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In the News when trains are supposed to arrive in Almería city be given 250 euros a month to enable them to rent is just another pipe dream in the long-running saga. a property. Another proposal is that any young person who becomes 18 in 2022 (about 456,000) The Mojácar Urban Plan will be given 400 euros. This has to be spent on Each municipality periodically publishes a culture such as buying books, going to concerts, comprehensive urban plan document, known as the the theatre, dance, cinema, art galleries and other ‘PGOU’. These deal with urban development, the activities possibly including purchasing video games. provision of services and infrastructure. They usually When the grant was announced there was an take a very long time to be compiled, approved and immediate outcry. Bullfights were included as they put in motion, as in Almería province they have to are considered to be part of the Spanish “cultural comply with legislation in force from the planning heritage”. Opponents of bullfighting protested department of the Junta de Andalucía who either vigorously, and they were quickly removed from the approve the plan or send it back for modifications. approved activities! It is not clear yet how the 400 On October 13th, the initial PGOU document was euros will be advanced and whether there will be a passed at a special council meeting in Mojácar. The system of vouchers, free tickets, or access via apps. new beach-road bypass is included, with the feeder Critics say that with so many young people aged 18 roads that come off it to give access to urban areas who will be unable to find work in 2022, a straight and the beach. Interested parties, including the 400 euros grant with no conditions is the right thing general public, have a period of 45 days to go to the to do, rather than buying books! There is a similar town hall, look at the plan and put forward any system in France and Italy. objections. The plans can also be seen at The Lava on La Palma under Urbanismo. The Canary Islands Government has pointed out that La Palma Uninsured Houses lava from a volcano becomes part of the natural In an article we comment on the volcanic eruption landscape, is protected by law, and ownership is in in La Palma and the destruction of houses, businesses the public domain belonging to the authorities. and banana plantations. We highlight the insurance Private ownership of land under the lava ceases, so consortium that pays out following major disasters, persons who have land under the lava cannot try to assuming normal insurance is in force. From figures build on it. In the case of La Palma, the lava measures obtained so far, it appears that almost 50% of houses over 15m at the highest point. Experts state that are uninsured, so the consortium will not pay out, when the lava flow has finally finished a decision will but by the middle of October they had settled claims have to be taken to determine if it can be removed that came to 4.1 million euros. It seems likely that to restore some of the 66km or more of roads that non-insured house owners will receive compensation are covered over. from the 214 million euros grants that central government are providing, or from the 40 million Still Soaring Energy Costs euros promised by the government of the Canary Since our July magazine we have been reporting the Islands. Not having any property insurance is a very steep rise in the cost of electricity that applies to bad idea in general, and in La Palma in particular, 11 million consumers in Spain on the ‘PVPC’ variable taking into account that the volcano erupted in 1949 tariff. In September we commented on the increase and 1971. in the cost of 1 Mw/h (1 million watts for one hour) that reached 188 euros on September 17th A 400 Euros Culture Gift compared to 55,5 euros on the same day last year. Pedro Sánchez, the Spanish Prime Minister, is Prices continued to skyrocket and in early October attempting to get his 2022 budget passed in they reached the dizzy height of 288,3 euros, and parliament with measures for young people. In an each day was a record high. The price went down article, we explain that young people aged 18-35 will to another record high of 174,64 euros for a Sunday


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