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Core Teaching Skills Welcome to Core Teaching Skills! Lesson Planning

Guiding Principles 1. 2. 3. 4.

Plan with students in mind. Instructional planning Teachers enjoy autonomy. Beginning and ending of courses, units, and lessons are crucial. 5. Assemble resources before you attempt to start planning. 6. Remember the big picture/long-range goals. 7. Vary instructional strategies. 8. Tentative planning. 9. Clarity 10. Assessment and Evaluation 11. Simplicity 12. Remain organized

What is Planning? • Instructional planning refers to decisions made about organizing, implementing, and evaluating instruction. • What do I want students to learn? • How will they learn it? • How will assess what they have learned? – Planning occupies a considerable amount of time. – Teachers should plan in a variety of ways.

Planning • Big picture: what knowledge, skills, and dispositions do I want students to leave class with? • Course goals • Major themes and skills • Units of Instruction • Identify lessons • Create individual lesson plans.

Instructional Plans • Teachers plan at various levels of generality/specificity. – – – – –

Course Term Unit Week Daily

Revised Powerpoint #6  

This is a clearer version of Powerpoint #6. I have transformed several jumbled slides to make them easier to follow and understand.

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