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NAWAR AL-MUTLAQ Branding Officer/Graphic Designer

Doha-Qatar, P.O.Box 3119 -- (+974) 55640004 Qatari Citizen -- Year of birth: 1991 -- Material Status: Single

Education and Experien ce Graduated from Al-Bayan Educational Complex

Graduated from VCUQ with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Graphic Design with cum laude honors

Got enrolled in VCUQ

20 06

20 07 English Summer Course at University of Portsmouth in UK IBO Conference in Doha

20 08 Member at Qatar’s Photography Society Intern at Friends of Environment Center in Doha

Communication part-time designer at The Center of Design Innovation in Qatar

20 09

20 10

Icograda VCUQ Student Conference Intern at Government in Doha QatarOlympic Committee Association Vice-President VCUQ Student Tasmeem Doha Conference Government Association Marketing Coordinator

Graphic Designer at Anti Doping Lab Qatar

20 11

20 12

Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival (France) Intern at Saffron (Scholarship by Branding Q-media) Consultants in London Intern at Ministry of Social Affairs Tasmeem Doha 2011 Member at Qatar National Research Fund (Undergraduate Research Experience Program)

Technical Skil l s Word

Adobe Illustrator


Adobe InDesign

Microsoft Office

Illustration By Hand


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Lightroom Adobe After Effects Adobe Flash


print Outlook


20 13 Freelance Mini MBA Course MEDICA 2012 - World Forum for Medicine, Dusseldorf ADLQ’s Biomedical and Translational Research Symposium Active Leaders for Women’s Advancement in the Near East - Qatar member Nuqat Dubai Design Conference 2012

Adobe Photoshop


Final Cut Pro


Became Branding Officer/Graphic Designer at Anti Doping Lab Qatar

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator

Languages and Traits English

Personal Creative -- Initiative -- Wanderlust -traits: Committed -- Responsible -- Precise -Humble -- Imaginative -- Adventuress -- collaborative -- Eager learner -- Able to lead -- Patient


Interests: Reading books -- Arabic Calligraphy -Solving puzzles and LEGO -- Entrepreneurship -- Photography -- Knitting -Making Crafts -- Disneyaholic

Workshops and Activities 20 07

20 08

- Basics of Magazine - Organizer at Qatar Design workshop Petrolium’s family with Deedee Gorden night from “Look-Look” - Organizer at VCUQ Magazine, USA 10th anniversary night - Volunteer in the School’s library - Member of the organizing team in Tasmeem conference - Basic communication workshop - Advanced communication workshop - Oxford university leadership workshop - Signage by Mirko Illic

20 09

20 10

20 11

20 12

20 13

- Student Government Association workshops in VCU’s main campus (Richmond, VA) as VCUQ’s SGA Vice President - Arabic Calligraphy Workshop with Wissam Shawkat - Photography basic and advanced classes - Knitting and Crochet workshop in Lily Handicrafts in Kuala Lumpur

- Events planning as VCUQ’s SGA Marketing Coordinator - Tribeca Film Festival 1 minute film production workshop - Volunteer work in school activities - Work-Study Experience at VCUQ

- Arabic Calligraphy courses by the Iraqi Calligrapher Hameed Al-Saadawi - Wally Olins Talks on Branding (London) - Presentor at Tasmeem Doha 2011 - TEDxDoha Participant - Doha Tweetups Participant - Body Language and Noverbal Communication Workshop - Creative Commons Qatar Visual Artist Remixing Workshop - Managing life in a construction zone Workshop at VCUQ - Winsoft International (CS5)

- Generate and Start - Organizer of ADLQ Your Business Idea events Course by Qatar - Project Management Foundation’s Social Fundamentals Course Development Center by Qatar Foundation - TedxEducationCity Participant - Business Etiquette Workshop by Taqteer - Presentation Skills Workshop by Taqteer - Organizational Behaviors Workshop by Taqteer - Square Kufi / Arabesque Patterns by Pascal Zughbi (Dubai) - Business Model Generation Workshop by Alexander Osterwalder - “7 steps to make your dream business come true” workshop by Mohammed Alsharshani

References Pornprapha Phatanateacha -- Associate Director of VCUQ’s MFA Program -- Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar -- -- (+974) 44020694 Mishael M.Al-Ansari -- Marketing and Communication Director -- Anti Doping Lab Qatar -- -- (+974) 44132993

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