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The End of Summer


he big event in August was the ‘Dreambeach Music Festival’ at Villaricos where 160,000 people went to enjoy the music. As in other years there were a large number of police with 800 officers working in shifts. These ranged from mounted police to a fast reaction unit, an aquatic unit backed up with a coastguard vessel, various sniffer dogs and anti-drone equipment. There were airport type security arches at the main entrance. Police made many checks for drugs and alcohol levels of drivers along with documentation. 297 people were found to have small amounts of various drugs that were confiscated and fines issued, and ten people were arrested for having quantities that signified they were dealers. Another nine people were arrested for other offences.

into the first division again. We comment on this is our “In the News” section. So far this year there has fortunately been only relatively minor fires in our area. Two major fires during August in Gran Canaria resulted in a total of 8,500 people being evacuated. A man was arrested who had started the first fire when he was using welding equipment in his garden. The various bans on dangerous activities remain in force until October 15th.

So far this year, total tourist numbers throughout Spain are slightly down as in 2018 but the average stay and the money spent is more. This is usually a feature of September when the tourists that come here are without school-age children and consequently they have a greater disposable income. Renting an apartment or house is still very popular, but since 2017 properties have to be registered with a registration number. Earlier this year the Spanish tax authorities sent letters to the owners of these properties pointing out that they had to declare their income, and in the June tax returns for 2018 a considerable amount of tax due was collected. Spanish Ryanair staff intend to go on strike on ten days in September as the company have announced that they will shut their operations in Las Palmas, Tenerife and Girona from the beginning of 2020. This is because there is no firm date when they can take delivery of the Boeing aircraft that were grounded and need new certification. Portuguese and UK staff are also planning strikes.

September is back-to-school time and cultural events are now moving back indoors. In our “What’s On” section we list those of interest, but town hall employees who keep their webpages up to date have also been on holiday! During August the ‘Aku Aku’ beach bar in Mojácar was given a long write-up in the Spanish daily newspaper ‘El País’. They highlighted the large numbers of free concerts by famous musicians that have been a feature of the beach bar for many years. The political situation in Spain is still very fluid with no new government since the General Elections last April. Unless this is resolved by September 23rd there will have to be new elections in November and we comment on this in an article.

The Almería UDA football club now has a new owner who is a Saudi millionaire and a former Saudi Minister of Sport. He has come up with a very large amount of money to obtain his majority share and intendeds to work hard to get the team

There are no major fiestas dates in September when everything shuts down nationally. Local fiestas at the end of September take place in Alfaix, Cantoria and Pulpí and in early October in Mojácar, Turre, Albox and Huércal-Overa.


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The Almería Focus - September 2019  

The Almeria Focus is a local directory and magazine distributed monthly in the Almeria province of southeast Spain.

The Almería Focus - September 2019  

The Almeria Focus is a local directory and magazine distributed monthly in the Almeria province of southeast Spain.