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Best and Worst Tech Gadgets of 2009

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A consumer spending slump dealt a blow to electronics makers in 2009. With industry sales expected to tumble 8% to $164.9 billion this year, Pioneer dropped out of the plasma HD television market and mobile Internet device innovator OQO shut its doors. Even the supposedly recession-proof video-game industry suffered steep sales declines.

But the year in tech wasn't all bad. Online retailer Amazon (AMZN) kicked off a frenzy of competition with its wireless Kindle e-Book readers. A certain operating system named Droid emerged to give Apple a run for its money in the smartphone market. And eco-friendly products, from big-screen televisions to music systems, became commonplace. Read on for the 20 best products for 2009, as selected by BusinessWeek's technology writers and editors, as well as five highly anticipated products that failed to meet expectations.

5. Dual-View TL220 Digital Camera, Samsung $250 Some products make so much sense they leave you wondering why nobody thought of them before. Samsung's Dual-View TL220 digital camera fits that description. Say you want to snap a picture of yourself and the family but don't have the time to set up a tripod or will to bother a passerby. Simply tap the front of the 12.2-megapixel TL220 to engage a 1.5-inch view screen that lets you frame yourself in the picture quickly and easily. There's even a child mode that displays built-in animations to keep the kid occupied while you line up a shot. With a wide-angle lens and the ability to shoot short HD movies, the Samsung Dual-View sets a new standard for point-andshoot cameras.

Best and Worst Tech Gadgets of 2009