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OUR MUSIC CLASSROOM In this class we learn about the history of the music, we play the flute and our teacher plays the piano. This class is a specific classroom, that is, just to teach and to learn music.

OUR MUSIC CLASSROOM We also practise with the flute and sing songs with the piano during the lessons. We have got a digital board to watch videos and to write diagrams and sheets music too.

Biology laboratory This is the biology laboratory. Here, we can learn interesting things about the human body. You can see bones and muscles.This class is very interesting and very nice.

The Gym The gym is a place where you can enjoy and practise sport. It is very big and has benches, trellises, a blackboard and a large mirror.

The Gym We have an advanced vocational training cycle in Physical and Sporting Activities. Here, you can see some students practicing judo.

Technology Laboratory Now, the students are building a tower to support weight. Here are the plans. And finally, these are the finished towers.

Physical and Sporting Activities The older teenagers play physical and sporting activities, for example, volleyball at breaks.

Physical and Sporting Activities This is the pavillion. In this place, we learn P.E and play many sports games.

Physical and Sporting Activities This place is a corner where we can talk with our friends at break time.

Physical and Sporting Activities In this place, we can play football at breaks.

THE PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL LABORATORY The Physical and Chemical Laboratory is small. There are four big tables and there are a lot of test tubes

Intermediate and advanced vocational training in electricity They are learning to become electricians.

Electricity workshop These machines help to learn about electricity. The motors (in the right picture) can be used in many ways.

Network and web application management advanced vocational training After they complete vocational training, they will work constructing webpages for companies, and they will operate websites, etc. They will also control all the computer systems in the company.

Industrial Maintenance System There are two levels of vocational training in our school, intermediate and advanced.

Industrial Maintenance System They make pieces to construct the machines and also maintain them.

Telecommunication and computer Systems. Students are learning in an intermediate/advanced vocational training cycle because they want a good job. They work with computers and do projects.

Telecommunication and computer Systems. They explained to me their projects. On the right, you can see one of them. They work with books and computers and other devices.

Canteen In the canteen, we can buy lunches and sweeties. In the hallway there are a lot of tables for the teachers. In the playground a lot of people go to eat their sandwiches.

Corridors My high school have seven buildings and a lot of hallways. We decorate the corridors with posters, like the one in the picture, which shows important mathematicians in history.

Our Classroom This is my class; the 20A. It has 31 students and you meet them when you see the video of my high school.

Gardens These gardens are in the grounds of our high school, behind the main building.

Gardens There are many gardens with beautiful flowers. We are outside enjoying the gardens.

Offices There are offices for the managerial team. In this photo you can see our headteacher.

IES las fuentezuelas  
IES las fuentezuelas  

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