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Becoming a Center of Life Network ST1000(CL65)

Remembering the place in the memory through GPS Through the GPS function in the ST1000(CL65), it not only records the position information, but also, with the geo tagging which traces back the places selected by map programs like the google map, it can make more perfect record.

Transferring wirelessly with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi The body has the internal Bluetooth module, so you can transfer pictures by connecting the instrument supporting Bluetooth.

This has also built in Wi-Fi module, so you can send pictures to E-mail or upload on YouTube, Picasa, and Facebook. And you can upload on the internet without connecting the PC, so it allows you to make a live record anytime and anywhere.

I’d like to deliver some news to friends in other countries through my blog.

World’s best resolution Touch LCD By adopting the 3.5� color touch screen LCD, without many buttons, you can easily operate this, and through the LCD of 1.15M pixels, you can check pictures vividly and clearly, so you can prevent obscure pictures or wrong focus.

Smart Gesture UI - Adjusting with my hand The Smart Gesture UI of the ST1000(CL65) is a new way to control a digital camera by tilting and touching it.

One touch shooting / Taking it once through the AF By the one touch shooting AF touching the spot you want to focus on, you don’t need to move the camera on a half shutter to get a composition and accurate focus.

The perfect combination of optical 5x zoom Schneider lens and 12.2M pixels The world famous Schneider lens has equal quality from center to surroundings and reduces ghost and flairs through the special coating. And with the 12.2M pixels high resolution CCD, it shows more vivid and clearer quality.

Dual IS for no hand blur and clear shots With the optical IS compensating shake through the movement of lens, digital IS can be used together, so you can get more vivid pictures with less hand blur even in the dark place.

Through the various 16 situation settings, once users set the smart auto, the camera automatically judges the situation and takes a shot. For each situation, various algorithms are made, so without complicated setting, you can easily take a shot.

Perfect shot with the smart face recognition The ST1000(CL65) has the built-in smart face recognition function, so it registers up to 20 faces, analyzes them, and gives a priority to them, so more dynamic shots can be made. Through the self guide function, perfect self shot is done! By taking with the smile shot for a friend having a pretty smile, and using the blink detection for a friend blinking eyes often, you can easily take a shot for them.

Photoshop is not needed, Beauty Shot Skin compensation and brightness can be adjusted from the camera, so you can make a whitish and handsome face. Therefore, you don’t need to use the photoshop.

Easy file management! Smart album File sort and search by various categories such as date, time, and color are possible, so file management is easy and convenient.

” Clicking the image, you can see the original picture of the ST1000(CL65). (Warning: All original pictures were taken by the sample product for test.)

Becoming a Center of Life Network ST1000(CL65)  

Through the GPS function in the ST1000(CL65), it not only records the position information, but also, with the geo tagging which traces back...

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