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When I saw u first, met u first I realize it wasn’t a crush I felt something special about u It was a love which was true Days passed one by one And our love was grown like everyone With your love I was just flatter But wasn’t aware one day it will shatter You made me understand what is life Day and night seen you as my wife Best of my days were spent with u Remembering the talk I had with u The promises which we made Wasn’t knowing it will also fade Going out together every weekend Feeling very bad the why we end Fought with everyone for u Coz I believed same u will do But was heart broken When it was time for u Your best friends were mine foe I never believed with them u will go But still same way I loved u as I do But this time I wasn’t able to prove Did everything what I can But it all went in vain For days, months we didn’t talk Out of my life u just walked My heart was filled with depression There was no celebration for any occasion Came back to u, thought u will show some concern But might u has taken a decision and were stubborn Taking care of promises made to u But u moving ahead along with the queue Sometimes I meet people from our past I don’t care a damn about their heart They might wondering what m upto But actually m doing everything for u Was always craving to patch up with u But u were not willing to leave anything from u

My world got end, my life got end Eyes were full of tears n legs with sand Sitting lonely in sunshine Wondering she was sometime mine Cursing her friends from heart Because of whom we got apart Still I miss her still I love her Still I adore her still I admire her Now the times has changed n me too Coz u are not the same like were u Small thing has spoil my life n urs too Both of us still wondering what to do Past cannot be repeated again Nor the future can be same We don’t have any other option (way) But the same way have to sustain But has to stay away Still m in my own world Not much fun and no other girl Thinking how was I and how m I When u told me good bye Sumtimes goin on wrong way Thinking why can’t I stay away Having control on my desire Gods helps in no more wrong aspire You left my life n I left urs too No matter whatever I do or u do I pray u live as happy as ever Because dismal u deserve never Still wondering what I mean You live happy I always dream No more lines to say Let it end in happy way

Love change everyone