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November 2010

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Welcome Welcome to the 3rd edition of Latitude. This edition is packed full of all of the wonderful things our staff and students have been doing both in and out of school. From a trip to Paris to sporting achievements, Latitude celebrates all of our successes and we hope that you enjoy reading about them.


Zoe Sampson Editor

Year 8 students attend the Royal Marines Museum for a Science Museum learning day

Dates for the diary: AUTUMN term Tuesday 2nd November Wednesday 3rd November Championship Thursday 4th November Friday 5th November Monday 8th November Wednesday 10th November Thursday 11th November Wednesday 17th November Friday 19th November Wednesday 24th November

PSSA-6.00pm Hampshire Table Tennis Y7 Assessment/Languages Evening - 7.00pm Non Uniform day for Rowans Hospice Year 11 Exams GCSE English- Paper 1-(am)-Year 11 GCSE English – Paper 2- (am)-Yr11 Year 12 Certificates Evening 7.00pm GCSE Science module exam Years 9, 10 and 11 Full Governing Body Meeting Children in Need – Non- Uniform HPV Inoculations (2)- Yr 7-(am)

Thursday 25th November Year10 Parents Evening Thursday 2nd December Awards Evening Friday 3rd December German Day Monday 6th December INSET Tuesday 7th December PSSA Meeting 6pm Wednesday 8th December Full Governing Body Meeting Friday 10th December PD DAY 4 Yr 7 Human Rights, Yr 8 Performing arts, Yr 9 Aachen Trip/German Day, Yr 10 Sexual Health, Yr 11 Maths/Science. Thursday 16th December Bizarre Bazaar P5 and P6 Performing Arts Evening Friday 17th December Celebration Assemblies


Above: Students enjoy the Year 8 Performing Arts Day 2009

At ALNS we make every effort to provide a safe, secure environment for our students, staff and visitors. However, we would like to remind you that with just a few simple measures, you can help too.






ALNS strives to prepare young people for the outside world and although we will do all we can to recover missing valuables, it is important to clarify that students’ possessions are brought to school at their own risk.

All students are allocated a locker, which they can access throughout the school day. These lockers are the safest place to store valuables during the school day and we encourage all students to make use of them.


Mobile Phones: We appreciate the most of our students will carry a mobile phone which they are able to use during break and lunchtimes. During lessons, the mobile phones should be switched off and stored securely, preferably in a locker.

We ask that students bring minimal amounts of money with them to school. Any monies brought in to pay for trips should be handed to the school bank as soon as possible. School bank opening times are available on reception. As part of the uniform requirements, jewellery should be kept to a minimum. If you have to remove your jewellery for any reason ie PE, please ensure it is securely stored in your locker.

Being a ‘Healthy School’, we encourage and support as many students to cycle to school as possible. The bike sheds will be locked during the school day to ensure the security of your bike, but please remember to bring a sturdy, secure lock with you.

Dates of next PSSA meetings: Tuesday 2nd November 6pm and Tuesday 7th December 6pm in the school meeting room.

PSSA The last PSSA quiz night was held at school on 8th October. Once again, Oliver Stone-Houghton (11E) was the unflappable quiz master and with 128 people making up 20 teams was our biggest yet. It was great to see teams made up of various members of staff and even a group of year 11’s, who despite winning the wooden spoon did well to compete against their teachers. A big thank you to all of the staff who came along and took part and an extra thank you to the PTA from City Girls School who also fielded a team. Congratulations to the winning team ‘Teabags’ who won with a respectable 57 points. We raised just under £600 which will be donated to the Rowans Hospice in memory of Linda Brixey. The next quiz will be held in school on 11th February 2011. Please contact Steve Johnson on 02392 369133 or email if you would like to submit a team.

ALNS Community Fayre 25th June 2011 • We welcome requests from voluntary/charity groups to have a stall free of charge in exchange for publicity within your organisation.

• Do you have any unwanted/unused gifts which you would like to donate as raffle prizes?

Ladies Night

Friday 19th November 2010 7pm – 10pm Partylite, Chocoholics, Body Shop, Phoenix Cards, Forever Living Products, Pampered Chef, Bev’s Bags, Sparkalicious, Avon... and many more!! Price £2.50/ticket includes complimentary drink Contact: Alma 07594169181 (PSSA) Admiral Lord Nelson School, Dundas Lane, Portsmouth PO3 5XT

• Do you work for an organisation who may be able to donate a raffle prize?

• If you are interested in running a stall, making a donation or have

any questions, please contact Steve Johnson on 02392 369133 or email

Throughout the school year, a group of students, supported by Mrs Bartlett and Mrs Pridham grow fruit and vegetables in one of two allotment areas. Once the produce has been grown and picked, the Gardening Club link up with the Cooking Club to cook what has been grown and ensure nothing gets wasted.

The latest successes were our potatoes which we grew, picked, washed, made into chips and ate! Nothing beats home- made chips, especially when you have grown the potatoes yourself!

On 29 September 2010 the Admiral Lord Nelson School hosted a Food for Life Partnership Roast Dinner Day, where visitors from the Portsmouth Day Service were invited to partake in the schools weekly locally sourced roast dinner. The event celebrates all the great work the school has done to improve school dinners as well as its overall food culture. It also celebrates the launch of the Food for Life Partnership Cooks’ Network. All schools throughout England have been invited to take part in the Food for Life Partnership Roast Dinner Day and together we will attempt to achieve a Guinness World Record for most schools serving a roast dinner on the same day.

Is your child eligible for

Free School Meals? If you are in receipt of benefits, you may be able to claim Free School Meals, School Uniform Grant and get assistance with travel to school. Application forms are available to download from the school website or alternatively, contact Julie Sabiston - Entitlement Officer at Portsmouth City Council on 02392 834962. Eligible benefits include; • Income support • Income based job seekers allowance • Income related employment and support allowance • Support under Part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 • Child Tax Credit • State Pension Credit

Rugby: The Boys’ Rugby teams have been busy they have played a number of games in mini tournaments against various schools, achieving the following results; Year 8: Year 8: Year 10: 16th September 23rd September 21st September ALNS 0 Miltoncross 0 ALNS 15 St Edmunds 5 ALNS 5 Mayfield 25 ALNS 25 St Edmunds 0 ALNS 10 City Boys’ 5 ALNS 5 City Boys’ 10 ALNS 0 Mayfield 5 ALNS 10 Priory 30 ALNS 5 City Boys’ 15 ALNS & City Boys 10 Priory 25 Football: Year 7: Year 8: Milton Cross 0 - Alns 11 Alns 6 – City boys 3 Alns 9 - City boys 1 Alns 8 - Mayfield 3 Springfield 1 - Alns 9 Mayfield 0 – Alns 3 LEAGUE WINNERS! NEXT ROUND OF THE CUP!

Year 11: ALNS 2 V’s City Boys 1 ALNS 7 V’s Milton Cross 1

Hockey: Year 9 – 10 Boys: Emerging Hockey Tournament Winners Year 9 – 10 Girls: Emerging Hockey Tournament Winners


Year 10 RE Trip to London Year 10 RE GCSE students recently visited Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara in Hounslow and the Shree Swaminarayan Mandir in Neasden, London as part of their study of multi-faith Britain.

In London, we visited a Sikh temple and a Hindu temple. The Sikh temple was a large brick building, with a big blue symbol on the front. There were balconies and decorative things. To go inside we

had to cover our hair and remove our shoes. Inside there was a canteen, a prayer room, offices and community rooms. Everyone who works in the temple is a volunteer. They recite extracts from the holy book (the Guru Granth Sahib) to music, as a song. A man (the Granthi) was waving a fan in the prayer room to symbolise fanning a king or God. We were offered food in the canteen (the langar) before we left the temple. There were Sikhs socialising with others. Everyone is welcome to visit the Gurdwara.

Shiva). The temple is surrounded by a garden of flowers. The Hindus go far to make the temple nice. We had to take off our shoes. The first

The Hindu temple (the Mandir) was made of marble and was completely hand carved by people in India. On the pillars there were carvings of different Gods (such as Ganesh and

room we went to was the prayer hall. It was completely carved from marble and there were paintings of different Gods for people to worship and some people had

left things, for example fruit as an offering to the Gods. After the prayer hall, we went into an exhibition with different stories and models to illustrate them. The Hindus have made this exhibition to educate people about their religion. We then went into the main hall and watched a video about the construction of the temple and one of the staff answered our questions. We all learnt a lot on this trip and found it very interesting and we would like to thank both the Sikh and Hindu communities for their generosity and making us so welcome. We were able to see firsthand how people value their faith, but also want to share their culture with others. Ella Minker 10A

Geography Trip to the isle of wight On the 29th September, the Geography GCSE year 10 students went to Ryde on the Isle of Wight for our controlled assessment. We travelled to and from Ryde on the hovercraft. Watching it arrive was amazing, covering us with spray as it docked. We boarded a few minutes later and felt an upsurge of air as the craft’s hover skirt was engaged. A few people were anxious about the crossing but we made it without a hitch and arrived on Ryde beach. During our time in Ryde we filled out environmental surveys and observed, investigated and recorded traffic counts. We also took lots of photographs and even sketched some of Ryde’s best features.

The aim of completing our surveys was to answer the question “how is Ryde managing its

tourism?” We stopped and asked various people whether they would take time to answer our questionnaires. Many were interested but others

weren’t quite so keen to help! Many people questioned said that they felt Ryde was dealing with it’s tourism very well, mentioning that they felt Ryde was very clean and a nice place to visit with plenty to do. I think I could speak for the Year 10’s that went on this field trip that the highlights of the day were visiting an old fashioned sweet shop and embarrassing Mr Lawson when a lady we questioned said “He was a bit of alright! He went quite red! Overall, we had a great day and it was amazing to experience such a quaint seaside resort and see geography in action, observing the changes that tourism has brought and how it will continue to change in the future.

Every year the year 11’s go on a citizen trip, and where better to go than the beautiful City of Paris? And gain, this year the trip went ahead without fail. So it begins. About 150 of us, standing outside the school entrance at eight thirty in the evening, with our backpacks, extra warm clothes and plenty of excitement. 11pm and we’re on the ferry in the tiny bunks. I’m snuggled up under the duvet, knowing that in about 5 hours I’ll be waking up. Next morning, the coach takes us to Paris. First stop, the Eiffel Tower. Its possibly one of the most amazing structures I’ve ever seen. The size of the tower is mind blowing as I realised when I went down the hundreds of steps from the middle tier. After buying souvenirs from the Eiffel Tower gift shop, we were back on the coaches and heading towards Notre Dame to have a traditional French lunch. Montmartre next. A huge cathedral; the gorgeous SacreCoeur. After climbing the steps we took a look around the artists square where loads of artists were displaying their work. Street artists walking around offered to draw us and the music from the buskers made a brilliant atmosphere. Too soon we were back on the coaches and pulling up to the ferry. A mini disco was organised until 11pm when we finally went to our rooms. By 8am the next morning we were all home with amazing memories of Paris because it really was an amazing trip. Louiza Azzi The Paris trip was very good and I gained a feel for France and loved every minute of it. Being able to spend time with other students and teachers meant that I got to know people better. It was a great experience. Olly Cockcroft, Prefect


Paris was an amazing experience, I loved being able to explore the City with my friends. Personally, I enjoyed the photo opportunities. The Eiffel Tower was beautiful and the whole trip was a complete success. Sarah Taw, Prefect

Paris! What can I say.. It is an outstanding opportunity that I recommend every year 11 should experience. The Eiffel Tower was the main attraction and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Not forgetting the ferry disco, seeing Mr Hutton shake his stuff was definitely the highlight of the trip. Shanice Burton, Dance Captain

My trip to Paris was immense, I really enjoyed my time there and mixing with people in my year group. I learnt lots of new things on the trip which I will take with me into later life. I would definitely go again if I had the opportunity. The best bit of the trip was the Eiffel Tower. Megan Roberts, Prefect

This trip was fantastic! I enjoyed the snails, they were awesome! Billie-Jo Attwood

The experience we gained from Paris I believe was very important to all students involved. I enjoyed it massively and gained a great deal, such as independence, confidence and freedom. It was interesting to see how France is different from England, in terms of food, culture and lifestyle. I would massively recommend this trip for students in the future. It’s fun and informative! Brendan Collar, Head Boy

ROYAL MARINES MUSEUM VISIT Year 8 students recently attended the Royal Marines Museum for a Science Museum learning day. Accompanied by Mr Styllis and Mrs Beswick, students took part in a variety of activities including team building exercises and then went on to learn how to effectively present to an audience. After watching some practical demonstrations, the students had the chance to use their newly developed skills and deliver a practical demonstration to their peers. After lunch, the students worked with a very big Marine called Ben to look at the scientific properties of military uniforms and equipment throughout the decades. The day was a great success and we’d like to thank the Royal Marines Museum for making the day informative and enjoyable.

WEALD & DOWNLAND VISITS Thursday 23rd September and Wednesday 29th September. On the 23rd and 29th September the History Department took Year 7 to the Weald and Downland Museum in West Sussex to help them with their studies of Medieval and Tudor England. The Museum is an open air museum, spread over several acres of land that has taken houses dating back as far as the 11th Century and rebuilt them on the site. For the Year 7 students the visit has proved to be invaluable in their study of the Medieval and Elizabethan age. The day started off early as we loaded excited students and staff onto the coaches. On arrival at the museum, the pupils were split into tutor

groups and we began a “round robin” tour of the Museum. The weather was mixed but the pupils got to experience the hardships of life in Medieval and Elizabethan times as they wandered around dodging showers all day. Throughout the day we visited houses and work places and looked at building techniques such as wattle and daub, at the differences between the houses of the rich and the poor and the introduction of glass during the Middle Ages. We also saw how people would have lived in a wealthy farmer’s house and sampled the delights from a Tudor kitchen. The students were entertained by the guides

in the individual houses and were able to ask questions. Back at school the students have already started their study of Medieval people and their day at the Weald and Downland will reinforce how people lived, how hard life was and how different it was to our lives today. The visit was extremely successful. All the pupils thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were a credit to the school. As a learning tool for it has certainly been useful. A great day was had by all! Samantha Easson, Teacher of History


The History Department took 80 Year 10 students to London for our annual visit to the Imperial War Museum. The purpose of the visit was to visit the Holocaust Exhibition in preparation for the study of Nazi Germany in GCSE History lessons. When we arrived at the museum we were given a teaching session by one of the museum staff. She set the scene of Jewish persecution in Germany after Hitler took power in 1933 and explained how this persecution intensified over several years; with the result being the tragic events of the Holocaust. The students were able to participate in discussions about the Holocaust and even got to see some real artefacts from the time. The museum staff commented about the excellent behaviour of all ALNS students and they were particularly impressed with their prior knowledge and sensitivity towards the subject. After this session we were allowed into the exhibition itself. It is very tastefully set out and there were plenty of artefacts for students to look at, as well as insightful information for them to read. The students spent a lot of time fully taking in all they could see in the

exhibition and many were shocked by what they saw. The museum quotes on its website that “The silence and intensity of emotion only deepens as you go further into the exhibition” and this was indeed true. The museum has a display full of shoes belonging to Holocaust victims and students spent a long time looking at these and discussing who they could belong to. Many commented that it made them realise that this awful event happened to ordinary people of all ages, with many victims being a similar age to them. The staff that attended the trip commented that students were asking lots of questions throughout the exhibition which suggests that they found it a useful and interesting trip.

After lunch we had time to look at the ‘Conflicts since 1945’ section of the museum. This provided students with an overview of other conflicts that we will study in History over the next two years such as the wars in Iraq, the Korean War and the war in Vietnam. Overall, I am pleased to say that the students gained a lot of useful information and thoroughly enjoyed the trip; making it an outstanding success! Miss Brown, History Teacher

DRama Department The ALNS Theatre Company continues to go from strength to strength. So far this year they have already been involved in whole school assemblies and are currently working on a performance for Awards Evening and Performing Arts Evenings. This year the company will run in a slightly different way. It will still be run by students for students but any pupils in KS4 can put forward their ideas to direct the annual theatre company production and run the company for the summer term. Any student who would like to have a go at directing, designing and running a show should speak to Ms Firth ASAP. Rehearsals have just started for this year’s school production which is to be Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. The cast is fantastic this year and it promises to be another amazing ALNS production. The show runs from 28th March to the 31st March 2011. Year 11 BTEC acting students are working with Portsmouth Youth Outreach and Southdowns College students as part of their course. Workshops have taken place and students are currently devising work to be performed at the New Theatre Royal on November 19th. Tickets will be available from the theatre box office soon.


On Tuesday 12th October Miss Barton and Mrs Woodall Jones started to audition students who wanted to be part of the Schools Rock Challenge entry for 2011. Rock Challenge is a global event which encourages students to get involved in performing in front of other schools in a Performing Arts Competition. The aim of this is for students to create an 8 minute piece of dance which is based on an issue of their choice. Students are responsible for funding the event themselves through a variety of fundraising events and they then have to make the music for their piece, design the set and

costumes, do their own hair and make-up and also choreograph the performance. It is a massive event which will be a fantastic project for the whole school to be involved in and the final show will be at the Southampton Guildhall on Wednesday 3rd March. 29 students from years 10 and 11 will be involved. We are looking for potential sponsors for this event who can either donate financially or assist with any of the other areas such as set, travel to Southampton Guildhall, costumes, hair or make up. We also need students who would like to be involved in the backstage crew such as lighting, set design or camera crew. Please see Miss Barton or Mrs Woodall Jones if you are interested!

Retail Business Diploma Students from St Edmunds, Priory, City of Portsmouth Boys and ALNS come together every Monday afternoon and Tuesday to learn about the retail Business Diploma.

their customers. It has been a positive experience for both students and the Coop.

The Retail Business Diploma has been designed with employers and students in mind to ensure it meets the needs of both parties. This means that the skills learnt in the classroom will be developed in the workplace and ultimately highly valued by employers. Learners will gain knowledge of retail and an understanding of its needs through theoretical study and practical experience. Retail is a dynamic, exciting, fast-paced business and the Diploma in Retail Business presents enormous scope for rewarding career choices in areas such as buying, merchandising, logistics, supply chain, business management, marketing, accounting and IT. So far the students have been working every Tuesday morning at their local Coop store learning their trade and mixing with

• • • • • • •

Hello, I’m Brendan. I made the decision to apply for the position of Head Boy because I believe I can make a massive improvement to the school and also bring a brighter, more vibrant future for ALNS.

Hi, my name is Hayley. I wanted to be a prefect because it gives me a chance to move the school forward. I also think it will make my CVs look professional. Don’t be afraid to talk to me, I’m very friendly.

Hi, my name is Amber. I applied for the role of prefect as I really wanted to help move the school forward for the better. I also thought it would help me in the future applying for colleges and jobs.

Hello, my name is Louiza Azzi and I am part of the year 11 prefect team. I applied for prefect because I wanted to make a positive change to the school during my four years’ experience at ALNS. As it turns out, the team is amazing and we all work well together and I am looking forward to the rest of the year.

Hi, I’m Samara Miller and I’m part of your prefect team. I am so glad I applied for prefect as I get to be part of an amazing group of people and get to have a say in the changes and the future of the school. It’s a really special experience to have and despite all of the hard work, it’s a lot of fun.

Hello, I’m Lois and I wanted to be a prefect to help make a difference in the school in the present and future. I also thought it will be beneficial to my college and working life. I will not bite your head off, I am friendly!

UK RETAIL SECTOR: KEY FACTS AND FIGURES 2009 Retail is the UK’s largest private sector employer, with some 3m employees. Accounts for 10-12% of workforce in all nations and regions Significant contribution to the economy: retail sales were £288bn in 2008. Around 298,000 businesses across the UK Retail often gives people their first job: employs right across the age ranges from school leavers, to women returners and the semi-retired. Nearly half the workforce is part-time, twice the national average Almost 30% of retail employees are under 25, while 30% over 45 Just over half of all employees work in sales and customer service occupations, while just under a fifth are managers

Olly Cockcroft. Being a prefect to me is helping others, improving our school and having a good time! I want to be the person that you can come to if you have any problems and I’ll try my best to help you out. Not that any of the other prefect team wouldn’t, they’re all really good! Hiya, I’m Meg. I went for the role of prefect because I wanted to make a change. The main thing I aim to organise is fundraisers for various charities. I’m also very confident and loud and I know that becoming a prefect will benefit me in the future. I want to work with lots of different people to develop my skills further. Hi, I’m Oli Stone-Houghton and I am on the prefect team this year. I really enjoy making changes in the school and it will help me in the future. I am also very pleased with this year’s team and I think we can make a real difference. Hello, I’m Sar! I wanted to become a prefect because I thought I could help create a better environment for the future here at ALNS. I believe this year’s team can and will do their best for you.

What’s really exciting is the students can actually leave school with 7 of their GCSE’s while completing this course. The course outlines all areas of retail from Customer service to Stock control and Supply chain to Retail theatre.

Teacher of the Retail business, Mr Robins said “If I had my time again, the diploma ‘hands on’ way of learning would have made my school life so much more interesting. I hope our students gain and learn so much more because of this course.’

Hi, I’m Matt Fisher and I am in 11O. I applied to be a prefect because I wanted to help change the school for the better. It was a lot of hard work but being a prefect is so worth it. Lauren Elliot. Well Hello! After much form filling, interviews and waiting, the prefect team was announced and I believe this year’s prefect team is one of the best! We will change a lot for your future!

Hi, I’m Sian Courtney. I wanted to be a prefect to have the opportunity to make difference and improve issues students have with the school. I enjoy putting my time into things and making a commitment. If you need a chat I’m here. Josh Macey. I’m glad I applied for prefect because I now have my say in what’s happening in and around the school. The whole team is really positive and we work well together. Being a prefect allows me to be creative and also work with like minded people that bring out the best in me.

Hi, I’m Ashley and I’m in 11L. I’m the prefect secretary for 2010-2011. Being a prefect is a great opportunity in your school career to help out the school through student council. Also to work in a more adult environment working as a solid team of people with other prefects which helps you prepare for work and meeting new people after school life. This is great to go on your CV when applying for jobs and college. It’s a great way to meet new friends and it’s a lot of fun. Hello I’m Rachel, I’m leader of School Council and I really enjoy being part of the prefect team because there are so many lovely people. I love getting involved with all the great things we achieve.



Students and Staff from ALNS have been visiting Gambia for a number of years, and over that time have developed close links with Yankuba Bojang Memorial Nursery School and Kabifita Upper Basic School. During the 5 years that we have been travelling to Gambia we have;

Supported Yankuba Bojang Memorial School by raising money to do building work to repair structural damage to school buildings from extreme monsoon weather. Money donated from non-uniform days has helped to re-build toilets, replace the roof and build a new classroom. Our students have spent time with children playing and next year we plan to run a short play-scheme to help staff learn how to teach as well as allowing the children to enjoy themselves! When we return in April 2011 we will be taking Jayne Whatling from The Parade Pre-school with us to help deliver the training and provide specialist materials and donations. (See Ms Lucas for details of the trip).

ALNS students and staff wearing shirts given by staff at the school with teachers and Head teacher Mr Darbo.

Above: Yankuba Bojang Memorial School before re-building and before weather damage.

We have a target of ÂŁ2000 this year to provide Kabifita Upper Basic School with electricity and internet access as currently internet access is limited to evenings in a local internet cafe and electricity is provided by a mobile generator which only lasts a short time. We have already helped to provide funds to build a wall around the school grounds which stops wild animals straying into the school and improves the safety for all of the children.

ALNS donated mosquito nets for every bed in the Sukuta clinic when we visited in 2010. The clinic mainly treats sufferers of malaria and runs a Maternity clinic which offers pregnant women checkups, immunisations and a place to safely deliver their babies. The clinic is planning to open a laboratory where they can take and test their own samples to help with diagnosis and treatment.

ALNS students with Aunt Sally who runs the Sukuta clinic

NEW WEBSITE FOR SCHOOLS Our support of African charities continues this term with the development of a new schools website for the IHA-UDP. IHA-UDP is a project working amongst the very poorest of the poor in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, bringing hope, breaking the cycle of poverty, and changing communities. In 2009 staff and students visited the charity and provided activities and resources for children across four schools. The IHA-UDP also benefit from one of our non-uniform days and our Christmas Bazaar.

Above: Yankuba Bojang Memorial School in 2010. Right: inside the new classroom.

Below: Students working with Mucki Bojang

Our tour guide Mucki Bojang is working with local villagers to help them build a new nursery as they don’t currently have one in their village. The villagers themselves carry out the building work but Mucki helps by providing funds from donors to pay for materials. Mucki is looking for volunteers to help train the nursery staff as early as September 2011.

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Latitude Issue 3  

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