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Issue 2 July, 2012

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920009208 Shared Services Third Workshop )Marketing & Sales(

Editorial Board General Supervisor Dr. Eng. Abdullah Almanea

Upcoming Branch In Tripoli – Lebanon

Editorial Board Sultan Alsultan Hamad Almanea Ahmad Alhudayb

Hoshan Pan Gulf Receives Best Pentel Distributer Award In Asia

Feel Free To Contact Us At: New Clips Branch in Jordan


Editorial We are happy to meet you again in the second edition of “Al-Multaqa” periodic publication. We also appreciate your sincere response and acquaintance; without your cooperation, “Almultaqa” could not reach to the desired level of excellence. It is truly believed that cooperation is the base of mutual success and so we have been stepping forward on the ladder of accomplishment due to your encouragement and support. General concept of cooperation involves positive contribution whether sensational or moral. It is a true feeling that reflects from a cooperative person; the flooded feeling regarding public benefit, encouragement by working together and above all willing to “have a go”. Human dimensions are somehow tuned with the spiritual aspects. Allah says, “and cooperate in righteousness and piety.” The forms of cooperation are numerous and are linked to daily life. Whenever the cooperation rate is raised, simplicity is pumped and its positive effect is reflected in different aspects of life. A cooperating person in any field would reflect this positive effect unknowingly. The results might be vague in the short run but as the time goes by the person realizes that the level of collective sense is rising in the different areas of services. We thank you all for the support and we look forward to serving you for many years to come!


World Kid’s Coloring Day Event in UAE, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain





For the fourth year, WKCD was

covered by E-JUNIOR channel. In

cash which will be used for a Char-

held at the Kindergarden Starters

QATAR the event was hosted by

itable Institute in Qatar. In Oman

School in Dubai where 25 schools

Aljazeera Academy, a prestigious

the WKCD was held at Muscat

participated and 1000 of students

international school. A total of 100

International School where 200

from Al Noor Centre and Rashid

students participated and the win-

students participated from grade 2

Pediatric Centre took part . At the

ners were awarded with “Best Art-

to 5. In Bahrain the Indian school

dinner, winner’s paintings were

work”, certificates and gift bags

hosted the event with the partici-

put in an auction to collect funds

from Staedtler. The students were

pation of 500 students.

for the Charity and the event was

given an opportunity to donate the


Atlas Premium Photocopy Paper Products department introduces “Atlas Premium Photocopy Paper” which is high in quality and reliable for daily use. Atlas Paper is specially featured for printing in the machines using xerographic principles and developed for the high-speed copier. It is also designed to produce sharp images and graphics from today’s sophisticated surface making it reflectfree and excellent for non-strenuous readability. On the other hand, Atlas Premium Paper is made to give the highest possible reproduction and function in electrostatic dry toner print-

ing (xerography) in both simplex and duplex printing. It is good to mention that Atlas Premium Paper is well suited for stitch and thread binding. During perfect binding, the sheet should be trimmed in 0.5 - 1.0mm in measurements to ensure uniform adhesiveness to the paper. From environment point of view, Atlas Premium Paper is a mix of Elemental Chlorine free (EFC) short and long fiber pulp from sustainable managed forests. Locally processed calcium carbonate is used as filler. This makes it environment friendly.

A New Clips Branch in Jordan

All the preparations have just finished for the opening of offices and warehouse of clips in Jordan having a 1200 m2 with shelves system of 1500 m3a storage capacity. The warehouse is located in the free zone of Alzarqa which is 35 kilometer away from Amman, the capital of Jordan. The main reason for establishing Clips in Jordan is to serve our customers. However opening new markets there and in the neighboring countries would open the gates of opportunity of exporting to Syria, Iraq and Palestine. This will result in the increased distribution of sta-

tionery and office products in Jordanian market and neighboring countries. The beginning of June will witness the start of operation of exporting and selling the goods at Clips Warehouses in Jordan. We’re hoping that the company achieve it’s marketing goals. -Mr. Ayman Nawarah has been assigned as Supply Chain Manager and GM in Charge. -Mr. Mohammed Alsahoori has been assigned in the position of Sales Supervisor. -Mr. Khalil Assaf has been assigned as the administrator.


Open Day at German University The German University held an open day event for their students where they invited all the students and their families to join them. There were different age groups in the event where MAPED had a stall to explain about the products and the range of products that MAPED was offering. We distributed coloring pencils to the kids and MAPED pens to adults. These efforts might sound brief but they, for sure, make a huge difference in the black box of the customers, increasing the positive outcomes of marketing activities performed by our sales personnel.

MAPED with SAI - “Serve and Inspire” (SAI Group) conducted a drawing competition with “Times of Oman” newspaper. The event gathered more than 1200 students with their families. - MAPED sponsored the event with the coloring pencils and distributed products to the participants. The feedback was admirable and the attendances were very happy with our products.

Shared Services Third Workshop (Marketing & Sales)

On the 19th & 20th of May 2012, “Shared Services Administration” held the third workshop for sales and marketing at the headquarters of the holding company. The workshop witnessed participation of: Dr. Eng. Abdullah Al- manea- Vice President of Shared Services Mr. Sultan Alsultan- the President of Shared Services Eng./Bandar Al-Musallam- Vice President for financial affairs and Mr. Paul Jabbour- Vice President for sales and marketing Marketing and sales teams from different branches were also a part of the event. During workshop, the facts and challenges of the current status were reviewed. Future prospects and proposed solutions were drawn. Vice President of Shared Services addressed the attendants, welcomed them and indicated in his speech the importance of periodic meetings and their positive impacts. He then reviewed the achievements of the first and second workshop. Mr. Sultan Al-Sultan indicated in his speech that he did this to activate the role of sales and marketing

through a future strategy contributing in removing obstacles, dissolving all blockages facing sales and marketing teams in this context. Then, Mr. Bandar Al-Musallam addressed the attendants about the role of financial administration in supporting the efforts and achieving the future objectives of the companies according to the desired goals. After that Mr. Paul Jabbour threw light on the importance of the correspondence between the companies in the group and its positive effect in supporting sales and marketing teams. The participants who attended the workshop were Mr. Ziad Darwish, Engineer Abdullah Albudair, Mr. Riyad Harb, Mr. Jan Ashgar, Mr. Spiro Abi Murad, Mr. Hassan Qatanani, Zakaria Al Khardawi, Mr. Mohammed Ramadan, Mr. Emad Eid, Mr. Bandar Alghissini, Mr. Fadi Saab, Mr. Qassem ALhalaq, and Mr. Mazhar Haddad. All suggestions targeting to achieve the desired standard were formatted and recommendations were raised on the other day.


UNI-BALL Marketing campaign

As a part of the promotion, to increase “UNI-BALL” pen’s market share in The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia, the marketing team planned and executed a marketing campaign that included schools and stationery shops. The marketing team distributed free samples to the students, both males and females.

(Staedtler) Organized the World’s Kids Coloring Day in Kuwait On May 6th, 2012 “World’s Kids Coloring Day” enters its fifth round whereas the fourth was in Kuwait. The event was held in IKEA Commercial Center under sponsorship of Staedtler Company represented by its agent in the Gulf area; Hoshan Pan Gulf Company. Staedtler was an effective contributor in the success of the World’s Kids Coloring Day. It started sponsoring the event since 2008. In 2010, more than 750,000 youth artists from all over the world i.e.; from Japan to North America and even from far away countries like Australia participated in the event. In 2011, after the positive feedback received during the past 3 years, Staedtler reviewed in general vision the issue of providing care and support for the kids, parents, kindergardens, schools and clubs that wanted to organize activities of coloring day in order to rediscover more creations and inventions through the enjoyment of coloring. This event is held early under the address “World’s Kid’s Coloring Day” all over the world linking kids from different continents while they spend an interesting time in coloring.

Coloring and drawing is a widely known expressive international language as the kids are artists by nature since their birth. The event is sponsored by Staedtler in order to develop their skills and their ability to think and spend time in other productive activities than playing. The subject of the World’s Kids Coloring Day 2012 is to color everything. It became exciting as we got to know more about the values and different methods of life of kids from the different cultures. Kids are honest, they draw and color right from their heart. They expressed their

ideas in coloring and their relatives contributed with them in the event. The kids used materials produced by Staedtler to compete in the event. Each participant was awarded by Staedtler. The winners of the first ranks were given prizes and certificates. At the end of the event the kids and their relatives appreciated Staedtler for the opportunity that was given to them to know more about the values and methods of life from various cultures. They were happy to see the kids showing their artistic abilities by the help of Staedtler.

RAPID 5025E (Electric stapler) Rapid 5025e is the latest addition to the family of electric staplers from RAPID. The cassette stapling gives you the trouble free stapling that is needed in high frequency stapling situations such as hotel receptions and cashier’s desk. Rapid patented cassette technology makes it possible to staple 1,500


staples without re-loading. Low trigger force makes the 5025e an excellent source of stapling from 2 to 25 sheets of paper. LED Guiding System shows you exactly where the staple comes out. Above all it comes with a 2Year Guarantee!

Hoshan Pan Gulf Receives Best Pentel Distributor Award In Asia

Pentel announced that Hoshan Pan Gulf is the best distributor in Asia during the Pentel Asia Meeting 2012 in Bali, Indonesia. The event took place from 11th - 14th of May 2012. The award was presented to Mr. Spiro Abi-Mrad from the Saudi office and Mr. Navine Pardasani from the Gulf Branches on behalf of Hoshan Pan Gulf.

Pentel is a proud unique company; all of it’s production lines are manufactured in the company owned factories. Pentel is the only stationery company that has received The Deming Prize award for major advances in quality improvement. Not to be forgotten, Pentel is a sponsor of well-known events such as The Annual Inter-

national Children’s Art Exhibition (ICAE). Another major event that Pentel sponsors is The Chicago Green Festival to celebrate Earth Day with other companies that share the same message & vision by introducing eco-friendly, green products.

Offers and special discounts up to 65% at SANRIO SHOWROOMS

Sanrio showroom in Al-Khabar During summer and schools holidays, offers and special discounts up to 65% are available at the SANRIO showrooms on the products. It is indicated that SANRIO showrooms are specialized in selling the products of SANRIO from Japan in Hello kitty character keeping pace with fashion world for bags, women clothes, kids clothes, accessories, electronic devices and school supplies. It is good to say that SANRIO has 5 branches in the Kingdom: 1-Alhayat Mall – Riyadh – King Abdulaziz Road 2-Al Rashid Centre - Khobar - King Fahad Road 3-Red Sea Centre - Jeddah- King Abdulaziz Road 4-Albasateen Centre – Jeddah-Tahlia Street 5-Central Park Centre -Jeddah- Al-Andalus.

Sanrio showroom in Jeddah


New Addition to the Group

Amin M. Owdah

Mohammed Chawich

Zakariah Abdul-Fatah

Mohsen Mehzari

Kasim Al – Halak

Hisham M. Abdul –Halim

Chief Accountant HH Co.

Driver Warehouse, Riyadh

Abdullah Al-Baydahni Regional Manager HPG

Sultan Al-Masaleikh

Marketing Mgr HRT

Brand Manager HPG

Osama Abed

Assistant Financial Planner Hoshan Holding

Usman Ali Khan

Govt. Relation Officer HSS

Management Consultant HSS

Manzour M. Rezwan

Hamza M. Al-Askar

Data Entry Warehouse, Riyadh

Regional Manager HPG


Sales Representative Kuwait Branch

Admin. Officer Kuwait Branch

Rage Thomas

Warehouse Manager Kuwait Branch

Khalid Al Mosa

Regional Manager HPG

Omar Al-Katheri

Procurement Officer HSS

Mohammed Ismail Raea Admin - Coordinator HSS

Essa Al-Senawe Admin. Officer Atlas

Ali Al-Ghmdi

Sales Supervisor Jeddah

Mohammed Al-Sahoree sales Supervisor Clips Jordan

Mounes Al-Khtani

Osama Abdullatif

Packing Tech Atlas

Sales Representative HPG

Adel Fanoush

Turky Al-Saleh

Fadi Saab

Abdul-Aziz Taher

Abdul Aziz Al-Doain

Mohammed Abdul-Wareath

Ahmed Amash Al-Harbi Cashier HPG

Mazhar Hadad

Admin. Coordinator HSS

HR Supvr HSS

V. Sales Mgr. HPG

Mohammed J. Al – Shetee Branch Manager Kuwait

Mass Market Sales Manager HPG

Driver HPG

Mohammed Raza Merchandiser HPG

Sales Representative Hoshan Stationary


Sales Representative Hoshan Stationary

In collaboration with Arjowiggins, Graphic Arts has conducted a technical seminar highlighting printing technique on the Fine paper.

Hoshanco Graphic Arts has conducted a technical seminar about printing techniques on the luxury creative fine paper manufactured by Arjowiggins Fine Paper. It carries a very well-known flagged ship brands of Conqueror, Curious, Rives, Sensation and Keaykolor. The session was held at the Marriott Hotel in Riyadh and Jeddah on Monday and Tuesday 23rd and 24th of April, 2012. This marketing activity matches and aligns with the company strategy to keep its clients in the local market updated with the latest development and innova-

tion in the printing technology. The participants of this symposium were the Regional Commercial Manager of the Gulf region and the Customer Technical Service Manager of Arjowiggins as well as the General Manger of Hoshanco Graphic Arts. A detailed presentation about the new environmental friendly products was addressed along with the technical explanations and methods necessary for optimal ways of printing on specialty fine paper and formations. The conference was attended by a large number of employees of commercial printers, govern-


ment printers, advertising agencies and Graphic Arts staff with different level of participants that included managers, sales & marketing managers, production & technical specialists. The convention included a meaningful technical discussions and fruitful arguments. “Arjowiggins� is considered as one of the largest international companies of manufacturing creative fine paper and is one of the forefront paper producers for the friendly environmental paper. Most of the company products are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council FSC.

Hoshan Holding Co. participates in Saudi third exhibi-


tion for employment opportunities and rehabilitation

SAP EVEREST PROJECT went LIVE on SAP system for Hoshan Group (K.S.A) after continuous monitoring, verification, validation and reconciliation of the transactions on 2nd June 2012. Hoshan group K.S.A goes live with: • Manufacturing, • Supply Chain/Logistics, • Finance & Controlling, • Human Resource, • Real estate and • Store operations.

Hoshanco Holding Company participated in the Third Saudi Expo for employment and rehabilitation. During the exhibition, interested candidates were overviewed with a brief synopsis about activities of the companies in the group which are Asas Pan Gulf for Real Estate Investment, Hoshan Graphic Arts, Hoshan Pan Gulf, Atlas Filing Hoshan Office and Stationery Supplies, Hoshan Retail. They were given acknowledgment about the possible opportunities. The company is always careful about participation in different activities especially in employment field as it believes in the role expected from polarization of youth and providing opportunities suiting for their practical directions.

This helps promoting their future career which suits their abilities and orientations. Since this is the second consecutive year of participation in the exhibition, the company consciously became aware of the great role of such exhibitions and gatherings in defining the interest in employment about the possible opportunities in the private sector since it links the national companies and publicity. The company seeks to polarize national qualified through participating in different activities to support the companies of the group. Moreover the company is giving special attention and care to the training for its positive role in improving abilities and developing skills.


SAP EVEREST TEAM would like to thank the management, business core team, IT operation team, CSC and all the other stakeholders involved in making this project a successful reality. SAP Everest Team consists of: Mr. Khalid Al Babtain - Project Sponsor Mr. Sirmad Masood Khan - Project Manager Mr. Salim Udin Siraji - System development integration and enhancement lead Mr. Abdul Mannan - System Integration and Master data In-charge Mr. Usman Khan - Business Quality and System support In-charge Mr. Suryanarayana Raju - System Administration In-charge Mr. Yassine Nazzal - PMO In-charge

“ Uni-Ball “ Technology offers patented Uni Super Ink Pens

“Uni-Ball” Characterized by leading manufacturer of pens. Using of science and mathematics are behind the high technology of patented Uni Ball Super Ink pens which contributes to the money theft protection. Whereas the use of these pens can help to prevent identity theft. Uni Super Ink technology contains pigment ink which changes

the paper itself. It’s not a dye. The ink weaves it’s way into the paper’s fibers where the ink’s pigment’s discrete color particles embed themselves into the heart of the paper making it impenetrable to many washing and bleaching techniques. Check washing is a form of fraud where criminals steal checks from the mail or other means and erase the ink on the checks using common household cleaning solutions. The criminals can then re-write the check to themselves for any

amount. According to the latest American Bankers Association Deposit account Fraud Survey Report, actual dollars lost to check fraud was $ 969 million in 2006. Using uni-ball pens with pigment ink is an easy and inexpensive way to protect yourself against identity theft. Pigmented inks also have the added benefit of providing more vibrant colors and are fade and water resistant without sacrificing strong performance. Therefore, all we do is to help diminish daily life obstacles!

Clips is opening a new branch in Tripoli – Lebanon A new branch of Clips is opened in Tripoli, Lebanon. The new branch is located at Alnajmah area, Ezzeddin Street where numerous wholesale stationery shops are located. The building consists of two floors; the ground floor is devoted to 3 interfaces showroom 145 m2 and the upper floor in the same square me-

ters is used as a store. The goal of such project expansion is to concentrate on our products and deliver them to all retailers in the area. The goal also includes increasing shares in the market. Location of the branch is near to most of our customers as a first step help. This will increase sales volumes and create great


opportunities for sales. It is convenient and convenience is the most essential step in promotional mix that could win the customer’s heart. The employees operating the new branch are the branch supervisor Zuheer Akkari, Sameeh Alhaj and Tamer Mohsin as sales executives inside the branch.


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