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Andrew Logan 2813403

-[Outline]! My plan for my major project involves creating an educational application for iOS on the iPad. When talking to a teacher who has just started using iPads in the classroom it was suggested that one type of application that they would find useful would be a story-framing one. Further discussion led to the idea of a ‘build a book’ type of application where children would be able to enter a small amount of text to the page of a virtual book and then draw a simple illustration on the opposite page. ! I am therefore proposing that I build a application based on this idea,. The application itself would take the look of a book(but other ‘themes’ could be made available) which would enable the pupil to write their story in using a simple word processor on one side of the page and sketch out illustrations using basic drawing tools on the other. As this application would be aimed at a younger age group (approx.5-8 year olds) the text entry would only need to allow a few lines instead of a number of paragraphs. The drawing tool would be a basic pen tool that allows the user to select a colour and draw in that colour, it would also include a eraser tool. Page turning could either be implemented with arrows or by a page turning gesture by dragging the corner of the book to turn the page. I also feel it would be important to be able to export the book in some way. This could be done in a number of ways, the first would be to be able to export as a PDF via email, or to store the book

A rough layout for the book editing screens.

online using the new iCloud feature. Another possibility would be to integrate it with a website that allows the finished book to be uploaded and accessed through a web browser. On the technical side this project would be created in Objective-C to run natively on the iPad and potentially be distributed via the app store. I feel the most technically demanding part of the project will be involved with saving the books and exporting them. If a linked website was to be created it would be built in HTML5, CSS and probably some PHP with mySQL to create the backend, this would add significantly to the workload! Overall I feel this project would allow me to explore a new field that it would be interesting to learn more about and link well with my focus on storytelling in my research project. It would also allow me to create a project that could be useful to others and could be developed upon after the major project is complete.

A possible idea for the text entry screen.

Major Project Proposal Andrew Logan  

Major Project Proposal for DMA Prototype Project Unit.