The Almeria Focus – December 2021

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In the News 19 (two less than the previous day) and six of allowing people in was an agreement with the these were in intensive care. town halls and the Guardia Civil police, and the procedure would have to be revised. The army Vaccinating Young Children are using landing craft to pick up workers who The Junta de Andalucía is working out the logistics have banana plantations away from where they of vaccinating children aged 5-11 during December. live and take them further down the coast, as It is thought that before the end of November several roads are covered in lava. There are still the European Medical Agency will approve this earthquakes and hundreds of tremors and the vaccination for member states. This special Pfizer most serious one has been 5.1on the Richter scale. vaccine is a third of the normal strength and a Experts are warning that a stronger earthquake reduced volume. There are 5.2 million children in near to the surface might damage properties, Spain of this age group, so 11% of the population, but they won’t collapse. The airport and schools and it is considered that to achieve “herd immunity” have had to be closed on a number of occasions these children should be vaccinated. Since children because of the ash in the air. went back to school, there have only been a few cases where a pupil who developed the virus A Double Transplant passed it on to other pupils or staff. 90% of After a woman was discharged from the Gregorio children aged 12-15 had at least one dose of the Marañón hospital in Madrid, it was announced that vaccine before the school year started. The vaccine she had received a simultaneous heart and liver for young children has been approved for use in transplant, the first double transplant of this type the US. in Spain. A joint transplant of this type is only carried out in a handful of hospitals world-wide. La Palma Volcano Still Active The woman, whose age was not revealed, had a The Cumbre Vieja volcano in La Palma erupted on congenial heart disease and a chronic liver September 19th and is still spewing out lava from complaint. 30 specialist medical staff were involved four distinct places with 12 tongues of lava flow, and carried out the heart transplant first, and three of which have now reached the sea that then the liver transplant, in an operation that took generates harmful gases. This is the longest period 12 hours. of an eruption on the island since 1678, and experts still have no concrete ideas when the volcano will Historic Sports Achievements die down. Some reductions in lava flow have been Last month we commented on the 23-year-old short-lived and turned out to be a temporary rising Spanish tennis star Paula Badosa, who won phase. The total land covered by the lava is now the Indiana Wells tournament. In the Mexican over 1,000 hectares (38 square miles) and 1,300 Masters event in mid-November, she reached the buildings have been destroyed. Ash build-up is still semi-final and played Garbiñe Mugurusa, the other a major problem and the first fatality occurred female Spanish tennis star aged 28, who won the on November 13th. 10 people were allowed into Roland Garros tournament in 2016 and Wimbledon an area where the ash was very deep to clear it in 2017. This was the first time ever that two away from their houses and a 70-year-old man Spanish women had reached the semi-finals. Paula was doing this on his roof when it collapsed. It put up a good fight but lost in two sets to the was not immediately noted that he was missing very experienced Garbiñe who went on to the when the others left the area and his body was final. No Spanish female player had reached this found when police went to his house. A post- final since 1993 and Garbiñe went on to win in mortem finding was that the cause of his death two sets. Paula has gone from number 60 in the was inconclusive. The authorities stated that world ranking up to number 10, and is considered


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