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Community News To an outsider, this all seems beautiful, but highly inaccessible. Everyone would love to be a part of such a reunion - “una juerga flamenca". This year, anyone who would like to witness such an amazing set of Christmas Flamenco celebrations/festivities can realise their dream. We have organised a Grande Christmas Flamenco Gala "Zambomba Flamenca" with a unique family of artistes from Seville. This is a unique opportunity to see a family of artistes of different generations, all together, offering their spontaneous genuine flamenco art form. You will not normally be able to witness such an event without being personally invited into the homes of such a family of artistes. Do not miss the A Pre-Christmas Flamenco Gala opportunity! A first-class line up of Flamenco artists Celebration from Seville, one of Flamenco's most important by Francesca, La Gitana Inglesa birthplaces of authentic gypsy flamenco dance, song and music. The line-up will be outstanding with Christmas is a special time for everyone from all no need to incur travel/accommodation costs in over the world. In Andalucía “La Navidad” is a time order to go to Seville, as we are offering this unique for family, friends and festivities. Family getevent on your own doorstep. togethers are of prime importance for all Spaniards, For more info see our “What’s On” section. but especially in the gypsy culture. The Spanish gitanos celebrate "Las Pascuas" in their own inimitable style... singing, dancing, guitar playing, Paws-PATAS Need Your Hlep for Their Ground Force Weekend clapping "palmas", accompanied by copious amounts of food and festive drinks such as Anis. Indeed, quite often the empty Anis bottle is subsequently PAWS-PATAS Animal Charity is extremely lucky to used with teaspoons as a musical instrument in have a strong team of local volunteers looking order to accompany the general merriment! In a after the kittens, cats, puppies and dogs at the typical casa Gitana the whole family unite (passing shelter. Every day they have an enormous amount from house to house each evening) and sit together of cleaning, watering and feeding to attend to; singing and dancing spontaneously, as the mood plus continually washing bedding, administering takes them. Even the very youngest members of medication, organising many vet runs, liaising with the family contribute, possibly with a little dance fosterers, home checks and then the most happiest for "Tangos" or “Bulerías" accompanied by an older of duties...completing adoption forms! family member singing or playing the guitar. I personally have seen infants of no more than three Then of course, there is the general up-keep of years old dancing and singing at an incredible level. the shelter. Mending fencing, bolts and locks. Obviously, the art form is learned from the cradle, Erecting shading and attempting to maintain a “la cuna”, and comes naturally to their race. Older secure and safe working environment. This family members are also highly active in these where YOU COME IN! The last major festivities; age is no barrier to a “baile fester” or a GROUND FORCE weekend was held in October 2018. “cante por bulería”. Indeed, the beauty of the Since then, due to lack of man power and especially Flamenco art form is that the older you are, the encountering the stumbling block of Covid-19 more you are respected for your “viviencia” - life which prevented overseas volunteers travelling experiences.


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