiian people, made of taros. Laulau is beef or chicken, wrapped in the leaf of taros. It does not look good, but it is very good. The most famous Hawaiian traditional food restaurant is “Ono Hawaiian Foods” in Kapahulu. It has a long history, and you can eat real Hawaiian dishes there. In summary, many popular and delicious foods are in Hawaii. They are very popular all over the world. When you come to Hawaii, you should eat pan cake, loco moco, and Hawaiian traditional foods.

Hawaiian Foods by Kiyoka Tatara Oahu is a very beautiful island, so many people visit Oahu. People often say that there are many delicious foods in Hawaii. It is true. In Hawaii there are a lot of attractive foods. Among them, pancake, loco moco, and Hawaiian traditional foods are famous. First of all, pancake is very popular particularly for women. Local people often eat pancake for breakfast, so many pancake shops open at 6 in the morning. Among many pancake shops, “Eggs’n things”, “Café Kaila”, and “Australia” are popular. These shops also have branched in Japan. “Eggs’n things” is famous for the amount of pancakes. Also a lot of cream is on the pancake. It is very sweet and good. “Café Kaila” is near the University of Hawaii. This pancake has so many fruits, and you can choose different kinds of fruits. It is really good. Hawaiian pancake is becoming more and more famous all over the world. Second, loco moco is very delicious and popular. Loco moco is a traditional meal in Hawaii. The basic loco moco has white rice, hamburger patty, fried egg, and brown gravy. However, there are many variations. Some loco mocos include teriyaki beef, shrimp, and kalua pork. Loco moco was created at two restaurants “Lincoln Grill” and “May’s Fountain” in Hilo Island, Hawaii, in the 1940s. It became popular, so now you can eat it in so many restaurants in Hawaii. Third, there are many traditional foods in Hawaii: for example, Poi, Laulau, Kalua pork, and

poke laulau

poi loco moco

Thai Food in Hawaii by Plai Simreewong Being Thai, I am always looking for Thai food that tastes like home. There are many Thai restaurants in Hawaii. Some are good and some are bad. I dined at many Thai restaurants and what I realized was that every Thai restaurant is different. however, I found the one that I like and I want to recommend you to try it. The restaurants name is “Sabai Dee”. It is close by the University of Hawaii. I took my friend to Sabai dee during lunch time. The price is 9

not too expensive. You can get a big take out plate for just $6.95 plus tax and it tastes authentic, like it is from Thailand. My favorite dish is “som tam” or “papaya salad”. It is perhaps Thailand’s most famous salad. Garlic and chilies are first pounded with a mortar and pestle, fish sauce, peanuts, dried shrimp, tomatoes, lime juice, sugar cane paste, and green papaya. It was listed at number 46 on World’s 50 most delicious foods compiled by CNN Go in 2011. However, Thai food has a lot of different taste; sweet, sour, salty, and spicy. Everybody says Thai food is really spicy. That is why when people want to order Thai food, they can choose their “level of spicy” for example mild, medium, or hot. However if they want something that is really spicy they have to say, “I want Thai hot level”. If you want to try something new, I would recommended this restaurant, You can be assured that you will have a hot and spicy dish for your life.

opened from 7am to 3 pm. However, there is enough parking space, so you do not have to worry too much about finding parking. Secondly, Café Kaila is reasonable price. There is a branch in Japan, but the price is more expensive. While a pancake dish is about 7 dollars in Hawaii, it would cost about 20 dollars in Japan. You should go to Café Kaila in Hawaii. Another great point is that Café Kaila provides high quality services. Waiters are friendly and attentive. If there is a long line, they will give you samples of waffles. In addition, they are never angry with tip or force to pay it. I have met waiters who mad with tip and required to pay it in a pancake café at Waikiki. They clucked their tongue irritatedly when I paid a 15% tip because it was too low. Waiters in Café Kaila are always smiling while they are serving. Finally, the menu in Café Kaila is excellent. For instance, there are many choices on the menu that might make you take a long time to choose. You can eat pancakes, waffles, salad, soup, omelet, and French toast. In addition, if you go there on weekends, you can eat a special menu which is an egg benedict. The most recommended menu is the waffles because it is awesome. I was surprised when I ate it first time. The outside of the waffle is crispy, but fluffy inside. It is so delicious, especially the fruits on the waffles are amazing. They are huge, juicy, and tasty. There are four choices for fruits, such as strawberries, blueberries, bananas, and caramelized apples. Although you have to pay extra money, you can choose fruits that you want.

Café Kaila by Rina Kataoka Do you know the best restaurant in Hawaii? Café Kaila is one of the famous pancake cafes in Hawaii, since they have won the Hale Aina awards for the best restaurants in Hawaii in the breakfast category. It is popular not only with tourists, but also well-known by locals. I really recommend you to go there at least once while you are in Hawaii for four great points. First, the location of the café is convenient. Although Café Kaila is not located in a tourist area, it is easy to go there from Waikiki, Ala Moana, and HELP. It takes about 20 minutes to reach the café from Waikiki and Ala Moana by bus. From HELP, you can easily go there by walking for 10 minutes. Even if you do not like to walk, you can catch the bus. Also, you can go there by car. Lunch time might be crowded because Café Kaila is only

You sometimes would have to wait for a while, and pay an additional charge for fruits when you want to eat it. Even so, it is still a place worth going. Please do try and go to Café Kaila, and feel yourself how wonderful a café is. 10

Recommendation of Honolulu Coffee Company

you can also try it at the branches in Japan. If you live in another country, you should come to Hawaii and try it. I'd like to introduce some of the Honolulu Coffee Company’s menu, and also recommend some flavors. “Kona Blend”, a 25% pure estate grown Kona Coffee, is blended with top brands from central and South America. The flavor is rich, medium-bodied, and almost nutty with a fine aroma. Their signature espresso, “Honolulu Blend”, is 10% pure estate grown Kona Coffee blended with premium coffees from Latin America. It is fullbodied, lively, and yet sweet, with a deep nutty richness and well-balanced flavor. “100% Kona Coffee” includes 100% pure estate grown Kona Coffee grown on the Big Island of Hawaii. Pure Kona is one of the top grades of Kona Coffee and has a rich aroma, sweet taste, and medium body. There are many other delicious flavors in their menu, and these are just a few. They are so good and I’d like you to try them. When I went to Honolulu Coffee Company for the first time, the staff was great and I was really impressed by their service. Furthermore, the atmosphere of the store was comfortable. You can try traditional Hawaiian flavors in a convenient place with a good atmosphere. In conclusion, if you have free time, or when you have homework and need some place to study, I recommend that you go to Honolulu Coffee Company and drink some great Kona Coffee.

by Rina Becky Takeshita Have you ever been to Honolulu Coffee Company and tried their Kona coffee? There are stores in Hawaii and even in Japan. It is so popular and provides the best Kona Coffee. Honolulu Coffee Company is loved not only by Hawaiians, but also by Japanese and people who come to Hawaii from other countries. You cannot try such delicious coffee in other coffee shops like Starbucks. Moreover, you can try traditional Hawaiian flavors and enjoy listening to traditional Hawaiian music in the store. I recommend Honolulu Coffee Company, especially to HELP students and people visiting Hawaii. However, for the other readers, such as those who are thinking about coming to Hawaii or joining HELP, and those who live in other countries, I want you to check it out if you plan to come to Hawaii. There are three reasons why I recommend Honolulu Coffee Company: convenient locations, various flavors and a relaxing atmosphere. The Honolulu Coffee Company was founded in 1991 in downtown Honolulu. People around the world come to experience their great Kona coffee and customer service. The store locations are in Ala Moana, Downtown, Waikiki, Westin Moana, Kailuani, Wailea, and Waikoloa. There are even stores in Japan, located in Tokyo, Yokohama and Osaka. The nearest store from the HELP classrooms is the Ala Moana Shopping Center Store. You can go there by catching the No.4 or 6 buses, and it takes about 30 minutes. If you are a HELP student, I recommend you to go there. If you live in Japan,



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