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Issue 3 October, 2012

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Editorial Board General Supervisor

Hoshan Pan Gulf supplies a wide range of materials for artists

Dr. Eng. Abdullah Almanea Editorial Board Sultan Alsultan Hamad Almanea Technical Department Ahmad Alhudayb

Manuscript books & Pads ad A4 size

Ebrahim Alenazi Mohammad AlSheik Usman Ali Khan

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Pentel Oman Finished Second in Ramadan Champion

Editorial No doubt that technology contributed effectively in the smooth flow of information and transferring of it till communication becomes easy to the possibility of transferring of science and knowledge and usefulness of huge knowledge, acceleration beside the usefulness of experience factors in this field. Nothing can separate the space between ambition and implementation except for resolving power and determination whereas logic does not accept being far from the theatre of accidents. If aspiration was logic, the way to achieve it would not be difficult since the strong ones can reach the advanced stages of fulfillment. Aspiration is connected completely with excitement and the well of change to the best through contribution in understanding the prepared programs for that. No doubt that the firm desires to fulfill and execute these aspirations through modernization and development. That on the other hand requires passing over determined achieved stages through activating basis on which this operation is based, representing it into the preparation of suitable ground and compatible atmosphere through prevailing public interest feeling aspiration with a sense of interest, resolve and constant. Getting advantage of the outcomes of technology and adapting it to an extent that it becomes compatible and suitable for the environment contributing effectively in minimizing procedures. It would help in simplifying transactions with ease, consistent with the goals in this sense as well as the aspect of accuracy and perfection that the company is sought to through activating the developed SAP program.Since someone is fumbling the issue of modernization and improvement, it is selfevident but will for sure change his view when he acknowledge the benefits connected to modernization and in order to improve and achieve modernizations issue to give its fruit, while the preparation factor and activation of communication is very important. No doubt everyone is keen for the interest in work for the work success is itself a success for him. He will never feel the difference unless improvement is reflected in the level of performance and then those feelings would disappear and be forgotten.


Annual Iftar event held by Hoshanco Holding


Hoshanco Holding arranges its

tension of the policies of company

participation of gathering employ-

traditional annual Iftar for the em-

through activating the communi-

ees in order to maintain bonds

ployees in Riyadh annually during

cation and taking care of spiritual

and good relations among the

Ramadan. Executive Hotel wit-

aspects of the employees and

staff. It enhances values of con-

nessed them at the presence of

labors. It also creates a perfect

tacts between members of the

his Excellency President of board

environment for work which will

company’s family and motivates

of Directors and top staff of the

reflect positively in the productiv-

spirit for a fruitful positive commu-

company. The organization with

ity. The company is keen to seize


such good gatherings has an ex-

an opportunity for investing on the

Dubai Branch held an annual Iftar dinner

Invitation for Iftar dinner at Mercu-

staff of the company. Management

overpowered the gathering; greet-

ry Hotel in Hoshan Dubai was giv-

is keen to provide perfect and

ings were exchanged between at-

en during Ramadan. Mr. Ahmed

distinguished work environment

tendants and they congratulated

Ali The manager of the branch

in a friendly atmosphere for the

each other!

attended the event along with the

employees and so friendly talks


Hoshan Pan Gulf branch’s official Iftar event for Staff, Kuwait


Kuwait branch held an Iftar event

branch manager Mr. Mohammed

intimacy and love. We wish God

for the staff at Holiday inn hotel.

Al-Shatti and the staff. Greetings

accepts our fasting, prayers and

The event was attended by his Ex-

and good terms were exchanged

good deeds!

cellency Vice Manager for shared

on the occasion of Holy month of

services Mr. Sultan Al-Sultan and

Ramadan in an atmosphere of

Hoshan Pan Gulf Bahrain Branch Held Iftar Party in The Holy Month of Ramadan Hoshan Pan Gulf Branch in the

where Iftar parties are held peri-

Kingdom of Bahrain presented

odically in order to celebrate the

Iftar invitations for the employ-

holy month and taking care of the

ees at Key Hotel. The invitation

communication during the month.

was availed by Branch Manager

The attendants exchanged greet-

Mr. Ali Al-Bishi and respected

ings and congratulations for the

persons in different departments


Hoshan Pan Gulf Oman offered Iftar invitation for the Holy occasion of Ramadan Radisson Blue Hosted the an-

by the virtues of the holy month

nual invitation for Iftar of Hoshan

and as an extension for it’s poli-

Pan Gulf Oman. The party was

cies supporting one team spirit

attended by Mr. Basil Farahat,

between all the employees. It also

manager of the branch along with

strengthens the bond of friend-

the branch staff in the Sultanate.

ship between employees in differ-

Such amusing gatherings came

ent departments and sections in a

as a belief of the management

framework of fruitful positive com-

Qatar Branch held Iftar at Grand Gold Hotel Grand Hotel in Qatar hosted the

month and enhancement of social

Iftar party of HPG in Qatar. During

relations. That gathering was an

the event friendly talks were ex-

opportunity to renew and develop

changed where the annual gath-

friendly relations between the col-

ering, during Iftar, had a special


corner for the importance of holy


Hoshan Pan Gulf Khobar Branch arranged Iftar at Carlton Al-Muaebid Hotel


Khobar branch held the Iftar din-

of the year. In the framework of

establishment of activities, social

ner at Carlton Hotel. That gather-

company’s strategy targeting en-

events recreation and employees

ing came with the company’s on-

hancement of relations between

interaction outside work environ-

going gatherings to meet all the

management and employees from

ment in a formal atmosphere pro-

employees in various departments

one side and between employees

motes the concept of one family.

on this most important occasion

themselves from another side, the

Hoshan Pan Gulf branch in Jeddah organized Iftar dinner at Alshallal Park and restaurant

The event was attended by re-

Spiritual atmosphere, imbued with

nication between members of the

gional manager for Western area

the spirit of friendship, brother-

company and developing a sense

Mr. Hisham Al-Alaqi and compa-

hood and one family in the con-

of team spirit.

ny’s staff in the the Western area.

text of strengthening the commu-


Atals Files Company invited its employees for Iftar


Atlas Files company invited its

services Mr. Sultan Alsultan and

worth mentioning that the compa-

Employees for Iftar at the Indian

procurement director Mr. Ibrahim

ny is keen to celebrate the occa-

restaurant in second industrial

Al-Onaizy and executives from

sion during Ramadan periodically!

area. It was attended by his Ex-

the company where friendly con-

cellency Vice Manager for shared

versations were exchanged; it is

New Addition to the Group

Mohammed Omer Adil

Ahmed Zuhair Handomi

Haitham Adnan Alsoukhni

Abdul Majed Serwar

Rasheed Ismail

Mogrin Ahmed Abu Amer

Ebrahim Alrukban

Afdal Bazzah

Haitham Mergani

Hussain Algallab

Khalid Mustafa

Waleed Mohammed

Fouad Mubarak

Islam Jamal













Congratulations Best wishes to Ms. Mona Sharma from Bahrain branch for her newborn baby and we would like to share her happiness, God bless her baby under the



wing of parents.


Manuscript books & Pads ad A4 size

Maped Sponsors Colouring Competition Championship in Oman

1. Atlas Printed Range of Document bags - 2012 edition This is our third edition of high quality printed design products. The designs are made in-house with the help of our artists after detailed round of discussion by team of people involved in the project. The designs are made keeping in mind various age group & gender from kids to adults. 2. Atlas Manuscript Books & Writing Pads: Manuscript book or records books & writing pads are made of high quality white paper from Malaysia with good finishing and elegant look absolutely

suitable for home, school & office use with an objective to achieve the standard & commitment of Atlas Brand.

Outstanding Employees Award at Bahrain Branch

Oman branch organized the Competition of colouring Championship sponsored by Maped, the competition took place at Bareeq Alshati Mall, the kids enjoyed the competitions and show their skills in colouring through the event.


Sirmad Khan Senior SAP Program Manager

“SAP Everest team is managing implementation phase 2 – GCC-Roll Out for (UAE/OMAN/KUWAIT/QAMarzoq Khamis from the warehouse

employee for being an outstanding one

of Bahrain branch received an award

in July 2012. He was honored by the

for being an outstanding employee in

warehouse supervisor at the presence

May 2012.

of Mr. Ali Al-Bishi and all the other em-

(Marzoq Khamis)

ployees. Certificates were presented

Tilak Bansi too was awarded as an

to them along with monetary rewards

outstanding employee in June 2012.

for their exemplary performances.

(Tilak Bansi )

(Mengal Singh ).

Mengal Singh was also an awarded


TAR/BAHRAIN). Business Intelligence (BIBO) – which is a management flexible reporting tool to access real-time online data in SAP; will also kick start in this phase – With its inclusion; I believe we would address all of the critical analytical reporting requirements in the best possible manner” – Sr. SAP Program Manager – Sirmad Masood Khan.

Riyadh Warehouse’s outstanding staff

Hoshan Pan Gulf supplies a wide range of products for artists

Redauddin Mohammed Fadl won an award in June 2012 representing an outstanding employee at Riyadh warehouses. It would be good to mention that the award (appreciate certificate

Art materials department in Hoshan

acrylic colors, a high quality wide

and money reward) is given to an out-

Pan Gulf Company provides mate-

range, canvas boards and many oth-

standing employee every month. We

rial used by all those who are inter-

er accessories representing basics

wish Reda success and all the very

ested in drawing and coloring, start-

for every artist who is interested in


ing from the professionals passing by

becoming professional at his job or

the leisure up to the hobbyists and

even a hobbyist in his initial steps of

students. The concerned department

learning and studying. All the above

provides products from more than 20

mentioned materials were put on the

specialized companies in art materi-

tables of artists to help their finders

als. Those companies supply all sec-

draw the stories of arts and tales of

tors by more than 90% of their needs

creation started by Hoshan Pan Gulf

either from Asia or Europe where the

before a decade and a half and we

German Company C.Kreul provides

still continue stepping ahead to pro-

its specialized products with a well-

vide more of the important materials

known brand name JAVANA silk,

which could help in exemplary per-

textile, glass , ceramic colours and

formance in the art materials depart-

accessories or Lefrance & Bourgeois

ment and in the project of creation

the French company which is con-

and arts strategy in the Kingdom con-

sidered as a top supplier in the world


department for some products from

for oil and acrylic colours under the

Waco, Balsa, Pidilite, Maries, Dupli-

August 25th 2012 up to September

brand name LOUVRE. They supply

Colour, Ghiant, Folia, Brico, Conda,

the colours in different packages in

Daler-Rowney, Lefranc & Bourgeios

order to cope up with the difference

and Javana are vibrant international

in taste and needs of the end users.

brand names that meet the needs

In addition to that, DALER-ROWNEY

of creators and outstanding artists

from England which is distinguished

through a complete range offered

by its wide outstanding range from

by art materials department from

Georgian oil colors and system 3

Hoshan Pan Gulf Company.

Launching Marketing Advertisement Campaign for Products

An advertising campaign was organized by Hoshan Pan Gulf marketing

7th 2012. The places it has been organized were Riyadh, Madinah, AlAhssa, Qtif and Jubail. The campaign contains


Staedtler and Pentel.




Riyadh Warehouse’s outstanding staff

Clips - KENYA

Ms.Silvina Merchandiser

Riyadh warehouses honored a number of outstanding staff whereas George Lazaga was prized as outstanding employee for August 2012. Abdullah Al-Onaizy and Issac Varkey were honored due to their distinguishable efforts during the school season; a mini celebration was held for that occasion on Tuesday 11/9/2012 and certificates of appreciation were handed over along with the awards.

Pentel Oman Second in Ramadan Champion


Kenya has the second most devel-

Marketing departments.

oped retail market in Sub-Sahara

We represent international brands

Africa after South Africa. : The pop-

such as Uni Ball, Steadtler, Maped,

ulation is nearly 39 million.

Olfa, Renz, Foldermate, Atlas , Al-


pha, Fantastick etc...

Clips Kenya operation started in

During this year, we have done a lot

Pentel Oman team stood second in

2006; our office is located in a prime

of marketing activities for the brands

Ramadan Champion. It would be

area. It includes accounts, admin-

we represent or owe. It

good to mention that Pentel com-

istration, warehouse, merchandiser

mileage in terms of increasing the

and not to be forgotten, Sales &

brand awareness.

gave us

pany is contributing in numerous activities specially the ones related to socialism and sports!

ASAS Pan Gulf honored a number of staff and emplpoyees in recognition of their efforts in the execution of Hoshan Pan Gulf office’s project in Khobar during the period from January 2012 to May 2012. Asas Pan Gulf honored a number of employees. The celebration took place at Hoshanco holding conference room where Asas Pan Gulf’s vice president Mr. Engineer Faris Alsuqair handed over certificates of appreciation and delivered a speech on this occasion. He praised the efforts made in this regard. The honored

3- Abdulrahman Lakibull

7- Rai Dayam Flex

employees were:

4- Zakir Hussien

8- Alen Arki Oglar

1- Alauddin Abu Emara

5- Shirbahdour Taba

9- Debak Sharma Debak

2- Mohammed Ahmed Alqadi

6- Slivador Alfonso

10- Soco Maran Elambra

Choose the quote that you like and tell us why? “ Example is not the main thing in influencing others, it is the only thing ” Albert Schweitzer

“ Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other ” John F. Kennedy

“ The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority ” Kenneth Blanchard

“ The very essence of leadership is that you have to have vision. You can’t blow an uncertain trumpet ” Theodore M. Hesburgh

“ The best executive is the one who has sense enough to pick good men to do what he wants done, and self-restraint to keep from meddling with them while they do it ” Theodore Roosevelt

The responses will be publish next issue of Almultaqa



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